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43 results found

Bed Management / Whiteboards and Discharge Planning (Epro Bed Management)


Epro Bed Management and Whiteboards deliver today’s alternative to the traditional ward-whiteboard. It provides visibility of current and future bed occupancy across a hospital. Information from a variety of sources is combined to provide a real-time bed-state across a hospital, in a format designed to support all roles of staff.

Healthcare - Video Collaboration for Global Health

Innovate Ltd

The IOCOM Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting Multi-Screen, Multi-images, Secured with 256-bit encryption, multi-camera for any device feed, run on Cloud9 over JANET, available to N3 or HSCN via peering.

Upstream Secondary Care suite

Upstream Health

A complete set of secondary care analytics, and mobile first applications. Providing clinicians with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with all the clinical functions they need in one space and at their fingertips. Enabling a paperless system with improved workflow, and support to help patients self manage post discharge.



OptoMize is a market leading Enterprise solution for diabetic eye screening. With an inbuilt automated pathway and specifically designed imaging tools, OptoMize minimises administration, reduces costs and enhances productivity. Tailored to meet your local needs, OptoMize is adaptable and configurable designed by clinicians for clinicians.

Electronic Document Management (Epro EDM)


Epro EDM offers full interoperability as part of the Epro family removing the cost of interface-development for a solution that facilitates a paperless/light NHS, enabling hospitals to: scan, index, and archive existing paper records. Epro's interface is secure, browser-based and can be used on any mobile-device.

T-Pro Dictate


T-Pro dictate is our hosted platform that delivers Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Document Creation Productivity tools in a completely secure environment - without expensive upfront costs or the need to provision internal infrastructure or support. T-Pro Dictate offers a full browser based, mobility enabled solution without any IT requirements.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

Secure, medical cloud based clinical, diagnostic image management, reporting and distribution platform. Supporting imaging modalities including ultrasound, echocardiography, Angiography, X-Ray, Nuclear and diagnostic results management. Zero hardware footprint SaaS company established in the US and UK with rapidly growing client base. PACS. RIS. VNA. EHR. EMR. EPR.

Vendor Neutral Archive In-the-Cloud

SynApps Solutions Limited

The Vendor Neutral Cloud (VNA) SaaS offering provides a highly-secure and cost effective solution for the capture and management of both DICOM & Non-DICOM images and documents. The offering provides an N3 enabled platform for delivering Cross Document Sharing (XDS Repository/Registry) facilitating the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise.

FotoWare Digital Asset Management

Medialogix Ltd

Off-the-shelf software to manage media files such as images, video, audio and documents. Suitable for police, health, military and government departments. Offering a secure, cost-efficient and scalable solution for Digital Evidence/Asset Management running in your private cloud on ISO27001 Certified Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Software for Behavioural modelling

Roke Manor Research

Roke provided supply, support, and customise applications to model behaviours and detect changes in behaviours. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

NetSfere Secure Enterprise Messaging

Infinite Convergence Solutions / NetSfere

NetSfere is a cloud-based, enterprise messaging & voice service that offers a secure platform communication and collaboration, giving IT control over employee messaging across multiple devices. Designed to meet industry-specific challenges, NetSfere's next-generation approach allows employees to safely communicate business information in real-time via a user-friendly browser or mobile app.

Clinical Trials - Medical Image Sharing, Archiving and Management in the Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar reduces time to implement clinical trials and cuts costs by improving delivery speed and reducing submission errors. Easy-to-use image uploader and cloud sharing makes it simple to add new sending sites to support a timepoint with just a few clicks. Instantly scale to sending sites while maintaining submission integrity.

Upstream Population Health Suite

Upstream Health

A complete set of population health analytics, and mobile first applications to join working across the health, social care and voluntary sectors. Combining, risk stratification, with collaboration tools, key clinical functions and deep record integration, all centred around our patients and their families.

Digital Dictation/ Speech Recognition, Correspondence Management (Epro Scrik)


Epro Scrik is a dictation, speech recognition and correspondence management solution. Epro Scrik is one module of a product suite comprising of: Bed Management, Pharmacy, Whiteboard, Discharge Summaries, Referrals and Electronic Document Management. Epro's usability improves workflows for clinicians saving time and money.

