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Dataphiles Ltd

PatientComms is a cloud based patient engagement platform which enables NHS Trusts, CCG's, CSU's, GP's, Dental Practices & other healthcare providers to complete patient surveys (like the NHS Friends & Family Test), patient studies, provide interactive appointment reminders and healthcare messaging.

Address Verification & Geocoding

Melissa Data Ltd

20% of addresses entered online contain errors: spelling mistakes; wrong house numbers; incorrect postal codes; and formatting errors that don’t conform to a specific country’s postal regulations. Our service verifies addresses for UK and 240+ countries in real-time, at point of entry, to ensure only valid addresses enter your systems.

Over the Counter Payments

allpay Limited

allpay provides a comprehensive over-the-counter network payments service utilising more than 40,000 PayPoint and Post Office outlets and branches nationwide, providing organisations with daily transaction data via its secure cloud-based portal. Payments can be made via barcoded bill or plastic payment card.

Experian Pandora - Smart Data Management


Experian Pandora is a next-generation smart data management platform. It analyses, transforms and monitors your data in a highly collaborative and secure way in order to help you identify issues and ireegularities. Its unique correlated architecture allows you to process vast volumes of data, instantly.

Cloud Managed Print Service

Redshank IT Services Limited

Redshanks IT Services Ltd help customers gain control of their print estate and reduce costs by up to 40% utilising Cloud Managed Print Services (Print as a Service). Bringing transparency and predictability to print management achieves maximum benefits from print technology whilst streamlining document workflow and enhancing security.

Patient Experience & Friends & Family Test (FFT)

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

Healthcare Communications are #1 Market leaders in FFT, local surveys and patient experience. Multiple channels capture real time patient feedback including SMS, online, phone, tablets, paper and kiosks. Our analytics and auto-reporting features are co-designed with NHS staff for instant results and includes sentiment analysis, free text theming & heatmap.

numero Self-Service Help Centre

Callcredit Public Sector Limited

A centralised point for customer online support and allow customers to find their own answers by adding numero's fully integrated suite of rich, targeted, self-service Help Centre tools to your desktop and mobile web experiences. Maintain your brand identity and escalate queries and contacts to the correct advisor to answer.

Appointment Management SMS & Multi channel

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

Envoy Appointment Management is #1 communication software for NHS Trusts, sending patient appointment reminders via SMS, IVM, agent, email, letter and online. DNA’s reduce by up to 40% and appointment utilisation increases. 2way messaging, partial booking and pre/post assessments available. Latest technology digital appointment letters, dramatically reduces Trust postage costs.

Ephesoft Document Processing Service

Zaizi Limited

An advanced document capture and data extraction solution to help businesses run more efficiently, increase information mobility and respond to changes in a cost effective manner by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic format

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes provides UK addressing solutions including postcode to address lookup, partial address lookups and address autocomplete. These services are provided through a simple, well documented HTTP API, which can be integrated in minutes. We use Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) with daily updates.

Deeplake Communications Manager

Clearstream Technology Ltd

The Clearstream CMGR SaaS Service deployes Deeplake Communication Manager (a Digital Customer Communications platform for use by Local Authorities and Housing Associations) as a Cloud Service.

Govmail Hybrid Mail

dsi Billing Services

Govmail is our hybrid mail solution that enables organisations to reroute their locally-printed documents to our secure production centres for bulk printing and mailing - achieving up to 60% reduction in costs. Additional modules facilitate channel shift uptake, batch data transfer & document composition, printing and mailing.

Identity Verification

Melissa Data Ltd

Checks and verifies input contact data, globally. Verify an individual's: name, address, phone, email, date of birth, and national ID - against trusted reference data. Enables correction and standardisation of address. Service can help with regulatory compliance, preventing fraudulent transactions, KYC initiatives, and ensuring trust of the people accessing services.

Address Validation


Experian’s address validation service enables you to capture a full and standardised address from minimal data entry, ensuring only complete and accurate information enters your database. With intuitive search functionality, the SaaS version of our tool can be tailored to capture addresses from a variety of sources.

easy.forward™ - Managed Capture Service

Scan Optics Ltd

easy.forward™ Managed Capture Service (MCS) is a cloud based paper to paperless solution, enabling the capture, classification, indexing, storage and retrieval of documents and information using browsers, scanners, MFPs and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. MCS transforms paper and electronic forms into data that flows into your software applications.



ClickToPrint is a Hybrid Mail, Centralised Print Service that captures desktop print into a production mail environment without users having to move from their desk. This solution provides workflow to integrate with existing business processes and the option to convert mail to digital channels such as email or mobile.

Hermes Cloud Contact Centre


Hermes Contact Centre is a powerful communications software, designed for customer contact across multiple media channels. With Voice, Multimedia, and Social Media available as stand-alone contact channels, or integrated seamlessly for ‘omni-channel’ communications; delivered from the Cloud ‘as-a-service’ to any number of Agents, anywhere.

Management of Fixed Content Management (FCM)

SynApps Solutions Limited

The Management of Fixed Content offering provides a cost-effective solution for the capture and management of fixed content such as scanned archive documents. The offering can be integrated with line of business systems to provide a full view of the Invoice, HR record, case file or customer record for processing.

Docstore Document Archive

dsi Billing Services

Docstore is our cloud-based digital document archive and retrieval system. Your digital documents can be uploaded into the system for secure viewing by your customers and your customer services team, via a web browser. Documents can also be indexed and bulk-uploaded into your local DMS.

Address auto-complete

Melissa Data Ltd

The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 50% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.

easy.forward™ - Data Capture Service

Scan Optics Ltd

Scan Optics easy.forward™ Data Capture Services provide UK government agencies with the right Service tools (third party and in-house developed software) combined with proven expertise transition to a foundation where cloud services can be utilised and further efficiencies released.

Govmail Online

dsi Billing Services

Govmail Online is our web browser based hybrid mail solution that enables organisations to reroute their locally-printed documents to our secure production centres for printing and mailing - achieving up to 60% reduction in costs. Additional modules facilitate channel shift uptake, batch data transfer & document composition, printing and mailing.

Exaactly is a breakthrough addressing system, allowing users to label and personalise any space on the globe, revolutionising home delivery, eliminating inaccuracy, and acting as a centralised up-to-date online address book for businesses to connect with their customer base. We are UK based company, offering a SaaS solution.



i Post iComunico Software Enterprise wide cloud based software application, enabling all users on your network whether they are office, home or mobile based to produce and dispatch ad-hoc hybrid mail that is fast, flexible and as inexpensive as bulk mailing. Service includes output management, address validation and sortation software.

Sefas Hybrid Mail SaaS

Sefas Innovation Ltd

On-board & process output jobs ultrafast, design customer communications using pre-formatted print or structured data from systems or Windows office correspondence; distribute print and/or digital (secure email, Web, and SMS) output, using in-house or external service providers, and deposit into long term archive.

numero Interactive

Callcredit Public Sector Limited

Enables Public Sector organisations to improve the way that they deliver multichannel services to their customers, across all Digital and Contact Centre services including phone, email, whitemail, agent, social and web chat channels in multiple languages. It improves customer service, increases operational efficiencies and streamlines processes to reduce costs.