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Collaborative Cloud Implementation Support

Wavestone Advisors UK Limited

Our Collaborative Cloud Implementation Support service provides planning and migration support to clients seeking to leverage the benefits of cloud hosted collaboration software. Our support extends sourcing, migration planning, project management and change management. Our offering covers any cloud hosted solutions (e.g. Office 365, G-suite, IBM, CRMs, etc.).

Commercial Integration

Ernst & Young LLP (EY)

This service supports the buyer in integrating disparately contracted and disaggregated services (e.g. cloud, digital, insourced and legacy) into a coherent commercial whole capable of supporting effective end-to-end delivery.

Cloud Research — Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders - Individual Access Advisor (SCLINDIA)

Gartner UK Ltd.

Gartner for Supply Chain Leaders is a membership-based service for Supply Chain Heads of function that combines Gartner research and the real-world experiences of peers. Tailored exclusively to professionals in Supply Chain functional role that want to expand their knowledge and build their skills.

Sopra Steria Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Services Assessment

Sopra Steria Ltd

Our team have expertise in deploying IDAM across defence ,security and aerospace which can help you in selection and implementation of cloud based IDAM solutions. Experience in implementing IDAM in secure environments together with our approach can accelerate complex IDAM deployment.

Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 CMS Content Management System CMS Managed Service

enCircle Solutions Ltd.

Comprehensive Drupal 7 and 8 CMS managed services. Hosted on the platform of your choice, this CMS includes assistance with CMS site design, building, hardening and ongoing CMS support and maintenance. We take the risk out of opensource CMS by ensuring vulnerabilities are patched as soon as they are disclosed.

BloomReach Cloud


With BloomReach Cloud, you can quickly launch new initiatives, such as landing pages, content marketing campaigns, new communication channels and changes to your current digital environment, without having to wait for infrastructure to build and deploy them for you. BloomReach Cloud is entirely customisable to the needs of the user.

Cloud Adoption Assessment Service

Syntel Europe Ltd.

This Service helps with: 1) Impact assessment of applications migrating to cloud - Cloud Provisioning 2) Public versus private versus hybrid 3) Reference architecture & roadmap 4) DevOps & CI/CD definition We have partnerships with leading cloud providers- Azure,AWS,PCF,Openshift,Oracle-Cloud,Google-Cloud Platform,WorkDay,ServiceNow,SpringCloud and BlueMix. Configuration management, development, provisioning,CI/CD, Continuous testing, security compliance,orchestration.

TBT Cloud Project Management


TBT assists customers in managing cloud-based solutions helping you coordinate management of a single or a portfolio of projects. We help define, establish and maintain project management governance structures by adopting best practice methods. Our programme management services enable you to improve productivity, increase capacity, manage spending and reduce costs.

Enterprise Search Platform Migration Services for Cloud

Proventeq Limited

Proventeq’s Search Implementation Services help you to understand and make better use of the options available for enterprise search across your internal and cloud based applications.Google Search appliance (GSA) migration to cloud managed Elastic/Solr/Lucene Search solutions, migrating on-premise based search systems to cloud based platforms are options with improved UX.

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) AWS Portfolio Assessment

Amazon Web Services

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) consultant(s) provide advisory services to help customers prioritize their portfolio of applications (up to ten applications) to run on AWS and help prepare a cost estimate to provide business justification.

Network Aruba Airwave Deployment and Integration

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Provides initial deployment and integration of Aruba AirWave and helps prepare the solution for operation on your network. Service is delivered remotely and focuses on Aruba wireless local area networks (WLAN). Provides you with access to Aruba AirWave technology expertise to help take advantage of basic AirWave network management features.

VME Application Migration Services

Modern Systems

Migration/Re-Platforming of VME DDS, IDMSX, TPMS, ApplicationMaster, SCL, COBOL and Delta Applications to Windows, Linux/Unix, and IBM Mainframe. Services are supported by mature, reliable software components which, re-platform applications in an automated manner, splitting into a three-tier architecture, supported by our comprehensive Data Migration software and services.

