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Episerver Commerce


Delivered by Made to Engage, Episerver Premium Partner. Online marketing and digital commerce have opened up new and exciting opportunities like never before. Quite easily, though, these opportunities can turn into obstacles when trying to coordinate multiple systems, channels and campaigns. This has been solved with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Content Feeds

Eventz International Corporation Content Feeds allow you to tap into rich and ready content feeds for local event data. We offer RSS / JSON feed endpoints/WordPress Plug-ins on monthly subscriptions. Examples: local Theatre feed, Business meet-ups. Create tailored feeds with Feed Manager and use them on any website or app.

Lenus HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service

Storm ID

The Lenus HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service enables popular consumer health apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal etc. to be used in new care pathways. Patient generated data can securely flow to and from such apps to a digital health platform, connected to EHRs, accessible by health and care professionals.

Intranet solution


EasyShare is the award-winning, market-leading intranet ‘in-a- box’ product for Microsoft Office 365. EasyShare brings together best of breed tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Delve and Stream into one easy solution – including social features in a mobile ready platform.


E-Health Innovations Ltd

VIPER is a fully featured, browser based electronic document management application providing seamless integration with existing systems. Documents collated from multiple external sources are accessed via an intuitive user interface. New electronic forms can also be designed and deployed by the customer to enable new content creation.

CMS - content management system - private cloud

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 certified, cloud-hosted CMS for websites and digital services. S8080's GDPR compliant digital platforms securely handle multilingualism, forms, CRM/case management integrations with single sign-on, transactions and devolved publishing. Choice of open-source or COTs content management systems. Easy to use, yet powerful. Mobile and accessible CMS, designed around your user’s needs.

Systems Integration


Netcel are experts in systems integration with industry standard technologies, using middleware solutions to decouple and remove reliance on the need for all systems to be available 100% of the time. This experience extends to integrating CRM and ERP systems such as Salesforce, SAP, iMIS, Integra and Microsoft Dynamics etc.

Firmstep Forms including Self and Dash

Firmstep Ltd

Forms is used by over 170 UK Councils and many Public services allowing organisations to fully digitise services with intelligent transactional eforms optimised for mobile. Workflow, integrations and connections for payments included. Self and Dash provides secure single sign-on portals to deliver first class Customer Experience and together drive savings

Business Analysis


Business Analysis is an essential Netcel consulting service which is key to delivering solutions that meet business needs. Our analysts work with you to explore, identify and articulate the need and then collaborate with you to define options to allow you to shape, cost and scope the chosen solution.

Flexible & User-Friendly FAQs & FAQs Management Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Personalised, contextual answers Natural search & real-time predictive answers Dynamic/adaptive Real-time updates Self-learning: auto- updates based on new user questions Further troubleshooting if unanswered Workflow alerts for new questions without answer Content Management System integration ‘Most popular’ / ‘Top 10’ Multi-language Browse categories/tags User commenting FAQ search Social media integration

Discovery, Alpha and Beta


Netcel’s agile development services support both public and private cloud offerings. Working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders, our internal teams work to GDS standards to develop a wide range of digital services though Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live stages.

EPiServer Cloud Add-ons


Episerver Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Episerver Cloud enterprise web content management environment.



INPIN™ provides a fully functional, security compliant learning and content management system (LCMS) as well as a marketplace for Training Courses. INPIN™ can also be used as a Video Communication platform. Learners have a personal interface to keep track of their learning and recommend other courses, documents and videos.

Google Maps API

Netpremacy Limited

Google Maps API resale service (SaaS Only) via Netpremacy as an accredited Google Maps Reseller. Google Maps APIs enable your business to integrate your applications with best of breed mapping capabilities.

SharePoint intranet product


EasyShare is the award-winning, market-leading intranet ‘in-a- box’ product for Microsoft Office 365. EasyShare brings together best of breed tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Delve and Stream into one easy solution – including social features in a mobile ready platform.

Learning Management System

Oxford Applied Training

Learning Management System provides everything you need to create, deliver and track training in one place. Create e learning courses (Elearning Authoring) Deliver and Track Elearning Courses Manage Elearning take-up and course completions Use Gamification to enhance eLearning user experience Manage and Track ILT (Instructor Led Training) Multi-tenant Training Portals

Electronic document bundling software

Zylpha Ltd

Zylpha electronic bundling enables users to produce digital (court) bundles with automatically generated pagination and index from a range of file types. Retrieve files from your existing systems including Mattersphere, iManage, Worksite, Filesite, Desksite and more. Run the software locally or via citrix. Free trial available

Cloud software

ProArch IT Solutions

ProArch helps building ondemand services, consuming new cloud capabilities and managing their service portfolios across flexible hybrid delivery models. Our Rest Azured™ managed services are more responsive to business needs and reduce time to market whilst making their solutions more reliable, efficient and agile, without sacrificing security and governance.

