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Docurate - Online invoicing and contact management

Pinro Technologies Ltd

Our cloud based platform Docurate allow organisations to create, share, sign and store documents from a single place.Manage all of your customer details and invoices from an elegant dashboard. User can access Docurate anywhere. Data is safe, secure and encrypted.

File Sharing and Online Document Management - Clinked


Secure Cloud Based File Sharing and Document Management Software. Invite team members, clients, business partners and stakeholders to store and share documents in the cloud. Secure business file sharing is quick and efficient with Clinked.

Tascomi Private Sector Housing

Tascomi Ltd

Tascomi Public Sector Housing is a key functional area within Tascomi’s comprehensive cloud-based Public Protection solution. Tascomi Public Sector Housing allows authorised users to manage workflows associated with Private Sector Housing, HMO Licensing and Grants. The system can be accessed on-the-go from any mobile device.


E-Health Innovations Ltd

VIPER is a fully featured, browser based electronic document management application providing seamless integration with existing systems. Documents collated from multiple external sources are accessed via an intuitive user interface. New electronic forms can also be designed and deployed by the customer to enable new content creation.

Clinicubes CTMS


Clinicubes CTMS is a centralized software (clinical trial management system), which offers a number of benefits to companies in the clinical research industry in the form of integrated solutions for every single aspect and phase of clinical studies. Our product makes processes behind various planning, performing and reporting tasks easier.

Pension-Transfers CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Pension-Transfers CRM offers effective management of all pension transfer cases it is a fully integrated enterprise cloud software solution for any organisation. Covering the full flow of any business, from enquiry to customer account management, Pension-Transfers CRM is perfect for any small, medium or large organisation

Ideagen Q-Pulse

Ideagen PLC

Q-Pulse is an electronic quality management system that eliminates bureaucracy, provides accountability and streamlines business processes for regulatory compliance, safety management and risk management whilst delivering significant efficiency gains. Modular solutions: Document & Policy Management, Audit Management, CAPA Management, Training & Competence Management, Risk Management, Incident Management and Supplier Management.



mpro5 mobile platform including biometric Time & Attendance, IoT, Job Scheduling, Asset Management, Health & Safety, NHS mobile Auditing, and Data Capture on iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Digital Evidence Management Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Digital Police Evidence Management Service delivers, fast and secure eDiscovery for content sharing assisting the investigation of serious and organised crime. Available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of sensitive, SECRET and TOP SECRET the service provides real-time information access, digital forensics and evidential storage helping smart crime prevention.

web3 Source to Contract

Wax Digital

Wax Digital web3 Source to Contract offers professional buyers a toolset to manage the full sourcing lifecycle including supplier evaluation, supplier portal, eTenders, eAuctions, contract management and supplier relationship management; accessed through a highly intuitive user interface and delivered quickly and simply as a cloud-based solution.

CoreGov - SharePoint Upgrade Services


Utilising this service, Core will undertake an evaluation of your current SharePoint platform. We will help you understand your existing enviroment and recommend a roadmap for the upgrade proposed. SharePoint can operate in the cloud, from customer datacentres or a hybrid combination.

Welfare-Rights CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Welfare-Rights CRM is a fully integrated enterprise cloud management software solution for managing Welfare Rights, Benefits Advice and Money Advice Products. Covering the full flow of any business, from enquiry to customer account management, Welfare-Rights CRM is perfect for any small, medium or large organisation.

Freja eID

Verisec Ltd

Freja eID is an electronic identity on your mobile that allows you to log in, sign and approve transactions and agreements with your fingerprint or PIN. It lets you monitor and control your digital activities. This MFA product helps your users and citizens avoid ID theft and fraud.

SBL Freja ID: Identity & Secure Access Management

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Freja eID provides a strong identity solution to allow secure access to systems for customers and users. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) improves user experience and removes fixed passwords. Enables compliance with GDPR and CoCo amongst other Cyber Security requirements. Supports Tokens and Soft Tokens.