Bramble Hub Origina - Cloud Transitioning support for IBM Software

Bramble Hub Limited

Pre cloud software enablement that gives a full picture of IBM legacy software products to clients looking to move to the cloud. Origina speeds up the transition to the cloud, provides Passport Advantage environment analysis and offers 3rd party maintenance support throughout cloud transition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud Services

Advanced 365

Advanced's Dynamics CRM Cloud Services provides consultation, training and support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for both new and existing implementations. Advanced provides Dynamics CRM consulting and solutions expertise, enabling customers realise the strategic, operational and analytical benefits of a digital technology platform with Dynamics 365 at its centre.

Secure Cloud Consultancy

Deep3 Software Ltd

Deep3 provide customers with experience-based consultancy on design, implementation, migration and running of secure cloud services. Our expertise enables customers to move services and workloads to the Cloud with confidence. We advise on the best way to leverage cloud technology to reduce running costs and minimise security and compliance risk.

Commercial / Procurement organisational contractual risk identification and management

Cadence Innova

This service identifies current procurement pipeline/contracts (including cloud and commodity commitment) and reviews the associated procurement and commercial risks and issues. Mitigation strategies and management plans will be developed, agreed and put in place to manage the risks identified.

CGI - Change Management


CGI’s Change Management consultants tailor our Change Management frameworks specifically for your organisation and your challenges and with you we develop a team and roadmap that will minimize undue and disruptive impact on your operations, prioritizing quick wins and opportunities to derive additional benefits from the change.

Turnkey Solution – Capability-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Certes Computing Limited

Turnkey provides customers with complete flexibility to establish call-off contracts with a strategic client side delivery partner. Turnkey provisions Capability-as-a-Service across core disciplines including; Programme Management, Project Management, PMO, Architecture, Analysis and Digital. Our agile, flexible and scalable services are delivered through a structured engagement model with robust governance processes.

Cloud Research — Gartner for Sales Leaders Team - Reference Member (SLSLDRREFM)

Gartner UK Ltd.

Gartner for Sales Leaders provides ongoing advisory support, and access to Gartner and CEB research covering the sales sector and roles. Tailored for senior sales leaders, this membership provides ongoing support for leaders, tied to their individual mission critical priorities.

Document and Records Management - Transition to Cloud Services (KIM, EDRM)


Enabling transition from legacy EDRM or paper solutions to cloud based knowledge and information management systems. Enabling cross department collaboration. Full end to end transition and transformation of your knowledge and information management systems, from business case development, senior stakeholder engagement through to project delivery and operational support.

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) AWS Cloud Operations Accelerator

Amazon Web Services

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) consultant(s) provide your organisation with an AWS Cloud Operations Accelerator - prescriptive advisory services offering a repeatable engagement when implementing an operating-model to manage applications on AWS


twentysix Limited

twentysix has a tried and tested approach to Discovery, this is fully compatible with the process defined in the UK Government Service Design Manual. Discovery precedes the Alpha, Beta and Live stages as an essential process to understand your user needs and what your end service should look like.

Service Commercialisation

4OC Ltd

4OC's approach to commercialisation is to develop a cloud service proposition for services by baselining current market share, undertaking market and competitor analysis to establish the opportunity for growth. We then develop a revenue model to forecast growth which is underpinned by a robust sales and marketing strategy and plan

Azure Machine Learning - Proof of Concept

risual Ltd

Machine Learning (“ML”) utilises data science processes to allow data forecasts and predictions to be made in the form of behaviours, outcomes, and trends. We will use your data, apply various transformations and learning algorithms against business data to model the expected outcomes.

Information, Data Quality and Business Intelligence


This service spans Management Information, Data Quality and Business Intelligence.. Services delivered under a managed service agreement, with mutually agreed deliverables that clearly map how outcomes will be achieved. Suitable for all Health and Social Care, Local and Central Government, ALBs, Education, Fire and Rescue and Police cloud technology.

Certus Solutions - engage™ Business Support Services - Oracle ERP, HCM and Payroll Cloud

Accenture (UK) Limited

engage™ Business Support Services (BSS) delivers a comprehensive and unique managed services support package specifically designed for Oracle© ERP, HCM and Talent Acquisition (Taleo) Cloud, providing peace of mind protecting a customer’s investment. The service also provides support for Certus HR Case Management Applications.

