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244 results found

HackTrain Innovation, Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration Services

Hack Partners

We deliver digital transformation and innovation consulting services in the rail industry through a three-step process. This consists of identifying internal technology bottlenecks and inefficiencies within organisations, trialling cloud based solutions, and rolling out successful cloud technologies. This process results in enabling the adoption of RailTech within large organisations.

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Tocalabs Ltd

Tocabot is Cloud-based Robotic Process Automation Tool capable of automating processes across business. Tocabot Platform is enterprise ready, provides rapid integration, is hyper scalable and is code-less, enabling immediate business efficiencies within an organisation. Tocabot’s Core Server builds workflows, automation scripts, schedules and manages pipelines, controls and maintains bot infrastructure.


NJW Limited

TRIRIGA is the world’s leading Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS). NJW generally deploy TRIRIGA in conjunction with Focal365 and a suite of Progressive Applications that complement and enhance standard functionality. TRIRIGA has unparalleled configuration capability, that allows client business processes to be modelled without changes to the core software.

Microsoft Visio for Office 365

Civica UK Limited

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 delivers the latest version of Visio Professional as a desktop subscription through Office 365, and your software is automatically kept up to date by Office 365 cloud services with options for customizable policies. Via Civica. See

Analytics and business intelligence

Integris Solutions

Integris provides analytics, business intelligence, data mining, data visualisation, reporting and dashboard tools using the Integris Data Suite (IDS) toolset. This allows us to import, manipulate and export NHS data and produce a wide range of insightful, customisable reports including data quality, PTL and more.

Implement Applications on Appian BPM Platform


We are an alliance partner with Appian. With close to 50+ Appian implementation experience and 20+ different customers spread across domains and business processes, our Service offerings include Holistic Program/CoE Management, Migration, Platform Upgrades, Business Consulting, Application Delivery, Testing, Production Support, Maintenance, Performance, Architectural Services and Legacy Application Integration.

Software AG - Cloud Ready SIAM Management Tool

Software AG (UK) Limited

Whether the SIAM service capability is managed in-house or by an external 3rd party, there is an absolute need for Business and IT synchronization.To execute SIAM correctly there needs to be thorough understanding of the current landscape and what the future landscape look like correlating to the required business objectives.

Data Kitchen - Data Processing Services


The service is to take Trust data, clean and match to master data, enhance the data with additional data sources that may be exclusive to Signetor to provide significant insights, reporting capabilities or provide production quality data for running live systems such as procurement and supply chain solutions.

ISO/IEC 20000 Assessment


A gap analysis of conformance of your Service Management capability against ISO/IEC 20000 to inform the detail of a performance improvement or certification programme.

EAMS Group MainlineRail Infrastructure Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MainlineRail Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world-class service leveragingbest of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

Microsoft Office 365 Package

Comparex UK Ltd

A Package of licences (O365 E3 and Win E3) available under the DTA MOU (VL EAS Licensing) to provide Office 365 Productivity and Windows Enterprise.


Rotamap Ltd

Medirota is a specialised session-based rota management system for surgical and clinical teams. Medirota helps departments plan, operate and report on their service, providing tools to model and analyse activity in order to improve coordination, communication and productivity.

GOSS Engage Process Modeller

GOSS Interactive Ltd

A powerful modelling tool offering rapid mapping, collaboration, documentation and analysis. Visual interface is ideal for workshops. Data capture enriches the process. It can be used to redesign a customer journey or process or complete service to achieve change and transformation and can support continuous business improvement.

NPS Empty Properties Review Service

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

To provide Local Authorities with an accurate and cost effective means of identifying and removing error from their empty properties database.

Atlassian Managed Services Limited

Adaptavist Managed Services Premium is a fully managed service for Atlassian software products, such as JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket, in an Adaptavist hosted environment or in a client's private cloud, with service delivery manager, monitoring, backups, and SLA. Adaptavist can provide training, add-on development, licensing, and professional services including migration.

erwin EA Agile

Sandhill Consultants Ltd

erwin DG allows organisational stakeholders to discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets to mitigate risk and improve performance. Integrating traditional data governance capabilities (business glossary, data dictionary and catalog, linage mapping, policy authoring) with data modeling, EA and BP modeling for strategic value with data impact analysis.

