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Incessant BPM Testing as-a-Service


Incessant BPM Testing as-a-Service is a service that enables organisations to initiate tests on BPM applications without upfront investment of technology and resources. It brings BPM testing expertise to organisations by combining functional and automated testing techniques.

Argonaut - Events Manager

Idox Software Limited

The events management functions includes a whole range of capabilities extending beyond standard traffic functions. The system was used extensively through the Dorset Olympics Sailing Event to manage car parks, crowd management of beaches and cliff tops as well as integration with the UK’s Police Silver and Gold command processes.


assist-Mi Limited

assist-Mi is an "app" that allows a user with restricted mobility or disabilities to request assistance while travelling, visiting a service provider, a retailer, workplace or other location. It optimises customers experience andservice provider operations. The user's profile is visible to the service provider so they anticipate the users needs.

Rostering and Workforce Management Solutions

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Nextrasoft are a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Solutions to both the public and private sector for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance, absence management and scheduling systems within a number of industry sectors through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

tRIPS by Redfern Travel Management

Redfern Travel

Redfern connect people with straightforward business travel technologies and friendly experts ensuring our customers can book simply; travel soundly, and save money. Our end-to-end solution uses automation to make booking door to door business travel easy. Comprehensive data provides travel spend insight, consolidated billing and employee track and trace

Argonaut - Network Management

Idox Software Limited

Data Broker, based on the Datex II standard, is a reliable single collective data hub that allows uninterrupted information exchange between disparate systems, deployed across diverse geographies, transferring data from one format to another. It works with the broadest possible range of data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc.

Recycling of ICT, Telecomms & Cable to WEEE and EA Regulation Standards

Network 2 Supplies Ltd

N2S are the leaders in pursuit of zero waste technology, delivering a disposal service that consistently returns technology waste to maximum re-use. We can offer secure collection bins for use in data centre environments. These are then transported to N2S where the data is cleansed and the drives destroyed.


Coeus Software Ltd

Mozzo is a Field Force Automation platform for the Public Sector. Mobilise processes using a simple design tool, integrating back office systems using connectors. Work offline and online with smartphones, tablets or PCs running Android, iOS or Windows. Securely search or capture forms, tasks, tickets, statements, searches etc.

Text Gateway / Developer API - TextAnywhere

SRCL Limited

The TextGateway provides developers with the ability to integrate an automated text-messaging capability in to existing applications and websites, and to build new applications that incorporate text-messaging functionality with an easy-to-use SMS gateway API.

Argonaut - Car Park Manager

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber interfaces directly with the Car Park detectors and signs, providing a fully functional, configurable and feature rich Car Park Manager Module for Argonaut. The Operator views car park information graphically and in a tabular format, including locations/status, occupancies, maximum capacity, historic percentage and queuing after a defined point. Pro

ELGIN Pro offers a professional version of with an integrated toolkit that simplifies traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between Highway Authorities, utilities & contractors on a shared platform. Giving access to enhanced data layers plus Apps and Add-ons. Can be part or entirely integrated into customer systems.

Buchanan Cloud Services Accident Analysis

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to analyse road traffic accidents. Specialist users load and validate data from multiple sources. Validated accidents can then be analysed spatially and based on STATS19 fields providing output in configurable reports and map outputs. Data export options meets DfT requirements.

GOSS LiveChat

GOSS Interactive Ltd

GOSS LiveChat enables website/intranet visitors to use instant messaging, for immediate response by your Contact Centre agents. Used by Customer Service Teams, Sales Teams and Support Teams to deliver improved levels of customer satisfaction within Local Government/Authorities/Councils, Central Government Agencies, NHS Trusts, Police Authorities and Housing Associations.

Dynniq's Traffic Management System incorporating SCOOT (TMS)

Dynniq UK Ltd

Dynniq’s Traffic Management System incorporating SCOOT is a proven Urban Traffic Management and Control solution, providing powerful tools for the modern road network operator to implement optimum control strategies. Supports a mixed approach to signal control; fixed time UTC/SAPS, SCOOT MOVA for efficient network performance, reduced congestion, improved air quality.


