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Argonaut - Events Manager

Idox Software Limited

The events management functions includes a whole range of capabilities extending beyond standard traffic functions. The system was used extensively through the Dorset Olympics Sailing Event to manage car parks, crowd management of beaches and cliff tops as well as integration with the UK’s Police Silver and Gold command processes.

Rostering and Workforce Management Solutions

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Nextrasoft are a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Solutions to both the public and private sector for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance, absence management and scheduling systems within a number of industry sectors through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

Argonaut - Network Management

Idox Software Limited

Data Broker, based on the Datex II standard, is a reliable single collective data hub that allows uninterrupted information exchange between disparate systems, deployed across diverse geographies, transferring data from one format to another. It works with the broadest possible range of data formats such as RTIG, SIRI, VDV, etc.


Xenium Solutions Limited

mWebDB is a forms based solution that mobilises existing or new corporate database applications by enabling users to view, synchronize, edit and update SQL database information from mobile devices, laptop/desktops. Customised mobile solutions can be created in a point and click environment in a few short hours.

Zscaler Cloud Security Service

Truststream Security Solutions

Zscaler Cloud Security delivers user security as a service from the cloud, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches. By moving security to a globally distributed cloud, organisations can easily scale protection to all offices or users, regardless of location, and minimize network and appliance infrastructure.

IT Financial Management Services by ComSci

Upland Software

ComSci helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of the IT services they deliver to the enterprise, driving business alignment and IT transparency. ComSci also provides a managed service offering to streamline monthly data production to enable clients to focus on delivering value, not chasing data.

Argonaut - Car Park Manager

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber interfaces directly with the Car Park detectors and signs, providing a fully functional, configurable and feature rich Car Park Manager Module for Argonaut. The Operator views car park information graphically and in a tabular format, including locations/status, occupancies, maximum capacity, historic percentage and queuing after a defined point. Pro

ELGIN Pro offers a professional version of with an integrated toolkit that simplifies traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between Highway Authorities, utilities & contractors on a shared platform. Giving access to enhanced data layers plus Apps and Add-ons. Can be part or entirely integrated into customer systems.

Mobile Policing Suite 2

Airpoint Limited

Transforming policing processes through mobile applications driving effectiveness, efficiency and cost reduction. Integrated with Niche RMS, Northgate Connect, Athena, PNC and others. Services include Federated Searches, Pocket Notebook, Command and Control, Tasking, Stop Search, Evidential Statements, DASH, Briefings, Intelligence, Forms. Supports offline working and operates on Android, iOS and Windows.

Civica Legal Case Management System

Civica UK Limited

Civica Legal & Coroners Case Management provides Case and Matter Management tools, integrated Document Management, Email and Records Management, and Time Recording. Additional modules can also provide Client Portals, and full accounting support including ABS requirements

GOSS LiveChat

GOSS Interactive Ltd

GOSS LiveChat enables website/intranet visitors to use instant messaging, for immediate response by your Contact Centre agents. Used by Customer Service Teams, Sales Teams and Support Teams to deliver improved levels of customer satisfaction within Local Government/Authorities/Councils, Central Government Agencies, NHS Trusts, Police Authorities and Housing Associations.


Jisc Services Ltd

Federated roaming for the wider public sector, providing seamless connectivity for the end user. Geolocation support from the govroam app allows users to locate govroam enabled venues, for quick and easy access. Jisc operates the central service that joins regional roaming initiatives into a standardised national-scale service.


eCom Scotland

eNetTMS Membership Management is a customisable Contact Management solution delivering a sophisticated range of services for institutes, member associations and other 3rd sector income raising organisations. Provides self-service, renewals processing, CPD recording with professional standards and grant monitoring, evaluation surveys, qualification results and resit options, event registrations and campaign management.

Information Asset Manager

CoreStream Ltd

The CoreStream Information Asset Management (IAM) supports organisations in meeting their obligations under the Information Governance Toolkit, through the documentation of their information assets, managing them throughout their respective lifecycles and automating the identification of key risk areas.