Software AG - Enterprise Process Automation (BPM)

Software AG (UK) Limited

Accelerate your business by automating processes using webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) process and workflow management tools. By eliminating manual activities and inconsistent processes, you can increase productivity, improve accountability and reduce errors. Organisations can develop, execute and monitor business solutions that combine process automation and workflow management capabilities.

ALM Solution built upon the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.)

Valiantys Ltd

Valiantys is offering its own ALM solution built upon the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.). This solution helps our client build great digital products, enabling a faster deployment and unmatched user adoption. Our unique ALM implementation methodology includes pre-built processes, training and a dedicated Valiantys project manager.

Hybrid Cloud Management, Orchestration and Billing Services (Cisco CloudCenter, formerly CliQr) copy

Cloud Digital Limited

We are a Cisco CloudCenter Software partner. We engage, collaborate and deliver complete end to end Hybrid Cloud Management, Orchestration and Billing solutions including managed service options for internal and external cloud and vm support. Remove Shadow IT and grasp power and agility within internal cloud and public cloud offerings.

3SL Cradle Business Process Modelling

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to business analysis in agile and phase projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, objectives and requirements, traceability to BPM and EA models, processes and procedures, and publishing to formal documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Isoma BM

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma BM is our top of the range product. It contains all the functionality a large enterprise needs to transform all or part of its operations and create global efficiencies. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, enterprise-wide change management, mergers and acquisitions

Advanced Fraud Investigation & Prevention (GoPro AFIP)


AFIP (GoPro) enables aggregation of any content type and activity relating to a fraud “Investigation” across multiple organisations, previously siloed departments, including external stakeholders. Reinforcing investigation processes, and serving as a system of record for compliance , risk assessment and supporting execution plans to facilitate successful outcomes e.g. sanctions, prosecutions.

OPTIME Scheduling Cloud - Timetabling, Meeting Room Booking, Exam Scheduling and Ceremonies


EventMAP provide solutions that get right to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource and space planning issues within Education (Higher and Further) and training institutions within Public Sector (Health and Law Enforcement). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools optimising the utilisation of resources.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud (BPMoC)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

A full lifecycle business process management (BPM) environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimization. Business users can get started quickly with process improvements without the need to build and maintain an IT infrastructure. Provides visibility and management of business processes.

Software AG - Digital Business Platform Cloud

Software AG (UK) Limited

The Software AG platform powers the Digital Enterprise and makes your business agile, fast, responsive and scalable. It leverages technologies including Adabas, Alfabet, Apama, ARIS, CentraSite, Global Consulting Services, Software AG Cloud, Terracotta and webMethods

EAMS Group Fleet Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our Fleet Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraged through best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

InPhase Business Management Platform

InPhase Limited

The InPhase Business Management Platform is everything you need in a single environment to enable business managers easily manage strategic plans, collaborative goals and on-going performance, along side operational data. Helping everyone get aligned, engaged and executing more effectively the solution facilitates aligned improvement across the business.

Software AG - Low-Code Application Development

Software AG (UK) Limited

Visually model case management and process-driven applications in weeks rather than months, with full enterprise capabilities: workflow, business rules, schemas, e-forms, reports, dashboards, social collaboration and mobile. Connect the right people, coordinating activities and tasks, and tracking communications and decisions, for a higher level service, reduced costs and mitigating risk.

intelligent Business Process Management Solution (iBPMS)


Helastel's iBPMS is a cloud or hybrid digital transformation platform that combines dynamic and adaptive process and case management with essential operational and business functions through data integration, workflows, scheduling, reporting and alerting. Our low-code platform allows real-time collaboration, event-driven business activity monitoring and process modelling with full data lineage.



Easily access the information you need to plan, manage and report on all your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Modules for Risk, Business Continuity Management, Audit, Business Impact Assessments, Checks, Document Management and others. Designed to drive business value whilst effectively managing all areas of GRC. Mobile apps available.

