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  • TISCreport Compliance Data Services

    Nameless Media Group Ltd

    For organisations wishing to monitor the compliance of their supply chain, we offer supply chain compliance assessment services through the platform.

  • Touchstone Review Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

    Skotkonung Ltd

    The solution enables organisations to: identify and manage risks related to data and systems; improve management of digital information; effectively target mitigation and investment; create organisation, project and portfolio risk registers; maintain visibility of supply chains; manage end-to-end supplier compliance and risk through automated and structured processes; reduce compliance costs.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Not for Profit pack Licenses

    Total Enterprise Solutions

    The TES NFP pack is built on the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to provide enhanced and tailored functionality to Not for Profit organisations out of the box as standard.

  • FLEX AI Medical Assistant

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The FLEX AI Medical Assistant is an artificial intelligence assistant designed to support medical staff in self-serving hospital services 24/7. Junior medical staff spend more time on clerical work than practising medicine and many of the tasks can be repettive and prime for automation.

  • RAPid Document Management - Collaboration Room

    Rosslyn Analytics

    RAPid Collaboration Room is a Document Management, Document Sharing and Collaboration application. Collaboration Room enables teams of people to work securely and efficiently together on a document or on project related documents. Incorporating social media, email, word, power point, and any other types of digital documents.

  • Continia Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Licences

    Total Enterprise Solutions

    The best and most comprehensive solution for scanning of invoices and other documents directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central . Automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive. Automates all workflow processes from receiving a document to retrieving it again.

  • Finworks – Compliance Management Platform

    Fincore Limited

    Finworks’ Case Management Platform is a secure and structured low code case management solution. The platform facilitates safe collaboration, task prioritisation, document management, reporting and advanced data handling. Effective case management empowers digital transformation and enables your staff to be more effective and drives efficiency across your organisation.

  • Qubix Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications

    Qubix International Ltd

    Qubix is one of the UK's leading implementation and managed service providers for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Analytics, and EPM (Enterprise Management) solutions. Established in 1987 we have over 1000 successful engagements we are perfectly positioned to assist the UK government with their cloud strategy.

  • Saffron

    Civica UK Limited

    Saffron provides functionality to support the management of catering services across all sectors of the hospitality industry covering recipe/menu engineering inc. nutrition, allergens and dietary preference, e-procurement management, stock control, central production kitchen management, bedside patient/resident feeding, operational trading analysis, analytical reporting and paperless kitchen management.

  • Virtual Data Room

    Admincontrol AS

    Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) from Admincontrol are custom-designed to streamline and support due diligence processes. In the data room institutions can share confidential documentation and perform Q&A rounds in an intuitive and secure environment. A Virtual Data Room ensures rapid, transparent and secure information sharing.

  • CloudPay

    Stream UK

    CloudPay is fully integrated with Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment processing platforms, CloudPay allows rights-holders to control and manage their subscribers within a user-friendly ecosystem. And of course, every implementation of Cloud Pay comes backed by full documentation, implementation assistance and StreamAMG’s signature post-launch support.

  • Flexera Optima


    Optima offers a unique approach to cloud cost management and optimisation that enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to reduce wasted cloud spend.

  • Aqilla Cloud Accounting for Public Sector

    Aqilla Limited

    Aqilla is a flexible and scalable cloud based accounting solution providing a high level of functionality and delivering true value for money to the public sector. Utilising an SQL database, it is designed to be accessible from any modern web browser and mobile device without the need for additional software.

  • Care Banking Section 117

    Care Banking

    Software supporting individualised care, enabled by CareBankings modular systems approach. Section 117, Mental health discharge, planning management solution. Enabling effective community care. Used across Health, social care or Local Authorities, the product replaces the disjointed health / LA approach Supports traditional CHC placed patients, TCP, Transforming Care Partnerships, Social care,

  • Finworks - Secure Document & Data Sharing Platform

    Fincore Limited

    Finworks’ Secure Data Sharing Platform allows secure information sharing within departments and with agencies, suppliers and third parties via the web or APIs. Collaborative workflows and configurable document creation allow the rapid definition, management and automation of business processes. The digital transformation results in efficiency gains and sustainable process improvement.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance


    Maximize financial visibility and profitability: Automate and modernize your global financial operations with Dynamics 365 Finance. Monitor performance in real-time, predict future outcomes and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

  • EVOLVE eFunding

    Elcom Systems Ltd

    EVOLVE eFunding, advance invoice funding and supply chain finance. Suppliers funded on the basis of public sector purchase orders or invoice. Buyers approve purchase orders and invoices, for funding without risk in an automated process. We connect suppliers to finance from funders who accept risk at lower rates than normal.

