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Clinicubes CTMS


Clinicubes CTMS is a centralized software (clinical trial management system), which offers a number of benefits to companies in the clinical research industry in the form of integrated solutions for every single aspect and phase of clinical studies. Our product makes processes behind various planning, performing and reporting tasks easier.


Woodward Associates

SimpleCode provides a Clinical Coding environment that is capable of providing on-line access to Patient data. It can be used within a Web environment and is fully suited to emerging technologies. SimpleCode is in use in Coding and Clinical settings in the NHS, in both mobile and static environments.


Docobo Ltd

ARTEMUS-ICS™, a predictive population health intelligence service provides powerful health intelligence to healthcare professionals, securely via a web browser over the N3 network. The tool combines GP data and SUS data to provide a complete view of patient care and assigns a risk score for all patients, and supports PCN.

SBL Freja ID: Identity & Secure Access Management

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Freja eID provides a strong identity solution to allow secure access to systems for customers and users. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) improves user experience and removes fixed passwords. Enables compliance with GDPR and CoCo amongst other Cyber Security requirements. Supports Tokens and Soft Tokens.


Woodward Associates

autoGROUPER is an application that derives Healthcare Resource Groups and related information in real time. Included are access to all grouping variants at FCE and Spell level for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care records.

Filebound Software

Upland Software

FileBound is a cloud-based application that automates the flow of enterprise work. Manage business processes from beginning to end, and reliably connect people and information wherever they are. FileBound helps you drive out paper-based processes to decrease costs and increase productivity, and supports compliance with internal and external mandates.

T-Pro Dictate


T-Pro dictate is our hosted platform that delivers Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Document Creation Productivity tools in a completely secure environment - without expensive upfront costs or the need to provision internal infrastructure or support. T-Pro Dictate offers a full browser based, mobility enabled solution without any IT requirements.

Sexual Health Tariff Grouper - Commissioner

Pathway Analytics

The integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper Commissioner service enables commissioners to review the charges raised by participating providers for the sexual healthcare delivered to their residents in a timely manner.

Swiss Post Solutions E-Billing and E-Invoicing

Swiss Post Solutions

E-billing replaces manual or paper-based billing processes with an electronic billing portal that delivers invoices and statements instantly and provides on-line, on-demand access for clients.

Patient App

Hicom Technology Ltd

The Patient App extends the function of Diamond, Twinkle, Enterprise or Koru by allowing patients to view diagnoses, clinical history, investigations and results, make appointments and request prescriptions all via the convenience of an app. Health targets, diet and exercise plans and educational material can also be made available.

Sexual Health Tariff Grouper - Local Tariff Configuration

Pathway Analytics

The integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper service Local Tariff Configuration service enables commissioners to easily implement a locally agreed tariff configuration with their local providers. A tariff configuration can have multiple currencies with associated tariff rates and triggered by a wide combination of activity codes.



PDF Tables accurately extracts data from PDFs. It uses an AI algorithm which can see column shapes, and outputs spreadsheets. There is a web API so it can be automated.

Inventory management and ERP solution for NHS and Healthcare

Ingenica Solutions Limited

Inventory management and ERP solutions for NHS and healthcare resource management.GS1 certified inventory management solution, proven in NHS,developed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform, accessed via VPN or N3 connection,UK data centre.Ingenica's highly scalable ERP and inventory management solution, benefits from Microsoft and Ingenica investment and published development road map.

SATIS Field IT Platform

L2S2 Ltd

SATIS is rapidly deployed to provide isolated IT capability to support logistical field operations and has exceptional scope and resilience. Highly configurable to meet specific requirements, it maintains a full audit trail and meets security and reliability requirements necessary to handle highly confidential data, including personal health records.

Boomcast: 1 and two way messaging over multi-channels

Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

Boomerang’s broadcast messaging application enables organisations to execute bulk or isolated 1 & 2-way message sends over SMS, email and voice, offering a quick and succinct method of communicating with stakeholders in time critical situations.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Insight has been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals to meet the demands of ophthalmic clinics and hospitals, supporting the delivery of integrated patient care by multi-disciplinary teams. Insight is modular, incorporates a comprehensive ophthalmology dataset and satisfies a wide range of operational and strategic objectives and clinical governance requirements.