Enterprise Asset Management - Maximo on Cloud-Consulting, Implementation and Support

Infosys Limited

Infosys EAM service provides E2E services for Maximo on cloud - includes consulting/Implementation/training/testing/Support/upgrades/migration/integrations. Service provided on IBM-Maximo SaaS Flex. 1)Maximo SaaS-on-cloud hosted by IBM/private cloud provided by customer 2) Integration to Legacy systems, other 3rd-party cloud 3)Data-Migration 4. Cognos/BIRT reporting 5. Mobile implementation 7. Post Go-Live Support 8. Agile Development

Inoapps Oracle Cloud Delivery Services


Our Enterprise Change Team manage the full lifecycle of your Oracle cloud journey, we offer cloud architecture an transition services for PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and Hybrid models.

Certified DevOps Foundation

QA Ltd

The course provides an introduction to DevOps and the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals.

Cloud Enablement supporting Early-stage Start-Ups, M&A, Relocation, and Rapid Growth

Meteoric Ltd

Meteoric specialise in providing thought leadership, strategy, and planning for cloud enablement, focused on start-up organisations and those undergoing significant business transformation; such as that arising from merger, acquisition, relocation, or expansion. We architect and support Microsoft cloud based solutions, enabling streamlined integration and allowing users to start collaborating rapidly.

Project Planning Review

i3Works Ltd

Project Planning Review Service (i3Works) brings together our skills, expertise and planning tool knowledge to improve project visibility and likelihood of success. Producing detailed project plans across the project lifecycle to underpin delivery. Mapping products/resources/timescales, and highlighting dependencies and critical paths for enhanced project management information and improved decision making.

Gartner Cloud Consulting — Cloud Strategy — Fitness for Purpose Assessment

Gartner UK Ltd.

Gartner will provide independent validation of the client’s operational cloud and digital services, including the associated contractual arrangements in order to establish the gaps between the current state versus Gartner best practice guidance. Gartner will establish whether the transformation is complete, fit-for-purpose and supported by appropriate processes and practices.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC) Implementation & Support

Reliason Solutions Limited

Reliason implements cloud-based analytical solutions with Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC). Offering three levels of service, we can implement an initial set of dashboards and reports, to your requirement, in as little as 4-10 weeks. Training is provided, so that you can create additional dashboards and reports.

Display Advertising

Idox Software Limited

Reading Room (Idox) is an international digital consultancy. Our display advertising service will help you build brand awareness and increase exposure to your business, products and services. Run through the Googe Display Network (GDN), display adverts will appear across relevant websites.

Analytics Advisory Service


This service offers an engagement to support organisations assessing their analytics capabilities, analytics operating model, tools, team setup and structure. This exercise will help develop an analytics roadmap to build new capabilities, prioritising and linking use cases with operating models.

Secure Courier Transport (HMG Corporate) of Data or Sensitive Assets for Cloud Migration – London SE

Data Eliminate Ltd

Secure Courier Transport for Data (Hard Drives or Sensitive or Valuable Assets) for those wishing to migrate data physically by road rather than electronically down the wire. Dedicated point to point service from an MoD approved supplier using CPNI Listed Vehicles.

SBRI or Pre-Commercial Challenge


Run a Small Business Research Initiative SBRI or pre-commercial challenge with Tenshi on a cloud-based innovation platform. We will work with you to define your challenges, engage with communities, co-create solutions, and rapidly trial step-change ideas. The Tenshi team have experience of running InnovateUK programmes including IC tomorrow.

Bytes SQL and Virtual Infrastructure Modernisation

Bytes Software Services

The Bytes SQL and Virtual Infrastructure engagement is designed to provide Public Sector organisations with an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your server environment. It takes into consideration current deployments of SQL and Windows Server, usage and licensing, and identifies opportunities for migration to the cloud. bsscloud

Cloud Identity (Directory Synchronisation, Federation and Single Sign-on)

Venture 1 Consulting Ltd.

Cloud identity links your user account to cloud services. Single user sign-in can access cloud and trusted services, externally and internally. Single Sign-On (SSO) and Seamless Sign-On ensure that the account password is only entered once to access all. • SAML • OAuth • Azure AD • ADC • ADFS

Dynamics 365 Application Design Services

Ashton Court Group Ltd

Through the provision of this service Ashton Court will assist you to accurately and comprehensively capture your requirements and to define and document how they are to be applied to a Dynamics 365 environment. Typically this will be achieved through a programme of business analysis and facilitated design workshops.

