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15 results found in Cloud software in the category Optometry

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Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) In The Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar’s cloud PACS eliminates or reduces on-premise costs, while delivering image sharing and anytime-anywhere access. Cimar can be deployed as a whole solution, or as an augment to a legacy PACS, providing ultra-secure, low-cost VNA storage, as well as providing zero-footprint viewing, powerful image management and free transfer and sharing.

Qudini Appointment Booking Software

Qudini Limited

Qudini's Appointment Booking Software enables you to drive and manage footfall to your organisation's services. Allowing you to schedule your availability and take appointments (online, in venue and by phone). With intuitive interfaces to manage your customers, resources and activities. Integrates fully with Qudini Queue Management System.



Cloud-based SaaS solution allowing organisations to manage, track and distribute resources and digital tools to desktop/web and mobile devices. Resources include: staff/contractor reference information, handbooks, manuals, job aids, contact details, Standard Operating Procedures, policies, guidelines, educational resources, etc. Digital tools include: interactive decision aids, scoring tools, calculators, assessments, etc.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Insight has been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals to meet the demands of ophthalmic clinics and hospitals, supporting the delivery of integrated patient care by multi-disciplinary teams. Insight is modular, incorporates a comprehensive Ophthalmology dataset and satisfies a wide range of operational and strategic objectives and clinical governance requirements.

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar’s cloud VNA DRaaS for your existing PACS gives the ability to retrieve imaging data in the event of local hardware, software or network failure. • Auto-sync'd low-cost cloud elastic storage cost. • Zero-cost image-sharing to anywhere direct from Sync'd cloud • Zero-cost API for image enabling EMR apps etc...


Hicom Technology Ltd

Diamond is the UK's leading patient and clinical care system designed to meet the needs of the modern diabetes care services. Diamond provides support for the multi-disciplinary care team, enabling effective patient care to be delivered within a hospital, clinic or community setting.



OptoMize is a market leading Enterprise solution for diabetic eye screening. With an inbuilt automated pathway and specifically designed imaging tools, OptoMize minimises administration, reduces costs and enhances productivity. Tailored to meet your local needs, OptoMize is adaptable and configurable designed by clinicians for clinicians.

h-trak Scan4Safety

Prospitalia h-trak Limited

Prospitalia h-trak's Scan4Safety solution delivers comprehensive track- and trace - on all required implants; full procedure level costing via barcode scanning; inventory management for theatres, wards and clinics with automated stock replenishment and consumables price checking within healthcare environments. The solution enhances patient safety, delivers cost savings and process efficiencies.

Qudini Virtual Queue Management System

Qudini Limited

The Qudini Queue Management System eliminates the time your customers spend waiting in line or in a waiting room for service. By allowing them to check-in to a digital queue and receive personalised updates about their service time by SMS, smartphone, TV and paper tickets.

Qudini Event Booking System

Qudini Limited

The Qudini Event Booking System enables organisations to host engaging events that customers can easily browse and book online. Customers can receive engaging SMS and email messaging in advance of events, with staff also able to view and manage event information and attendees from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Online Health Assessment & Screening Modules with PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Implement customised online web application for assessments or health screening modules. This allows the public to determine eligibility or risks based on questions, resulting in advice on next steps to be taken. The solution is delivered from PretaGov's CMS Government Cloud.

CDW Fortrus Unity Connected Record (UCR)

CDW Limited

Fortrus provide software interfaces and solutions using ‘User Experience’ design. The wide range of ‘Unity’ module enables customers to innovate, whilst protecting current IT investment, the Unity Connected Record provides the building blocks whereby an eco-system for better connected care can be turned into a reality, not just a concept.

OpenEyes EMR – Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology (Software Full Implementation)


OpenEyes EMR provides Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology. Designed with eminent ophthalmologists from across the community: Cataract, Glaucoma, MR, AMD, VR, Emergency, Paediatrics etc.. Best-of-breed anatomical diagrams and forms allow EMR management whilst delivering care. Community optometrists and hospital outcomes drive progression dashboards, surgical audit, and RCOphth NOD Cataract Audit.

eforms for Hospital & Community Trust from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

PretaForm makes it easy for hospitals and Community Trusts to replace their outdated paper forms with feature-rich eForms. Non-technical staff can easily create an intelligent workflow applications for each process such as discharging patients to social services. Includes data capture, approvals, and business logic. Supports HL7. Create a paperless NHS.