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Liberator GDPR solution for Local Authority Councils

Farthest Gate Limited

The Liberator Licensing software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Licensing can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

Inforoute (MaaS)

JMW Systems Ltd

JMW Inforoute mobility as a service (MaaS) software including real time passenger information software, traffic signal priority systems, digital signage, VMS displays, onboard bus computers, car parking, vehicle counting, solar powered transport infrastructure and fuel management systems.

Tender Platform

Ansarada UK Limited

The Ansarada Tender Platform is simple to use and equipped with sophisticated features to support the procurement needs of your tender. Secure Two-Way Q&A, with workflow and audit quality reporting maintains the complete anonymity of the bid evaluation team. With an intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in minutes.


Airbox Systems Limited

MOSAIC is a mobile command and control application designed for frontline and field-based professionals working with or without central co-ordination. It provides users with mapping, situational awareness and collaborative annotation tools. ACANS is a variant for aviation users.

Wirefast Enterprise Text To Speech

Wirefast Ltd

Wirefast provides a Cloud based, enterprise electronic messaging service utilising two-way SMS, Fax and outbound Text to Speech to global organisations across a varied and wide range of industry sectors. Being Cloud based, it is economical to implement and utilise, ensuring a rapid ROI. Contact: 020 7092 8400 or

Argonaut - Events Manager

Idox Software Limited

The events management functions includes a whole range of capabilities extending beyond standard traffic functions. The system was used extensively through the Dorset Olympics Sailing Event to manage car parks, crowd management of beaches and cliff tops as well as integration with the UK’s Police Silver and Gold command processes.

Swiss Post Solutions uBook Courier Management

Swiss Post Solutions

uBook is an easy to use cloud based tool for booking and managing couriers, that ensures compliance and directs users to the most cost-effective courier service for their needs.

Traffic Management App with Signage Add-on


A cloud-based tool for creating Traffic Management Plans and associated Orders including TTROs. User can plot road closures, diversion routes and other temporary traffic management interventions on a map, publish the information to and syndicated services. Add-ons are available supporting full Signage Plan production and workflow support.

Snap Out is a virtual personal assistant that assists you with travel to upcoming meetings and events

Fleet File Vehicle Management - DAVIS

Licence Check Ltd

DAVIS – Fleet Vehicle Module is a cost-effective software solution designed to help organisations of all sizes to better manage their fleet of vehicles. This will significantly improve operational efficiencies and ensure legislative compliance.

Implement Applications on Appian BPM Platform


We are an alliance partner with Appian. With close to 50+ Appian implementation experience and 20+ different customers spread across domains and business processes, our Service offerings include Holistic Program/CoE Management, Migration, Platform Upgrades, Business Consulting, Application Delivery, Testing, Production Support, Maintenance, Performance, Architectural Services and Legacy Application Integration.

Vix Whisper

Vix Technology Ltd

Vix Whisper is a cloud-based, PCI-DSS compliant service that enables contactless EMV fare payments and removes risk from the Transit Operator Back Office systems, while securely maintaining bankcard transit scheme rules. Whisper integrates with certified Front Office and Acquirer Services to provide a PCI-DSS scope abstracted from the Back Office.

Allsop Mobile Workforce Solutions

Allsop Consulting Ltd

Allsop provide a cloud service and mobile app to manage mobile workforces, reducing administration costs and increasing productivity, giving your business a competitive edge. From meter readings to electronic proof of delivery to fire risk inspections to vehicle tracking, our apps can be tailored to meet your organisational requirements.

EAMS Group MainlineRail Infrastructure Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MainlineRail Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world-class service leveragingbest of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

Syncron Inventory

Syncron UK Limited

Optimize inventory to reach best-in-class customer service – at the lowest possible cost. A system designed to minimize manual efforts, Syncron Inventory™ drives action toward exception management, strategic simulations and automatic optimization.

Malinko Intelligent Scheduling Software

Malinko Scheduling Software

Automated intelligent scheduling for a field-based workforce. Comprehensive and secure system for managing appointment booking. Automatically creates schedules, matching client requirements with organisational priorities. Dynamic rescheduling throughout the day in response to disruptive events. Live data and location information collected from field staff via mobile app, with lone worker protection.



Pro-evaluate is a SaaS solution offering two distinct modules: 1; Audit & Compliance Module can be used across any function and area of business that requires regulating, and be compliant to a standard . 2; Incident Reporting Module takes users through investigations from a regulation breach, near miss or accident.


Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

Scheduling and management of demand responsive passenger transport services. Used by Local Authorities, DRT Operators, Community Transport Schemes and Volunteer Car Schemes of all sizes.

Buchanan Cloud Services Traffic Orders

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to managing traffic orders and on-street parking infrastructure. It assists specialist users through the whole life cycle and legal process, from the initial scheme design, generation of legal documents, public consultation, on street deployment, to meeting the wider objective of sharing information.

Argonaut - Team Working, Control Room Log

Idox Software Limited

The Control Room Log is an integrated solution that works as an additional feature in Argonaut. It is developed to provide unrivalled assistance to controllers for recording all user actions and those initiated by the Strategy Manager. It not only records, but also helps to communicate and attain strategic control.


eCom Scotland

eNetLearn® is the perfect entry-level learning management system for organisations. It is a cloud-based learning platform that allows you to deliver, track, report and evaluate your online learning from a single dashboard gaining insight on your organisation’s learning and development. Mobile enabled for learner accessibility wherever they are using it.

Dynniq's Traffic Management System incorporating SCOOT (TMS)

Dynniq UK Ltd

Dynniq’s Traffic Management System incorporating SCOOT is a proven Urban Traffic Management and Control solution, providing powerful tools for the modern road network operator to implement optimum control strategies. Supports a mixed approach to signal control; fixed time UTC/SAPS, SCOOT MOVA for efficient network performance, reduced congestion, improved air quality.


Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

Planning, Optimisation and management of Mainstream and SEN Home to School and Adult Social Care regular transport using own fleet and/or third party operators.

Argonaut - Winter Maintenance

Idox Software Limited

idox Transport’s Winter Maintenance features in Argonaut and Voyager and assists local authorities to deploy winter maintenance treatment (gritting, de-icing, etc.) on a route-by-route basis, and display live and static data to the people via the Voyager web portal.

Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Utilise Pentaho’s extensive end-to-end capabilities; data engineering by connecting to an extensive range of data sources to aid data ingest. Data preparation and data blending to validate, cleans and add value, implement machine learning and data science. Finally present the data through BA server dashboards and reports.

IBI DATEX II Publisher

IBI Group UK Ltd

The IBI DATEX II Publisher allows organisation to publish various different types of transport data in a DATEX II format (version 2.3 CEN standard). This includes all supported types of traffic information including incidents, roadworks, journey time and all types of both static and dynamic data.


Nimbus Journey Information Ltd

Collation and Provision of Public Transport Real Time Journey information for users, purchasers and providers of public transport

Cadence Transport Modelling

City Science

The Cadence platform consolidates transport planning information and enables distributed version control for modelling activities. Software modules provide a range of functions such as strategic planning, scenario development and demand visualisation. Real-Time Map


Real-Time Map is a “map dashboard” highlighting severe and unusual congestion. It combines roadworks and other planned disruptions information across the local and strategic road network, with a live view of traffic conditions. It is a decision support tool for traffic control centre users, streetworks professionals and public event organisers.


Nimbus Journey Information Ltd

webTour is an vehicle allocation and route planning and optimisation tool tailor-made specifically for the public transport, tourist transport and logistics industries. webTour provides you with an overview and more professional administration, freeing up time. manual tasks are performed automatically, reducing administration costs

Risk Tracker Movement Messages

SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd

Ensures governments have complete situational awareness of the border by combining all available information from multiple agencies and transport (aviation, maritime, rail) providers to deliver real-time insight on border operations. Insight is powered by cloud-based reporting and analysis tools that support fast and effective decision-making to optimise available resources.

Argonaut - Access Control

Idox Software Limited

Idox Transport interfaces and controls highways systems that control access to traffic. The access control points include bridges, tunnels, railway crossings, bollards and other street furniture, and is delivered through a dedicated operator interface that gives access to the functions of controlling the variable directional signing and the traffic signals.

Open Data

Nimbus Journey Information Ltd

Open Data management and dissemination system for Public Transport Real Time Journey Information for users, purchasers and providers of public transport

Traffic Disruption Analytics


A tool to enable streetworks and network planners to improve the planning of works schemes, public events and associated traffic management by interrogating the disruption caused by previous works and events on the same road.

