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smartnumbers control


During office moves or disasters, cloud-based smartnumbers control service diverts incoming telephone calls automatically or at your command through a business portal. This provides a business continuity plan to protect against access denial, bad weather, terrorist attack or communications failure. The service is compatible with SIP, TDM & PSTN.

Pro9 Exam and Qualifications Processing Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Exam and Qualifications Processing solution which offers a highly configurable, functionally rich solution for the Education sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.

Rostering and Workforce Management Solutions

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Nextrasoft are a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Solutions to both the public and private sector for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance, absence management and scheduling systems within a number of industry sectors through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

Office 365 user adoption and training platform

OfficeLabs Ltd

OfficeLabs provides a micro learning delivery platform, digital training content and support needed to help bridge any digital literacy skills gaps in an organisation. Our suite of products help drive technology adoption in a fast, effective and fun way.

Tascomi Planning

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi Planning is an entirely cloud-based modern software solution. Built in collaboration with Local Authority Planners, Tascomi Planning offers the perfect mix of planning knowledge from experienced planning professionals, and innovative technology from Tascomi, who have over ten years experience digitally transforming local government departments.

Social Platform

1Tech Limited

1Tech’s Social Platform is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Encompassing Liferay Community Edition, it can be used in multiple ways including: • Web Platform • Collaboration Platform • Social Platform

Microsoft Dynamics PSA for better project, programme and portfolio management

Program Planning Professionals Ltd (t/a Pcubed)

Supports professionals who manage projects and customer engagement processes end-to-end. Capabilities required for setting up a project organisation, engaging with customers, project scheduling/costing, managing and approving time expense, and closing projects. Plus Microsoft Social Engagement, Voice-of-the-Customer, Mobile Offline Sync, Gamification, Microsoft PowerApps capabilities. For more information see

interCOMM Digital Services Platform with eForms

Visionhall Information Systems Ltd

The interCOMM Digital Services Platform: build end-to-end digital transactions for service requests, reporting, surveys, petitions, applications and payments. Non-technical tools to build secure, simple-to-use customer forms and workflows.

Digital Workplace


Bringing together people directory, intranet and extranet capabilities and social collaboration applications, Invotra's Digital Workplace is a world-class enterprise productivity tool. It will drive better communications across your organisation. Invotra's Digital Workplace enables the evolution of your department.

Strategic Stress Risk Assessment


Stredia's Strategic Stress Risk Assessment is a stress reduction tool that provides root cause analytics of risk factors and how they are distributed through an organisation's structures. It shows each team how it can immediately begin to make workplace improvements to reduce the impact of stress.

Microsoft Project Online for better project, programme and portfolio management

Program Planning Professionals Ltd (t/a Pcubed)

Microsoft PPM / EPM (Microsoft Project Online) delivers flexible and easy to use PPM / EPM solutions covering full project lifecycles. It assists organisations in aligning budgets and resources to business objectives and enables them to initiate, prioritise, track and deliver project, programme and portfolio investments to realise business value.

DrDoctor Appointment Management Platform - Essentials

DrDoctor (ICNH Ltd)

Please note, this service is identical to the full DrDoctor Platform but without the intelligent workflow capabilities. Please see other listing. Appointment management platform for NHS hospitals. Remind and notify patients using SMS, email and web. To see how it works, text APPDEMO to 07860039092 or visit

Design Projects Management

i3Works Ltd

i3Works’ Design Projects Management provides a tailored and focused service throughout the project lifecycle, including best practice advice on design delivery models and effective implementation, ensuring best return on investment. We pride ourselves in offering ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.



Invotra Intranet offers easy to use applications and widgets that allow you to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time, offering contextual communications. Intranets are central to the employee engagement, internal communications and digital transformation strategies for organisations large and small.



SharpCloud is a top-down, data-driven, high-level strategic visualisation and communication tool, which allows users to arrange information into engaging visual stories and dynamic presentations. It enables users to bring together knowledge, content and stakeholders, and tell meaningful stories behind complex issues.

