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  • Content management system support and maintenance


    We design, build, support and maintain complex, business-critical web platforms. We are leading contributors to global open source communities and have successfully completed more than 200 CMS projects over the past fifteen years. Our support and maintenance contracts are managed under tight SLAs.

  • Content management system support and maintenance

    Deeson Group Ltd

    We design, build, support and maintain complex, business-critical web platforms. We are leading contributors to global open source communities and have successfully completed more than 200 CMS projects over the past fifteen years. Our support and maintenance contracts are managed under tight SLAs.

  • Accessibility review and audit

    Nomensa Ltd

    A manual accessibility audit is the most efficient way to check for accessibility issues and barriers based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. The accessibility audit reviews code and user journeys against success criteria to determine the current level and produce a plan for remediation.

  • System Setup, Upgrades and Migration into Azure/Office365

    Simple Innovation Associates

    Setup of Microsoft Azure App Services for Web based applications and migration of existing program software codebases from on-premises Microsoft .NET architectures into Azure technology stack. Migration of content and accomapnying metadata from on-premise architectures and File System Storage) Microsoft Azure / SQL Azure environment and SharePoint/Office365.

  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept

    Nomensa Ltd

    Driven by user research, prototypes inform key decisions about page structure, information/content prioritisation and interaction design to development. Adopting a rapid, iterative approach to prototyping using lean, Agile techniques allows hypotheses to be tested and refined quickly. Prototyping can involve paper-based sketches, wireframes or fully coded proof of concepts.

  • Design

    e3 media ltd t/a Great State

    We take a thorough approach to visual and content design, ensuring user needs stay at the forefront of product and service design decisions. We have extensive experience designing with the pattern library and creating new design languages for off platform services.

  • Content Design Services for Cloud Transformation and Support


    We offer government customers and buyers a wide range of business and user-centric services designed to help transition to Cloud, maintain and support Cloud services and provide continuous development, including digital transformation. Our Cloud support services for Copywriters, Content Designers, Communications and Publishing for digital services are offered Outside IR35.

  • Business Forms

    Content and Code Ltd

    Forms are used to capture information for processing, to log data, or to support associated workflows. We will identify your form requirements and usage scenarios mapping them to specific business processes. We will design layouts and flows of responsive forms with all the functionality needed to streamline your data-driven operations.

  • SharePoint Online Implementation

    Content and Code Ltd

    The primary focus is to deliver a simple and intuitive solution. As delivery on its own is not enough, the solution must be intuitive and effective for staff, which we achieve by engaging end users throughout the project. This builds user buy-in, resulting in lasting success.

  • SharePoint Hybrid Design

    Content and Code Ltd

    The SharePoint Hybrid Design analyses requirements for interoperation between on-premises instances of SharePoint and SharePoint Online tenant. Search is the first/core component, other Hybrid scenarios: OneDrive, Followed Sites, User Profiles, Application Launcher, BCS, and Hybrid Taxonomy. Service provides a ‘roadmap’ for the implementation of Hybrid functionality.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Content and Code Ltd

    The cloud readiness workshop and associated report will help to: >Provide education on Microsoft 365 technologies, including common use-cases >Discuss the Microsoft 365 components, enabling an informed decision on platform selection and next steps >Inform on general pre-requisites for moving to M365 >Identify high-level risks associated with a cloud migration

  • Microsoft 365 Support for Business Intelligence

    Content and Code Ltd

    Understanding how an organisation works is becoming more important as we uncover more efficient and cost-effective ways of working, particularly at organisations where IT plays a key role. Most organisations face varied challenges when it comes to managing IT environments, typically including maintaining skilled IT staff and managing high-availability infrastructure.

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) Implementation Services

    Content and Code Ltd

    Along our Enterprise Mobility + Security Planning, we offer complementary implementation services, drawing on our proven experience of implementing cloud security technologies at enterprise scale. Although mobility services are cloud-orientated, we also specialise in the on-premises components essential to successful integration. Mobility strategy/planning, BYOD, MDM, data/information security, & best practices.n.

  • Microsoft 365 Service Management Framework

    Content and Code Ltd

    A key part of a new IT service is to plan its design. This service's objectives are to: -Assess your current operational state -Increase IT’s alignment to the business -Establish service level monitoring and control -Employ mechanisms for continuous service improvement -Establish IT process agility -Create a Target Operating Model

  • Microsoft 365 Licensing Consultancy

    Content and Code Ltd

    We identify features that could replace existing/planned/roadmap technology (cost avoidance) and net new capabilities to aid Microsoft 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security/Windows10 Enterprise purchasing decisions. A standalone artefact document/ input can be provided. Hands-on testing activities to validate whether a capability can meet specific organisational needs are available.