GOSS Case It

GOSS Interactive Ltd

'GOSS Case It' is a flexible and dynamic online toolkit enabling organisations to work in conjunction with GOSS to define, design and build an online Case Management solution specific to their business needs.

IBM BPM (Business Process Manager) on Cloud for Process Automation

T-Impact Limited

IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive and consumable, business process management suite (BPMS) that delivers management of your business processes in a cloud environment. IBM BPM on Cloud provides a full lifecycle environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process design, execution, monitoring and optimisation.

Configuration Management System - from Micro Focus

Micro Focus (Entcorp)

Configuration Management System (CMS) automatically collects (by discovery or integration), reconciles, manages and presents data about all configuration items and their dependencies and relationship to the applications and business services they are part of. The CMS is the single source of truth to be used by multiple processes.

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365

Gaia Technologies Plc

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 delivers the latest version of Visio Professional as a desktop subscription through Office 365, and your software is automatically kept up to date by Office 365 cloud services with options for customizable policies. See



Semantic data platform for the efficient management of any form of data to support any kinds of user information needs in any domain. It provides a database, applications and APIs that evolve over time to provide low-cost scaleable information systems with powerful faceted contextual querying, proximal and inferential search capabilities.

Evolve EMR in the Cloud

Kainos Evolve Limited

Award-winning Evolve Medical Record platform supports Digital Maturity programmes through removal of paper from the care process. Secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation, promoting paperless working through digital workflows and electronic forms. Provided as a fully managed service, delivered securely in the cloud.

Data Validation

Metadata Consulting Ltd

This service validates instance data from database tables, Excel spreadsheets, XML files and JSON files/streams against preset rules and expressions.

Responsiv Unity Digital Enterprise Platform

Responsiv Solutions Ltd

A unified platform capable of delivering SOA integration, business process, API lifecycle management, operational decision management. Transforms and consolidates data making it accessible to websites, systems, and partners. Aggregation of real-time information from multiple sources driving maximum benefit from data assets. Assured integration with partners using secure identity access management.

Software AG -BREXIT - Process Excellence, Governance Risk and Compliance Cloud Platform

Software AG (UK) Limited

UK Government needing to manage complex regulatory and process changes brought about by BREXIT will appreciate the ability to map, visualize and document the process using ARIS. Minimising complexity, providing corporate memory, inter-operability between laws and policies and collaboration between departments whilst refining new and existing legislation.

Vortex IOT- Control in the Internet of Things

Vortex Iot Ltd

Vortex IoT provides practical solutions for managing the performance, condition and cost of high value assets by generating sensor data that enables insight, smart decisions and Machine to Machine Interactions. By embracing new technologies Vortex IOT services will enrich any organisation's decision or command & control solution and capabilities.

Dell Boomi Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

Centerprise International Ltd

Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation for building the Connected Business. Our technologies connect applications, assure data quality and automate business processes. Our cloud-native, low-code platform helps more than 6,500 organisations run better, faster and smarter.

Bridges and Structures Asset Management Software

AMX Solutions Ltd

Bridge Maintenance and Management system that is spatially enabled and fully customisable to be fit for purpose. Scalable to grow with your asset inventory and requirements. Integrates with other infrastructure operational procedures and systems. Delivers unlimited reporting capability for whole-life cost analysis, lifecycle planning, monitoring and implementing maintenance KPI's.


Heed Software Ltd

Heed is messaging automation software that provides the ability to build effective messaging solutions outside of email and chat. Heed integrates with enterprise systems to provide more effective communication through intelligent, automated and stateful communications. Heed can be leveraged to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve KPIs around any process.

Axellera Complex Event Processing RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Axellera Complex-Event-Processing (CEP) allows you to get joined-up actions responding to complex business events/triggers. Rapidly create, deploy and cloud host complete CEP applications with powerful workflows and providing all the enterprise class attributes like auditability, fine grain role based access control, integration into corporate authentication systems etc.