Argonaut - Team Working, Control Room Log

Idox Software Limited

The Control Room Log is an integrated solution that works as an additional feature in Argonaut. It is developed to provide unrivalled assistance to controllers for recording all user actions and those initiated by the Strategy Manager. It not only records, but also helps to communicate and attain strategic control.

Risk Management Solution

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Risk Tool delivers a standardised risk management solution supporting an end-to-end systematic approach. Identifying day to day risks and trends; displaying these in an innovative user interface including heat maps and dashboards. Provides the framework for a holistic approach to risks, safeguarding the organisation and improving mitigation measures.


Geode Networks Ltd

Total design, implementation and integration of SDN and SD WAN networks - offering a radically new approach to networking in a cloud-centric world

Application Characterisation Service

Geode Networks Ltd

Providing tools/expertise to determine applications are ‘Fit for Use’ prior to acceptance/release within your operational network. Often described as good neighbour characteristics which demonstrates the application does not exhibit any unwanted characteristics ie: excessive bandwidth demands. Using state-of-the-art tools to significantly update applications to ensure: ‘Fit for Use’ for acceptance/release.

Docker Enterprise Edition Software Licences


Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is an secure, integrated, supported and certified container platform for CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, SLES, Oracle Linux & Windows Server 2016. Also for AWS, GCP and Azure. Deploy apps efficiently & effectively across diverse non homogeneous networks including third party cloud providers, hybrid cloud & private networks.



XMAP is a modern cloud-based Web GIS for Government Organisations. It allows you to give mapping data and tools to everyone within the organisation in an easy and structured way. Users can efficiently view, edit, collaborate and analyse geospatial data in order to make better business decisions.


CriticalArc Ltd

Critical Arc, a global tech innovator, designs and delivers a distributed command and control solution, SafeZone™, which is revolutionising the way organisations manage day-to-day safety and security operations. SafeZone provides response teams with complete operational awareness, to enhance the protection of dispersed people, facilities, and assets, while delivering efficiency savings.

Isoma Enterprise

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Enterprise is an optional module for Isoma BM and our most powerful module. It creates huge efficiency savings by enabling the secure sharing of common process data across multiple business units. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.

Symology Insight for Street Works Management (Cloud Edition)

Symology Ltd

Provides comprehensive functionality for the coordination of all activities which could potentially cause disruption on the highway, including Utility/Highway Authority Works and non-works activities, allowing Street Authorities to discharge their works co-ordination duties under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) and the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA).

Emergency Care Instant Clinic ECDS / MIU / WIC / UCC

L2S2 Ltd

Clinic management system fully compliant with new ECDS data format for Type 3 / 4 urgent care clinics, including minor injuries units, walk in centres and ambulatory emergency care. Assembles data in the format ready for submission to SUS / SUS+. Live web feed showing waiting times.

Claim Control - Incident, Claims and Insurance Risk Management Software

Alphatec Software Ltd

Alphatec Software's ClaimControl is an award winning incident, claims and insurance risk management SaaS solution that helps you efficiently manage all incidents, all types of claims, policies and more in a single, simple to use system. The solution is written specifically for the insured organisations benefit

Process Module Service

Meritec Limited

Meritec's ESB Process Module service enables digital end-to-end fulfilment of customer needs. There is a wide range of modules, powered by ESB Agile technology, that automate diverse service processes across a local authority, including Environmental Health, Public Protection, Waste Management, Corporate Services, Revenues and Benefits, Streetscene and Highways Management.

My Council Services - Waste Management Plug In

The My Council Services Waste Module enables councils to configure and manage all aspects of the refuse and waste management process, both domestic and trade, from setting up contracts and managing payments (if required) through to integrating and fully automating the addition of collections to rounds; managing the entire process.

IBM BlueMix

T-Impact Limited

Bluemix – Cloud platform with Infrastructure, PaaS, Platform Services, Cognitive Services (Watson), DevOps Services & more. API’s, Analytics, Databases, Mobile, IoT, Storage and Integration services at your fingertips. A global network of datacentres for highly-available applications with a UK based datacentre for sensitive workloads. 30-day free trial available at

PowerSuite Trade

Whitespace Work software

PowerSuite Trade waste will assist you to manage your Quotes, Contracts and Associated finances in and out of the offices; helping you to Reduce costs by efficiently using your assets, Respond quickly to customer enquires, Integrate your operation with the council’s systems, Access operational information and accurate reporting

Audit Action Manager

CoreStream Ltd

CoreStream Audit Action Manager is a flexible technology platform for managing the outputs of audits, both internal and external. IAM makes the job of action owners as straight forward as possible in providing action updates – reducing or eliminating audit-specific spreadsheets, and preventing lost actions.

