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Cybereason Endpoint Detection and Response with Nex-Gen AV


APPtechnology provides Real Time Prevention & Detection of Cyber Attacks through Endpoint Protection technology and NGAV, covering; Prevention (NGAV & EDR) Detection (EDR) Response/Investigation Hunting A single software agent provides EDR and NGAV functionality managed through a single dashboard. Optional 24x7 SOC services covering Active Monitoring, Adversary Hunting, Advanced Analysis

Civica Civil Enforcement – Large

Civica UK Limited

Large Civil Enforcement solution for sites receiving between 100,000 and 200,000 PCNs pa. It provides a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions designed to optimise efficiencies and reduce operational risk across the end-to-end PCN and permit management lifecycle. It streamlines local processes from parking and permits administration to digital CCTV-based enforcement.

Drakewell C2-Cloud

Drakewell Limited

C2-Cloud is a scalable database designed to capture, validate, store, analyse and disseminate road traffic data via any web-enabled computer. Data types handled include binned and per vehicle record traffic data covering vehicle class, axle, speed, time, direction, weight, gap and headway.

Alert Logic Cloud Defender

Cloudreach Europe Limited

Alert Logic Cloud Defender SaaS improves security visibility and compliance. 24x7 monitoring by security experts for network threat detection, log management, vulnerability assessment and web application protection. Providing continuous monitoring and actionable security intelligence protecting your data. This helps organisations achieve compliance, allowing critical teams to focus on security outcomes.


D-RisQ Ltd.

Modelworks® uniquely applies Formal Methods mathematics to systems requirements to assess the stability of systems, show whether redundant functionality exists and ensure that systems will never deadlock. The technique will show where the actual behaviour of the design is not reflected in the requirements and also provide repeatable, objective evidence.

Protective Monitoring as a Service


Eduserv Protective Monitoring as a Service provides the setup, configuration and operation of log monitoring, event analysis and automated alerting in line with NCSC (formerly CESG) guidance. This secure cloud service eases the burden of PSN compliance and helps to meet the SIEM requirements for accrediting OFFICIAL systems.

BIGFONE Cloud Crisis Management

Azuronaut Limited

Bigfone is a business continuity and crisis management service. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Bigfone is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that integrates with Azure Active Directory to contact employees quickly in a crisis. Bigfone utilises best in class delivery services for email / SMS communication.

Aurora365 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Managed Service for SolarWinds

Comtact Limited

Cloud-based IT network monitoring application, providing clients with a single, secure dashboard view of their entire IT estate - fully managed by our SolarWinds-certified professionals. Monitored 24x7x365 from our UK Tier 3, ISO27001 data centre to proactively manage performance issues - before they impact business. Service guarantee 99.99% up-time.

Service Discovery and Latency Modelling Tool

Automation Consultants

Automation Consultants’ OpsWave is a software suite of data centre migration tools created to make awkward, large-scale IT change simpler and more intuitive. Its features employ intelligent assessment of network trace data to resolve problems commonly associated with data centre migrations.

My Council Services - Non Production Environment

A testing and sandbox environment available for clients to conduct their own quality assurance and testing. A fully functional mirror of the client's live instance with the option to have all current configuration settings cloned at intervals upon request. Incremental clones are chargeable

Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption, Consultancy & Implementation Services

Tisski Limited

Full range of advice & guidance, supply & delivery and transition services for adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud Technologies.


Jisc Services Ltd

Federated roaming for the wider public sector, providing seamless connectivity for the end user. Geolocation support from the govroam app allows users to locate govroam enabled venues, for quick and easy access. Jisc operates the central service that joins regional roaming initiatives into a standardised national-scale service.

Data Logging, Alerting, Reporting, Management & Analysis Software


R-DNA provides a user friendly and customisable “cloud-based” web interface allowing for the capture and analysis of data from remote monitoring hardware devices. R-DNA offers intelligent and customisable alerting using a variety or combination of methods; SMS, Email and its own messaging tool all offered in a pseudo real-time system.

Experian Pandora - Smart Data Management


Experian Pandora is a next-generation smart data management platform. It analyses, transforms and monitors your data in a highly collaborative and secure way in order to help you identify issues and ireegularities. Its unique correlated architecture allows you to process vast volumes of data, instantly.

