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33 results found in Cloud software in the category Carbon, energy and sustainability management

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Viderum CKAN Cloud


Viderum CKAN Cloud is the SaaS version of CKAN - the world’s leading open data platform. Viderum provide a simple and comprehensive data management solution including deployment, reliable hosting and responsive support. We take care of the technical tasks allowing you to focus on publishing data, not battling with IT.

Data Logging, Alerting, Reporting, Management & Analysis Software


R-DNA provides a user friendly and customisable “cloud-based” web interface allowing for the capture and analysis of data from remote monitoring hardware devices. R-DNA offers intelligent and customisable alerting using a variety or combination of methods; SMS, Email and its own messaging tool all offered in a pseudo real-time system.


Sustainable Direction Ltd.

Enviro-Regs.Net is a monthly update on environmental legislation for the construction industry. It highlights changes in law and new requirements and what a construction company might have to do as a result. Useful for helping your supply chain keep up to date with this fast changing legal environment.

iSite IEM

Styles & Wood Limited

iSite IEM is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service. The complete solution for all estate, property, and asset and facilities data. The operational, scalable and configurable functions are matched with the ability to integrate with current systems. Reporting and Management Information provide analytical insight as an enabler to Intelligent Estate Management [IEM].

Renewable and low carbon energy generation technical and commercial feasibility assessments.

OnGen Ltd

A screening tool to help organisations assess the commercial and technical feasibility of deploying a range of renewable and low carbon energy generation technologies across their portfolio of sites. The software highlights technical constraints and calculates the optimum system size to maximise return on investment

Lifespan Housing Management Software & Project Management

Property Tectonics Limited

Lifespan Housing is a web-based asset management system that encompasses the necessary elements to allow asset managers to manage properties. Lifespan Housing allows the flexibility to integrate all asset information and interrogate across all areas to simply and quickly produce the reports needed to efficiently manage current and future stock.

Devicepoint® for Workspace

SPICA Technologies Ltd

Devicepoint® is an Internet of Things (IOT) solution for Facilities Managers and Building Operators. It utilises "retrofit" sensors and cloud software (IBM/AWS hosted) to monitor the built environment - including water systems (HSG 274 Part 2), occupancy- meeting room and desk utilisation, and environmental conditions (temperature, CO2, light, noise etc).

Autologyx - Automation as a Service

NowWeComply Limited

Delivering ‘Automation as a Service’, Autologyx is the cloud platform for process automation enabling businesses to easily automate business processes. Based on proprietary Fabric Automation® technology, the Autologyx platform offers an intuitive, easy to use and fast to deploy solution for businesses looking to realise the full potential of automation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resolve Pilot

Tisski Limited

Analysis, planning, design, deployment and support services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resolve Public Sector Case Management Pilot. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Resolve Case Management Consultancy and Dynamics 365 Resolve Pilot licensing.

iSite Change

Styles & Wood Limited

iSite Change is a module of iSite IEM, a cloud-based software-as-a-service. It enables the delivery of change through project collaboration tools and programme planning. The operational, scalable and configurable functions can integrate with current systems. Reporting and Management Information provides analytical insight as an enabler to Intelligent Estate Management [IEM].



SITI4farmer is the first Government-led professional network for the Agri-food industry. The platform hosts professional services for farmers, technical experts, associations, professionals and production supply chain managers to improve profitability, sustainability, and traceability. It features a configurable model to measure farm performance allowing Governments to deliver better targeted local policies.

Manhattan Real Estate Management Systems

Trimble UK Ltd

Manhattan is a fully integrated suite of real estate modules, designed to support all aspects of the real estate lifecycle. Including project management, leasing & accounting, sustainability, planned & reactive maintenance and space management & scheduling. Manhattan offers strategic and tactical solutions tailored to your organisation.


Futura Defence Ltd

CTS is an enterprise solution to support operational capability/output management. It can be applied to individual programmes or portfolios, from the delivery of required health services to defence capability. It provides visualisations over time, enabling managers or decision makers to identify capability options or risks against achieving the required outputs.

Total Estate Energy and Asset Management

EO Consulting Ltd

The service collects all types of asset condition and compliance data via a mobile app. From this automated reports and dynamic business intelligence dashboards are produced accessible via the cloud that enables interactive analytics to be undertaken to optimise capital and maintenance investment decisions at block, building and estate level.

TCS IoN Energy Procurement Insights


iON Energy Procurement Insights is an innovative enterprise energy procurement solution that helps manage your utility bill expenses and accruals. It enables you to pay only for what you use, suggests the most optimal supplier engagement and identifies potential saving opportunities for appropriate budget allocation and better energy risk management.

iSite Asset

Styles & Wood Limited

iSite Asset is a module of iSite IEM, a cloud-based software-as-a-service. It enables the recording, tracking, specification, and standardisation and reporting on your Assets. The operational, scalable and configurable functions can integrate with current systems. Reporting and Management Information provides analytical insight as an enabler to Intelligent Estate Management [IEM].

