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  • DevOps Transformation: DevOps Operating Model

    Automation Logic

    We will tackle your needs across the people, process, and technology domains, enabling you to meet your strategic-objectives (reduce waste, accelerate the building/scaling of digital services, and/or move towards a DevOps-OM). Through expert-facilitation, thought-leadership, and subject-matter-expertise, we will connect your users’ needs and problem-statements to an actionable roadmap.

  • DevOps Delivery: Infrastructure and Application Support

    Automation Logic

    Drawing on our experienced resources and DevOps Academy, we provide UK-based, SC-cleared engineers for tactical developments as well as Level 2, Level 3, extended-hours, and 24*7 support. Our services cover application and infrastructure support with a focus on building in-house DevOps capabilities and instilling DevOps best-practices.

  • DevOps Delivery: Legacy Modernisation

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic has a long and successful track record of migrating its clients’ legacy infrastructure/applications to cloud-based environments. We employ proven DevOps-based methodologies/technologies to ensure that these programmes run smoothly, predictably, and seamlessly, ultimately lowering the client’s costs while also reducing the risks linked to legacy platforms.

  • DevOps Academy

    Automation Logic

    In deploying highly skilled junior DevOps engineers, Automation Logic provides instant access to scarce skill-sets while minimising the cost, risk, and time-constraints linked to building an in-house team from scratch. In addition to offering Academy-qualified junior DevOps engineers on a contract basis, they can also be converted to permanent employees.

  • DevOps Transformation: Discovery to Alpha

    Automation Logic

    Align your vision for digital transformation to measurable outcomes. Address your capability needs across the people, process and technology domains to meet your business objectives. Through expert facilitation, thought leadership, and subject matter expertise, we will help you connect your user and customer-needs to problem-statements to an actionable, executable roadmap.

  • Cloud, DevOps, and DataOps Services

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic's Cloud, DevOps, and DataOps services deliver a best-practice reference model for the design and delivery of cloud, API, and data platforms within the public sector. We employ cloud-native technologies and agile ways of working to empower developers and data scientists to deliver user value more quickly and safely.

  • DevOps Delivery: Cloud Migration

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic provides a tried, tested, and secure approach for organisations migrating from legacy technology to public cloud (AWS/Azure). We draw on our vast experience of cloud/platform migrations, DevOps, and automation to establish continuous delivery and deliver seamless migrations, with the ability to modernise and integrate applications rapidly.

  • DevOps Transformation: Capability Diagnostics

    Automation Logic

    Working hand-in-hand with our customers to produce an empirically-based diagnostic focused on a DevOps OM, based on the three elements of people, process, and technology. We accurately measure and assess the critical DevOps capabilities which underpin the targeted recommendations, aimed at helping our clients evolve, improve, and sustain change rapidly.

  • DevOps Delivery: Cloud Integration and Configuration

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic’s DevOps Delivery: Cloud Integration and Configuration Service works to increase the value realised by your cloud platform through its configuration and integration with your existing technologies, processes, and systems. Custom integration ensures your cloud platform is highly aligned to your business.

  • DevOps as a Managed Service

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic’s DevOps as a Managed Service offering combines people, process, and technology to accelerate the flow of high-quality, functional software (from development into live production) in a safe and secure manner. It also amplifies feedback to developers on software quality and facilitates continuous learning to improve software delivery velocity.

  • DevOps Delivery: DevOps Capability Building

    Automation Logic

    As part of Automation Logic’s DevOps Delivery: DevOps Capability Building service, we can provide you with the support to build an in-house DevOps capability that enables operational agility and delivery excellence for your organisation. Leveraging a variety of training techniques, our team can accelerate the time from up-skilling to self-sufficiency.

  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Discovery and Implementation

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic’s experienced SRE specialists will work in partnership with you to create, embed, and evolve SRE as part of your development life-cycle. By identifying metrics for product delivery, fault-tolerance, reliability, performance, and risks/blockers to success, we will deliver a roadmap towards the successful adoption of relevant SRE capabilities.

  • DevSecOps

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic delivers security assurance for cloud-based architectures. We offer a range of DevSecOps life-cycle support services, including identifying and mitigating potential/actual security issues early in the development pipeline. We also offer insights into and remedies covering threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues (across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services).

  • DevOps Delivery: Continuous Testing

    Automation Logic

    Automation Logic’s DevOps: Continuous Testing proposition aligns fully with the very latest best practices. Our highly experienced DevOps practitioners, who rank among the most experienced in their respective fields, specialise in developing automated testing solutions which enable our clients to deliver their products/services more quickly and safely.

  • Automation Consultancy Services


    Professional services consultancy to plan, install, build and customise automation runbooks for Microsoft Azure Automation, Logic Apps and Power Automate services and the Kelverion Service Request Automation service.

  • Software232 Cloud, DevOps,DataOps, ChatOps and AIOps Services

    Software232 Limited

    Software232's Automation Logic's utilising DevOps, DevSecOps, ChatOps and DataOps services to deliver a reference model for the design and delivery of cloud, API and data platforms within the public sector.Using cloud technology and agile ways of working to bolster delevopers and data scientists to quickly and safely deliver user values