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Cisco Spark Video Conferencing Room Systems from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Spark Room Systems consist of a range of video conferencing systems to meet the full range of customer requirements for meeting rooms. Using the Spark cloud based platform, Spark Room Systems can collaborate seamlessly with other room systems.

Self Managed Event Conference Calls from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Perfect for addressing large and not so large audiences without the need for travel. You run the call. We can set the call up so you can see pre-registered participants and send automatic reminders. You don’t need an operator, and you can run Q&As whenever you like.

Pro9 Exam and Qualifications Processing Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Exam and Qualifications Processing solution which offers a highly configurable, functionally rich solution for the Education sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.

Government and Healthcare Learning Management System

New Era Education Ltd

The Government and Healthcare LMS combines our innovative collaboration, learning and assessment tools with the latest Microsoft, Google and educational cloud apps to deliver, manage and access learning anytime; anywhere. Users, security and identity management are seamlessly integrated ensuring users easily gain access to all their information, resources and applications.

Office 365 user adoption and training platform

OfficeLabs Ltd

OfficeLabs provides a micro learning delivery platform, digital training content and support needed to help bridge any digital literacy skills gaps in an organisation. Our suite of products help drive technology adoption in a fast, effective and fun way.

Systems Training - Simulations and Resources


The KLA (KPMG Learning Academy) offers systems training for bespoke and off-the-shelf systems. We work collaboratively with systems and process SMEs to create best practice training scripts to develop simulations in multiple playback modes, including video and audio content, to cater for all learning styles and organisational requirements.

efireservice - PDRpro and learnPro Fire


Personal Development Recording and Learning Management System with Courses and Assessments for the UK Emergency Services focusing on Fire Service. Compliance Recording and Delivery

Totara Learning Management System (LMS)

Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

We supply the award winning Totara LMS that enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans reflecting your employees’ roles, training and appraisal. Totara provides functionally rich learning platforms which can be implemented quickly and at a lower cost than proprietary solutions. PC, Mac, Tablet and SmartPhone compatible.

Next Generation Learning Management System (LMS)

Bray Leino Ltd

The vLearning Platform takes all the features of a Learning Management System (LMS), such as lessons, assessments, reporting and schedules, and takes them to the next level by incorporating virtual classrooms, social learning, video content and web resources. This all-in-one tool delivers rich online learning activities in an engaging manner.

Risk Management Solution

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Risk Tool delivers a standardised risk management solution supporting an end-to-end systematic approach. Identifying day to day risks and trends; displaying these in an innovative user interface including heat maps and dashboards. Provides the framework for a holistic approach to risks, safeguarding the organisation and improving mitigation measures.

Moodle Learning Management System

Accipio Ltd

Accipio supplies the worlds most popular learning management system - Moodle. Moodle has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make Moodle the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Moodle offers significant cost savings compared with other platforms since it is open-source.

Skype for Business Advanced Voice and Meetings from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Wraps all the Microsoft IP Voice and meetings services. Ideal for customers with multiple sites who want to bring everything together. Combines Skype for Business Online, Cloud PBX and Skype for Business Server providing users with all options they need in one interface in Office 365.

Pro9 Student Management Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Student Management CRM solution which offers highly configurable, functionally rich solutions for the Education sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.

Cornerstone Fire Service Learning and Compliance Training Management System

Cornerstone OnDemand

Reinvent learning and development to realise the potential of your employee, Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based SaaS learning management system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for organisations of all sizes. You can go beyond delivering training and compliance, to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled Fire Service Workforce.

KnowBe4 - Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing Platform

S3 Ltd

KnowBe4 is the world's most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. On-demand, interactive, engaging training with over 300 course modules available. Fully automated simulated phishing attacks, hundreds of templates with unlimited usage. Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing.

On Demand Technology Learning Platform


Pluralsight provides on-demand digital learning solutions focused on technology. It helps companies and professionals gain new skills at the point of need, master technologies and stay ahead of the competition. It works in partnership with organisations to understand their technology learning goals and to become their leading technology learning partner.

