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145 results found

Falls Prevention Service

Storm ID

The Falls Prevention Service allows patients to securely share actively and passively gathered movement and mobility data, from connected hardware, sensors, apps and wearables. The data can be used by health and social care professionals to pro-actively initiate community interventions to reduce admissions to acute care.

Axellera Data Management RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Empower your teams to on-board, quality assure, manage and govern and distribute decision making data from any source. Move from fragmented data silos and patchy audit-ability and governance to a business wide capability that not only streamlines the way you collect data & reduce risks but empower decisionmakers organisation wide

Lenus HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service

Storm ID

The Lenus HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service enables popular consumer health apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal etc. to be used in new care pathways. Patient generated data can securely flow to and from such apps to a digital health platform, connected to EHRs, accessible by health and care professionals.

Healthcare - Video Collaboration for Global Health

Innovate Ltd

The IOCOM Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting Multi-Screen, Multi-images, Secured with 256-bit encryption, multi-camera for any device feed, run on Cloud9 over JANET, available to N3 or HSCN via peering.

Upstream Secondary Care suite

Upstream Health

A complete set of secondary care analytics, and mobile first applications. Providing clinicians with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with all the clinical functions they need in one space and at their fingertips. Enabling a paperless system with improved workflow, and support to help patients self manage post discharge.


Docobo Ltd

ARTEMUS-ICS™, a predictive population health intelligence service provides powerful health intelligence to healthcare professionals, securely via a web browser over the N3 network. The tool combines GP data and SUS data to provide a complete view of patient care and assigns a risk score for all patients, and supports PCN.



Carista ensures social care organisations and those that they care for are able to monitor, track and record all aspects of care. Focusing on outcomes, the service offers intuitive modules for care organisations, carers and those requiring the care to provide a complete picture.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Management Service

Storm ID

The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Management Service allows high risk patients to securely share health data from connected hardware with health professionals and clinicians. The health data can be used to understand the likelihood of an exacerbation, allowing community intervention, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions, and improving quality of care.

Futr Public

Futr AI Limited

We use artificial intelligence to create two-way multi-lingual conversational interfaces through voice and chatbots. We apply NLP/NLU against your data ensuring consistent capture of internal and external information across all devices. Our solution transforms accessibility, provides efficiencies and generates insight to inform decisions about how to better communicate with people.

Helastel Structured Patient Education


A secure cloud patient companion to support learning, monitoring and feedback for patients with chronic conditions. Better outcomes are achieved by increasing patient engagement in the management of their condition through monitoring of clinical data, access to trusted information and timely provision of prompts and reminders.



Totalmobile helps mobile workers across healthcare, government and private sector focus on doing more of the work that matters through our mobile software. With mobile workforce management, dynamic scheduling and analytics, field staff have the tools they need to increase capacity, save costs, improve compliance and consistency throughout service delivery.

Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) Demand Capacity and Flow Tool

Carnall Farrar Ltd

The tool supports a strategic approach to managing UEC demand, capacity, flow and performance. By integrating system data into a ‘single version of the truth’, it reflects interdependencies and enables joined-up planning. Using a cloud platform, users can forecast demand, test different assumptions, and see the impact on system performance.

SurgiQ service improvement platform

SurgiQ Ltd

SurgiQ is a real-time platform for tracking and planning health and social care services in the NHS. Providing visual management of processes (including surgical and non-surgical pathways and waiting list) with an unique prioritisation method. Bringing fully audited data, tracked changes and automatic planning of resources (including theatres, beds, staff).

Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Primary Care

Relias Learning Ltd.

Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 6,000+ clients globally. The Primary Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills and the Care Certificate – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, your own course content, and policies/procedures in one intuitive, built-for-healthcare platform.

Diabetes Prevention Service

Storm ID

The Diabetes Prevention Service allows patients who are prediabetic to securely share activity, sleep and nutrition data, gathered from apps and wearables. Insight gleaned from the data can be used by health professionals to support patients in preventing prediabetes developing in to Type 2 diabetes.


