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Medayo Patient Care Platform


Medayo provides medical and management staff with real time information allowing them to focus on the patient's care. With the capability of integrating with external systems; Medayo provides a unified view of the patients' journey, overview of the hospital and other care providers.

Medxnote Messenger


Medxnote is a secure and information governance (IG) compliant mobile instant messaging application (app) for healthcare. It’s designed to replace Hospital Pagers and unsecure consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS Text, providing doctors and medical staff with features and tools to maximizes productivity and accelerates workflow.

Adverse Incident and Event Management (Organisation, Patient, Equipment, Staff)

Radicalogic Technologies Inc (DBA RL Solutions)

A service for healthcare professionals that provides a comprehensive safety, quality and risk management solution. Helping manage adverse incidents and events from beginning to end. It encourages event recording, includes workflow management and reporting. The solution reduces the overall severity of incidents and risks within health and social care environments.

Accent Workforce

Hicom Technology Ltd

Information management and training system supporting the multi-professional workforce. Accent (previously Intrepid) is a comprehensive suite of fully-integrated facilities enabling the HR team to manage every aspect of the workforce - from setting up establishments, recruitment into posts and rotations within programmes, to the monitoring and assessment of career performance.

Sollis Clarity

The Sollis Partnership

Sollis Clarity is a web based analytical tool which gives users the ability to integrate patient level data sets from across the health and social care economy. It allows analysis of populations and their care, providing bench-marking and risk, quality outcomes, commissioning data, morbidity and demographics reporting.


Health Intelligence Ltd

Health Intelligence has developed screening and surveillance software, Spectra, which supports Diabetic Eye Screening Programmes (DESPs). We have been running DESP services for many years and understand the support Programmes require from the software. Therefore, we have designed and developed software that provides efficient and high quality support for DESPs.

CGI - Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR)


CGI’s Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR) enables Trusts who require an incremental approach to achieve an IDCR whilst leveraging their legacy application portfolio. Our IDCR provides a single patient view and workflow management solution components, which maximises investment whilst delivering improved patient outcomes as well as clinical and operational efficiencies.

Gooroo Planner

Egress Group Ltd

Gooroo is an online demand and capacity planning software for the NHS. Forecasts demand, activity, waiting lists, waiting times, capacity and money along complex patient pathways. Presents results week-by-week and patient-by-patient. Integrates elective, non-elective planning; seasonally optimises hospital capacity; can be automated; and analyses capacity productivity and patient scheduling processes.

Mindbreeze Inspire Search and Knowledge Management

Extended Content Solutions Limited

Mindbreeze InSpire unites company's business information from multiple internal sources with external information (the Internet etc.) in to one unified semantic search index to help users find information in correct context quickly and efficiently.

Healthy Hive

Cloud Data Service Limited

Case management and reporting software for delivering holistic wellbeing services, managing payments for outcomes and spanning the boundaries for joined up care across LTCs, social prescribing, health checks, mental health, smoking cessation and other public health issues to identify multi-morbidity cases and where cost savings can be made.

Strata Pathways Co-Hort

Strata Health LTD

Strata PathWays transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs/preferences to available/appropriate resources using real-time information across all organisations involved. This shows available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched appropriately. Strata cohort is licensed for use by population cohorts or distinct care pathways.

Strategic Stress Risk Assessment


Stredia's Strategic Stress Risk Assessment is a stress reduction tool that provides root cause analytics of risk factors and how they are distributed through an organisation's structures. It shows each team how it can immediately begin to make workplace improvements to reduce the impact of stress.


Woodward Associates

LiveAudit is an end-to-end audit solution that allows NHS and private hospitals to manage in-house audit programmes. The service delivers a clinically driven and scalable methodology for the audit of clinically coded data with the aim of improving coding quality and obtaining appropriate PbR reimbursement.


Capita Business Services Limited

CHKS is a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services. Since 1989 we have been developing hospital benchmarking and performance management solutions for healthcare organisations in over 20 countries and have worked with over 400 clients throughout the world.

