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  • Cloudamize Assess, Plan and Migrate

    Cloudreach Europe Limited

    The Cloudamize platform is a SaaS experience developed to support organisations move to the public cloud at pace. From building a business case to creating best-fit migration plans, Cloudamize vastly accelerates deciding, designing and executing migrations to AWS, Azure and GCP using rich application level assessments.

  • Simply Do

    Simply Do Ideas

    The public sector is facing increasing budget pressures and rising demand for services. The need for new solutions to these challenges is becoming well-recognised by public sector leaders. Simply Do is an end-to-end digital platform enabling organisations to capture, develop and deliver improvement ideas from employees, suppliers and citizens.

  • Register and Master Data


    Texuna's Data Register and Master Data Management framework maintains, reconciles, stores and distributes a canonical data source as a register service. Enforcing data governance and data stewardship workflows helps safeguard data quality and integrity. Secure version control with unique hash and publish to blockchain distributed ledger as audit trail.

  • Big Data and Enterprise Data Warehouse


    Texuna's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) simplifies migration of data to AWS Redshift or Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Open source columnar database options such as Greenplumb, MonetDB, as well as Azure SQL or AWS RDS databases supported. Big data lake via object storage and/and hadoop stack using Cloudera or Hortonworks.

  • Microsoft Teams and Cisco Reporting and Analytics - Clobba


    Clobba is an advanced reporting and analytics tool for UC (Unified Communications) platforms including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business AWS Connect and Chime and Cisco

  • Enterprise Service Builder Platform (ESB)

    Pentagull Ltd

    An AWS cloud installation of our ESB platform with a full development licence. ESB is a highly flexible, scalable and resilient platform that helps the public sector reduce costs and facilitate improved service.

  • analytics and business intelligence


    provision of analytics and business intelligence software and services for all aspects of business management and delivery with a specific focus on strategic partner services to include SAS, open source, python, R, RStudio, Anaconda, AWS, Microsoft & IBM

  • End-User Experience Monitoring (Aternity) (AWS)

    Net Consulting

    End User Experience Monitoring provides visibility of all your applications, whether they run on a physical, virtual or mobile device. Net Consulting’s End User Experience Monitoring Service allows you to rapidly diagnose and resolve your end user issues and boost productivity within your ever technology-reliant workforce.

  • DevOps / WebOps Engineers

    Henderson Scott

    DevOps and WebOps services for Cloud users, ensuring applications are managed efficiently across the development lifecycle. Platforms: Windows, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Linux. Tools: Splunk, Elastic Search, Chef, Puppet, Hiera, Xcat, Jenkins, Ansible, SaltStack, Git, Gradle, Travis, Mesos, Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Rocket, Bamboo, VMWare, Vagrant

  • Experience Definition


    As a partner of both AWS (Advanced Tier Consulting Partner) and Microsoft, Tigerspike's Experience Definition process enables businesses to identify cloud software. Through conceptualising, prototyping and iterating, Experience Definition solves problems, including the best way to configure cloud architecture, access data, aligns goals and solutions.

  • Tableau Server (Hybrid-Cloud) Platform

    Village Software Engineering

    Village software offer Tableau Server as your self-service visual analytics platform, installed in your own private cloud (whatever your preferred hosting environment is). Village are cloud experts working extensively with MS Azure and AWS assuring the very best deployment of the Tableau Server service

  • Imperva Cloud Data Security

    Brookcourt Solutions

    Imperva Cloud Data Security alleviates security and compliance concerns, whilst effectively supporting secure cloud migration and DBaaS utilization. Easy-to-deploy – offering near real-time cloud data visibility through automated discovery, classification, and monitoring- the solution empowers security teams to protect data living within DBaaS environments; minimising data breach and in-compliance risks.

  • Product, ideation and software development strategy

    Endava (UK) Limited

    Endava envisions, prototypes, and tests new digital products and innovative customer experiences ensuring clients launch the right thing at the right time. We use the MVP methodology and believe in rapid validation experiments with target customers and users. Working with Microsoft Dynamics, Sitecore, AWS, Azure from both Onsite & Nearshore

  • Smartway2 - Room and Desk Booking Software

    Smartway2 Limited

    Smartway2 is a cloud-based resource management tool for booking meeting rooms, desks and other space types built on AWS. The system integrates with Outlook, 365, OWA, and Skype for Business Apps are available on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones to book Room and Desks on integrated floor-plans.

  • Responsiv Solutions IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud (BPMoC)

    Responsiv Solutions Ltd

    Orchestrate and Automate business processes using IBM's Business Process Manager (BPM) on cloud through Responsiv Solution's Platform as a Service. Available on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) as well as custom offerings on other clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build your SaaS business processes on our PaaS.

  • Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) Enterprise Data Warehouse as as service


    Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) streamlines compliance and regulatory reporting for Registered Administrators. Financial and non-financial ESG/SBR reporting implemented on-premise or in the cloud through xbrl and ixbrl . Based on AWS Redshift with portability to Azure (SQL Server or SQL Data Warehouse) or open source columnar database (Greenplum, MonetDB, Postgres).

  • Business intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics


    Texuna business intelligence and analytics is delivered with vendor or open source components, giving you options to work with Pentaho, Talend, QuickSight, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP Business Objects, Zeppelin, Jupyter Notebooks. End-to-end secure cloud-hosted infrastructure-as-software delivered over Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, OpenStack, VMWare. Integrate with Texuna's EDW.

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate SaaS

    Mosaic Island

    To be added

  • Case Management as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Web-based solution fitting a wide range of business, operational and transactional scenarios. A collaborative electronic workplace, enabling process, workflow, document/records management, and integrated functions for citizen interactions, supplier management and complex multi-channel transactions. Supports mobile working, accessible anywhere. Can be secured to elevated/secure for Local Government, Education, NHS, Law Enforcement.