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  • Population Health Management

    Methods Analytics Ltd

    Using Machine Learning techniques to improve the health of whole populations. Identifying cohorts and individuals to enrol into targeted interventions or support the design of new models of care. Our Data Science team bring a wealth of experience including Python, R, SAS, SPSS, SQL and Azure.

  • Population Health Management

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    We help systems develop skills and capabilities to translate intelligence into high-impact proactive interventions. This includes segmentation, risk stratification and impact modelling. Through our proprietary Symmetry and Impact Intelligence software suite, we support transformation based on an understanding of clinical risk in your population both now and in future.

  • Excelicare Population Health Management

    AxSys Technology Limited

    Excelicare Population Health Management system has integrated patient/person engagement tools. It connects the healthcare environment across Health, Social Care and partners and enables care coordination by ensuring that the right information is available at the right time to the right person as part of a personalised Care Pathway.

  • Best-You


    Cloud Hosted Healthly Lifestyle and Wellbeing platform comprising of website, app and CRM Case Management solution

  • OBH® Segmentation Engine

    Outcomes Based Healthcare

    The OBH® Segmentation Engine and Model provide an essential, core backbone for population health management data analytics work across different local NHS and local authority organisations, and their health and care partners. OBH’s methodology is based on the Bridges to Health segmentation model.

  • Integrated Care and Population Health Management

    Ideal Health Consultants Limited

    Ideal Health supports STPs and ICSs in their use of technology to deliver integrated care and adopt population health management. We assist Health and Care organisations develop digital strategies, business cases, procurement and implementation of local/ shared care records, interoperability and integration plans and maturity models to support integrated care.

  • PopNeed

    Edge Health Ltd

    PopNeed helps GPs, PCNs and others to manage population health more effectively by consolidating, analysing, and presenting information relevant to their local population in a single and easy to access on-line platform. The analysis includes practice/PCN benchmarking, geographic analysis, and care gap identification based on emergency service usage patterns.

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • Palantir Data Platform for Population Health Management

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir's enterprise data management platform enables care providers and clinicians to coordinate care services for individuals, specific cohorts and entire populations. Our solution enables patient risk stratification, the identification and assessment of care interventions, and improved clinical decision making.

  • Sollis Clarity Population Health Management (PHM) Analytics

    The Sollis Partnership

    Sollis Clarity is a Population Health Management (PHM) analytics platform. Delivers insights from data. Supports the delivery of better patient outcomes, better patient experiences at reduced per capita cost. It does this through a sophisticated suite of health analytics that includes risk stratification, population segmentation, actuarial analysis & casemix adjustment.

  • NHS NEL Business Intelligence (BI) Cloud Hosting and Analytics Services

    NEL Commissioning Support Unit

    Our Cloud Hosting Services supports population health management solutions for NHS and non-NHS providers • Microsoft Azure-based • IaaS / PaaS / SaaS options • Data warehousing, reporting and visualisation (SQL / Power BI / SSRS / SharePoint) • NHS, social care data use of Public Cloud Services compliant.

  • Strategic Planning and Actuarial Modelling

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    We focus on helping systems improve the health of an entire population. Our approach focuses on population segmentation and actuarial risk modelling to develop strategic plans to mitigate health risks across the population. Outputs lead to a shared understanding of risk and resources across the organisations within Integrated Care Systems.

  • NHS NEL Population Health Management Analytics and Insights

    NEL Commissioning Support Unit

    Our offer provides a range of analytical capabilities to deliver data driven insights and intelligence to better understand the health and wellbeing of the population, addressing health and care inequalities, and contracting financial sustainable services. Our offer is underpinned by linked datasets to enable proactive intervention and prevention programmes.

  • Palantir Data Platform for Integrated Health and Care Record Infrastructure

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir's enterprise data management platform drives effective population health management by integrating disparate data sets across and within regions. Our solution provides secure integration and exchange of patient data from multiple systems, and presents individuals' linked data as a longitudinal record for the delivery of personalised care.

  • IQVIA Vision


    IQVIA Vision supports the implementation of Population Health Management within an Integrated Care setting to help NHS organisations fulfil the vision outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. Enabling the safe collection, curation and integration of data from multiple care settings into a secure UK-cloud environment.

  • Primary Care Network Development

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    We support PCNs to develop population health management strategies, supporting system ambitions to deliver integrated care strategies. Delivery is through structured, flexible development programmes using action learning and coaching. Our tailored offer meets PCNs at their current maturity level, creating sustainable change through a legacy of leadership and planning.

