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Medxnote Messenger


Medxnote is a secure and information governance (IG) compliant mobile instant messaging application (app) for healthcare. It’s designed to replace Hospital Pagers and unsecure consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS Text, providing doctors and medical staff with features and tools to maximizes productivity and accelerates workflow.

Adverse Incident and Event Management (Organisation, Patient, Equipment, Staff)

Radicalogic Technologies Inc (DBA RL Solutions)

A service for healthcare professionals that provides a comprehensive safety, quality and risk management solution. Helping manage adverse incidents and events from beginning to end. It encourages event recording, includes workflow management and reporting. The solution reduces the overall severity of incidents and risks within health and social care environments.



openMAXIMS™ is a sophisticated and scalable open source PAS/EPR solution that allows healthcare providers to create a single electronic care record. Coupled with our industry leading support and implementation services this offers a flexible, affordable, turnkey solution leading to a fully integrated, Trust-wide roll out of openMAXIMS™ PAS/EPR.

Sitekit CMS


Sitekit CMS is an easy to use browser based platform for the creation and ongoing maintenance of websites, intranets and portals. With customers ranging from SMEs and charities, to large multi-nationals and public bodies, Sitekit CMS has a proven track-record in the delivery of standards compliant and user-friendly digital platforms.

First Response - Community Paramedic

Meta Cannect

Designed for Community Paramedics and Emergency Operations Centres, working with G.P.s to enable more effective communication and consultation, providing supplemental information using a smartphone (in addition to a phone conversation). Low data live video streaming and auto-translate messaging, allow collaborative working between healthcare professionals.

CGI - Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR)


CGI’s Integrated Digital Care Record (IDCR) enables Trusts who require an incremental approach to achieve an IDCR whilst leveraging their legacy application portfolio. Our IDCR provides a single patient view and workflow management solution components, which maximises investment whilst delivering improved patient outcomes as well as clinical and operational efficiencies.

Strata Pathways Co-Hort

Strata Health LTD

Strata PathWays transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs/preferences to available/appropriate resources using real-time information across all organisations involved. This shows available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched appropriately. Strata cohort is licensed for use by population cohorts or distinct care pathways.


Capita Business Services Limited

CHKS is a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services. Since 1989 we have been developing hospital benchmarking and performance management solutions for healthcare organisations in over 20 countries and have worked with over 400 clients throughout the world.

XMA Meeting Platform

XMA Limited

The Meeting Platform is the latest advance in Cloud video meeting services, and with a simple to use portal and intelligent functionalities, it gives your organisation an impressive financial saving and competitive advantage.

Attend Anywhere Video Consulting (telehealth) Capability

Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere makes it easy for health care providers to offer video call access to their services, as a normal part of day-to-day operations. Our telehealth solutions are purpose-built for health, so security, privacy, data protection, and the ability to work within existing clinical processes, are integral.

Advanced Referral & Triage - ART


psHEALTH's Advanced Referral & Triage - ART supports NHS and private healthcare organisations with managing large volumes of referrals more efficiently. Intelligent integration, automation and workflow streamlines the process eliminating time consuming tasks and saving cost.

Digital Health - Health Fabric

Health Fabric

The Health Fabric Cloud Platform enables improvement in Health and wellbeing by helping people gain self-awareness, to enable behavior change in an incremental supportive way using digital technology. People can download digital tools and get the remote support and monitoring they need to improve their health and wellbeing via partners.



OpenAthens is an advanced access management system from Eduserv. It simplifies access to subscription-based online content (typically academic journals and datasets) by giving users a single username and password. The service supports a mix of proprietary protocols (Athens), open standards (SAML) and IP address checking.

