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176 results found in Cloud software in the category Business process modelling (BPM)

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Gooroo Planner

Egress Group Ltd

Gooroo is an online demand and capacity planning software for the NHS. Forecasts demand, activity, waiting lists, waiting times, capacity and money along complex patient pathways. Presents results week-by-week and patient-by-patient. Integrates elective, non-elective planning; seasonally optimises hospital capacity; can be automated; and analyses capacity productivity and patient scheduling processes.

Stopford, agenda - Generic Diary Management System

Stopford Information Systems

The Stopford diary system offers councils an all-in-one system that has all of the benefits of applying a generic diary across all services while still retaining the service specific functionality that services need to operate efficiently.

Design Projects Management

i3Works Ltd

i3Works’ Design Projects Management provides a tailored and focused service throughout the project lifecycle, including best practice advice on design delivery models and effective implementation, ensuring best return on investment. We pride ourselves in offering ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

IPsoft AMELIA® (Cognitive Agent & Virtual Agent)


Amelia is a cognitive virtual agent, able to conduct real time natural language conversations to fulfil a customer's journey. Whether interfacing directly with external customers, internal users or supporting first line agents, Amelia makes it possible to provide consistently high quality, engaging, scalable and efficient services 24 x 7.

Digital Value Mapping

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Digital transformation Digital strategy Improve profitability Unlock additional revenue Reduce costs Change management Current (as-is) process mapping (both online/offline) Research-based How people, systems and products currently fit together Defining new (to-be) processes Mapping process to organisational requirements Improving existing processes Quantify expected improvements Governance & monitoring improvements Prioritising value-for-money improvements

Transformation projects

Investigo Limited

Our service would include the assessment of your company's IT systems and can involve changes to network architecture, hardware, software and how data is stored and accessed. This will include changes to business processes, ways of working, organisational structure and communication.

ECHO Service Management Framework

Selected Interventions Ltd

ECHO is a highly configurable solution to managing service operations such as refuse and recycling collections services, street cleansing, and other field tasks. The system includes service and resource planning and operational management including mobile applications and enables integration with other systems.

Isoma CM

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma CM is our mid-range product. It contains all the functionality an individual business unit or single-site organisation needs to energise its workforce and engage it in change. Applications include: regulatory compliance, standards management, knowledge improvement, process improvement and change management.

Business Intelligence and Analytics


We implement business intelligence and analytics solutions that enable organisations to measure, analyse and improve systems, processes, workflows and utilisation.

Isoma Enterprise

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Enterprise is an optional module for Isoma BM and our most powerful module. It creates huge efficiency savings by enabling the secure sharing of common process data across multiple business units. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.

Process Module Service

Meritec Limited

Meritec's ESB Process Module service enables digital end-to-end fulfilment of customer needs. There is a wide range of modules, powered by ESB Agile technology, that automate diverse service processes across a local authority, including Environmental Health, Public Protection, Waste Management, Corporate Services, Revenues and Benefits, Streetscene and Highways Management.

IBM BlueMix

T-Impact Limited

Bluemix – Cloud platform with Infrastructure, PaaS, Platform Services, Cognitive Services (Watson), DevOps Services & more. API’s, Analytics, Databases, Mobile, IoT, Storage and Integration services at your fingertips. A global network of datacentres for highly-available applications with a UK based datacentre for sensitive workloads. 30-day free trial available at

Digital Audit

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Four Pillars of Digital Strategy: Design; Content; Functionality; Usability Digital Audit Digital landscape mapping: SWOT Digital transformation Digital strategy Improve profitability Unlock additional revenue Reduce costs Change management Current (as-is) asset/digital channel mapping Mapping real estate to organisational requirements Benchmarking Best practice

GOSS Self Service Portal Platform (including CMS and Forms)

GOSS Interactive Ltd

The GOSS Self Service Portal Platform provides Public Sector (Local/Central/Government/Authority/Council/Police/NHS) clients capabilities to design, develop and build custom website/portal forms and workflows, enable online customer transactions and deliver enhanced self/assisted service for citizens, reducing organisation overhead costs. Self Serve workflows can be optionally integrated with back office systems/data.

