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  • Microsoft Cloud Business Solution Implementation Testing

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Testing of Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud business solution implementations. Functional, technical and acceptance testing services for system using Dynamics 365 and AX2012 technologies. Scope of service includes test strategy, test planning, functional and technical test delivery, business acceptance testing facilitation, operation of regression testing and test automation.

  • Data Migration Testing and Assurance

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Assessment and testing of data transformation/transport processes migrating critical data from existing systems into new, cloud based or traditional, applications. Disciplined and rigorous practices include systematic risk analysis test design and technical test delivery. Prevents expensive, hard to fix and contain, data loss and corruption issues.

  • Technical Problem Investigation and Management

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Delivery of assessment, investigation, diagnosis, fix-design and fix-validation for problematic, challenging, functional and technical problems. Encompassing the leadership of multi-agency and multi-disciplinary problem resolution teams. Includes the preparation of tools and techniques required for the resolution of particular problems. Particularly relevant cloud implementations patterns that create new layers of complexity.

  • Test Capability Augmentation

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Delivery of critical /specialist testing tasks, whether technical, complex or demanding unique techniques, needed for cloud implementations that are outside the competency of general test teams. Includes understanding the need, forming the approach, test tool development and execution. Enables delivery of classes of testing needed for safe cloud migrations.

  • Cloud Migration Testing and Assurance

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Evaluation and acceptance testing of cloud and hybrid solutions. Ensure new solutions do not degrade or break service. Scenario and demand driven testing check the system provides, as a minimum, an equivalent capability set and quality of service. Dovetails with technical testing services to provide comprehensive assurance.

  • Managed Test Implementation Service

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Independent development and execution of progression tests and regression tests. Full service including test definition, test preparation, test data management, test data creation, exploratory testing, scripted testing, test execution and test automation. Compatible with agile and traditional programmes. Covers system testing, business process testing, scenario testing and acceptance testing support.