Evalucom Consulting

CarePulse is an online platform for health and social care partners to share information. The system: • reduces variation through standard, codified processes • Improves transparency through standardisation and information sharing • reduces human error and improves efficiency Information shared includes care quality indicators, service details, real-time capacity/vacancies, and pricing/costs.

Clinical Dashboard

Storm ID

The Clinical Dashboard displays and aggregates health data across patients and services. With patient consent, trained health professionals can use this data, driven by rules, to identify patterns and insights that will trigger personalised interventions or escalation, in line with defined clinical protocols.

Healthy New Towns

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's Digital Health Platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.

Online Health Assessment & Screening Modules with PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Implement customised online web application for assessments or health screening modules. This allows the public to determine eligibility or risks based on questions, resulting in advice on next steps to be taken. The solution is delivered from PretaGov's CMS Government Cloud.

Secure Real-time Bluetooth Beacon Tracking

Gaia Technologies Plc

This is a service to help you deliver powerful Real-time tracking Cloud Platform for tracking Assets and Persons using Secure Bluetooth Light Beacons. See for more details.

My Possible Self

Inhealthcare Ltd

My Possible Self, a nonprofit organisation that has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009, is launching a new and innovative digital self-help programme – delivered via a mobile application – which is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after just eight weeks.

Electronic Monitoring Security

Buddi Ltd

Buddi features a small, lightweight GPS device with exceptional battery life and tracks indoors using Convergent Location Technology. With a highly customizable platform we support immediate installations, group features for efficiency, simultaneous multiple offender tracks and much more Hardware and Software Products, Monitoring and Response Field Services Expert Witness Services

everis Social Care Platform | The Talent Cloud

EverisConsultancy Limited

Integrating Health and Social Care. Adding Workforce Management

Patient Level Information Costing System (PLICS)

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Daily activity based PLICS that allows users to understand costs of treating patients on a daily basis including analysing cost by the actual activities that the patient has consumed. Easy to use, fully transparent, provides fast processing times, providing meaningful dashboards/reports for clinicians, operational and financial teams within hospitals.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Mobile Community Service

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Mobile Community service allows clinicians to access clinical information on the move using a mobile device and then provide outcome information back to clinical systems via RIVIAM. RIVIAM provides a bridge between the customer's clinical systems and mobile clinicians. Provides work allocation and diary management for clinics.


Clarity Workforce Technology Ltd

ClarityAGENCY has been built to manage temporary staffing agencies used by a hiring organisation. It is a bespoke web-based, end-to-end recruitment management system that handles all aspects of the temporary hiring process. Authorised users simply need a computer, access to the Internet, the appropriate URL and login details.

iaptus CYP


iaptus CYP is the patient management solution designed specifically for CAMHS, CYP IAPT and children and young people’s primary care mental health services. It supports community psychological therapy teams to manage workflows, record patient data, track patients' progress in sessions, measure outcomes (ROMS) and report on the MHSDS national dataset.

Oxehealth Activity & Behaviour Monitoring Software

Oxehealth Limited

Oxehealth’s software solutions support clinicians, carers and custodians to improve patient care and staff safety. Using secure optical sensors to generate alerts and reports that slot into existing workflows, Oxehealth’s solutions can help staff prevent serious incidents, reduce the risk of falls and understand patient behaviour better.

Workplace Stress Analytics


The system provides a strategic workplace stress risk assessment for workplace stress reduction. Deployed to any size or complexity of unit it will analyse the root causes of all the HSE risk factors making a major contribution to an organisation’s mental wellbeing and performance improvement strategies.