Business Continuity Management System


BCMfort is a highly effective and interactive Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that allows organisations to proactively manage their Risk by empowering their workforce in planning and response. By consolidating your Continuity Plans into the Cloud, providing transparency across the organisation, allowing you to respond and manage incident resolution instantly.

Evolution AI Transcribe & Classify - Private Cloud

Evolution Artificial Intelligence ltd

An Artificial Intelligence based Natural Language Processing software that enables the automated extraction and classification of structured data from unstructured data sources such as word documents, pdfs, web pages, xml files, scanned documents and other.

Business Process Modelling

i3Works Ltd

Our Business Process Modelling consultancy service provides advise and project management of innovative process data modelling with Boxarr complexity management solutions. Boxarr enables digital simulation of work production processes, helping identify hidden inter-dependencies, risks and systems weaknesses. It allows you to optimise performance in complex organisations and engender business resilience.


Azeus UK Limited

AzeusCare is a completely integrated case management and finance solution for social care and health which supports a wide range of services including: 1. Adults Services 2.Children and Young People Services 3. Integrated Family Services, 4. Multi-Agency Working and 5. Community Health

TIBCO Cloud Nimbus - Process Mapping & Optimisation Service

Tibco Software Ltd

TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business application for process documentation. By presenting an easy-to-understand visualization of how people, processes, and systems should interact, it enables communication and simplification of processes to improve how businesses operate. TIBCO Nimbus is available as a hosted cloud service as well as an on-premises installation.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Escalation

Transforming Systems Limited

SHREWD Escalation harnesses the latest EPRR thinking to offer a real time, joined up multiagency response to urgent care pressure across the whole local health economy. It links information from SHREWD Resilience to a heavily automated, OPEL compliant escalation plan providing a more rapid response across and between organisations.

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365


Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 delivers the latest version of Visio Professional as a desktop subscription through Office 365, and your software is automatically kept up to date by Office 365 cloud services with options for customizable policies. See

Appian Cloud

Appian Corporation

Appian is a digital transformation platform combining intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM), dynamic/adaptive case management, and low-code application development. Fully web-based, Appian makes it easy and fast to design and deploy custom business applications—without coding—with workflow management, real-time reporting/business activity monitoring (BAM) and collaboration, content management, integration, and mobile capabilities.

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

Edifit Limited

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a collaborative business design platform offering powerful, integrated modeling and reporting across multiple disciplines to enable coherent decision-making. It provides capabilities to seamlessly plan, design and execute change using a wide set of disciplines and extensible modelling languages.

InformedCONSULT - Case Management & Workflow Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedCONSULT Case Management & Workflow Services manage complex workflows and transactions online, integrating these with back office functions. It enables digital transformation which drives your digital-shift strategy, delivers a step-change in business efficiency and reduces costs. The service framework is suited to transforming operations with high levels of customer interaction.

ETDS - Efficiency Through Data Simplification

AnnanTech Ltd.

AnnanTech’s Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) service enables Government Departments to understand and streamline their processes by better exploiting their data. Although the starting point is looking at the process, the service emphasises understanding of how your data is being used.

Isoma Analytics

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Analytics is an optional module for Isoma BM. It consists of a comprehensive set of quantitative tools for analysing and improving process efficiency. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud (BPMoC) for orchestration and automation (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

A full lifecycle business process management (BPM) environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization. Business users can get started quickly with process improvements without the need to build and maintain an IT infrastructure. Provides visibility and management of business processes.

MatsSoft: MATS SaaS

MatsSoft Limited

MATS Low-code lets you develop your own digital services and applications with 5-10x less resource. MATS gives you a custom fit with all the digital features and communications you need but is more cost-effective than off-the-shelf solutions. It's extremely fast and simple to use with eLearning or 2-day onboarding training.

numero Self-Service Help Centre

Callcredit Public Sector Limited

A centralised point for customer online support and allow customers to find their own answers by adding numero's fully integrated suite of rich, targeted, self-service Help Centre tools to your desktop and mobile web experiences. Maintain your brand identity and escalate queries and contacts to the correct advisor to answer.

