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Drupal cloud CMS support and migration - ISO 27001 certified

S8080 Limited

ISO/IEC 27001 certified Drupal support and Drupal migration. Helping with Drupal optimisation, upgrades, maintenance, hosting, security patching, system hardening, development, training and 24/7/365 monitoring. For migrations, S8080 assist with transition planning and can provide code review, security and UX compliance audits of existing websites or applications before helping with migration.

AWS Platform and Integration Services

Kainos Software Ltd

This service allows customers to deploy or re-platform their applications on AWS, taking advantage of AWS benefits and Kainos expertise in AWS and digital services including automation, continuous delivery, agile development and systems integration. This service focuses on public sector security and adoption of CESG cloud security principles.

Cyber Services Accelerated Security


This service helps to deliver essential cyber security defences in a cloud environment. Aligned with the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ Scheme- ensuring that controls represent international best-practice. Accelerated Security contains the documentation to implement policies and controls; along with the processes and tools required to operate those controls effectively.

Business Case Development for Healthcare

4OC Ltd

We offer the full range of strategic, outline and full business cases to support organisations from concept, through option development to a detailed cost/benefit analysis. This enables the provision of truly effective digital services that will meet the needs of the organisation and the ever changing demands of the service-user.

User Research Service

Code Digital Services

Our User Research service provides a solid foundation for Web and Cloud development, service design and digital strategy projects. We work with you to understand what you want to deliver and what is required to do that and use this to design people-centric solutions that are tailored to your organisation.

Software Factory Managed Service

NETbuilder Ltd

NETbuilder's Software Factory Managed Service provides a spectrum of wold-class cloud infrastructure and application support services with dedicated solution experts for your service delivery solutions. You select the plan that adapts to your needs and we start running your operations for you in a month.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) provides a cost effective platform for the implementation of enterprise grade cloud-based Business Planning and Consolidation solutions. The platform allows you to save time and reduce errors with a single, integrated software solution for business planning and consolidation.

Service Management

Alscient Limited

Alscient's Service Management is comprised of two phases, Transition Phase (set up the Support Desk) and In-Life Phase (cover the provision of the Support Desk and inclusive hours). It includes system administration support, configuration, customisation, fixes and minor enhancements requested/driven by the customer or by Alscient's Continuous Improvement Programme.

MiraclePeople Transition, Support & Service Desk Services

Tisski Limited

Fully or Partially managed support service, unpinned by ITIL processes and guidance, providing a dedicated team of experts who can both provide a fully managed support service in addition to advice and guidance for our customer’s solution through multiple channels including telephony, email or from our dedicated service management portal.

Oracle Database Health Check

PDG Consulting

Health Check for any Oracle database system. Full report of findings and recommendations provided with effort / costs of remediation works fully documented. Remediation work can be included in scope.

FRG Technology Consulting - Infrastructure and Integration using Cloud Technology

Nigel Frank International Ltd (UK)

FRG Technology Consulting are Cloud Specialists providing Cloud Integration and Enablement including AWS and IoT

Business Architecture and Transformation Service

Alpine Resourcing Limited

Our Business Architecture service examines how an organisation could be properly aligned. Business Architecture analyses an organisation’s structure and clearly demonstrates how elements such as capabilities, processes, organisation and information fit together especially around cloud and digital. Business Architecture Transformation enables change required to ensure the alignment of the organisation.

Bramble Hub Marathon - Citrix NetScaler Health Check

Bramble Hub Limited

Citrix NetScaler is a core component of many networks and provides advanced security and load balancing techniques to protect sensitive networks and the data they transmit from unauthorised access

Sitecore Cloud service management and support

e3 media ltd t/a Great State

This service has been specifically designed to provide the service management and ongoing support of the Sitecore content management system in a cloud based environment. A robust scalable ongoing service management offering, service desk with trained and certified Sitecore developers that is designed to provide reassurance and service continuity.

DevOps Testing

Edge Testing

Edge Testing's DevOps Testing Service is aligned to modern agile/lean approaches to software development using multi-skilled teams. Engagements range from acting as a quality champion within a wider development community, implementing techniques such as TDD/BDD, through to implementing specific freeware and commercial testing tools such as Jenkins, Selenium and Cucumber.

