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Softcat Limited

Advanced Email Security- Cloud services helps organizations defend against advanced email-borne threats. Cloud Archive- Solution with robust features needed to meet information management needs. Mail Continuity- Whether email is on-premises, in cloud or hybrid, Mimecast protects against downtime events. Includes planned maintenance, cloud outages, system failure, natural disasters and migration

Acquia Cloud Enterprise

Acquia Inc

Acquia Cloud Enterprise is a fully managed, high-availability, scalable, clustered Drupal hosting environment, built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Acquia Cloud Enterprise is used for hosting the most complex Drupal applications with the highest performance and uptime requirements.

Bing Custom Search API

Civica UK Limited

Build a search that fits your needs with powerful ranking, a global-scale search index, and document processing. Via Civica

W3Partnership nJAMS Business Process Monitor

W3Partnership Limited

nJAMS is a non-invasive process-oriented tool which focuses on the business side of your mission-critical processes. IT issues are managed in the context and scope of business processes so businesses departments can understand and manage the impact of errors and warnings.

Sitecore on Microsoft Azure Hosting

ClearPeople Ltd

ClearPeople's Sitecore Azure Hosting Service offers: technical planning, design, development, support and managed service for Sitecore hosted Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS service models. Data security, connectivity, scalability, resilient infrastructure, integration with line of business systems and hybrid systems are the pillars of the service.

Salesforce - Heroku

Heroku, a Salesforce company enables developers to focus on application code and data instead of managing servers or operations. Code with agility in open source: Ruby, Node.js, Java, PHP and more. Deploy and scale on demand. Extend apps with 100s of different add-ons. Includes EU Model Contract Clauses. ©SFDCGC102018

CoreGov - SharePoint Intranet’s Powered by Beezy


Beezy is the intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, Core can help your organisation quickly unify the digital workplace and empower users to communicate, share and collaborate better, providing a fixed outcome for a set price.

Open Source Hosting

Axis12 Limited

Axis12 provide ISO27001 certified Tier-3 secured Open Source hosting on a private cloud for Linux based solutions. We can provide a end-to-end cloud hosting, maintenance, support and development strategy for all your open source needs. Clients include Department of Health, Kew Gardens, Care Quality Commission, Southbank Centre, Royal Museums Greenwich.

Atelier7 Cloud Hosting


ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, Atelier7 provides a secure, resilient, scalable Cloud Hosting Service infrastructure to serve digital applications and services. The infrastructure supports a wide range of closed and open source software. The Service incorporates dashboards, monitoring, alerts, and integrations for your favourite applications and critical data.

Bing News Search API

Civica UK Limited

Turn any app or website into a news search resource with world news grouped and filtered by topic, local news, and searchable metadata. Via Civica

CoreGov - SharePoint Content Management


SharePoint manages numerous types of content within your environment to provide a structured, seamless interface for a variety of requirements.

Cloud Hosting & Website Development

twentysix Limited

twentysix provides various cloud hosting solutions through a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud services. Hosting services are primarily in support of our website design and development services, which are extensive. Our agency has been creating highly functional, bespoke websites in .NET for over 15 years.

Microsoft CSP Licensing

ClearPeople Ltd

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner ClearPeople offer Microsoft a full solution and services portfolio covering Office 365 and Azure Services. The services include Microsoft Cloud on boarding, visioning, technical planning, licensing, design, implementation and managed services.

Managed Drupal hosting services

Big Blue Door Ltd

Big Blue Door partner with a Tier 3, IL2+ hosting provider to offer dedicated managed Drupal hosting solutions. Our solutions provide you with an exceptionally-high level of security and are performance-optimised for use with Drupal, Wordpress, Symfony, and other popular PHP frameworks.

Salesforce - Lightning Platform

Lightning Platform has an impressive API set, integration is common with over 5bn transactions a day, 30%+ via API. Integrating backend systems to PaaS, delivering them to mobile/web is easy, use the Developer Wearable pack to meet the next customer demand, and continue the strategy toward GaaP. ©SFDCGC102018

EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ Commerce


EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ Commerce is a unified marketing and digital commerce platform that simplifies the task of showing the right products to the right customers at the right time. Instantly preview products in real time on multiple screen formats including Apps.

Cloud Hosting Service (Oracle APEX and other technologies)

Monitor IS

Enabling your organisation to deploy, manage and run software in the cloud using Oracle and other technologies.

