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  • Private Mobile Network

    telent Technology Services Ltd

    telent’s cloud controlled private 4G/5G mobile network service uses Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) technology. DAC provides enterprises with their own secure private network, offering reliable, ultra-low latency with unlimited bandwidth to support customer applications and services operating at 4G/5G performance, all operating on customer’s shared spectrum (Ofcom supplied).

  • Micro Segmentation

    Axial Systems Limited

    A solid foundation for workload protection and compliance is isolation and segmentation of network applications and their components. Micro-segmentation solution enables deep application dependencies mapping and policy enforcement ensuring an ongoing management process of your micro-segmentation policy. Our solution delivers the industry’s most complete and flexible solution for micro-segmentation.

  • Off The Shelf Intranet

    Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

    Our Hivetalk Off the Shelf intranet is a low-risk, proven, affordable intranet for organisations of every size. Hivetalk transforms organisations, promoting collaboration, improving efficiency, reducing overheads, sharing knowledge and improving productivity. Supplied business-ready, the intranet is rapidly deployed within just four weeks. Based on open source technology: no supplier tie-in.

  • StreamTranscribe

    Stream UK

    StreamTranscribe leverages the latest cloud technologies in machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to deliver accurate auto generated subtitles in over 30 languages in minutes rather than days. StreamTranscribe integrates seamlessly with existing video or audio libraries.

  • Atos Digital Workplace

    Atos IT Services UK Ltd

    Atos Digital Workplace has been developed with user experience as the number 1 priority. The service will provide you with a secure, flexible, monthly subscription based End User Compute environment that is designed to meet the needs of UK Public Sector customers for agile and reliable services.

  • Change and Transformation Services


    AJACO are on point to provide Business Change Implementation Services to our Clients. Service lines supported include Portfolio and Programme Management, Project Management and Project Support, Contract and Financial Management. AJACO work in collaboration with all service providers and all levels of management to ensure projects are delivered.

  • Entrust Digital SSL Certificate Pooling Service

    Bridgeway Security Solutions

    Entrust Datacard offers a certificate discovery and managed PKI service providing one-click visibility, greater simplicity and reporting via a customisable dashboard for ALL public and private trust SSL TLS certificates, regardless of CA. Our unique flexible subscription plans enable customers to reuse certificates on demand at no extra cost.

  • Netskope - Secure Web Gateway and Cloud Access Security Broker

    Somerford Associates Limited

    Netskope is an agile data-centric next generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) that protects data when accessing cloud services, applications and the web, providing real-time insights of advanced threats and user behaviour. Acting as a Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB), Netskope monitors and enforces security policies.

  • GeDaP DTACT Raven Situational Awareness - Defence

    TeamLogic Systems Ltd

    DTACT Raven is a flexible, open standard, data streaming, distribution and smart transformation engine which runs agnostically on any infrastructure and connects from/to any data source, system or analytical tool or platform. The scalable Brick-based platform supports ongoing conventional military operations, protecting national security and providing conflict threat intelligence.

  • GeDaP KeyTalk Certificate and Key Management System

    TeamLogic Systems Ltd

    KeyTalk’s crypto Certificate and Key Management System (CKMS) automates the management, distribution and installation of certificates (PKI) from multiple public and internal CA’s to any endpoint device running on any OS. The patented software automates short-lived (1-sec) certificate distribution Build-in hardware recognition of endpoint devices provides optional extra authentication factor.

  • XMA Salesforce - MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

    XMA Limited

    MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is a leading solution for API-led connectivity that creates an application network of apps, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. This hybrid integration platform includes iPaaS, ESB, and a unified solution for API management, design and publishing. SFDCMSX2020GC12

  • Micro Focus Identity & Access Management


    Identity-Powered Access solutions integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM / IDAM) policies (local, mobile, cloud). Integrated identity information used to create, modify, and retire identities and control access. Identity Management, Access Management, Single Sign-on (SSO), Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), Privilege Management, Identity tracking and ActiveDirectory administration.



    INVO HOSTED PBX The hosted IPBX provides modern, flexible communications with a wide choice of business applications for office, home and mobile users. A state of the art web interface allows real time access and moves and changes as well as adding new services.

  • Building and Deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions


    The service describes Digiblu's capability at building and deploying RPA deployments in Blue Prism Cloud, Antworks, TrustPortal and Softools cloud software.

  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

    Systech IT Solutions

    Provide Windows Virtual Desktop that enables enterprises to easily go from to many images, to a single Unified-Base-Image, without repackaging applications. FSLogix Office-365-Container module complements our ability to merge centralised Profile-Containers and App-Containers into the user’s desktop.