DrDoctor Appointment Management Platform - Essentials

DrDoctor (ICNH Ltd)

Please note, this service is identical to the full DrDoctor Platform but without the intelligent workflow capabilities. Please see other listing. Appointment management platform for NHS hospitals. Remind and notify patients using SMS, email and web. To see how it works, text APPDEMO to 07860039092 or visit


NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (Hosted by NHS England)

RAIDR is a business intelligence tool used by CCG, CSU and GP Practice staff and Acute Care. It provides healthcare professionals with a single portal for all their information needs, e.g. inpatient, outpatient and A&E activity, prescribing, finance and contracting, urgent care and primary care data quality and risk stratification.

Viderum CKAN Cloud


Viderum CKAN Cloud is the SaaS version of CKAN - the world’s leading open data platform. Viderum provide a simple and comprehensive data management solution including deployment, reliable hosting and responsive support. We take care of the technical tasks allowing you to focus on publishing data, not battling with IT.

Unscheduled Care Business Intelligence Accelerator


The Accelerator comprises a suite of over 20 reports and 5 dashboards as standard, alongside other pre-built service metrics. Based on the Microsoft platform means that the solution lives within a MS SharePoint portal environment supporting rich business and clinical collaboration through use of SQL server OLAP cubes.

Finworks SQL Database Query Acceleration Platform

Fincore Limited

Finworks’ Query Acceleration Platform provides massive query acceleration for SQL databases, and can join up multiple SQL (and other) data sources into a single, highly performant, SQL-queryable, data repository. Extremely cost effective to deploy as you can port existing SQL queries and skills. Smart data discovery makes setup simple

The Peto Procurement Process

Peto Ltd

Using proprietary technology and innovative procurement processes we cut the cost of medical supplies and commodities to NHS bodies.

Advanced Referral & Triage - ART


psHEALTH's Advanced Referral & Triage - ART supports NHS and private healthcare organisations with managing large volumes of referrals more efficiently. Intelligent integration, automation and workflow streamlines the process eliminating time consuming tasks and saving cost.

Stredia Team


Stredia Team is a performance enhancement tool that provides root cause analytics of positive team work factors. It shows a team how it can immediately begin to make improvements .

Excelicare Specialist EMR - Sexual Health

AxSys Technology Limited

The Excelicare Integrated Sexual Health application is a user-friendly clinical information system for sexual health and related clinical and reproductive services. The design has been created to meet the demanding requirements of clinical leaders within the reproductive health field and provides seamless collaborative care between staff, clinics, specialties and services.

Digital Health - Health Fabric

Health Fabric

The Health Fabric Cloud Platform enables improvement in Health and wellbeing by helping people gain self-awareness, to enable behavior change in an incremental supportive way using digital technology. People can download digital tools and get the remote support and monitoring they need to improve their health and wellbeing via partners.

Salesforce - Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud uses the power of the cloud, social and mobile technologies to give healthcare professionals the tools they need to collaborate more efficiently, understand patients more deeply, and build 1-to-1 relationships across entire care journeys. © SFDCGC92017


First Databank Europe Limited

OptimiseRx supports Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units in delivering their medicines optimisation strategy by providing healthcare professionals with evidence based alerts and prompts in the form of actionable reference messages, at the point of care, relating to best practice, safety and cost.

Business Intelligence and Analytics


We implement business intelligence and analytics solutions that enable organisations to measure, analyse and improve systems, processes, workflows and utilisation.

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity. A smart cloud based data discovery service, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. You can get answers and insights to make confident decisions in minutes, all on your own.

Sounds Like IBS

RainyDay Projects Ltd

SoundsLikeIBS is a patent pending solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hundreds of thousands of worldwide users and a 90% success rate. 10% of the world’s population are sufferers of IBS and there is no known cure, only expensive ineffective repeat medication costing healthcare providers billions per year.

Fracture Prevention Intelligence

Health Intelligence Ltd

Fracture Prevention Intelligence aims to support the delivery of the key strategic objectives in falls and fracture prevention published by the Department of Health. Fracture Prevention Intelligence is a clinical dashboard which reports on all aspects from a primary care perspective to improve outcomes for patients and Practices alike.