Seeker Estates and Facilities Management Service


Estates and Facilities management (FM), underpinned by ISO5501 to enhance asset management. With links to BIM via CoBIE, estates can be modelled easily - manage warranties; contractors; defect jobs/planned maintenance; costs, life cycle planning and capital project management. Mobile app for tradesperson links. Real time dashboards/graphics/maps/BI facilitate operational management.

Bramble Hub Imperial Civil Enforcement - 3sixty Notice Processing with self-service

Bramble Hub Limited

3sixty is our powerful back-office software solution that offers automated, end-to-end notice processing with very little need for manual intervention. 3sixty and its public facing self-service portal, 3sixty Citizen will enable you to transform the way you deliver your parking services and interact with customers.

Symology Insight for Highways (Cloud Edition)

Symology Ltd

Symology Insight for Highways provides a fully comprehensive Highways Inspection, Defect Recording, Works Ordering and Street Works notification system. This solution provides the option to utilise Symology's fully integrated Insight Mobile software in order to carry out inspections remotely, record defects and raise works orders.

EDB Postgres Developer - Standard (uniCores)


EDB Postgres Developer Standard subscriptions provide the benefits of application development with PostgreSQL in a fully licensed, supported and updated EDB Postgres Platform environment including all tools along with access to experts who can help resolve installation, setup and configuration issues, help optimise the database setup, and diagnose Postgres-related issues.

L3 ProActive

L-3 Communications ASA Limited

L3’s ProActive Service protects networks and end-points from illicit Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). L3’s ProActive Service (with partner NetClean technology) is integrated with the Government CAID system and provides a unique solution for identifying and blocking downloads and for the handling and management of suspected child sexual abuse content.

Doctors Rostering System (DRS)

Skills for Health

DRS offers an integrated approach to staff rostering that can roster all medical staff across all specialties and departments in your organisation, including anaesthetics. The easy to use system ensures compliance with all current medical contract rules and guidelines and includes an integrated Exception Reporting functionality.

Compliance Centre Fire

Shield Safety Group

Compliance Centre Fire module enables users to conduct fire risk assessments against pre-configured audit sets and audit rounds. Businesses can indicate non-conformances with a risk rating of each and determine any actions that need to be completed. Once uploaded, the action plan, scoring and status will be generated automatically.

Application Accelerator Service

Geode Networks Ltd

Optimise/accelerate performance and delivery of your business critical cloud applications. Cloud services/SaaS based applications are prone to greater end-user response times when compared to application held in the local environment, leading to a reduced end-user experience impacting on business outcomes.

Liaison Technologies Tokenization

Liaison Technologies Ltd

A managed tokenization service that uses Liaison Technologies Protect Token Manager to protect not only credit cards, but also any type of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which can be stored securely in a PCI-compliant cloud. With Liaison TaaS, customers enable their enterprises to interact with TaaS via web services.

Boomalert: Critical Incident Communications

Boomalert Ltd

Boomalert’s incident communication software enables the distribution and receipt of broadcast communications over SMS, Voice and Email and the escalation of urgent or critical messages. This ensures that an organisation can plan and prepare effectively for critical incidents, and consequently mitigate against the negative impact that might otherwise occur.

Quality & Insight

Agilisys Ltd

Agilisys Quality and Insight is a quality management and evaluation platform that enables monitoring, review and improvement of customer service in Contact Centres, IT and HR Service Desks, and online customer service provision. The platform enables calibration, reporting and improves customer experience.