Civica Legal Court and Document Bundling

Civica UK Limited

Civica Legal Court and Document Bundling module provides legal professionals with a fast, effective way of creating and paginating bundles. With a seamless link to the documents stored against each case and a comprehensive toolset covering layout, formatting and pagination

Collections CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Collections CRM is a fully integrated enterprise cloud software solution for any organisation that wants to process and manage Debt Collection. Our Collections CRM covers debtor analysis and court management helping to ensure a quicker turnaround on all debtor cases.

Quvo: Workforce Mobility Platform

Coeus Software Ltd

A workforce mobility platform, designed for any organization employing mobile work teams. It delivers straightforward digital transformation of workflow and business processes empowering organisations to be in control of the design, management, and implementation of their operational processes, without needing to rely on third party suppliers or consultants.



Asite’s Adoddle platform allows you to store and manage all your data in one central and secure repository. It also enables customers to fully customize the structure of their content with highly controlled access and rich configurable workflows to allow project controls.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Cloud Service

SynApps Solutions Limited

SynApps Solutions Electronic Content Management Cloud Services (ECM) is based on Alfresco Digital Business Platform offering best of breed Enterprise Content Services, providing a modern browser based solution which enables organisations to meet statutory compliance needs, and provide a cost effective collaborative platform to content enable business applications.


IntelliMed Limited

SwiftLocum is a cloud-based platform that allows NHS employers to connect with doctors directly to fill rota gaps, whilst allowing doctors to view, book and manage upcoming shifts on their mobile devices. SwiftLocum bypasses costly agencies and facilitates the growth of regional collaborative staff banks.

Secure Blockchain Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Secure Blockchain Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET,MISSION SECRET,TOP SECRET provides a distributed ledger-based mechanism eradicating flaws in security typically introduced by human error or threats. The service reduces the risk of single points of failure, improves traceability providing a single source of truth.

Adobe Signing Certificate service

QuoVadis Online Security Limited

Cloud-based PKI service for the issue of Adobe Signing certificates. These are AATL certificates - automatically trusted in Adobe with optional qualified timestamps. Used for the digital signing of Adobe and other file types (MS Office etc).

T-Pro Dictate


T-Pro dictate is our hosted platform that delivers Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Document Creation Productivity tools in a completely secure environment - without expensive upfront costs or the need to provision internal infrastructure or support. T-Pro Dictate offers a full browser based, mobility enabled solution without any IT requirements.

ReadID - Identity Document verification

ReadID - Innovalor Software B.V.

ReadID makes it possible to verify the authenticity of identity documents using a mobile phone. ReadID uses the NFC capability to read the RFID chip present in passports and similar identity documents. ReadID is simple and secure. ReadID is provided as a mobile SDK or as a white-label app.

Citrix Cloud Implementation and Consultancy Services

Incremental Group

Incremental Group’s Citrix Cloud Implementation and Consultancy services provide support and advice in the adoption of, and transition to, Cloud-based Desktop and Application solutions using Citrix cloud technologies. Our team of Citrix Certified Cloud Professionals provide initial discovery and cloud readiness, transition planning, cloud strategy, cloud implementation and support services.

Mobile Policing Suite 2

Airpoint Limited

Mobile applications transforming policing processes. Integrated with Niche RMS, Connect, Athena, nationals services. Processes include Federated Searches, Contact and Contactless Biometric Identification, Pocket Notebook, Command and Control, Tasking, Stop Search, Evidence, DASH, Briefings, Intelligence, Forms. Supports offline working and operates on Android, iOS and Windows.

Microsoft Azure Computer Vision cognitive service detect & extract text & handwriting text in images

T-Impact Limited

The Microsoft Azure Computer Vision cognitive service uses Artificial Intelligence to read text & handwritten text in images. Detect and extract text and handwritten text in images, action or store in your existing technology. Ideally suited for use with Robotic Process automation (RPA) to collect images and act on results

Diligent Board Portal: Governance Cloud

Diligent Boardbooks Ltd

The Diligent Board portal is a secure solution that allows, leadership teams and administrative staff to simplify how board packs are managed. Our board meeting management software enables leaders to govern at the highest level with offline access with added modules, minutes, messenger and evaluations supporting the digital board pack.

Body Worn Video Manager

i2N Ltd

Body Worn Video Manager captures video, audio and stills from Body Worn cameras and other devices such as CCTV and Digital Interview Recorders. Workflows can be created to manage and control the integrity of recordings. Original copies are always retained, in addition to full audit trails of all edits made.