GOSS LiveChat

GOSS Interactive Ltd

GOSS LiveChat enables website/intranet visitors to use instant messaging, for immediate response by your Contact Centre agents. Used by Customer Service Teams, Sales Teams and Support Teams to deliver improved levels of customer satisfaction within Local Government/Authorities/Councils, Central Government Agencies, NHS Trusts, Police Authorities and Housing Associations.

Bramble Hub Imperial Civil Enforcement - 3sixty Notice Processing with self-service

Bramble Hub Limited

3sixty is our powerful back-office software solution that offers automated, end-to-end notice processing with very little need for manual intervention. 3sixty and its public facing self-service portal, 3sixty Citizen will enable you to transform the way you deliver your parking services and interact with customers.

Pentaho Embedded Analytics Solution

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho is a Data Analytics platform that is built on a open architecture. This lends itself perfectly for embedding any of its components from data integration to visual analysis capabilities inside a customer's application. From a simple rebrand and embed via iframe to complete API driven components.

WASP - Works Activity Scheduling & Evidencing Platform

Alphatec Software Ltd

WASP allows you manage task/works instructions for your internal workforce and for sub-contractors. This can be used to track independent contractors, enforcing Section 74 and other chargeable offences. WASP can be used within road maintenance, property inspections, parks and leisure etc for allocation, evidence, photographs, workforce performance, inspections and more.

EAMS Group Fleet Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our Fleet Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraged through best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

ACT Cloud Concessionary Portal


The ACT Cloud Concessionary Portal provides a customer facing website which is delivered and accessed across an agreed web URL, or directed via scheme owned site, providing end users the ability to apply, renew and replacement their smart concessionary bus pass.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.


eCom Scotland

eNetSurvey is an assessment tool, to create and schedule 360 feedback surveys and TNAs, randomised, categorised and benchmarked, without technical knowledge. Features give control of delivery, the ability to setup your organisations dimensions, categories, question sets and reports. With email communication and seamless user experience for initiators and their reviewers.


ROL Solutions Ltd

GovMetric is an established service enabling over 75 public sector providers to gather customer feedback and thereby understand the quality and quantity of their service delivery across all of their access channels, 24 x7. Online reporting allows the data to be analysed, graphed, distributed and benchmarked thereby gaining maximum insight.



Huddle is ISO27001:2013 Cyber Essentials PLUS certified UK-based cloud collaboration platform that transforms the way the public sector works. With over 85% of central government and an array of NHS organisations and councils realising quantifiable benefits from Huddle, it is the de facto solution for public sector collaborative work management

Symology Insight for Bridges/Structures (Cloud Edition)

Symology Ltd

This solution provides a spatially enabled system for the management of Bridges and Structures assets.

OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

Flax & Teal Limited

OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

Address auto-complete

Melissa Data Ltd

The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 50% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.

Resilient Hosted Telephony & UC Services

Simplecall Business Ltd

SCB' Resilient on-site and cloud based voice solution enable a full communications solution, drives productivity, offers full feature set of PBX telephony. Collaboration features like web chat, video, email, IM, conference calls, data sharing, online meetings; call recording, customer analytics, internet fax. Option for UK bundled minutes, per user/month.

Cloudview Visual Data Platform

Cloudview (UK) Limited

Cloudview’s Visual Data Platform securely transports visual data from your CCTV cameras, to secure cloud servers, where it can be viewed, managed and shared using a web browser. Cloudview integrates with visual data analytics to bring new capabilities to CCTV systems as well as enhanced accessibility, data security and compliance. Portal Premium

ELGIN Portal Premium is a national roadworks platform which fulfills Councils' legal obligations to publish roadworks and encourage coordination among roadworks Promoters. It is the leading channel to communicating a vast array of roads and traffic disruption information to the public and professionals alike.

Icarus - Driver Messaging

Idox Software Limited

Enables bi-directional messaging between vehicles and the centre using short text-based messages. Vehicles may be selected based on a specific driver, shift number, service, route or region, district, locality, or simply select all ETIMs for messaging. Messages initiated from drivers appear within the Icarus tool bar with optional audible alerts.

Smart Messaging


Smart Messaging lets you send one, or a huge batch of texts quickly and easily. Better still, because Smart Messaging can be used on any web browser, you can manage your messages and monitor your responses quickly and efficiently. You can also integrate to the service via API.