SRCL Limited

Textburst is a simple online SMS service that enables users to send and receive text messages to individuals or groups. Bulk upload contacts. Shorten and track links to websites. Send now or schedule for later. Live reporting and delivery status. Free keywords.


eCom Scotland

eNetTMS Membership Management is a customisable Contact Management solution delivering a sophisticated range of services for institutes, member associations and other 3rd sector income raising organisations. Provides self-service, renewals processing, CPD recording with professional standards and grant monitoring, evaluation surveys, qualification results and resit options, event registrations and campaign management.

Argonaut - Team Working, Control Room Log

Idox Software Limited

The Control Room Log is an integrated solution that works as an additional feature in Argonaut. It is developed to provide unrivalled assistance to controllers for recording all user actions and those initiated by the Strategy Manager. It not only records, but also helps to communicate and attain strategic control.

Risk Management Solution

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Risk Tool delivers a standardised risk management solution supporting an end-to-end systematic approach. Identifying day to day risks and trends; displaying these in an innovative user interface including heat maps and dashboards. Provides the framework for a holistic approach to risks, safeguarding the organisation and improving mitigation measures.


CriticalArc Ltd

Critical Arc, a global tech innovator, designs and delivers a distributed command and control solution, SafeZone™, which is revolutionising the way organisations manage day-to-day safety and security operations. SafeZone provides response teams with complete operational awareness, to enhance the protection of dispersed people, facilities, and assets, while delivering efficiency savings.


Mott MacDonald Limited

Mott MacDonald’s Merlin is a flexible web browser-based incident, crisis and major event management tool enabling strategic collaboration between teams in coordinating city or event operations. Merlin provides the ability to quickly share knowledge, implement coordinated responses to incidents, maintain cohesive and clear map-based and tabular views for relevant stakeholders.



Huddle is ISO27001:2013 Cyber Essentials PLUS certified UK-based cloud collaboration platform that transforms the way the public sector works. With over 85% of central government and an array of NHS organisations and councils realising quantifiable benefits from Huddle, it is the de facto solution for public sector collaborative work management

TheAppBuilder Mobile App and Secure Content Publishing Platform

TheAppBuilder Ltd

TheAppBuilder Platform provides a secure content management and publishing solution for mobile devices. Targeted at identifiable groups of users, that are typically mobile, with limited or no access to Intranets, difficult to engage and yet are key to the success of an organisation. Enhancing employee engagement across the enterprise.

PODFather Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) KPI Reporting for major construction projects

PODFather Ltd

PODFather has provided a mix of Vehicle Safety Compliance Check software, Vehicle Booking Management and KPI Reporting systems, collaborative Haulier portal for uploading compliance information and eTicketing for material movements (including muck‐away) to projects of national significance, such as: Tideway, Crossrail, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Heathrow, Borders Railway and MerseyGateway.

Bramble Hub Imperial Civil Enforcement - 3sixty Notice Processing with self-service

Bramble Hub Limited

3sixty is our powerful back-office software solution that offers automated, end-to-end notice processing with very little need for manual intervention. 3sixty and its public facing self-service portal, 3sixty Citizen will enable you to transform the way you deliver your parking services and interact with customers.

Benchmarking Tool

Latra Limited

Anonymous multi-dimensional performance data for the mining/energy industry (but not limited to). Enabling mining/energy companies to perform custom benchmarking and data analysis to improve their operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

365 Smart Platform-Healthcab

365 Response

A flexible, computer-aided dispatch, compliance, booking and governance tool which co-ordinates the flow of people and resources around a health and social care setting. Designed to support the efficient flow of patients and service users to, from and between settings (e.g. NEPTS) whilst ensuring compliance and efficient use of resources.