Referrals (IGrefer)

IGspectrum Ltd

Incorporating integrated workflows this provides a centralised, intuitive, secure IG compliant platform on which all referrals can be digitised, automated, accessed, transferred and managed from a web browser on all devices. Rules and workflows for completing and receiving forms are fully automated. information is captured, stored and made available securely.

WebFOCUS Extranet-Intranet

Amtex Solutions Ltd

WebFOCUS extranet-Intranet Portal Deployment option is a G-Cloud business intelligence platform that combines WebFOCUS Express software from InformationBuilders and a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data warehouse. The platform runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 64 bits and is deployed with Memset IaaS platform that is IL2 compliant and ISO 27001certified.

Emergency Care Instant Clinic ECDS / MIU / WIC / UCC

L2S2 Ltd

Clinic management system fully compliant with new ECDS data format for Type 3 / 4 urgent care clinics, including minor injuries units, walk in centres and ambulatory emergency care. Assembles data in the format ready for submission to SUS / SUS+. Live web feed showing waiting times.

Risk Stratification and Predictive Analytics

Pi Ltd

Pi’s Predictive Analytics solution is built around the fundamental need for localities to fully understand the future need of their entire economy, be it hospital emergency admissions, long term social care, increased community support or the interactive relationship between all aspects of their care and health support network

Healthy Hive: For Mental Health

Cloud Data Service Limited

Case management and reporting software for delivering mental health services and managing outcomes.

Simplicity Vendor Management Software (VMS)

ID Medical Group Ltd

Simplicity is a Procure-to-Pay system for managing internal and contingent workforce. It's designed to give clients greater control of staff spend using end-to-end vacancy filling, e-timesheets and staff compliance features. Simplicity is delivered via a full implementation strategy uniquely configured to a customer’s needs and offering a complete support package.

Healthy Hive: Stop Smoking Service

Cloud Data Service Limited

Case management and reporting software for delivering stop smoking services, managing client notifications, appointments and provider payments. Can be used directly in the pharmacy setting for maximum efficiency.

Assessed Digital Health Apps and Services Portal

Our Mobile Health

Access to a database of high quality health and care apps/digital services assessed against the latest guidelines and regulations, and peer reviewed by relevant experts; so that you can confidently recommend, deploy and socially prescribe, relevant digital solutions to your community of patients, staff or public.

Patient Experience & Friends & Family Test (FFT)

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

Healthcare Communications are #1 Market leaders in FFT, local surveys and patient experience. Multiple channels capture real time patient feedback including SMS, online, phone, tablets, paper and kiosks. Our analytics and auto-reporting features are co-designed with NHS staff for instant results and includes sentiment analysis, free text theming & heatmap.

365 Smart Platform-Healthcab

365 Response

A flexible, computer-aided dispatch, compliance, booking and governance tool which co-ordinates the flow of people and resources around a health and social care setting. Designed to support the efficient flow of patients and service users to, from and between settings (e.g. NEPTS) whilst ensuring compliance and efficient use of resources.

Pi Care & Health: Integrated Health and Social Care Analytics

Pi Ltd

Pi Care & Health provides analytics software to support the commissioning and provision of services across the health and social care economy. We help the NHS, CCGs and Local Councils better understand cost and efficiency opportunities to ensure the effective use of resources and improve citizen outcomes.

Axellera Healthcare Casework – Medical Case Management

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Empower your case management teams to make decisions on the basis of evidence from HES&SUS to live data from any source including vital data collected by clinical staff directly for specific tasks. Plan your case management work and support medical casework even on the move when visiting patients.

Safe Mobile Care

Safe Patient Systems Ltd

Safe Mobile Care is an integrated healthcare solution using an open, digital platform that can harness and integrate a range of mobile, communication and vital sign monitoring technologies to pre-emptively and pro-actively support patients suffering from Long Term Conditions at home.

Perfect Ward

Bolt Partners Ltd

Perfect Ward is an app-based, real time inspection and reporting tool for healthcare inspections. It eliminates administration by capturing inspection results directly onto Android or iOS devices and providing automated reporting. Questions, answer options and guidance can be customised for different areas or types of organisation.



Mede/Analytics is a cloud based business intelligence and commissioning platform that scales to provide insight across entire health economy taking data and linking it at the individual level from multiple care settings. The platform tools allow analysis of population health to understand demographics, morbidity, resource utilisation, outcomes, quality and cost.

