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tmwk Limited

spa shows the value of care and support for vulnerable people using outcomes as evidence. It includes case and contact management, support planning, outcome monitoring and risk assessment. It is fully configurable, and used by Housing Associations and voluntary organisations on services for a wide range of client groups.

CGI - Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR)


CGI’s Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR) enables Trusts who require an incremental approach to achieve an IDCR whilst leveraging their legacy application portfolio. Our IDCR provides a single patient view and workflow management solution components, which maximises investment whilst delivering improved patient outcomes as well as clinical and operational efficiencies.

Healthy Hive

Cloud Data Service Limited

Case management and reporting software for delivering holistic wellbeing services, managing payments for outcomes and spanning the boundaries for joined up care across LTCs, social prescribing, health checks, mental health, smoking cessation and other public health issues to identify multi-morbidity cases and where cost savings can be made.

Strata Pathways Co-Hort

Strata Health LTD

Strata PathWays transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs/preferences to available/appropriate resources using real-time information across all organisations involved. This shows available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched appropriately. Strata cohort is licensed for use by population cohorts or distinct care pathways.

Attend Anywhere Video Consulting (telehealth) Capability

Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere makes it easy for health care providers to offer video call access to their services, as a normal part of day-to-day operations. Our telehealth solutions are purpose-built for health, so security, privacy, data protection, and the ability to work within existing clinical processes, are integral.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Provida is a business intelligence solution which amasses data via integrated mapping and data transformation. Data is validated and cleansed prior to being placed into a data warehouse and is then modelled dependent on the client’s business requirements. Access is provided via a powerful reporting and analysis module.

Excelicare Specialist EMR - Sexual Health

AxSys Technology Limited

The Excelicare Integrated Sexual Health application is a user-friendly clinical information system for sexual health and related clinical and reproductive services. The design has been created to meet the demanding requirements of clinical leaders within the reproductive health field and provides seamless collaborative care between staff, clinics, specialties and services.

Digital Health - Health Fabric

Health Fabric

The Health Fabric Cloud Platform enables improvement in Health and wellbeing by helping people gain self-awareness, to enable behavior change in an incremental supportive way using digital technology. People can download digital tools and get the remote support and monitoring they need to improve their health and wellbeing via partners.

HCi - Telehealth

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

TeleHealth solution for remote monitoring and management of patients and Clinician. With gateways interfaces with various categories of medical devices, It has features like Video consult, Medication Reminder, Record sharing, Physician locator, Social collaboration, Symptom checker, Vitals Monitoring

Sounds Like IBS

RainyDay Projects Ltd

SoundsLikeIBS is a patent pending solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hundreds of thousands of worldwide users and a 90% success rate. 10% of the world’s population are sufferers of IBS and there is no known cure, only expensive ineffective repeat medication costing healthcare providers billions per year.


SRCL Limited

Florence brings Telehealth to any patient with a mobile phone. Flo helps patients adhere to advice and prescribing, she is a system flexible enough to send personalised reminders and health tips to each individual patient. These text messages encourage them to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

Assessed Digital Health Apps and Services Portal

Our Mobile Health

Access to a database of high quality health and care apps/digital services assessed against the latest guidelines and regulations, and peer reviewed by relevant experts; so that you can confidently recommend, deploy and socially prescribe, relevant digital solutions to your community of patients, staff or public.

Safe Mobile Care

Safe Patient Systems Ltd

Safe Mobile Care is an integrated healthcare solution using an open, digital platform that can harness and integrate a range of mobile, communication and vital sign monitoring technologies to pre-emptively and pro-actively support patients suffering from Long Term Conditions at home.

Perfect Ward

Bolt Partners Ltd

Perfect Ward is an app-based, real time inspection and reporting tool for healthcare inspections. It eliminates administration by capturing inspection results directly onto Android or iOS devices and providing automated reporting. Questions, answer options and guidance can be customised for different areas or types of organisation.


Azeus UK Limited

AzeusCare is a completely integrated case management and finance solution for social care and health which supports a wide range of services including: 1. Adults Services 2.Children and Young People Services 3. Integrated Family Services, 4. Multi-Agency Working and 5. Community Health



Mede/Analytics is a cloud based business intelligence and commissioning platform that scales to provide insight across entire health economy taking data and linking it at the individual level from multiple care settings. The platform tools allow analysis of population health to understand demographics, morbidity, resource utilisation, outcomes, quality and cost.

iSeeU eMarketplace

Vysiion Ltd

The iSeeU eMarketplace provides an open, configurable platform whereby organisations can aggregate previously fragmented health/social care, equipment and voluntary sector resources making it easier for users to identify, personalise and pay using either a PHB, Direct Payment or a blend of PHB/Direct Payment and private funds.