Argonaut - Speed Amelioration

Idox Software Limited

Focusing on ameliorating vehicle speeds using traffic signals and data from various sources enabling authorities to minimise road disruptions and to automatically control traffic lights to help reduce the number of speeding vehicles. It reduces the risk of accidents e.g. such as approaches to schools and other congested areas.

Mobile and Fixed Verification for Border Security

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification management service for Border Security Authorities or agencies, this is a composite suite of capability to enable Border officers to scan, capture and transmit, or validate and verify Travel Identity Documents, Passports, Visas, Permits, against the individuals in a Mobile or hostile physical environment.

Cloud communications

Revive Management

Revive Management provide access to a cloud based communications platform which utilises SMS, Interactive Voice (IVR), Email, Dialler and Mobile Web contact channels. Revive Management tailors solutions on the platform which help our clients communicate with their audience effectively. Specific solutions include debt collection, customer surveys, appointment reminders and notifications.

Healthcare Courier Software

Assistive Partner Limited

Assistive Partner Healthcare Courier Software is used to deliver & track packages and collect/deliver and track pathology supplies. The software is implemented to manage processes without paper and to use GS1 barcodes, GPS tracking and digital signatures to track and record the service delivery and performance.

Oracle Forwarding and Brokerage Operations Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78956) automates freight forwarding and brokerage processes to greatly improve efficiency and profitability while improving the service delivery.

Icarus - Stand Manager

Idox Software Limited

A stand management system that assists bus terminal operators to ensure smooth throughput of buses on bus stands, based on the scheduled data and also dynamically based on the requirements of the ‘now’. The solution allocates vehicles to appropriate stands and provides vehicle information to drivers, operations staff and passengers.

Icarus - Displays

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber provides a range of display solutions. The information shown is defined by the input data so that stops can show only estimated departures, only estimated arrivals or both. The times shown are also configurable. Displayed content is controlled via the IcarusCMS and edited by authorised users.

Operations Management Software

Bartec Auto ID Ltd

‘Collective’ is a comprehensive, modular, software system designed to effectively manage, reduce the cost and improve the quality of local authority front-line services, including waste management, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, pest control and community safety.


Ecebs Ltd

HOPS Lite is a concessionary travel HOPS solution. It's ITSO certified enabling Local Authorities/PTEs who support concessionary travel schemes to process tickets for use on bus, rail, tram and ferries. It enables organisations to process transactions for purchasing, journey validation and manage ITSO Secure Authentication Modules (ISAMs).

iBorders Border Management System

SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd

iBorders is the most comprehensive portfolio available: from the provision of traveller information, to analysing complex data sets for risk assessment, to providing complete situational awareness of every aspect of border operations, iBorders enables governments to transform border security and ensure the country stays open for legitimate travel, and trade.

OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

Flax & Teal Limited

OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

ICT and Telecoms Installation

Network 2 Supplies Ltd

N2S are specialists in large scale multi-site ICT installations, including desktops, screens, unified comms/telephony and managed print. Utilise a fleet of tracked vehicles to return equipment to headquarters for WEEE recycling or resale.



BOXARR solves challenges of complex inter-dependency across areas such as information systems aggregation; systems-engineering; supply-chain mapping; process-management; organisational-transformation; project/program/mission planning & execution; and joint-stakeholder operations. BOXARR’s sophisticated modelling & analysis enables complex organisations to collaboratively optimise their performance, identify hidden risks, understand impacts of change, and make better informed decisions.

Click Travel Ltd provides a simple, collaborative way for your team to book travel; combining user friendly, customisable technology with the widest content to ensure savings, along with an expert offline team. Self built policy controls and real time data ensure transparency and control while traveller tracking keeps your travellers safe.

Argonaut - Abnormal Loads

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber Abnormal Loads is a freight specific portal allowing freight operators’ access to all information available on Voyager, focused on the needs of freight users. Features include news/events, branding/community engagement, low bridge, narrow lanes, weight restrictions mapped/bespoke dashboard on journey times and disruptions on a per route basis.