Primary Care Business Intelligence Accelerator


The EMIS Web Analytics Platform is a robust and scalable data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution. Consisting of data marts, multi-dimensional models, and reports and dashboards; designed for simple and intuitive reporting and data discovery via a ‘drag and drop’ interface.

NHS Health Check Reporting Tool

Health Intelligence Ltd

Health Intelligence has developed a comprehensive solution in support of all stakeholders involved in the provision of the NHS Health Check programme. Our analytics solution will support GP Practices and Local Authorities in meeting the targets set by Public Health England.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Escalation

Transforming Systems Limited

SHREWD Escalation harnesses the latest EPRR thinking to offer a real time, joined up multiagency response to urgent care pressure across the whole local health economy. It links information from SHREWD Resilience to a heavily automated, OPEL compliant escalation plan providing a more rapid response across and between organisations.

MultiVue - Digital Transformation of Customer Services

VisionWare Limited

MultiVue is a data integration solution that provides a consolidated view of trusted customer data, held across separate operational systems and provides this data as a single customer view through CRM. Using sophisticated data matching algorithms, MultiVue helps to reduce the costs of service delivery and improve customer service levels.

CKAN Open Data Service

Zaizi Limited

A powerful data management service that makes data accessible – by streamlining the publishing, sharing, finding and use of data. CKAN is aimed at data publishers (national and regional governments, companies and organisations) wanting to make their data open and available.

ERS Connect

SRCL Limited

Using a blend of communication technologies, ERS Connect provides cost effective methods of interacting with Trust Patients or staff communities which includes Patient Appointment reminders; Pre-Admission Screening; Appointment Scheduling; Patient Surveys; Friends & Family Tests; Post-Discharge Services; Short Notice Bookings & Cancellations and Major Incident Alerting Services

Excelicare Specialist EMR - Inflammatory Arthritis

AxSys Technology Limited

The Excelicare™ Inflammatory Arthritis EMR is a user friendly clinical information system. The application is web-based with powerful security controls to protect patient confidentiality. The design has been created to meet the demanding requirements of clinical leaders within the Inflammatory Arthritis service.


Woodward Associates

ClearView is a clinical administration system that provides morbidity management, interactive data collection and domain specific analysis in a multi-disciplinary setting. With access to national and local patient data the system is able to provide measures for data quality and financial performance for hospitals.

RTT Training

Source Group

Our CPD accredited web-based learning – Learn RTT - ensures staff have a better understanding of 18 Weeks RTT and are able to make correct decisions when capturing data on the PAS, helping Trusts reduce pathway backlogs, resolve data quality issues and improve performance. CPD accredited classroom training also available.

Clinic - Expert Knowledge Apps

ADL Smartcare Limited

Clinic Expert Knowledge Apps provide a scalable, cost-effective means of assessing people's needs and issuing appropriate solutions using a consistent professional approach. Staff can perform facilitated assessments in an office-type environment, with secure access to detailed analysis and understanding of assessment outcomes.

OBH Outcomes Platform

Outcomes Based Healthcare

The OBH Outcomes Platform provides true health outcome-measures at a population and cohort/condition level. The insights are updated regularly, enabling continuous visibility of health outcomes across populations, helping drive clinical interventions and supporting commissioning decisions. The tool enables the identification of baselines and monitoring of outcomes on an on-going basis.

PAS+ Business Intelligence Accelerator


The PAS BI accelerator provides a full range of management information dashboards underpinning the delivery of excellent clinical care. Being based on the Microsoft platform means that the solution lives within a MS SharePoint portal environment supporting rich business and clinical collaboration.

Transforming Systems: SHREWD Strategic

Transforming Systems Limited

Strategic is a real time dashboard designed to provide whole system urgent care information to leaders of STPs and A&E delivery boards. An essential tool for STP digital roadmaps, data from all providers is combined in a simple view. Users see activity by day, week, month, showing trends and performance.

