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OpenGov Stories


OpenGov Stories makes storytelling with data easier than ever. Put data in context with rich narratives, beautiful visualizations, user-friendly design, and powerful drill-down capabilities to inform technical and non-technical stakeholders alike, from educating citizens on strategic priorities to updating internal staff on new initiatives.

Civica Civil Enforcement – Large

Civica UK Limited

Large Civil Enforcement solution for sites receiving between 100,000 and 200,000 PCNs pa. It provides a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions designed to optimise efficiencies and reduce operational risk across the end-to-end PCN and permit management lifecycle. It streamlines local processes from parking and permits administration to digital CCTV-based enforcement.


JBA Consulting

AssetCoast coastal asset management is a mobile and web-based asset management service for coastal, estuarine and river defence assets. It provides a consequence-based asset risk assessment of the physical condition of coastal assets in combination with the following risks: coastal erosion, wave overtopping, and still water level flooding.

Spatial Data Quality Assurance Rules Engine

1Spatial Group Ltd

Automated data validation, cleansing, transformation and enhancement for your data with 1Spatial's business rules engine.

Drakewell C2-Cloud

Drakewell Limited

C2-Cloud is a scalable database designed to capture, validate, store, analyse and disseminate road traffic data via any web-enabled computer. Data types handled include binned and per vehicle record traffic data covering vehicle class, axle, speed, time, direction, weight, gap and headway.

Umbraco cloud software

Method4 Limited

Method4 is a certified Umbraco partner. We have been working with Umbraco for many years delivering high quality CMS solutions. Our certified Umbraco developers have an in-depth knowledge of Umbraco and excellent technical and project management skills. We provide website, intranet and extranet development, training, mentoring, migration, hosting and support.

Astun Data Services

Astun Technology Ltd

ADS helps you save time, money & resources in your management and use of Ordnance Survey PSMA data including OS MasterMap, ITN and VectorMap Local. ADS provides a cost effective and resource free alternative to translating, storing, updating and serving base mapping data to internal and public users.

First Response - Community Paramedic

Meta Cannect

Designed for Community Paramedics and Emergency Operations Centres, working with G.P.s to enable more effective communication and consultation, providing supplemental information using a smartphone (in addition to a phone conversation). Low data live video streaming and auto-translate messaging, allow collaborative working between healthcare professionals.

Address Verification & Geocoding

Melissa Data Ltd

20% of addresses entered online contain errors: spelling mistakes; wrong house numbers; incorrect postal codes; and formatting errors that don’t conform to a specific country’s postal regulations. Our service verifies addresses for UK and 240+ countries in real-time, at point of entry, to ensure only valid addresses enter your systems. Pro

ELGIN Pro offers a professional version of with an integrated toolkit that simplifies traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between Highway Authorities, utilities & contractors on a shared platform. Giving access to enhanced data layers plus Apps and Add-ons. Can be part or entirely integrated into customer systems.

HCL iGOVERN® Mobility Solution

HCL Technologies UK LImited

iGOVERN® Mobility is a device and platform agnostic solution, enabling Police Officers to connect to operational systems from remote locations. The service is integrated with force local and national systems. Based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles it provides officers with access to all critical information needed via handheld devices.

Buchanan Cloud Services Accident Analysis

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to analyse road traffic accidents. Specialist users load and validate data from multiple sources. Validated accidents can then be analysed spatially and based on STATS19 fields providing output in configurable reports and map outputs. Data export options meets DfT requirements.

Mobile Policing Suite 2

Airpoint Limited

Transforming policing processes through mobile applications driving effectiveness, efficiency and cost reduction. Integrated with Niche RMS, Northgate Connect, Athena, PNC and others. Services include Federated Searches, Pocket Notebook, Command and Control, Tasking, Stop Search, Evidential Statements, DASH, Briefings, Intelligence, Forms. Supports offline working and operates on Android, iOS and Windows.


IES Solutions LTD

JIXEL AGGREGATOR is a service that allows organisations to collect information from multiple sources and channels anywhere in the world, and aggregate them in a versatile database for an easy use of the data. Sources can be either public or private; citizens are also a source when using the JIXEL-App.