  • Population Health Capability Maturity Assessment

    Deloitte LLP

    Deloitte offers an assessment of the maturity levels associated with the capabilities required to implement a cloud based population health management solution. The assessment reviews multi-organisation maturity, providing a bespoke set of recommendations and next steps required to implement your integrated population based approach to health and care

  • Hypertension Plus


    Hypertension Plus is a primary care remote hypertension management and medication titration platform. Based on workflow algorithms proven in RCTs, and decision-support tools compliant with NICE guidelines, Hypertension Plus is intended to facilate remote population health management, improving outcomes and increasing efficiency of hypertension management in primary care

  • Advisory Board Membership

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    Advisory Board are a global best-practice research firm who work with over 4000 healthcare systems in globally. In the UK we work with NHSEI, ICSs and STPs around strategy development and implementation with a focus on Population Health Management, Systemness, Payment Reform, Culture and Clinical Service Redesign.

  • Prescribing and Medicines Optimisation benchmarking and analysis

    Methods Analytics Ltd

    Identification of opportunities and intelligence across the prescribing pathway for population health professionals, prescribing advisors, budget managers and executives.

  • Primary Care Pathways

    Primary Care IT

    Primary Care Pathways is the ultimate package of resources for Foundation clinical systems which optimises and streamlines care in keeping with the latest clinical evidence. We provide tools that allow practices to identify and manage patients requiring optimisation of care.

  • NELIE Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

    NEL Commissioning Support Unit

    NELIE provides a platform for Analytics, Design and implementation services to help healthcare organisations use IT, organise commissioning functions and improved outcomes, such as the Covid-19 response using interactive dashboards for population health management. We support evolving commissioning models and Integrated Care Systems prepare for optimisation of cloud services.

  • Population Health Capability Assessment

    SSN Consultants

    SSN provides a diagnostic to assess the maturity levels associated with the capabilities required to implement a population health management solution. The assessment reviews multi-organisation maturity, providing a set of recommendations and next steps indicating a level of readiness to implement a population-based approach to health and care.

  • Ez Analytics

    AT Technology Services Ltd

    EZ Analytics is a population health management tool which integrates complex data from any data source, into user friendly information. This platform enables decision support, helping clinicians/non-clinicians to easily identify areas which require optimisation at all population scales. EZ Analytics lets users view performance at individual practice level.

  • NHS NEL System Integrator / Integrated Care Systems Support Offer

    NEL Commissioning Support Unit

    Our HSJ Award winning System Integrator offer is designed to support a population health management approach to identify key priority areas, generating clinically relevant data improvements for improved patient outcomes. Our offer includes designing shared governance and accountability to frontline staff, CCGs, STP and ICS’s to support joined up services.

  • Dr Foster Transforms

    Telstra Health UK Limited

    Dr Foster Transforms is a managed service that gives you regular access to a highly-skilled team of specialist analysts. We provide analytics that assess, diagnose, predict, design, monitor and evaluate population health management. The service covers health economics, predictive analytics, clinical analytics, risk modelling, risk prediction and clinical decision-informing.

  • Population Health Capability Assessment


    Caja provides a diagnostic to assess the maturity levels associated with the capabilities required to implement a population health management solution. The assessment reviews multi-organisation maturity, providing a set of recommendations and next steps indicating a level of readiness to implement a population based approach to health and care.

  • Integrated Care and Population Health

    Populo Consulting Ltd

    Populo has developed unique and robust approaches to helping organisations adapt to integrated care and adopt population health management. We identify the local challenges associated with bringing together systems that were not designed to naturally work together focusing on not just interoperability and integration, but how these will work together.

  • Amadeus Platform

    Orion Health Ltd

    Amadeus is an award-winning interoperability platform delivering a comprehensive approach to acquiring, enriching, presenting and analysing actionable health and care data. The scalable and open platform supports population health management initiatives, precision medicine and value-based care models, and provides healthcare professionals with real-time cognitive support at the point of care.

  • Value-Based Contracting

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    We leverage our experience and expertise as a payer and risk-bearing provider to help systems and commissioners design incentives and risk-based, outcomes-focused payment models. We help design payment schemes that promote care delivery value, supporting providers to work together to deliver coordinated, proactive, person-centred care using Population Health Management techniques.