VideoCloud 365 Video Conferencing VMR Service

VideoCentric Ltd

A simple & flexible Virtual Meeting Room service to connect any device or protocol, quickly and efficiently. UK hosted with ISO27001 security. The most interoperable service on the market today: SIP/H323, Skype for Business/Skype, Mac, PC, Android, iOS, WebRTC, PSTN for video, audio & content conferencing.

Gaia Open edX Platform

Gaia Technologies Plc

The Open edX platform is a free--and open source--course management system (CMS) that was originally developed by edX. The Open edX platform is used all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as well as smaller classes and training modules.

Pro9 NHS Pathway Transformation Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ NHS Pathway Transformation Solution at IL3 ('OFFICIAL') to support the requirements of NHS organisations responsible for engaging clinicians and other key stakeholders in the public and private sector (e.g. pharmaceutical and private sector hospitals), in the transformation of clinical pathways.

Totara LMS

Think Associates

Totara LMS is a fully-featured Learning Management System designed to meet the needs of corporate enterprises. It includes a wide range of features to support organisational learning (mandatory training, elearning, blended learning, social learning, classroom training administration), performance management, appraisal, revalidation, competencies, team management and report building.

Totara LMS - Learning Management System (Fully Managed Service)

New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

Moodle and Totara LMS bring the benefits of open source learning to organisations, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning. Our platforms support competency management, training delivery, team management, compliance tracking, classroom management and flexible reporting features. Adaptive Recommended Learning (ARL)

Luminis U.K. Ltd

The Adaptive Recommended Learning (ARL) platform provides insights into individual learning achievement and preferences to help learners and their teachers/trainers achieve the best possible results. supports the design and use of consistent, comprehensive, individual learning paths using learning materials from multiple public and proprietary sources and suppliers.

Media Platform

Stream UK

Media Platform is an online video platform. It allows you to host video content and deliver it over the internet. The service includes streaming, webcasting, payment and distribution modules.

learnPro Educational and Learning Management System Software

learnPro Educational Software for Healthcare and Government

Learning Management System, Personal Development Recording, Course Booking Systems, elearning Authoring for NHS, Healthcare, Councils and Social Care sectors

Blue Lights Discovery knowledge platform

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation training and resource solution delivering concept to delivery around the evolving challenges of digital investigation. This platform delivers interactive, immersive multimedia led training courses, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web enabling access to professional knowledge, Procedure, Policy and Intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Based Training Service

SA Group Ltd

SAG provide customers with a cloud based training service solution. We have experience of delivering cloud based training services using a broad range of technologies across a spectrum of sectors/disciplines. We provide cloud based training service solutions from design, through development into delivery and will also support in-service as required.


Macleod Associates

Workpepper is a cloud-based platform to monitor, track and deliver on-line and classroom learning for training providers, L&D departments and Colleges. Ofsted recognition for improving delivery for 5-20,000+ learners. Totally customisable for scheduling, room/tutor availability/optimisation, attendance, funding eligibility and employment tracking for apprenticeships "Without data, you only have an opinion."

Knowledge Hub Digital Collaboration Groups

Knowledge Hub

Digital collaboration groups (workspaces/project spaces/team sites/communities) on the Knowledge Hub enable members to connect, communicate, exchange knowledge, ideas, insight and experience to help them in their work. Groups can be open, restricted (access controlled) or private (hidden) and offer a range of collaboration tools. Open and restricted groups are free.

Cisco Collaboration MeetingRooms with WebEx Meeting Center® from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) is a video conferencing bridging service allowing participants to join meetings from any standards based room system or video device. An add-on to WebEx Meeting Center, users benefit from quality content sharing and collaboration, with smooth video conferencing scaling from one to hundreds of participants.

Me Learning - Learning Management System (Blue LMS)

Me Learning

Blue LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System providing the Public Sector a highly configurable and easy to deploy learning system. Blue LMS can host, track and report any eLearning and Classroom training and integrate with any system using an open API.

