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  • Tableau

    Field Dynamics

    Tableau is a leading data visualisation and business intelligence platform that empowers users to see and understand their data. Utilised across multiple business functions (customer service, operations, finance, field service and citizen services) users can author and share content online, working collaboratively to improve quality and speed of decision making.

  • CatchmentModeller

    Field Dynamics

    CatchmentModeller helps Councils manage their public EV charging roll-out. It creates and stores multiple scenarios by adding chargers onto an interactive map. As more chargers are added, coverage statistics update to show how many residents who need public charging to run an EV are covered.

  • ChargerOptimiser

    Field Dynamics

    ChargerOptimiser provides local authorities with a view of what an ideal network of public chargers would look like, given a set of accessibility policies. This enables the authority to flex the accessibility policy to understand the impact on the required public charging network.

  • FME Cloud

    Field Dynamics

    Connect your Applications. Transform your Data. Automate your Workflows. Gain more value from your data with FME, the leading platform for integrating spatial data. No other tool is able to handle the complexity of spatial data in apps like Google Maps, ArcGIS Online, CARTO, and hundreds more.

  • CatchmentReport

    Field Dynamics

    CatchmentReport is an on-demand report showing a map of public charger accessibility for residents who cannot park an electric vehicle within their property boundary. You can understand the distribution of households covered by each charger, benchmark today’s coverage, identify gaps and plan for the future.

  • Accelerated Insight Platform

    Field Dynamics

    The Accelerated Insight Platform (AIP) is a SaaS platform that answers the key questions of Operations Directors faster than any other means. The AIP combines the immediate and flexible power of the Cloud with advanced data management, machine learning and BI tools to deliver the right answers, right away.