Panacea Brand Manager

Panacea Applications Limited

To manage brand identity, this easy-to-use solution combines transparent workflow and approval processes with branded templates for digital, print, social media. Brand managers can encourage colleagues and clients to self-serve, enable collaborative working, track and monitor the application and use of branded materials while retaining full control of the brand.

Citizen Space

Delib Ltd

Citizen Space is a digital consultation platform, originally developed as a joint initiative with the UK government. Hundreds of public bodies around the world use it to design, publish, manage, analyse and feed back on all of their consultations in one place.



EasyShare is the award-winning, market-leading intranet ‘in-a- box’ product for Microsoft Office 365. EasyShare brings together best of breed tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Delve and Stream into one easy solution – including social features in a mobile ready platform.

creative, design and publishing

Supreme — DBA

Supreme—DBA is a commercial and design led Visual Communication agency. We deliver creative and strategic solutions across print, web, film and advertising. Our strategic thinking & execution is informed by our direct experience, meaning we know first hand what it takes to deliver your brief, on time and in budget.

YUDU Publisher

YUDU Sentinel

YUDU Publisher provides easy digital publishing to browser and to custom apps, and allows the control of who can access published items. Upload content as PDF and optionally add enhancements such as embedded multimedia and interactivity. Responsive content for small screen reading is also supported.

Learning Management System

Digital Training Solutions Ltd

Digital Training System's Near-Life learning management system allows users to deliver interactive and immersive video learning content. It can also be used as an authoring tool to link with existing LMS systems.


Turtl Surf & Immerse Limited

Turtl is a software-as-a-service tool for creating, publishing and measuring premium-quality digital content with no need for any special skills or training.


Azeus UK Limited

AzeusMedia is a one-stop integrated portal for discovery and delivery of various types of multimedia, including image, eBook, audio, video and newspaper, with various robust content protection mechanisms. It has a back-end Content Management System, which is mainly digital-library-based supporting various standards and protocols, like Dublin Core, MARC, OAI-PMH, Z39.50.

Totara Learn LMS

Think Learning

The Totara Learn LMS (Learning Management System) enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives. It is a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Care Leavers App

This is Focus Ltd

The Care Leavers App is being used by local authorities to publish a local offer for their care leavers. The App provides information, advice and guidance on a 24/7 basis, without the need for an internet connection and helps support care leavers as they move to independent living.

Documentation and Online User Guides

Harbour Technology Limited

We offer a full discovery and creation service to fully understand your systems and then create user documentation and system maintenance guides to fully support your learning and support outcomes. This includes: Digital user manuals, Help and guides (Cloud-based), User Help files (Windows based), Knowledge bases etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales - Licence, Support & Implementation Services

Total Enterprise Solutions

Enables sales people to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. Use Dynamics 365 for Sales to track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, create sales collateral, create marketing lists and campaigns, and much more.

Intranet in a box


EasyShare is the award-winning, market-leading intranet ‘in-a- box’ product for Microsoft Office 365. EasyShare brings together best of breed tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Delve and Stream into one easy solution – including social features in a mobile ready platform.

Register and Master Data


Texuna's Data Register and Master Data Management framework maintains, reconciles, stores and distributes a canonical data source as a register service. Enforcing data governance and data stewardship workflows help safeguard data quality and integrity. Secure version control with unique hash and publish to blockchain distributed ledger as audit trail.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud WCM


Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) is a complete web content management platform, comprising powerful, market-leading software and high availability, scalable cloud hosting. DXC offers exceptional ease of use and connectivity with other cloud services and systems.

Drupal - private cloud

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 certified Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 cloud hosted CMS for websites and digital services. S8080's GDPR compliant Drupal CMS platform securely handles multilingualism, CRM, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. Drupal content management system is open-source, easy to use, yet powerful. Mobile, accessible and designed to your user’s needs.

