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  • Information Assurance and Cyber Security

    Harmonic Limited

    Retro-fitting security carries significantly more cost than when it is designed-in. Harmonic provides a structured information assurance advisory service to assess vulnerabilities and risks at the preliminary stages of your project and assist in digital solutions that design-out exploitability and reduce the attack surface of your cloud implementation.

  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance - Programme Capabilities

    CDS Support Ltd

    CDSDS Proven delivery of technology programmes through the full lifecycle, from design and architecture, through implementation, operation, monitoring and maintenance. Operating at all national security classifications and working closely with our clients, we integrate people, processes and technology to enhance your security culture and protect your information assets through life.

  • Netskope Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


    Netskopes Next-Gen SWG is a cloud-based web security solution that prevents malware, detects advanced threats, filters by category, protects data, and controls app use for any user, location, device. It unifies CASB, SWG, and DLP into common policy controls with custom reporting and rich metadata for ad-hoc queries.

  • Cyber Security Services – Digital Trust for Cloud

    Thales UK Ltd

    Digital Trust is a key enabler of digital transformation. Thales helps integrate Digital Trust into clients’ solutions, this allows for the adoption of agile and innovative methods leading to more effective exploitation of value in customer data whilst mitigating safety and security constraints.

  • Cyber Security Incident Response and Resilience

    Templar Executives

    Templar Executives’ Cyber Incident Response services (including Business Resilience planning/Crisis Management exercises) ensure organisations optimise preparation and recovery of business-critical functions. Templar has supported public bodies during live Information Security and Cyber incidents, encouraging leaders in understanding and addressing risks to their operations and reputation in time-sensitive, impactful environments.

  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance - Risk and Governance

    CDS Support Ltd

    CDSDS helps clients to establish robust yet proportionate risk-based security governance. Through understanding your technology systems, security posture, vulnerabilities and culture, we help organisations to develop strategies, policies, processes and risk mitigation that improve your security governance, change behaviours and culture, and ultimately protect your organisation and its assets.

  • Digital Transformation – Digital, Data & Security

    Goodman Masson (Managed Services) Limited

    Goodman Masson (Managed Services) Limited provide consultancy services to cloud support projects. We are experts in Programme, Project and Change Management. Our services include: Digital Transformation, Core IT infrastructure, Managed IT Services, System & Software Development, Cloud Solutions, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics and Cyber Security.

  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance - Training Capabilities

    CDS Support Ltd

    CDSDS has a proven track record delivering innovative blended learning interventions that educate users on identifying and mitigating cyber risk. Training is tailored to need, grounded in behavioural psychology, and will ensure that your staff are competent to protect your information in line with UK and international best practice.

  • Police ICT Cyber Security Services


    We provide a range of cloud security services, including strategy, architecture, design, implementation, support and assurance. We possess a unique insight and expertise within policing, coupled with key strategic partnerships, to assist UK policing to deliver on its capability and cloud aspirations, in line with the National Policing Digital Strategy.

  • Business Resilience and Wargaming for Cloud Services

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    PA work with you to define your end-to-end resilience requirements to deliver reliable public services supported by resilient cloud technologies. Our expertise includes resilience strategy and operating model, business continuity planning, cyber-security, business impact assessment, risk analysis, testing, training, crisis management, wargaming simulations, incident management, alignment to regulations/standards e.g.ISO22301/ISO27001.

  • Public Sector and Supply-Chain Cyber Security Risk Assurance


    This service assures organisational controls protecting information assets in a connected landscape. Assuring public sector organisations and supplier assets across digital technologies, security architecture. Cyber governance and document review: cyber policies, processes and procedures. Deliver pragmatic, proportional solutions to cyber-security challenges for cloud migration, hybrid-cloud delivery and securing legacy systems.

  • Training , Workshops and Mentoring

    Data Synergie

    We specialise in Training around Data/ Information, Cyber Security, Governance, Digital Transformations , Information Risk , Data Architecture, Analytics, Solution Architecture, Emerging Tech and Analytics The services/ Trainings we offer are available at or can be requested from

  • Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    PA Consulting provides advanced computer forensics and digital investigation services to help organisations secure, preserve and analyse digital evidence. This includes data recovery, document analysis, communications, network traffic, malicious code, image and audio information for criminal, civil, regulatory, internal investigations, for use during key stages of a cyber breach.

  • Trustcheck™ Cybersecurity Risk Management

    Unisys Limited

    Unisys TrustCheck™ is a unique digitally transformed cyber risk assessment and management solution that offers an innovative, patented method for understanding financial exposure to cyber risk and making effective risk management decisions. TrustCheck brings the financial rigor trusted by the global insurance industry and automation to enterprise cyber risk management.