Argonaut - Road closures and diversion routes

Idox Software Limited

The Route Closure and Diversion solution is a single source for planning, creating, managing and publishing route closure and diversion information. It deeply integrates with Icarus and Voyager which helps to efficiently manage and annotate temporary traffic arrangements to travellers, public transport operators, emergency services, etc.

Cadcorp Map Data Service


Ordnance Survey Open Data map service. Ordnance Survey Premium Data map service. Customer Data map service. Available as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS).

Driver Risk Assessments - DAVIS

Licence Check Ltd

DAVIS - Driver Risk Assessor is a cost-effective online profiling solution which enables organisations to better manage occupational road risk. By analysing attitude and behaviour, ‘at risk’ drivers are quickly identified, giving organisations the opportunity to tailor support and training provided for these individuals, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Streetworks Planning Portal


Streetworks Planning Portal consists of a customised version of, but greatly enhanced with additional data and functionality. It is designed to support visual “desktop risk assessment” of work sites and helps to reduce the ‘cost of failure’ in streetworks operations with better intelligence earlier in the planning process.

CTI Cyber Threat Intelligence Supreme

Research Series Limited

CTIS utilises the largest World's first open threat intelligence community of over 80,000 participants in 140 countries to fuss over 19 million threat indicators (IOCs) daily, available on open automated standards, e.g. OTX, STIX, CybOX and TAXII for sharing, and correlating threat intelligence against SIEM to enhance Cyber Situational Awareness.


Syncron UK Limited

EazyStock is an Inventory Optimization Solution for mid-sized wholesale distributors who need to buy smarter, plan faster and service better. EazyStock works with existing ERP systems to lower operational costs and increase revenue. Our team of experts can help you measurably improve your demand forecasting, inventory optimization and purchasing processes.

Buchanan Cloud Services Accident Analysis

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to analyse road traffic accidents. Specialist users load and validate data from multiple sources. Validated accidents can then be analysed spatially and based on STATS19 fields providing output in configurable reports and map outputs. Data export options meets DfT requirements.

Argonaut - Network Management

Idox Software Limited

Data Broker, based on the Datex II standard, is a reliable single collective data hub that allows uninterrupted information exchange between disparate systems, deployed across diverse geographies, transferring data from one format to another. It works with the broadest possible range of data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc.

Digital Facility Management System


Digital Facility and Asset management system provides you with a next generation, collaborative work management system. It gives visibility and exact status of assets and requests. PACE tag modules tracks equipments and personnel. Digital work request management and access control with Smart TV & incident management.

Cloud Software for Behavioural modelling

Roke Manor Research

Roke provided supply, support, and customise applications to model behaviours and detect changes in behaviours. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

Axellera Distributed Ledger / Block-chain RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Axellera Distributed Ledger (DLT) allows you to create innovative applications that combine business process logic and data management with Distributed-Ledger-Technology (think HyperLedger) building blocks. Rapidly create and deploy blockchain enabled solutions with powerful integration & workflows and providing all the enterprise class attributes like role based access control, auditability...

Workforce Management Solutions

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Nextrasoft are a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Solutions to both the public and private sector for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance, absence management and scheduling systems within a number of industry sectors through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

Video Scene and IoT analytics

Nokia UK Ltd

The IMPACT Scene Analytics solution augments Operation Centre’s capabilities by turning surveillance cameras into intelligent IoT sensors. Abstract information vectors are derived from each video feed, including motion, direction, velocity, and density for real-time anomaly detection. Patented machine learning developed by Nokia Bell Labs leverages pattern recognition and behavioural knowledge.

Asset Decision Support Tools

Atkins Limited

Successfully manage your Transport Assets utilising these Decision Support Tools. Use industry standard or configurable logic to model how your assets will perform in various scenarios. Create Works Programmes, Scenario Comparisons, Interactive Reports, Condition and Risk Profiles through dynamic and intuitive web-based software, improving your Asset Management outcomes.

Pentaho IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Vantara

Real time data streaming via MQTT message queues from remote devices or execute data collection on the edge; ingest data into an appropriate data store, Hadoop, NoSQL or RDBMS; execute data science machine learning models and create advanced analytics to improve efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and avoid failures.

Swiss Post Solutions uBook Taxi Management

Swiss Post Solutions

uBook is an easy to use cloud based tool for booking and managing taxis that ensures compliance and directs users to the most cost-effective taxi service for their needs.

Flexiroute Driver App

Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

Mobile device app to be used in place of Mobile Data Terminals for driver communication and real-time management of route schedules.