HCi - Telehealth

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

TeleHealth solution for remote monitoring and management of patients and Clinician. With gateways interfaces with various categories of medical devices, It has features like Video consult, Medication Reminder, Record sharing, Physician locator, Social collaboration, Symptom checker, Vitals Monitoring

Polecat Digital Listening Analytics Software as a Service V2

Polecat - risk intelligence

Polecat SaaS automated analytics solution allows precise querying, pivoting and extracting meaning from unstructured ‘big data’. Sources available are; social media, online media (news, blogs, forums), NLA and subscription sources (subject to licence), internal sources (surveys, reports, audits, satisfaction). Real-time results are delivered in email, dashboards, exports and mobile reports.


First Databank Europe Limited

OptimiseRx supports Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units in delivering their medicines optimisation strategy by providing healthcare professionals with evidence based alerts and prompts in the form of actionable reference messages, at the point of care, relating to best practice, safety and cost.

Business Intelligence and Analytics


We implement business intelligence and analytics solutions that enable organisations to measure, analyse and improve systems, processes, workflows and utilisation.

Sounds Like IBS

RainyDay Projects Ltd

SoundsLikeIBS is a patent pending solution for Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hundreds of thousands of worldwide users and a 90% success rate. 10% of the world’s population are sufferers of IBS and there is no known cure, only expensive ineffective repeat medication costing healthcare providers billions per year.

Referrals (IGrefer)

IGspectrum Ltd

Incorporating integrated workflows this provides a centralised, intuitive, secure IG compliant platform on which all referrals can be digitised, automated, accessed, transferred and managed from a web browser on all devices. Rules and workflows for completing and receiving forms are fully automated. information is captured, stored and made available securely.

Doctors Rostering System (DRS)

Skills for Health

DRS offers an integrated approach to staff rostering that can roster all medical staff across all specialties and departments in your organisation, including anaesthetics. The easy to use system ensures compliance with all current medical contract rules and guidelines and includes an integrated Exception Reporting functionality.

Safe Mobile Care

Safe Patient Systems Ltd

Safe Mobile Care is an integrated healthcare solution using an open, digital platform that can harness and integrate a range of mobile, communication and vital sign monitoring technologies to pre-emptively and pro-actively support patients suffering from Long Term Conditions at home.

learnPro Educational and Learning Management System Software

learnPro Educational Software for Healthcare and Government

Learning Management System, Personal Development Recording, Course Booking Systems, elearning Authoring for NHS, Healthcare, Councils and Social Care sectors

Perfect Ward

Bolt Partners Ltd

Perfect Ward is an app-based, real time inspection and reporting tool for healthcare inspections. It eliminates administration by capturing inspection results directly onto Android or iOS devices and providing automated reporting. Questions, answer options and guidance can be customised for different areas or types of organisation.

Mobile and Web Healthcare Applications

Nautilus Consulting Limited

Out-of-the-box Mobile and Web healthcare applications – adding easy-to-use capability to existing EPR solutions to support clinicians and patients. Bespoke development, hosting and support of applications – to address specific healthcare needs for individual customers (or groups of customers)

CGI - OPENeP - e-Prescribing and Medicines Administration


OPENeP is an intuitive and comprehensive ePrescribing and Medicines Administration application which combines an NHS approved Open Source application with an agile Open Standards Data Model, to automate medicines management and enhance patient safety using advanced clinical decision support enabling Trusts to deal with the most complex prescribing regimes.

ETDS - Efficiency Through Data Simplification

AnnanTech Ltd.

AnnanTech’s Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) service enables Government Departments to understand and streamline their processes by better exploiting their data. Although the starting point is looking at the process, the service emphasises understanding of how your data is being used.

Arrow (Secure) Cloud Video Conferencing and Consultation Service

Arrow Business Communications Limited

The Cloud Video Conferencing service allows secure, high quality video conferences to be set up and held between Room Systems, PC's, Laptops and Tablet devices. For the Healthcare sector the ClineCall module allows secure video consultations to be held between healthcare professionals and patients at home.