Transport and Logistics - Freight management system

Acuma Solutions Limited

LiteTMS is a cloud-based Freight and Transport Management Solution developed exclusively for small to mid-size 3PL businesses that ship Truckload freight and work with multiple carriers. LiteTMS automates the complete day-to-day process right from creating new orders, negotiating and comparing TL rates, scheduling pick-ups to tracking shipments till delivery.

Flexiroute Driver App

Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

Mobile device app to be used in place of Mobile Data Terminals for driver communication and real-time management of route schedules.

Argonaut - Team Working

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber modules offer a number of options around team working, allowing working and information to be easily assigned or accessed in various ways. The modules enable closer cooperation between multiple parties with complete management and control through tracked audit trails. Allowing Office, Site or Home remote accessibility of documents.

Mobile and Fixed Verification - Identity Match as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Viewdeck’s Mobile Fixed Identity Verification management capability, VIMS, is a suite of applications/device types, enabling scanning, capture, transmit or validate and verify of Travel Identity Documents, Passports, Visas, Permits. The VIMS Identity Match server allows a central identity service for VMIV (Viewdeck Mobile Identity Verification) and other linked identity systems.

Lifesize Enterprise Cloud Conferencing Service

VideoCentric Ltd

Unlimited video, audio and web conferencing service for a high-powered combined collaboration experience across meeting rooms, desktops, mobiles and browsers for every employee, with direct multipoint calling, VMRs, audio bridging, content, IM/presence & S4B integration. Standards-based, designed for secure professional communications, service is provided by Lifesize's UK Gold Partner, VideoCentric.

Icarus - Timetable Publisher

Idox Software Limited

A simple, accurate and automated route scheduling solution to generate easy to read printed timetables, ensuring travellers make the best use of public transportation. Using existing technology embedded within Microsoft Excel (such as pre-defined templates and in-built macros), Timetable Publisher enables users to easily add, edit and create timetables.

Swiss Post Solutions uBook Courier Management

Swiss Post Solutions

uBook is an easy to use cloud based tool for booking and managing couriers, that ensures compliance and directs users to the most cost-effective courier service for their needs.

Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification for Law Enforcement

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A Cloud based Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification management for Law Enforcement agencies, this is a composite suite of capability to enable LE officers to scan, capture and transmit, or validate and verify Travel Identity Documents, Passports, Visas, Permits, against the individuals in a Mobile and hostile physical environment.

Secure Fax

Telecoms Cloud Limited

SecureFax is a cloud fax service to help organisations reduce costs & improve operational efficiency, while keeping faxes secure. Faxes can be sent and received via a 256-bit encrypted web portal from any device with no extra software or hardware required, or integrated into back-end software using our REST API.

Icarus - Driver Messaging

Idox Software Limited

Enables bi-directional messaging between vehicles and the centre using short text-based messages. Vehicles may be selected based on a specific driver, shift number, service, route or region, district, locality, or simply select all ETIMs for messaging. Messages initiated from drivers appear within the Icarus tool bar with optional audible alerts.

Corporate Register

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Corporate Registers provide a tool enabling input of, review and reporting on key aspects of employee compliance. One example is the Gifts and Hospitality/Conflicts of Interest register. This combined register provides an intuitive user interface, enabling employees to input data, managers to approve submissions and generating detailed reports.

Oracle Transportation Cooperative Routing Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78952) enables organisations to strategically examine the use of carrier and fleet resources, identifying historical shipping patterns and determining optimal asset versus carrier allocation. This plan is then considered within Oracle Transportation Management's operational plan to ensure that benefits of the strategic plan are realised.


eCom Scotland

eNetBadges™ digital micro-credentialing tool recognises learning experiences and achievement. Invaluable for improving engagement with training, creating a staged (or stackable) approach to accreditation or providing reward to your CPD processes. Authenticate, issue and manage your organisation’s branded badges, include information about standards achieved, criteria and evaluate the level of achievement


eCom Scotland

eNetAssess is an assessment system for creating and managing bespoke tests in a secure environment. It provides practice (formative) or exam (summative) testing. The system has test creation, question authoring, centre management, scheduling, authentication, invigilation and verification, through to final reporting, analysis and certification.