Digital Pathology Laboratory Information System


An end-to-end laboratory information system for the digitisation of cellular pathology providing complete traceability from biopsy-to-reporting, real-time specimen tracking using GS1 barcode, vendor-neutral hardware interfaces, digital slide management and storage, automated post-image processing and interoperability for use in single or networked laboratories.

TCES Community

Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited

TCES Community is an Asset Inventory and Community Equipment Management Solution. It offers total healthcare provision management for community equipment, providing budgetary control and self fund prescription management.

Sexual Health Tariff Grouper - Provider+

Pathway Analytics

The integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper Provider+ service for providers enables healthcare providers of sexual health services to calculate charges according a locally agreed tariff based on activity and allocate those charges to commissioners - all at the click of a button.

NHS Care Management - powered by IBM Watson

IGCS Limited

IGCS Limited is providing 'NHS Care Management powered by IBM Watson' - a cloud based N3 software portfolio, designed to enable resource management and information solutions for: • NHS national projects • STP/Regional projects • Local Health Economies • Hospitals • Patients

Novate Staffing

Novate Staffing Limited

Novate is a cloud based solution that allows the Public Sector to manage and procure the engagement of temporary workers. This is all ran by our state of the art technology, the cloud solution enables The Public Sector Clients to optimise their use of temporary workers and comply with HMRC.



CardByPhone removes credit and debit card data from being accessible within an organisation during phone transactions. PCI-DSS requirements which govern security when handling card data are taken out of scope. CardByPhone can be integrated with contact centre and order processing systems or as a complete hosted telephony environment.

Strata Homefirst

Strata Health LTD

Strata HomeFirst helps healthcare organisations request and manage service for domiciliary home care services, all in real time. Home care services are essential to assist patients to safely live at home and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions. HomeFirst™ streamlines the process of requesting home care services from service providers.

Digital Surgery - digitally enabled process and quality improvement for surgery

Digital Surgery

Surgery is complex. Its costs can account for 30-50% of Trust costs; it also helps to bring in ~50% of Trust revenues. We help Trusts undertake process and quality improvement in surgery through professional services and cloud software. Currently being trialled in leading Trusts in London and northern England.

Radiology & Pathology Testing Analytics

OCF plc

Analytical SaaS for testing requests and variances from different consultants and clinical conditions. The cloud accessed software applies statistical techniques to identify areas that show an opportunity to improve performance. These are classified as, testing usage, flow and spare capacity, allowing for greater patient throughput and reducing costly asset investment.


Woodward Associates

ClearView is a clinical administration system that provides morbidity and mortality management, interactive data collection and domain specific analysis in a multi-disciplinary setting. With access to national and local patient data the system is able to provide measures for data quality and financial performance for hospitals.

Civica Payments

Civica UK Limited

Enterprise Cash Receipting, ePayments, Income Management, Acquiring and Processing services, supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public, private organisation. Compatible with Capita, Northgate, Adalante, Cashless Catering and parent portal solutions.

Simplicity Vendor Management Software (VMS)

ID Medical Group Ltd

Simplicity is a Procure-to-Pay system for managing internal and contingent workforce. It's designed to give clients greater control of staff spend using end-to-end vacancy filling, e-timesheets and staff compliance features. Simplicity is delivered via a full implementation strategy uniquely configured to a customer’s needs and offering a complete support package.

h-trak Scan4Safety

Prospitalia h-trak Limited

Prospitalia h-trak's, h-trak Scan4Safety system delivers comprehensive track- and trace on all required implants; full procedure level costing via barcode scanning; inventory management for theatres, wards and clinics with automated stock replenishment and consumables price checking within healthcare environments. The solution enhances patient safety, delivers cost savings and process efficiencies.