Bramble Hub Quinyx - Quinyx Workforce Management

Bramble Hub Limited

Quinyx’s Workforce management software suite will solve the headaches associated with the scheduling, time and attendance, task management and forecast planning of your staff. It will give you the freedom to control your workforce from anywhere, at any time while becoming more productive and more efficient.

Digital Immunisations Including Electronic Consent

Cinnamon Digital Applications Limited

Digital Immunisation software including electronic consent. Integrated system for managing NHS immunisation services: - Improve patient experience - Accessible anywhere, anytime, any platform - Simple and intuitive - Digital triage and exception reporting - Cash savings on paper and transport - Reduced vaccine waste - Automated reporting

MicroProcurement and Neutral Vendor Platform

EUS Holdings Limited

MicroProcurement and Neutral Service Vendor platform for Contingent Labour, Temporary workforce and HR recruitment using Dynamic Purchasing System to run UK Procurement Regs 2015 compliant DPS Tenders, manage mini competitions for multiple categories. The platform can be managed and used by the Authority directly.

Knowledge portals


Leverage your valuable know-how and expert insight to create tailored and engaging content for your team and clients to build loyalty and add value to your relationships.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

Secure, medical cloud based clinical, diagnostic image management, reporting and distribution platform. Supporting imaging modalities including ultrasound, echocardiography, Angiography, X-Ray, Nuclear and diagnostic results management. Zero hardware footprint SaaS company established in the US and UK with rapidly growing client base. PACS. RIS. VNA. EHR. EMR. EPR.

Electronic Forms and Cloud-Based Processing System

Victoria Forms

Victoria Forms design bespoke electronic forms, and provide a range of 250 online template Electronic Forms and Calculators, for Revenues and Benefits, Licensing, Environmental Health and more. Our eForms are tailored to an Organisation's branding and provide in-form intelligence for error checking and validating responses, dramatically reducing application processing resources.

Members CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Members CRM is a fully integrated enterprise cloud software solution that provides the ability to manage member lists and subscriptions. Covering the full flow of any business, from sales prospecting to customer account management, Members CRM is perfect for any small, medium or large organisation.

Evolve EMR in the Cloud

Kainos Evolve Limited

Award-winning Evolve Medical Record platform supports Digital Maturity programmes through removal of paper from the care process. Secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation, promoting paperless working through digital workflows and electronic forms. Provided as a fully managed service, delivered securely in the cloud.

Through Life Management Solutions


Comprising a number of modules covering issue management, requirements management, system effectiveness and financial budgeting and business case drafting and progression. Allows users to perform their role more effectively, providing visibility for other users to view progress, gain management information and undertake their own roles within a workflow.



GDPR compliant Smart Forms SaaS that lets people setup surveys, events, polls, tests and custom secure data collection by building forms from their browser. Remove paper and legacy uncontrolled data collection methods. Move your manual processes online with zero programming. Secure data workflow, file uploads, signatures, payments, emailer & reporting.

Appian Cloud

Appian Software Switzerland LLC

Appian is a digital transformation platform combining low-code application development, intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM), and dynamic/adaptive case management. Fully web based, Appian makes it easy and fast to design and deploy custom applications—without coding—with workflow management, real-time reporting/business activity monitoring (BAM) and collaboration, content management, integration, and mobile capabilities.

Process Director: eForm building, workflow routing, reporting, Business Process Management

ePartner Consulting Ltd

Process Director is a cloud-hosted BPM solution that manages, automates and reports on your critical tasks to make teams and individuals more productive. It delivers workflow automation through electronic forms processing, business rules engine, workflow, reporting dashboard, business activity monitoring, content management, web portals, application integration and an embedded SDK.

Microsoft Office 365 for Housing


Ceox’s Microsoft Office 365 for Housing enables Housing Sector Organisations to be more productive and can help teams collaborate more efficiently and aid cross-department working. Office 365 can replace other EDRMs and store important finance and operational documents securely and logically. Deliver better satisfaction and reduced costs by improving efficiencies.