Radar Healthcare

Smartgate Solutions Limited

Quality and Compliance System incorporating Incident & Event reporting, Risk Management, Employee Compliance, Audit Management and Business Compliance

Data Pseudonymisation (IGpseudo and IGautopseudo)

IGspectrum Ltd

Enables data extraction and sharing of patient confidential data pseudo-anonymised or anonymised at source conforming to: Pseudonymisation Implementation Project DOH 2010 IGTK requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data across communities. A supporting product, IGautopseudo, is installed on user servers and automatically pseudonymises files containing PCD.


Redwing Business Intelligence Ltd

RAVEN provides the information that NHS Trusts need to improve patient safety, enhance quality care and enrich integrated governance. RAVEN was developed in close collaboration with senior NHS managers. It delivers the analytics needed to analyse, understand, and take effective action on: Incidents and Adverse Events; Claims; Compliments and Complaints.

Sundown Solutions Ltd is a proprietary product created by Sundown Solutions to help its NHS clients overcome the common issue of auditing, tracking, action recording and correlating board papers, meeting minutes and all other associated artefacts. We provide one tailored platform to take the heavy lifting out of NHS Board meeting management.


Looking Local Limited

EverybodyActive is a digital, web-based platform which uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help users change their thinking and behaviour to increase their amount of physical activity. It takes a holistic approach, employing goal-setting tools, social support and tailored information whilst addressing barriers people may have to activity.

Qudini Appointment Booking Software

Qudini Limited

Qudini's Appointment Booking Software enables you to drive and manage footfall to your organisation's services. Allowing you to schedule your availability and take appointments (online, in venue and by phone). With intuitive interfaces to manage your customers, resources and activities. Integrates fully with Qudini Queue Management System.

InformedINSIGHT – Big Data

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedINSIGHT solves your enterprise data management and analysis challenges, providing a coherent understanding of big data and corporate knowledge utilising real-time spatial data analytics, big data integration, dashboards, reports, and GIS. It will support strategic decision making; unlocking and demystifying underlying data from the multiple systems or silos in use.

Quest4Care - Care Quality Assurance Software System


A cloud based, web enabled quality management system (Quest4Care) is designed to provide quality assurance in care settings. It features an intuitive and flexible question and report writer module which provides a bespoke appreciative enquiry platform with full functionality reporting across domains and reports at individual, peer and aggregate levels.



Cloud-based SaaS solution allowing organisations to manage, track and distribute resources and digital tools to desktop/web and mobile devices. Resources include: staff/contractor reference information, handbooks, manuals, job aids, contact details, Standard Operating Procedures, policies, guidelines, educational resources, etc. Digital tools include: interactive decision aids, scoring tools, calculators, assessments, etc.


Hicom Technology Ltd

CareHub is a web-based patient care system designed to support small to medium sized healthcare providers. CareHub provides clinics with all facilities necessary to manage patient care effectively from patient registration through to billing/claim management. CareHub supports JCI compliance and meets the core requirements of the HIMSS EMR adoption model.

Hadron 8020 - Enterprise Intranet

Cloud2 Ltd

Hadron 8020 is an enterprise intranet and digital transformation out-of-the-box solution for SharePoint (2013, 2016) and Microsoft Cloud (Office 365, SharePoint Online and Azure). Proven, as deployed at 30+ public sector/ NHS organisations, scalable and deployed in 8 weeks. Drives document management, communication, collaboration, efficiency & business processes.

RemindMe Care

Health-Connected Ltd

Health-Connected’s software, enables users build profile, care circles, shared calendars and reminders, and search the web for content that supports people living with dementia, carers and the NHS. Providing data connectivity between community, care facilities and the ward, we’re pioneering voice integration to enhance engagement, self-management services access.

Projet Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development

Agility Management Solutions Limited

Agility Management Solutions ltd. is consulting company to provide bespoke support in Project Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development.

Healthcare Benchmarking and Analytics

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Healthcare Benchmarking allows organisations to compare their performance with that of their peers, usually to identify areas for improvement through intuitive reports and dashboards. Trust services can be reviewed and adjusted, performance monitored, new comparisons made with current best performers and further changes explored.

Performance Management Framework

Amtex Solutions Ltd

If you want to drive performance you have to measure performance. And the fastest way to measure it is by implementing the WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF).WebFOCUS Cloud Express is a G-Cloud BI platform that combines WebFOCUS Express software from Information Builders and a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data warehouse.