Cloud Managed Print Service

Redshank IT Services Limited

Redshanks IT Services Ltd help customers gain control of their print estate and reduce costs by up to 40% utilising Cloud Managed Print Services (Print as a Service). Bringing transparency and predictability to print management achieves maximum benefits from print technology whilst streamlining document workflow and enhancing security.

Electronic Offender Monitoring

G4S Monitoring Technologies Ltd

The G4S EM (or Tagging) system covers all aspects of Offender Monitoring, including RF House Arrest/Home Detention, GPS Tracking, and Domestic Violence. The system provides Police, Local Authorities and Government Agencies a cost effective and robust solution to assist in their efforts to reduce re-offending across all offender types.

ORQA Cloud Automated Testing

IB Boost

ORQA Cloud offers a fully customisable, secure performance and load testing-as-a-service cloud platform, giving organisations the ability to rapidly develop, deploy and execute at scale performance tests as simple or as complex as needs dictate. Cutting edge visual dashboards render results in real-time for advanced insight into application performance.

Texuna Identity Assurance & Access Management


Identity Assurance and Access Management is an enterprise solution supporting mission-critical authentication and authorisation services, giving secure access to private and public cloud applications. Deliver Single Sign-On/Off via Shibboleth or OAuth2 for customers, partners, employees. Exchange attributes between integrated systems via SAML2. Active Directory integration and federation via open standards.

Gateway and Firewall Router as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A virtualised Interzone, Boundary or Domain, Gateway and virtual Firewall service, suitable in providing separation between services. Supports VPN / secure IPSEC routing for remote connections. Can additionally provide a wide range of infrastructure support functions including DHCP, DNS etc.

Aerohive Manager NG

AIT Partnership Group Ltd

Aerohive Manager is a cloud-enabled SAAS WLAN management solution. Designed to manage Aerohive Access Points it also fully integrates with Dell switches. The software uses cooperative control technology to provide all the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.



SD-WAN provides a secure hybrid overlay technology virtualizing the enterprise WAN with centralized management and control.

Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP)


Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention from CWSI is a solution which protects iOS and Android devices from advanced mobile threats such as malware, device configuration threats, man-in-the-middle attacks and apps requiring excessive permissions. It can integrate with many other systems or deploy as a standalone product.

ORQA Cloud Environment Management and Dashboarding

IB Boost

ORQA Cloud provides a rich interface for monitoring and managing your environments with highly configurable dashboards, integrated monitoring, flexible data integration capabilities, historised results, performance analytics, customisable alerts and notification processes and environment provisioning self-service capabilities. Our ORQA Cloud dashboard tool provides a one-stop-shop for your operational needs.

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSON) and TOP SECRET delivers active cyber defence management and network forensic analysis. The aim is to contain and mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and prevent future attacks.

Managed Secure Domain Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Managed Secure Domain Service is available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSION) and TOP SECRET. The service includes network, infrastructure, data and security management providing management across secure platforms dealing with mission/business critical data management, secure managed Dev/Ops and Hybrid domain integration.

Zscaler Web Security from O2

Telefonica UK Limited

Zscaler is a global cloud-based information security company that provides Internet security, web security, next generation firewalls, sandboxing, SSL inspection, antivirus, vulnerability management and granular control of user activity in cloud computing, mobile and Internet of things environments.

SonicWALL Global Management System

Wem Technology Ltd

Centralised internet activity monitoring with a comprehensive policy and compliance report as part of your protective monitoring obligations. Simplified management and deployment of security policies and appliances to minimize the administration for organisations with multiple security policies and Dell SonicWALL devices.

CE Smart


CE Smart allows organisations to rapidly check, secure and certify to achieve Cyber Essentials - all within a single platform. The cloud based dashboard allows both real-time visibility of devices and smart fixes resulting in a significant reduction of the overhead of Cyber Essentials implementation.