  • Microsoft Teams Fast-Start

    Content and Code Ltd

    A light introduction to MS Teams, this is a chance for businesses to take advantage of the Teams in a structured manner. Teams Consultants support and configure pilot Teams for users to empower them through the new digital ways of collaboration via Teams.

  • Azure App Transformation

    Content and Code Ltd

    Many applications implemented using traditional infrastructure components (even if hosted virtually) can be enhanced by moving to a cloud-first Azure architecture based on platform-as-a-service model. The infrastructure footprint can often be eliminated, meaning no Windows/SQL_Server licenses, no OS upgrades and patching, completely removing virtualisation headaches and concerns about network infrastructure/security.

  • Cloud Security Roadmap

    Content and Code Ltd

    The Cloud Security Roadmap is a lightweight, stand-alone engagement that can be run at any time during a Cloud programme. Cloud Security Roadmap offers technology recommendations for high priority concerns. It is used to align security-focused deliverables with other activities that form the migration to the Microsoft Cloud e.g. Microsoft365.

  • Microsoft 365 Managed Services

    Content and Code Ltd

    Microsoft 365 support provided by our experienced team covers incidents, requests, monitoring, reporting to provide a seamless, end-to-end support experience for your Microsoft 365 users. With multiple support tiers available, we can ensure the right level of support is provided to help you maximising your investment in Microsoft 365 technologies.

  • Content Strategy and Implementation to Effect Policy Change

    Digi2al Limited

    Content strategy and implementation to effect policy change. Working with policy owners to rapidly map changes to existing content and service structures. Implement rapid amendments to live services, with fast track user testing.

  • Penetration Testing & IT Health Check Service

    Content+Cloud Ltd

    Content+Cloud provides in-depth Penetration Testing services. Comprehensive experience using CESG approved processes in line with HMG Standards. Skills, accreditations, experience, and dynamism to provide you with Penetration Testing services efficiently and tailored to meet your needs exactly. Services provided cover both cloud and traditional infrastructure and applications.

  • Manual Accessibility Testing


    A manual accessibility audit is the only way to ensure that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 criteria are met. We review code and user journeys alongside bug reports and product backlogs to understand where accessibility blockers exist and provide actionable advice on how they can be fixed.

  • Bramble Hub CloudSource - Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform - Portals Service

    Bramble Hub Limited

    Business transformation through configuration and development of Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Includes portal development and configuration, Dynamics CRM functionality and Dynamics 365 self-service capability. Dynamics 365 provides a first rate platform for all online portal requirements. This service delivers a portals solution offering the following features and benefits.

  • Website, CMS and Intranet Migration Services

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We specialise in migrating data between different CMS formats, including from Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint, Umbraco, and numerous other data formats. We can migrate all data into a new website build, including metadata and formatting, and provide a full content cutover as standard for your new website.

  • Digital Project Rescue

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    Our dedicated testing and rescue team use a variety of industry-leading techniques to review and optimise your site’s content, UX, accessibility, usability, security and codebase. We will provide you with a comprehensive site appraisal and a full set of strategic recommendations for continuous improvement.

  • Bespoke Database design, build and hosting

    Rapp Ltd Trading as Code Worldwide

    Design and requirements for development and hosting of bespoke database solutions. Including Database warehousing, Archiving and DR. Management of solutions including Databases administration, loading, logging and analysis, intrusion detection and protective monitoring across multiple database and hosting platforms.

  • CMS support and CMS migration

    S8080 Limited

    ISO27001 open source CMS support and CMS migration. Helping with content management system optimisation, CMS upgrades, maintenance, hosting, CMS security patching, development, training and 24/7/365 support. CMS migrations: S8080 assist with pre-migration transition planning, CMS code and content reviews, security, accessibility, usability and GDPR audits of existing websites or services.

  • Sitecore CMS Planning, Implementation, Migration and Support Services

    Graph Digital Ltd

    Graph’s Sitecore CMS services include digital consulting, experience design, creative services, technology implementation, content migration, upgrades, Cloud-based infrastructure (including Sitecore on Microsoft Azure), integration, content personalisation, Sitecore upgrades, training and support services including options for 24/7 support.

  • Workflow Consultancy

    Content+Cloud Ltd

    Workflows are fundamental in any business process. Developing well-defined processes can make any team, or business, more efficient with greater return on technology investment and significant time savings. Content+Cloud will identify suitable process(es) and help you automate operations using Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, and/or the correct BPM product (e.g. Nintex).

  • Drupal Migration and Upgrade Services (6, 7 and 8)

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We specialise in migrating data from older versions of Drupal into the latest releases, and from other CMS systems (WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint, Umbraco and wider .Net platforms) into Drupal 8. We migrate data, including metadata and formatting, and provide a full content cutover as standard for your new Drupal website.