Enterprise Drupal Managed Cloud Hosting

Ixis IT Limited

For clients that require resilience and increased uptime we offer a scalable high-availability solution with no single-point of failure for you Drupal Acquia CMS application. Each component can be spread across multiple data centres in replicating clusters. Suitable for multiple application installations.

EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud™ WCM (CMS)


EPiServer's Web Content Management platform "Digital Experience Cloud™" enables editors and marketers to create and experience content simultaneously. They see exactly what your audience will see, on any device, screen size or context. High availability, high performance and scalable, offering connectivity with cloud services and existing systems.

CoreGov - SharePoint Intranet


Using out of the box features, SharePoint Intranets are often a key platform not only for communication and collaboration, but also a critical resource to easily target important content to users, and enable a feeling of togetherness within organisations through team driven sites and pages.

Standard Drupal Managed Cloud Hosting

Ixis IT Limited

For Drupal Acquia CMS projects that require a fast-paced development, testing and review process, with the ability to work on several features or fixes simultaneously, our dynamic multi-environment platform offers flexibility and scalability suitable for a single application / website.

Data Analytics Platform Service SECRET

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Data Analytics Platform service provides a tiered framework supporting the processing of large data sets, encompassing a toolset that addresses Data Acquisition, Integration, Management, Visulisation and Analytics fusing multiple data sources across security domains in support of actionable intelligence. Available at SECRET.

All other Azure services 2

Think S3 (S3 Consulting Ltd)

All other Microsoft Azure services available globally and in UK datacentres

Civica Digital - Managed UKCloud

Civica UK Limited

Civica Digital's fully-managed service allows you to leverage the flexibility of UKCloud’s IaaS and PaaS cloud platforms under the assurance of an SLA-driven managed service delivered by an ISO27001-certified service provider. Civica’s management, monitoring and support services ensure the stability of solutions hosted on both Assured and Elevated security tiers.

Bramble Hub - Clear Skies Software - BACAS Hosting

Bramble Hub Limited

Provides a platform to use the BACAS cemetery and crematorium administration system

Cloud hosted web applications

Method4 Limited

Method4 provides specialised cloud hosting services for web applications. Using Agile methodologies we provide hosting, discovery, analysis, design, development, support and maintenance of cloud and web based solutions. Microsoft Gold partner: Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, MVC, C#), web services, XML, XSLT, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SQL Server, SharePoint, Umbraco, Azure.

Compute and Application Hosting - Microsoft Azure

Remarkable Dynamics

We provide the full range of services and expertise necessary to design, build, deploy, test and support your cloud applications. We provide scalable compute clouds, delivering the resilience and value-for-money you require. We deploy using the leading application hosting platform for Government, Microsoft Azure.

Intranet Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Deploy your Invotra apps on the same cloud platform that supports nearly half of UK Government Civil Servants. The Invotra PaaS supports 1+ million searches per month, and hundreds of thousands of users. Gov-certified cloud, capable of handling Official data. Build your app with the Invotra Enterprise API.

Cloud Direct Endpoint Protection

On Direct Business Services Limited

Cloud Direct Endpoint Protection securely backs up and recovers mobile device data without hampering end-user productivity. Automatic backups run in the background to strict RPOs, protecting data down to one minute intervals. Users can recover their own files, without the need of a Help Desk although we provide 24/7/365 support.

Managed Splunk Hosting

Axcelot Ltd.

A secure, hosted and managed Splunk service, for organising structured and unstructured machine generated data. It allows users to gain insights from their data. With PSN connectivity and accreditation for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE data.

Ecommerce Solution

Rocktime Ltd

An enterprise E-commerce platform developed in Open standards .net and supported by MS SQL database(s). A flexible framework allows a high degree of customisation and future expansion in line with business needs and performance. Full API integration with legacy and 3rd party software hosted locally or in the cloud.

Azure Data Catalog

Civica UK Limited

Microsoft's Azure Data Catalog (via Civica) stores, describes, indexes, and provides information on how to access any registered data source. It makes data source discovery trivial. It facilitates collaboration and is designed to help close the gap between those who seek information and those who create it.

Azure Data Catalog


Stores, describes, indexes, and provides information on how to access any registered data source. In other words, it makes data source discovery trivial. It facilitates collaboration and is designed to help close the gap between those who seek information and those who create it.

CRA Snapshot

ISI Software Europe

Cloud Readiness Assessments, Discover the Servers/Desktops/Laptops within your infrastructure, working with you to model these to what you need rather than what the public cloud providers say you do. Detailed documents showing server dependencies/hardware specs/applications. We can also help model your servers into an on-premise virtual infrastructure or private cloud.

