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  • Programme Hazard Assessment

    SQC Technology Ltd

    A systematic, independent, assessment of what could go wrong with a cloud migration programme by a team with a track record of identifying flaws and vulnerabilities in programmes. Programme hazards are analysed to provide stakeholders and programme leaders with clarity on their risk exposure. Actionable options are explored.

  • Technical Testing and Assurance Advisory

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Assists cloud programmes to clarify the nature of technical testing they should perform, approaches to sourcing and delivering, clearly define what is required, govern what is done and to understand the risks of omitting specific types of testing. Provides clarity to stakeholders and practical expert support to programme management.

  • Programme Intervention and Problem Management

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Expert leadership to enable stakeholders to reset problematic cloud programmes or to enable programme managers to address specific delivery or quality issues. Deployment of people and practices with a strong record of problem management and recovery on complex, highly stressed, programmes for major enterprises. Content rather than process based interventions.

  • Cloud Programme Test Strategy Preparation

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Working with the wider programme team to formulate and validate a coherent, achievable, effective and value for money test strategy and overall delivery approach. Ensure a rigorous consideration of how all necessary aspects of testing will be addressed from supplier testing through to acceptance testing. Prevents late change disruptions.

  • Cloud Readiness Test Transformation

    SQC Technology Ltd

    Transformation of the way an organisation approaches testing to prepare it to support programmes that are moving services to the cloud and cloud services that are then in production. Transform approach, sourcing, governance and internal test units to provide certainty, quality, speed and value for money.