VigilancePro - User Activity Monitoring, Management & Auditing

Vigilant Applications Limited

VigilancePro is a powerful User Activity monitoring, management & auditing solution. Through a unique layered approach to information security, VigilancePro enables organisations to monitor, identify and manage how users access, process, store and transmit sensitive information. Comprehensive audit trails provide evidence of compliance (or otherwise) with applicable policies and regulations.

eCFG - Configuration Manager

Egress Group Ltd

eCFG™, used during data migration projects, analyses legacy system data extracts against configuration held within the target system and reports any discrepancies. This is achieved without the need to actually load any data; thus reducing the project timeline and increasing the ability to improve load statistics.

Test Services (security, functional, accessibility, performance, automation)


For testing software, devices and infrastructure

iWaste+: An Advanced Municipal Waste Data Analytics Platform

Open Sky Data Systems

iWaste+, waste data analytics, supports a Council or Suppliers existing data management system by adding an Analytical tool bringing in both waste and external data and providing new ways of both reviewing existing elements and providing forecasting and 'what if' predictions for future working.

Custodian SaaS - Software as a Service

Celerity Limited

Celerity Custodian is a data protection suite that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration. Custodian provides reliable, cost effective backup and fast recovery for virtual, physical and cloud environments of all sizes and, enables advanced application protection to minimise downtime, maximising availability.

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping ltd

Asset Mapping and Asset registration of all assets within a building/s. Asset Mapping is a scalable database that brings together data from devices and systems into a single map. The system triggers alerts and provides information to facilities managers and engineers, to address issues faster and at a lower cost.

AM-Cloud - Asset Management

Drakewell Limited

AM-Cloud module assists with recording, importing and managing location and attributes of all assets ‘on the fly’. A database of assets can be generated rapidly and uploaded in the field or on return to an offi ce. Assets can vary from a SIM card, ITS equipment, cabinets or street signs

Symantec Cloud Web Security Service

Symantec (UK) Ltd

The service provides the same proactive web protection capabilities delivered by Symantecs on-premises Secure Web Gateway, the ProxySG, but delivered as a resilient cloud security service. Sitting between your employees and the Internet, it protects your enterprise from cyber threats and controls corporate use of the cloud and the web.

Continuous Delivery as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Continuous Delivery as a Service provides a solution to gives you control over your software and infrastructure deployments, by automating integration across both infrastructure and application code. This gives your operations and development teams a common platform for developing, testing, and deploying cookbooks, applications, and more.

Atlassian Managed Services Limited

Adaptavist Managed Services Premium is a fully managed service for Atlassian software products, such as JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket, in an Adaptavist hosted environment or in a client's private cloud, with service delivery manager, monitoring, backups, and SLA. Adaptavist can provide training, add-on development, licensing, and professional services including migration. Data Visualisation

The Other Media Limited for business intelligence resides in the background as part of the ambient environment inside your key service areas of marketing, retail or sales. Cause and effect events are captured and flagged on a series of screens in a way that simplifies your data, and integrates your organisational thinking.

Management Domain as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Complete range of infrastructure Management Domain Services, covering Build Server, Log Server, Event Server, Monitoring Solution, Patch Server, as well as a Remote Access Workstation. Includes a mail service, for alerting and reporting management, and a backup service. Complete Virtual solution.

Synthesys Cognitive Computing Platform copy

Digital Reasoning Ltd

Cognitive analysis of multiple sources of human communication. Including emails, audio, documents, chat, image similarity, eComms surveillance, customer insight, fraud detection, Anti Money Laundering, human trafficking entity resolution (SPOTLIGHT), client and customer insight.

Cloud Performance Monitoring Service

SQS Group Limited

SQS's Cloud Performance Monitoring Service tracks and aggregates key performance and utilisation metrics directly from your users’ mobile apps and browsers. The tools capture every single user experience across every device, platform, OS and location, and instantly present this data in a comprehensive format, empowering you with actionable business intelligence.

Software Asset Management as a Service


Eduserv Software Asset Management as a Service is based on the industry-leading Snow License Manager, the hub of Snow’s advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) platform – providing a unified view of all your software and hardware assets, license entitlements, application usage metrics and associated professional services.

Symantec Cloud Workload Protection

Symantec (UK) Ltd

The Symantec™ Cloud Workload Protection Service provides infrastructure security as a service for workloads on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms. The Service allows businesses to take control of their public cloud infrastructure by providing visibility, security, threat and vulnerability insight from a single console.