Digital Service Design and Development


With over 20 years' extensive experience in delivering digital requirements, we implement and support a wide range of .NET CMS solutions. Using CMS digital services like Episerver, Sitecore and Kentico, we help our clients streamline and enhance their Web and content practices to achieve business goals quickly and efficiently.

Digital Asset Management Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Digital Asset Management Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, MISSION SECRET,TOP SECRET provides a single integrated platform to control and disseminate content governance of classified data. The service enables flexible metadata publishing,tagging,search filtering and complex enquiries which enhance collaboration and distribution of shared intelligence.

Lexis Diligence - Enhanced Due Diligence solution


Lexis Diligence brings into one, simple online tool the intelligence to conduct global enhanced due diligence and comply with legislation for anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery & corruption (ABC). The solution enables checks on individual or company backgrounds (KYC), negative news, sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) and company litigation history.

WordPress Web Content Management System

The Internet Business Limited

WordPress hosted on Tibus ISO27001 G-Cloud platform. The WordPress Open Source solution is a fully extensible CMS and E-commerce platform providing: • Web content Management • E-commerce • Online Communities • Intranet & Collaboration • Platform for web development and Integration. 99.999% availability guarantee.

BAU / Continuous Improvement


Netcel’s retainer and flexible banked budget models can be fully utilised for an on-going programme of improvements and optimisation, managed through a release programme. Ideal for organisations who maintain a backlog of requirements, we adopt an agile methodology to define tasks, prioritise and ratify success criteria in context of ROI.

Laravel PHP Development & Support

Juicy Media Ltd.

Laravel is an open-source web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects.

Bilingual opensource content management CMS, Welsh/English website or digital service, private cloud

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 certified open source, cloud-hosted CMS for Welsh/English bilingual websites and digital services. S8080's GDPR compliant open source CMS securely handles multilingualism, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. Open-source Drupal and Umbraco content management systems are easy to use, yet powerful. Mobile and accessible CMS, designed around your user’s needs.

Hootsuite Amplify Social Media Employee Advocacy Solution

Hootsuite Inc

Hootsuite Amplify is a solution for employee advocacy and employee engagement, that allows your employees to share organisation approved messages and content via their own social networks. Realise the full reach of your employees' social media footprint within a controlled and governed environment.

SharePoint Online PDF Converter


Encodian's cloud PDF conversion service allows you to convert documents held in both SharePoint classic and modern document libraries, enabling users to quickly convert, OCR, encrypt, watermark and merge documents into PDF or PDF/A format whilst maintaining permissions and metadata.

Episerver Commerce Consultancy and Implementation


With over 20+ years digital experience, Netcel takes a consultative approach in delivering multi-channel, responsive commerce solutions on the Episerver platform. From engaging with your visitors, to optimising payment processes and personalising the online experience though out your site, we deliver scalable and bespoke solutions that enhance your online presence.

Reactions Studio - Mobile Application Publishing


Mobile publishing studio, delivered on both IOS and Android. A content rendering platform for mobile devices. Users can feed in any type of content through forms, rich media or charts. A powerful and fast system to manage and build apps and content. Offline synchronisation with features like push notification.

SharePoint Cloud Services

Storm ID

SharePoint Online, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, is cloud based service and enterprise grade solution for online productivity solutions. Storm ID’s hosted SharePoint delivers the powerful features of SharePoint your organisation will need without the associated overhead of commissioning and managing the infrastructure.

Umbraco Cloud Add-ons


Umbraco Cloud Add-ons are principally centred around two products namely Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Courier

Content Marketing


Transform your expertise, know-how and thought leadership into informative and engaging content to promote your business and engage your partners and clients.

WordPress CMS

Pulsion Technology Limited

We specialise in responsive website design, using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We create WordPress websites with a mobile first design strategy, ensuring a quality and consistent user experience on all platforms and devices. Our WordPress CMS experts will ensure your website is cost-effective, highly scalable and easily maintained.

Knowledge portals


Leverage your valuable know-how and expert insight to create tailored and engaging content for your team and clients to build loyalty and add value to your relationships.

Welsh Local Government Digital Platform - Bilingual

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 open-source cloud CMS - a digital platform for Welsh Local Government. S8080's icon-driven self-service platforms securely handle bilingualism, forms, CRM/case management integrations with single sign-on, transactions and devolved publishing. Choice of easy to use, yet powerful content management systems. Mobile and accessible multilingual self-service, designed around council's user's needs.

