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2795 results found in Cloud hosting

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AWS Batch

Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

AWS Batch enables developers, scientists, and engineers to easily and efficiently run hundreds of thousands of batch computing jobs on AWS. It dynamically provisions the optimal quantity/type of compute resources (e.g., CPU or memory optimised instances) based on the volume and specific resource requirements of the batch jobs submitted.

Azure HockeyApp


Develop, distribute and beta-test your mobile apps.

Azure Search


Cloud search service for web and mobile app development. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Azure Data Factory

Bytes Software Services

A fully managed service for composing data storage, processing, and movement services into streamlined, scalable, and reliable data production pipelines. bsscloud


Mds Technologies Ltd

Secure Remote Access enables consumers to securely connect to the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform using approved Internet VPN technologies and the ‘walled garden’ architectural pattern.

Managed Cloud Services for UK Government (Official)

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

Sungard AS’s Managed Cloud Services for UK Government (Official) service is validated and assured to process data marked as Official (Official-Sensitive). PSN Assured, Protected, PSNP A+P, and Internet connectivity are available. Each customer is assigned one or more Virtual Data Centre(s) with compute, network, storage resources and operating systems.

AWS CodePipeline

BJSS Limited

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates. CodePipeline builds, tests, and deploys your code every time there is a code change, based on the release process models you define.

ITI Network design, installation, commissioning & project management inc Meraki and Cisco

ITI Network Services

A complete solution to provide web and network access wirelessly, or hard wired. The service delivers a complete end to end service with design, analysis, implementation, commissioning and project management. Cyber Security Services Solutions and Consultancy including GDPR.

Big Data Cloud Service - Starter Pack - 3 Nodes - Non Metered

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service (APN B86205; APN B81601; B86670) provides an elastic, scaleable high powered environment, advancing an organisation’s analytical capability. With automated lifecycle management and one-click security, Big Data Cloud Service is designed to optimally and securely run a variety of big data workloads while simplifying operations.

RunMyProcess Platform as a Service

Fujitsu Services Limited

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a 100% cloud based platform as a service (PaaS). It has been designed to remove the common barriers to digital transformation and enable the rapid development and deployment of business process automation applications to any device.

Enonic Cloud


Enonic Cloud is a modern web application platform that includes the essential components to deliver external and internal facing web applications, services and websites. The platform includes a flexible and feature rich Web Content Management System (CMS). Clients include government departments, government agencies, banks, insurers, logistics companies and healthcare providers.


Penta Technology

ePaaS is an enhanced Cloud Pass with a automated DevOps (WebOps) ecosystem that can be automatically deployed in minutes. Designed specifically with UK Government in mind, ePaaS protects your data and accelerates your cloud and digital by default projects and programmes, saving months of expensive design and development work.

Basic Managed VM OFFICIAL (Assured and Elevated)

Netcompany UK Limited

Netcompany provides a Basic Managed Virtual Machine (VM) utilising the UKCloud platform. This provides basic OS routine management which can help customers leverage the benefits of the OFFICIAL Compute-as-a-Service platform connected to the Internet, PSN, N3, Janet or RLI networks, removing the burden and time of basic operational matters

Castleton Hosted Services

Castleton Technology Plc

We deliver a range of services from fully managed Desktop as a Service to Backup as a Service/ Disaster Recovery as a Service. Our cloud services are delivered from our Tier 3 ISO 27001 accredited data-centres. We deliver flexible, bespoke solutions tailored to individual customer requirements

Room as a service


Utilising our platform Eyenetwork can help setup a video conferencing link to any court worldwide from a witnesses home or nearby location. We provide all the equipment necessary to complete a successful court video link, with an Eyenetwork technician on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

AWS Import/Export Disk

Amazon Web Services

AWS Import/Export Disk accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of the AWS cloud using portable storage devices for transport. AWS Import/Export Disk transfers your data directly onto and off of storage devices using Amazon’s high-speed internal network and bypassing the Internet.