Sexual Health Tariff Grouper - Basic Provider

Pathway Analytics

The integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper Basic Provider service enables healthcare providers of sexual health services to calculate charges according a locally agreed tariff based on activity and allocate those charges to commissioners - all at the click of a button.


Woodward Associates

LiveAudit is an end-to-end audit solution that allows NHS and private hospitals to manage in-house audit programmes. The service delivers a clinically driven and scalable methodology for the audit of clinically coded data with the aim of improving coding quality and obtaining appropriate PbR reimbursement.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.

Civica Fully Managed SLAM

Civica UK Limited

The provision of our cloud hosted, Fully Managed Civica SLAM System. The system includes our inherent automation functionality and powerful Microsoft Power BI reporting and analytics capability.


Infocare Healthcare Services (UK) Ltd

Soteria™ is an easy-to-use interface layer working with existing systems to create an organised pathway of patient care and documentation. Soteria provides for clinical noting, dictation, forms, orders, decision support and coding whilst maintaining an in context single view of the patient across the continuum of care.

Civica Pay Direct Debits

Civica UK Limited

Enterprise online self-service paperless and staff supported direct debits. Supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public, private organisation. Compatible with Capita, Northgate, Adalante, Cashless Catering and parent portal solutions.


Hicom Technology Ltd

MULTI is a patient and clinical care system designed for secondary care. MULTI supports multi-disciplinary care teams, enabling effective delivery of patient care within a hospital, clinic or community setting. MULTI is preconfigured to support diabetes, gastroenterology and rheumatology units and has the structure to support other specialties.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Diamond is a patient and clinical care system designed to meet the needs of the modern diabetes care services. Diamond provides support for the multi-disciplinary care team, enabling effective patient care to be delivered within a hospital, clinic or community setting.

CDW Fortrus Unity Connected Record (UCR)

CDW Limited

Fortrus provide software interfaces and solutions using ‘User Experience’ design. The wide range of ‘Unity’ module enables customers to innovate, whilst protecting current IT investment, the Unity Connected Record provides the building blocks whereby an eco-system for better connected care can be turned into a reality, not just a concept.

Patient Portal

Hicom Technology Ltd

Patient Portal is designed to allow a clinic or hospital to grant patient access via a secure web-page, to specific data transferred from their electronic medical record. The portal is intended to support greater patient empowerment in the management of their own condition and better outcomes.

Care Pathway Analytics

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Care Pathway Analytics is a service that allows health organisations to understand care pathways. Combining HES and local data to create longitudinal patient pathways enabling providers and commissioners to understand variations between patients, how these can be addressed to improve patient experiences and outcomes and improve cost effectiveness.


Hicom Technology Ltd

CareHub is a web-based patient care system designed to support small to medium sized healthcare providers. CareHub provides clinics with all facilities necessary to manage patient care effectively from patient registration through to billing/claim management. CareHub supports JCI compliance and meets the core requirements of the HIMSS EMR adoption model.

BetterCare: Financial Assessment

Looking Local Limited

BetterCare: Financial Assessment has been developed by Kirklees Council and LookingLocal to move the complex, paper-based adult social care financial assessment process to a digital model supporting all involved. Underpinned by a proven, replicable business model, BetterCare: Financial Assessment uses the best digital tools to maximise online completion.



Florence bring Telehealth to any patient with a mobile phone. Flo helps patients adhere to advice and prescribing, she is a system flexible enough to send personalized reminders and health tips to each individual patient. these text messages encourage them to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

Pertemps Staffing

Pertemps Medical

Pertemps is a cloud based solution that allows The Public Sector to manage and procure the engagement of temporary workers. This is all ran by our state of the art technology, the cloud solution enables The Public Sector Clients to optimise their use of temporary workers and comply with HMRC.

Electronic Prescribing & Medicines Administration


Electronic prescribing and medicine administration solution for use in acute, mental health and community hospital settings; Public and Private. Includes pharmacist and pharmacy team functionality such as prescription verification, medicines reconciliation, supply requesting and medicines management. Functionality for inpatient, outpatient and day-case treatment.