Workflow Management Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm’s secure Workflow Management Platform allows you to define, manage and automate mission critical workflows and business processes, accelerating operations and reducing cost. Applications include licensing, vetting, service onboarding, procurement, powering citizen web services, compliance and regulatory management, secure collaboration, document management, data sharing, and case management more generally

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Strategic

Transforming Systems Limited

Strategic is a real time dashboard designed to provide whole system urgent care information to leaders of STPs and A&E delivery boards. An essential tool for STP digital roadmaps, data from all providers is combined in a simple view. Users see activity by day, week, month, showing trends and performance.



Pronto is the most widely deployed mobile Policing solution in the UK. The service integrates with national and local systems, optimising information management in operational Policing, getting intelligence to the point of need, enabling efficiencies in the back-office and optimal workflow into partner agencies and the criminal justice system.


Metis Consultants Ltd

The Regenerate suite of decision support tools provides transparency and engagement of stakeholders and users. From condition data collection, works programme development and work prioritisation. In addition Regenerate can deliver commuted sums calculations, investment models for highway and flood risk (SuDS) assets.

Universal Automation Center in the Cloud

Grey Monarch Limited

Universal Automation Center provides background scheduling, orchestration and workload automation of executable tasks, jobs and file transfers across multiple platforms and technologies including: Microsoft Windows, Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris etc.), Linux, IBM z/OS, SAP, Tandem, IBM iSeries, SOA, and RDBMS. User access is provided by a fully web-based interface.

3SL Cradle Application Lifecycle Development - OFFICIAL IL3

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to application lifecycle development for agile and phase-based projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, requirements and models, traceability to test, release and operational use, and publishing into contract documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Roc Process-as-a-Service

Roc Technologies Limited

Process-as-a-Service from Roc provides a range of business process tools and platforms to enable business transformation and process efficiency. TIBCO Nimbus is a business process mapping and management tool. K2 and MATSsoft are leading low-code development and workflow platforms.

Software AG Citizen Data Integration Service

Software AG (UK) Limited

Put the Citizen at the heart of your systems and processes; Software AG's Citizen Data Integration Service provides a single, reliable, consistent source of Citizen data, whether individual or organisation, that can provide an holistic view of your Citizen interactions or be used by existing applications.



BOXARR solves challenges of complex inter-dependency across areas such as information systems aggregation; systems-engineering; supply-chain mapping; process-management; organisational-transformation; project/program/mission planning & execution; and joint-stakeholder operations. BOXARR’s sophisticated modelling & analysis enables complex organisations to collaboratively optimise their performance, identify hidden risks, understand impacts of change, and make better informed decisions.

ALM Solution built upon the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.)

Valiantys Ltd

Valiantys is offering its own ALM solution built upon the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.). This solution helps our client build great digital products, enabling a faster deployment and unmatched user adoption. Our unique ALM implementation methodology includes pre-built processes, training and a dedicated Valiantys project manager.

Digital Leadership Survey and Assessment


Adapt2Digital is a company dedicated to creating products and services that directly help managers and leaders become Digital & Adaptive Leaders – leaders with the competency and capability to manage change & transformation and to actively lead people and businesses successfully into the Digital Age.

Intelligent Automation

Little Fish (UK) Ltd

By utilising Intelligent Automation from Littlefish organisations can reduce operational overheads whilst improving quality and efficiency by automating common, repetitive IT underpinned tasks. As an added bonus Intelligent Automation can improve organisational integration acting as the ‘glue’ between disparate business systems, ensuring that complex back-end systems and interactions are simplified.

Public Service Request (PSR)

Public Service Request Ltd

Public Service Request is a configurable digital services platform which enables the public to send service requests directly to Public Service Providers (.e.g. to report issues, obtain information or apply for licenses/permits). The system also enables Service Providers to effectively manage these service requests right through to completion.

Trustwide Doctor Rostering

Rotamap Ltd

Trustwide Doctor Rostering combines CLWRota and Medirota services for at least two departments to provide linked rotas, suitable for all theatre-based specialities and related clinical services. Trustwide Doctor Rostering enhances communication and collaboration between departments and provides metrics to guide improvement in areas such as consultant productivity and theatre utilisation.

Linkspace Private Cloud

Ctrl O

Linkspace Private Cloud is the secure Business Process Management (BPM) platform for individual public sector organisations wanting to deploy on private infrastructure. It enables rapid development of business systems putting users in control of outcomes and fostering progressive operational innovation. A 12-month, 200-user, minimum order applies only for Private Cloud.