Savvy Home

Saadian Technologies UK Limited

Savvy Home combines Property Management with Customer Management – providing a secure, fully integrated solution to handle all aspects of housing provision and management. The flexible, modular system allows you to choose only the things you need, ensuring a cost-effective solution tailored to your business.

Cloud Software Services: CRM - EDRM - API Gateways - Portable Data Models - Platform Agnostic


We provide cloud software that is adaptable, platform agnostic, works with portable data models (under full buyer control), and can be applied to optimise business operations. Focusing on CRM, EDRM (Blockchains), and API technologies, with added emphasis on security, scalability, performance, compliance. and leading edge Artificial Intelligence for cost reduction.

Technology solutions that streamline Complex Customer Journeys


Vizolution delivers technology solutions that streamline complex customer journeys. Our suite of digital SaaS products eliminate the breaks in complex customer journeys, resulting in improved document accuracy, reduced costs, quicker transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Legis Solutions

Legis Solutions

Providing cost effective Case Management Systems for Professional Regulatory bodies and in-house Legal teams. This incorporates Workflows, Document Management, Portal, Dashboard, MS Office integration, email integration and MI Reporting.

NPS Information@Work Enterprise SaaS

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

Information@Work Enterprise SaaS is a HTML 5 web-based Document Management System (EDMS) from Northgate Public Services (NPS). It delivers a document management service, provided as a pre-built, single, repository for all information, records and images whilst retaining the ability for administrators to configure to meet local needs.

MiFID2 categorisation platform

DocSafe Limited

MyDocSafe MiFID2 categorisation platform automates the way local authorities ("LAs") apply for 'professional' status with financial institutions they work with. The platform also lets LAs contact banks and institutions they currently do not work with. MyDocSafe powers the platform for CIPFA and PSLink.

Evolve Carepathway Automation

Kainos Evolve Limited

Kainos Evolve provides rapid, repeatable care pathway automation enabling healthcare networks to transform at a pace not possible before. We enable our customers to deliver high-quality, patient-centric efficient care through better visibility of patient information and management of care pathways across teams and organizations at lower cost.

T-Impact customer data cleanse solution, Robotics (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution

T-Impact Limited

T-Impact’s customer data cleanse solution will open, check and correct every record in your CRM database daily. Leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA) & Artificial Intelligence (AI), data is automatically retrieved and re-entered into your CRM or Case management system, without changing underlying technology. Cloud or On-Premise Install.

Office 365 Implementation and Migration

Cloud Cover IT Limited

To design and tailor SharePoint to our clients' individual needs and implement the software to allow the client to use it to its best effect.


MRI Software Limited

Planet is an excellent value and comprehensive CAFM solution. Over 300 organisations use Planet to provide a single resource for work order management, hard services, soft services, helpdesk, reactive/planned maintenance, staff utilisation, contractor management, purchasing, asset management and stock control. Planet streamlines processes and provides operational transparency and control.

Contract Management

EUS Holdings Limited

eContract Management allows management of a contract after award, including sharing contract documentation with suppliers, agreeing and finalising the contract, alerts, management of a contract master list, allowing supplier performance management, collaboration and suppliers to update KPI’s, searching and filtering contracts, stakeholder surveys and contract change management with suppliers.

Broker-Lender CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Broker-Lender CRM is a fully integrated enterprise cloud software solution for organisations wanting to process and manage the application & lending of monies adhering to FCA Compliance. Covering the full flow of any business, from enquiry to customer account management, BrokerLender-CRM is perfect for any small, medium or large organisation.

Flexible Service Desk Suite

Agiloft Inc

Winner of Info-Tech's Best Overall Value four years in a row, the Agiloft Service Desk Suite is top rated by users and analysts alike. Close tickets faster, improve consistency, and gain actionable insights with a customizable end user portal, full workflow engine, dashboard performance metrics, and more.

AnyData GDPR Audit

AnyData Solutions

Powered by the Award Winning AnyData machine learning and AI Platform, AnyData GDPR Audit Solution manages compliance process automation to address the sweeping new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Additionally integrate other value-added GDPR services including contract management and compliance tracking to take a huge step towards GDPR compliance.


Blue Ronin Ltd.