SchoolEdge by Tribal

Tribal Education Limited

Tribal’s SchoolEdge solution is a market leading K-12 School Student Management Information System (MIS), providing efficient management of information throughout the academic life of a learner. The solution provides comprehensive functionality, with core modules provided to all customers, and a range of optional additional modules available as required.

NEO Client Access Portal

MegaNexus Ltd

The Client Access Portal is a NEO application designed to provide a range of resources to support vulnerable people with rehabilitation, job-searching or learning. The application includes a range of resources such as CV building, learning functions, job-searching or rehabilitation options. It can operate independently or alongside other NEO applications.

HELM - Health Education Learning Management

OCB Media

HELM is a dedicated, multi-site cloud based, learning management system that can be customised on a client by client basis and integrated with ESR. HELM includes 120 HEE/NHS Trust statutory/mandatory, leadership, prescribing and clinical e-learning modules that are OLM/ESR compliant. Available as individual modules or module 'packs'. Further information:

Pro9 Membership Management and Professional Development Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

Pro9™ Membership Management and Professional Development Solution CRM at IL3 ('OFFICIAL') deploys a range of modules delivering CRM solutions for organisations delivering membership management products and services and professional development management / monitoring. Including contacts management, membership applications, subscriptions, learning frameworks, event management and student / tutor and centre management.

Positive Healthcare Academy

Positive Purchasing Ltd

The Positive Healthcare Academy is a cloud-based platform for procurement practitioners providing access to the proven 5i® Category Management Sourcing and Orchestra of SRM® (Supplier Relationship Management) Processes. It combines access on-demand to the full range of processes, toolkits and resources for strategic procurement with the latest eLearning technology.

Learning Management Service

SA Group Ltd

SA Group provide customers with a learning management service solution. We have experience of delivering learning management services using a broad range of technologies and across a spectrum of sectors/disciplines. We provide learning management service solutions from design, through development into delivery and will also support in-service as required.

Skype for Business Hosted Conferencing and Collaboration from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

MeetingZone hosted conferencing and collaboration service provides messaging, presence and IP Voice between Skype for Business users. Also includes MeetingZone Skype for Business Audio Conferencing service to provide PSTN dial in for those users who do not have Skype for Business capability.


Explosive Learning Solutions

The Fusion service is a software solution that facilitates the design, distribution, collection, processing and analysis of questionnaires and surveys for the purposes of assessment, audit, inspection, feedback and evaluation and other form types, deployable electronically as well as via paper methods.

Pro9 Qualifications Management & Exam Processing Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Qualifications Management & Exam Processing Solution, a highly configurable, functionally rich solution for the public sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.


Awaken Learning

BeOnline is an H&S management and reporting system (for accidents, near-misses, ill-health and risk assessments). An SaaS based platform that offers easily scalable and tailored end user incident submission with powerful and detailed reporting tools to manage, control, review, escalate and analyse incidents accross all layers of your organisational structure.

RTT Training

Source Group

Our CPD accredited web-based learning – Learn RTT - ensures staff have a better understanding of 18 Weeks RTT and are able to make correct decisions when capturing data on the PAS, helping Trusts reduce pathway backlogs, resolve data quality issues and improve performance. CPD accredited classroom training also available.

Cisco WebEx Enterprise Edition® from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Cisco WebEx Enterprise edition including Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center and Instant Messaging. Capacity for meetings up to 1,000 participants. Licenses provided for 100% of employees but charged on actual active host basis. Initial first year charge for 15% of employees subject to minimum of 75 Licenses paid for.



An advanced e-Learning and e-Testing platform that manages and delivers on-line training courses with fully customizable content. Robust and scalable architecture allows large numbers of users to access the system 24/7 from any location. Users can communicate with their educators and peers through online communication tools, delivering cost effective training.

IBM Cloud for Skytap Services (OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions provides a self-service based environment deployment and management solution. ICSS allows for the immediate creation of highly complex development and test environments that can be copied in seconds.