Connected Business Strategic and Tactical Consulting and Implementation

risual Ltd

Modern organisations hold huge amounts of data. Providing the right people with the right type of access can speed up decision processes, business processes and therefore customer service. Speeding up the way people work makes them more productive which in turn drives revenue. Making the business more agile.

Red Team Services

Avenue Business Solutions

Avenue Business Solutions offer independent expertise and support to both public and private sector clients demanding Red Team Services. Tiger and OSCP certified experienced professionals to lead and support your requirements, including strategy alignment and creation.

Arcus AWS Cost Optimisation

Arcus Global Limited

Arcus use our expertise in cloud economics to help monitor costs and look for any potential to reduce cloud spend. With access to multiple cost optimisation tools, we actively work with you to help accurately forecast spend, implement effective tagging policies and make recommendations for rightsizing and Reserved Instance purchases.

DXC Technology Cloud and Workload Migration Services

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

DXC Cloud and Workload Migration Services offer a standard, repeatable, and comprehensive best-practice migration methodology to deliver any combination of workload migrations and transformations across legacy and future-state hybrid-IT environments based on the client requirements.

Data Transformation and Data Migration

Adetiq Limited

End-to-end data transformation and migration services for wide ranging requirements. We customise a Client's data transformation and/or migration solution according to the specific requirements - often encompassing a variety of data sources that need reformatting prior to migration into a new or existing system.

risual CSP Azure

risual Ltd

All Microsoft SKUs available through CSP licensing via risual helps customers by owning the complete customer lifecycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support. Helping clients keep their licensing costs under control.

CGI - Analytics and Data Science Services


A community of advanced analytical capabilities, data science techniques and methodologies to provide a broad variety of solutions and skills that will enable a scientific approach to understanding and delivering value from data.

Cloud Data Lake for Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Avonshire Cloud Limited

The Avonshire cloud data lake for big data provides a centralised repository to store structured as well as unstructured data with near infinite scale, with inbuilt ETL and data pipelines. We ensure that data lake is designed and implemented for maximum consumption of data for analytics and advanced analytics.

Web Application Penetration Testing Training

4ARMED Limited

Looking to develop your application security testing skills? Our three day intensive application penetration testing training course will give you the skills to identify real world software vulnerabilities and comes with access to 4ARMED’s exclusive and comprehensive lab environment.

Programme/Project Management and Governance

GE Healthcare Finnamore Ltd

GE Healthcare Partners provide programme and project management and governance services to support the full project lifecycle from inception to sustaining benefits realisation & continuous improvement, through our accredited PRINCE2, MSP and AGILE trained practitioners.


Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Helping customers setup and take advantage of the revolutionary reporting available from Movere

Support Revolution: Third (3rd) Party Software Support & Maintenance for Primavera

PDG Consulting

Our "Support Revolution" service provides independent third-party software support and maintenance for the complete portfolio of Oracle software solutions, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Primavera, Hyperion (Oracle Enterprise Performance Management), OBIA, OBIEE, JD Edwards, Siebel and Fusion Middleware. We save organisations between 50% and 90% on their annual software maintenance charges.

uControl for BMC Discovery

KTSL Limited

uControl for BMC Discovery dramatically speeds up mapping of business applications, and simplifies and speeds up the administration of BMC Discovery.

QCloud application performance management


IT systems underpin most services nowadays, so it's imperative that such systems (applications) operate at their best, because slowness hurts productivity, compliance and customer service. Quadnet helps directors from both the business and IT to see the impact on end-users of slowness in business systems, and to fix things fast.

IASME Audit and Implementation

LivTech Solutions

IASME certified auditors to assist you with your journey to IASME Gold certification. Begin preparing for GDPR by improving your ISMS and do it in a cost effective manner

Azure Managed Service

Corporate Project Solutions

We offer a personal service where you get a member of the CPS support team acting as your primary point of contact. Our support consultants are backed up by our network of business and technology consultants, giving you access to the highest quality knowledge and advice in the business.

Project Management and Project Support

Avenue Business Solutions

Avenue Business Solutions offer expertise and support to both public and private sector clients in the field of Project Management & Project Support. We are able to meet with small and large project support requirements, with our clients benefiting from our flexible approach.