Viderum CKAN Cloud


Viderum CKAN Cloud is the SaaS version of CKAN - the world’s leading open data platform. Viderum provide a simple and comprehensive data management solution including deployment, reliable hosting and responsive support. We take care of the technical tasks allowing you to focus on publishing data, not battling with IT.

Witan Data Store and City Modelling Platform

Mastodon C Ltd

Witan is a cloud-based modelling and data sharing platform, aimed at local government and other city stakeholders, to help city leaders take advantage of new technologies and data science techniques to answer big strategic questions.



SharpCloud is a top-down, data-driven, high-level strategic visualisation and communication tool, which allows users to arrange information into engaging visual stories and dynamic presentations. It enables users to bring together knowledge, content and stakeholders, and tell meaningful stories behind complex issues.

Data Logging, Alerting, Reporting, Management & Analysis Software


R-DNA provides a user friendly and customisable “cloud-based” web interface allowing for the capture and analysis of data from remote monitoring hardware devices. R-DNA offers intelligent and customisable alerting using a variety or combination of methods; SMS, Email and its own messaging tool all offered in a pseudo real-time system.

Experian Pandora - Smart Data Management


Experian Pandora is a next-generation smart data management platform. It analyses, transforms and monitors your data in a highly collaborative and secure way in order to help you identify issues and ireegularities. Its unique correlated architecture allows you to process vast volumes of data, instantly.

Hexagon Mobile Alert

Intergraph (UK) Ltd

Hexagon Mobile Alert enables the public to report non-emergency incident information from a smartphone to the relevant authority via Hexagon’s cloud-hosted service. Incident types are configurable, examples are flytipping, potholes, defective lighting and road signage. The subscribing organisation receives a feed of reports and has access to a reporting portal.

Polling station finder

Democracy Club

This is for voters looking to find their polling station online.

Mobile Validation


Experian’s cloud-based mobile validation solution improves the overall accuracy of your mobile data by checking if it is valid and active. Mobile phone numbers can be validated for accuracy as they are captured or in bulk from your contact database.

View Custom by emapsite Limited

View Custom is (i) a hosted map and search service that extends View OS by emapsite with and (ii) a hosted map and search service for non-OS data sets. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) for non-OS digital mapping, View Custom's WMS/WMTS/WFS deploys on multiple platforms and GIS and web mapping APIs.

Polecat Digital Listening Analytics Software as a Service V2

Polecat - risk intelligence

Polecat SaaS automated analytics solution allows precise querying, pivoting and extracting meaning from unstructured ‘big data’. Sources available are; social media, online media (news, blogs, forums), NLA and subscription sources (subject to licence), internal sources (surveys, reports, audits, satisfaction). Real-time results are delivered in email, dashboards, exports and mobile reports.

Electronic Offender Monitoring

G4S Monitoring Technologies Ltd

The G4S EM (or Tagging) system covers all aspects of Offender Monitoring, including RF House Arrest/Home Detention, GPS Tracking, and Domestic Violence. The system provides Police, Local Authorities and Government Agencies a cost effective and robust solution to assist in their efforts to reduce re-offending across all offender types.



XMAP is a modern cloud-based Web GIS for Government Organisations. It allows you to give mapping data and tools to everyone within the organisation in an easy and structured way. Users can efficiently view, edit, collaborate and analyse geospatial data in order to make better business decisions.

CiviQ Consultation Portal


CiviQ's cloud based public consultation platform focuses on powering open knowledge driven consultations. The portal is structured around an open data paradigm, supporting the development of a representation knowledge repository for engaging communities, building capacity and achieving efficiencies. The portal includes an integrated map based feature.


Mott MacDonald Limited

Mott MacDonald’s Merlin is a flexible web browser-based incident, crisis and major event management tool enabling strategic collaboration between teams in coordinating city or event operations. Merlin provides the ability to quickly share knowledge, implement coordinated responses to incidents, maintain cohesive and clear map-based and tabular views for relevant stakeholders.