Totara VLE

Think Associates

Totara VLE is a Virtual Learning Environment designed to meet the elearning needs of corporate enterprises. It provides a wide range of options to support organisational elearning including: Statutory and mandatory elearning; Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) elearning; BMJ Learning clinical content; Learning Heroes content; Anders Pink content curation.

IBM Kenexa LCMS Premier on Cloud

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Kenexa LCMS allows you to develop, manage, maintain and deliver modular and personalised training for your employees. With a complete solution for managing content from the moment of creation to the delivery of personalised, on-demand training modules, this system provides tools that can help you streamline the entire process.


Premier IT Group Ltd

Cortex is a functionally rich, highly robust and easy-to-use training management solution, built to manage and deliver your entire training operation. Seamlessly integrated with our other collaborative systems, Cortex guarantees that you save time when managing courses, trainers and multiple venues.

Ultilearn LMS


Ultilearn is an on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) which is designed to provide a SCORM compliant online training environment for large organisations who require that their staff have access to training materials either from their place of work or equally when they are in the field or at home

Digital NEO Tablet

MegaNexus Ltd

Digital NEO Tablet is a mobile Offender Learning educational solution, providing offenders with access to learning resources within cells or other secured accommodation. Access is contained within user-defined parameters (such as the inside of a cell), and contains secured resources such as training courses and job application support.

SITS by Tribal

Tribal Education Limited

SITS:Vision encompasses five component areas that are modular by design, but are integrated within a single system. Components include: - Student Recruitment and Admissions - Programmes and Timetabling - Student Information - System Tools and Reporting - e:Vision (self-service web portal)

Lifesize Enterprise Cloud Conferencing Service

VideoCentric Ltd

Unlimited video, audio and web conferencing service for a high-powered combined collaboration experience across meeting rooms, desktops, mobiles and browsers for every employee, with direct multipoint calling, VMRs, audio bridging, content, IM/presence & S4B integration. Standards-based, designed for secure professional communications, service is provided by Lifesize's UK Gold Partner, VideoCentric.

Cornerstone Local Government Learning and Compliance Training Management System

Cornerstone OnDemand

Reinvent learning and development to realise the potential of your employee, Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based SaaS learning management system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for organisations of all sizes. You can go beyond delivering training and compliance, to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled Local Government Workforce.

Totara Learning Management System

MediaCorp Online Ltd

Enterprise open source LMS, used by some of the world's leading brands. Lower cost than proprietary solutions. Deliver, manage and report on learning across the whole organisation. Includes Mediacorp's custom plug-ins which, amongst other things, promote and enhance learner engagement via strategic marketing activities. Supporting services: bespoke and off-the-shelf e-learning.

Cornerstone Unified Talent Management System

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone unified system is designed to enable comprehensive talent management, from a single, all-in-one platform. One data model. One login. One customer support team. One solution designed for Public Sector. Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for Public Sector Organisations of all sizes.

Prisoner Education and Wellbeing Platform – Direct2inmate

Core Systems

The Education Module offers prisoner’s access to a highly secure Learning Management System, where offender can study at their own pace or use the e-learning platform to augment classroom-based education. The Wellbeing Module additionally supports offender in prison, giving access to self-help programs and apps.

Pugpig Publish

Kaldor Ltd (Pugpig)

Pugpig Publish is the mobile publishing platform that powers content apps that work perfectly across tablet, mobile and web all in one go. You can use Pugpig for publishing magazines, brochures, journals, pamphlets, educational materials and more, and you can get up and running in a matter of days.

Integrated Risk & Issue System (IRIS) - Risk, Issue & Opportunity Management Software v6.6

IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

IRIS Software helps teams manage risks, issues and opportunities more effectively. It facilitates increased risk identification, ensures consistency of assessment, tracks progress of mitigation actions and delivers timely, customised reports to Management. It is a highly flexible system, supporting ISO31000, ISO27001 and the PMBoK, as well as tailored customer processes.

Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

We supply the Moodle LMS that enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans reflecting your employees’ roles, training and appraisal. Moodle provides functionally rich learning platforms which can be implemented quickly and at a lower cost than proprietary solutions. PC, Mac, Tablet and SmartPhone compatible.


OCB Media

QI4U is designed to build capacity in a systematic approach to Quality Improvement (QI) for healthcare staff and service users. QI4U is targeted towards, clinicians, academics, patients and service users. QI4U comprises of eight modules which cover a range of QI methods and approaches. See link:

Learning Management System

Simitive Ltd

Learning Management System provides a platform to deliver organisation wide skills, behaviour and competency training and framework. Succession planning and talent nurturing features ensure an improved and cost effective filling of key vacant positions. The module supports induction, compliance training and personal development activities.

Corporate Register

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Corporate Registers provide a tool enabling input of, review and reporting on key aspects of employee compliance. One example is the Gifts and Hospitality/Conflicts of Interest register. This combined register provides an intuitive user interface, enabling employees to input data, managers to approve submissions and generating detailed reports.

SAP Workforce Performance Builder


SAP Workforce Performance Builder is the award-winning end-to-end knowledge transfer platform for authoring, distribution and managing of traditional simulation-based e-learning, context-sensitive user help and performance support, process documentation, rapid learning, and test scripts.

eLearning Course Libraries


Two comprehensive libraries of SCORM compliant eLearning courses. Library 1 - Health and Safety. A broad range of interactive Health and Safety eLearning courses. Library 2 - Business Protection. A broad library of Business Protection eLearning courses (for example Modern Slavery, Anti Money Laundering, Data Protection, Code of Conduct)

Cornerstone Public Sector for Salesforce - Learning within Salesforce

Cornerstone OnDemand

Build high-performance teams, and engage and empower your customers and partners with just-in-time training. Cornerstone for Salesforce reinvents the way organisations deliver information and learning management software (LMS) to accelerate productivity. Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across your organisation.

Totara Social

Think Associates

Totara Social is an open source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to manage and connect your people to the knowledge and resources within your organisation. Use Totara Social to become more adaptable, to learn (optionally with Totara LMS), share information and innovate at speed.

Me Learning for Liquidlogic systems

Me Learning

We provide ELearning courses that train and prepare staff to use the systems provided by Liquidlogic. The objectives of the suite are to provide a cost-effective tool to deliver system training to new users and provide an advanced support resource for the user base

Pro9 Marketing & Campaign Management CRM

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

The Pro9™ CRM Campaign Management & Marketing CRM solution delivers sophisticated and highly configurable Sales & Marketing features to IL3 ('OFFICIAL'). The platform includes sophisticated data segmentation, digital marketing, response tracking and ROI reporting.

Bramble Hub Menntor - Menntor Web Apps

Bramble Hub Limited

SaaS you can use to create Extended Learning or Process Partner apps. Creating apps requires no technical skill and they can be ready, tested and published in hours. Extended Learning apps put training in the hands of the user and Process Partner apps ensure the right things get done right.

Course Directory Service by Tribal

Tribal Education Limited

Educational establishments use Tribal’s hosted “provider portal” to update details of all courses they offer. This allows the public to search for suitable courses using third party websites as all records are held within our central data warehouse as open data which third parties can freely consume using an API.

BadgeUp Enterprise


BadgeUp Enterprise is a service for providing full support for Open Badges and micro-credentials. Supporting design of badges, definition and issue of badges. The service can function as a standalone badging platform and there is a Badge Toolkit option with a set of APIs that enable embedding within another application.

e-track and Maytas by Tribal

Tribal Education Limited

Maytas is a Learner Management Information System addressing the back office management of training providers and employers; e-track is a web based e-portfolio solution. Both systems are used by colleges, training providers, employers and other organisations to track progress of clients/students and learners, on government funded and commercially funded contracts.

Custom-built e-learning content

Learning Pool Ltd

Our highly-skilled and experienced content development team work with customers to deliver interactive e-learning that enables them to maximise the engagement and impact of the module. Our in-house team can develop e-learning in a number of tools including our own Adapt solution and Storyline, Captivate, Camtasia and Elucidat.