Cloud Managed Print Service

Redshank IT Services Limited

Redshanks IT Services Ltd help customers gain control of their print estate and reduce costs by up to 40% utilising Cloud Managed Print Services (Print as a Service). Bringing transparency and predictability to print management achieves maximum benefits from print technology whilst streamlining document workflow and enhancing security.

IPsoft AMELIA® (Cognitive Agent & Virtual Agent)


Amelia is a cognitive virtual agent, able to conduct real time natural language conversations to fulfil a customer's journey. Whether interfacing directly with external customers, internal users or supporting first line agents, Amelia makes it possible to provide consistently high quality, engaging, scalable and efficient services 24 x 7.

Digital Value Mapping

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Digital transformation Digital strategy Improve profitability Unlock additional revenue Reduce costs Change management Current (as-is) process mapping (both online/offline) Research-based How people, systems and products currently fit together Defining new (to-be) processes Mapping process to organisational requirements Improving existing processes Quantify expected improvements Governance & monitoring improvements Prioritising value-for-money improvements

Transformation projects

Investigo Limited

Our service would include the assessment of your company's IT systems and can involve changes to network architecture, hardware, software and how data is stored and accessed. This will include changes to business processes, ways of working, organisational structure and communication.

Stredia Team


Stredia Team is a performance enhancement tool that provides root cause analytics of positive team work factors. It shows a team how it can immediately begin to make improvements .



StatusToday is an AI-powered Insights Platform that understands human behaviour in the workplace, helping organisations improve security, productivity and communication. Combining state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Human Psychology, StatusToday’s patent-pending AI analyses employees’ activity metadata to deliver unparalleled operational visibility, map human threats and key behavior patterns internal to the organisation.

Bramble Hub Latilla - C4i Motor

Bramble Hub Limited

C4i Motor provides total visibility to fleet managers and insurers. Performance can be analysed, good drivers identified, risky driving patterns examined and claims trends evaluated. Dashboard reports provide valuable insights for enhanced decision making. Our clients can anticipate and avoid potential problems, leverage data, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Bramble Hub InPhase – Risk and Compliance Software

Bramble Hub Limited

InPhase encourages staff to make a cultural shift from "fire-fighting" and "crisis management" to proactive decision making, avoiding problems before they arise. Anticipating what might go wrong, and working out how to mitigate this becomes a part of everyday business, and the management of risks becomes integral to the business

Isoma CM

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma CM is our mid-range product. It contains all the functionality an individual business unit or single-site organisation needs to energise its workforce and engage it in change. Applications include: regulatory compliance, standards management, knowledge improvement, process improvement and change management.

Cascade Performance Budgeting by Capital Novus

Capital Novus

Performance-Based Budgeting Software for central, regional and local government bodies as well as affiliated companies. Cascade is an innovative cloud-based software that provides performance management by integrating strategic planning, performance budgeting, performance reporting and performance analysis. The solution creates plans, budgets, reports as well as goal charts for management.

Pro9 Student Management Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Student Management CRM solution which offers highly configurable, functionally rich solutions for the Education sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.

Single View of Debt Management System

Kiktronik Limited

Manage all your users debt across the organisation from a single system. Import feed from all your system such as Civica, Northgate, Sundry. Create tailored debt plans for your users.

Isoma Enterprise

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Enterprise is an optional module for Isoma BM and our most powerful module. It creates huge efficiency savings by enabling the secure sharing of common process data across multiple business units. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.

Information Delivery Toolkit

Tru-Digital Group

Tru Digital provides a toolkit that empowers the architectural and design capabilities of your business A delivery framework, automatically generating and publishing relevant information. SaaS toolkit offering, avoiding stranded costs or the need for large teams of IT resources. Aiding the delivery of information to disparate sets of audiences

NQM Business Rates Management Suite

NquiringMinds Ltd

The Business Rates Management Suite helps local authorities increase revenue from business rates. It comprises three modules • Business Rates Portfolio Analysis: spot fraud and property category errors real-time. • Business Rates Inspection Workflow Manager: to manage inspections • Business Rates Optimiser: sets optimal tax and dispensation rates by cluster

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Associations and Membership

Active Informatics Ltd

A system that draws together all the aspects of the management of an organisation from the central business management and financial control to event and membership management and engagement. Each element operates from a single, authoritative, central repository of information without data duplication or isolation. Includes stakeholder portal.

