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  • AWS Connector for SAP


    AWS SDK for ABAP language

  • LiveData Migrator: Automated Hadoop Data Migration

    WANdisco Incorporated

    Migrate HDFS data to Hadoop compatible file systems and cloud storage systems (AWS, GCP, AZURE). Avoid business disruption with immediate data availability throughout Hadoop data migration. Ensure data consistency with a smooth transition. Highly scalable and cost effective, we quickly migrate business critical data and applications with no data loss.

  • Drupal Managed Service

    Moortec Solutions Ltd

    Moortec’s Drupal Hosting Service for the Cloud provides a managed hosting platform for Drupal-based Internet and Intranet web sites and services. Available on a range of commercial and secure underlying cloud hosting platforms (including AWS, VMware, Azure), for entry level and enterprise scale Drupal applications.

  • Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service

    PMD MAGNETICS (Pangbourne Musical Distributors T/A PMD Magnetics)

    Certified reseller for Barracuda & Unitrends Cloud Services including:- - Microsoft 365 Backup - Long-term retention - DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) - 1-hour spin-up for critical VMs - Automated Recovery Assurance Testing - AES-256 encryption - Self-service tools - Hyperscale-Cloud integration - Protection for Microsoft 365, G-Suite, Salesforce

  • Responsiv Solutions IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud (BPMoC)

    Responsiv Solutions Ltd

    Orchestrate and Automate business processes using IBM's Business Process Manager (BPM) on cloud through Responsiv Solution's Platform as a Service. Available on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) as well as custom offerings on other clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build your SaaS business processes on our PaaS.

  • IBM Aspera for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    IBM Aspera - A proven rapid data transfer SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop format, from and to any datacentre, whether cloud or on premises. Aspera is scalable, secure with encryption as standard. E.g, Video files, X-Ray Imagery, Forensic Files.

  • Video Management and Portal as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Enterprise Video Management System (VCMS), supporting high volumes of Video and Audio content. Multi-media content upload, streaming video, storage, indexed, managed and categorised in simple web-based application. Supporting collaborative and remote working, Enables dispersed teams and remote users. Securely deployed in GDPR compliant and secure environments, over encrypted networks.

  • Viewdeck Data Visualisation Tooling Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    The service utilises a range of open source presentation and visualisation products. Data can be brought together from all types of databases. Providing real-time analytics of time-series data. Wide range of features to simplify data presentation. Can be secured to Secure/Elevated for Police, Education, Local Government, NHS Client base.

  • Information Manager

    6DBIM Software Ltd.

    6DBIM Information Manager was created to automate population of As-Installed Information for COBie; Type, Component, Spare, Resource, Job and Impact tabs with Supply Chain Information. The System also allows viewing and auditing IFC models, generating: QR codes, As-Installed IFCs, O&M documents to BS and Federating COBie.

  • Resilient Apache Cassandra (NoSQL)® Database Server as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Secure Apache Cassandra® (NoSQ) Application Database Service for your Cloud solutions. Available in development and High Availability/production configurations, and provided either as a fully managed service or self administered via web interfaces. Ideal cloud migration path for legacy, large scale and distributed mobile solutions.

  • Resilient Database Server as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Secure Application Database Services for your Cloud solutions. Choice of MariaDB®, PostgreSQL®, NoSQL( CouchDB® and Apache Cassandra® ) in traditional and High Availability configurations, provided either as a fully managed service or self administered via web interfaces. Ideal cloud migration path for Development, Test, Live and Secure environments.

  • Viewdeck Cloud Surveillance Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    VCSS, cloud based Video Streaming and Management Solution designed to utilise secure cloud services (both public and private) providing access and control over live feeds. Has the ability to capture content from multiple IP Streams and relay them to many recipients for real-time viewing. Many vertical applications secured to elevated/Secure.

  • Website Development with Blaze Content Management System (CMS)


    Blaze is a performant 'headless' Content Management System (CMS). Blaze is an open -source framework that allows non-technical end users to build and maintain the most sophisticated website infrastructure, managing content and data, without developer overhead or significant cost. Blaze is based on a progressive, scalable JavaScript technology stack.

  • Secure Virtual Clinic

    LifeBox Health

    Secure Virtual Clinic platform facilitating the sharing of files between hospital and patient and patient and hospital. Can be used at any stage of the surgical journey - from initial consultation, through to POA, discharge and follow-up appointments

  • Resilient PostgreSQL® Database Server as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Secure PostgreSQL® Database Service for Cloud and data solutions. Available in traditional and high availability configurations, provided either as a fully managed service or to be self administered via web interfaces. Ideal cloud migration path for Development, Test, Live. Enterprise scaled to meet service delivery needs,

  • LifeBox Health

    LifeBox Health

    LifeBox electronic pre-surgical assessment software allows the remote triaging of patients ahead of any proposed surgery. The pre-assessment (ePOA) platform allows patients to share files and information with hospitals and for hospitals to share files and information with patients and other clinicians. (can be fully integrated into existing systems)

  • Secure Cloud Fileshare as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    GDPR compliant synchronised file repository for documents, media and files. Browser-based or native local directory to support collaboration across teams. Native Desktop and Mobile clients, collaborative co-editing web interface for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Based on industry leading opensource NextCloud and OnlyOffice solutions. Vertical solutions available secured to Elevated/Secure.

  • Preservica Digital Preservation and Archiving Service

    Preservica Ltd.

    Preservica Cloud Edition Essentials (CEE) provides a secure, cost-effective way for government organisations to meet any mandate to protect and ensure long-term access to digital records. Based on the same active digital preservation used by UK National Archives, CEE also provides public access, and connectors for CALM, SharePoint, and Outlook.