Microsoft Exchange Load Balancer


EdgeNEXUS Load balancers offer outstanding feature and performance whilst still being Very easy to use. As a Microsoft Gold partner we have significant experience of load balancing Microsoft products such as Exchange, Skype, Sharepoint. Available in Azure, AWS, VMware, Hyper-V, HPE supported Appliance. We offer free migration from other products.

NPS Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) SMaRT Version 9.5.1

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

AAA SMaRT Version 9.5.1 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of AAA Screening Programmes.

Electronic Patient Record Solution

PatientSource Ltd

PatientSource is a clinician-designed Electronic Medical Record solution for hospitals and community care. Features: Case Notes PAS Observations ePrescribing Investigations Electronic Discharge Auditing Bed Management Patient Direct Health IoT Health Artificial Intelligence Health Machine Learning Health Automation Health Integration Integration Engine Instant Clinical Messaging Health Clinical Consulting Health Strategy

Spirit Service

Tiani Spirit Limited

Tiani-Spirit delivers Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) based services that enable Healthcare organisations to provide lower cost access to higher quality care. The Tiani-Spirit solution delivers integrated health records for patient, physician and health system access and analytics.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Insight has been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals to meet the demands of ophthalmic clinics and hospitals, supporting the delivery of integrated patient care by multi-disciplinary teams. Insight is modular, incorporates a comprehensive ophthalmology dataset and satisfies a wide range of operational and strategic objectives and clinical governance requirements.

Digital Pathology Laboratory Information System


An end-to-end laboratory information system for the digitisation of cellular pathology providing complete traceability from biopsy-to-reporting, real-time specimen tracking using GS1 barcode, vendor-neutral hardware interfaces, digital slide management and storage, automated post-image processing and interoperability for use in single or networked laboratories.

eDerma Clinical Workflow Pathway System (including remote referral)

Open Medical Ltd

Dermatologist designed, N3 enabled SaaS coordination platform tracks, plans and reviews care. Remote-referral-to-discharge, image calibrated, workflows enrich distributed clinical collaboration and sanction compliance to entire tele-dermatological standards. Pathpoint™ database architecture mimics the dynamics of patient care, automatically coding clinical treatment via SNOMED-CT NLP referencing to yield superior analytical outcomes.

ICS Diagnostics: Onsite and Remote Clinical Echocardiography

ICS Operations Limited

• Provision of onsite and remote clinical echocardiography services, via a cloud-based viewing and reporting platform. • Cardiology services can access our clinical network via our cloud software technology, to increase capacity, access reporting and reviewing support, access training and feedback, and access independent clinical governance support.

Folding Space Discovery for GDPR

Microports.Net t/as Folding Space

GDPR Discovery provides the automated means to address the fundamental GDPR challenge - to identify and continually monitor the existence, occurrence and processing of unstructured and structured personal data that is hidden in paperwork, digital documents, files and databases, metadata & free text – irrespective of location, format or storage.

NPS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme S4H Version 1.5

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

NPS NHSP V 1.5 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud 2

Cimar Ltd

Gain a Single Source of Image Data with Cimar's cloud VNA. Images can be archived, transferred, viewed and data connected. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM for a holistic view. Cimar provides elastic storage - no need to purchase space in advance, or be concerned about high-watermark budgeting.

Medxnote Messenger


Medxnote is a secure and information governance (IG) compliant mobile instant messaging application (app) for healthcare. It’s designed to replace Hospital Pagers and unsecured consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp and SMS Text, providing doctors and medical staff with features and tools to maximizes productivity and accelerates workflow.

OpenEyes EMR – Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology (Software Full Implementation) copy


OpenEyes EMR provides Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology. Designed with eminent ophthalmologists from across the community: Cataract, Glaucoma, MR, AMD, VR, Emergency, Paediatrics etc.. Best-of-breed anatomical diagrams and forms allow EMR management whilst delivering care. Community optometrists and hospital outcomes drive progression dashboards, surgical audit, and RCOphth NOD Cataract Audit.

Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) in the Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Best-in-class Cloud-PACS for archiving, viewing, reporting, integrating and sharing medical imaging. Simple to upload studies into your own secure cloud archive. Once in the cloud, studies can be seamlessly shared with referrers, medical professionals and patients. The Cimar zero-footprint diagnostic viewer is FDA approved for reporting. No specialised hardware required.