Web Proxy Server as a Service - PaaS

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure managed Web Proxy service, delivering reverse proxy capabilities and separation for web applications. Provides load balancing, resilience, and HA in n-tier architecture. Security enforcing through separating Application Hosts from direct user connections. Supporting a range of security features providing a resilient platform, including mod-evasive, mod-security and best practise configuration.

Cylance Protect and Optics

Caretower Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence based anti-ransomware solution providing protection against zero day and unknown malware. Proactively prevent malware execution and exploits to secure the most vulnerable aspect of your network – the endpoint. Preventing attacks reclaims the time and resources consumed by incident response, data loss, and system downtime.

Cloud Native Infrastructure - Powered by OpenStack OFFICIAL (Assured)

UKCloud Ltd

Powered by OpenStack®, Cloud Native Infrastructure provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that meet the expectations of today's DevOps and WebOps communities. Engineered specifically for organisations delivering true UK OFFICIAL digital cloud-native applications which are connected to the Internet, PSN, N3/HSCN and Janet networks.

Amazon Cognito

BJSS Limited

Amazon Cognito lets you easily add user sign-up and sign-in to your mobile and web apps. You can authenticate users through social identity providers by using your own identity solution. Also, you can save data locally on user’s devices, allowing your applications to work even when the devices are offline.

Carelink HSCN Cloud - Managed VM Service

Carelink - Piksel Ltd

A secure, highly available virtual platform with connectivity to HSCN and the Internet.

AWS Directory Service

Softcat Limited

AWS Directory Service makes it easy to setup and run Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in the AWS cloud, or connect your AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory.

Azure Storage - Tables

Bytes Software Services

A NoSQL key-value store for rapid development using massive semi-structured datasets and tables.Available in the UK Datacentre region. bsscloud

Azure Virtual Network


Provision private networks, optionally connect to on-premises datacenters. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS)


Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provides block-level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances. They are highly available and reliable storage volumes that can be attached to any running EC2 instance in the same Availability Zone and are exposed as storage volumes that persist independently.

Azure Media Services - Azure Media Player

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Your content. Multiple devices. One player.

Microsoft Azure Operations

Agilisys Ltd

A suite of Azure Operations services: [URL prefix] API Management: /api-management/ • Automation: /automation/ • BizTalk Services: /biztalk-services/ • Operations Management Suite: • Azure Resource Manager (ARM): Agilisys is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) able to resell cloud platform services.

RocStac™ Cross Domain Security Zone

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac™ Cross Domain Security Zone enables consumers to securely transfer data between the UKCloud Assured OFFICIAL (formerly IL2) cloud platform and the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform using NCSC approved cross domain security patterns.

Government Cloud Service

SA Group Ltd

SA Group provide customers a government cloud service solution. We have experience of delivering government cloud services using a broad range of technologies and across a spectrum of sectors/disciplines. We provide government cloud service solutions from design, through development into delivery and will also support in-service as required.

Cirrus Real Time Customer Experience



CoreGov - Aurora Identity Management and Access Management (IDAM)


Aurora is a cloud-based Identity Management and Access Management platform. It contains Role Base Access and engines for enterprise level policy/rule based provisioning, update and de-provisioning, user synchronisation and workflow based authorisation and escalation notifications. Aurora can be branded and scripting is available for any customised policy or workflow requirements.

Azure Media Services - Content Protection

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Deliver content securely using AES encryption or multi-DRM common encryption such as PlayReady and Widevine.

FOXopen Cloud Hosting

Fivium Limited

Fivium will look after all the hosting and software delivery on behalf of the customer with this service. The hosting is ready for secure high quality delivery and the software is ideally suited for the creation, support and maintenance of cross-Government and Government-to-business FOXopen workflow applications.

iland Secure Cloud (IaaS) - Enterprise Cloud Services


iland integrates with Zerto to provide cloud-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service that replicates VMs at the hypervisor level from your data centre to the secure, global iland cloud. The small-footprint technology delivers exceptional results – and when married with the strength of the iland best-of-breed cloud, advanced security features, and exceptional customer support.