Appian Cloud

Appian Corporation

Appian is a digital transformation platform combining intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM), dynamic/adaptive case management, and low-code application development. Fully web-based, Appian makes it easy and fast to design and deploy custom business applications—without coding—with workflow management, real-time reporting/business activity monitoring (BAM) and collaboration, content management, integration, and mobile capabilities.

Process Director: eForm building, workflow routing, reporting, Business Process Management

ePartner Consulting Ltd

Process Director is a cloud-hosted BPM solution that manages, automates and reports on your critical tasks to make teams and individuals more productive. It delivers workflow automation through electronic forms processing, business rules engine, workflow, reporting dashboard, business activity monitoring, content management, web portals, application integration and an embedded SDK.

ActiveOps Workware: Physical and Digital Operations Management, Optimisation and Reporting Suite

ActiveOps Limited

Underpinning leading financial and government organisations, BPOs and Shared Services globally, Workware is a cloud-based SaaS application, driving optimised performance in any physical/digital operations environment. Alongside BPM/workflow/digital platforms and supporting change/improvement initiatives, Workware provides visual, real-time productivity/utilisation data for people and robotic resource, enabling exceptional planning, efficiency and control.

CBPm Case Management Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm is a secure, fully featured, extensively configurable, structured case management platform supporting user defined case records and workflows. It facilitates secure collaboration, case and task prioritisation, document management, reporting and service monitoring, legacy systems integration and advanced data handling (e.g. automating applicant vetting, invoicing)

AnaPad - Integrated Business Process Management and Notation with Advanced Analytics

FusionExperience Ltd

AnaPad™ uses Business Process Notation (BPMN2), Modelling and Management with Embedded Advanced Analytics to provide intelligence to BPMN applications and systems, using a workflow approach to defining a process and enabling it with analytical capability.

Axellera Distributed Ledger / Block-chain RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Axellera Distributed Ledger (DLT) allows you to create innovative applications that combine business process logic and data management with Distributed-Ledger-Technology (think HyperLedger) building blocks. Rapidly create and deploy blockchain enabled solutions with powerful integration & workflows and providing all the enterprise class attributes like role based access control, auditability...

Evolve Carepathway Automation

Kainos Evolve Limited

Kainos Evolve provides rapid, repeatable care pathway automation enabling healthcare networks to transform at a pace not possible before. We enable our customers to deliver high-quality, patient-centric efficient care through better visibility of patient information and management of care pathways across teams and organizations at lower cost.

Civica Pensions UPM (Universal Pensions Management)

Civica UK Limited

UPM is the leading multi-channel platform designed to meet both member and employer administration needs of public sector pension schemes (LGPS, Police, Firefighters). Powerful workflow transforms delivery of services by reducing administration, automating and streamlining business processes, providing integration capabilities whilst achieving agile ways of working, delivering savings and efficiencies.

Collaborative Business Process Management (BPM) Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm’s Business Process Management Platform allows you to rapidly define, manage and automate your business processes. We put the power in your hands to develop a truly agile organisation: realising efficiencies quickly, making the complex manageable, allowing you to adapt rapidly to change and to continuously improve your operations

Project & Programme Management

Henderson Scott

Tailored Project & Programme Management services for Cloud users. Capabilities: Project Analysis, Project Planning, Programme Management, Project Administration, PMO Management, Information Analysis, Business Analysis, PMO Analysis, Portfolio Management, Change Management, SCRUM Management. Certifications: Prince 2 (II), PMP, PMBOK, PMI, MSP. Qualifications: Agile, Waterfall, DSDM, SCRUM, SSADM and APM.

Cloud BPM

Anson Resolution

Cloud Business Process Management can replicate the interactions of people and technology to automate operational and support processes quickly, cost effectively and reliably.

Workflow Management Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm’s secure Workflow Management Platform allows you to define, manage and automate mission critical workflows and business processes, accelerating operations and reducing cost. Applications include licensing, vetting, service onboarding, procurement, powering citizen web services, compliance and regulatory management, secure collaboration, document management, data sharing, and case management more generally

ESB Agile

Meritec Limited

Meritec ESB Agile is a rapid deployment tool and powerful business rules engine for automating services in the public sector to reduce costs and facilitate better service. It is robust, flexible, highly scalable and designed for self-sustainability. ESB enables the deployment of Agile applications of any scale and size.