Ivar Jacobson Consulting Limited

Enabling the definition, tailoring, internal publication and communication of your Corporate IT Development Methods and Practice standards. Supplied preloaded with starter Methods and Practice Sets including - AGILE ESSENTIALS - AGILE AT SCALE ESSENTIALS - ESSENTIAL UNIFIED PROCESS. A must for organisations struggling for method excellence / improvement.

Software AG -BREXIT - Process Excellence, Governance Risk and Compliance Cloud Platform

Software AG (UK) Limited

UK Government needing to manage complex regulatory and process changes brought about by BREXIT will appreciate the ability to map, visualize and document the process using ARIS. Minimising complexity, providing corporate memory, inter-operability between laws and policies and collaboration between departments whilst refining new and existing legislation.

Evolve Integrated Care

Kainos Evolve Limited

Evolve Integrated Care streamlines urgent care pathways, enhances primary care, links together health and social care and enables prevention and self-management using innovation and digital technology to automate care pathways. Interoperability allows GP oversight, while enabling Multi-Disciplinary teams to have role based access to integrated data to help reduce admissions.

Atlassian Managed Services Limited

Adaptavist Managed Services Premium is a fully managed service for Atlassian software products, such as JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket, in an Adaptavist hosted environment or in a client's private cloud, with service delivery manager, monitoring, backups, and SLA. Adaptavist can provide training, add-on development, licensing, and professional services including migration.

DATALYTYX K2 Digital Processes

Datalytyx Ltd

Opportunities to transform business using the latest technologies continue to multiply, we have unrivalled track record in helping plan, manage, process and deploy critical content in smarter ways. Datalytyx is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Content and Collaboration and the UK’s leading K2 specialist, the market leading .NET workflow tool.

3SL Cradle Business Process Modelling

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to business analysis in agile and phase projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, objectives and requirements, traceability to BPM and EA models, processes and procedures, and publishing to formal documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Wovex Realisor Benefit Realisation

Felber Consulting Limited

Realisor (from leading provider Wovex) brings complete, practical benefit realisation solution enabling strategy, portfolio, programme and project management. Manage transformation and change for greatest value. Government best practice business case management. Capture business cases, map benefits, define/agree information, compare options/make trade-offs, track & report on benefits, monitor scorecards and collaborate.


Quiits Consulting Ltd

Our cloud hosted VoIP telephone is suitable for micro to large businesses . Our softphone and CTC integration allows your telephone to interact with computer.

EAMS Group Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraged through best of breed EAM software in IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

Responsiv Solutions IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

Responsiv Solutions Ltd

Orchestrate and Automate business processes using IBM's Business Process Manager (BPM) on cloud through Responsiv Solution's Platform as a Service. Available on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) as well as custom offerings on other clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Build your SaaS business processes on our PaaS.

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365

Comparex UK Ltd

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 delivers the latest version of Visio Professional as a desktop subscription through Office 365, and your software is automatically kept up to date by Office 365 cloud services with options for customisation policies. See

Skore web app

Skore Labs Limited

Skore web app is a rapid process mapping, analysis and communication tool for capturing and agreeing business processes. Skore web app can be used for change and transformation programmes as well as continuous business improvement.

AnaPad - Integrated Business Process Management and Notation with Advanced Analytics.

FusionExperience Ltd

AnaPad quickly enhances business processes notation and modelling with predicative analytics - including Natural Language Processing. Libraries of pre designed subject content are available including GDPR data protection, counter fraud, anti-extremism, social monitoring and horizon scanning. ISO/IEC 19510:2013 forms the foundation for representing business processes in machine-readable files.

Business Applications Services in the Cloud

Deloitte LLP

Using best-of-breed application providers agreed with you, Deloitte will implement an integrated, cloud-based service meeting your business requirements, and will then deliver, manage and support the service for a set period under an SLA and service credits regime, along with any associated business change activities you may need.