Arrow (Secure) Cloud Video Conferencing and Consultation Service

Arrow Business Communications Limited

The Cloud Video Conferencing service allows secure, high quality video conferences to be set up and held between Room Systems, PC's, Laptops and Tablet devices. For the Healthcare sector the ClineCall module allows secure video consultations to be held between healthcare professionals and patients at home.

Excelicare Specialist EMR - Inflammatory Arthritis

AxSys Technology Limited

The Excelicare™ Inflammatory Arthritis EMR is a user friendly clinical information system. The application is web-based with powerful security controls to protect patient confidentiality. The design has been created to meet the demanding requirements of clinical leaders within the Inflammatory Arthritis service.

Clinic - Expert Knowledge Apps

ADL Smartcare Limited

Clinic Expert Knowledge Apps provide a scalable, cost-effective means of assessing people's needs and issuing appropriate solutions using a consistent professional approach. Staff can perform facilitated assessments in an office-type environment, with secure access to detailed analysis and understanding of assessment outcomes.

Cerner HIE

Cerner Limited

Cerner HIE is a standards-based, vendor agnostic point-of-care solution built upon a reliable technology infrastructure for securely sharing patient data across disparate systems in a healthcare economy for effective and better care coordination, giving improvements in safety, quality and at a lower cost. It is applicable to all healthcare settings.


Make and Ship Limited

PocketDoc is a centralised document management and delivery platform for mobile and web. Reduce risk and increase effectiveness with a single source of organisation knowledge

Sundown Solutions Ltd is a proprietary product created by Sundown Solutions to help its NHS clients overcome the common issue of auditing, tracking, action recording and correlating board papers, meeting minutes and all other associated artefacts. We provide one tailored platform to take the heavy lifting out of NHS Board meeting management.



Cloud-based SaaS solution allowing organisations to manage, track and distribute resources and digital tools to desktop/web and mobile devices. Resources include: staff/contractor reference information, handbooks, manuals, job aids, contact details, Standard Operating Procedures, policies, guidelines, educational resources, etc. Digital tools include: interactive decision aids, scoring tools, calculators, assessments, etc.


Hicom Technology Ltd

CareHub is a web-based patient care system designed to support small to medium sized healthcare providers. CareHub provides clinics with all facilities necessary to manage patient care effectively from patient registration through to billing/claim management. CareHub supports JCI compliance and meets the core requirements of the HIMSS EMR adoption model.

Care Leavers App

This is Focus Ltd

The Care Leavers' App has been specifically built for local authorities looking to deliver their care leavers a tailored, purpose built offer. Highly accessible, the App presents information, advice and guidance to young people using technology they are already using in their day-to-day life

Mydex Identity as a Service

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Secure identity service supporting registration, authentication and on-going management of a privacy-protecting, GDPR-compliant identity service which can be integrated into any environment supporting open standards and protocols. The service is extensible to support a range of multi-factor authentication mechanisms, profile management, identity assurance and age verification to meet diverse needs.


MSoft eSolutions

Web-based software solution for managing and tracking Community Equipment. Allows Community equipment stores to maintain, track and deliver equipment to clients who may otherwise require to be in hospital/care. Assists independent living.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.

CareForIT Care Management

Webformed Ltd

End to End Care Management Solution Scheduling Quick, Efficient Scheduling of Visits. Call Monitoring Via automated Smartphone technology. Care Planning CareForIT features easy to use tools. Financials Processes call monitoring data automatically to create accurate data feeds for payroll and accounting systems. Reporting The smart reporting tools with minimal effort.

PainSense Self Help and PROM collection for Pain Services

Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Limited

Digital communication tool connecting healthcare providers to patients. The Painsense Suite provides digital self help, and collection of patient data in Chronic Pain Services.

Lenus Digital Health Service (SaaS)

Storm ID

The Lenus Digital Health Platform supports an eco-system of digital health services through standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services. The platform supports a broad eco-system of digital health services and applications through provision of standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services.

Electronic Monitoring Health

Buddi Ltd

Buddi is the market leader in mobile personal alarms, and locates people precisely and instantly and helps protects vulnerable people from harm. Combined, a discreet wristband, a portable clip, and a charging dock locate wearers using the latest GPS technology, and creates personalised alerts for carers, friends or family members.