OpenDNS Cloud Delivered Security, Threat Intelligence & Web Filtering


Enforcement built into the foundation of the internet. Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide more effective security.

Bramble Hub MACS - Maximo SAAS

Bramble Hub Limited

(SaaS) is a software delivery model in which software function is delivered over the internet, managed by a vendor and paid for on a subscription basis. This would allow you to securely access its secure data from anywhere, at any time, via the internet from our Partner’s Tier 3+ datacentres


Keyfort Ltd

SOBook is a secure online booking service that can be linked to an existing or new website. SOBook comprises: 1. Publish and book courses and other resources online. 2. Pay securely online. 3. Manage participants, courses, venues and instructors. 4. Communicate and obtain feedback SMStexts, emails and apps. 5. Reports

Council Hub

DigitalFirst Solutions

CouncilHub is a customer facing digital 'My Account' platform that enables Local Authorities to realise significant channel shift benefits. The platform contains a customer authentication and identity management engine, a range of inbuilt eForms and processes, and can integrate with any number of back office and CRM systems.


Open Sky Data Systems

iWDMS is for Councils who need to automate the validation and approval of waste movement information from all the information sources within the area. Tracks and reports on waste from collection to disposal.

SAAS - Freedom Access

European Electronique

Freedom Access provides secure browser based access to data, systems and resources through an intuitive interface. A dashboard view of live data and single-sign-on capabilities act as a one-stop-shop for all customer information and systems access. It is an extensively customisable solution and can extend existing Software-As-A-Service and Platform-As-A-Service offerings.

Skyhigh Networks CASB

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (Ireland) Ltd

Skyhigh is the leading cloud access security broker trusted by over 600 enterprises to securely enable over 20,000 cloud services, including shadow IT and sanctioned IT. Clients leverage a single cross-cloud platform to gain visibility into cloud usage and risks, meet compliance requirements, enforce security policies, and respond to threats.

Compass Tier One Managed SOC Service

Auriga Consulting Ltd

Tier one provides a comprehensive 24/7 manned, monitoring solution wrapped in expertise that is immersed in cyber security which is scalable and fit for purpose, keeping an eye on business components in realtime. Tier one provides a capable solution, complimented by a tightly integrated monitoring, reporting and response service.

Packaged Automation & Cloud Management Platform

Proact IT UK Limited

Packaged Automation and Cloud Management Platform is a new approach to IT service delivery, operations, and management; which addresses the key requirements: continuous assessment, self-service, process automation for IT and standard internal business processes. The orchestration portal built on VMware’s vRealize Advanced Suite has over 600 ready-made workflows and counting.

IoT Sensor Service for Workplace Analytics on Matrix Detect

Keytree Limited

Matrix Detect is the Internet of Things (IoT) platform for Matrix Booking. Using the standard Matrix API, Matrix Detect allows clients to connect a variety of data sources to enable advanced analytics and to feed real time functions within the Matrix Booking suite.

Microsoft Cloud Subscription & Licence Management Services

Tisski Limited

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Tisski offer a full range of advice & guidance, supply & delivery and transitioning services for Microsoft Azure licensing.

Sopra Steria Managed Protective Monitoring

Sopra Steria Ltd

Sopra Steria Managed Protective Monitoring has three packaged options for small, medium and large deployments. The options have different levels of monitoring with the large deployment including real time environment controls in addition to alerts and logging. Our service will give you peace of mind for cloud implementations.

Edge Monitoring

Mobile Edge UK

Provides real-time monitoring services for both your underlying hardware and application running on them. Standard services include CPU, disk, network, log monitoring. Custom monitoring can be provided for specific applications. Alerting choices include email, SMS.

Continuous Compliance as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Continuous Compliance as a Service provides a Continuous Compliance service, enabling you to deliver Accreditation at Velocity using ‘Infrastructure as Code’. Part of the DevOps 'Velocity in Delivery' for the Public Sector, it provides, Assured and Compliance at speed for Digital Services.