IBM BlueMix

T-Impact Limited

Bluemix – Cloud platform with Infrastructure, PaaS, Platform Services, Cognitive Services (Watson), DevOps Services & more. API’s, Analytics, Databases, Mobile, IoT, Storage and Integration services at your fingertips. A global network of datacentres for highly-available applications with a UK based datacentre for sensitive workloads. 30-day free trial available at

DATALYTYX Execview Corporate Performance Management

Datalytyx Ltd

DATALYTYX Execview Corporate Performance Management (CPM) drives targeted governance reporting and action management at all levels of your organisation. The solution provides ‘line of sight’ from strategy to delivery – with a single version of the truth for executives, managers and delivery teams.

3SL Cradle Business Analysis

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to business analysis in agile and phase projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, objectives and requirements, traceability to processes and procedures, and publishing to formal documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Bramble Hub OpusVL - Flexibase

Bramble Hub Limited

Professional Open Source intergregrators. We provide digital roadmapping and strategy, user needs analysis, change management, implementation of software, custom development, support and training



Iridize is a content creation and delivery software that allows customers to create product guides and walkthroughs on web based software (CRM, ERP, Web Portals, etc,). Our software eliminates the need for manual training and reduces support and training costs for employees and for customers.

Content Migration

Pulsion Technology Limited

We offer content migration services for multiple content types. Following best practice processes, we actively collaborate with our clients to ensure a secure and cost-effective content migration service.

Digital Audit

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Four Pillars of Digital Strategy: Design; Content; Functionality; Usability Digital Audit Digital landscape mapping: SWOT Digital transformation Digital strategy Improve profitability Unlock additional revenue Reduce costs Change management Current (as-is) asset/digital channel mapping Mapping real estate to organisational requirements Benchmarking Best practice

Pro9 NHS Pathway Transformation Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ NHS Pathway Transformation Solution at IL3 ('OFFICIAL') to support the requirements of NHS organisations responsible for engaging clinicians and other key stakeholders in the public and private sector (e.g. pharmaceutical and private sector hospitals), in the transformation of clinical pathways.

Master Data Management as a Service

Acuma Solutions Limited

Acuma can support Master Data Management (MDM) services where business users require technologies and a capability that allow them to define a ‘golden record’ for a particular subject area domain e.g. customer. The MDM services will deliver functionality with defined governance for the project delivery lifecycle.

GOSS Self Service Portal Platform (including CMS and Forms)

GOSS Interactive Ltd

The GOSS Self Service Portal Platform provides Public Sector (Local/Central/Government/Authority/Council/Police/NHS) clients capabilities to design, develop and build custom website/portal forms and workflows, enable online customer transactions and deliver enhanced self/assisted service for citizens, reducing organisation overhead costs. Self Serve workflows can be optionally integrated with back office systems/data.

DevOps / WebOps Engineers

Henderson Scott

DevOps and WebOps services for Cloud users, ensuring applications are managed efficiently across the development lifecycle. Platforms: Windows, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Linux. Tools: Splunk, Elastic Search, Chef, Puppet, Hiera, Xcat, Jenkins, Ansible, SaltStack, Git, Gradle, Travis, Mesos, Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS, Rocket, Bamboo, VMWare, Vagrant

Legacy Contract Exist and Cloud Transition

Dragonfly Digital

Providing an end-to-end service from strategy, business & operating models to technology, build, test and the design of the organisation to provide on-going support and improvement. Developing and delivering microservices that assist business solutions in a number of ways.

Business Continuity Management System


BCMfort is a highly effective and interactive Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that allows organisations to proactively manage their Risk by empowering their workforce in planning and response. By consolidating your Continuity Plans into the Cloud, providing transparency across the organisation, allowing you to respond and manage incident resolution instantly.