IBM Case Manager on Cloud

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Case Manager on Cloud is a solution built around the concept of processing a case, a collection of information and coordinated tasks, by knowledge workers (or case workers) to achieve a desired outcome. It provides contextual insight through real-time analytics, and enhances teamwork through collaboration tools and flexible workflow.

Software AG - Cloud Ready Alfabet IT Portfolio Management

Software AG (UK) Limited

The Alfabet tool set uniquely allows you to track map and manage relationships between: business strategy, the budget, business and service decomposition, suppliers contracts, products and versions, support, projects, services, enterprise architectures, applications and related processes within a collaborative user friendly experience. A unique solution for Business and IT synchronization

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Resilience

Transforming Systems Limited

SHREWD Resilience shows the operational situation of local urgent care systems as a simple view in real time. Users can quickly and easily identify ‘where’ the pressure is across the health system, why it is happening and act to address it via proactive alerts, inbuilt teleconferencing and paperless audit system.

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service is available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSION) and TOP SECRET supporting the delivery of a Single Intelligence Environment. Data management applications including BI/BA analytics engines, facial recognition and information asset workflow tools are supported.

Pega Cloud Software - Government Platform and CRM

Pegasystems Limited

Pegasystems (Pega) is recognised as the #1 provider for Case Management and BPM (Pega Government Platform) and industry leader for CRM, real-time customer decisioning and robotic automation. The cloud-based Pega Government Platform and CRM solutions support customers with their digital agenda to better manage their business and transform constituent engagement.

Project Management

1Tech Limited

1Tech’s Project Management Platform is for building solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Encompassing Project Open community edition, application functions include: • Project Management • Gantt Project Connector • Helpdesk • Timesheet invoices • Timesheet Management • Timesheet Tasks • Translation Project Wizard • Bug Tracker • Calendar

Isoma PDM

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma PDM is our foundation product: containing all the functionality a small or static business needs to build the potential for change. Its applications include: process mapping, process management, knowledge mapping, knowledge and informatio management.

GOSS Digital Platform (CMS, Forms and Self Service/Assisted Service Portal)

GOSS Interactive Ltd

The GOSS Digital Platform provides browser-based content management system (WCMS), forms, process mapping/workflow and My Account functionality built on open standards. Enables online citizen Self Serve and Assisted Service website and portal functionality. Public Sector (Central/Local Government/Authority/Council, Police, NHS and Housing) customers can self serve and transact online.

Software AG Reference Data Management

Software AG (UK) Limited

Well-managed reference data is essential for an organisation to stay current and in sync across lines of business and to provide accurate reports on information from numerous organisational units and data sources. Software AG's Reference Data Management Service provides authoring, acquisition, reconciliation, cleansing and publishing capabilities for enterprise reference data


Futura Defence Ltd

CTS is an enterprise solution to support operational capability/output management. It can be applied to individual programmes or portfolios, from the delivery of required health services to defence capability. It provides visualisations over time, enabling managers or decision makers to identify capability options or risks against achieving the required outputs.

Advanced Fraud Investigation & Prevention (GoPro AFIP)


AFIP (GoPro) enables aggregation of any content type and activity relating to a fraud “Investigation” across multiple organisations, previously siloed departments, including external stakeholders. Reinforcing investigation processes, and serving as a system of record for compliance , risk assessment and supporting execution plans to facilitate successful outcomes e.g. sanctions, prosecutions.

GOSS Forms

GOSS Interactive Ltd

GOSS Forms enable Local Government/Council/Authority/Public Sector, Police, NHS, housing users to design, create and replicate, sophisticated, effective online website forms. The user friendly drag and drop interface enables quick form design and build, with a range of styling options and more advanced features like location maps and (optional) payment connectors.

Isoma Supplier

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Supplier is an optional module for Isoma BM. It enables an organisation to securely and collaboratively optimize its supply processes in order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of supply. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions

Software AG Data Matching Service

Software AG (UK) Limited

Well-managed reference data is essential for an organisation to stay current and in sync across lines of business and to provide accurate reports on information from numerous organisational units and data sources. Software AG's Reference Data Management Service provides authoring, acquisition, reconciliation, cleansing and publishing capabilities for enterprise reference data

BIM Consultancy

i3Works Ltd

BIM (Better Information Modelling) is a business process of generating and leveraging data to manage the design, construct/manufacture and operation of assets during their lifecycle. i3Works provides ‘Enterprise Lifecycle Management’ through whole lifecycle of assets. We provide 7D BIM based cradle to grave solutions adding value, efficiency and reducing risk.