Microsoft Power BI, Bots, Cognitive & Machine Learning Consultancy & Implementation Services

Tisski Limited

Adoption, consultancy, analysis, planning, design, deployment and support services for Microsoft Power BI, Bots, Cognitive & Machine Learning Consultancy & Implementation Services. Leverage BOTS , artificial intelligence, machine learning and Power BI to improve you services.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.

Outlyer Monitoring


Outlyer is a service availability and performance monitoring solution for DevOps & Operations teams running online services. Designed for today's dynamic cloud environments and micro-services, Outlyer removes the time & effort required setting up, scaling and running Open-Source tools like Sensu, Nagios, Graphite and StatsD.

Intelligent Automation and Service Management - Intuition

Celerity Limited

Intuition provides end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure and business services via a single pane view. The tools perform initial discovery to build an inventory of all elements with intelligent automation, provisioning, updating, patching, alerting and reacting to events to prevent service disruption.

Cisco CloudCenter - Hybrid Cloud Management platform

Engage ESM

Deployed in multiple UK and US government agencies; Cisco CloudCenter solution is a hybrid cloud management platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys application components and data in more than 19 data center and private and public cloud environments and regions.

Mobile application design and build

Cognitran Ltd

Cognitran supplies complete end-to-end e-business solutions specialising in native application build, digital content delivery and data analytics delivered through the Cloud. We assist companies gain control over complex business activities providing new and innovative ways to deliver information to and from end users through the leveraging of mobile technologies.

ZeroFOX Platform


The ZeroFOX Platform provides automated threat detection and remediation across social, mobile, deep & dark web, domains and collaboration platforms. Using artificial intelligence-driven analysis engines, the cloud-based ZeroFOX platform automatically detects and remediates fraudulent accounts, targeted phishing attacks, customer scams, data leakage, exposed PII, insider threats and more.

Drakewell C2-Cloud Instation

Drakewell Limited

Drakewell Instation reads data directly from GPRS/IP enabled recorders to the C2-Cloud database in real time or at intervals defined by the user. The health of recorders can be checked, while our powerful data checking engine automatically examines loaded data and notifies users of any potential issues.

Civica Lynx PNCAuditor

Civica UK Limited

Lynx PNCAuditor integrates with existing PNC systems for secure, real-time, procedural and automated auditing of all force PNC transactions. Developed by Civica in partnership with Dyfed Powys and West Midlands Police, Lynx PNCAuditor provides an efficient and effective system for conducting PNC audits to HMIC guidelines.

Acceleration of business systems, in order to reclaim staff productivity lost to slowness


Business Systems underpin public sector service delivery, so it’s vital that such Systems run well - otherwise productivity, compliance and customer service are all negatively impacted. Quadnet helps all levels of management, both from the business or IT, to understand the impact of slow business systems, and to find fixes.

Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Adoption, Consultancy & Implementation Services

Tisski Limited

Full range of advice & guidance, supply & delivery and transition services for adopting Microsoft Azure in a hybrid Scenario.

Reliance acsn Managed Security Services

Reliance acsn

Reliance acsn have over 10 years' experience managing global security infrastructures for our clients, including some of the fastest growing government organisations. We offer two options: Co-Managed Service, supporting and enhancing your existing team or Fully Managed Service - we'll manage your entire security infrastructure, so you don't have to.

Digital Managed Services

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Hosting (physical vs. virtualised vs. cloud; shared vs. dedicated) Infrastructure support Application support Maintenance Digital infrastructure audit Disaster Recovery (DR) & 'hot'/'warm'/'cold' High availability (managing demand) Managed Services audit (investigation), migration (taking on third-party services) and Business As Usual (BAU)

Quality Intelligence & Analytics Service

SQS Group Limited

SQS's Quality Intelligence and Analytics service provides a highly-customisable Quality Intelligence Platform dashboard that will integrate with existing commercial or open-source tool-chains to provide key Product and Project Quality Metrics in real-time, tailored by role. This enables the governance of product compliance, vendor management, benchmarking and system quality data analytics.

DXC Technology Managed Security Incident and Event Management

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

DXC Technology security experts deliver 24x7 monitoring, triage, and validation for correlated events from our Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which use class-leading technology. DXC's services are operated by security experts who understand the broader security and IT technologies.