Link Maker – Children’s Social Care Placement Platform

Link Maker

Link Maker joins-up children’s social care nationally to increase placement choice, and to improve use of data and collaboration between local authorities and providers. Across all care settings, and at any scale, this ensures all parties have the tools and information to make the best decisions for children.

Data Sharing Reference Portal (IGdsp)

IGspectrum Ltd

A unique portal that provides a single cloud-based repository holding all reference documents relating to IG and information sharing. Records and evidence can be shared on PIAs and Risk Assessments and sign-offs by both Caldicott Guardians and DPOs. Automatic alerts when agreements are expiring and full support to multi-agency/partner agreements.

Helastel Data Analysis for Healthcare


Helastel Data Analysis for Healthcare is a cloud service that transforms data to create new insights that help inform strategic decision making, empowering leaders and clinicians with actionable intelligence. Helastel provides secure data storage, integration, customised analysis and visualisation tools tailored to your stakeholders needs.

Childhood Vaccinations & Immunisations Reporting and Data Integration Tool

Health Intelligence Ltd

A comprehensive solution to support all stakeholders involved in the provision of the national Childhood Vaccinations schedule. Our analytics solution will support Child Health Information Service (CHIS) departments, GP Practices and NHS England in achieving maximum vaccination coverage as stipulated by Public Health England and removing administrative processes.

Linkspace Private Cloud

Ctrl O

Linkspace Private Cloud is the secure Business Process Management (BPM) platform for individual public sector organisations wanting to deploy on private infrastructure. It enables rapid development of business systems putting users in control of outcomes and fostering progressive operational innovation. A 12-month, 200-user, minimum order applies only for Private Cloud.

Pharmacy Business Intelligence Accelerator


Our Pharmacy BI solution is a comprehensive, Microsoft business intelligence and data warehouse platform that provides the clinical data required to deliver high quality and cost effective services. Prescribing, dispensing and pharmacy data can be blended with cost and staff models, contracts, service level agreements and quality metrics.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Enterprise from Hicom, is a modular and fully integrated patient and clinic management system that offers a complete solution across the entire care management process; from patient booking and care planning to invoicing, payment and follow-up.

Risk Stratification, Case Finding & Interventions Management Tool

Health Intelligence Ltd

Our Risk Stratification & Case Finding tool will help you deliver a cost-effective service by identifying very high risk patients who will benefit the most from an immediate and early intervention. These very high risk patients are people who are likely to be high service hospital users in the future.

Cloud Business Intelligence Jump start

Amtex Solutions Ltd

The BI jumpstart program is delivered by Amtex Solutions Limited and provides instant impact to public sector organisations as you are able to develop and share BI reports & dashboards across the organisation in days. Technologies supported include: Microsoft BI, Pentaho, WebFOCUS

eProcurement Catalogue Marketplace

Advanced Business Solutions

A cloud-based, fully managed eCatalogue marketplace enabled with a look-up capability integrated via punch-out with the customer’s ERP/Finance/P2P systems. This is powered by consistently, high quality structured data across all suppliers’ products and services with full reach transaction hub for automated purchasing document transmission, comprehensive reporting tools and spend analytics.

PainSense Self Help and PROM collection for Pain Services

Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Limited

Digital communication tool connecting healthcare providers to patients. The Painsense Suite provides digital self help, and collection of patient data in Chronic Pain Services.

AliveCor Kardia Mobile

AliveCor Ltd

AliveCor Kardia app-based service enables individuals to proactively care for their heart. They can capture heart data and relay it to their doctor to inform his/her diagnosis and treatment. It gives the individual on the spot reassurance if non-critical symptoms occur avoiding the need for visit to the NHS

Med eTrax

Med ePad Ltd

The Med eTrax e.Observation solution conforms to NEWS, Neurological NEWS and PEWS including alerts and trend graphs for acute hospitals. Med eTrax can also be used in the community allowing patient's and carers to input data allowing staff to evaluate the patients condition allowing staff to proactively manage patients care.