SBL Hootsuite Insights Social Media Listening Solution

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Hootsuite Insights is a social media listening solution which listens to and analyses social conversations from across more than 25 platforms and over 100 million data sources. It automatically analyses your social media data, forums, blogs and news sites to show insights relevant to your organisation in real time.

Transforming Businesses Using Digital Technology


Staying ahead in a connected digital world is increasingly challenging-The channels, methods and technology for automating internal processes or engaging with your customers are constantly changing. Traditional businesses are increasingly losing out to digital start-ups. Netcel has 20 years’ experience of working with companies to transform businesses using digital technology.

Kentico Cloud Add-ons


Kentico Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Kentico Cloud enterprise web content management environment.

Online Forms Builder

Axis12 Limited

Collect, connect, and manage your enterprise information all in one centralised location. Create perfect web forms with all the functionality you need to streamline your data-driven operations. With flexibility at the core of its design, you can configure the workflow and integration to map to your specific business process needs.

Finyx Enterprise Survey Tools

Finyx Consulting Limited

This enterprise strength cloud based survey tool enables rapid and flexible tailored surveys of populations of staff, users and stakeholder from small groups to multiple thousands of respondents.

Video Streaming and Hosting for Government from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our scalable video hosting and streaming service (PretaTube) is designed so that your requirements for the hosting and management of video content are easily surpassed. Meeting all government security standards. It's quick and easy to upload videos using your portal where video content is automatically placed into web friendly formats.

Engage 365 Digital Workplace Software

SORCE Limited

Engage 365 enables organisations to quickly create a powerful digital workplace, based on Office 365. Engage 365 maximises the capabilities of the Office 365 suite, whilst simplifying the complex Office 365 landscape. It makes it easy to implement a powerful digital workplace, without the need for experienced SharePoint developers.



GDPR compliant Smart Forms SaaS that lets people setup surveys, events, polls, tests and custom secure data collection by building forms from their browser. Remove paper and legacy uncontrolled data collection methods. Move your manual processes online with zero programming. Secure data workflow, file uploads, signatures, payments, emailer & reporting.

Funding and policy information portals

Idox Software Limited

Off-the-shelf, funding and policy portals for internal use and to support partnership working. Includes; GRANTfinder, POLICYfinder and RESEARCHconnect

Inspired Business Transformation Platform

Inspired Mobile

Inspired is an award winning multi-channel marketing platform, offering a research builder; managed QR/NFC codes; Events, Email/SMS solutions; & access to over 2500 premium local & global publishers for advertising. All accessed via a single login and wrapped with a Creative Studio and CRM engine to better understand your customer.

E-Mail Broadcast System

Free Rein Limited

The E-Mail Broadcast Systems are based on tried and tested elements from our CMS. They can handle anything from eshots to complex newsletters offering high levels of personalisation (optionally driven by CRM profiles) and tracking and will broadcast SMS. As a cut-down CMS it fully integrates with our CMS website.

Bilingual Umbraco content management CMS for Welsh/English website or digital service, private cloud

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 certified Umbraco cloud hosted CMS for Welsh/English bilingual websites and digital services. S8080's GDPR compliant Umbraco CMS securely handles multilingualism, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. The Umbraco content management system is open-source, easy to use, yet powerful. Mobile, accessible and designed around user’s needs.

FotoWare Digital Asset Management

Medialogix Ltd

Off-the-shelf software to manage media files such as images, video, audio and documents. Suitable for police, health, military and government departments. Offering a secure, cost-efficient and scalable solution for Digital Evidence/Asset Management running in your private cloud on ISO27001 Certified Microsoft Azure.

Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Driven by the continued growth of big data, Netcel engage with clients to understand how to apply AI technology to create meaningful business intelligence that help organisations deliver on their operational objectives, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experiences.

Blue Lights Discovery - Digital Training Platform

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation training and resource solution delivering concept to delivery around the evolving challenges of digital investigation. This platform delivers interactive, immersive multimedia led training courses, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web enabling access to professional knowledge, Procedure, Policy and Intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Headless Commerce


Netcel’s experienced team provide consultancy around selecting and implementing Headless Commerce solutions to support you in delivering multichannel breakthrough user experiences and to help future-proof your digital estate.

Airbus Information on Demand Services: WMS / WMTS / WFS / APIs

Airbus Defence and Space Limited

To facilitate the efficient delivery of geospatial data, Airbus provides OGC and INSPIRE compliant WMS, WMTS and WFS web services and APIs. Our web services are delivered from our secure in-house UK hosting facility.