Journey Time

Drakewell Limited

Journey Time offers users a powerful set of tools for analysing and reporting on many different types of journey data. Real time data is received via IP/GPRS through the Drakewell Instation with support for ANPR and Bluetooth Roadside equipment. Data can be uploaded via ftp direct to C2-Cloud for processing.

Qpercom, Advanced Assessment Solutions

Qpercom Ltd

We provide a software product (Qpercom) with features for Recruitment and Multiple Mini Interviews (Qpercom Recruit); Entrustable Professional Activities (Qpercom Entrust); Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (Qpercom Observe); Multiple Choice and Extended Matching Questions (Qpercom Choice); Psychometric Learning Analytics and Quality Analysis (Qpercom Analyse).

Information and Communications Technologies

Clarity Tech Ltd

Clarity Tech supplies cloud-based technologies that provide access to information through various applications and systems. Our ICT services include Development of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Operations Management, and Continuous Service Improvement. Technical management, Application Management, Incident, and Problem Management.

HIStel VoIP Telephony

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

A custom-built communication system that utilises a cloud based VoIP PBX phone switching system. The VoIP technology, ensuring it provides a tailored service for all your telecom needs. Offering a fully featured telephone system with minimum recurring costs, HIStel can typically be provided for less than you might think.

Intergence Digital and Cloud Service

Intergence Systems Limited

Intergence partners with government teams to deliver digital and cloud transformation. Our specialists, coupled with our analytics framework support the delivery of customer-focused digital transformational change and cloud migrations. We embed our experts with existing teams and create strategy, plan, design and deliver digital and cloud programmes and projects.

Virtual Cyber Security Operations Centre (vSOC)

Research Series Limited

vSOC service is designed to support organisations requirement for Cyber Security & Security Monitoring. Allowing for requirements gathering, design, handover and training of staff to operate the Cyber security operations centre. The vSOC service – CSOCs, SSOCs, SIEM allows protective monitoring logs, threat intelligence feeds, CERT and vulnerability information fusion.


TENIAN Limited

We continuously monitor your organization’s digital shadow, identifying incidents as they occur, delivering relevant alerts and reports by email, through our client portal, and through our API as required. We continue to review and update our setup and configuration with you to understand and mitigate new threats as they emerge.


Cloudreach Europe Limited

CloudHealth’s Cloud Service Management platform integrates with services across the datacenter and cloud, giving customers the ability to visualize, optimize, and automate their cloud environments. Using a policy-driven approach aligned to business processes, customers leverage CloudHealth to drive cost savings, improve agility, enhance security, and reduce complexity.

Open Source Alfresco Content Management System (CMS)

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS offers the Alfresco Enterprise Document and Records Management as a cloud hosted service. Alfresco is the market leading Enterprise Content Management platform, as of 2014 more than 1,300 organisations in 180 countries use Alfresco daily. Customers choose to use alfresco out-of-the-box or configure it to meet their specific requirements.

Computacenter Next Generation Service Desk (Hosted)

Computacenter (UK) Ltd

Enabling users by digitising the IT service desk front end, using an interactive and intuitive portal and a mobile app ensures access from the desktop and a range of tablets and mobile devices. Users self-serve for IT knowledge and support and perform routine tasks, like automated password resets.

Compass Tier Two Managed SOC Service

Auriga Consulting Ltd

Tier two delivers to clients more than just a finger on the pulse to defend themselves against Cyber Risk, Tier 2 provides an in- depth level of insight. This ensures that the client bolster their security defences with an element of dynamism over their security controls and defence components.

Complete Mobile Device Security


Complete Mobile Device Protection from CWSI is a solution that combines best-of-breed software platforms to protect mobile devices at every level. Device security, data traffic control and reputation, app reputation and malware detection in a single solution that is deployed from a single console.

Comply & Secure

Convergent Network Solutions

The service is appropriate for organisations looking to strengthen their defences against security / cyber threat, gain real time insight to potentially malicious / harmful network activity, weaknesses and vulnerabilities across their security estate, whilst meeting requirements of Compliance regimes. The service provides proactive protective monitoring on a 24X7X365 basis.