Living With Condition Management Platform

Living With Ltd

Living With will be the UK market leader in cloud based digital solutions for the self management of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, for both the public and private healthcare industries, using its suite of Living with solutions to change behaviour and so reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

CHC2DST - Continuing Healthcare Assessment Process Digital Solution

IEG4 Limited

CHC2DST allows digital entry of e-Checklists, e-Assessments and e-DSTs using e-forms mirroring National Standards. Workflow automation accelerates communications and drives eligibility decisions. CHC2DST supports collaboration around a case reviewing e-Assessments of the individual. Elimination of paper improves process transparency facilitating faster decisions to achieve the National 28-Day Turnaround Standard.


Docobo Ltd

DOC@HOME® is a cloud based SaaS Digital Health telehealth application which allows PCN and clinical teams to enrol, set up, and manage their patients remotely via secure WEB interfaces and sits within the N3 NHS Intranet.

Upstream Population Health Suite

Upstream Health

A complete set of population health analytics, and mobile first applications to join working across the health, social care and voluntary sectors. Combining, risk stratification, with collaboration tools, key clinical functions and deep record integration, all centred around our patients and their families.

Refero Online Consultations

Refero Software Ltd

Refero is a service with a simple mission – leverage technology to provide people with convenient, easy-to-use, online access to public and private sector services. Refero’s purpose lives in the ability to connect people to experts and expertise, to help in an appropriate and timely manner.

LINKS Families - An Integrated Approach

ILLY Systems Ltd

A Whole Family Case Management System to Track and monitor progress; data analysis and coordinate team around a family. LINKS Families System helps automate the identification process, track and monitor progress and enable appropriate information sharing across partners. Powerful Record Matching tool for the creation of an ideal “Golden Record”

Mydex Data Minimisation Service

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The Mydex Data Minimisation Services enables organisation to right side personal data storage, placing long term storage of personal data with the individual and only retaining information needed for service delivery but being able to access archive historical data at any time whilst protecting it cyber threats through distributed storage



SHARP is a modular multi-agency and single service solution for local authorities and providers managing housing related support, care, support, gateway, accommodation, homelessness, HRA/H-CLIC and other people-centric services. Includes Service and Case Management, Assessments, Localised Matching, Referrals, Placements, Support Plans, Task Management, Safeguarding, Risk, Finance, Contracts, Waiting Lists and more

Digital Health - Health Fabric

Health Fabric

The Health Fabric Cloud Platform enables improvement in Health and wellbeing by helping people gain self-awareness, to enable behavior change in an incremental supportive way using digital technology. People can download digital tools and get the remote support and monitoring they need to improve their health and wellbeing via partners.


Ecom Software Ltd

Counsel360 is a case management system with all the tools you need to run an efficient counselling service and provide the highest quality journey of care for your clients, all within a single cloud-based platform.

Looking Local EverybodyActive

Agilisys Ltd

EverybodyActive is a digital, web-based platform which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help users change their thinking and behaviour to increase their amount of physical activity. It takes a holistic approach, employing goal-setting tools, social support and tailored information whilst addressing barriers people may have to activity.

RemindMe Care

Health-Connected Ltd

Health-Connected’s software, enables users to build profiles, care circles, shared calendars and reminders, and search the web for content that supports people living with dementia, learning difficulties, cognitive impairment and their carers including NHS. Providing data connectivity between community, care facilities and the ward to enhance engagement, self-management services access.



TellJO is a digital self assessment which automatically identifies, engages and supports vulnerable people. TellJO works upstream as a cost effective solution for the prevention of homelessness and other crisis events.

User-defined PROMS / PREMS

L2S2 Ltd

NHS users can design secure PROMS and PREMS services using very easy drag-and-drop interfaces. Patients are sent links to complete forms on mobile devices or internet browsers on the internet. Data are transferred to the NHS private network and accessed via a local website, downloaded or reported via NHS email.

Secure Equation Health

MegaNexus Ltd

The Secure Equation for Healthcare is a social outcome technology platform aimed at accelerating a vulnerable person's journey towards social inclusion. The platform links to multiple support services to offer a complete solution to STP frameworks. Assessments are configurable, and support can be tracked across multiple partners and organisations.