Parish Online


Allowing District and County Councils to subscribe to Parish Online on behalf of their Town, Parish and Community Councils. Parish Online benefits include greater self-service by Clerks, better decision-making and wider engagement with the public. Parish Online gives Clerks access to mapping, printing, searching, editing and measurement tools.

EDB Postgres Developer - Standard (uniCores)


EDB Postgres Developer Standard subscriptions provide the benefits of application development with PostgreSQL in a fully licensed, supported and updated EDB Postgres Platform environment including all tools along with access to experts who can help resolve installation, setup and configuration issues, help optimise the database setup, and diagnose Postgres-related issues.

365 Smart Platform-Healthcab

365 Response

A flexible, computer-aided dispatch, compliance, booking and governance tool which co-ordinates the flow of people and resources around a health and social care setting. Designed to support the efficient flow of patients and service users to, from and between settings (e.g. NEPTS) whilst ensuring compliance and efficient use of resources.


Empowering Communities

E-CINS gives power to the practitioner to securely share information individually, locally, cross border or nationally. E-CINS can be used as a stand alone case management system or a multi-agency sharing or search tool to complement legacy systems.



HunchLab is a web-based proactive patrol management system for police departments. Advanced statistical models and machine learning techniques forecast when and where crimes are likely to emerge. Officers are then encouraged to apply evidence-based policing tactics for harm reduction within these identified locations.

Customer Engagement, Consultation and Feedback Service

Nautoguide Ltd

A map based cloud service for delivering consultation, engagement, feedback or crowd-sourcing of data for internal and external collaboration. The service is data-driven designed to provide accessible, heavily customisable polls, questionnaires and surveys - as either a 'white label' (branded) third-party hosted or embedded resource.



Mede/Analytics is a cloud based business intelligence and commissioning platform that scales to provide insight across entire health economy taking data and linking it at the individual level from multiple care settings. The platform tools allow analysis of population health to understand demographics, morbidity, resource utilisation, outcomes, quality and cost.

WMS EVO Data Service

StatMap Ltd

EVO Data Services provide Ordnance Survey products for user across the enterprise to ensure that all business and public facing systems are using the most current and fully maintained data as possible.


Modern Democracy

iPoll is a communication and management platform that helps users manage and communicate during the delivery of elections.

CKAN Open Data Service

Zaizi Limited

A powerful data management service that makes data accessible – by streamlining the publishing, sharing, finding and use of data. CKAN is aimed at data publishers (national and regional governments, companies and organisations) wanting to make their data open and available.


Kaarbon Technology Ltd

A Tree management system allowing mobile users to add or download tree asset data and download geo-referenced mapping for offline use. The mobile application uploads updated asset data to the kaarbontech cloud system. We include the ability to complete an inspection, record defects, repair and maintenance or service requests.

OS Places

Ordnance Survey

OS Places lets users identify addresses accurately by interrogating Local Authority and Royal Mail address datasets. Requests are made using full or partial addresses, a postcode, or unique property ID. Searches also find addresses closest to a given point or all the addresses known within a user-defined area

Getmapping WMS Collections: A-Z Maps: Street and Road layers

Getmapping PLC

A-Z Maps: Street and Road Layers is a managed data streaming service, including A-Z Large Scale, Street and Road mapping datasets. It can be used by Central Government, Local Authorities, Emergency Services etc. as a cost-effective simple way of giving a whole organisation access to high quality A-Z map data.

InformedCONSULT – Consultation and Collaboration Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedCONSULT, Informed’s Consultation and Collaboration Service, modernises and transforms public consultation and engagement. By integrating collaboration services, location mapping, workflow management, GIS (including ESRI, MapInfo, QGIS), cloud technology and digital transformation, the "Digital by Default" service is proven to achieve greater community and stakeholder engagement and produce higher quality feedback.

ArcGIS in the Cloud


ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) that connects maps, apps, data and people enabling smarter, faster decisions. Everyone in your organisation may discover, use, make and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Web and mobile GIS, high-performance desktop, server and spatial databases on your preferred cloud.