ERS Connect

SRCL Limited

Using a blend of communication technologies, ERS Connect provides cost effective methods of interacting with Trust Patients or staff communities which includes Patient Appointment reminders; Pre-Admission Screening; Appointment Scheduling; Patient Surveys; Friends & Family Tests; Post-Discharge Services; Short Notice Bookings & Cancellations and Major Incident Alerting Services


Explosive Learning Solutions

The Fusion service is a software solution that facilitates the design, distribution, collection, processing and analysis of questionnaires and surveys for the purposes of assessment, audit, inspection, feedback and evaluation and other form types, deployable electronically as well as via paper methods.

Clinic - Expert Knowledge Apps

ADL Smartcare Limited

Clinic Expert Knowledge Apps provide a scalable, cost-effective means of assessing people's needs and issuing appropriate solutions using a consistent professional approach. Staff can perform facilitated assessments in an office-type environment, with secure access to detailed analysis and understanding of assessment outcomes.


AnnanTech Ltd.

DT1 identifies all your valuable data sources, centralises the management of your data sources and empowers users to quickly access a view of it across the whole enterprise. Service includes: Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Data Transformation, Data Interoperability, Data Governance, Data Collaboration and Data Analytics.

Cerner HIE

Cerner Limited

Cerner HIE is a standards-based, vendor agnostic point-of-care solution built upon a reliable technology infrastructure for securely sharing patient data across disparate systems in a healthcare economy for effective and better care coordination, giving improvements in safety, quality and at a lower cost. It is applicable to all healthcare settings.

Data Pseudonymisation (IGpseudo and IGautopseudo)

IGspectrum Ltd

Enables data extraction and sharing of patient confidential data pseudo-anonymised or anonymised at source conforming to: Pseudonymisation Implementation Project DOH 2010 IGTK requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data across communities. A supporting product, IGautopseudo, is installed on user servers and automatically pseudonymises files containing PCD.


Make and Ship Limited

PocketDoc is a centralised document management and delivery platform for mobile and web. Reduce risk and increase effectiveness with a single source of organisation knowledge

Sundown Solutions Ltd is a proprietary product created by Sundown Solutions to help its NHS clients overcome the common issue of auditing, tracking, action recording and correlating board papers, meeting minutes and all other associated artefacts. We provide one tailored platform to take the heavy lifting out of NHS Board meeting management.

Quest4Care - Care Quality Assurance Software System


A cloud based, web enabled quality management system (Quest4Care) is designed to provide quality assurance in care settings. It features an intuitive and flexible question and report writer module which provides a bespoke appreciative enquiry platform with full functionality reporting across domains and reports at individual, peer and aggregate levels.



Cloud-based SaaS solution allowing organisations to manage, track and distribute resources and digital tools to desktop/web and mobile devices. Resources include: staff/contractor reference information, handbooks, manuals, job aids, contact details, Standard Operating Procedures, policies, guidelines, educational resources, etc. Digital tools include: interactive decision aids, scoring tools, calculators, assessments, etc.

Healthcare Benchmarking and Analytics

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Healthcare Benchmarking allows organisations to compare their performance with that of their peers, usually to identify areas for improvement through intuitive reports and dashboards. Trust services can be reviewed and adjusted, performance monitored, new comparisons made with current best performers and further changes explored.


Monsenso ApS

The Monsenso Solution aims to enable better mental health treatment to more people at lower costs, by leveraging smartphone technology.

Data Sharing Reference Portal (IGdsp)

IGspectrum Ltd

A unique portal that provides a single cloud-based repository holding all reference documents relating to IG and information sharing. Records and evidence can be shared on PIAs and Risk Assessments and sign-offs by both Caldicott Guardians and DPOs. Automatic alerts when agreements are expiring and full support to multi-agency/partner agreements.

Tiani-Spirit Health Information Exchange - Secure NHS Version

AIMES Management Services Limited

Tiani-Spirit technology provides you with the possibility to utilise your current system or to choose the best healthcare application to suit your individual data-sharing requirements. Tiani-Spirit provides the middleware to securely cross-reference patient information and exchange medical data within and across regional boundaries.

MobiMed Smart ePCR

Ortivus UK Ltd

MobiMed Smart provides paramedics with an electronic Patient Care Record, ePCR, using a structured workflow and support that enhances the clinical decision making process. The eCPR in combination with vital signs monitoring ensures that the patient gets the right care, at the right time, in the right place.