Excelicare Personal Health Record

AxSys Technology Limited

AxSys Technology has developed a Personal Health Record (PHR) solution to meet the needs of organisations to engage with the people in their care based on research which shows that through this engagement better coordination of care can be achieved, outcomes can be improved and costs can be reduced.

Long Term Condition Web Applications

my mhealth

my mhealth provide web applications for the management of patients with long term condition at both an individual and population level. Currently our software provides services for patients with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Conditions. The software also enables the remote delivery of both pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation at scale.

Eforms from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Create, publish and manage your eforms with our intuitive and easy to use tool (PretaForm). Our service helps you replace outdated paper forms with feature-rich eforms. Create cost saving applications which automatically include data-capture, intelligent workflows and integration. Our low code platform empowers your team to digitise faster and cheaper.

Mydex Personal Data Stores

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Personal Data Stores offer a secure channel of engagement with citizens across all aspects of their lives. They enable citizens to deliver proof of claims (identity, entitlement, age, etc.), and collect and share verified information about themselves with services and organisations — empowering digital channels for citizens and services.

Self Care Hub

Looking Local Limited

The SelfCareHub is a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy led self-care technology designed for - and with - patients who suffer with long-term conditions. Built to support people at all stages of their condition, providing clinical and non-clinical tools to help people with all areas of their life.

Totalmobile from BT


Totalmobile is a market leading digital workforce management solution which ensures your mobile employees and field service staff have access to information they need via an easy to use app. and that their workday is optimally scheduled in real time and in accordance with your business rules and industry SLAs.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Twinkle is an effective, low-cost, hosted information management system designed to help in the management of paediatric patients with diabetes. In addition, Twinkle is an essential tool for the management of data in-line with the Best Practice Tariff and the collection of data for the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit.



iplanit is a cloud based social&health care case management system for disability, mental health, housing&aged care. By providing a live view of service delivery, care&support plans and measures the impact of services delivered, it benefits service users, provider staff&management and funders by reducing costs, managing risk,evidencing value and supporting inclusion.


SystemC Healthcare Limited

CareCentric Health Integration Exchange Platform provides: real-time, secure, unified shared care records via a Clinical Portal and Patient Portal; system integration/interoperability; IHE standards support; data capture forms for assessments, integrated care plans, End of Life; workflow; mobile solutions; Analytics and BI; innovative solutions for New Care Models of Care.

3DNovations 3D Cloud Spaces Ltd

Collaborative 3D environments accessed remotely using avatars that your users register and you administer. Price includes 3D starter content and online training resources. Use 3DNovations to create digital by design services that save your organisation money and improve access and quality, especially for people with autism and complex needs.

Workflow Management from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Automate your workflow with the PretaForm Business process management software that lets your non-technical staff create an unlimited number of automated business applications. Such as: • Employee Onboarding • Leave Request • Travel Claims Our load code technology empowers your non-technical staff, while your developers increase their productivity.

Meteomatics Weather API


Meteomatics' Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Our Weather API allows the integration of our unique, high quality, Smartcast tailored weather forecasts into all kinds of workforce management, planning, business insight, trading and decision-making systems.

everis ehCOS Social Care Platform

EverisConsultancy Limited

Integrating health and social care: from hospital discharge to provision of care at home.

Minoxsys Pathways

Minoxsys Healthcare

We provide a cloud based software platform to manage patients across the healthcare system, mapping patient flow through care pathways to predict bottlenecks and identify future inefficiencies allowing for prevention and early intervention. The platform extracts vital event data in real-time, to improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

Recap Health


Recap Health is a guided patient information distribution and impact measurement system that enables: - patients to be better informed and better able to self care - NHS organisations to understand the relationships between patient information, patient activation levels, clinical outcomes and financial savings and act on this knowledge.

Healthy New Towns

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's Digital Health Platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.



The Mede/Comparators Service enables CCGs, Providers and other Health and Social Care organizations to undertake ad-hoc comparisons of local and national performance against a range of indicators and self selected external peers to identify potential areas for improvement and the target thresholds they should aspire to.

