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  • ASSIST Personal Assistant (PA) Finder

    Public Consulting Group

    An online information and advice website, with directory, which manages Personal Assistants (PA) information. It includes a web front-end for searching and displaying PA information to users and allows individuals to advertise their PA requirements and send requests to PAs that meet certain criteria.

  • ASSIST Online Assessment

    Public Consulting Group

    Allows service users, individuals or professionals to complete engaging and intuitive online assessments (triage, occupational therapy, needs assessments, financial assessments, carers assessments and more). Our assessment module supports automated scoring and full integration to case management systems, with ongoing reviews to measure outcomes.

  • ASSIST Dynamic Purchasing System - for Commissioning and Brokerage

    Public Consulting Group

    The ASSIST Dynamic Purchasing System enables commissioners and brokers to submit care plans and care packages to multiple providers simultaneously who then respond with a proposal and indicative costs within a given timescale. Quotes can be ranked and awarded and, where appropriate, transacted online.

  • ASSIST Adults Portal, with Directory of Services

    Public Consulting Group

    The portal is a standalone information advice and guidance (IAG) solution, with a range of directories, creating an effective, non-transactional marketplace. Typically used for health and social care websites, PCG's Portal offering is in use in more than 35 Local Authorities.

  • ASSIST Virtual Wallet - Direct Payment and Personal Health Budget (PHB) solution

    Public Consulting Group

    PCG Virtual Wallet enables people receiving direct payments and personal health budgets (PHBs) to manage their care choices efficiently and effectively via an online portal. Funds are held in a dedicated CCG/LA bank account, with individuals managing their budget online or via our helpdesk.

  • ASSIST Virtual Wallet - Short breaks and Grants solution

    Public Consulting Group

    The PCG Virtual Wallet is used to enable people receiving a short breaks payment or grants/payments to have the funds credited to a Virtual Wallet. Funds are then spent within an online marketplace from approved providers and services.

  • ASSIST Expenses App

    Public Consulting Group

    Our Time and Expenses Portal and App enables a user to submit time or expenses claims for subsequent approval and payment by a third party. Deployment examples are foster carers or personal assistants seeking reimbursement, or recipients of a direct payment / personal budget accounting for their expenditure

  • ASSIST Childrens & Families Portal (SEND Local Offer and Family Information Service)

    Public Consulting Group

    Online information, advice and guidance portals for childrens and young peoples (CYP) services, including engaging and intuitive SEND Local Offer sites, FIS Family Information Services directories powered by OFSTED, Education Health and Care (EHC) planning tools and personal budget solutions.

  • ASSIST eMarketplace

    Public Consulting Group

    Assist is a comprehensive, transactional marketplace solution for Adult and Children's Social Care, enabling citizens to purchase care and support. Installed in 35+ local authorities and transacting over £150m per year, this is the UK's leading eMarketplace solution. Assist includes the shop4support and Connect To Support platforms.