Cinos Communications Services

The Cinos Collaboration service leverages best of breed Cisco Collaboration, VoIP, WebEx and Spark services, built upon the UKCloud Assured or Elevated OFFICIAL platforms. Available as a Private, Community or Hybrid Cloud model, our service enables a rich user experience with up to 99.99% availability.

OrderWise™ Clinical Decision Support

GE Healthcare Finnamore Ltd

OrderWise is a clinical decision support service that enables evidence-based diagnostic imaging requests at the point of care. As a result, clinicians can request the right test at the right time for patients directly within their workflow, thereby enabling quality care and reducing inappropriate imaging utilisation.

Lenus Digital Health Service (SaaS)

Storm ID

The Lenus Digital Health Platform supports an eco-system of digital health services through standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services. The platform supports a broad eco-system of digital health services and applications through provision of standard APIs, identity, access and consent management services.

Care Pathway Analyser and Analytics

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Care Pathway Analyser and Analytics is a service that allows NHS organisations to understand care pathways. Combining HES and other data to create longitudinal patient pathways enabling providers and commissioners to understand variations between patients, how these can be addressed to improve patient experiences and outcomes and improve cost effectiveness.

eConsult webGP


eConsult is an online consultation and triage tool designed for general practice. eConsult has been designed by GPs for GPs with the aim of tackling key issues currently faced by general practice in managing an ever increasing workload, with ever increasing demands and pressures.

Synthesys Cognitive Computing Platform copy

Digital Reasoning Ltd

Cognitive analysis of multiple sources of human communication. Including emails, audio, documents, chat, image similarity, eComms surveillance, customer insight, fraud detection, Anti Money Laundering, human trafficking entity resolution (SPOTLIGHT), client and customer insight.


eCom Scotland

eNetAssess is an assessment system for creating and managing bespoke tests in a secure environment. It provides practice (formative) or exam (summative) testing. The system has test creation, question authoring, centre management, scheduling, authentication, invigilation and verification, through to final reporting, analysis and certification.

Li-LAC Human Milk Bank Software

Savant Limited

Li-LAC is a Human Milk Bank software service, which manages all aspects of human milk donation, testing, production and distribution, providing traceability of product from donor to recipient.

AnaPad - Integrated Business Process Management and Notation with Advanced Analytics.

FusionExperience Ltd

AnaPad quickly enhances business processes notation and modelling with predicative analytics - including Natural Language Processing. Libraries of pre designed subject content are available including GDPR data protection, counter fraud, anti-extremism, social monitoring and horizon scanning. ISO/IEC 19510:2013 forms the foundation for representing business processes in machine-readable files.

Long Term Condition Web Applications

my mhealth

my mhealth provide web applications for the management of patients with long term condition at both an individual and population level. Currently our software provides services for patients with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Conditions. The software also enables the remote delivery of both pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation at scale.

Encryption service (IGencrypt)

IGspectrum Ltd

The data encryption process which meets the AES 256 standard supports the complete anonymisation of all content in documents and files shared across and beyond Encrypted information may be reconstituted once the receiving party has been authorised and provided with a decryption code.

GeneCIS Clinical Platform

DMF Systems

GeneCIS Clinical Platform is a fully integrated clinical information platform that enables clinicians and users access all required patient information from one single login using an active directory password. The platform provides additional functions supporting eReferral Management, eDischarge Production, ePrescription Printing , clinical handover documentation.

Self Care Hub

Looking Local Limited

The SelfCareHub is a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy led self-care technology designed for - and with - patients who suffer with long-term conditions. Built to support people at all stages of their condition, providing clinical and non-clinical tools to help people with all areas of their life.

Patient Portal (IGpatient)

IGspectrum Ltd

Innovative cloud-based patient portal that enables patients, and their referrers, to interact directly with trusts or care organisations using specific or generic interfaces and specific electronic forms. Access to the portal is via any web-enabled device.