Fika is a everyday emotional wellness service for the 2 in 3 UK adults that have no one to share their everyday ruminations and personal troubles with. We provide safe and anonymous paid sessions for talking out whatever’s on your mind to someone who will listen. Without judgement or advice.

Looking Local SelfCareHub

Agilisys Ltd

The SelfCareHub is a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy led self-care technology designed for - and with - patients who suffer with long-term conditions. Built to support people at all stages of their condition, providing clinical and non-clinical tools to help people with all areas of their life.

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Cloud-based applications

MyPad3d UK

We work at the leading edge of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality technologies with offices in Seattle and London. We help organisations, including government departments, to navigate this rapidly-evolving market sector to find appropriate solutions that meet their needs.

IBM Watson Care Manager

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Watson Care Manager is a cloud-based care management solution to help organisations to focus on individual-centred care. Care teams can capture and assess structured and unstructured information, select targeted programs, and create individualized care plans. Care plans can be adjusted to address changing biological, psychological, social, and functional needs.

Electronic Patient Record Solution

PatientSource Ltd

PatientSource is a clinician-designed Electronic Medical Record solution for hospitals and community care. Features: Case Notes PAS Observations ePrescribing Investigations Electronic Discharge Auditing Bed Management Patient Direct Health IoT Health Artificial Intelligence Health Machine Learning Health Automation Health Integration Integration Engine Instant Clinical Messaging Health Clinical Consulting Health Strategy

GRC-One Governance Risk and Controls (Professional and Academic Versions)

FusionExperience Ltd

The GRC-ONE Integrated Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solution provides a simple approach to risk management. We use a simple methodology to identify the risks you have then link them to the controls you use to reduce them to an acceptable level and a full assessment capability is available.

Medopad Remote Patient Monitoring


We enable clinicians to better care for patients. This is delivered using mobile applications, remote monitoring devices and wearable technology. Once in place, patients share their condition, symptoms, feedback and other relevant information defined by you. Collected automatically using embedded sensors, the data is enhanced further using our AI technologies.

ehCOS Social Care Platform

EverisConsultancy Limited

Health and Social Care, Integrated. Workforce Management, Reinvented.

Digital Health and Care Apps & Services Portal for Commissioners and Providers

Our Mobile Health

A portal solution offering a database of high quality health and care apps/digital services that have been assessed against the latest NHS guidelines and regulations. Mobile apps that have been peer reviewed suitable for your community of patients, staff or public; you can confidently select, recommend, deploy and socially prescribe.

Medayo Patient Care Platform


Medayo provides medical and management staff with real time patient, ward and hospital information allowing them to focus on the patient's care. With the capability of integrating with external systems; Medayo provides a unified view of the patient journey, overview of the hospital and other care providers.

Assessment of Digital Health Apps & Wearables (Cloud-based)

Our Mobile Health

We provide an assessment service using the latest NHS health apps and wearables standards for digital health services. Our cloud-based solution includes a self-assessment and expert review. The owner of an app or wearable receives confidential feedback and guidance from our many expert assessors to improve their product.

Population Segmentation Explorer

Carnall Farrar Ltd

At the heart of any integrated care strategy is an understanding of the local population. Our web-based analytical tool allows Practices, locality, CCG or STP teams to understand the differences in levels of resource consumptions by cohort, supporting the development new care models, enrolment of patients, and the capitated payment


Carehome Selection Ltd T/A CHS Healthcare

Caretrack is a purpose-built, fully web-based Continuing Healthcare, Funded Nursing Care and complex care patient database system, holding clinical and financial records including NOK, care packages, providers (including payment), review scheduling, document storage, letter generation, financial forecasting. It features a dashboard, comprehensive reporting and has a dedicated helpdesk service.