Objective Perform for HPE Content Manager

Objective Corporation Limited

Designed for Government agencies, Objective Perform for HPE Content Manager augments HP Records Manager 8 and HPE Content Manager 9 to increase productivity and transparency. The application delivers workflow through an integrated set of industry best-practice government processes that are tightly integrated to HPE Content Manager.



pam is cost effective and secure cloud software for law enforcement, justice and other public sector solution areas. Whether you are seeking better ways of working internally, in sensitive multi-agency activity or other partner initiatives, you can make it happen quickly with pam.

Gimmal Workplace Compliance

OfficeLabs Ltd

Gimmal Workplace Compliance provides enterprise-class content and records management in SharePoint. It implements information lifecycle management with automatic metadata governance which is invisible to the end user. Workplace Compliance Suite is the only SharePoint native records management solution to be DoD 5015.2 certified.

Business Process Modelling

i3Works Ltd

Our Business Process Modelling consultancy service provides advise and project management of innovative process data modelling with Boxarr complexity management solutions. Boxarr enables digital simulation of work production processes, helping identify hidden inter-dependencies, risks and systems weaknesses. It allows you to optimise performance in complex organisations and engender business resilience.



Invotra has a full suite of Collaboration tools and applications for the modern enterprise and department. Invotra's collaboration software brings together people directory, intranet and extranet capabilities and social applications. It will drive better communications across your organisation. Invotra's Digital Workplace enables the evolution of your department.


Calibrand Limited

Calibrandtest is a powerful cloud tool that enables organisations to objectively test (examine or assess) the capabilities, skills and knowledge of their workforce. It is used in a range of important business activities including certification, licensing, compliance testing, continuing professional development and lifelong learning.

Me Learning - Learning Management System (Blue LMS)

Me Learning

Blue LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System providing the Public Sector a highly configurable and easy to deploy learning system. Blue LMS can host, track and report any eLearning and Classroom training and integrate with any system using an open API.

Room and Desk Booking by Matrix Booking

Keytree Limited

Matrix Booking is a room and resource booking system. Matrix Booking powers some of the largest cross-government commuter hub systems in the UK. Rich functionality across web, mobile and Outlook enables flexible working for the public sector. Hubs allow government organisations to collaborate by sharing systems and estates.

3SL Cradle Application Lifecycle Management

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to application lifecycle development for agile and phase-based projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, requirements and models, traceability to test, release and operational use, and publishing into contract documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

Edifit Limited

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a collaborative business design platform offering powerful, integrated modeling and reporting across multiple disciplines to enable coherent decision-making. It provides capabilities to seamlessly plan, design and execute change using a wide set of disciplines and extensible modelling languages.

Pro9 Membership Management and Professional Development Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

Pro9™ Membership Management and Professional Development Solution CRM at IL3 ('OFFICIAL') deploys a range of modules delivering CRM solutions for organisations delivering membership management products and services and professional development management / monitoring. Including contacts management, membership applications, subscriptions, learning frameworks, event management and student / tutor and centre management.

Positive Healthcare Academy

Positive Purchasing Ltd

The Positive Healthcare Academy is a cloud-based platform for procurement practitioners providing access to the proven 5i® Category Management Sourcing and Orchestra of SRM® (Supplier Relationship Management) Processes. It combines access on-demand to the full range of processes, toolkits and resources for strategic procurement with the latest eLearning technology.

InformedCONSULT - Case Management & Workflow Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedCONSULT Case Management & Workflow Services manage complex workflows and transactions online, integrating these with back office functions. It enables digital transformation which drives your digital-shift strategy, delivers a step-change in business efficiency and reduces costs. The service framework is suited to transforming operations with high levels of customer interaction.

ETDS - Efficiency Through Data Simplification

AnnanTech Ltd.

AnnanTech’s Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) service enables Government Departments to understand and streamline their processes by better exploiting their data. Although the starting point is looking at the process, the service emphasises understanding of how your data is being used.

Isoma Analytics

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Analytics is an optional module for Isoma BM. It consists of a comprehensive set of quantitative tools for analysing and improving process efficiency. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.