Patient Experience and Feedback Service

Radicalogic Technologies Inc (DBA RL Solutions)

A service for healthcare professionals and patients, that provides a comprehensive feedback solution. Helping manage complaints, compliments, grievances etc., from beginning to end. It encourages reporting, includes workflow management and event notifications. The solution more accurately measures the effectiveness and quality of delivered services within health and social care environments.

Unified Communications

Cinos Communications Services

The Cinos Unified Communications service leverages best of breed Cisco telephony, VoIP, Unified Communications and Collaboration services, built upon the UKCloud Assured or Elevated OFFICIAL platforms. Available as a Private, Community or Hybrid Cloud model, our service enables a rich user experience with up to 99.99% availability.


Ultramed Ltd

Ultraprep is a cloud-based, integrated suite of programs used in the preparation of patients for procedures and operations. Patients create their personal Ultramed account online, complete their details and share their information securely with the healthcare provider. Ultraprep empowers patients, saves nursing time and reduces preoperative and pre-procedure assessment costs.



Ardens is a Clinical Decision Support System that gives clinicians immediate and easy access to the latest evidence-based diagnostic, treatment and referral resources. The Ardens reports enable GP Practices and CCGs to accurately evaluate services. This allows the delivery of standardised best practice, whilst maximising savings and protecting patient safety.

Arrow Cloud Telephony

Arrow Business Communications Limited

A secure cloud based telephony service utilising Mitel PBX software and phone sets. Customers can add Contact Centre functionality, FCA Compliant call recording, Call Analytics, Remote worker extensions and a mobile client. The service is managed, monitored around the clock and customers are provided with a self-service administration portal.


Servelec Healthcare Limited

RiO is a single platform EPR system operating across UK care settings for Mental Health, Community Health, Child Health and Social Care to support clinical professionals in the delivery of converged care for patients and service users. Functionality includes Mobile Working, GP, Acute system integration and Electronic Prescribing. PAS, ePMA

Healthy New Towns

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's Digital Health Platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.

EnCompass LT

Wiggly-Amps Ltd

EnCompass LT has evolved from Wiggly-Amps' long established EnCompass practice messaging and workflow application into a cloud-based solution that now supports pan-organisation communication, modern surgery working practice and integration of Wiggly-Amps' e-Consultation application (Engage Consult); compatible with clinical systems provided by EMIS, TPP and INPS.

LiveObs e-Observation software

BJSS Limited

LiveObs is the supported Enterprise edition of Open-eObs - an electronic observation application for clinical activities within health trusts in the NHS. It ensures full and consistent implementation of policies and facilitates a prompt response to clinical change while flagging and automatically escalating deteriorating patients requiring clinical intervention.

Strata Connect

Strata Health LTD

Using Connect, Strata PathWays can integrate with existing systems across health, social care, mental health and private/3rd sector organisations, allowing the deployment of a fully bi-directional electronic workflow between all connected providers. Interoperability capabilities simplify the referral workflow and reduce administrative overheads, ensuring a fixed level of quality and standardisation.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.

NPS Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) SMaRT Version 9.1

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

AAA SMaRT Version 9.1 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of AAA Screening Programmes.


MegaNexus Ltd

NEO COMMIT for mental health services is a solution aimed at supporting teams tasked with the provision of mental health care. Clinicians and administrators can track and notate the progress of mental health patients and produce tactical reports tailored to stakeholder groups and organisations.

OmniJoin Named Host - Public Cloud

Brother UK Limited

Ultra secure hosted cloud - online meetings with military grade encryption, web conferencing for Data collaboration and document annotation HD video, audio and telephony integrated options. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac; iPhone ;iPad; Android. Single named host license. Works with networks such as N3

Business Intelligence Product Suite

Health Analytics Ltd

Health Analytics, a Capita company, supplies these operational Business Intelligence products to NHS Commissioners: (1) Business Intelligence Health (2) Business Intelligence Finance (3) CHC Patient Management (4) CHC Invoicing (5) Equipment Management (6) End of Life Case Management (7) Assessment & Discharge (8) Integrated Case Management (9) Contract Register

HCi - Connectsense - BizEye Analytics

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

Connectsense Analytics is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform that enables both descriptive and predictive analytics in clinical, operational and financial domains. It aggregates data across multiple clinical and non-clinical systems and provides an analytics suite with powerful visualization tools to build dashboards and reports for near real-time analytics.