OpenGov Citizen Engagement


OpenGov Citizen Engagement is a solution that makes it easy to effectively share information with, and gather feedback from the public, leading to more informed and involved citizens. This includes a managed CKAN portal.

Govmail Online

dsi Billing Services

Govmail Online is our web browser based hybrid mail solution that enables organisations to reroute their locally-printed documents to our secure production centres for printing and mailing - achieving up to 60% reduction in costs. Additional modules facilitate channel shift uptake, batch data transfer & document composition, printing and mailing.

Content Management System (CMS) Contensis package for NHS

Zengenti Limited

This is a custom, NHS package for the Contensis content management system. Contensis supports any design that can be built in HTML. It’s the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. It’s used by universities, local government, housing associations, NHS and police services.

Content Management Systems (CMS)


With over 20 years' extensive experience in helping clients meet their digital requirements, we implement and support a range of .NET CMS solutions on Episerver, Sitecore and Kentico. Using our in-house agile project management, technical development, cloud-hosting and support services we aim to achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently.

Pugpig Publish

Kaldor Ltd (Pugpig)

Pugpig Publish is the mobile publishing platform that powers content apps that work perfectly across tablet, mobile and web all in one go. You can use Pugpig for publishing magazines, brochures, journals, pamphlets, educational materials and more, and you can get up and running in a matter of days.

Umbraco Content Management System (CMS)

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

Our Umbraco Content Management System service provides flexible, end-to-end, access-from-anywhere website content management with hosting. Using the .NET open source Umbraco CMS and honed through many years delivering CMS services to the public sector, this modular, scalable, affordable solution suits websites, intranets and extranets. Connect is a Certified Umbraco Partner.

Hosted Drupal

Circle Interactive

Circle provides Drupal software-as-a-service consultancy, configuration, and support for all kinds of web based CMS projects. Our experience covers publishing, collaboration, integrations with other systems and custom work of anything from small to very large projects - all to the highest standards.

Local Authority Web Portal - GDPR compliant, ISO27001 certified

S8080 Limited

ISO27001 open-source cloud CMS - a digital platform for Local Authority / Local Government. S8080's icon-driven council self-service portals securely handle multilingualism, forms, CRM/case management integrations with single sign-on, transactions and devolved publishing. Choice of easy-to-use, yet powerful content management systems. Mobile and accessible, designed around Local Authority user's needs.



Invotra’s Portal provides the ability to invite partners and agencies on to your intranet with restricted access. As an administrator you’ll be able to control the areas in which they are able to access and collaborate with your staff. The Portal provides one centralised platform for all of your communications.



By combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis, Netcel offers digital solutions that empower marketers and merchandisers to present individualised content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration. Utilising a suite of personalisation products available in the cloud with a simple SaaS subscription.

Office 365 Pro Plus

Civica UK Limited

Office 365 Pro Plus -Office, wherever you go, with latest tools for productivity, collaboration, compliance, BI. Always have uptodate versions of familiar Office applications, no matter which device you’re using – PC/Mac, tablet or phone. OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Skype for Business, Access, OneDrive. Via Civica. See

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Platform


EasyShare is the award-winning, market-leading intranet ‘in-a- box’ product for Microsoft Office 365. EasyShare brings together best of breed tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Groups, Delve and Stream into one easy solution – including social features in a mobile ready platform.

Living With Condition Management Platform

Living With Ltd

Living With will be the UK market leader in cloud based digital solutions for the self management of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, for both the public and private healthcare industries, using its suite of Living with solutions to change behaviour and so reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

Civica Digital - Office 365 Intranet

Civica UK Limited

An engaging and cost-effective intranet solution. Rapidly deployable, Civica Digital’s platform-based accelerator boasts a number of features to enhance internal communications and increase productivity. Out-of-the-box functionality includes news channels, social collaboration, events, and a staff directory; the flexible service is also highly-customisable allowing specific functionality or branding to be introduced

Video subtitle and caption creation (original language and translation)


CaptionHub is a cloud platform for the automatic creation of captions for videos. English and translated captions in up to 52 languages using state of the art speech recognition and machine translation. CaptionHub also helps you manage teams for human editing and workflow management. For accessibility, translations and SEO.

