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25 results found in Cloud software in the category Medical imaging

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Medxnote Messenger


Medxnote is a secure and information governance (IG) compliant mobile instant messaging application (app) for healthcare. It’s designed to replace Hospital Pagers and unsecure consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS Text, providing doctors and medical staff with features and tools to maximizes productivity and accelerates workflow.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) In The Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar’s cloud PACS eliminates or reduces on-premise costs, while delivering image sharing and anytime-anywhere access. Cimar can be deployed as a whole solution, or as an augment to a legacy PACS, providing ultra-secure, low-cost VNA storage, as well as providing zero-footprint viewing, powerful image management and free transfer and sharing.

HCi - Telehealth

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

TeleHealth solution for remote monitoring and management of patients and Clinician. With gateways interfaces with various categories of medical devices, It has features like Video consult, Medication Reminder, Record sharing, Physician locator, Social collaboration, Symptom checker, Vitals Monitoring

Perfect Ward

Bolt Partners Ltd

Perfect Ward is an app-based, real time inspection and reporting tool for healthcare inspections. It eliminates administration by capturing inspection results directly onto Android or iOS devices and providing automated reporting. Questions, answer options and guidance can be customised for different areas or types of organisation.


Hicom Technology Ltd

CareHub is a web-based patient care system designed to support small to medium sized healthcare providers. CareHub provides clinics with all facilities necessary to manage patient care effectively from patient registration through to billing/claim management. CareHub supports JCI compliance and meets the core requirements of the HIMSS EMR adoption model.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

Secure, medical cloud based clinical, diagnostic image management, reporting and distribution platform. Supporting imaging modalities including ultrasound, echocardiography, Angiography, X-Ray, Nuclear and diagnostic results management. Zero hardware footprint SaaS company established in the US and UK with rapidly growing client base. PACS. RIS. VNA. EHR. EMR. EPR.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.

Vendor Neutral Archive In-the-Cloud

SynApps Solutions Limited

The Vendor Neutral Cloud (VNA) SaaS offering provides a highly-secure and cost effective solution for the capture and management of both DICOM & Non-DICOM images and documents. The offering provides an N3 enabled platform for delivering Cross Document Sharing (XDS Repository/Registry) facilitating the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise.

FotoWare Digital Asset Management

Medialogix Ltd

Out of the box solutions for police, hospital, military and government departments, this comprehensive DAM solution offers a highly secure, cost-efficient and infinitely scalable system for Digital Evidence/Asset Management running in your private cloud on ISO27001 Certified Microsoft Azure. Scalable with modules and plugins with specific applications.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Insight has been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals to meet the demands of ophthalmic clinics and hospitals, supporting the delivery of integrated patient care by multi-disciplinary teams. Insight is modular, incorporates a comprehensive Ophthalmology dataset and satisfies a wide range of operational and strategic objectives and clinical governance requirements.

NPS Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) SMaRT Version 9.1

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

AAA SMaRT Version 9.1 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of AAA Screening Programmes.

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar’s cloud VNA DRaaS for your existing PACS gives the ability to retrieve imaging data in the event of local hardware, software or network failure. • Auto-sync'd low-cost cloud elastic storage cost. • Zero-cost image-sharing to anywhere direct from Sync'd cloud • Zero-cost API for image enabling EMR apps etc...

ERDMS/SUV - Electronic Records & Document Management with Single Unified View

Microports.Net t/as Folding Space

Folding Space ERDMS/SUV (Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management System/Single Unified View) provides a complete solution for secure document and records management and, uniquely, incorporates the SUV (Single Unified View) to enable the viewing, presentation, annotation and augmentation of all documents (scanned or digitally created) via a single screen interface.

FileSync & Share - Secure Filesharing


Save9 FileSync & Share is a professional file sync and share solution for the UK public sector – delivering users anytime and anywhere highly secure access to files, across any device, be it smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, or on the web from any web browser.

IBM Aspera Files for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Aspera Files is a fast, secure, scalable SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop process, directly from cloud and on premise storage – located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone. Uses may include Police evidence management.



OptoMize is a market leading Enterprise solution for diabetic eye screening. With an inbuilt automated pathway and specifically designed imaging tools, OptoMize minimises administration, reduces costs and enhances productivity. Tailored to meet your local needs, OptoMize is adaptable and configurable designed by clinicians for clinicians.

HCi - Connectsense - Patient Portal - Physician Portal-Care Coordination

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

Connectsense Care Coordination is a secure, extensible cloud-based platform that enables interoperability, care coordination, and patient engagement. It aggregates data from systems across care settings to create a shared, longitudinal patient record. It provides out-of-the-box applications for patients, GPs, clinicians, caregivers and care coordinators customizable for unique workflows and use-cases

T-Pro Dictate


T-Pro dictate is our hosted platform that delivers Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Document Creation Productivity tools in a completely secure environment - without expensive upfront costs or the need to provision internal infrastructure or support. T-Pro Dictate offers a full browser based, mobility enabled solution without any IT requirements.

IBM Watson Developer Cloud

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Transform your business, enhance competitive advantage, and disrupt your industry by unlocking the potential within unstructured data. From gaining insights from text to automating interactions and analyzing images and video, tap into the power of Watson APIs to build your cognitive apps.


RioMed Ltd

Cellma is RioMed’s flagship Health Information System (HIS); designed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals and customised to meet specific client requirements. Modular in design Cellma provides a scalable solution to achieve fully digitalised patient records to be used at the point of contact with patients by healthcare professionals.

BridgeHead HealthStore™ Independent Clinical Archive (ICA)

BridgeHead Software Limited

Are your clinicians frustrated they do not have access to the full range of patient information they need at the point of care? BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is a third generation Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) that breaks down departmental/application silos allowing all data to be leveraged for the betterment of patient care.

Healthcare - Video Collaboration for Global Health

Innovate Ltd

The IOCOM Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting Multi-Screen, Multi-images, Secured with 256-bit encryption, multi-camera for any device feed, run on Cloud9 over JANET, available to N3 or HSCN via peering.

Minerva Interoperability and Care Coordination Platform


Minerva is a secure, extensible cloud-based platform that enables interoperability, care coordination and patient engagement. It aggregates data from systems across care settings to create a shared, longitudinal patient record. It provides out-of-the-box applications for patients, GPs, clinicians and care coordinators customisable for unique workflows and use-cases.

CDW Fortrus Unity Connected Record (UCR)

CDW Limited

Fortrus provide software interfaces and solutions using ‘User Experience’ design. The wide range of ‘Unity’ module enables customers to innovate, whilst protecting current IT investment, the Unity Connected Record provides the building blocks whereby an eco-system for better connected care can be turned into a reality, not just a concept.

OpenEyes EMR – Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology (Software Full Implementation)


OpenEyes EMR provides Electronic Medical Records for Ophthalmology. Designed with eminent ophthalmologists from across the community: Cataract, Glaucoma, MR, AMD, VR, Emergency, Paediatrics etc.. Best-of-breed anatomical diagrams and forms allow EMR management whilst delivering care. Community optometrists and hospital outcomes drive progression dashboards, surgical audit, and RCOphth NOD Cataract Audit.