Strata Homefirst

Strata Health LTD

Strata HomeFirst helps healthcare organisations request and manage service for domiciliary home care services, all in real time. Home care services are essential to assist patients to safely live at home and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions or readmissions. HomeFirst™ streamlines the process of requesting home care services from service providers.

Primary Care Data Solutions - Extraction, Benchmarking and Reporting

The University of Nottingham - PRIMIS

Development of solutions for the collection, analysis and reporting of data from GP IT systems. Key performance indicators are presented in both a dashboard and narrative report, with drill-down to view individual patients. Includes an optional facility to upload aggregate/pseudonymised data to a cloud service, allowing peer comparison.

SATIS Field IT Platform

L2S2 Ltd

SATIS is rapidly deployed to provide isolated IT capability to support logistical field operations and has exceptional scope and resilience. Highly configurable to meet specific requirements, it maintains a full audit trail and meets security and reliability requirements necessary to handle highly confidential data, including personal health records.

OmniJoin Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Brother UK Limited

Secure cloud hosted - web conferencing and videoconferencing, online meetings with military grade encryption, data collaboration and document annotation HD video, audio and telephony integrated options. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac; iPhone ;iPad; Android. Enterprise concurrent licence model (unlimited users) calls limited to concurrent. Works with networks such as N3


Make and Ship Limited

Pinion is a beautiful customer experience platform for mobile and web. Gather experience, survey data and insight through an elegant user interface with high adoption and usage.

Strata Pathways ICO

Strata Health LTD

Strata PathWays transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs and preferences to available and appropriate resources. Clinicians are presented with up real-time information on the patient which shows available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched to the best possible option for their specific needs.


Docobo Ltd

ARTEMUS-ICS™, a predictive population health intelligence service provides powerful health intelligence to healthcare professionals, securely via a web browser over the N3 network. The tool combines GP data and SUS data to provide a complete view of patient care and assigns a risk score for each patient in the population.



OptoMize is a market leading Enterprise solution for diabetic eye screening. With an inbuilt automated pathway and specifically designed imaging tools, OptoMize minimises administration, reduces costs and enhances productivity. Tailored to meet your local needs, OptoMize is adaptable and configurable designed by clinicians for clinicians.

NPS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme S4H Version 1.2

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

NPS NHSP V 1.2 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.

Video Conferencing

Cinos Communications Services

The Cinos Video Conferencing service leverages best in breed Cisco TelePresence and Collaboration services, built upon the Skyscape Assured or Elevated OFFICIAL platforms. Available as a Private, Community or Hybrid Cloud model, our service enables a rich video conference and collaboration user experience with up to 99.99% availability.

HCi - Connectsense - Patient Portal - Physician Portal-Care Coordination

Healthcare Clinical Informatics Ltd

Connectsense Care Coordination is a secure, extensible cloud-based platform that enables interoperability, care coordination, and patient engagement. It aggregates data from systems across care settings to create a shared, longitudinal patient record. It provides out-of-the-box applications for patients, GPs, clinicians, caregivers and care coordinators customizable for unique workflows and use-cases

HealthConnect Virtual Consultations

Cinos Communications Services

HealthConnect delivers robust, IG‐compliant video conferencing to your consulting room, and creates exciting new opportunities for managing patient demand.