Trusted Certificate Service

Airbus Defence and Space Limited

Trusted Certificate Service ensures confidentiality through encryption and Integrity of users, devices and data. It simplifies the trusted user experience whilst making system penetration more complicated and difficult. The implementation pattern aligns with the UK government recommendations from GDS and is the only UK certificate service that has NCSC accreditation.

Google Cloud - Google Jamboard

Generation Digital

Jamboard is a product for G Suite customers that features a cloud based digital, collaborative whiteboard. With Jamboard, you can host live sessions, create and edit content, control who can remotely access a jam, and connect to other Jamboards.


Enova Consulting Ltd

Enova Consulting Ltd. provides hosting, support and training for the WordPress content management system. The software can be fully customised to fit individual institutional requirements including blogs, websites, VLEs, etc. Support is provided depending on each institutional needs and circumstances

Firmstep Customer Experience Platform

Firmstep Ltd

Government low code Platform, delivers harmonious multi-channel end-to-end customer experience services and channel shift. Includes: self-service, CRM replacement with CRM-light, case management, Revs and Bens, Council Tax, Benefits, Housing, Housing Rents, NNDR, eForms, offline, secure portals, bookings, appointments SSO, Scanning Kiosk, web chat, with full integration and work flow.



DataOptimiser frees up the time taken to style and translate OS MasterMap and/or OS VectorMap Local into formats suitable for use in GIS and/or CAD Systems. Data is simply downloaded from our web portal which is available 24/7.

Multi-Format Digital Publisher

Axis12 Limited

Multi Format publisher provides a complete digital content production and management solution to organisations looking to standardise content management and distribution on an enterprise scale. It comes complete with all the tools required to instantly create multiple formats from a single, controlled source of content, stored centrally in XHTML5 format.

Heritage Trails & Tourism Apps

Brilliant Trails Ltd

Providing visitors to an area or location with a digital assistant to help them navigate, absorb content, interact with the local surroundings, avail of local offers and dynamically translate signage, interpretation and other printed material.

UX Design

Pulsion Technology Limited

Our service creates the optimum user experience, through engaging designs and visual features. We take a user-centric approach to all UX Design, providing a layout that is unique to your organisation and user needs. Our designs are mobile first and fully accessible across all devices, for all user types.

Off the shelf e-learning - Compliance e-learning catalogue

Learning Pool Ltd

The Compliance e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource designed for use by everyone. Providing gamified e-learning that has a strong and clear message on the full range of compliance titles from Anti money laundering and cyber security to Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace, and Whistleblowing.

Episerver Licensing


Netcel delivers enterprise-class .NET CMS solutions on the Episerver platform. Having been a Premium Partner since 2007 we help our clients with all manner of Episerver licencing including Instance and Server bound perpetual licensing to provide flexibility all-round alongside arranging Episerver DXC and Everweb configurations.

Content Control Enterprise Java CMS


Content Control is a customisable, open-source, Java CMS licenced under the General Public Licence version 3. Content Control gives you complete ownership over all aspects of your website, with features to suit all users. It can be used across all browsers and operating systems.

Mobile App - Design & Build

Ascesis Media Ltd

We offer a comprehensive design and development service to create bespoke mobile applications on Android and iOS. Our team will work closely with you to assess your business requirements.

Content Management System (CMS) Contensis package for Central Government

Zengenti Limited

This is a custom, central-government package for the Contensis content management system. Contensis supports any design that can be built in HTML. It’s the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. It’s used by government agencies, universities, local government, housing associations, NHS and police services.

Independent Inquiry Website


The Independent Inquiry Website service provides a way for public inquiries to fulfil their remit for transparency, by publishing news, reports and evidence online, using a specially customised version of a major open source web CMS.



Collaborate securely with clients and partners outside of your organisation. Set up secure workspaces and give users outside of your network access to files and project information.

Grants Management and Tracking Service

Storm ID

The Storm ID hosted Grants Management Service is a flexible fully featured grants management service developed in the latest .NET technologies. This hosted grants management service can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements by Storm ID

Flexible & User-Friendly Content Management System (CMS) Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Scalable & flexible content management Technology-neutral: Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, SDL Tridion, SharePoint, EPIServer, Joomla, Typo3, Terminal4, Documentum Web applications Document/Record/Asset management Business rules Publishing controls Templates User/group management Multi-channel publishing Module selection, configuration and extension Versioning Workflow, collaboration & notifications Drag/Drop layout Inline editing Meta-data Search Forms