IBM ODM (Operational Decision Manager) On Cloud

T-Impact Limited

IBM ODM provides a first step for public sector bodies seeking to realise benefits of process automation and rules automation. Build a BPMS/BRMS prototype solution quickly to demonstrate benefits of automation with zero integration. Deliver a real project in 10 weeks with agile solution design and development.

Be Informed Platform

Be Informed

The Be Informed Platform enables business rules and processes to be easily captured and executed within a single integrated system, allowing rapid implementation and ease of ongoing maintenance. Our advanced inferencing technology supports the most complex of business processes, radically improves customer experience, and ensures compliance with regulations and policies.

Realisor Benefit Realisation Management


Wovex Realisor platform: the complete software solution for Benefit Realisation Management. Enables benefit management, value management, programme and portfolio management. Government best practice business case management. Capture Business Cases, Map benefits (Benefit Mapping), define and agree information (Benefit Profiles) develop and compare (Business Case Scenarios), Benefit Tracking and Benefit Reporting.

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Planning Analytics is a collaborative, enterprise-scalable budgeting, planning, analytics, profitability, Modelling, scorecard and reporting solution. These applications are supported by a 64-bit in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) server, which provides on-demand analytics of complex Multi-dimensional data with real-time analysis.

ESB Agile

Meritec Limited

Meritec ESB Agile is a rapid deployment tool and powerful business rules engine for automating services in the public sector to reduce costs and facilitate better service. It is robust, flexible, highly scalable and designed for self-sustainability. ESB enables the deployment of Agile applications of any scale and size.

Records Management

1Tech Limited

1Tech’s Records Management Platform is an enterprise platform for building Records Management solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Encompassing Alfresco Community Edition, providing: • Web Content Management • Mobile Content Management • Document Management • Records Management • Business Process Management • Integrated Workflow

IBM BPM (Business Process Manager) on Cloud for Process Automation

T-Impact Limited

IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive and consumable, business process management suite (BPMS) that delivers management of your business processes in a cloud environment. IBM BPM on Cloud provides a full lifecycle environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimisation.

Commercial and Contract Assessment of existing suppliers/contracts copy

Investigo Limited

Our service would include an assessment into your existing Terms & Conditions for your current supply base as well as into the cloud and hosting services within your organisation.

Digital & Business Consultancy

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Requirements gathering, solicitation and definition Digital Value Mapping Stakeholder mapping, comms and engagement Digital strategy Business, functional and technical specifications Acceptance Criteria Prioritisation & phasing Content strategy (what content is required and where) Programme Management User testing and research User scenarios, journeys Interactive Proof of Concepts/Prototypes/Wire-frames Procurement Management

Process Director

ePartner Consulting Ltd

Process Director is a cloud-hosted solution that defines, automates, manages and reports on business processes - without programming. It delivers workflow through a combination of technologies, including electronic forms processing, business rules engine, workflow, reporting dashboard, business activity monitoring, content management, web portals, application integration and a Software Development Kit.

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365

Bytes Software Services

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 delivers the latest version of Visio Professional as a desktop subscription through Office 365, and your software is automatically kept up to date by Office 365 cloud services with options for customizable policies. See bsscloud

Application Estate Management Platform

Mood International Software Limited

Business Application definition, development, management and deployment services. ‘Business Outcome’ proven methodology across all Application services. ‘Business use-case led’ and delivered through an ‘end of desk’ agile methodology. Full data integration capability with data provenance, governance, quality and integrated User sign on & alerting.

Digital Services

Meritec Limited

A Digital platform that can be deployed as a customer services contact platform as well to support a range of digital services across an authority. A transactional web portal and CMS facility give access to end-to-end workflow enabling customer self-service, digital by default, mobile working and case management.

CoreGov - SharePoint Business Process Management


Legacy business processes can often be dated and cumbersome, with manual intervention required for what can be made fully automated. Our experts can help streamline and rebuild your processes, enhancing their efficiency, rigidity, security and end-to-end lifecycle.