Primary Care Data Quality Assurance

The University of Nottingham - PRIMIS

Data extracted from one GP IT supplier is compared to data from all system suppliers; a set of reference queries and the agreed specification. Anomalies are identified and highlighted in a report for distribution to the system suppliers for remedial action.

babylon health

babylon health

babylon health is an app-based platform reducing demand for appointments by putting accessible, affordable healthcare into the hands of everyone. We connect patients to primary care through virtual consultations and text answers to healthcare concerns, artificially-intelligent triage, access to their healthcare records, and an array of healthcare monitoring capabilities.


Advanced Business Solutions

Odyssey is a clinical decision support system for telephone consultations. Providing intelligent decision support. Odyssey allows clinicians and non-clinicians to safely assess patients to a consistent best practice approach. By effectively helping users to meet the patients’ needs. Odyssey helps providers to make significant savings in time, effort and money

SwiftCare Suite


Provides end to end patient care management: electronic patient record, bed status, remote monitoring, analytics and data collection for remote NHS medical devices, e.g. patient monitors, ventilators, ECMO machines, enabling healthcare professionals with direct access to patient metrics, live vitals, data storage & submission (PICANET compliant), and "big data" analytics.


Capita Business Services Limited

CHKS is a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services. Since 1989 we have been developing hospital benchmarking and performance management solutions for healthcare organisations in over 20 countries and have worked with over 400 clients throughout the world.

Engage Consult

Wiggly-Amps Ltd

Engage Consult is an unbeatable GP online consultation system which integrates with a surgery's clinical system. Patient-generated online history-taking deploys a true branched-logic investigation of symptoms unique to each user. This powerful and sophisticated approach, with seamless practice workflow and secure messaging, offers a complete solution with exceptional technical back-up.


GP Access Ltd

Online consultations (also known as econsultations or econsults) enable patients to seek help online and from their GP practice more easily, and the practice to respond more efficiently. Changing channel brings convenience for patients, and a reduction in workload for GPs which in turn cuts the wait for patients.

First Response

Meta Cannect

Designed for Emergency Operations Centres. Enables the supply of supplemental information provided by a caller using a smartphone to support the emergency services with location (using phone's GPS), live video streaming (phone's camera) and auto-translate messaging. This data can then be stored in the Cloud or on the customer's infrastructure.

Strata Health Test of Change (TOC)

Strata Health LTD

Strata solutions transitions patients between care settings by matching clinical needs and preferences to available care options and waiting times so that patients are matched to the best possible option for their specific needs. The TOC option allows client to run short-term projects of either PathWays or HomeFirst from Strata

Your.MD Symptom Checker & Personal Health Assistant


Your.MD is a text-based artificial intelligence system that produces a personal probability of the most likely diagnosis in response to symptoms offered by patients and followup questions asked by our artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

AF Detection


Once a reading is taken from our imPulse unit the results are securely loaded into the cloud to then be loaded into the NHS network.

eDQM - Data Quality Manager

Egress Group Ltd

eDQM™ allows current RTT pathway performance to be monitored, down to specialty and consultant level. Any RTT data issues are automatically identified and allocated, based on priorities, for resolution by individuals within a data validation team. Dashboards provide instant monitoring of issue closure rate and a forecast of project completion.

Online Health Assessment & Screening Modules with PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Implement customised online web application for assessments or health screening modules. This allows the public to determine eligibility or risks based on questions, resulting in advice on next steps to be taken. The solution is delivered from PretaGov's CMS Government Cloud.


Docobo Ltd

DOC@HOME® is a cloud based SaaS Digital Health application which allows clinical teams to enrol, set up, and manage their patients remotely via secure WEB interfaces and sits within the N3 NHS Intranet

Safe Triage

Safe Patient Systems Ltd

Safe Triage provides a combination of digital technology and service capability to deliver an enhanced pre-hospital care solution that can be integrated onto existing hardware platforms and is interoperable with other care systems to provide a holistic emergency care and electronic patent record solution for emergency and social services

Healthcare - Video Collaboration for Global Health

Innovate Ltd

The IOCOM Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting Multi-Screen, Multi-images, Secured with 256-bit encryption, multi-camera for any device feed, run on Cloud9 over JANET, available to N3 or HSCN via peering.