Tascomi Regulatory Services

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi Regulatory Services is an entirely web-based software solution which covers the following functional areas; Building Control Land Charges Planning Development Public Protection Tascomi Regulatory Services allows authorised users to access the system remotely, allowing them to fully benefit from the efficiencies available from Mobile Working.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud (BPMoC) for orchestration and automation (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

A full lifecycle business process management (BPM) environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization. Business users can get started quickly with process improvements without the need to build and maintain an IT infrastructure. Provides visibility and management of business processes.

Grants Management Service (SaaS)

Storm ID

The Storm ID hosted Grants Management Service is a flexible fully featured grants management service developed in the latest .NET technologies. This hosted grants management service can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements by Storm ID

Pro9 Qualifications Management & Exam Processing Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This Service Description describes the Pro9™ Qualifications Management & Exam Processing Solution, a highly configurable, functionally rich solution for the public sector. Management of enquiries, admissions, students, placements, qualification frameworks. Online student portal delivering sophisticated self-service features.

Execview Portfolio, Programme and Project Management


Execview PPM is part of a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications for managing transformation and operations governance. Execview PPM includes project management, automated PMO services and a full range of functionality for the PMO, PMs, Sponsors, Executives and project teams. It integrates to MS Project and ERP platforms

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Strategic

Transforming Systems Limited

Strategic is a real time dashboard designed to provide whole system urgent care information to leaders of STPs and A&E delivery boards. An essential tool for STP digital roadmaps, data from all providers is combined in a simple view. Users see activity by day, week, month, showing trends and performance.

Gimmal Workplace Governance

OfficeLabs Ltd

Gimmal Workplace Governance helps you quickly deploy a SharePoint intranet, departmental portals, and collaboration sites which users love. With automation features that take the pain out of information policy enforcement and self service capabilities that empower users, Workplace Governance minimises demands on IT and ensures proper content governance.

Radar Healthcare

Smartgate Solutions Limited

Quality and Compliance System incorporating Incident & Event reporting, Risk Management, Employee Compliance, Audit Management and Business Compliance

Operations Management Software

Bartec Auto ID Ltd

‘Collective’ is a comprehensive, modular, software system designed to effectively manage, reduce the cost and improve the quality of local authority front-line services, including waste management, street cleansing, grounds maintenance, pest control and community safety.

3SL Cradle Application Lifecycle Development - OFFICIAL IL3

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to application lifecycle development for agile and phase-based projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, requirements and models, traceability to test, release and operational use, and publishing into contract documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Fire Investigation and Case Management

Active Informatics Ltd

Offers the ability to complete all the functions of a modern-day fire and rescue service, regarding Fire Investigation, but remains flexible enough to adapt internally to political, technological and social change. Full audit reports available to support evidence and who has had contact with different elements of a case.

Qube Space

Qube Global Software Limited

Qube Space is a space planning and management tool. It manages the physical space within buildings and increases management visibility of space usage. Qube Space helps organisations to optimise their real estate expenditure and informs future real estate strategy. The system supports modern dynamic and flexible work environments.

Roc Process-as-a-Service

Roc Technologies Limited

Process-as-a-Service from Roc provides a range of business process tools and platforms to enable business transformation and process efficiency. TIBCO Nimbus is a business process mapping and management tool. K2 and MATSsoft are leading low-code development and workflow platforms.

InformedCONSULT – Consultation and Collaboration Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedCONSULT, Informed’s Consultation and Collaboration Service, modernises and transforms public consultation and engagement. By integrating collaboration services, location mapping, workflow management, GIS (including ESRI, MapInfo, QGIS), cloud technology and digital transformation, the "Digital by Default" service is proven to achieve greater community and stakeholder engagement and produce higher quality feedback.

Definition and Implementation

Mando Group

We define and deliver high quality and robust platforms that enable you to optimise your customer experience. We work with .net technology stack as a gold implementation partner for Sitecore, Episerver and Microsoft including SharePoint, Office 365 and their Bot Framework. We use tested methodologies, developed through years of experience.

Seeker Compliance Management Service


Risk and compliance can be assessed and controlled; the core repository stores policies, checklists, assessments, evidence, guidance information and details of remediation work. Satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements/returns (e.g. HSE, HTM topics); Service can be customised (extendable framework) for any question set/scoring; Asbestos/Fire risk/Legionella/Safety tracking. Real time dashboards/graphics/maps/BI.