BridgeHead HealthStore™ Independent Clinical Archive (ICA)

BridgeHead Software Limited

Are your clinicians frustrated they do not have access to the full range of patient information they need at the point of care? BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is a third generation Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) that breaks down departmental/application silos allowing all data to be leveraged for the betterment of patient care.

Folding Space ERDMS/SUV - Electronic Records & Document Management with Single Unified View

Microports.Net t/as Folding Space

Folding Space ERDMS/SUV (Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management System/Single Unified View) provides a complete solution for secure document and records management and, uniquely, incorporates the SUV (Single Unified View) to enable the viewing, presentation, annotation and augmentation of all documents (scanned or digitally created) via a single screen interface.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.

IBM Watson AI Platform

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Transform your business, enhance competitive advantage, and disrupt your industry by unlocking the potential within unstructured data. From gaining insights from text to automating interactions and analyzing images and video, tap into the power of Watson APIs to build your cognitive apps.

Borderless Medical Image Sharing

Cimar Ltd

Cimar’s cutting-edge cloud technology enables rapid, high-volume sharing between any Clinical systems and people - across any networks… anywhere. We operate inside, outside and across the N3 network, using compression and encryption. Cimar offers powerful solutions, streamlining the medical image exchange process and connecting patients, care providers and facilities seamlessly.

Application firewall WAF


The edgeNEXUS WAF Web Application Firewall offers comprehensive but easy to configure protection for web applications. (Including DDoD) Stand alone or integrated into the edgeNEXUS loadbalancer and available on Azure, AWS, VMware, Hyper-v or as an HPE supported Appliance.

Epro Discharge Summaries


Epro Discharge Summary module allows the capture and production of discharge summaries. The module includes discharge tracking, for management and reporting on the discharge workflow, drugs prescribing functionality allowing the recording of drug/medication histories, backed by SNOMED codes from NHSE drug dictionary (D,M+D) together with formulary functionality.

iRIS Health Simulation Authoring Platform

TWME8 Limited

iRIS is a unique web-based platform to help you design high quality health simulation scenarios and offer the best learning experience possible, as well as helping you get the best value from the investments you have made in manikins and other resources.

CDW Fortrus Unity Connected Record (UCR)

CDW Limited

Fortrus provide software interfaces and solutions using ‘User Experience’ design. The wide range of ‘Unity’ module enables customers to innovate, whilst protecting current IT investment, the Unity Connected Record provides the building blocks whereby an eco-system for better connected care can be turned into a reality, not just a concept.

FileSync & Share - Secure Filesharing


Save9 FileSync & Share is a professional file sync and share solution for the UK public sector – delivering users anytime and anywhere highly secure access to files, across any device, be it smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, or on the web from any web browser.


Hicom Technology Ltd

CareHub is a web-based patient care system designed to support small to medium sized healthcare providers. CareHub provides clinics with all facilities necessary to manage patient care effectively from patient registration through to billing/claim management. CareHub supports JCI compliance and meets the core requirements of the HIMSS EMR adoption model.

IBM Aspera for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Aspera Files is a fast, secure, scalable SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop process, directly from cloud and on premise storage – located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone. Uses may include Police evidence management.

Cloud Software - Web and Mobile Development

Medical Data Solutions and Services LTD

MDSAS are world renowned for the delivery of national and international cloud-based software solutions. MDSAS have particular experience working with the NHS to deliver national registries to support the management of clinical services. In addition MDSAS develop innovative referral, triage and advice and guidance systems incorporating app-based image submission support.

A AI Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning software solutions

AI Cloud Services

At AI Services we specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Our solutions include advance image and video analysis and recognition solutions. These can meet a range of business use cases which we work with customers to develop. e.g. CCTV image analysis and alerting of suspicious behaviour and individuals.

Application Load Balancer


EdgeNEXUS Load balancers and Application delivery controllers offer outstanding feature and performance whilst being intuitive and Very easy to use. Available in Azure, AWS, VMware, Hyper-v or as an HPE supported Appliance. We offer free migration from other products.