Off the shelf e-learning - Housing catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Housing e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource created in partnership with housing organisations across the UK, to ensure your staff and tenants have access to topics such as Affordable Rent, Modern Slavery, Managing Your Tenancy, and Welfare Reform.

Lumesse Learning Gateway

Lumesse Ltd

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a powerful, cloud-based learning management system for organisations of all sizes. It provides a flexible and comprehensive system for delivering and managing sophisticated learning programmes. Lumesse Learning Gateway is delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution configurable to your exact needs with rapid implementation.

Pro9 Education, Qualifications & Learning Management Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

The Pro9 Education, Qualifications and Learning Management solution provides specialist capability to plan, design, deliver and quality assure a broad range of learning interventions including formal qualifications, training courses, examinations and placements to IL3 ('OFFICIAL'). We provide an OFQAL / Awarding Body compliant, highly configurable software and web solution.

Operator Managed Event Call Service from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

For certain events, you may prefer to have an experienced operator to manage your conference calls. With our Operator Managed service, an operator will handle every part of your call, from scheduling, key speaker introduction, Q&A session management and call wrap-up – leaving you free to focus on your message.

Qintil Learning and Compliance Management Software

Qintil Learning & Compliance

Qintil is cloud learning and compliance software. It is used to deliver online and classroom training and to manage learning and compliance across organisations. Features include detailed, real time reporting, portable learner profiles and a course marketplace with over 2,300 courses that you can deploy instantly to your teams.

Audit Management Service

Virtual College Ltd

Our E>nable Audit Management System helps you to manage adherence to your standard operating procedures, policies, risk areas and compliance requirements. The system can be used to create a wide range of audits, for example: Ofsted, Funding, Accountancy, Safeguarding, IPTS, ISO, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Campus by Tribal

Tribal Education Limited

Tribal Campus is a new generation, cloud technology focused on streamlining processes and creating efficiencies in education management. Our solution bridges the nexus between your institution, students and management of the student lifecycle. Tribal Campus manages compliance, increases administrative efficiency, helps drive enrolments through improved correspondence tools and reduces costs.

E-Learning Platform


Our E-Learning Platform includes a collection of videos, e-books and how to guides on the topic of Digital Transformation, what it is and how to go about it. In order to successfully digitally transform your organisation, your SMT should have the knowledge and skills to do so.

Skype for Business On Premise from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Add IP voice to your on-premise Skype for Business deployment. We’ll build the unified communications environment and provide the ongoing managed service. Our user training and adoption programme means that everyone can make full use of the tools available. We also provide gateways, applications and network connectivity.


Fuse Universal Limited

Fuse is a truly next generation social learning system. Combining all of the legacy reporting and learning management functionality you would expect from an enterprise grade LMS with a truly engaging consumer grade user experience.


eCom Scotland

eNetLearn® is the perfect entry-level learning management system for organisations. It is a cloud-based learning platform that allows you to deliver, track, report and evaluate your online learning from a single dashboard gaining insight on your organisation’s learning and development. Mobile enabled for learner accessibility wherever they are using it.

Cornerstone NHS Recruiting, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Onboarding

Cornerstone OnDemand

With the intense pressure to identify, hire and onboard top talent, it’s time to rethink recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting and Onboarding addresses all your NHS talent acquisition needs to strengthen your candidate experience. Efficiently manage the entire process and shorten new hire and onboarding time to Onboarding.

Red Sheet Online

Positive Purchasing Ltd

Red Sheet® Online is a cloud-based Negotiation Planning Toolkit and Academy to help you boost results, buy better and be more effective in any negotiation. It combines the proven Red Sheet negotiation planning methodology, tools and resources with the latest eLearning technology, providing a comprehensive toolkit for professionals who negotiate.

Cisco WebEx Event Center® from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

MeetingZone make it easy to run large-scale events or manage webinars with WebEx Event Center™. Specially developed features and tracking tools enable you to run online events with maximum impact and effect.

