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  • Infonova Digital Business Platform

    BearingPoint Ltd

    Cloud-Native Infonova Digital Business Platform (DBP) hosted on AWS and utilizing AWS (serverless) technologies. Infonova DBP enables customers for an ecosystem play; allows to experiment, innovate & test with quick turnaround cycles; brings a marketplace new digital services; is build and provides new technologies and new and innovate business models

  • PropertyIQ - Lateral Technology Property & Housing Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PropertyIQ' is a completely configurable product that manages financial information, documents, and communication with tenants. Property and tenant information can be tracked, direct debt information exported daily. The system has built-in task management and reminders, as well as the ability to send letters, emails and sms to tenants.

  • IMIcampaign

    IMImobile Europe Ltd

    IMIcampaign is a multi-channel campaign management platform that enables you to deliver tailored, personalised content to defined target audiences. It provides the ability to schedule, automate and manage your messages consistently across all of your digital communication channels with two way interactions and rich analytics and reporting.

  • Credit IQ - Lateral Technology Credit Control & Financial Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'Credit IQ' platform enables businesses to automate and streamline the credit control and financial management process - through use of our powerful and flexible workflows, it is possible to manage requirements, automate processes, increase efficiencies and improve productivity - driving engagement and returns for stakeholders at every step.

  • paygate


    paygate is a feature-rich payment platform that works with any ERP, Payroll or accounting system to manage all your Bacs payments, Faster Payments and Direct Debit collections. Driving payment efficiency by reducing time, cutting costs and eliminating risk from one robust, ultra-secure solution.