Secure Web Based Map Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A secure Map service for the provision of UK, EU and global maps to web applications. Web connected or isolated secure solution to provide mapping on desktop or mobile services. Includes regular map updates and the ability to update/augment or enhance with your own data.

OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

Flax & Teal Limited

OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

ContractorLink by emapsite Limited

ContractorLink by emapsite enables PSMA/OSMA members to securely authorise the sharing of their OS licensed data with approved users such as contractors. The service provides both the authentication handshake with the member and the immediate provision of the data to the third party on approval, ensuring cost-effective and timely access.

ProjectWise CONNECT Edition

Bentley Systems International Limited

ProjectWise CONNECT Edition extends beyond design coordination to enable comprehensive BIM compliant worksharing, empowering project teams to collaborate throughout the project delivery lifecycle. Manage content from design applications including MicroStation, Autodesk AutoCAD, Civil3D, Revit and numerous other file types used in the planning, design, and execution of an infrastructure project.

Location Centre (Cloud GIS)

thinkWhere Limited

Location Centre is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built using Open Source technologies. Provides an enterprise GIS solution for the public sector. It offers feature rich internet and intranet GIS capabilities and a spatial datastore. Location Centre is underpinned by professional services for data management and support.

InformedINSIGHT – Big Data

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedINSIGHT solves your enterprise data management and analysis challenges, providing a coherent understanding of big data and corporate knowledge utilising real-time spatial data analytics, big data integration, dashboards, reports, and GIS. It will support strategic decision making; unlocking and demystifying underlying data from the multiple systems or silos in use.

Bramble Hub GGP Systems - Web Mapping in The Cloud

Bramble Hub Limited

GGP Web Mapping in The Cloud is a fully hosted service via Amazon Web Services. It has been designed to meet the Web Mapping needs of Public Sector bodies and when coupled with a spatial database provides a flexible platform delivering web mapping to staff and the general public.

Getmapping WMS Collections: Aerial Photography

Getmapping PLC

Getmapping WMS Collections: Aerial Photography is a managed data streaming service. It allows access to the most recent hi-res digital Getmapping Aerial Photography, as well as archived imagery captured since 1999. Getmapping have 100% coverage of England, Wales and Scotland at either 12.5cm or 25cm resolution.

Getmapping WMS Collections: OS Premium

Getmapping PLC

Getmapping WMS Collections: OS Premium is a managed data streaming service. It allows access to all Ordnance Survey® raster mapping available to PSMA members via the web. It removes the need to locally store, update and manage data. Users save network capacity, storage space, man hours and costs.

Projet Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development

Agility Management Solutions Limited

Agility Management Solutions ltd. is consulting company to provide bespoke support in Project Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development.

AM-Cloud - Asset Management

Drakewell Limited

AM-Cloud module assists with recording, importing and managing location and attributes of all assets ‘on the fly’. A database of assets can be generated rapidly and uploaded in the field or on return to an offi ce. Assets can vary from a SIM card, ITS equipment, cabinets or street signs

Yotta Horizons - Explorer


Horizons utilises, manipulates and transforms data to enable better service decisions to be made across highways maintenance and environmental services such as waste and cleansing. Combining data from a variety of sources and clear visualisation allows powerful data driven analysis and reporting, to determine the most effective use of resources.

EDB Postgres Enterprise (uniCores) IBM Linux on Power


EDB Postgres Platform: EDB Postgres Advanced Server (enhanced PostgreSQL) with enterprise security, performance, developer and DBA tools, and Oracle compatibility. Includes Postgres Enterprise Manager, Failover Manager, Backup and Recovery, Replication Server, Data Adapters (MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop), and Migration Toolkit. Cost-effective, open source based enterprise solution for Linux on Power.

EDB Postgres Ark (Server)


Private DBaaS deploys EDB Postgres single instances and high availability clusters on OpenStack and AWS EC2. Gives IT managers deployment flexibility, centralised control and monitoring; and developers point and click simplicity, flexibility and speed when developing and deploying applications. Requires EDB Postgres Enterprise, Standard or Runtime for PostgreSQL subscriptions.