On-Demand Cloud Service for Environments and Tools

Sogeti UK Limited

OneShare is a unique portal offered by Sogeti to simplify the provisioning and management of development, test and training environments. It combines the power of Microsoft Azure, with access to on-demand tools and resources to enable you to load, test and manage your environments, on-demand.

Pontus Vision Open Source GDPR

Pontus Vision

Support for our Open Source GDPR platform, helping customers automatically extract and track their data to comply with the legislation. Includes Privacy Impact Assessment, and Subject Access Requests, all fully audited.

Cyjax Threat Intelligence Service

CYjAX Cyber Threat Intelligence

The Cyjax platform is a web-based modular interface, providing an intuitive and responsive user experience. Keyword functionality ensures that the monitoring focus remains centered around the client’s designated assets. Our platform allows users to easily and quickly identify the threats facing them, enabling timely and accurate risk mitigation defence.

Cirrus Wallboard License


The Cirrus Wallboard License will provide you with dashboards to give you instant contact centre performance metrics in the form of real-time information to aid in measuring call centre performance. You simply need a web browser to access service.

Attenti Electronic Monitoring of Offenders

Electronic Monitoring UK Limited

Attenti Electronic Tagging & Monitoring Software which provides police, local authorities and government agencies with a flexible cloud based software system for the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders. This solution can support efforts to reduce re-offending of all offender types including, persistent and prolific offenders, sex offenders and domestic abusers.


Cloudreach Europe Limited

Splunk transforms machine data into real-time operational intelligence. It enables organizations to search, analyse, monitor, visualize and act on massive streams of data generated by websites, applications, networks, mobile and other devices. Splunk is a platform that includes IT Operations & Service Intelligence, Security & Compliance, and Big Data Analytics.

User Experience Monitoring (UEM)

Little Fish (UK) Ltd

With Littlefish UEM you can simulate the application specific actions (transactions) your users undertake on a day to day basis and measure how long they’re taking to complete. After agreeing an acceptable baseline for transaction response, it becomes possible to identify when access to your business-critical applications is degraded.

Vulnerability Scanner as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Virtual Vulnerability Scanner as a Service to provide an ongoing comprehensive and powerful penetration testing and vulnerability management solution. Includes a large database of networking tests. Supports continuous delivery and integration through providing delivery teams with updated and ongoing security assessment of their services.

ITIL based Solution built upon Atlassian JIRA Service Desk

Valiantys Ltd

Valiantys is offering its own ITIL-based modular end-to-end solution built upon JIRA Service Desk. This solution helps our client transform their organisation, enabling a faster deployment and unmatched user adoption. Our unique ITSM implementation methodology includes pre-built processes for the main ITIL processes and a dedicated Valiantys project manager.

Microsoft Azure Subscription, Office 365, Dynamics and NAV Licence Management Services

Tisski Limited

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Tisski offer a full range of advice & guidance, supply & delivery and transitioning services for Microsoft licensing including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV, CRM, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services.

Azure Cloud Control

igroup Ltd

Cloud Control is a suite of tools for managing client environments in Microsoft Azure. It is designed to automate key management tasks including scheduling back-ups, scaling machines dependent on resource requirements, and managing patches and OS level updates.


ZetaSafe Ltd

ZetaSafe compliance management software is the cloud based solution to accurately and efficiently Collect, Manage and Share data for H&S management and compliance. Schedule and Collect data using smartphones, PDAs or tablets. Manage your assets and monitor compliance via your ZetaSafe dashboard. Share business critical information through powerful reporting tools.

Survey and Personnel Manager

Drakewell Limited

Survey Manager can create and track individual or multiple surveys.This innovative module includes annotated maps with automatically updated Ordnance Survey layers for the creation of quick and accurate site plans Personnel Manager. This user-friendly module permits efficient management of survey staff and other resources associated with temporary traffic surveys.

Reincubate iCloud Data API

Reincubate Ltd

The Reincubate iCloud API allows third parties to extract and analyse data from the Apple iCloud service such as messages, call history, photos, etc via a standard JSON API. Use cases include digital forensics, e-discovery, data loss prevention, mobile device management and parental monitoring.