  • GeDaP GlobalSign Digital Signatures

    TeamLogic Systems Ltd

    With GlobalSign's highly scalable Digital Signing Service GeDaP provide everything you need to deploy digital signatures in one scalable, cloud-based service. Digital signatures for any application with one simple REST API integration. All supporting cryptographic components, including signing certificates, key management,timestamping server, and OCSP or CRL service, provided from API

  • Arxan - Mobile Application Management (MAM)


    Mobile application management is the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps. MAM provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to users in the enterprise because it is device management agnostic, manages the complete app lifecycle, enables multiple app distribution methods, including a custom-brandable enterprise app store.

  • XMA Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

    XMA Limited

    As part of our Digital Workspace technology portfolio, XMA provide Microsoft Cloud Enterprise Mobility + Security for Modern Workplace/Workspace. Licensing suite includes Azure Active Directory PremiumP2, Windows Server CAL, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection Premium P2, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and Microsoft Cloud App Security. Cybersecurity, Mobile Device Management (MDM).

  • Office 365 Transformation Discovery Readiness Roll-out Planning Service

    ClearPeople Ltd

    Utilising years of experience in Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016, Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, ClearPeople deliver Security, Conditional Access, Identity, Virtual Desktop, Manage Desktop, Compliance and MDM Readiness services to rapidly deploy and leverage M365 Security, EM+S, Compliance and MDM services driving productivity.

  • Managed SD-WAN & Connectivity Services

    Solutionize Global Ltd

    Solutionize Global offer Managed Network Services which include SD-WAN from vendors such as Versa, VMware and SilverPeak. Our 24x7 service includes design, deployment globally and UK based support from our Solutions Engineering Center. We also provide a fully managed, carrier agnostic underlay.

  • Citrix Cloud Migration

    Incremental Group

    Citrix Cloud streamlines and reduces the cost of operations, management and maintenance. Citrix Cloud is a centrally managed infrastructure that simplifies patches, automatic upgrades, app rollouts and helps to close security gaps. Our Citrix Cloud migration service includes planning, design, development and implementation from on-premises Citrix to Citrix Cloud.

  • Viewdeck Cloud Surveillance Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    VCSS, cloud based Video Streaming and Management Solution designed to utilise secure cloud services (both public and private) providing access and control over live feeds. Has the ability to capture content from multiple IP Streams and relay them to many recipients for real-time viewing. Many vertical applications secured to elevated/Secure.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApps, XenDesktop, XenMobile)

    Incremental Group

    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides organisations with an application and desktop delivery service. Give employees the freedom to access applications from anywhere, while cutting IT costs.  Deliver Windows, Linux, and web business applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud—public, on-premises or hybrid—within a modern digital workspace.

  • GeDaP DTACT Raven Anti-Phishing

    TeamLogic Systems Ltd

    DTACT Raven is a flexible, open standard, data streaming, distribution and smart transformation engine which runs agnostically on any infrastructure and connects from and to any data source, system or analytical tool or platform. A scalable Brick-based platform (to be delivered or built by GEDaP, DTACT, or in-house ).

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365

  • CDW Amazon Route 53

    CDW Limited

    Includes: Route 53/Resolver/Private DNS Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System web service, giving developers/businesses a reliable and cost effective way to route users to Internet applications by translating names(e.g. into numeric IP addresses(e.g. that computers use to connect to each other.

  • e2e Cloud Connect Service

    e2e-assure Ltd

    A cloud connectivity service that connects remote users, devices, offices and clouds together over the Internet utilising fixed and mobile VPNs over standard internet connections. Includes MDM for all types of mobile devices. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets and phones providing secure anywhere access to cloud resources up-to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

  • Amazon Route 53

    JBS digital

    Amazon Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System web service, giving developers and businesses a reliable and cost effective way to route users to Internet applications by translating names (e.g. into numeric IP addresses (e.g. that computers use to connect to each other.

  • GeDaP KeyTalk C&KMS Microsoft Intune Integration

    TeamLogic Systems Ltd

    GeDaP KeyTalk Certificate & Key Management Software enables the implementation of PFX-based certificates for Intune using Microsoft’s proprietary Graph API (beta) and implementing all certificate applications supported by Intune, These include S/MIME digital signing, S/MIME encryption, Wi-Fi authentication and VPN authentication, allowing users to manage certificates from their preferred supplier.

  • End User Experience Monitoring

    Geode Networks Ltd

    End User Experience (EUX) Monitoring from Geode Services is a managed service that provides visibility into user experience (EUX) by monitoring and reporting on their specific performance of application activities across any application type, local, cloud, multi-cloud, web, VDI or enterprise.