Strata Connect

Strata Health LTD

Using Connect, Strata PathWays can integrate with existing systems across health, social care, mental health and private/3rd sector organisations, allowing the deployment of a fully bi-directional electronic workflow between all connected providers. Interoperability capabilities simplify the referral workflow and reduce administrative overheads, ensuring a fixed level of quality and standardisation.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Insight has been designed in partnership with healthcare professionals to meet the demands of ophthalmic clinics and hospitals, supporting the delivery of integrated patient care by multi-disciplinary teams. Insight is modular, incorporates a comprehensive Ophthalmology dataset and satisfies a wide range of operational and strategic objectives and clinical governance requirements.


TWME8 Limited

The EQuip quality improvement solution enables you to capture quality concerns, favourable events, or any other information you would like to capture from frontline staff. It identifies trends and then uniquely you can pull a dispersed or multi-agency quality team together in a collaborative workspace to deliver improvement projects.

Mydex Consent Management

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Meeting Data Protection compliance regulation, including GDPR, requires informed consent by individuals for the use and sharing of their data. Consent Management enables organisations to integrate seamless consent journeys into existing services, uniquely equipping the individual with a consent management dashboard for the use of personal data across any sector.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Diamond is the UK's leading patient and clinical care system designed to meet the needs of the modern diabetes care services. Diamond provides support for the multi-disciplinary care team, enabling effective patient care to be delivered within a hospital, clinic or community setting.

Accent Data Warehouse

Hicom Technology Ltd

The Accent Data Repository (previously Intrepid) has been designed to extract data from the Accent workforce management system, hosted across multiple individual system instances, and hold it in a format that can be directly queried by the end users. Tools supported include SQL Management studio, Tableau and Qlikview.

Digital Forms from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Create, publish and manage your digital-form with our intuitive and easy to use tool (PretaForm). Our service helps you replace outdated paper forms with feature-rich digital-forms. Create cost saving applications which automatically include data-capture, intelligent workflows and integration. Our low code platform empowers your team to digitise faster and cheaper.

IBM Watson Care Manager

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Watson Care Manager is a cloud-based care management solution to help organisations to focus on individual-centred care. Care teams can capture and assess structured and unstructured information, select targeted programs, and create individualized care plans. Care plans can be adjusted to address changing biological, psychological, social, and functional needs.

Excelicare Specialist EMR - Ophthalmology

AxSys Technology Limited

The Excelicare Ophthalmology System was developed in partnership with a leading Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Specialist who, with over 28 years experience, has built up an extensive Ophthalmic dataset and is considered to be a leading international authority in Vitreoretinal Surgery.

Excelicare Clinical Portal

AxSys Technology Limited

Excelicare Clinical Portal Plus is an integrated standards-based interoperability platform, specifically designed to exchange healthcare data between disparate sources, and process and contextualise the data to present clinically meaningful information so that providers can orchestrate efficient care delivery across a community.

Strata Homefirst

Strata Health LTD

Strata HomeFirst helps healthcare organisations request and manage service for domiciliary home care services, all in real time. Home care services are essential to assist patients to safely live at home and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions. HomeFirst™ streamlines the process of requesting home care services from service providers.

Primary Care Data Solutions - Extraction, Benchmarking and Reporting

The University of Nottingham - PRIMIS

Development of solutions for the collection, analysis and reporting of data from GP IT systems. Key performance indicators are presented in both a dashboard and narrative report, with drill-down to view individual patients. Includes an optional facility to upload aggregate/pseudonymised data to a cloud service, allowing peer comparison.

HealthUnlocked Navigator


HU Navigators are locally-branded and curated programmes of recommendations, delivered to relevant patients over email in 9-12 week cycles. They are designed to engage, educate and inform patients in a short period of time and to produce a measurable improvement in knowledge, skills and confidence.

Go Places to Play - Digital Park and Playground Finder

This is Focus Ltd

Go Places to Play provides local authorities with an innovative way to promote healthier lifestyles amongst children, young people and families by publishing information online about local parks, playgrounds and green spaces.

SATIS Field IT Platform

L2S2 Ltd

SATIS is rapidly deployed to provide isolated IT capability to support logistical field operations and has exceptional scope and resilience. Highly configurable to meet specific requirements, it maintains a full audit trail and meets security and reliability requirements necessary to handle highly confidential data, including personal health records.

Alcove Assisted Living Monitoring


Support independent living for older and disabled adults. Defer need for residential care. Generate cashable efficiencies in supported living environments. Improve safeguarding and quality of life for citizens. Mobile working for care and support teams. Behavioural data analytics to reduce dependence on formal care and facilitate integrated working.