Lenus Digital Health Service (SaaS)

Storm ID

The Lenus Digital Health Platform supports an eco-system of digital health services through standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services. The platform supports a broad eco-system of digital health services and applications through provision of standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services.

Care Pathway Analyser and Analytics

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Care Pathway Analyser and Analytics is a service that allows NHS organisations to understand care pathways. Combining HES and other data to create longitudinal patient pathways enabling providers and commissioners to understand variations between patients, how these can be addressed to improve patient experiences and outcomes and improve cost effectiveness.

AnalytiXagility Virtual Desktop Service

Aridhia Informatics Ltd

Recognising the different needs of multidisciplinary users across a project team or institution, Aridhia’s Virtual Desktop Service is offered as an add-on service that maintains the platform’s collaborative and audit functionality while allowing users to decide which analytic tools they need to bring into the AnalytiXagility framework to accelerate analysis.

Ingenica Resource Management Suite-Inventory Management for Healthcare

Ingenica Solutions Limited

Ingenica solutions provide their Healthcare Resource Management – GS1 certified Inventory Management solution. Developed within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform and accessed via VPN or N3 connection to a UK based data centre. Highly scalable it benefits from both Microsoft and Ingenica investing in a published development road map.

Synthesys Cognitive Computing Platform copy

Digital Reasoning Ltd

Cognitive analysis of multiple sources of human communication. Including emails, audio, documents, chat, image similarity, eComms surveillance, customer insight, fraud detection, Anti Money Laundering, human trafficking entity resolution (SPOTLIGHT), client and customer insight.

Li-LAC Human Milk Bank Software

Savant Limited

Li-LAC is a Human Milk Bank software service, which manages all aspects of human milk donation, testing, production and distribution, providing traceability of product from donor to recipient.

NHS Data Quality Service

Stalis Ltd

Stalis’ NHS Data Quality Service reviews data held on an existing system and gives in-depth feedback on problem areas. Stalis’ specialist tools and extensive experience of NHS data provides a clearer understanding of the true state of data, whilst acting as a catalyst for a focused and effective improvement programme.

Excelicare Personal Health Record

AxSys Technology Limited

AxSys Technology has developed a Personal Health Record (PHR) solution to meet the needs of organisations to engage with the people in their care based on research which shows that through this engagement better coordination of care can be achieved, outcomes can be improved and costs can be reduced.


HCL Managed Services Ltd. (Clarity)

ClaritySTAFFBANK offers streamlined payroll, allows candidates to self-register and self-select shifts, and can SMS workers immediately vacancies become available. Single click, multi-shift posting on one screen; auto-matching ensures suitably qualified and available candidates are allocated to vacant shifts. Compliance-focused ensuring staff records are updated in real-time with dynamic management reports.

AnaPad - Integrated Business Process Management and Notation with Advanced Analytics.

FusionExperience Ltd

AnaPad quickly enhances business processes notation and modelling with predicative analytics - including Natural Language Processing. Libraries of pre designed subject content are available including GDPR data protection, counter fraud, anti-extremism, social monitoring and horizon scanning. ISO/IEC 19510:2013 forms the foundation for representing business processes in machine-readable files.

Long Term Condition Web Applications

my mhealth

my mhealth provide web applications for the management of patients with long term condition at both an individual and population level. Currently our software provides services for patients with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Conditions. The software also enables the remote delivery of both pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation at scale.

QFire Data Quality Management - Distributed Data Quality (Hosted on AWS)

Orion and Associates

Data Quality Management Solution delivered on Amazon EC2, which provides organisations with the ability to cleanse and manage data, via a user friendly, web interface. It’s Distributed Data Quality approach empowers users through the six key areas of data quality management, Profile, Collect, Validate, Protect, Monitor and Enrich.

Axellera Accomplish

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Get complex tasks done consistently and efficiently through effective, joined-up action. Create intelligent work instructions for specific types of tasks which will bring in all relevant data and empower your staff to work together seamlessly, delivering the actions needed to get the task done.

Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL Server and BI Implementation Services

Amtex Solutions Ltd

Amtex Solutions has a track record in business intelligence and data warehouse projects. Many of our customers deploy with Microsoft platform including Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, SQL Server and Sharepoint.