Blue Lights Discovery knowledge platform

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation training and resource solution delivering concept to delivery around the evolving challenges of digital investigation. This platform delivers interactive, immersive multimedia led training courses, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web enabling access to professional knowledge, Procedure, Policy and Intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Argonaut - Speed Amelioration

Idox Software Limited

Focusing on ameliorating vehicle speeds using traffic signals and data from various sources enabling authorities to minimise road disruptions and to automatically control traffic lights to help reduce the number of speeding vehicles. It reduces the risk of accidents e.g. such as approaches to schools and other congested areas.

Seeker Booking Services


Space and room booking services; with provisional, confirmation and authorisation of bookings (e-mails/alerts); Solutions for multiple facilities (Rooms, IT, parking, catering or specific layouts); Property and organisational links for usage and occupancy management; Graphical planner and flexible setup (can be linked to property and asset management system) .

TIBCO Cloud Nimbus - Process Mapping & Optimisation Service

Tibco Software Ltd

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business application for process documentation. By presenting an easy-to-understand visualization of how people, processes, and systems should interact, it enables communication and simplification of processes to improve how businesses operate. TIBCO Nimbus is available as a hosted cloud service as well as an on-premises installation.

Mobile App Performance Testing as a Service

Sapient Ltd

On Demand mobile application Performance testing service with the complete ecosystem of Tools, Skills & Global Infrastructure. Simulate the heaviest load on application across the delivery chain with real emulation over mobile devices across operating systems, browsers, network segments to identify actual end user experience with the mobile devices.

Staff planning tool (Supracare)

Public Consulting Group

SupraCare enables organisations to manage individual patient or client plans, organise work processes, and make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and drive up the quality and safety of care.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Escalation

Transforming Systems Limited

SHREWD Escalation harnesses the latest EPRR thinking to offer a real time, joined up multiagency response to urgent care pressure across the whole local health economy. It links information from SHREWD Resilience to a heavily automated, OPEL compliant escalation plan providing a more rapid response across and between organisations.

Healthcare Courier Software

Assistive Partner Limited

Assistive Partner Healthcare Courier Software is used to deliver & track packages and collect/deliver and track pathology supplies. The software is implemented to manage processes without paper and to use GS1 barcodes, GPS tracking and digital signatures to track and record the service delivery and performance.

Competency Assessment Online

Positive Purchasing Ltd

Positive Purchasing’s online Competency Assessment program is designed to determine a measure of strategic procurement or negotiation capability for an individual or group against target competencies or best practice, identifying gaps and providing focus for an improvement plan. Managed programs provide a customised experience to meet organisational needs.

Room and Desk Booking by Matrix Booking

Keytree Limited

Matrix Booking is a room and resource booking system. Matrix Booking powers some of the largest cross-government commuter hub systems in the UK. Rich functionality across web, mobile and Outlook enables flexible working for the public sector. Hubs allow government organisations to collaborate by sharing systems and estates.

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

Edifit Limited

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a collaborative business design platform offering powerful, integrated modeling and reporting across multiple disciplines to enable coherent decision-making. It provides capabilities to seamlessly plan, design and execute change using a wide set of disciplines and extensible modelling languages.

Icarus - Stand Manager

Idox Software Limited

A stand management system that assists bus terminal operators to ensure smooth throughput of buses on bus stands, based on the scheduled data and also dynamically based on the requirements of the ‘now’. The solution allocates vehicles to appropriate stands and provides vehicle information to drivers, operations staff and passengers.


Pertemps Recruitment Partnership limited

PAWS is a modular, fully hosted web-native application, owned, licenced and developed by Pertemps. PAWS operates across all job categories, permanent, temporary and interim, manages the supply chain and integrates with third party HR and procurement systems, including Agresso, SAP and Oracle.

Unified Communications Contact Centre


PureCloud Engage is a complete multichannel cloud contact centre engagement platform. Combined with Foehn’s telephony and customer experience expertise we can ensure an organisations contact centre receives the most innovative technology, along with superior deployment and integration services.

Isoma Analytics

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Analytics is an optional module for Isoma BM. It consists of a comprehensive set of quantitative tools for analysing and improving process efficiency. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.



Yesplan is a cloud based event planning and management system designed for entertainment and cultural venues. It encompasses staff schedules, resource management, budgetary and task information for individuals, teams and whole organisation.

