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  • Data Platform Managed Service

    BJSS Limited

    Managed support of your data platform deployed in AWS, Azure or GCP, ensuring the right expertise is at hand and your platform supports a DataOps approach in production. We work closely with you to define a customised service suited to your needs, utilising a Minimum Viable Service approach to take-on.

  • DataOps Services

    BJSS Limited

    DataOps combines agile, DevOps and lean ways of working, promoting short cycle time, experimentation and iteration, to deliver value from data-driven insights. Data teams benefit from on-demand environments, availability of data, and pipelines with built-in monitoring and quality assurance, to continually improve and nurture data condition.

  • Natural Language Processing Services

    BJSS Limited

    Design and implementation of novel Natural Language Processing solutions, delivering automation of tasks typically reserved for time-consuming human activity. Discover opportunities, develop pilots and deliver production solutions that reduce costs and improve citizen outcomes. Understand a variety of options from COTS to first principles data science, with expert agnostic advice.

  • Site Reliability Engineering

    BJSS Limited

    Adopt and implement a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) approach to the development and live operation of software in your organisation. Bring significant software engineering expertise to operations, embracing risk and speed of change, putting automation, assurance, scalability and reliability right at the core of your operational behaviours.

  • Software Application Modernisation

    BJSS Limited

    Redevelop and modernise legacy software applications for the required digital experience. Redefine architecture to benefit from public cloud services, open source technology and open standards. Employ service design to ensure that modernised applications are rationalised to meet the current and future needs of users, rather than rebuild what already existed.

  • Cloud Proof of Concept (POC) Services

    BJSS Limited

    A range of services to rapidly plan, design, implement, deliver and host cloud Proof of Concepts and pilots, delivered by experienced architects, analysts and developers. Additional ability to access funding for PoCs from cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, to reduce costs.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    BJSS Limited

    Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides a holistic understanding of an organisation’s business and IT capabilities. EA practices align business and IT, to ensure the future business strategy can be delivered and the IT environment is optimised. EA manages and communicates an organisational vision and strategy to achieve the business objectives.

  • Data Platform and Architecture Services

    BJSS Limited

    Design and implementation of modern data platforms, lakes and warehouses to support evidence-based decision-making, batch and real-time architecture, and analytical use cases. Utilise cloud-native data technology to get results quickly and at low cost. Includes non-functional aspects of data platform design, including data governance, security and privacy.