Contact 360

Civica UK Limited

Contact 360 is a multi-channel customer contact platform designed to meet the contact management and transactional needs of public sector organisations. Delivering end-to-end services from initial point of contact through to successful fulfilment including customer and employee portals, enterprise-workflow, integration and CRM capabilities; fully supporting channel shift objectives/digital strategies.

Software AG Citizen Data Integration Service

Software AG (UK) Limited

Put the Citizen at the heart of your systems and processes; Software AG's Citizen Data Integration Service provides a single, reliable, consistent source of Citizen data, whether individual or organisation, that can provide an holistic view of your Citizen interactions or be used by existing applications.

Tascomi Public Protection

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi Public Protection is an entirely web-based software solution which covers a wide range of functional areas. Tascomi Public Protection allows authorised users to access the system remotely, allowing them to fully benefit from the efficiencies available from Mobile Working.



BOXARR solves challenges of complex inter-dependency across areas such as information systems aggregation; systems-engineering; supply-chain mapping; process-management; organisational-transformation; project/program/mission planning & execution; and joint-stakeholder operations. BOXARR’s sophisticated modelling & analysis enables complex organisations to collaboratively optimise their performance, identify hidden risks, understand impacts of change, and make better informed decisions.


1Tech Limited

1Tech’s Ecommerce Platform is for World class Ecommerce solutions delivering immediate results and long-term value. Encompassing Magento community edition, the application functions include Marketing Promotions and Conversion Tools, Search Engine Optimization, Site Management, Catalog Management, Catalog Browsing, Product Browsing, Checkout, Payment Shipping, Magento Connect, Order Management, Customer Accounts Service. .

InformedINSIGHT – Big Data

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedINSIGHT solves your enterprise data management and analysis challenges, providing a coherent understanding of big data and corporate knowledge utilising real-time spatial data analytics, big data integration, dashboards, reports, and GIS. It will support strategic decision making; unlocking and demystifying underlying data from the multiple systems or silos in use.

Skills for Health Elearning

Skills for Health

Skills for Health is one of the leading providers of elearning content to the NHS, providing educational support to over 300 healthcare organisations. Our flexible e-learning can ensure your organisation maintains a safe, competent and legally compliant workforce. Our e-learning delivers quality and consistency of training and is very cost-effective.

Atlassian Server Applications as a Service

New Verve Consulting

We provide Atlassian Server applications as a cloud service: JIRA Core, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence, and Crowd. We also support all add-ons by Atlassian and a wide range of Marketplace add-ons. Reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of ownership by using our service.

Microsoft Project Server 2016 for better project, programme and portfolio management

Program Planning Professionals Ltd (t/a Pcubed)

Microsoft PPM/EPM (Microsoft Project Server in the cloud) delivers a flexible and easy to use PPM/EPM solution covering the full project lifecycle. It assists organisations in aligning budgets and resources to business objectives, enabling them to initiate, prioritise, track and deliver project, programme and portfolio investments to realise business value.

Hadron 8020 - Enterprise Intranet

Cloud2 Ltd

Hadron 8020 is an enterprise intranet and digital transformation out-of-the-box solution for SharePoint (2013, 2016) and Microsoft Cloud (Office 365, SharePoint Online and Azure). Proven, as deployed at 30+ public sector/ NHS organisations, scalable and deployed in 8 weeks. Drives document management, communication, collaboration, efficiency & business processes.

GoPro Integrated Compliance Case Management for GDPR

GoPro Consulting Ltd

Advanced CotS GDPR compliance case management. Provides out-of-the-box functionality for self-service individual rights management of personal data. Includes in-house capabilities to validate and manage applications, monitor structured/unstructured data source requests for pattern matching and collate results, manages (actual/attempted) breach notifications within the required 72 hour guidelines, with full PIA compliance.

Projet Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development

Agility Management Solutions Limited

Agility Management Solutions ltd. is consulting company to provide bespoke support in Project Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development.