Dynniq's Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

Dynniq UK Ltd

The Dynniq Remote Monitoring System (RMS) provides an easy-to-use, secure, integrated solution to the management of an ever increasing number of traffic control devices to maximise the availability of on-street technology assets and help to minimise the environmental impact of traffic and lower traffic management operating costs.

Wirefast Enterprise Text To Speech

Wirefast Ltd

Wirefast provides a Cloud based, enterprise electronic messaging service utilising two-way SMS, Fax and outbound Text to Speech to global organisations across a varied and wide range of industry sectors. Being Cloud based, it is economical to implement and utilise, ensuring a rapid ROI. Contact: 020 7092 8400 or

SMS Messaging & Campaign Manager

CM Telecom

Our SMS Gateway and intuitive campaign manager sends your messages safely, quickly to your customers / contacts - via an online interface or a simple API that is easy and user friendly. You can also set up two-way messaging to capture inbound messages.

QFire Data Quality Management - Distributed Data Quality (Hosted on AWS)

Orion and Associates

Data Quality Management Solution delivered on Amazon EC2, which provides organisations with the ability to cleanse and manage data, via a user friendly, web interface. It’s Distributed Data Quality approach empowers users through the six key areas of data quality management, Profile, Collect, Validate, Protect, Monitor and Enrich.

Mobile and Fixed Verification for Humanitarian Assistance

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A Cloud based Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification, or Identity Card creation, for Humanitarian Agencies. This is a composite suite of capability to enable Humanitarian agencies to scan and capture, or validate and verify, or create biometric Identity Cards for the individuals in a Mobile or hostile physical environment.

De-installation / Decommissioning Telecoms and ICT

Network 2 Supplies Ltd

N2S are specialists in large scale multi-site De-installations and decommissioning of IT equipment including desktops, screens, unified comms/telephony and managed print. Utilise a fleet of tracked vehicles to return equipment to headquarters for WEEE recycling or resale.


Idox Software Limited

Management over passenger information and fleet management. View real time location of all vehicles within the fleet and generate reports showing statistics on vehicle operation and movements.

3SDL Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) Service


Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) exploit the benefits of using intercept data collected simultaneously on a target from different locations and orientations to rapidly and accurately geo-locate threats in a number of seconds. 3SDL provides CESMO Services through G-Cloud for Decision Support.


Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

Planning, Optimisation and management of Mainstream and SEN Home to School and Adult Social Care regular transport using own fleet and/or third party operators.


Legalesign Limited

E-signature software for contract management and digital signatures (eIDAS advanced electronic signature). Send PDF or Word documents. Contracts, forms and other paperwork can be completed immediately from anywhere. The platform comprises a web application and a API. ISO27001 certified for information security.


eCom Scotland

eNetLearn® is the perfect entry-level learning management system for organisations. It is a cloud-based learning platform that allows you to deliver, track, report and evaluate your online learning from a single dashboard gaining insight on your organisation’s learning and development. Mobile enabled for learner accessibility wherever they are using it. Pro Real-Time Traffic


Real-time monitoring and alerts for congestion caused by roadworks for Traffic Management Centres and streetworks teams. Monitors congestion caused by individual roadworks and traffic management interventions such as road closures. Supports intelligent real-time network management and active intervention strategies (e.g. altering traffic signal timings)

GOSS Forms

GOSS Interactive Ltd

GOSS Forms enable Local Government/Council/Authority/Public Sector, Police, NHS, housing users to design, create and replicate, sophisticated, effective online website forms. The user friendly drag and drop interface enables quick form design and build, with a range of styling options and more advanced features like location maps and (optional) payment connectors.

Connected IoT Product

Hitachi Consulting UK Ltd.

For businesses to remain profitable and competitive they need to offer additional services to supplement their traditional products and core services. Connected products allow better insight to businesses assets, allowing the ability to provide ‘X as a Service’ which brings customer value, operational savings and transparency.