Mental Health and Wellbeing CBT Service

Storm ID

The Mental Health and Wellbeing CBT Service allows patients to securely share mental health data, both qualitative and quantitative, with health and social care professionals. The data can be used to understand trends, and provide support, CBT techniques and guidance to patients regarding their condition(s).

Sounds Like IBS

RainyDay Projects Ltd

SoundsLikeIBS is a patent pending solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hundreds of thousands of worldwide users and a 90% success rate. 10% of the world’s population are sufferers of IBS and there is no known cure, only expensive ineffective repeat medication costing healthcare providers billions per year.

Mydex Secure Attribute Exchange Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The digital economy requires data to be shared between individuals and organisations, spanning all sectors. The Mydex Secure Attribute Exchange mobility Platform enables attributes to be collected, delivered and distributed using a person-centred approach. It delivers the informed consent and transparency required under data protection, information governance and GDPR regulations.

ERS Connect (SRCL)- Patient Appointment Reminders

SRCL Limited T/A ERS Connect

Using a blend of communication technologies, ERS Connect delivers cost-effective methods of interacting with trust patients, staff and ad-hoc cohorts, delivering Patient Appointment Reminders; Pre-Admission screening services and appointment reminders; Appointment Scheduling; Patient Surveys; Friends & Family Testing etc, against Accessible Information Standards and digitisation of patient communications.

Surveys - Including Friends and Family/User Experience/HR/Ad-Hoc Surveys

SRCL Limited T/A ERS Connect

The deliver and collation of results for broad spectrum survey requirements, including live realtime delivery and receipt, trend reporting/Business Intelligence and analytics. Answer-based response; CQUIN targets; Accessible Information Standards; UNIFY reports. Highest UK levels of patient engagement; Survey content configurability/Support. Heatmaps/Sentiment Analysis. Patient/Staff/Ad-Hoc/User Surveys

ORCHA Health App Library & Health App Finder

ORCHA Health Ltd

Designed to promote the use of Apps to your patients, populations and professionals, ORCHA provide tailored health App libraries, configureable to your own requirements that integrate seamlessly into your current digital environment. The ORCHA Pro-Account aligns to this allowing your professionals to prescribe/recommend targeted health related Apps to your patients/populations.

Kindom copy

KinChip Systems Pty Llt

Kindom links families to the resources they need, when they need it to improve child development outcomes. It provides one place for families to store all their child's health, education and social records and share that information securely with anyone in the care team.


Fastcomm UK Ltd

Anti-bullying cloud-based resolution software. Enables reporting, case management, resolution of incident, data analytics and training for staff in restorative justice and other aspects relating to poor behaviour. Covers prejudice, radicalisation and extremism, causes and solutions to problems. Can be used by schools, prisons, police, corporates and others.

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's remote patient monitoring health platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.

Excelicare Police Custody

AxSys Technology Limited

Excelicare Custody is a state of the art, comprehensive and intuitive web-based clinical application which gives care providers a holistic view of a detainee or patient while under the duty of care by police custody.

Florence Light


Easy, cost-effective, text-based telehealth solution that improves lives. Florence Light puts your patients in control of their own healthcare, helping you gather valuable, regular and cost-effective patient data via SMS to better manage a range of conditions and health improvements such as hypertension, asthma and weight loss.

VitruCare Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Dynamic Health Systems Services Ltd

VitruCare is a digital Patient Engagement Platform. Enabling patient self-care and self-management, co-creating health with their healthcare team. VitruCare supports patient engagement at population level. Provides highly personalised digitally supported care to activate each patient taking account of their multi-morbidity needs. Broad digital services library supporting many therapeutic areas.



iaptus, a patient management solution for IAPT and behavioural change services, containing all psychological therapy teams need to manage workflows, track patients on care pathways, report national mental health datasets. Suitable for talking therapy and counselling services in prisons, universities, diabetes prevention (NDPP) and primary care mental health services.