Symbox BPMS Platform with BI / Analytics


Symbox BPMS platform with BI / Analytics module. The BPMS platform enables complete end-to-end mapping of business processes across all areas including HR, Finance, IT, Operations, Logistics and more. Once mapped the BI / Analytics module will find areas where improvements can be made and are key to continuous improvement.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Agilisys Ltd

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service from Agilisys provides strategic advisory, design and build services for the automation of repetitive, routine tasks. Our RPA service enables our clients to complete work more quickly, accurately, and efficiently, enabling them to free up resource to focus on their customers with more complex needs.

Isoma Supplier

E Squared UK Ltd

Isoma Supplier is an optional module for Isoma BM. It enables an organisation to securely and collaboratively optimize its supply processes in order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of supply. Applications include: business transformation, operational excellence, change management, mergers and acquisitions

Microsoft 365 E3

Civica UK Limited

Cloud Productivity & Security. Licensing suite for Office 365 Enterprise E3, Enterprise & Mobility Suite E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Via Civica

erwin Business Process

Sandhill Consultants Ltd

erwin Business Process (BP) software models process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies to ensure elements are aligned and core operations optimized. By mapping and analysing business processes to better manage, improve or redesign them, employees understand and are more accountable for the processes which they support.

Nitrous delivers innovation through artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain solutions

Tech City Ventures

Nitrous is a leader in the UK's CivTech and GovTech ecosystems, helping government, SMEs and industry innovate together. We deliver GDS complaint solutions, secured on government networks, in artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain to enable cost effective digital transformation in the public sector.

Stopford, agenda - Generic Diary Management System

Stopford Information Systems

The Stopford diary system offers councils an all-in-one system that has all of the benefits of applying a generic diary across all services while still retaining the service specific functionality that services need to operate efficiently.

EAMS Group Digital Workshop Maximo Enterprise MRO Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MRO Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraging best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

NPS Single Person Discount Review Service

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

To provide councils with an accurate and cost effective means of identifying and removing fraud and error across their Council Tax Single Person Discount caseload.

Log management as a Service

Sapient Ltd

Sapient provides real-time Machine Data and log analytics for Modern Applications, thus enabling faster and efficient management. We leverage a combination of In-house and top of the industry tools to ease the problem identification & resolution.

Health and Safety Manager

CoreStream Ltd

A flexible Health and Safety solution including assessment and incident capture with fully customisable workflow, associated action capture and automated risk scoring. Incident and Assessment recording is further supported by a mobile application supporting both video and voice capture.



We provide digital strategy and technical consultancy services to create a vision for how digital technology, cloud hosting and services can help achieve business transformation goals and objectives. Through a suite of workshops we develop a programme roadmap for change with new Target Operating Models, change processes and performance measurement.

Pegasystems Cloud Software - Proof of Value

Pegasystems Limited

This ‘proof of value’ offering allows customers to trial Pega products. Pega is #1 for customer engagement and digital process automation software including Case Management and BPM, real-time customer decisioning, artificial and workforce intelligence, and RDA/RPA. The no-code solutions support digital automation agendas and transform constituent engagement.

Digital Service Forms - Online & Offline forms

apto solutions limited

The apto digital services forms platform offers digital by default transactions through the production, submission and management of electronic forms (eforms) including all types of attachments. This is anytime, anywhere, any place, any device digital service management and capture for external and internal users.

Trustwide Doctor Rostering

Rotamap Ltd

Trustwide Doctor Rostering combines CLWRota and Medirota services for all doctors across an NHS Trust. Trustwide Doctor Rostering enhances communication and collaboration between departments and provides metrics to guide improvement in areas such as consultant productivity and theatre utilisation.

Environmental and Flood Risk Asset Management Software

AMX Solutions Ltd

Fully customisable Asset Management eXpert software for LLFA's, Flood Risk and Natural Environment management teams. Comprehensive inventory collection, recording inspections, planning maintenance and detailed reporting on all flood risk assets. Compliant with Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales Datasets. Manage Drainage, Buildings. Instruments, Defences, Structures, Civils, Land and more.