BaseStone is the provider of an award winning field tool and cloud platform for assurance tailored to construction projects in the AEC industries. We cover all evidence and data collection requirements and workflows including inspection and test (ITP), snagging, redlining, as-built creation and integrate with other major BIM platforms

Job Maintenance CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Job Maintenance CRM is a fully integrated true end-to-end job management and back office Cloud CRM system. Job Maintenance CRM provides a demonstrable return on investment for clients who require advanced workflow and task management for their operational staff internally, and external installers, surveyors and sales people.

Clinical Trials - Medical Image Sharing, Archiving and Management in the Cloud

Cimar Ltd

Cimar is the secure and seamless solution for medical image upload, sharing, and de-identification for clinical trials. Used for over 700+ trials worldwide, the platform dramatically reduces time to implement and cuts costs by improving delivery speed and reducing submission errors. Instantly scale to sending sites while maintaining submission integrity.

Microsoft 365 E3

Civica UK Limited

Cloud Productivity & Security. Licensing suite for Office 365 Enterprise E3, Enterprise & Mobility Suite E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Via Civica

Document composition, storage and delivery

Prime Document Ltd

Prime's service is able to receive data in any format, map this to a bespoke document template(s) and deliver it via multiple electronic or printed channels.

Yoti Verify

Yoti Ltd

Yoti facilitates instant digital verification of individuals, through a free app, that is reusable following initial enrolment. Incorporating leading technology with manual checks to perform liveness, and document authenticity checks matched to an individual's biometric. A GDPR compliant service which is simple and secure for users and businesses.

Course Authoring and Online Policy Sign Off and Compliance


eLearning course authoring and Online Policy and Document sign off system. The system ensures employees have read, agreed and have understood by passing a test, all policies/procedures and documents added to the system. eLearning courses can be created and maintained using the integrated authoring tool. Includes use of WorkWize LMS.

Electronic Document Control and Management System

Assai Software Services B.V.

A document management system is a system used to track, manage and store documents. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users. It is related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.


Assai Software Services B.V.

A document management system is a system used to track, manage and store documents. It is capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users. It is related to digital asset management, document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

Trusted Certificate Service

Airbus Defence and Space Limited

Trusted Certificate Service ensures confidentiality through encryption and Integrity of users, devices and data. It simplifies the trusted user experience whilst making system penetration more complicated and difficult. The implementation pattern aligns with the UK government recommendations from GDS and is the only UK certificate service that has NCSC accreditation.

AnyData Spend Analytics

AnyData Solutions

Powered by our award winning machine learning and AI Platform, AnyData Spend Analytics offers both fully managed and self service capabilities, combining all the integrated tools to access, combine, cleanse and enhance data, PLUS a suite of expertly pre-built reports delivering accurate spend reporting and identification of substantial savings opportunities.

Oracle PaaS for SaaS


There are some common SaaS requirements that drive demand for PaaS: Satisfying different user needs, making changes quickly, connecting with other applications, and securing data access. This service covers these demands.

Knowledge Management


Freeing information from knowledge silos and sharing it with others is a vital activity in organisations where specialist knowledge, expertise and insight are critical factors in the success of core business activities.

Document Management design and development

ClearPeople Ltd

Utilising years of experience in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, Sitecore projects, ClearPeople deliver document management solutions offering a simplified communication and collaboration toolset enabling organisations to rapidly deploy and leverage digital solutions driving productivity, improving efficiency and sharing knowledge.

XMA Salesforce - Lightning CRM

XMA Limited

For users requiring combined capabilities of both Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds, provides class-leading Automation and Service Management in a single license. Sales allows you to track relationships, manage activities and opportunities. Service provides for management of Cases, Complaints, Contact Centres or Back Office teams and processe

AnyData Contract Managment

AnyData Solutions

Powered by AnyData's award winning cognitive platform. AnyData's Contract Management is the smartest way to centralise and manage your contracts, obligations, renewals &terminations and compliance tracking for your tailored needs (GDPR, Modern Slavery, Anti-Bribery, IFSR 16...) Winner of the Legal Technology Award 2017 - Supplier of the year, Large Enterprises

IBM Track and Plan on Cloud

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM® Track and Plan on Cloud offers Rational Team Concert's full Change Management (CM) capabilities. This provides the ability to track and manage any activity (work item) through a given lifecycle until completion. Included in Track and Plan is Team Concert's comprehensive planning capabilities around work items and resource availability.