Digital Leadership Survey and Assessment


Adapt2Digital is a company dedicated to creating products and services that directly help managers and leaders become Digital & Adaptive Leaders – leaders with the competency and capability to manage change & transformation and to actively lead people and businesses successfully into the Digital Age.

Custodian SaaS - Software as a Service

Celerity Limited

Celerity Custodian is a data protection suite that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration. Custodian provides reliable, cost effective backup and fast recovery for virtual, physical and cloud environments of all sizes and, enables advanced application protection to minimise downtime, maximising availability.

Tascomi Building Control

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi Building Control is a comprehensive software solution which can be utilised individually or alongside a number of complimentary modules within Tascomi’s wider Built Environment solution. Tascomi Building Control allows authorised users to access the system remotely, allowing them to fully benefit from the efficiencies available from Mobile Working.

Ancoris Maps for Housing

Ancoris Limited

Ancoris Maps for Housing is a web mapping SaaS solution. It integrates with data sources such as CRMs, ERPs and any database management system such as Housing Management Systems to provide live mapping visualisation of location data. It empowers housing associations to reduce costs, improve operations and enhance tenant satisfaction.

Advocacy by Gaiasoft

Gaiasoft International Limited

Advocacy manages the relationship issues and requests between government and stakeholders. Advocacy Manager builds collaboration and trust delivering results through efficient process. Streamlines flow of advocacy issues from sector, stakeholder and interest round tables. For business, civil society and other membership organisations, associations and coalitions, eg. environment, gender, youth etc.

Public Service Request (PSR)

Public Service Request Ltd

Public Service Request is a configurable digital services platform which enables the public to send service requests directly to Public Service Providers (.e.g. to report issues, obtain information or apply for licenses/permits). The system also enables Service Providers to effectively manage these service requests right through to completion.

Tascomi HMO Licensing

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi HMO Licensing is a key functional area within Tascomi’s comprehensive Public Protection software solution. As an entirely self-contained mobile solution, Tascomi HMO Licensing is designed to allow for end-to-end administration of HMO Licenses, from submission online, through processing, and on to issue and renewal.

Cornerstone Unified Talent Management System

Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone unified system is designed to enable comprehensive talent management, from a single, all-in-one platform. One data model. One login. One customer support team. One solution designed for Public Sector. Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for Public Sector Organisations of all sizes.

Trustwide Doctor Rostering

Rotamap Ltd

Trustwide Doctor Rostering combines CLWRota and Medirota services for at least two departments to provide linked rotas, suitable for all theatre-based specialities and related clinical services. Trustwide Doctor Rostering enhances communication and collaboration between departments and provides metrics to guide improvement in areas such as consultant productivity and theatre utilisation.

Linkspace Private Cloud

Ctrl O

Linkspace Private Cloud is the secure Business Process Management (BPM) platform for individual public sector organisations wanting to deploy on private infrastructure. It enables rapid development of business systems putting users in control of outcomes and fostering progressive operational innovation. A 12-month, 200-user, minimum order applies only for Private Cloud.


Ivar Jacobson Consulting Limited

Enabling the definition, tailoring, internal publication and communication of your Corporate IT Development Methods and Practice standards. Supplied preloaded with starter Methods and Practice Sets including - AGILE ESSENTIALS - AGILE AT SCALE ESSENTIALS - ESSENTIAL UNIFIED PROCESS. A must for organisations struggling for method excellence / improvement.

Software AG -BREXIT - Process Excellence, Governance Risk and Compliance Cloud Platform

Software AG (UK) Limited

UK Government needing to manage complex regulatory and process changes brought about by BREXIT will appreciate the ability to map, visualize and document the process using ARIS. Minimising complexity, providing corporate memory, inter-operability between laws and policies and collaboration between departments whilst refining new and existing legislation.

ProjectVision PPM

Cora Systems

ProjectVision is a mature portfolio and project management software solution. ProjectVision provides organisations with full control, governance and insight into their business plans, strategic objectives, portfolios and projects, eliminating the time and frustration around report generation, decision making, resource allocation and financial tracking.