Digital Business Operation Suite (digiBOS)


Digital Business Operations Suite that automates and optimizes business operations by connecting people, departments, resources and support divisions to help enterprises achieve business agility. Powered by Appian, digiBOS draws meaningful insights from the evolving BPM practice and helps organizations realize process optimization excellence to deliver business value.


Immense Simulations Ltd

Online (cloud-based) transport systems simulation as a service (SaaS) to predict the movement of people, goods and vehicles through the complete transport infrastructure, including road, rail and public transport systems.

ClaimControl - Incident, Claims and Insurance Risk Management Software

Alphatec Software Ltd

Alphatec Software's ClaimControl is an award winning incident, claims and insurance risk management SaaS solution that helps you efficiently manage all incidents, all types of claims, insurance, policies and more, in a single, simple to use system. The solution is written specifically for the insured organisations benefit

Argonaut - Speed Amelioration

Idox Software Limited

Focusing on ameliorating vehicle speeds using traffic signals and data from various sources enabling authorities to minimise road disruptions and to automatically control traffic lights to help reduce the number of speeding vehicles. It reduces the risk of accidents e.g. such as approaches to schools and other congested areas.

Argonaut - Variable Message Signs

Idox Software Limited

Argonaut’s adaptor which can automatically determine the appropriate legends to display on any operator station, or free-text VMS based on the conditions, and command the VMS to display the appropriate information. The user can test messages and legends before committing them to the system and or the sign.

Icarus - Stand Manager

Idox Software Limited

A stand management system that assists bus terminal operators to ensure smooth throughput of buses on bus stands, based on the scheduled data and also dynamically based on the requirements of the ‘now’. The solution allocates vehicles to appropriate stands and provides vehicle information to drivers, operations staff and passengers.

NetSfere Secure Enterprise Messaging

Infinite Convergence Solutions / NetSfere

NetSfere is a cloud-based, enterprise messaging & voice service that offers a secure platform communication and collaboration, giving IT control over employee messaging across multiple devices. Designed to meet industry-specific challenges, NetSfere's next-generation approach allows employees to safely communicate business information in real-time via a user-friendly browser or mobile app.

Cloud Software for Situational Awareness

Roke Manor Research

Roke provides supply, support, and customise applications to process sensor data automatically and provide situational awareness to the user. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

Connected IoT Field Service

Hitachi Consulting UK Ltd

Asset insight is of critical importance. Our solutions help you transform from reactive to proactive field services based on these insights. This combines IoT connected machine health and maintenance data with live analytical insights to provide manufacturers, distributors or customers an end-to-end connected field service solution delivering a better service.

Civica Intercept Mobile

Civica UK Limited

Civica Intercept Mobile is a purpose built in car ANPR solution for use in the Police market. Designed to be simple to use and providing the information needed at a glance.

Location and Geospatial Planning Platform

Deloitte LLP

Deloitte offers a cloud-based Location and Geospatial Advisory Platform, allowing users to combine your own data with inbuilt granular geo-coded UK-wide data on businesses, services, demographics, amenities and transport, to provide insight into your location based decision making, supported by integrated market-leading analytics and visualisation.

Elgin Data Services


A range of data and API services to support customers who need to integrate roadworks, road closures and other traffic disruption data into their applications, or to produce business analytics reports.

Yoti Identity & Verify

Yoti Ltd

Yoti is a global digital identity platform that lets businesses securely verify and authenticate their customers in seconds. Yoti verifies the identity of customers by using facial recognition software to match individuals to government IDs and lets users digitally identify themselves in a way that is simple, safe and secure.

Healthcare Courier Software

Assistive Partner Limited

Assistive Partner Healthcare Courier Software is used to deliver & track packages and collect/deliver and track pathology supplies. The software is implemented to manage processes without paper and to use GS1 barcodes, GPS tracking and digital signatures to track and record the service delivery and performance.

FOI Tracker

ROL Solutions Ltd

FOI Tracker was launched in 2016 as part of the Complaints Tracker Case Management Software and is a complete and cost-effective solution designed specifically for the local government sector allowing for the effective management of Freedom of Information Requests (FOI) within legislative timescales.



SmartMessage is a enterprise messaging platform that allows organisations to reach out to there clients/ customers/ patients/ employees/suppliers in a fast and reliable manner. The service is used for a variety of uses ranging from Friends and Family surveys to 2 fa services and employee notification services.