Web Application Monitoring

Geode Networks Ltd

Service delivering end-user experience monitoring for web applications, including cloud environments and mobile users. JavaScript instrumentation provides visibility into real user experience across the internet. Dashboards present detailed views into end-to-end performance, response time composition, browser and platform type, and user location.

Lifespan Housing Management Software & Project Management

Property Tectonics Limited

Lifespan Housing is a web-based asset management system that encompasses the necessary elements to allow asset managers to manage properties. Lifespan Housing allows the flexibility to integrate all asset information and interrogate across all areas to simply and quickly produce the reports needed to efficiently manage current and future stock.

Workflow Management Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm’s secure Workflow Management Platform allows you to define, manage and automate mission critical workflows and business processes, accelerating operations and reducing cost. Applications include licensing, vetting, service onboarding, procurement, powering citizen web services, compliance and regulatory management, secure collaboration, document management, data sharing, and case management more generally

Compliance Centre Registry

Shield Safety Group

Compliance Centre Registry module allows certification to be stored and managed, such as gas safety certificates, electrical appliance testing and more, enabling businesses to have an up-to-date inventory of assets, reminders and an overall status calculation across many departments and locations, indicating compliance in this area.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Strategic

Transforming Systems Limited

Strategic is a real time dashboard designed to provide whole system urgent care information to leaders of STPs and A&E delivery boards. An essential tool for STP digital roadmaps, data from all providers is combined in a simple view. Users see activity by day, week, month, showing trends and performance.


Metis Consultants Ltd

The Regenerate suite of decision support tools provides transparency and engagement of stakeholders and users. From condition data collection, works programme development and work prioritisation. In addition Regenerate can deliver commuted sums calculations, investment models for highway and flood risk (SuDS) assets.

Icarus - Displays

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber provides a range of display solutions. The information shown is defined by the input data so that stops can show only estimated departures, only estimated arrivals or both. The times shown are also configurable. Displayed content is controlled via the IcarusCMS and edited by authorised users.

Operations Management Software

Bartec Auto ID Ltd

‘Collective’ is a comprehensive, modular, software system designed to effectively manage, reduce the cost and improve the quality of local authority front-line services, including waste management, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, pest control and community safety.

IBM Cloud for Skytap Services (OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions provides a self-service based environment deployment and management solution. ICSS allows for the immediate creation of highly complex development and test environments that can be copied in seconds.

Bramble Hub Informu - Information Asset Register System

Bramble Hub Limited

The system profiles information assets, tagging them into a business classification scheme to inherit a default retention period. Physical records, electronic documents, data sets or IT equipment can be added as assets, with data relating to their ownership, location, use etc., including source, processing condition and sharing information for GDPR.

IBM Workload Automation on Cloud for Scheduling (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

This software as a service (SaaS) offering allows you to focus on gaining control and optimization of background execution workflows and business processes with flexible and scalable workload automation and job scheduling. A complete solution for batch and real-time workload management hosted in the cloud.

Seeker Compliance Management Service


Risk and compliance can be assessed and controlled; the core repository stores policies, checklists, assessments, evidence, guidance information and details of remediation work. Satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements/returns (e.g. HSE, HTM topics); Service can be customised (extendable framework) for any question set/scoring; Asbestos/Fire risk/Legionella/Safety tracking. Real time dashboards/graphics/maps/BI.

Contact 360

Civica UK Limited

Contact 360 is a multi-channel customer contact platform designed to meet the contact management and transactional needs of public sector organisations. Delivering end-to-end services from initial point of contact through to successful fulfilment including customer and employee portals, enterprise-workflow, integration and CRM capabilities; fully supporting channel shift objectives/digital strategies.

Skills for Health Elearning

Skills for Health

Skills for Health is one of the leading providers of elearning content to the NHS, providing educational support to over 300 healthcare organisations. Our flexible e-learning can ensure your organisation maintains a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce. Our e-learning delivers quality and consistency of training and is very cost-effective.

Atlassian Server Applications as a Service

New Verve Consulting

We provide Atlassian Server applications as a cloud service: JIRA Core, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, and Crowd. We also support all add-ons by Atlassian and a wide range of Marketplace add-ons. Reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of ownership by using our service.