  • Tussell

    Tussell Limited

    Tussell provides a database of UK government tenders, awards and spend transactions. This enables government organisations to see their procurement history in one place, benchmark their spending with other departments, find joint procurement opportunities, identify exposure to to weak credit, and monitor compliance with best practice in transparency and inclusion.

  • All-in-One Ticketing, CMS, eCommerce, and Access Control solution for Sports Clubs

    Hiberus Ltd

    Fan360 is the first developed and integrated platform for sports clubs, providing a comprehensive service: Ticketing, access control, ticket seasson renewal, eCommerce, web platform, etc.

  • Supplier Onboarding and Information Management - SIM Dojo

    Market Dojo

    Market Dojo offers Supplier Onboarding and Information Management through our innovative cloud-based software, SIM Dojo. Helping organisations collect, centralise and evaluate important information about your suppliers with a view to approving them to certain spend categories. Reduce risk of non-compliance and unavailability of key supplier information with this tool today.

  • Capita ePayment Collection Networks

    Capita Business Services Limited

    Capita partners with both PayPoint and the Post Office, two of the leading payment collection networks to provide a service where customers can make payments to the Organisation at nearly 40,000 locations. Payments made will be managed by Capita, passing swiftly through to the Organisation’s bank account.

  • IBM Planning Analytics Digital Pack

    Budgeting Solutions Ltd

    IBM Planning Analytics is appropriate for any public sector body that wishes to improve its budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting processes with an underlying modelling technology to perform multiple what-if scenarios. The service provides a managed, governed, secure environment for end user, workgroup or enterprise-wide deployments.

  • ERP Solution

    Epaccsys Limited

    ERP Solution software provider Epaccsys have been supplying ERP Solution software solutions for over 15 years with Epicor Solution software. The full suite of ERP Solution software modules available include Financial & Distribution, Supply Chain Management and Project Management ERP Solution software

  • Civica Flexera Data Platform

    Civica UK Limited

    Flexera Data Platform is the largest and most comprehensive Technology Asset repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware.It provides the foundation for making the best, most effective decisions for enterprise technology by delivering a complete, categorized listing of all your hardware and software.

  • Supplier Self Management - Including SRM


    Proactis Supplier Management enables buying organisations to electronically recruit, administer, and manage suppliers centrally, while removing onerous file maintenance tasks and automatically alerting stakeholders to events and any required actions. Existing Supplier engagement is optimised and buying organisations can use the Proactis Supplier Network.

  • Continuing Health Care Management System

    QAPlus ltd

    iChord manages all aspects of NHS continuing healthcare, NHS funded Nursing Care and Complex Care patients including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Children. Users record clinical and financial records, key contacts and care packages. iChord improves management of provider payments, assessments, reviews, document storage, letter generation, financial forecasting and analysis.

  • Care Banking : Pathway Modules

    Care Banking

    Software supporting individualized care. Pathways enables effective management of care and care pathways. Current use cases include: Adult Continuing Healthcare and Childrens Continuing Care, Personal Health Budgets, Social Prescribing, Section 117 / Mental Health, Discharge management, Care Home support and Transforming care Works as stand alone modules or via integration

  • Continia Expense Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Licences

    Total Enterprise Solutions

    The only solution on the market that lets you streamline the registration and approval of travel activities just by using your smartphone, a Web browser and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Opportunity Assessment - Category Dojo

    Market Dojo

    Market Dojo offers Category Spend Insight and Opportunity Assessment through our innovative cloud-based software, Category Dojo. The tool provides spend category insight, strategy and opportunity assessment. Allowing procurement to consistently address more cost reduction opportunities, reduce the time taken to compile and manage category plans.

  • Abacus

    Servelec Social Care Ltd

    Abacus social care finance software integrates with a range of case management systems. It can reduce your administrative workload by as much as 80% to generate big cost savings while enabling you to focus on providing care. An intuitive, integrated system, that automates processes, provides user-friendly workflows and financial reporting.