PPM Reporting and BI for effective Project, Programme and Portfolio management

Program Planning Professionals Ltd (t/a Pcubed)

Our DeliveryHub™ product extends the reporting capability for both Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online. It delivers the ability to deliver a wider and more complex set of reports, reduces and improves the decision making process with project dashboards, project trend analysis, drill-down and slice and dice reports.

3SL Cradle Application Lifecycle Development

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to application lifecycle development for agile and phase-based projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). Enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, requirements and models, traceability to test, release and operational use, and publishing into contract documents. Manages entire business lifecycle.

Online Survey, Audit and Data collection platform

Methods Analytics Ltd

Fully configurable online Survey, Audit and Data collection platform for use by organisations looking to benchmark and collect multiple data types across a broad, access-controlled user base. The platform transforms multiple datasources into bespoke dashboards, reports and data extracts that include statistical methodologies for analysis, charting, drill-down and alerting.

Workflow Platform Service and API

Digital Patterns Limited

This service allows users to create BPMNs, CMMNs and DMNs using Camunda. The service exposes a set of APIs that allows the creation and maintenance of processes and cases. Dynamic forms can be associated with these for frontend interaction as well as APIs.

KnowledgeKube Low-Code Rapid Application Development Platform

Mercato Solutions

KnowledgeKube, a low-code RAD Platform that makes it faster to develop highly connected enterprise applications for the Web, Windows, iOS and Android. Create small productivity apps to large scale enterprise solutions that can be deployed across the enterprise and that easily connect with enterprise data, cloud services and devices.

Responsiv Solutions IBM Workload Automation on Cloud

Responsiv Solutions Ltd

IBM Workload Automation on Cloud allow Clients to model business processes using workflows with automation (Robotic Automation or RPA) allowing them to run unattended. Reduced human intervention allows efficient execution and governance over large quantities of processes. A complete solution for batch and real-time workload management hosted in the cloud

Software AG - Cloud Ready Streaming and Predictive Analytics Platform

Software AG (UK) Limited

Software AG's Streaming and Predictive Analytics Platform enables real-time processing of extremely fast, large data volumes, orders of magnitude larger than traditional IT architectures. The platform captures data with low latency from any device, then performs analytics on the data, referencing historic information where necessary to identify and predict patterns.

Cloud Based Development , Deployment & DevOps

Pivotal Technology

Pivotal undertakes development, implementation, integration, and migration to the new platform from a conceptualisation stage to implementation of cloud-based solution. We deliver an customer-need based Minimum Viable Product (MVP), testing, learning, and iterating the service until it is made fit for purpose before going Live.

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

Edifit Limited

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a collaborative business design platform offering powerful, integrated modeling and reporting across multiple disciplines to enable coherent decision-making. It provides capabilities to seamlessly plan, design and execute change using a wide set of disciplines and extensible modelling languages.

Hack Partners Hackathons-as-a-service

Hack Partners

Hack Partners have delivered over 5 hackathons, under the HackTrain name, for a number of clients including the Department for Transport, Angel Trains, GWR, Arriva, Go Ahead and Network Rail. Lauded as the best hackathon ever organised, HackTrain is the leading service provider for hackathons which result in cloud solutions.

TAP Oracle Enterprise Application and Platform Configuration


Enables organisations to develop individually configured and customised Oracle Enterprise Applications using existing or enhanced enterprise data. These rapidly deliver capabilities to multiple users, allowing them to undertake analysis to enable important strategic organisational decisions.

Digital & Business Consultancy

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Requirements gathering, solicitation and definition Digital Value Mapping Stakeholder mapping, comms and engagement Digital strategy Business, functional and technical specifications Acceptance Criteria Prioritisation & phasing Content strategy (what content is required and where) Programme Management User testing and research User scenarios, journeys Interactive Proof of Concepts/Prototypes/Wire-frames Procurement Management

Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering

Rotamap Ltd

Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering combines CLWRota and Medirota services for doctors in all surgery-related specialities. Surgery-wide Doctor Rostering enhances communication and collaboration between departments and provides metrics to guide improvement in areas such as consultant productivity and theatre utilisation.

