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  • Microlink Live Captioning

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    Convert speech into text using ASR (automatic Speech recognition), and receive a fully indexed transcript. Also converts speech into transcript in alternative languages. Plug-ins add technical, medical and other terminology. Fully supports evidential and GRC requirements. Suitable for use in workplace adjustment, assistive technology and disabled users in education/workplace.

  • Avane IoT Cloud Geo-Fencing Engine

    Holhooja Ltd.

    Avane IoT Analytics and Rules Engine is robust IoT platform that enables the efficient adoption of IoT technology for your organisation. The Geo-fencing service enables an organisation to ensure that alerts are sent when two or more tracked objects becomes separated or close to one another within a monitored location.

  • IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System helps organisations manage uncertainty, achieve targets and increase awareness and compliance across the organisation. It facilitates the design and implementation of control frameworks, risk mitigation, and the creation and roll-out of policies. The system supports ISO27000, ISO31000, NIST among others.

  • Teacher Dashboard 365 for Microsoft Office 365

    Axis12 Limited

    Integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Teacher Dashboard 365 provides a simple and safe digital solution for schools that takes the admin out of assignments. From assigning work, to visibility of students’ progression, through to marking it is designed to help teachers keep on top of their workload.

  • Google Meets Hardware

    Levett Consultancy Ltd

    Google Meet Hardware provides Education and Business organisations with an easy-to-join video meeting experience of Google Meets to the conference room. Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings or training/lessons affordable and headache-free for all organisations big or small.

  • OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

    Flax & Teal Limited

    OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Video Platform

    Frog Systems Ltd

    Designed for organisations with a duty of care, the feature rich platform combines directory services with lived experience video to deliver mental health and wellbeing information and support at the point of need. Fully customisable, optimised for mobile, real time user analytics, a secure safe place for hyperlocal support delivery.

  • MetaPhish Phishing Simulation Software

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaPhish is a phishing simulation software that allows the administrator to orchestrate phishing simulations and ransomware attacks to directly target their staff and management. Ultimately, this will keep staff safe from phishing scams through automated training that increases their vigilance and identifies the need for additional cyber awareness training.

  • PDFTables


    PDF Tables accurately extracts data from PDFs. It uses an AI algorithm which can see column shapes, and outputs spreadsheets. There is a web API so it can be automated.

  • Knowledge Portal for Operations - SharePoint Online (Office 365)

    Sysdoc Ltd

    Our Knowledge Portal provides organisations with a robust and scalable solution to facilitate centralisation and governance of project, programme or even enterprise wide knowledge. Developed using the latest Microsoft SharePoint technology and seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

  • VuFind

    PTFS Europe

    VuFind is a library resource portal that replaces the traditional OPAC so that users can search and browse through all of your library’s resources: catalog records, locally cached journals, digital library items, institutional repository, institutional bibliography, other library collections and resources, etc.

  • CDW Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ)

    CDW Limited

    Industry leading Master Data Management engine enables data from any systems to be centrally controlled via our Multidomain Hub. Creates master (golden record) for: patient, clinician, staff, claimant, suspect, POLE, person of interest, citizen, supplier, contract etc. Provides data matching, history, workflow, security and centralised access to core data assets.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Ethics RM

    Infonetica Ltd

    Ethics RM is a cloud-based Research Ethics Review management solution used by research intensive universities, hospitals, ethics committees, Institutional Review Boards and government bodies. The platform facilitates researchers to collaborate and submit ethics applications, ethics committees and reviewers to review applications and research managers to manage an organisation's ethics portfolio.

  • BookingLive: Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling for Local Authorities

    Booking Live Software Limited

    The BookingLive Appointment Scheduling and Booking Software enables local authorities and councils to manage availability and appointments (online, in venue and by phone) with intuitive systems to manage customers, staff and resources. To support digital transformation agendas, the platform includes queue management, payment facilities and event management.

  • Savvy Supply Chain Management

    Saadian Technologies UK Limited

    Savvy is a powerful and highly flexible platform that can be configured to provide business applications tailored to suit your specific requirements. The Supply Chain Module helps you manage services provided by partners/your suppliers, gives a real time view of service availability/consumption and allows you to rate your supplier's effectiveness.