Managed Private VMWare Cloud Platform

Cogeco Peer 1 (UK) Limited

The Cogeco Peer 1 Managed Private Cloud platform is powered by VMware technology and can be used to create a highly secure, powerful computing environment. Virtual machines can move seamlessly from one piece of physical hardware to another and leverage the resources of several hosts.

CoreGov - SharePoint Collaboration


On many levels, SharePoint allows for collaboration between staff both internally and externally. Documents can be co-authored, bound by review processes, posted to Yammer for threaded, in place discussions and many other beneficial features.

Dimension Data Meraki Cloud LAN Switch Service

Dimension Data Network Services Limited

Cloud Managed LAN Switching Services from Cisco Meraki. Providing high performance LAN Switches, for Edge and Core, with interface speed of up to 40GbE

Hosted Desktop

Quiss Technology PLC

Providing Hosted Desktop Solutions via a Secure Gateway technology, giving users anywhere, any device anytime working.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


UKFast's Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service delivers enterprise-grade disaster recovery on your remote site with minimal cost or complexity. Built on a VMware-based architecture and compatible with Veeam and Zerto DR software, you will benefit from a fully-managed service to architect your DR requirements and assist with service launch.

Amazon CloudWatch

BJSS Limited

Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources, starting with Amazon EC2. It lets you programmatically retrieve your monitoring data, view graphs, and set alarms to help you troubleshoot, spot trends, and take automated action based on the state of your cloud environment.

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - IoT Platform

Fujitsu Services Limited

The K5 IoT Platform is a dedicated IoT cloud service for sending, receiving, storing and collecting data from the enormous number of sensors and devices required when using the Internet of Things. It enables efficient data collection through real-time decision-making, action taking and data distribution functionality.

JAC Pharmacy Management and Stock Control System

JAC Computer Services Limited

Implementation of a pharmacy managegement system on a private cloud. The system will be interfaced to third party systems and provides all the service required for a pharmacy to operate in an NHS environment s Implementationand support services are provided.

Microsoft Azure IaaS and PasS Services - Part 1

cloudThing Limited

Comprehensive menu of Microsoft Azure services providing Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service components to replace traditional IT estate and create new born-in-cloud applications. Provides scaleability, flexibility and new means of solving traditional and emerging IT and service challenges.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Alscient Limited

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is storage for the internet. You can use it to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It provides you with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage. You pay only for the storage you actually use.

SBL Google Cloud Platform - Storage & Databases

Software Box Limited (SBL)

We offer object storage (Multi-regional, regional, nearline and coldline for achival storage), block storage, RBDMS (Cloud SQL for MySQL & PostgreSQL), NoSQL databases (Cloud Datastore, BigTable), fully managed data warehouse (BigQuery), and a fully managed, mission-critical relational database service built for transactional consistency, high availability, and global scale (Cloud Spanner).

Security - Protective Monitoring - Cloud Access Security - Bluecoat Elastica

Dimension Data Network Services Limited

Dimension Data Security Cloud Security Service delivers visibility, analysis and control for the use of cloud applications that are currently a black spot to traditional security controls.

Cloud computing

iCoriolis Limited

Transformational cloud solutions converging science and technology through a single integrated intellectual platform, to provide a valuable and cost-savings service

VideoCloud 365 ISDN Gateway

VideoCentric Ltd

A simple cloud-based ISDN Gateway service. UK hosted with ISO27001 security. Enables ISDN systems to communicate seamlessly with SIP/H.323 systems.

clckwrk - Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

clckwrk Ltd

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient, resizable capacity for an industry-standard relational database and manages common database administration tasks.

IBM Cloud Managed Services on z Systems

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Cloud Managed Services for z Systems provides a highly available mainframe platform to clients who are transforming to a cloud delivery model (Platform as a Service / z/OS). Providing agile, scalable infrastructure supporting new mobile, analytics & social workloads. Can be enhanced to customise support to fit specific requirements.