CoreGov - SharePoint Business Process Management


Legacy business processes can often be dated and cumbersome, with manual intervention required for what can be made fully automated. Our experts can help streamline and rebuild your processes, enhancing their efficiency, rigidity, security and end-to-end lifecycle.

InformedINSIGHT – Geographic Information Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedINSIGHT Geographic Information Services offers solutions to new GIS cloud or on-premise services, or migrating systems to cloud based services. With experience in Land, Property, Environment, Transport and Utilities we provide configurable, technology independent GIS platforms based on leading technologies including ESRI, FME, Snowflake, GeoServer, Leaflet, OpenLayers and QGIS.


ZetaSafe Ltd

ZetaSafe compliance management software is the cloud based solution to accurately and efficiently Collect, Manage and Share data for H&S management and compliance. Schedule and Collect data using smartphones, PDAs or tablets. Manage your assets and monitor compliance via your ZetaSafe dashboard. Share business critical information through powerful reporting tools.

Citi Watch

Compass Informatics Limited

Citi (City) Watch is an innovative technology and disruptive infrastructure systems solution, which analyses the movement of people by vehicle, by foot, and public transport in real-time using anonymised mobile network data (MND) from the telecommunications network. It will allow real-time insights into transport network capacity.

TCS IoN Energy Insights


iON Energy Insights is an innovative enterprise energy management solution that provides you with a digital platform to store, manage and analyse your energy data, track your energy performance and spot opportunities for energy savings.

IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA) solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities and space, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform.

IoT Smart Cities Sensor Analytics

FlyingBinary Ltd

The IoT Smart Cities Sensor Analytics service provides a true Internet of Things capability within a familiar web and database context. Residing in FlyingBinary's open source and big data suite, it simplifies data integration, management, analysis and visualisation, providing new insights from physical data streams.


AIT Partnership Group Ltd

SMARTset is a state-of-the-art Industrial IoT platform that connects to any equipment, sensor or meter. It provides configurable dashboards, reports and analytics to manage energy and environmental conditions and control source equipment and sensors. It is suitable for technical estates, data centres, communication rooms and street cabinet applications.

TEAM Sigma Cloud

TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd)

TEAM Sigma an advanced Monitoring and Targeting software suite available helping hundreds of organisations reduce energy and carbon, meet cost reduction targets and comply with legislation at thousands of sites. This intelligent Energy Management System allows you to collate and analyse energy data from all sources in one system.

Ecometrica Platform

Ecometrica Ltd

The Ecometrica Platform brings together sustainability, environment, risk and business management with geospatial intelligence and mapping applications to allow businesses, governments and civic organisations to make smarter decisions and build long-term value.

Non-Financial Reporting Software and Services


We offer non-financial reporting software and services covering Environment, Health & Safety, CSR Frameworks and Supply Chain. We work in partnership with major commercial and public sector organisations to enable them to measure, manage and report the non-financial aspects of their business.

iSite Estate

Styles & Wood Limited

iSite Estate is a module of iSite IEM, a cloud-based software-as-a-service. It enables estate management with Property, Lease, and Organisation and Contact records. The operational, scalable and configurable functions can integrate with current systems. Reporting and Management Information provides analytical insight as an enabler to Intelligent Estate Management [IEM].

iSite Facility

Styles & Wood Limited

iSite Facility is a module of iSite IEM, a cloud-based software-as-a-service. It enables Facility Management through Planned and Preventative Maintenance functions. The operational, scalable and configurable functions can integrate with current systems. Reporting and Management Information provides analytical insight as an enabler to Intelligent Estate Management [IEM].

HackTrain Innovation, Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration Services

Hack Partners

We deliver digital transformation and innovation services in the rail industry through a three-step process. This consists of identifying internal technology bottlenecks and inefficiencies within organisations, running trials of cloud based solutions, and rolling out successful cloud technologies. This process results in enabling the adoption of RailTech within large organisations.

Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Software & Associated Services

Scannell Solutions Ltd.

SCANNELL is a web-based software application that addresses all the key areas of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QEHS) Management using a modular yet fully integrated approach. SCANNELL is a fully connected Safety-Sustainability-Quality Management System where the unique integrated design allows for free flowing information between modules.

Planon Ltd

Planon Ltd

Planon specialises in CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) software to help national and multinational organisations optimise their real estate portfolios and facilities management processes. Planon provides a cloud hosting service with our partner; Amazon Web Service.

VRM Tech

VRM Tech

VRM Tech is a cloud-based Asset Hub. It takes data from sensors, onsite workers, and back-office staff to provide an objective view of your assets. Configurable dashboards and KPIs identify, prevent and predict issues. Our hub connects your supply chains and provides an audit trail supporting compliance and collaboration.