KinChip Systems Pty Llt

Kindom links families to the resources they need, when they need it to improve child development outcomes. It provides one place for families to store all their child's health, education and social records and share that information securely with anyone in the care team.

Mydex Identity as a Service

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Secure identity service supporting registration, authentication and on-going management of a privacy-protecting, GDPR-compliant identity service which can be integrated into any environment supporting open standards and protocols. The service is extensible to support a range of multi-factor authentication mechanisms, profile management, identity assurance and age verification to meet diverse needs.

Health Help Now

NEL Commissioning Support Unit

Health Help Now is an innovative and award-winning digital tool, that can also integrate with existing systems and platforms. It signposts communities and patients to the right healthcare services and reducing avoidable attendances to A&E. Tailored for 15-34 year olds, parents, and those at work more likely to attend A&E.

Activity, Sleep and Nutrition Tracking Service

Storm ID

The Activity, Sleep and Nutrition Tracking Service allows patients to securely share activity, sleep and nutrition data, gathered from apps and wearables. The data can be used by health professionals to design and provide support for a range of conditions, including chronic long term conditions, to improve health outcomes.

NHS Care Management - powered by IBM Watson

IGCS Limited

IGCS Limited is providing 'NHS Care Management powered by IBM Watson' - a cloud based N3 software portfolio, designed to enable resource management and information solutions for: • NHS national projects • STP/Regional projects • Local Health Economies • Hospitals • Patients

Victrix Coordinated Care Platform

Rescon Technologies

Victrix Coordinated Care Platform is an innovative IT solution for the provision of digital Coordinated Care Services and advanced proactive care services. Victrix Coordinated Care Platform allows the capture of health and social care data, or the import of this data from different health and social care sources.

Rally Round


Rally Round is an easy to use secure online tool that allows family members, friends and carers to easily create and organise support for someone they care about. Rally Round helps frail and vulnerable adults to live well at home. It also helps patients recover from illnesses. See

Place-based Directory of Services Platform

Digital Gaps

A directory of hyper-local services that are maintained through a custodian model and makes the service data available to any approved application e.g. council website, mobile app, NHS Digital

ChatHealth Instant and SMS Messaging System

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

Instant and SMS messaging solution for secure healthcare conversations providing safe and secure messaging between healthcare professionals and service users. Primarily focused on community health settings like school nursing and health visiting, the application is suitable for a range of healthcare and safeguarding applications

Social Prescribing Platform

Digital Gaps

Ability to need assess client/patients and set an action plan for recovery/reablement

Digital Health Platform

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's digital health platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Core Care Record

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM’s secure platform is built to deliver a health and care collaboration by enabling partnerships and new models of care - integrating people and organisations. This service provides the core SaaS offering that all RIVIAM's services are built upon. This secure hosting service is available 24x7.

Care and Support Plan Service

Storm ID

The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between health care professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

Mydex Data Portability and Mobility Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The Mydex platform enables secure Data Portability and Mobility which offers the public, private and third sector significant improvement in engagement with citizens and each other through the removal of friction risk and cost in ensuring seamless online transactions that deliver a step by step integrated journeys

LINKS CarePath - A Therapeutically Driven System

ILLY Systems Ltd

Market leading therapeutic system offering comprehensive case management and reporting supporting initiatives on Substance Misuse ( Drugs and Alcohol), Criminal Justice and Young People. NDTMS compliant, full TOPS implementation, Prescribing and Harm Reduction modules. NHS Trusts, Council, Community services, Prisons, Residential Rehabilitation services, Families Services and Young People’s services.


IDS Group

Health Awareness Prevention & Intervention (HAPI) An easy to use web-based application for NHS health providers. It helps deliver evidence-based interventions, to help develop stronger and healthier children and families.


Clarity Workforce Technology Ltd

ClaritySTAFFBANK offers streamlined payroll, allows candidates to self-register and self-select shifts, and can SMS workers immediately vacancies become available. Single click, multi-shift posting on one screen; auto-matching ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Compliance-focused ensuring staff records are updated in real-time with dynamic management reports.