Getmapping WMS Collections: OS Open Data

Getmapping PLC

Getmapping WMS Collections: OS OpenData is a managed data streaming service. It allows access to all Ordnance Survey® OpenData mapping available to PSMA members via the web. It removes the need to locally store, update and manage data. Users save network capacity, storage space, man hours and costs

Express OS by emapsite Limited

Express OS is a seamless, secure hosted map and search service to allow Public Sector/One Scotland Mapping Agreements (PSMA/OSMA) members across multiple sites, departments and domains to self-serve their diverse digital data needs without drawing on internal resource.

Agile SaaS: Agile GIS

Agile Applications Limited

Agile GIS web mapping allows users to integrate and re-use data in a wide variety of formats, making it easier to share and publish geographic information. A user-friendly interface guides non-expert users through geospatial datasets, allowing them to process advanced GI tasks without relying on specialist support.

Mapping Software


ReQuestaPlan is an affordable creation of location plans and site / block plans, submitted with planning and building control applications. You can create location plans to show your location in its surroundings or a detailed site plan, just by using a postcode and some simple drawing tools.

Envitia GEOINT Solution for Intelligence

Envitia Ltd

Envitia specialises in open standards GI software and systems for managing, analysing and exploiting information related to time and space for Intelligence, National Security and Special Forces organisations. Envitia technology enables fusion of multiple facets of information geospatial, imagery, social media and multi-media to allow better insight and awareness.


UrbanTide Limited

USMART is a next generation data sharing platform suitable for open data publication, private data sharing and data monetisation. It features standards based metadata, flexible access permissions, automatically generated data APIs and supports reference, batch and real-time data.


exeGesIS Spatial Data Management

FlyMapper is the national fly-tipping monitoring and recording system for Scotland and Wales. Now available in England and Northern Ireland, FlyMapper allows organisations to accurately record and analyse fly-tipping patterns and target resources accordingly.

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes provides UK addressing solutions including postcode to address lookup, partial address lookups and address autocomplete. These services are provided through a simple, well documented HTTP API, which can be integrated in minutes. We use Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) with daily updates.

Envitia GEOINT Solution for Land and Environment

Envitia Ltd

Envitia specialises in open standards GI software and systems for managing, analysing and exploiting geospatial information. Able to deal with dynamic information and complex weather and climate data, this technology delivers an integrated view of a plethora of information supporting effective analysis of critical risks and allowing environmental optimisation.


IES Solutions LTD

JIXEL is a suite of services developed for the Emergency sector. It allows incidents, resources management, data exchange between emergency services and mass-alerting during day-to-day operations or crisis situations. JIXEL provides a complete web 2.0 Joint Command&Control room to organisations dealing with emergencies and related activities.

Land and Conservation Management System (CMSi)

exeGesIS Spatial Data Management

CMSi is the software supported approach to management of land, property and assets that have conservation and amenity value. CMSi is used by public and private sector organisations including several government agencies in the UK and overseas such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and local authorities.

Deeplake Communications Manager

Clearstream Technology Ltd

The Clearstream CMGR SaaS Service deployes Deeplake Communication Manager (a Digital Customer Communications platform for use by Local Authorities and Housing Associations) as a Cloud Service.


Kaarbon Technology Ltd

A drainage asset management system allowing mobile users to add or download highway asset data and download geo-referenced mapping for offline use. The mobile application uploads updated inspection or asset data to the kaarbontech cloud system. We include the ability to complete an inspection, maintenance, repair, and create service requests.

GIS Service


TerraQuest deliver a bespoke solution which is responsive to the evolving market and the client’s requirements. GIS is an extension to our core services of land referencing, and data capture and digitisation which allow the user to have a greater understanding of what is occurring within a geographical space.



SITI4farmer is the first Government-led professional network for the Agri-food industry. The platform hosts professional services for farmers, technical experts, associations, professionals and production supply chain managers to improve profitability, sustainability, and traceability. It features a configurable model to measure farm performance allowing Governments to deliver better targeted local policies.