Business Applications Services in the Cloud

Deloitte LLP

Using best-of-breed application providers agreed with you, Deloitte will implement an integrated, cloud-based service meeting your business requirements, and will then deliver, manage and support the service for a set period under an SLA and service credits regime, along with any associated business change activities you may need.

EAMS Group MetroRail Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MetroRail Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraged through best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.



Customer experience is a key part of providing effective workflow management and fast and efficient customer satisfaction. WF enables our clients to answer customer questions, build and automatically manage case files, manage workflow, and ultimately conclude any customer query or complaint quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Pegasystems Cloud Software - Pega Government Platform and CRM

Pegasystems Limited

Pega is #1 for customer engagement and digital process automation software including Case Management and Business Process Management (BPM), real-time customer decisioning, end-to-end artificial intelligence, workforce intelligence and robotic automation (RDA/RPA). The cloud-based, no-code, Pega Government Platform (PGP) and CRM solutions support digital automation agendas and transform constituent engagement.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Resilience

Transforming Systems Limited

SHREWD Resilience shows the operational situation of local urgent care systems as a simple view in real time. Users can quickly and easily identify ‘where’ the pressure is across the health system, why it is happening and act to address it via proactive alerts, inbuilt teleconferencing and paperless audit system.

Application development support

Modis International Ltd trading as Ajilon

Ajilon deliver enterprise class application development and support services following the ITIL, prince and Agile frameworks. Our experienced developers have an in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies and are proficient in programming languages including Python, JavaScript, .net, Ruby, PHP, Apex and Visual Basics (VB).

GOSS Apply It

GOSS Interactive Ltd

The "GOSS Apply It" toolkit enables users to quickly create and configure online application services. Designed for Public Sector departments and teams to take control of the delivery of their online services.

3SL Cradle Systems Engineering

Structured Software Systems Ltd

Team collaboration tool providing a rational approach to systems engineering for agile and phase projects, unclassified (IL0) to OFFICIAL (IL3). It enables the capture, engineering and analysis of needs, goals, objectives, requirements, analysis architecture and design models, traceability to test and acceptance, and publishing into contract-ready documents.

Secure Document & Data Sharing Platform

Fincore Limited

CBPm Secure Data Sharing allows information to be securely shared internally, between departments, and with agencies, suppliers and other third parties. Documents and data can be uploaded via the web or APIs. Import and re-distribution can be automated or manual. Collaborative workflows can be set up to manage the data

Software AG -ARIS Cloud Ready Enterprise Business Process Design, Modeling and Analysis

Software AG (UK) Limited

ARIS Cloud Enterprise is a full-scale Business Process Analysis-as-a-Service product. It allows to design, improve, analyze, share and collaborate around business processes from small to large numbers of users within an organization and across organization borders.

Symbox Robotic Automation in concert with BPMS


Symbox Digital Business Platform (SDBP) is an ideal compliment to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Whilst RPA is used successfully to automate tasks within a process, using the SDBP to manage the end to end process accelerates ROI, by delivering greater levels of benefit and value.

Business Process Modelling

i3Works Ltd

Business Process Modelling consultancy service provides advise and project management of innovative process data modelling with Boxarr complexity management solutions. BOXARR enables digital simulation of work production processes, helping identify hidden inter-dependencies, risks and systems weaknesses. It allows you to optimise performance in complex organisations and engender business resilience.

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service is available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSION) and TOP SECRET supporting the delivery of a Single Intelligence Environment. Data management applications including BI/BA analytics engines, facial recognition and information asset workflow tools are supported.

Hornbill Service Manager for HR


Hornbill Service Manager for HR delivers a simple, intuitive way for HR teams to adopt best practice, with a shorter time to value. Collaborative Service Management blends effective principles from traditional best-practice with collaboration technologies to enable HR groups to take a modern, agile approach to meeting employee needs.