Agile Maturity Assessment

Capgemini UK plc

Capgemini’s Agile Maturity Assessment can assess Agile understanding and uptake across divisions and levels of an organisation using Capgemini’s certified Scrum Masters and practitioners to make recommendations for improvement that can lead to reductions in mean-time-to-recovery, defect counts, time-to-market and faster feature delivery.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Implementation Services

Atos IT Services UK Ltd

A full range of Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services ranging from vanilla installations through to customising data received from ERP and non-ERP sources

Testing, Validation & Quality Management

Badenoch & Clark

Badenoch & Clark (B&C) provides proven Verification, Validation and Test (VV&T) Services to ensure that your product/service/system meets its requirements and is fit for its intended purpose. Our qualified specialists provide expert best practice knowledge in testing and validation and associated Quality Management Systems (e.g. ISO 9000).

Cloud Cost Management and Optimisation Services

BJSS Limited

BJSS Cloud cost management and optimisation services offer Cloud without cost overrun concerns. Designed to manage and optimise on a continuous basis and obtain a 'single pane of glass' view of Cloud spend. Cost optimisation and overspend alerting ensures organisations get value for money from Cloud providers.

Oracle API Management Services

Capgemini UK plc

A successful digital strategy outlines how critical information assets, typically hidden in several systems of records, can be unlocked. Capgemini’s API management offering can make it possible to gain access to key information and functionality in an efficient and secure way, by implementing APIs with Oracle’s API Platform Cloud Service.

Penetration Testing Service


We provide Digital Security services including Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. We assist clients with on-going assurance of critical systems and services. Our experience enables us to provide cloud services as part of Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS Compliance and ITHC activities for providing on-going assurance and accreditation.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Sword IT Solutions Ltd

Sword provide Business Intelligence and Data Analytics consultancy and development services to turn your data into valuable intelligence. We offer end to end data services including Analysis, ETL, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting and Visualisation using SQL Server, Power BI and Azure with Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Legacy Migration

Equal Experts UK Limited

Legacy Migration helps reduce infrastructure costs and gain the advantages of scaling that the Cloud offers. Organisations can move their legacy applications to the Cloud without the need to re-write. We introduce concepts to migrate irrespective of tech stack, helping reduce infrastructure costs and enhancing the ability to make changes.

Sopra Steria Unified End Point Management Service

Sopra Steria Ltd

A cloud-based device management service that unifies the management of all endpoints, from Desktops to smartphones to IoT devices. Our service provides enterprises with visibility and control over their endpoints through a centralised platform; whether it be implementing mass updates, improved security, or updating current policies and complying with regulations.

Information Governance

In-Form Consult Ltd

Our Information Governance services bring together tried and tested methods and practical solutions to support customers through the 3 phases of achieving heighted governance – Assessment, Management and Delivery – ensuring they comply with a wide range of legal and regulatory requirements.

Project Management Service

Code IT Recruitment Ltd

Code Digital’s Project Manager Services are delivered by specialist PM’s across full project life cycle using Agile and Waterfall methodologies or combination, including Scoping Projects/Programmes, Business Case Production, Risk Management, Resource/Budget Management, Vendor Management and Project Sponsor Communication. Roles include: Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, Project Planner, Project Support

Cloud UC Project Management

4C Strategies Ltd

Our Cloud UC Project Management service is for organisations that require an experienced Project Manager to deliver a transition to a cloud UC service.


360 Defence (UK) Ltd

Specialist Cyber and Security Consultancy Services. Advising and supporting clients in all aspects of information security, risk assessment and management and security assurance relating to cloud adoption, service transition and delivery. Ensuring our clients have the requisite levels of security to protect their information and assets.

Product Strategy

Emergn Limited

Build your go-to-market product and service strategy for the cloud. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your transformation journey, working with your teams to discover your most valuable ideas. Implementing our Agile Operating Model and using our lean VFQ framework to optimise and improve your organisation.

Data Strategy


Adatis provides consultancy services to help our clients define their Data Strategy identifying how our clients can use their data to improve, measure and manage performance. Alongside delivery of a strategy, and potential impact, Adatis are able to develop a roadmap, technical architecture and measureable KPI's.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Unboxed Consulting Ltd

Unboxed provide second and third line ongoing support and maintenance improvements for your digital service or web application. This can be 24/7 cover or normal office working hours.

ONI Managed Security Service, powered by Zepko

ONI plc

Secuirty services help to deliver a reliable, secure and flexible IT cloud strategy that compliments your overall organisation strategy. ONI works in partnership with in-house IT to relieve them from day-to-day tasks. IT teams can then focus on wider challenges; such as improving user acceptance and satisfaction or reducing costs.