Ordnance Survey Map Services


Ordnance Survey maps for your Geographic Information System (GIS), or via an Application Programming Interface (API) in other applications. Use free Ordnance Survey OpenData™ products, or a chargeable premium data service. Delivered as Data as a Service (Daas) to Public Service Mapping Agreement (PSMA) customers.

Postcode Pro - Postcode lookup finder and address validation


Our easy to use postcode and address validation service uses the latest UK address data. With incredibly easy setup and advanced search methods, you can improve your online customer experience and support internal customer service staff. This service is quick, mobile-responsive and very easy to integrate with other business applications.

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Information Exploitation and Analysis Service is available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSION) and TOP SECRET supporting the delivery of a Single Intelligence Environment. Data management applications including BI/BA analytics engines, facial recognition and information asset workflow tools are supported.

Access thankQ CRM

The Access Group

Access thankQ CRM is a user friendly and modular Contact Relationship Management solution which caters for non-profit, education and membership organisations. It addresses Marketing and Communications, Grant Awarding, Income / Donation Processing, Gift Aid, Volunteer Management and Event Management.


Kaarbon Technology Ltd

A grit bin management system allowing mobile users carry out vulnerability assessments and network condition reports. The mobile application uploads updated inspection data to the Kaarbontech cloud system. We include the ability to complete an inspection, repair or service requests. Provides better team utilisation and more accurate winter budgeting.

Addressing EVO Data Service

StatMap Ltd

EVO Address Service provides an advanced and high performance AddressBase™ Premium look-up, geocoding / cleansing and geospatial search web service. EVO’s APIs enable you to schedule and automate address matching and cleansing – providing you with valid addresses to ensure that your business data is correct.

Council Hub

DigitalFirst Solutions

CouncilHub is a customer facing digital 'My Account' platform that enables Local Authorities to realise significant channel shift benefits. The platform contains a customer authentication and identity management engine, a range of inbuilt eForms and processes, and can integrate with any number of back office and CRM systems.

3SDL Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) Service


Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) exploit the benefits of using intercept data collected simultaneously on a target from different locations and orientations to rapidly and accurately geo-locate threats in a number of seconds. 3SDL provides CESMO Services through G-Cloud for Decision Support.

Contact Data Cleansing


Experian’s cloud-based address and email cleansing tool ensures your contact data is fit for purpose by validating it against robust refrerntial data sources (i.e. PAF). It will check and offer corrections for inaccuracies that already exist in your address and email databases.


IBI Group UK Ltd

Capture is a client-customisable mobile app that allows professional users to produce survey reports about asset conditions on the roads at the touch of an icon. Photos can be attached to each report which is geospatially stored. A web-based map interface is available to view reports by specific search criteria.

XMAP for Local Authorities


XMAP is a modern cloud-based Web GIS for Local Authorities. It allows you to give mapping data and tools to everyone within the organisation in an easy and structured way. Users can efficiently view, edit, collaborate and analyse geospatial data in order to make better business decisions.

EDB Postgres Enterprise (uniCores) IBM Linux on Power

Somerford Associates Limited

EDB Postgres Platform: EDB Postgres Advanced Server (enhanced PostgreSQL) with enterprise security, performance, developer and DBA tools, and Oracle compatibility. Includes Postgres Enterprise Manager, Failover Manager, Backup and Recovery, Replication Server, Data Adapters (MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop), and Migration Toolkit. Cost-effective, open source based enterprise solution for Linux on Power.

SITI DataHub


SITI DataHub is a leading solution offering cloud services to collect, manage and share open or private territorial data featuring configurable services to link applications and existing systems.