CareForIT E-Brokerage

Webformed Ltd

The CareForIT care commissioning and e-brokerage tools allow social care commissioners and brokers to take full control of the process from contracting through to compliance and performance management. Award care packages to the most suitable provider through the online brokerage system. Collect performance and compliance data from providers automatically.


Make and Ship Limited

Pinion is a beautiful customer experience platform for mobile and web. Gather experience, survey data and insight through an elegant user interface with high adoption and usage.

Strata Pathways ICO

Strata Health LTD

Strata PathWays transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs and preferences to available and appropriate resources. Clinicians are presented with up real-time information on the patient which shows available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched to the best possible option for their specific needs.


Docobo Ltd

ARTEMUS-ICS™, a predictive population health intelligence service provides powerful health intelligence to healthcare professionals, securely via a web browser over the N3 network. The tool combines GP data and SUS data to provide a complete view of patient care and assigns a risk score for each patient in the population.

Electronic Forms from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Create, publish and manage your electronic-forms with our intuitive and easy to use tool (PretaForm). Our service helps you replace outdated paper forms with feature-rich electronic-forms. Create cost saving applications which automatically include data-capture, intelligent workflows and integration. Our low code platform empowers your team to digitise faster and cheaper.

Brokerage / market management solution

Care Banking

This is a software solution that provides a total market management solution for health or social care. The software is typically used by brokerage functions within commissioning, or commissioning support organisations.

HealthUnlocked Social Prescription


This service enables healthcare professionals and care navigators to digitally prescribe online peer support and voluntary sector resources to patients, based on their health condition or need. Useful content is pushed to people over time via email notifications improving health engagement and awareness of local self-referral health services.

HCi - Connectsense - Patient Portal - Physician Portal-Care Coordination

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

Connectsense Care Coordination is a secure, extensible cloud-based platform that enables interoperability, care coordination, and patient engagement. It aggregates data from systems across care settings to create a shared, longitudinal patient record. It provides out-of-the-box applications for patients, GPs, clinicians, caregivers and care coordinators customizable for unique workflows and use-cases

Primary Care Data Quality Assurance

The University of Nottingham - PRIMIS

Data extracted from one GP IT supplier is compared to data from all system suppliers; a set of reference queries and the agreed specification. Anomalies are identified and highlighted in a report for distribution to the system suppliers for remedial action.

Rally Round


Rally Round is an easy to use secure online tool that allows family members, friends and carers to easily create and organise support for someone they care about. Rally Round helps frail and vulnerable adults to live well at home. It also helps patients recover from illnesses. See

Helastel Structured Patient Education


A secure cloud patient companion to support learning, monitoring and feedback for patients with chronic conditions. Better outcomes are achieved by increasing patient engagement in the management of their condition through monitoring of clinical data, access to trusted information and timely provision of prompts and reminders.

babylon health

babylon health

babylon health is an app-based platform reducing demand for appointments by putting accessible, affordable healthcare into the hands of everyone. We connect patients to primary care through virtual consultations and text answers to healthcare concerns, artificially-intelligent triage, access to their healthcare records, and an array of healthcare monitoring capabilities.



Mede/Provider is a hosted business intelligence solution that provides insight into performance management for acute provider clients to support their performance monitoring and improvement process. The reporting is structured along a hierarchy of Dashboards, configurable Summary report interrogation level and Patient Record detail report layer.

eForms for GOV.UK from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our eform building tool (PretaForm) allows internal staff to rapidly create eforms that complies with the GDS Service standard and cloud security. Once built it's GOV.UK ready. Internal staff can also prototype and modify the eforms easily. Our low code platform empowers your team to digitise faster and cheaper.

Local Signposting Service for Older People adult services within a community.

BriteLives Ltd

BriteLives enables older people, their families and carers to easily find information about local activities and services, encouraging them to connect with other people in their community and to stay active, physically and mentally well.

Strata Health Test of Change (TOC)

Strata Health LTD

Strata solutions transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs and preferences to available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched to the best possible option for their specific needs. The TOC option allows client to run short-term projects of either PathWays or HomeFirst from Strata

Peer to Peer Support Planning & Brokerage


Accredited peer support brokers help people live life as independently as possible, helping them source, plan, negotiate, budget and manage care and support to improve wellbeing. Each Support Plan checks and balances risk, is fully budgeted, complete and actionable, containing researched services that deliver alternatives to traditional, more expensive care.