Capacity and Surge Application

CAS-App Ltd

Digital Health platform that blends video connectivity and Medical Records system in order to project senior urgent care clinical decision making where and when it is needed and enhance clinical capacity, decision making and system flow

PRISM - Pathway and Referral Implementation SysteM

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

PRISM works alongside Clinical Systems. It has a range of features designed to benefit the GP and other clinicians, providers and most importantly the patient through the referral journey. The team developed PRISM Portal to allow safe and auditable transportation of referral letters and added the service directory for signposting.

Mydex Data Usage and Transparency Reporting Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The Mydex Data usage, transparency and reporting platform provides a seamless means of delivering the right information to the citizen at the right time and maintaining delivery on an ongoing basis inline with their request and organisational policy. GDPR compliant, easy to use and set up



MyDirectives is the world's first cloud-based emergency, critical and advance care plan. It is available to all adults for free. MyDirectives is accessible by medical professionals 24-hours a day anywhere in the world. It is also interoperable with any modern electronic health record.

TRIBE: Social Action & Community Capacity

Bronze Software Labs

TRIBE is a social action technology. The platform grows Community Capacity, facilitates Social Prescribing and can Micro Commission services directly via up-skilled community assets. The purpose of the platform is to connect community resources at scale with people seeking help for either themselves or to address a community need.

Dermatology Virtual Consultation Service

Storm ID

The Dermatology Service allows patients to securely share photos of their skin condition as part of an asynchronous consultation with a remote dermatologist. The photos are triaged using Machine Learning (AI) to determine possible skin conditions, providing a prioritised view of patients who can be signposted to relevant follow-on care.

Simplicity Vendor Management Software (VMS)

ID Medical Group Ltd

Simplicity is a Procure-to-Pay system for managing internal and contingent workforce. It's designed to give clients greater control of staff spend using end-to-end vacancy filling, e-timesheets and staff compliance features. Simplicity is delivered via a full implementation strategy uniquely configured to a customer’s needs and offering a complete support package.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Pathway Hub (Workflow)

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Pathway Hub (Workflow) service allows providers to co-ordinate the delivery of care across multiple pathways from the receipt of referrals, through to allocation, delivery of care and discharge. Designed to work in community and primary care service centres / single points of access.

Lincus Sfere

Rescon Technologies

Lincus Sfere (LSfere) is a highly configurable digital health record and hub. LSfere improves service communications, delivery efficiencies and outcomes. LSfere connects multiple services across health and social care. It is a CE marked Class 1 medical device and has reached level 3 NHS Digital IG Toolkit compliance.

Peer to Peer Support Planning & Brokerage copy


Support brokers help people live life as independently as possible,helping them source,plan,negotiate,budget and manage care and support.Each Support Plan checks risk,is fully budgeted,complete and actionable,containing researched services that deliver alternatives to traditional,expensive care.Our tried and tested services,drive the take-up of personal budgets,and effectively manage the costs of administration and care.

Self Care Hub

Looking Local Limited

The SelfCareHub is a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy led self-care technology designed for - and with - patients who suffer with long-term conditions. Built to support people at all stages of their condition, providing clinical and non-clinical tools to help people with all areas of their life.

Axellera Healthcare Empowered – Evidence Based Collaborative Performance Management

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Empower your teams to make decisions on the basis of evidence. Evidence in the form of actual data from other systems, HES or SUS data other data from any source including vital data collected by clinical staff directly for specific tasks. Analyse challenges, formulate and evaluate answers and communicate solutions

3DNovations 3D Cloud Spaces Ltd

Collaborative 3D environments accessed remotely using avatars that your users register and you administer. Price includes 3D starter content and online training resources. Use 3DNovations to create digital by design services that save your organisation money and improve access and quality, especially for people with autism and complex needs.