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  • Digital Hospital​

    Kainos Software Ltd

    Digital Hospital is a modern clinical engagement layer and flexible, standards-based platform enabling improved clinical and patient experience, reducing administrative burdens and supporting incremental digital transformation.​ ​Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), eForms and workflow capability enables rapid creation of bi-modal clinical applications, complementing best-of-breed and EPR-centric strategies.​

  • Skuid (Salesforce managed package deployment)

    Softcat Limited

    Skuid allows companies and agencies to build user friendly applications on their existing systems, specifically Salesforce without having to write and maintain custom code. Skuid is 100% native to Salesforce and is delivered as a managed package or an AWS-hosted service.

  • IBM Aspera for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    IBM Aspera - A proven rapid data transfer SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop format, from and to any datacentre, whether cloud or on premises. Aspera is scalable, secure with encryption as standard. E.g, Video files, X-Ray Imagery, Forensic Files.

  • Shared Care Record (SCR) and Interoperability Platform

    Kainos Software Ltd

    The platform is a Clinical Portal for users to access patient information in a structured manner, replacing paper-based medical records and need for multiple logins.​ ​It provides a blended view of patient information from different systems, across one/many organisations, providing a Single View of the Patient across the region.​

  • G8CC: Secure Multi-Cloud data access and sharing platform.

    GARNET8 Limited

    To get the greatest value from information you need to be able to access it. This allows you to securely integrate, collaborate, share and automate data. G8CC creates an integrated shared network of governed information. It joins-up and aggregates data across silos. Unlock interoperability between data sources and third-party services.

  • Secure Virtual Clinic

    LifeBox Health

    Secure Virtual Clinic platform facilitating the sharing of files between hospital and patient and patient and hospital. Can be used at any stage of the surgical journey - from initial consultation, through to POA, discharge and follow-up appointments

  • LifeBox Health

    LifeBox Health

    LifeBox electronic pre-surgical assessment software allows the remote triaging of patients ahead of any proposed surgery. The pre-assessment (ePOA) platform allows patients to share files and information with hospitals and for hospitals to share files and information with patients and other clinicians. (can be fully integrated into existing systems)

  • Preservica Digital Preservation and Archiving Service

    Preservica Ltd.

    Preservica Cloud Edition Essentials (CEE) provides a secure, cost-effective way for government organisations to meet any mandate to protect and ensure long-term access to digital records. Based on the same active digital preservation used by UK National Archives, CEE also provides public access, and connectors for CALM, SharePoint, and Outlook.