Dedicated Compute Servers - Single Tenant (OFFICIAL)

Rackspace Ltd

Suitable for OFFICIAL and may satisfy more stringent requirements. Fully managed (optional) dedicated server cluster for high-performance workloads. Ideal for processing and I/O intensive workloads, high availability, security and control of a dedicated infrastructure. Delivers performance and reliability, without “noisy neighbours” of shared environments.

Azure Active Directory - Premium


Cloud Identity. Helps IT protect access to applications and resources across the corporate datacenter and into the cloud, enabling additional levels of validation such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. Monitoring suspicious activity through advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting helps mitigate potential security issues.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Idox Software Limited

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture; Idox Digital are experts in cloud technology and can advise you on the principles of cloud architecture. We help to design and steer your requirements based on business needs, offering the most flexible, highly scalable and cost efficient way for you to host websites and web applications.

Azure Functions


Listen and react to events across your stack. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

CDW Azure Active Directory - Premium

CDW Limited

Cloud Identity. Basic identity and access management for cloud and hybrid applications and users.

Azure Virtual Network

Think S3 (S3 Consulting Ltd)

Provision private networks, optionally connect to on-premises datacenters. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Softcat Limited

Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud. Using Amazon WorkSpaces allows you to easily provision cloud-based desktops and provide users access to the documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device.

Azure Application Gateway

Bytes Software Services

Highly scalable websites with HTTP load balancing and delivery control. Avaialble in the UK Datacentre region. bsscloud

Azure Media Services - Live and On-demand Streaming


Deliver content to virtually any device at scale.

VIRTUS: Managed Cloud Connect Infrastructure

Virtus Data Centres

VIRTUS’ provides customers with Managed Cloud Connect Infrastructure to meet their public, private and hybrid cloud business requirements. Services are provided via high availability Tier III data centres which support high density computing with an extensive cloud and network choice. Flexible commitment and contract terms designed to meet customer requirements.

CDW Azure Active Directory - Basic

CDW Limited

Cloud Identity. Basic identity and access management for cloud and hybrid applications and users.

Amazon Storage Gateway

Ubertas Consulting Limited

The AWS Storage Gateway is a service connecting an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to provide seamless and secure integration between an organization’s on-premises IT environment and AWS’s storage infrastructure. The service allows you to securely store data in the AWS cloud for scalable and cost-effective storage.

Cloud Storage

Redweb Ltd

Range of Cloud Storage solutions delivering unlimited storage capacity automatically, with no limit on file size. On demand enterprise grade, fully scalable and flexible storage platform, with data stored in Iomart’s UK data centre estate. Handling petabytes of data and billions of objects from multiple sources.

Enterprise Compute Cloud For Public Sector

Amicus ITS

Enterprise Compute Cloud for public sector provides a trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform to deliver your enterprise applications. Support business processes like back-office and line-of-business systems. Self-provision, and scale, secure UK OFFICAL environments rapidly, connected to the Internet, PSN, N3 and Janet networks utilising Service Levels up to 99.99%

AWS Internet of Things (Amazon IoT)

Alscient Limited

AWS IoT is a platform that enables you to connect devices to AWS services and other devices, secure data and interactions, process and act upon device data, and enable applications to interact with devices even when they are offline.

AWS Service Catalog

Amazon Web Services

AWS CodePipeline is a continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates. CodePipeline builds, tests, and deploys your code every time there is a code change, based on the release process models you define.

BloomReach Experience / Hippo CMS


With Hippo Experience Cloud, you can quickly launch new initiatives, like landing pages, content marketing campaigns, new communication channels and changes to your current digital environment, without having to wait for infrastructure to build and deploy them for you. Hippo Experience Cloud adapts to accommodate exactly the amount

Basic Managed VM UKCloud

i2N Ltd

The Basic Managed Virtual Machine (VM) service provides basic OS routine management and updates helping customers leverage the benefits of the OFFICIAL Compute-as-a-Service platform. Depending on the cloud provider (UKCloud, Azure, AWS) and purchased services, the VM can be securely connected to the Internet, PSN, N3, Janet or RLI networks.