Agile Contract Management Suite

Agiloft Inc

Winner of the PC Magazine Editors' Choice award. Automate the complete contract life-cycle, streamline approvals, and integrate contract information with related business processes. Automatic notifications, one-click email approvals, and configurable business rules keep your organization running smoothly. Find any contract or clause instantly with full text search of contracts/attached files.

Intelligence Process Automation Services - Nintex

Synergi Software Limited

A leading UK Nintex partner who supports customers with Nintex Intelligent Process Automation, which includes Advanced Workflow, Document Generation, Mobile Apps and Forms, Robotic Process Automation, Process Intelligence and Machine Intelligence. Our technical team can design, configure, build, train and support customers with improving their organisational processes through Nintex technologies.

Mimecast - Email Security, Targeted Threat Protection and Email Business Continuity Service

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

Our Mimecast service extends traditional gateway security with Targeted Threat Protection that addresses ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing and other advanced threats. Continuity keeps employees sending/ receiving email even if your email system or Office 365 exchange, has an outage. Our security services eliminates the infrastructure and management requirements for on-premises solutions.


Delladene Limited

CloudStore is a secure web based file sync, store and share solution that allows: - Document collaboration between teams, colleagues, clients and suppliers - File back-up from your local computer to a secure remote storage area Find out more:

Project Management & Execution System


Based on the Built Environment expertise and digital technology infusion, Teknobuilt focuses on Speed, Flow and Safety in delivering projects. Our PACE system is a cloud based Project Execution System. It helps alleviate the challenges of project management- execution by bringing Advanced Work Packaging and integrating LEAN principles into construction.

Citrix ShareFile


In a hosted desktop environment, businesses can build custom and confidential virtual workspaces in which users can access, exchange and edit content anytime, anywhere and across all corporate and personal devices. ShareFile automatically syncs data across all devices and offers unlimited, flexible storage that is scalable to an enterprise’s needs.


Legalesign Limited

E-signature software for contract management and digital signatures (eIDAS advanced electronic signature). Send PDF or Word documents. Contracts, forms and other paperwork can be completed immediately from anywhere. The platform comprises a web application and a API. ISO27001 certified for information security.

Cloud Hosted Secure Email

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

Reliable, robust and easy to use secure hosted Email solution. Centralised email, calendars, contacts and tasks for keeping in touch and up to date in the office, on site or on the road. Enterprise grade infrastructure for customer organisations saving them from needing to invest mail servers;software licences;security and administration.

Case Manager

IIZUKA Software Technologies Ltd

IIZUKA Case Manager is a flexible, enterprise ready case management system. It is web-based and device agnostic. It captures, manages and tracks all client case interaction centrally and can be accessed securely by any authorised user with a suitable connection to the system. IIZUKA are ISO27001, ISO9001 and CESG+ accredited.

GetOrganized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

Netcompany UK Limited

Netcompany's GetOrganized is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Intelligent Information Management, (IIM) solution for the SharePoint platform enabling capture, management, preservation, storage and content delivery disciplines. GetOrganized provides business modelling tools to enable SharePoint to become a document and process platform providing extensions to enable rich document management features.

Access CareBlox

The Access Group

Access CareBlox cloud-based residential care management allows over 2,300 registered care homes to deliver an efficient, compliant and quality service. Including worker/resident management, T&A, powerful rostering, payroll and billing, monitoring and self service, it is an easy-to-use, scaleable and powerful part of the Access Care Business Suite for outstanding care.

Bramble Hub Icon - SignAnywhere and SIGNificant eSigning Solutions

Bramble Hub Limited

An e-signing solutions that provides a range of technologies to assist workflow, document creation, multi-channel output, biometric authorisation options and more.

e-resourcing / e-rostering software

Linea Group Ltd

A bespoke software solution that works as a communication platform connecting clinical staff with hospital managers who manage rosters/ off duty's.

