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  • Hummingbird


    Hummingbird is a ground-breaking data intelligence solution enabling organisations to unlock sophisticated insight in real time. The ability to extract and harness relevant information is the key to making rapid, informed and sophisticated decisions. Please reference the supporting 'Service definition - Hummingbird' document for further details.

  • Big Data and Enterprise Data Warehouse


    Texuna's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) simplifies migration of data to AWS Redshift or Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Open source columnar database options such as Greenplumb, MonetDB, as well as Azure SQL or AWS RDS databases supported. Big data lake via object storage and/and hadoop stack using Cloudera or Hortonworks.

  • Asset Register


    Asset Register is a world class asset registration service for organizations including Police Forces, Local Government Departments, NHS Trusts and Educational Establishments wishing to manage their assets.

  • School Asset Register


    School Asset Register is a world class asset registration service for schools, academies and universities wishing to manage their assets.

  • analytics and business intelligence


    provision of analytics and business intelligence software and services for all aspects of business management and delivery with a specific focus on strategic partner services to include SAS, open source, python, R, RStudio, Anaconda, AWS, Microsoft & IBM

  • Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) Enterprise Data Warehouse as as service


    Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) streamlines compliance and regulatory reporting for Registered Administrators. Financial and non-financial ESG/SBR reporting implemented on-premise or in the cloud through xbrl and ixbrl . Based on AWS Redshift with portability to Azure (SQL Server or SQL Data Warehouse) or open source columnar database (Greenplum, MonetDB, Postgres).

  • Business intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics


    Texuna business intelligence and analytics is delivered with vendor or open source components, giving you options to work with Pentaho, Talend, QuickSight, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Business Objects, Zeppelin, Jupyter Notebooks. End-to-end secure cloud-hosted infrastructure-as-software delivered over Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, OpenStack, VMWare. Integrate with Texuna's EDW.

  • Apache Druid

    Millersoft Ltd

    Apache Druid is a column-oriented, open-source, distributed data store written in Java. Druid is designed to quickly ingest massive quantities of event data, and provide low-latency queries on top of the data. We support cloud and on-prem versions with Apache Superset for analysis and Apache Kafka for ingestion.

  • IBM Aspera for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    IBM Aspera - A proven rapid data transfer SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop format, from and to any datacentre, whether cloud or on premises. Aspera is scalable, secure with encryption as standard. E.g, Video files, X-Ray Imagery, Forensic Files.

  • Enterprise and Project Reporting Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Enterprise and Project Reporting Service, delivering organisation-wide management information from legacy, operational and transactional data sources. Includes operational reporting, dashboards, business intelligence, OLAP and visualisation. Plus scheduling for regular reporting of operational data. Based on open source componentry giving simple and efficient intelligence for wide business use.

  • Kumoco Cloud Manager (Servicenow Edition)


    The Kumoco Cloud Manager is a certified native app built on the ServiceNow platform. It provides cloud management features including: cost optimisation, compliance (PCI DSS, CIS, ISO 27001), billing/recharge and automation. With Kumoco Cloud Manager save up to 80% on cloud and automate 90% of cloud admin tasks.