Argonaut - Abnormal Loads

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber Abnormal Loads is a freight specific portal allowing freight operators’ access to all information available on Voyager, focused on the needs of freight users. Features include news/events, branding/community engagement, low bridge, narrow lanes, weight restrictions mapped/bespoke dashboard on journey times and disruptions on a per route basis.

Yotta Horizons - Explorer


Horizons utilises, manipulates and transforms data to enable better service decisions to be made across highways maintenance and environmental services such as waste and cleansing. Combining data from a variety of sources and clear visualisation allows powerful data driven analysis and reporting, to determine the most effective use of resources.

EDB Postgres Enterprise (uniCores) IBM Linux on Power


EDB Postgres Platform: EDB Postgres Advanced Server (enhanced PostgreSQL) with enterprise security, performance, developer and DBA tools, and Oracle compatibility. Includes Postgres Enterprise Manager, Failover Manager, Backup and Recovery, Replication Server, Data Adapters (MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop), and Migration Toolkit. Cost-effective, open source based enterprise solution for Linux on Power.

Argonaut - Team Working

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Amber modules offer a number of options around team working, allowing working and information to be easily assigned or accessed in various ways. The modules enable closer cooperation between multiple parties with complete management and control through tracked audit trails. Allowing Office, Site or Home remote accessibility of documents.

EDB Postgres Ark (Server)


Private DBaaS deploys EDB Postgres single instances and high availability clusters on OpenStack and AWS EC2. Gives IT managers deployment flexibility, centralised control and monitoring; and developers point and click simplicity, flexibility and speed when developing and deploying applications. Requires EDB Postgres Enterprise, Standard or Runtime for PostgreSQL subscriptions.

Ultilearn LMS


Ultilearn is an on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) which is designed to provide a SCORM compliant online training environment for large organisations who require that their staff have access to training materials either from their place of work or equally when they are in the field or at home

My Council Services - Mobile Working

Enables your mobile workforce (maintenance team, inspectors, engineers, social workers, housing officers any field based staff) to receive, access and edit service requests, case files and detailed task information in the field. Windows, Android or iOS Native Mobile Worker App, offering the Mobile Worker, Mobile Manager or Express Worker interface

Public Service Request (PSR)

Public Service Request Ltd

Public Service Request is a configurable digital services platform which enables the public to send service requests directly to Public Service Providers (.e.g. to report issues, obtain information or apply for licenses/permits). The system also enables Service Providers to effectively manage these service requests right through to completion.

Icarus - Timetable Publisher

Idox Software Limited

A simple, accurate and automated route scheduling solution to generate easy to read printed timetables, ensuring travellers make the best use of public transportation. Using existing technology embedded within Microsoft Excel (such as pre-defined templates and in-built macros), Timetable Publisher enables users to easily add, edit and create timetables.

Swiss Post Solutions uBook Courier Management

Swiss Post Solutions

uBook is an easy to use cloud based tool for booking and managing couriers, that ensures compliance and directs users to the most cost-effective courier service for their needs.

PowerSuite Waste Disposal

Whitespace Work software

PowerSuite Disposal was carefully designed and developed with Council Waste Officers making the solution intuitive and very easy to use. The solution is fully web-based and designed to allow access from the County, Contractors and Districts via a role based access system

Continuous Delivery as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Continuous Delivery as a Service provides a solution to gives you control over your software and infrastructure deployments, by automating integration across both infrastructure and application code. This gives your operations and development teams a common platform for developing, testing, and deploying cookbooks, applications, and more.

Linkspace Private Cloud

Ctrl O

Linkspace Private Cloud is the secure Business Process Management (BPM) platform for individual public sector organisations wanting to deploy on private infrastructure. It enables rapid development of business systems putting users in control of outcomes and fostering progressive operational innovation. A 12-month, 200-user, minimum order applies only for Private Cloud.