Huddle is ISO27001:2013 Cyber Essentials PLUS certified UK-based cloud collaboration platform that transforms the way the public sector works. With over 85% of central government and an array of NHS organisations and councils realising quantifiable benefits from Huddle, it is the de facto solution for public sector collaborative work management

Meteomatics Weather API


Meteomatics' Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Our Weather API allows the integration of our unique, high quality, Smartcast tailored weather forecasts into all kinds of workforce management, planning, business insight, trading and decision-making systems.

Digital Business Operation Suite (digiBOS)


Digital Business Operations Suite that automates and optimizes business operations by connecting people, departments, resources and support divisions to help enterprises achieve business agility. Powered by Appian, digiBOS draws meaningful insights from the evolving BPM practice and helps organizations realize process optimization excellence to deliver business value.



The ACT Cloud CMS is a service system for managing customers within a smart ticketing environment operating to the latest payment and ITSO government standards. The ACT Cloud CMS can be used by public and private transport authorities to manage concessionary and commercial ticketing customers.

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78950) allows companies to minimise cost, optimise service levels, support sustainability initiatives and create flexible business process automation within their transportation and logistics networks. The unique single-platform design creates an information bridge across functional silos, geographic regions, languages, currencies, and business units.

Cadcorp Web Map Layers


Web mapping as a fully hosted service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Web Map Layers is an easy-to-use off-the-shelf GIS application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for presenting and interrogating GIS spatial data and is accessed through a familiar and mobile responsive web mapping interface.

Oracle Transportation Operational Planning Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78951) optimises transportation moves, from simple point-to-point to complex multi-modal, multi-leg operations. It applies your specific business rules and logic in conjunction with powerful algorithms to determine the right course of action for all orders and shipments based on cost, service level, and asset availability.

Argonaut - CCTV

Idox Software Limited

Integration of Argonaut with CCTV systems supporting a wide variety of interfaces (either IP or serial) such as Traffic Wales and the Highways Agency’s TIH network. Where the CCTV system does not have a defined open protocol we work closely with all parties to agree an approach.


L2S2 Ltd

SatisTally tracks the locations and status of people and assets in real time using QR codes on wristbands and labels. Uses app on iPhone or iPod and website dashboards configurable with multiple locations and thresholds. For each location, multiple questions can be asked.

PODFather Vehicle Booking Management System (VBMS) for major construction projects

PODFather Ltd

PODFather has provided a mix of Vehicle Safety Compliance Check software, Vehicle Booking Management and Reporting systems, collaborative Haulier portal for uploading compliance information and eTicketing for material movements (including muck‐away) to projects of national significance, such as: Tideway, Crossrail, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Heathrow, Borders Railway and Mersey Gateway.

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Planning Analytics is a collaborative, enterprise-scalable budgeting, planning, analytics, profitability, Modelling, scorecard and reporting solution. These applications are supported by a 64-bit in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) server, which provides on-demand analytics of complex Multi-dimensional data with real-time analysis.


Atkins Limited

CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform built using industry leading Open Source software, providing a scalable and configurable solution to customers wishing to turn location based data into valuable business information. Using best of breed open source software CIRRUSmaps™ provides low total cost of ownership for web based GIS.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.

Oracle Transportation Sourcing Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78957) allows you to optimise your transportation procurement process by providing a single application to on-board logistics service providers. It supports the steps required to complete a bid, generating lanes and related demand, collection and analysis of quotes, awarding and creation of operational rates.

Oracle Trade Compliance Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78962) enables companies to manage security, legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance on all of their cross-border transactions enabling organisations with global operations manage the challenge of moving goods between many different countries with different rules, regulations and trade controls.

StarTraq Dome Environmental Enforcement Solution

StarTraq Limited

The StarTraq Environmental Enforcement solution is a fully hosted enforcement platform which will streamline and automate your environmental enforcement activities. It will manage your environmental crime cases from cradle to grave – taking care of ticket issuance, reminder letters, payments and court file generation.