JBA Consulting

GISmapp asset management is a mobile and cloud-based, location-aware, data collection system. The iOS (iPad/iPhone) app is specifically designed for on-site data collection and assessment of asset data. Linked to cloud-based web servers, it provides data synchronisation and web-based mapping for asset management and reporting. Pro Real-Time Traffic


Real-time monitoring and alerts for congestion caused by roadworks for Traffic Management Centres and streetworks teams. Monitors congestion caused by individual roadworks and traffic management interventions such as road closures. Supports intelligent real-time network management and active intervention strategies (e.g. altering traffic signal timings)

Address Validation


Experian’s address validation service enables you to capture a full and standardised address from minimal data entry, ensuring only complete and accurate information enters your database. With intuitive search functionality, the SaaS version of our tool can be tailored to capture addresses from a variety of sources.


IES Solutions LTD

JIXEL - MANAGER is a Cloud-based service that allows the management of scenarios, incidents, resources, missions, assets and everything related to events and emergencies. It is suitable for any kind of event, from day-to-day events to large-scale emergencies.

IoT Sensor Service for Workplace Analytics on Matrix Detect

Keytree Limited

Matrix Detect is the Internet of Things (IoT) platform for Matrix Booking. Using the standard Matrix API, Matrix Detect allows clients to connect a variety of data sources to enable advanced analytics and to feed real time functions within the Matrix Booking suite.

Airbus Defence and Space WMS and WFS Services

Airbus Defence and Space Limited

To facilitate efficient delivery of geospatial data, Airbus DS provides INSPIRE-compliant OGC WMS and WFS web services. We also provide branded and tailored web portals enabling users to discover, view, order and download large volumes of geospatial data. Our web services are delivered from our secure in-house UK hosting facility.


IDS Group

eviFile is the new evidence standard for field data collection and reporting (UK Home Office APCO Compliant). Capture, trust and share the progress of a build, the inspection of an asset or simply a photograph of work done (or not done).

Civica CFRMIS Vulnerable Persons

Civica UK Limited

Civica’s Community Fire Risk Management Information System (CFRMIS) provides a good structure for managing Fire Setters. The Vulnerable Persons module provides flexibility to deal with ‘user defined’ definitions of vulnerability. These can include domestic abuse, oxygen user, bed-ridden as well as physical, mental and psychological issues.

InformedTRANSFORM – Cloud Transition Feasibility & Migration Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedTRANSFORM Cloud Transition Feasibility & Migration Services offer a complete solution to new cloud services, or migrating legacy services to the cloud. It encompasses ICT estate review, Current State Assessment, IT Strategy, planning, cloud migration, cloud assessment and infrastructure optimisation, helping you get the most out of cloud based services.

TrackRecord and ProjectMapper

Jacobs U.K. Limited

TrackRecord is an adaptive web-based document and action management tool. ProjectMapper is a web-based interactive mapping tool. The tools are integrated to manage stakeholder engagement, consenting risk management and compliance at all stages of the planning and/or Development Consent Order process as well as tracking statutory property and asset compliance

Black Swan SAAS Nest Data Analytics Platform

Black Swan Data

We use data to solve problems for our clients, our software solutions analyse public and private data to anticipate changes in consumer behaviour and predict what customers will want. Our ‘Applied Prediction’ combines human intelligence, technology, computational analysis and data to create activations that transform how our clients do business.

EDB Postgres Developer - Enterprise (uniCores)


EDB Postgres Developer Enterprise subscriptions allow development of Postgres Advanced Server applications in a fully licensed, supported and updated EDB Postgres Platform environment including all tools along with access to experts who can help resolve installation, setup and configuration issues, help optimise the database setup, and diagnose Postgres-related issues.

Civica CFRMIS Online Services

Civica UK Limited

CFRMIS Online Services module allows citizen interaction with local Fire & Rescue Service to request a Home Fire Safety Check or Safe & Well visit via the internet, whether directly from a Fire Service website, a link setup in a public library or third party company like Age Concern.

Map-based search

Public Consulting Group

A fast, powerful web search engine with a wide range of features including faceting, thumb nailing, results as you type, did you mean and much more, with results displaying on a map. Features Lucene/SOLR technology

Cadcorp Web Map Layers


Web mapping as a fully hosted service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Web Map Layers is an easy-to-use off-the-shelf GIS application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for presenting and interrogating GIS spatial data and is accessed through a familiar and mobile responsive web mapping interface.