EQUINITI Toplevel - eClaim


eClaim helps government meet Digital by Default Service Standards while improving customer service and data quality. Publish secure online interactive guided claims processes e.g. for staged payments or entitlement claims, with assisted completion and electronic submission. Toplevel delivers Ministry of Justice legal aid claims.

Patient-Claims CRM

BrightOffice Ltd

Patient-Claims CRM is a fully integrated cloud solution offering a functionally rich package which can be customised to suit your personal requirements across a multitude of Patient-Claim types. Offering a full end to end solution, from client prospecting right through to Invoicing and Payments removing requirements for multiple software packages.


Mosaique Limited

Aspyre is a cloud-based, portfolio, programme, project & PMO management software tool with a proven track-record of: increasing the visibility of your portfolio of programmes and projects; ensuring consistent, standardised and real-time reporting; achieving significant financial savings; enabling seamless, collaborative working with external organisations; promoting innovation by capturing ideas.

eTrauma Clinical Pathway System (including eVFC)

Open Medical Ltd

Developed by surgical clinicians, this N3 enabled SaaS coordination platform, tracks, plans and reviews care. Pathpoint™ database architecture mimics the dynamics of trauma patient pathways and automatically codes clinical treatment via SNOMED-CT NLP referencing to yield superior analytical outcomes. Functionality highlights include:Trauma co-ordination, eVFC, PROMs, PPWTs.

Predictive Asset Management Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Predictive Asset Management Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE,SECRET,MISSION SECRET,TOP SECRET provides analysis of historic and current data providing key situational awareness and predictive modelling of equipment failures, availability , and real-time location information to enable efficient and effective logistic management across the supply chain.

Data Collection


Comprehensive secure collection, analysis and reporting of granular and aggregate data for regulatory, statutory or funding data returns. Supports ad-hoc and scheduled returns in multiple formats including web forms, Excel, XML, XBRL, JSON. Configure plausibility checks and multiple level data validations to assure data quality at source.

CommandCentral Vault Digital Evidence Management Solution


CommandCentral Vault and Body Worn Video provide a complete digital evidence management solution utilising standards compliant secure cloud-based storage. CommandCentral Vault helps to optimise all of your digital evidence management workflows – captures, stores, organises, correlates, prepares and shares – from evidence capture to investigation, delivering justice, through the CJS.

Salesforce - Lightning CRM

For users requiring combined capabilities of both Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds, provides class-leading Automation and Service Management in a single license. Sales allows you to track relationships, manage activities and opportunities. Service provides for management of Cases, Complaints, Contact Centres or Back Office teams and processes. ©SFDCGC102018


CCube Solutions

The CCube Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRM) Solution is largely intended to replace the high volumes of paper documents that move around a given organisation, enabling current practices with manual filing to be ended. Instead, documents (files) will be stored and retrieved electronically, and can be driven via workflow.

Savvy Choice

Saadian Technologies UK Limited

Savvy Choice helps you to digitally manage all aspects of Choice Based Letting – including customer registration, advertising properties, online applications, automated assessment, shortlisting, property viewing, contract clarification and tenant sign-up (including agreeing inventory and online contract signature) and management of tenancies.

Trust/Link SSL Certificate Service

QuoVadis Online Security Limited

Managed PKI service for the issue of all types of SSL including Business SSL (organisation-validated), Extended Validation, SAN SSL (Multi-domain) and wildcard certificates. SAN certs can be Business or EV class. Pay As You Go service or Fixed Price Flexible SSL service.

Mydex Secure Attribute Exchange Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The digital economy requires data to be shared between individuals and organisations, spanning all sectors. The Mydex Secure Attribute Exchange mobility Platform enables attributes to be collected, delivered and distributed using a person-centred approach. It delivers the informed consent and transparency required under data protection, information governance and GDPR regulations.

VASCO - eSignLive

Somerford Associates Limited

eSignLive allows documents to be securely uploaded, viewed and eSigned using digital signatures in accordance with eIDAS. Signers can easily view and eSign from any device using a web browser.

Bespoke Electronic forms (IGeForms)

IGspectrum Ltd

Incorporating integrated workflow management this provides a centralised, intuitive platform on which all forms can be digitised, automated, accessed and managed using any web browser on all devices. Form completion rules and workflows are fully automated and information is captured, stored securely and made available to all that require access.