AF Detection


Once a reading is taken from our imPulse unit the results are securely loaded into the cloud to then be loaded into the NHS network.

Video Streaming and Hosting for Government from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our scalable video hosting and streaming service (PretaTube) is designed so that your requirements for the hosting and management of video content are easily surpassed. Meeting all government security standards. It's quick and easy to upload videos using your portal where video content is automatically placed into web friendly formats.

Online Health Assessment & Screening Modules with PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Implement customised online web application for assessments or health screening modules. This allows the public to determine eligibility or risks based on questions, resulting in advice on next steps to be taken. The solution is delivered from PretaGov's CMS Government Cloud.

BridgeHead HealthStore™ Independent Clinical Archive (ICA)

BridgeHead Software Limited

Are your clinicians frustrated they do not have access to the full range of patient information they need at the point of care? BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is a third generation Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) that breaks down departmental/application silos allowing all data to be leveraged for the betterment of patient care.

Cohort Management

Cerner Limited

This package will facilitate care providers across the continuum of care to work together to deliver to common clinical standards and outcomes across a population. With population health tools that are focused around defined cohorts that help care networks to start establishing new care models and learning to work together.


Docobo Ltd

DOC@HOME® is a cloud based SaaS Digital Health application which allows clinical teams to enrol, set up, and manage their patients remotely via secure WEB interfaces and sits within the N3 NHS Intranet

Healthcare - Video Collaboration for Global Health

Innovate Ltd

The IOCOM Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting Multi-Screen, Multi-images, Secured with 256-bit encryption, multi-camera for any device feed, run on Cloud9 over JANET, available to N3 or HSCN via peering.

ADL Platform

ADL Smartcare Limited

The ADL Platform provides a secure underlying infrastructure to support all of ADL Smartcare's services, such as ADL LifeCurve™, Self-Management, Telephone and Clinic apps. We provide a fully supported implementation requiring minimal local IT input.

GeDaP Keytalk for IoT/M2M

TeamLogic Systems Ltd

KeyTalk strengthens the security of devices on a network, automating the creation and exchange of short-lived digital certificates at frequent intervals. With its automatic authentication (device identity) and robust encryption KeyTalk provides the security of PKI without the bureaucracy. Highly scalable objects can be readily connected and secured .

My Possible Self

Inhealthcare Ltd

My Possible Self, a nonprofit organisation that has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009, is launching a new and innovative digital self-help programme – delivered via a mobile application – which is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after just eight weeks.

healthcare forms - forms4health

Aire Logic Limited

Forms4health is a highly modular standards based (XForms), smart digital forms solution with both patient / citizen facing forms ( as well as a clinican / business facing forms solution ( Whilst the initial offering is targeted at healthcare the platform is generic and could be used in all industries.

Patient data capture platform

uMotif Limited

Clinically-proven cloud platform to capture high quality patient-generated data, through tools patients love to use. Capturing PROMs, PREMs, ePRO, eCOA, symptoms, medications, wearable device, diary and other data, for any clinical condition.


Looking Local Limited

HealthMyself is a digital solution to help manage frontline demand across primary healthcare services and give 24/7 access to health and wellbeing advice. A patient focused responsive website offering patient triage, a smart signposting engine, underpinned by dynamic provision of local, clinical and social sources of health/wellbeing advice.


Hicom Technology Ltd

A cloud based advice and guidance management system with integrated clinical pathways and e-referral solutions. Cinapsis is a professional and secure solution to providing GPs and dentists with local specialist advice when and how they need it and to paperlessly managing the next step in the patient’s care plan.

Patient Consultation (IGrecord)

IGspectrum Ltd

This service allows patients to access sound recordings from their hospital consultation appointments thus providing information to better understand their treatments and lifestyle adjustments required as part of their care plan. It seeks to improve outcomes and patient safety standards. Access to the recording for patients is via the web.

Prepaid Cards

allpay Limited

allpay's Prepaid Card is a MasterCard-branded Chip & PIN, usable at all point of sale, online and MOTO transactions where MasterCard is an accepted method of payment. The card has the functionality to be used for one-off disbursements of funds or on-going card to bank and Direct Debit payments.

Minerva Interoperability and Care Coordination Platform


Minerva is a secure, extensible cloud-based platform that enables interoperability, care coordination and patient engagement. It aggregates data from systems across care settings to create a shared, longitudinal patient record. It provides out-of-the-box applications for patients, GPs, clinicians and care coordinators customisable for unique workflows and use-cases.