Supplier Disaggregation Readiness Assessment


The service allows Central and Local Government, Councils, Boroughs, NHS and Health providers to review and challenge their third party contracts for Services including IT, Outsourcing, HR, Finance, Managed Services, Cloud Services, Service Centres, and Security Services. The diagnostic helps you assess maturity and plan adoption of replacement digital services.

Agile SaaS: Garden Waste

Agile Applications Limited

Agile Garden Waste manages online subscription services seamlessly from the resident to contractor for quality service delivery. It’s flexible and easily customised. When interfaced through web services to CRM and core Waste Management systems, Garden Waste delivers an all-round view of residents’ wider service use.

CRC Delius

Beaumont Colson Ltd.

BCL's bespoke application for the management of offenders in the community. An intuitive interface allows the Community Rehabilitation Company to manage caseload, allocation, scheduling, monitoring and reporting. It includes integration with National Delius via the SPG and with the MoJ's Document Management System.

Klaxon Communication Services

Software Cloud Limited is a simple to use multi-channel engine that send mass notification to an organisation users/subscribers. Notification channel currently available via SMS, desktop notification, and email. The objective is to ensure important or critical announcements reaches its target subscribers at shortest time during or after office hours.

Icarus - Driver Messaging

Idox Software Limited

Enables bi-directional messaging between vehicles and the centre using short text-based messages. Vehicles may be selected based on a specific driver, shift number, service, route or region, district, locality, or simply select all ETIMs for messaging. Messages initiated from drivers appear within the Icarus tool bar with optional audible alerts.

NEO Referrals and Sign-Posting (RaSP)

MegaNexus Ltd

NEO RaSP is a NEO-based solution that allows organisations to match an individual to the most appropriate services. RaSP can assess unmet needs and requirements and match them to existing services. RaSP solves the challenges of referring clients to correct services across multiple partners and associations.

Corporate Register

Sysdoc Ltd

The Sysdoc Corporate Registers provide a tool enabling input of, review and reporting on key aspects of employee compliance. One example is the Gifts and Hospitality/Conflicts of Interest register. This combined register provides an intuitive user interface, enabling employees to input data, managers to approve submissions and generating detailed reports.

My Council Services - Risk Management Plug In

The My Council Services Risk Management module is aimed at enabling and supporting the digitisation of the range of regulatory services that UK Local Authorities are required to run and manage. This would include, but is not limited to, food safety inspections, health and safety inspections and scheduled highways inspections.

Texuna Data Registry and Master Data Management


Texuna's Data Registry and Master Data Management framework maintains, reconciles, stores and distributes a canonical data source as a register service. Enforcing data governance and data stewardship workflows helps safeguard data quality and integrity. Secure version control with unique hash and publish to blockchain distributed ledger as audit trail.

Workforce Management (WFM)


Workforce Management looks at all the different interactions within your business and using statistical analysis makes sure you have the right staff with the right skills in place to meet your goals. It does this whilst at the same time keeping your staff levels, and therefore costs, to a minimum.



CostsBudgIT is an on-demand Legal Costs Management System which is designed to provide an on-demand cloud-based solution for costs management individuals and practitioners, who need to maintain their costs budgets and submit them to the judiciary.

Box Office & Ticket Software

SeatAdvisor Europe

SeatAdvisor is a leading box office, ticketing, marketing & CRM software solution partnering with 3,000 Arts & Sports venues to help they manage their business more efficiently.

Mobile Inspection and Compliance

4C Europe UK Ltd

Exonaut® Mobile Inspection and Compliance provides a fully mobilised inspection and compliance solution supporting remote workers in the field. Inspections and audits can be managed and delivered using a mobile app which provides connectedness and increases efficiency. Inspection and audit findings are captured dynamically, reducing administration and generating instant reports.



DragonForce empowers your mobile and office based teams to create and share information, collaborating on day-to-day or tactical operations. DragonForce runs on smartphones, tablets and computer browsers, giving teams continuous access to the information both in the office and the field through public or private, fixed and wireless broadband networks.

Microsoft Licences


OryxAlign provides Microsoft licensing agreements which offer the potential for substantial savings, ease of deployment, flexible acquisition, varied payment options, and other benefits. Licenses include Office 365, Azure, Microsoft 365, EMS, Dynamics, Windows 10, and more.