3DNovations 3D Cloud Spaces Ltd

Collaborative 3D environments accessed remotely using avatars that your users register and you administer. Price includes 3D starter content and online training resources. Use 3DNovations to create digital by design services that save your organisation money and improve access and quality, especially for people with autism and complex needs.

Blue Lights Evolve knowledge platform copy

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation collaboration & education platform delivering concept to delivery around the evolving challenges of inter government education. This platform delivers interactive, immersive courses, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web enabling access to professional and academic knowledge anytime, anywhere.


Awaken Learning

BeOnline &Learn, our SCORM compliant LMS and Compliance Management solution, provides powerful, easy-to-use, fully configurable management and delivery of learning activities. It includes full H&S risk assessment management interface, classroom training and booking tool, training delivery evaluation, and a library of over 30 H&S, Compliance, HR/IT e-learning modules.

DSE eLearning and Risk Assessment - ErgoWize


Online DSE Training and Risk Assessment. The service includes tools to manage the risk issues. The service can be integrated into an existing Learning Management System if required.


Claned Group Ltd.

Claned a digital learning platform developed by world-leading educational experts together with learners. Claned uses artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics to provide unique insights into study performance, orientation and motivation of your learners. With us, organizations can finally measure their learning results and continuously improve their knowledge driven operations.

Off the shelf e-learning - Business catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Business e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is ILM recommended and mapped to ILM standards, giving you the ability to integrate into a fully accredited programme. Providing e-learning across 20 titles from leadership and management, negotiation and developing personal resilience this catalogue is a great resource to support staff development.

Authoring tool - Adapt Builder

Learning Pool Ltd

Creating fantastic e-learning that your users will love has never been easier. We’ve helped more than 4,000 users to create their own content using Adapt. Developed using leading edge open source technology, Adapt Builder gives you complete control to build and edit great courses in minutes.

Education Manager

i2N Ltd

Education Manager from i2N is a secure managed service built using Chromebooks, Google for Education, Google Classroom and selected G-Suite software (Docs, Sheets, Slides) to deliver enterprise-scale educational services to organisations operating inside and outside the custodial estate (Prisons, Young Offender Institutions, Secure Training Centres, Secure Children’s Homes etc).

Enterprise eLearning Platform and Curated learning courses

Learning Nexus Ltd

This service provides a hosted Virtual Learning system with compliance, Health and Safety, Diversity, Equality and Social Care courses.

Adzuna Job Search, Job Board and Labour Market Data Solution

Adhunter Limited

The online provision of job search engine / job board solutions along with associated labour market data which may be customised for buyers needs. Features include faceted job search, employer posting, support and fraud monitoring. statistics on local and sector trends, email alerts and an API.

Knowledge Hub Digital Networks

Knowledge Hub

Create and manage your own branded collection of digital collaboration groups within Knowledge Hub helping you effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with stakeholders, members, partners and communities. Networks offer a flexible mixture of accessible, open spaces and closed, intranet-style areas to help build relationships both within and outside your organisation.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center from MeetingZone

MeetingZone Ltd

Share ideas and collaborate on any device quickly, anytime, in multiple locations with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center from MeetingZone. Available on a per individual licence basis, per minute or via a group licence. Fully supported by our MeetingZone customer support, training teams and integrated with our Telephone Conference Call service.

Cloud Based Learning Management Service

SA Group Ltd

SAG provide customers with a cloud based learning management service solution. We have experience of delivering learning management services using a broad range of technologies across a spectrum of sectors/disciplines. We provide cloud based learning management service solutions from design, through development into delivery and will support in-service as required.


eCom Scotland

eNetAuthor® is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool. Move effortlessly from storyboard to authoring, reviewing and tracking. Supports team workflow, collaboration and project management, is standards-based with SCORM, LTI and xAPI. Fully HTML5 compliant. Built-in accessibility to comply with guidelines. LRS analytics tool and various publishing formats for mobile learning resources.