EAMS Group Digital Workshop Maximo Enterprise MRO Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MRO Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraging best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.


Sysdoc Ltd

Our intranet solutions provide an inward facing communication and collaboration tool that can be accessed from desktop, tablets and mobile devices. Building upon extensive experience delivering high quality Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint projects, our intranet solutions can be scaled and adapted to a variety of contexts.

Communications App


An easy to use content management system, Communications App integrates with the EToN roadworks noticing system and enhances standard noticing with multimedia content, social media syndication tools and individual descriptions of works and categories of works. All delivered in real-time and accessing millions of stakeholders via the platform.

iMAAP Cloud: Crash Data Analysis & Road Safety Management Solution

TRL Limited

iMAAP from TRL is the most widely used cloud solution for road crash data analysis, evaluation and road safety management system across the world. Designed for police forces, local authorities and highway authorities, iMAAP helps road safety professionals reduce the number and severity of crashes and casualties.

Pegasystems Cloud Software - Proof of Value

Pegasystems Limited

This ‘proof of value’ offering allows customers to trial Pega products. Pega is #1 for customer engagement and digital process automation software including Case Management and BPM, real-time customer decisioning, artificial and workforce intelligence, and RDA/RPA. The no-code solutions support digital automation agendas and transform constituent engagement.

Argonaut - Team Working

Idox Software Limited

Idox Transport modules offer a number of options around team working, allowing working and information to be easily assigned or accessed in various ways. The modules enable closer cooperation between multiple parties with complete management and control through tracked audit trails. Allowing Office, Site or Home remote accessibility of documents.

AuditComply - Risk & Performance Management (RPM) Platform

AuditComply Ltd

AuditComply provides full visibility and control in achieving compliance and conforming to industry standards and regulations. Empowering organisations with robust & innovative technology to conduct complex assessment methodologies and provide automatic data rich reporting from both mobile & desktop. Achieve operational excellence through mitigating risk, driving compliance & improving quality.

Dynniq's ImCity UTMC Common Database

Dynniq UK Ltd

The ImCity UTMC compliant common database provides intelligent tools to manage and utilise data, remotely monitor critical assets and control road networks for strategic management of traffic today and tomorrow. More efficient use of road networks could cut congestion by 30%, reduce the cost to our economies and improve safety.

Compass Ticketing and Reservations

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Compass is the complete solution for ferry ticketing and reservations. For turn up and go customers there is desktop ticketing for use in port offices and mobile ticketing for use on board the vessels. Advance bookings can be taken via call centre over the phone or online over the web.


Atkins Limited

CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform built using industry leading Open Source software, providing a scalable and configurable solution to customers wishing to turn location based data into valuable business information. Using best of breed open source software CIRRUSmaps™ provides low total cost of ownership for web based GIS.

Kit Prep

Bolt Partners Ltd

Kit Prep is an app designed to help manage drug pack logistics and station based drugs. This includes supporting processes around: replenishment, delivery, usage and inventory of drug packs, as well as usage and inventory of station based drugs. Kit Prep helps reduce paperwork, improve inventory accuracy and support operations.

Digital Service Forms - Online & Offline forms

apto solutions limited

The apto digital services forms platform offers digital by default transactions through the production, submission and management of electronic forms (eforms) including all types of attachments. This is anytime, anywhere, any place, any device digital service management and capture for external and internal users.



Huddle is ISO27001:2013 Cyber Essentials PLUS certified UK-based cloud collaboration platform that transforms the way the public sector works. With over 85% of central government and an array of NHS organisations and councils realising quantifiable benefits from Huddle, it is the de facto solution for public sector collaborative work management

Argonaut - CCTV

Idox Software Limited

Integration of Argonaut with CCTV systems supporting a wide variety of interfaces (either IP or serial) such as Traffic Wales and the Highways Agency’s TIH network. Where the CCTV system does not have a defined open protocol we work closely with all parties to agree an approach.

BI/EPM - Qlik Solution (Qlik Sense Enterprise, QlikView)

Differentia Consulting

Differentia Consulting is an established Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) Managed Services provider, delivering turnkey solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting. We specialise in delivering multiple Smarter.BI application based solutions covering major technologies using Qlik Sense, QlikView, Qlik NPrinting, Connectors, Geo-Analytics and Qlik DataMarket.