Hosting Support & Maintenance (PHP)

Big Blue Door Ltd

Big Blue Door will monitor and support your solution, wherever it is hosted. We will review, audit and report on your existing configuration, and then tighten security and improve performance wherever possible. Our 24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance services guarantee your uptime, performance and security.

SBL Amazon SageMaker

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Amazon SageMaker is a fully-managed service that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale. It removes the barriers that typically slow down developers who want to use machine learning.

Triad UKCloud Solution

Triad Group Plc

Triad will help buyers maximise the use of UK Cloud-hosted assured cloud solutions. We support organisations through planning, design and deployment. We provide on-going support to maximise the benefit of the most appropriate and up-to-date solutions and services. The service embeds good planning, best practice, and constant learning.

Deploy, manage and run software

Smartspace Software Plc

Software & solutions specialising in delivering smart working applications for business and employee engagement. Product Development User Interface & Experience Interactive mobile & touch applications Digital Wayfinding and mobile app Creative & Motion Graphics Hosting & Support Consultancy Desk and room booking

AWS Specialist

Code Computerlove Ltd

If your preferred business solutions are within AWS - or you wish to move into the AWS space, then we can design the subscription model that suits your needs.

Hosted Graphite

Hosted Graphite

Hosted Graphite takes the open-source metric graphing tool, Graphite, and adds Grafana dashboards, monitoring, alerts, integrations with all your favourite applications, secure & redundant data storage, simple migration, awesome support and customizable access features. Avoid service interruptions, reduce lost engineer time and make monitoring a solution again, not another problem.

Nanowire Machine Learning and Data Analysis Platform

Spotlight Data

The Nanowire platform deploys a Kubernetes backed data analysis and machine learning platform for developers to create new services. The platform features APIs for search, graph databases, user management, Natural Language Processing, text extraction, machine learning, clustering, social media streams, message queues and databases.

Bing Image Search API

Civica UK Limited

Add a variety of image search options to your app or website, from trending images to detailed insights. Via Civica

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Rocktime Ltd

Logic CMS is a powerful 'Open standards' Content management System that enables organisations to easily manage the content, media and documents of their websites, Intranets and extranets. Powered by the latest Microsoft .Net technology, Logic CMS has an intuitive user interface, proven security and flexible development options

FOXopen Cloud Hosting

Fivium Limited

Fivium will look after all the hosting and software delivery on behalf of the customer with this service. The hosting is ready for secure high quality delivery and the software is ideally suited for the creation, support and maintenance of cross-Government and Government-to-business FOXopen workflow applications.

Umbraco Azure


Fully managed service for design, build and support of websites usingUmbraco for web content management. Service includes project management, technical design and architecture, Azure cloud and Rackspace private cloud hosting with support, testing, training and reporting. ClerksWell are a certified Umbraco partner.

RLI Application & Website Hosting

BMT Defence Services Limited

BMT provide secure hosting of classified UK MOD systems via the Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI). We provide first and third line helpdesk support and off/on-site training packages. Our service includes hosting support, high system availability and daily backups of all data and documentation stored within websites and back-end databases.

Shared hosting services

Big Blue Door Ltd

Big Blue Door offers managed hosting solutions on shared servers at low cost with the same level of security as our dedicated servers. These servers are performance-optimised for use with Drupal, Wordpress, Symfony, and other popular PHP frameworks.

PaaS - Platform as a Service


I-NET offers enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-service in partnership with Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Compute, providing secure and scalable cloud platforms combined with access to our DevOps and Managed Service capability.

NoSQL Database Hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moortec Solutions Ltd

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed cloud database and supports both document and key-value store models.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Box UK Limited

Box UK provides a range of discrete cloud hosting services for all aspects of project delivery using cloud computing components and services, including the setup, planning and management of cloud environments and infrastructure. We utilise a number of cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platforms and Microsoft Azure.

Internet Application & Website Hosting

BMT Defence Services Limited

BMT provides an open and flexible cloud service platform supporting a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, tools and databases. Our service includes full hosting support, high system availability and daily backups of all data and documentation stored within websites applications and databases.

Basic Managed Virtual Machines

i2N Ltd

Basic Managed Virtual Machine (VM) service provides basic OS routine management and updates helping customers leverage the benefits of the OFFICIAL Compute-as-a-Service-platform. Depending on the provider (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, UKcloud etc.) and purchased service, the VM can be securely connected to the Internet, PSN, N3, Janet or RLI networks.

MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database PAAS

MarkLogic Corporation

MarkLogic Server PaaS delivers an enterprise-class managed platform anchored by the only Enterprise NoSQL database. A unified software platform/database, built-in search & integrated app services.MarkLogic's XML/RDF-centric, schema-agnostic, No-ETL, secure, ACID-compliant, cloud-based services deliver accelerated time-to-value, real-time, mission-critical, enterprise-scalable, data-management solutions.MarkLogic supports XML/JSON/HDFS/XQUERY/SPARQL technologies, alerting & remote user operations

Responsiv Solutions IBM Cloud and Bluemix Services

Responsiv Solutions Ltd

IBM Cloud - platform for building, running, and managing business applications on cloud. Organisations can focus on delivering business value rather than dealing with infrastructure issues. Combine services, infrastructure and data to rapidly transform ideas to production. Multi-tenant, dedicated or local, on-premises instance make for a true Hybrid Cloud experience

Azure Search


Cloud search service for web and mobile app development. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Commerce


Delivered by Premium Partner, Made to Engage, Episerver's platform for digital commerce forms part of Episerver's "Digital Experience Cloud" platform which enables you to provide outstanding customer experiences that help you drive sales across all channels and markets.

Alfresco Hosting

Axis12 Limited

Alfresco ECM applications require specialist hosting services to ensure high availability and performance. Our Alfresco Hosting Service is provided on resilient and scalable infrastructure to serve critical digital services and applications. Axis12, an ISO27001 certified company, have been providing hosting services on the cloud since 2005.

CoreGov – Azure / SharePoint Websites


Azure / SharePoint provide tools and frameworks needed to build a professional, solid and functional website for your organisation.

HubStor Cloud Storage

Essential Computing

Information archiving for the cloud era. HubStor is the enterprise grade cloud storage platform for all your content. HubStor provides next generation data analytics, search and security with no lock in. Flexible, intelligent Azure archive.

Microsoft Azure Migration

ClearPeople Ltd

ClearPeople's Sitecore Azure Migration Service offers: technical planning, design, development, migration, support and managed service for hosted Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS service models. Data security, connectivity, scalability, resilient infrastructure, integration with line of business systems and hybrid systems are the pillars of the service.

CoreGov - SharePoint Business Process Management


Using Enterprise ready Business Process Management tools such as K2, Nintex and MS Flow our experts can help streamline and rebuild your processes, enhancing their efficiency, rigidity, security and end-to-end lifecycle.

Azure Consultancy and Subscriptions

Transparity Solutions Limited

Transparity provide a range of Azure consultancy services, from initial onsite discovery workshops to solution design, migration and support. We cover many of the key Azure workloads and can ensure you get the most out of your investment in the platform. Our CSP billing platform covers all subscriptions.

Hosted Security Operations Centre

Axcelot Ltd.

A secure, hosted and managed Security Operations Centre based on Splunk, monitored 24x7x365. With PSN connectivity and certification for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE data.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Inc

Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a website building and multi-site management platform accessed through a browser-based user interface. Site Factory subscriptions allow customers to perform administrative actions such as create, duplicate and export websites through the Site Factory Platform management dashboard, configure, customize, through customer code theme, and publish websites.

Platform as a service

Yoti Ltd

Yoti is a global digital identity platform that lets businesses securely verify and authenticate their customers in seconds. Yoti verifies the identity of customers by using facial recognition software to match individuals to government IDs and lets users digitally identify themselves in a way that is simple, safe and secure.

HTG Secure Digital Workspace

Howell Technology Group Limited

HTG offer a Secure Digital Workspace that enables the provision of a unified workspace within a secure UK cloud environment. This provides end user freedom to access business applications anywhere, reducing the overall Total Cost of ownership (TCO) of desktop estates whilst delivering simplified management and complete control.

Azure Consultancy


Azure consultancy services, from end to end planning, design, migration and support. Our services cover the key Azure workloads. Service may include project management, technical design and architecture, Azure cloud and hosting with support, testing, training and reporting.

Relational Database Hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moortec Solutions Ltd

Amazon RDS is a web service making it easier to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient, resizable capacity for an industry-standard relational database. Amazon RDS supports • Amazon Aurora • PostgreSQL • MySQL • MariaDB • Oracle • Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Azure Cloud Productivity

ClearPeople Ltd

ClearPeople's Azure Cloud Productivity Service offers: technical planning, design, development, support and managed service for hosted Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS service models. Data security, connectivity, scalability, resilient infrastructure, integration with line of business systems and hybrid systems are the pillars of the service.