Azure App Service - Mobile Apps

Civica UK Limited

Building engaging iOS, Android and Windows apps. Available in the UK Datacentre region. Via Civica.

Enterprise Compute Cloud Elevated

i2N Ltd

Enterprise Compute Cloud provides a trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform to deliver your enterprise applications. Support business processes like back-office and line-of-business systems. Self-provision, and scale, secure UK OFFICAL environments rapidly, connected to the PSN-Protected, PNN and RLI networks utilising Service Levels up to 99.99%.

Pulsant Cloud Compute (VM)

Pulsant Ltd

Pulsant Virtual Server solution is delivered to Government customers as Platform as a Service, providing a fully managed Operating System (OS) and Application set within flexible, high performance, high capacity, secure and resilient VMware virtual server (VM). Hosted within a Tier 3 aligned and operated to ISO27001 standards.

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Enterprise - Non-metered

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

Oracle Analytics Cloud –Enterprise – Non-Metered service(APN B87390) – cloud based BI platform, makes agile self-service analytics immediately available, through visual reports and dashboards. Providing ad-hoc reporting, self-service data mashup and Essbase OLAP cube, enables data exploration and analysis using visual analytics and storyboarding accessible from mobile and other devices.

Oracle Ravello Monthly Commit

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

Oracle Ravello Cloud Service Monthly Commit (APN B86821-30) enables seamless deployment of existing VMware/KVM based workloads on to Oracle, AWS or Google Cloud as-is, without any modification to the VMs, network or storage. Blueprints enable on-demand and cost-effective scale/cloning for agile dev/test processes, training and security testing environments.

Azure Media Services

Softcat Limited

Encode, store, and stream video and audio at scale.

Gamma's Cloud Compute & Cloud Backup


Cloud Compute services deliver a cloud based computing infrastructure to meet customers' application requirements. The service offers Compute, Storage and associated Network elements such as Firewalls/Load Balancers. It's deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a platform that is highly reliable and scalable. An optional ‘Backup as a Service’ is available.

aql Virtual Hosting


Cutting edge Infrastructure as a Service. aql provides a leading virtual hosting solution to a range of public sector organisations. The service is designed on a bespoke basis to meet our client's specific organisational needs.

Paws Studio


Paws Studio software audits on-premises and cloud-based servers, workstations, laptops, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Quickly find security and compliance vulnerabilities, know your risks and harden defenses. Policies include Cyber Essentials, DCPP-CSM and CIS benchmarks or create your own custom policies. Paws Studio is built “secure by design” and agentless.

Azure DocumentDB

Softcat Limited

Blazing fast, planet-scale NoSQL. Available in UK Datacentre region.

Azure Active Directory - Domain Services

Civica UK Limited

Your domain controller as a service. Via Civica

AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF)

Softcat Limited

AWS WAF is a web-application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. AWS WAF gives you control over which traffic to allow or block to your web applications by defining customizable web security rules.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud OFFICIAL

Vysiion Ltd

Disaster Recover to the Cloud enables customers to replicate and protect VMware or Hyper-V workloads currently hosted on their own premises or a third-party datacentre. Zerto-based journaling allows You to test failover, choose from multiple replication points and enjoy replaications up to every 5 minutes.

SBL Google Cloud Platform - Compute & Hosting

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Google Compute Engine provides highly customizable virtual machines. Google Container Engine lets you use fully-managed Kubernetes clusters to deploy, manage and orchestrate containers at scale. Google App Engine is a flexible platform-as-a-service that lets you focus on your code, freeing you from the operational details of deployment and infrastructure management.

Amazon Glacier

HeleCloud Limited

Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage service for data archiving and online backup. Customers can reliably store data. To keep costs low yet suitable for varying retrieval needs, Amazon Glacier provides three options for access to archives, from a few minutes to several hours.