  • Digital Learning Content Limited

    Bespoke eLearning developed by a highly experienced team of multimedia professionals and instructional designers. Using only industry standard authoring tools, our bespoke eLearning fully complies with recognised accessibility standards. Ready-to-use solutions include off-the-shelf financial conduct authority courses and an extensive library of general off-the-shelf courses and micro-learning eBytes.

  • 4net Hosted Video Conferencing

    4net Technologies Ltd

    4net offers cloud-based, high quality, secure, video conferencing services engineered to extend video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialised conference systems. We provide a system agnostic approach which enables interoperability with many standard based video endpoints.

  • SMS: Education messaging platform

    Mobisoft Corporation Ltd.

    A British government approved messaging system, designed for Schools. Used by: FCO, Embassies, DFID, UN, EU, NHS, Education, Banks local and central government

  • SignedUp - Forms and Workflow

    PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

    SignedUp Forms and Workflow specialises in digitising complex labour market interactions such as application processes for jobs, apprenticeships and courses. The system enables a wide range of roles and permission levels to support a large group of stakeholders such as students, teachers, employers, parents, job seekers and administrators.

  • Enterprise Cloud Self Hosted - Email and file encryption, Secure Workspace, Digital Document Signing


    Galaxkey Enterprise Cloud (Self Hosted) provides pure end-to-end Email & File Encryption, Secure Workspace for file sharing and collaboration plus Digital Document Signing. Features include email revocation, notifications, geofencing, digital signatures, secure collaboration, file sharing. All with central management and complete white labelling capabilities. CPA Certified by the NCSC.

  • Totara Learn Professional (LMS)

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara is implemented quickly and at lower cost than proprietary solutions. PC /Mac /Tablet /SmartPhone compatible. ​ We understand learning. We understand compliance. We understand reporting. We understand NHS /CQC. We understand cost effective pricing. We include a Learning Consultant, UK hosting, maintenance, training, customer conferences, workshops and focus groups.

  • ProConnect Membership Self-Service Portal

    ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

    Protech’s ProConnect membership management portal allows membership organisations to enhance its members personalised experience and reduce manual processing. The portal provides web integration to ProConnect CRM and corporate websites

  • Finworks – Compliance Management Platform

    Fincore Limited

    Finworks’ Case Management Platform is a secure and structured low code case management solution. The platform facilitates safe collaboration, task prioritisation, document management, reporting and advanced data handling. Effective case management empowers digital transformation and enables your staff to be more effective and drives efficiency across your organisation.

  • Postgraduate Researcher Student Journey


    Postgraduate Researcher Student Journey is a software as a service provided to research based universities. The solution supports the entire post graduate reseacher student journey (for Graduate Schools/Doctoral Colleges/Academies) from Admissions to Examinations, using workflows, form templates, notifications, deadline tracking and chasing, dashboard reporting and data and authentication integration.

  • CACI InSite Everywhere - Acorn and Paycheck [SW3]

    CACI UK Ltd

    InSite Everywhere is a Geographic Information System (GIS) – a secure cloud application that provides access to the following licensed datasets; Acorn, Household Acorn, Wellbeing Acorn, Paycheck & Paycheck Disposable Income. Augmented with this data, users can code and profile data to understand about customers, residents or the wider community.

  • Umbraco CMS websites

    PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

    We can help implement a content managed website of any size in Umbraco Content Management System: the friendly CMS. PDMS is an Umbraco Partner with many years experience planning, designing, developing, testing and supporting bespoke Umbraco CMS websites for public sector bodies.

  • Qpercom Recruit

    Qpercom Ltd

    Qpercom Recruit is a digital management system for supporting Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for admission and volume recruitment interviews and selection. Create interview criteria, logistics of assessment planning and execute digital interviews at assessment centres. Retrieve, store and monitor all data in real-time and provide personalised feedback to candidates.

  • Administrate Training Management Platform


    Administrate is a Training Management Platform designed to help enterprises streamline learning and development through our cloud-based, configurable software solution.

  • Metabase business intelligence and analytics

    PTFS Europe

    Metabase is a business intelligence and analytics system for PTFS Europe’s library applications (eg, Koha LMS). Using Metabase, reports can be presented graphically, dashboarded, scheduled and distributed. They can be created using Metabase’s SQL or Report Wizard tools and applied directly to, say, Koha LMS’s existing SQL reports.