Argonaut - Skips and Scaffolding

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber has designed the Skips and Scaffolding solution to be a user-friendly online service, to enable companies to apply to place on the road, temporary structures such as skips, scaffolding, building materials, tables and chairs and site offices (e.g. Portakabins).


eCom Scotland

eNetAuthor® is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool. Move effortlessly from storyboard to authoring, reviewing and tracking. Supports team workflow, collaboration and project management, is standards-based with SCORM, LTI and xAPI. Fully HTML5 compliant. Built-in accessibility to comply with guidelines. LRS analytics tool and various publishing formats for mobile learning resources.

Argonaut - Streetworks and Road Works

Idox Software Limited

The Argonaut strategic control system takes an automatic feed from the existing Street works system to include a copy of street works in the database. Cloud Amber automatically publishes the street works to either the Voyager web outputs or to a page on your website, requiring no manual intervention.


ROL Solutions Ltd

GovMetric is an established service enabling over 75 public sector providers to gather customer feedback and thereby understand the quality and quantity of their service delivery across all of their access channels, 24 x7. Online reporting allows the data to be analysed, graphed, distributed and benchmarked thereby gaining maximum insight.


Nimbus Journey Information Ltd

Collation and Provision of Public Transport Real Time Journey information for users, purchasers and providers of public transport

DAVIS - Licence Check

Licence Check Ltd

The DAVIS Licence Check solution, linked to the DVLA, is a cloud based service which enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility. This ensures driver risk is reduced and compliancy assured. An essential process for organisations with employees that drive on work related business.

International Lost & Stolen Property Register

MissingX UK Limited

Lost Property system used by many of the world’s largest transport hubs and operators, local and central authorities, taxi companies, event, sport and meeting venue operators to manage and automate the various processes – register, catalogue, full audit logging, investigate, transfer, match, dispose and return items to their lawful owner.

Oracle Transportation Intelligence Cloud Service

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APN B78954) is Oracle's transportation-focused business intelligence solution that promotes better supply chain decisions. Providing greater insight into both internal operations and trading partner performance, it provides the information needed to understand what's happening in the supply chain to make corrections and achieve your organisational goals.

Central Government Appointment Booking and Queue Management Platform

Qmatic (United Kingdom) Limited

Manage multiple customer journeys to create a successful customer experience in your branch. Qmatic offer a cloud hosted software platform to manage appointment booking, customer check-in and queue management / waiting notifications, connecting skilled staff members to the customer need at the right time and centralised analytics and business intelligence.

Argonaut - Incident Management

Idox Software Limited

The Incident Detection & Incident Management page allows total control and management of incidents from multiple parties. Incidents can be assigned, edited & deleted. Whilst in progress, network segments can be marked as inaccessible by direction of travel, service and stops.



Zensend's API facilitates the integration of SMS into applications.

Argonaut - Team Working, Inter Authority Data Sharing

Idox Software Limited

The solution links all systems with an overarching software module to facilitate strategic control across boundaries. All Authorities may share read and write capabilities with the option of relevant permissions, set strategies in a neighbouring authority. However, the individual databases will be retained.


Mott MacDonald Limited

Mott MacDonald’s Osprey is a mature suite of smart mobility and traffic management applications used in 15 major UK cities and counties. Built on proven technology, leveraging open standards, and highly customisable, Osprey provides cost effective real-time management tools for traffic managers and operations staff, built on the UTMC standard.


Idox Software Limited

Network control and providing an integrated view of traffic and travel information on a single user display. The system is entirely modular in design ensuring that all adaptors and features are simply “plug and play” making upgrades or adding new adaptors without any need to change the underlying architecture.

TextCampaign - TextAnywhere

SRCL Limited

TextCampaign will enable you to quickly and professionally construct and execute your own text-message marketing campaigns. Whether you are sending out 100 messages or one hundred thousand messages, TextCampaign will deliver your message to your audience, swiftly and reliably.