Managed Compute as a Service (Assured) IaaS

tolomy ltd

tolomy utilise PGA accredited infrastructure with pre-validated Architecture allowing seamless boarding of customers. With our proven architecture, tolomy will build a common component stack of services that enable government facing services. This allows our customers to focus on running their business applications whilst tolomy manage the environment.

Azure Networking Services (Managed)

P2V Systems

Azure networking allows you to build a public, private or hybrid cloud network and leverage additional services such as: - Load balancer - Firewall - Application Gateway (WAF) - VPN - Azure DNS - Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Traffic Manager - Express Route - Network Watcher

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Route 53 is a highly available/scalable cloud Domain Name System web service, giving developers and businesses a reliable and cost effective way to route users to Internet applications by translating names (e.g. into numeric IP addresses (e.g. that computers use to connect to each other.

Enterprise Compute Cloud Assured

i2N Ltd

Enterprise Compute Cloud provides a trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform to deliver your enterprise applications. Support business processes like back-office and line-of-business systems. Self-provision, and scale, secure UK OFFICAL environments rapidly, connected to the Internet, PSN, N3 and Janet networks utilising Service Levels up to 99.99%

Cloud Storage (Elevated)

Acentria IT

Cloud Storage from Acentria IT is a secure, massively scalable and very resilient next generation storage platform designed to address a wide variety of use-cases.

Commsworld Cloud Security Solutions

Commsworld Ltd.

Commsworld provide a suite of best in class Cloud Security options as follows: DDoS Distributed Denial of Service protection and mitigation; Cloud VPN; Cloud Firewall. These services serve to protect your business and your customers from the ever growing impact and threat of cyber crime.

Azure Data Lake Store

BJSS Limited

Stores data of any size, shape and speed in a webhdfs compliant service for batch, streaming and interactive analytics. Works with existing IT investments for identity, management and security and also integrates seamlessly with operational stores and data warehouses so that you can extend current data applications.

Azure IoT Suite

Trustmarque Solutions Limited

Capture and analyze untapped Internet of Things (IoT) data to improve business results.

Azure Cognitive Services - Emotion API

Comparex UK Ltd

The Emotion API takes an facial expression in an image as an input, and returns the confidence across a set of emotions for each face in the image, as well as bounding box for the face, using the Face API.

EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ Managed Services


EPiServer Managed Services is the only enterprise-level service designed specifically for customers using EPiServer software. We enable flexibility, scalability, high availability and security, with 24x7x365 operations and support at the application and website level.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Workflow Service (AWS SWF)

Not Binary Limited

Amazon SWF helps developers build, run, and scale background jobs that have parallel or sequential steps. You can think of Amazon SWF as a fully-managed state tracker and task coordinator in the cloud.

Azure Mobile Engagement

Civica UK Limited

Increase app usage and user retention. Via Civica PaaS Hosting Limited is groundbreaking hosting and development for web applications, accelerating development processes 20-40%, reducing DevOps and tickets 90-100%, and enhancing production stability (99.99% uptime). Extending Git-based branch-merge workflows to the infrastructure so every branch is tested as if in production; live sites scale effortlessly for peak traffic.

Application Cloud Services for SAP & SAP HANA

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

Sungard AS Application Cloud Service for SAP & SAP HANA provides support for SAP applications and databases on fully virtualised system resources, running on SAP & SAP HANA certified platforms. Operating System, virtualisation, backup and monitoring software licensing and 24 x 7 support included.

Microsoft Azure

Cloudreach Europe Limited

Public Sector organisations are able to buy Microsoft Azure services through Cloudreach using the G-Cloud framework, without the need for a credit card or billing in foreign currencies. We can invoice in pounds and can supply an analytical bill at no extra cost over what you’d pay to Microsoft directly.

Teradata Data Warehouse - IntelliCloud


Same full-feature data warehouse software powering analytics at many of the world's greatest companies. Customers get quick time to value and low total cost of ownership. Applications are portable across cloud and on-premises deployments with no re-training required. Teradata provides industry-leading features, and the world's most advanced hybrid row/column database.

Azure API Management


Publish, manage, secure and analyse your APIs in minutes.