PwC Cloud Software Service Definition 2: AccessAble

PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

A cloud based SaaS solution that combines PwC’s audit experience with market leading access governance technology to provide a clear record of access across the organisation. This enables you to quickly take control of your access management risks and reduce total cost of ownership while strengthening your IT general controls.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD WaitLess

Transforming Systems Limited

WaitLess is a simple, easy to use smartphone app for patients which shows them where they can access the fastest care for minor injury and illness, based on realtime; location, traffic information and current waiting times from Minor Injury Units (MIU), walk in centres and Accident and Emergency (A&E).

RapidValue for Dynamics 365

Columbus Global UK Ltd

RapidValue is a Business Process Modelling tool designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. Together with Columbus' Surestep+ implementation methodology and over 500 proven Business Processes that work using Standard D365 functionality, these combine to reduce ERP Project Risk, scope creep, improve UAT and limit system modifications.

Vysiion Automation

Vysiion Ltd

The Vysiion Automation workforce powered by Thoughtonomy is a SaaS robotic process automation (RPA) platform. The software emulates how humans use existing applications and systems to automate a wide range of operational and business processes. Deployed rapidly and non-disruptively. It requires no replacement of systems or deployment of agents.

Software AG - WebMethods End to End Monitoring Cloud Service

Software AG (UK) Limited

webMethods Insight is Software AG’s enables tracking services/transactions across multiple software nodes to provide end-to-end monitoring. End-to-end monitoring facilitates maximum up-time, visibility and control to pinpoint and prevent outages. Service metrics give visibility of how services are used, auto-detecting new services, and adding them to SOA Governance, notifying System Administrators.

Software AG - Cloud Ready Business & IT Transformation (BITT)

Software AG (UK) Limited

The Software AG BITT platform powers the Digital Enterprise and makes your business agile, fast, responsive and scalable. It leverages technologies including Adabas, Alfabet, Apama, ARIS, CentraSite, Global Consulting Services, Software AG Cloud, Terracotta and webMethods

Workflow Enhancement For Content Management Systems

Fincore Limited

Want to bring more structure and transparency to your workflows but don’t want to replace your existing content, document, case management or CRM systems? Finworks’ CBPm Workflow Enhancement System quickly overlays structured workflow on top of legacy and third party systems; we eliminate the pain and cost of system replacement

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Payroll and Commercial Transformation

APS Consultants

APS offer Digital, Commercial and Project Management services, including software licensing, implementation, training and ongoing support for: ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HR and Payroll, Business Transformation, Strategic Relationship Management (SRM), Commercial Transformation, Contract Management and Procurement.

Software AG -ARIS Cloud Ready Enterprise Business Process Design, Modeling and Analysis

Software AG (UK) Limited

ARIS Cloud Enterprise is a full-scale Business Process Analysis-as-a-Service product. It allows to design, improve, analyze, share and collaborate around business processes from small to large numbers of users within an organization and across organization borders.

Asset Management System

Fincore Limited

CBPm Asset Management allows public sector organisations to manage a wide range of assets: machinery and vehicles, IT equipment and software, intellectual property and contractual assets. The solution tracks the assets throughout their lifecycles and allows both standard and user defined record structures for each asset type and lifecycle event

Software AG - Cloud Ready Enterprise Business Process Design, Modeling and Analysis

Software AG (UK) Limited

ARIS Cloud Enterprise is a full-scale Business Process Analysis SAAS solution. It allows users to design, improve, analyze, share and collaborate around business processes within and across organization borders.

Virtual Cyber Security Operations Centre (vSOC)

Research Series Limited

vSOC service is designed to support organisations requirement for Cyber Security & Security Monitoring. Allowing for requirements gathering, design, handover and training of staff to operate the Cyber security operations centre. The vSOC service – CSOCs, SSOCs, SIEM allows protective monitoring logs, threat intelligence feeds, CERT and vulnerability information fusion.

Lean Process Modeler - We are Lean and Agile

We are Lean and Agile

The product is made up of both the core process modeller and the wider process suite. The core modeller offers the workshop friendly mapping, modelling, analysis and simulation process tool. The process suite offers a number of complimentary modules providing a holistic process solution for your organisation.