  • Quicksilva Cloud Consultancy Services

    Quicksilva Limited

    Quicksilva's complimentary service offering delivering the benefit of our cloud IT systems integration experience. Valuable assistance that will help you get your project implementation right first time, including IT strategy, design and development, technical architecture, cyber/information security, messaging applications, NHS Digital compliance, system configuration and integration strategy.

  • Gartner Cloud Consulting — Cloud Security — Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

    Gartner UK Ltd.

    Gartner will provide an independent assessment of cyber security capability and maturity across IT and Operational Technology (OT) for both cloud and on-premises services. The maturity assessment output can be aligned to the industry standard of choice (e.g., NIST, ISO, etc.).

  • Nine23 Cyber Security - Defence Advisory Service - CSaaS


    Cyber Consultant experts to plan, design and, if required, implement secure (Official-Sensitive) enterprise projects. High-security remote access to government networks (HSCN/PND/PSN/FN4G gateways). Impartial, vendor neutral advice priorities user needs and outcomes in new-build, tech refresh/update or information assurance programmes. Also, cloud support professional services to Nine23 accredited FLEX platform solutions.

  • Cyber Security Consultancy

    Value Associates Ltd

    Value Associates are experts in agile transformation which is central to providing cloud/digital services. We absorb ourselves in your organisation's culture, baseline your agile teams' capability, identify training and mentoring needs then deliver and monitor agile delivery maturity and sentiment to enable transformational results.

  • User centred service design, delivery, build, implementation and service transition

    Hippo Digital Limited

    GDS aligned user centred design (UCD) and build implementation approach. Evidenced based analysis, research, design. Proving out cloud based services/platforms designing 'at pace' including change capability to ensure digital services (eg. telephony, f2f, offline/CRMs) and products meet customer, user and business needs and are optimised for success.

  • Security Consultancy as a Service (SecaaS)


    Our Security Strategy service provides buyers with the expertise to analyse the current Cyber Security baseline, identify high level design and deployment model to meet required future state. We can create a roadmap to move you towards a realistic, sustainable Cyber Security model covering governance, TOM, policies, remediation and recovery.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy


    The move of services to the cloud provides the framework to deliver robust public services. Gemserv’s service helps organisations review, develop and execute an effective Digital Transformation Strategy. We advice on enterprise architecture, solution design, cyber security strategy and delivery and change management to lead strategy development.

  • Security Architecture Services

    Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

    Methods has considerable experience in designing secure systems for Government Departments using proven architectures and secure design patterns. We enable your business to understand, assess security/cyber risks and unlock the full potential of cloud technologies through a business oriented approach.

  • Business Consulting

    Ethical Services Group

    Digital Programmes Assurance, Business Case Development, Project and Programme Assurance, Capacity and Capability Business Strategy Digital Roadmap Procurement Business Process and Future State Mapping System & Products requirements, specification and selection

  • Cloud Architecture Services

    Netcompany UK Limited

    Netcompany provides architecture and infrastructure services to central government and the NHS from our Architecture centre of excellence in Leeds. We specialise in providing enterprise architecture, data architecture and technical architecture services. We deliver collaboration and communication infrastructure designs and implementation, cloud-based desktop solutions and cloud migration approaches and optimisation.

  • Cloud Support: IT Security, Information Security, Cyber, Risk Management and Governance Services


    SmartSourcing offers services to develop, support and manage cloud Cyber risks. The Specialist agile service provides governance, risk management and information security solutions allowing protection of information and assets from sophisticated cyber threats. SmartSourcing is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accredited. Specialists are CISM, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, CASP and CISMP accredited.

  • Managed Cloud Services


    We provide hosting services for any kind of applications to various cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

  • Cyber Security - Security Compliance

    Atkins Limited

    Our Security Compliance service helps clients to ascertain their compliance with internal policies, standards and regulatory requirements. We always document our results and recommendations in customer orientated language that avoids technical jargon, to allow our clients to effectively manage their ongoing compliance activities.

  • Cyber Incident Response Service


    3B Data Security’s range of services includes PCI Forensic Investigations and CREST Accredited Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) services. In addition, a proactive Continuously monitored Threat Hunting solution can be added to the service to enable more proactive cyber defence.


    Trustmarque Solutions Limited

    Forcepoint Cyber Security Product Set - delivering modern cybersecurity by proactively safeguarding critical data and IP. Forcepoint is the leading user and data protection cybersecurity company, entrusted to safeguard organizations while driving digital transformation and growth. Their solutions adapt in real-time to provide secure access.

  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification


    Assisted completion of the pre-audit checklist by a certified and registered Cyber Essentials Auditor, with coordinated on-site or remote audit available to suite organisations requirements. Vulnerability report of all pre-audit findings and action plan for remediation. Post remediation audit (if necessary) to supports Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.