11: Programme and Project Management, Governance and Assurance Services in a Cloud Environment

Moore Stephens Insight Limited

Robust, structured delivery of Programme / Project Management focussed on outcomes. Supported with tools and templates to monitor / control risks, issues, resources, budget and deliverables. Implementation of effective governance frameworks including design authority and key assurance roles. See Service_Definition document for complimentary services. ERP: Finance, Procurement, HR, Payroll, more…

HR Service Design


Our Caja HR service design capability offers clients access to HR subject matter experts, best of breed processes and a wealth of knowledge/experience. We work collaboratively with IT suppliers to create an integrated offering and ensuring all stakeholders can adopt and adapt to new ways of working.

Designing and Delivering Cloud Architecture - Managed Service

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

PA’s cloud architecture managed service: Reduces risk associated with IT delivery, brings the right people skills (SQEP) and integrated programme governance. PA’s enterprise, solution and domain architects, experienced with ITIL, establish strategic roadmaps, evaluate candidate technology, apply industry standards, assure project delivery to realise the benefits of your cloud services.

Oracle ERP (On Premise/ Cloud) Implementation, Upgrade and Support Services on Cloud

Syntel Europe Ltd.

Oracle ERP (On Premise/ Cloud) Implementation and Support services provides highly scalable services. This service is suitable for ERP on public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud platforms for implement the migration. Syntel can help you seamlessly transition and effectively in support. Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion /Cloud services

Drupal Consultancy and Web Development

Axis12 Limited

Axis12’s Drupal Consultancy and website development services ensure your Drupal instance is always operating at optimum levels of performance and availability. Bug/issue resolution, routine maintenance, regular security patching, upgrades, tuning, ad-hoc advice, load testing, Penetration testing, Security testing, health-checks and proactive response to monitoring alerts. Business hours and 24/7 support.

Oracle OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) Services on Cloud

Syntel Europe Ltd.

Syntel provide cloud enabled Oracle OEM Enterprise Manager Planning on enterprise edition and standard edition. Syntel’s OEM provides you with a single pane of glass for monitoring/managing both your on premise and Oracle Cloud deployments. The communication between Management Agents and Syntel's Oracle service instances is secure from external interference.

Enterprise Cloud and Internet First Integration using Open Source platforms

Glue Reply (a trading division of Reply Ltd.)

Applying Business Outcomes Driven Enterprise Architecture to design, develop and deliver a Digital Architecture that is GDSS compliant utilising single or multiple clouds using AWS, Azure, Oracle, IBM and GoogleCP, with Open Source integration technologies and services

Hybrid Cloud Professional Services

Howell Technology Group Limited

Established in 2005, HTG is a leading Nutanix Consulting Partner which is a customer-focused boutique IT consultancy that offers a range of disruptive digital technology solutions utilising best in breed products. This encompasses Nutanix HCI Enterprise cloud solutions, AHV virtualisation, networking, IT security and professional services.

BPM, ECM - Consulting, Implementation, Testing & Managed Services

Aryash Solutions Limited

Our ECM & BPM consulting and implementation is specialized skils in Process Discovery, Design and Modelling, Business Analysis, Implementation, Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, archival and testing techniques across varied industry domains that help our clients achieve operational agility through a holistic approach to BPM and ECM applications.

Oracle integration cloud (OIC) services


Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud eliminates barriers between business applications through machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, prebuilt integration, and process automation. It leverages Oracle application expertise to build an extensive library of adapters to Oracle and 3rd party SaaS and on-premises applications to enable you to deliver new business services faster.

Business Cloud Readiness

Pulsant Ltd

Business Cloud Readiness Service evaluates your business’ readiness for cloud adoption by providing a high-level assessment of the current state of your technology environment. Each assessment is designed around your individual business’ needs. We work closely with you in order to provide a comprehensive and value-added cloud adoption strategy.


Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Trustmarque’s transparent/proven licensing optimisation services evaluates the cloud software licensing options available to clearly understand the impacts to many “what ifs?” questions. The objective is to deliver a cost-effective licensing strategy, tailored to the cloud technology and strategic needs of the organisation, maintaining an awareness of the implications and risks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Stakeholder and Communication Management Solutions

Pythagoras Communications Ltd

Use Microsoft’s cloud-hosted Dynamics 365 to create and manage your customer and stake-holder records, communications, and engagements. Pythagoras can map your complex relationships between people and organisations you deal with. Implement a self-service portal for your stake-holders to create accounts, collaborate in community blogs, and initiate enquiries and on-line processes.

Requirements Gathering and Project Specification for Central Government

4OC Ltd

4OC map the business and system requirements through a series of design workshops with impacted staff. We then co-design and validate a detailed specification with the project team to support the delivery of a digital solution that meets your needs, provides clear requirements for your procurement and is future-proofed.

Cloud Security Architecture

Sixworks Limited

Sixworks offers Cloud Security Architecture services that provide the secure development, design and assurance of Cloud Secure Architectures. This service delivers clear Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture and Technical Security Architecture, for Public, Community, Private and Hybrid clouds.

NSSLGlobal ISP and Welfare Support Services

NSSLGlobal Ltd

The NSSLGlobal ISP Welfare Support Services is a mechanism for which NSSLGlobal's existing gateways can be utilised by other customers. NSSLGlobal's gateway allows cloud access (from all cloud based services) as required.

Microsoft Cloud Advisory Services

Capgemini UK plc

Capgemini offers a Microsoft Cloud Architectural Advisory Service for buyers who have chosen/are considering Microsoft’s Azure (IaaS, PaaS) or SaaS services (Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint Online) to help optimise use of Microsoft Cloud. Our experienced Solution Architects can provide Cloud Migration or Development advice and Project Reviews (Health Checks).

CGI - Spectrum Management Cloud Services


Radio spectrum is a valuable resource, our services develop your spectrum management the right way for your organisation. Our proven methodology using internal and SME experts will review strategic and operational aspects of your capabilities in up to nine crucial dimensions ensuring proper management of this critical asset.

Cloud Migration and Adoption - PaaS


Agile Solutions supports organisations to further adopt cloud technologies and drive adoption from IT and the business. Our Services include developing Cloud Strategy, Architecture, Engineering, Operating Models, Security and Support.

DXC Technology Digital Business Workshop

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

DXC Digital Business Workshop is a 1-3 workshop which explores (1) the business processes most likely to benefit, (2) how to evaluate the applications that drive those processes, (3) how to create an infrastructure to support those applications, and (4) how to support and manage the goal state.

Enterprise Architecture - Application Architecture

Broad Consulting Group

This service provides Application Architecture and Design services that help clients with specific Architecture, Enterprise, Programme or Domain areas applying Enterprise Architecture subject matter knowledge to support your Cloud Migration or Transformation across a wide array of Application Architecture and Design products. See P65 of the attached Service Definition Document.

Open Source Databases


Sirius provide Database strategy, deployment and system integration, training, support and managed services using Open Source software. The proprietary database licensing model is notoriously arcane, difficult to scale, and costly. Open Source is easy to work with and low-cost, which is why it's the natural choice for the Digital world.

Prototypes & Wireframes

Spotless Interactive Limited

A prototype is an interactive, clickable version of a website or digital product which is usually created for the purposes of testing. It can be high fidelity (looks and acts similar to the final product), low fidelity (testing of wireframes or paper prototypes) or somewhere in between.

Google G-Suite and Chrome - Migration and Deployment Services

Ancoris Limited

Ancoris provides Migration, Deployment and Consultancy Services for Google G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, and Chrome deployments following Google Cloud best practices and staffed by Google Certified Deployment Specialists. Engagements are tailored to meet the customer specific requirements.

DevOps Services

Roc Search

Roc Search DevOps Service create a bespoke DevOps Service roadmap. DevOps Readiness Assessment, Monitoring and Metrics, Configuration Management, Collaboration and workflow, Environment Provisioning including Cloud Foundry and OpenStack, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Process Automation, Test Automation, Work Management Process, Release Management Process, DevOps Overview

Service Management: (ITSM)

Henderson Scott

IT Service Management to support clients’ IT Infrastructure, tackle complex projects and adopt cloud based solutions. Services include: service strategy design, service catalogue definition, contract development, SLA development, performance management and live service issue resolution. All services are aligned to best practice methodologies (ITIL, Prince 2, MSP, MoC and MoR)