Cloud Service Integration and Continuity Services

Adteq Limited

Strategic advisory for Talent acquisition to build long term capability or short-term project based capability. These services overcome the challenges in cloud based delivery of Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Governance, Service and Systems Integration, Service Management, Solution Development & Implementation, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Bramble Hub Marathon - Microsoft SQL Server Performance review

Bramble Hub Limited

SQL Server and any associated databases are complex software and can quickly deteriorate in performance for many reasons such as inefficient code, SQL misconfiguration, network latency or I/O stalls. Without having an in-house DBA or database specialist, it can be almost impossible to identify the source of performance issues.

Cloud Advisory Services - Security & Defence

Vodafone Limited

The ADVISE Bench-marking engagement is a high-level benchmark comparison workshop to get you thinking about your IT strategy and preparing to become a Ready Business. It helps you identify gaps in your current performance as well as what are your priorities, guiding your IT transformation activity.

SOA Governance Definition

Estafet Ltd

For a governance process to be successful it is vital that everyone involved is clear on what is expected of them. An Estafet SOA Architect will work with you to document the terms-of-reference for your SOA Governance function including goals, principles, roles, limits to authority and dispute resolution process.

Agile Enterprise Architecture - Maturity Next Steps

Enterprise Blueprints

This package is for buyers who have already adopted an enterprise architecture led strategy using agile, non-agile or a hybrid delivery method, are relatively immature in their operation and want to establish how to increase their state of maturity, together with an understanding of the likely implications and costs.

SharePoint Online Implementation

Content and Code Ltd

The primary focus is to deliver a simple and intuitive solution. As delivery on its own is not enough, the solution must be intuitive and effective for staff, which we achieve by engaging end users throughout the project. This builds user buy-in, resulting in lasting success.

Data Center Real User Monitoring

Dynatrace Limited

Dynatrace DCRUM enables network and infrastructure operators to immediately isolate faults that impact application performance and end-user experience across web, middleware, database and network tiers. Passively collecting network traffic, it is the only solution that delivers application-layer insight across enterprise environments, including SAP, Oracle, Citrix, Cerner and more.

Analytics Service


To enable organisations to unlock their data to inform strategic and operational data. This is delivered in graphical and tabular format to allow organisation leaders and operators to make rapid, well informed decisions.

Cloud Tender Support

Sarax Limited

Sarax provides Tender Support services for Cloud solution integration projects. Sarax is independent of product suppliers and will assist clients with the selection of Cloud application and hosting providers including the production of tender documents, evaluation of offers and supplier agreement.

Business Intelligence Strategy

Altius Consulting Ltd

Long term strategic planning of Business Intelligence solutions are often overlooked in lieu of the current issues faced. Analysing and planning for longer term goals, an organisation is able to drive their business forward with greater insight into the market in which they operate rather than simply reacting to challenges.

Customer Experience for Cloud Services

North Highland (formerly Qedis Consulting Ltd)

North Highland's expert teams use a collaborative approach to quickly gather rich qualitative and quantitative insight of the customer experience. This includes customer experience maturity assessment and design, customer interviews and focus groups, customer journey mapping and insight, customer persona development, and customer touchpoint analysis and cost modelling.

Cloud Consulting: Cloud Discovery Workshop

Gartner UK Ltd.

Gartner provides structured diagnostic support in reviewing and testing the expected benefits of a digital service — such as Cloud Strategy, agile practices, Big Data, information and analytics. This service provides a clear indication of whether the strategy or approach being examined will achieve the benefits expected by the client.

P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management)

P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) is a comprehensive range of services that can be used to support any cloud related activity, independent of any vendor solution.

Cloud Projected Infrastructure

Net Consulting

Datacentre Infrastructure Projection via Private Cloud. Offer autonomous remote operation of services at the remote branch while managing maintenance & backup from within the datacentre. Eliminate the cost of providing branch infrastructure to remote sites.

Micro-services: Integration, Build, and Hosting


At TBSCG we provide bespoke services to develop micro-services based in the cloud, we provide: * 24x7 support * Development (green field/additional requirements using .NET/C#/Java) * Maintenance * Bug fixes * Deployment * Systems Management * Project Management * Testing (Manul/Automated) * Design, UX, Strategy * AWS Lambdas, Gateway, DynamoDB

Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Platform

Version 1 Solutions Limited

Version 1 builds and supports data analytics solutions using the Microsoft Technology Stack which are then hosted in the Windows Azure cloud platform. Version 1 engages with you to iteratively deliver software that will solve your specific needs business and IT needs.

Cloud Migration Services

Proact IT UK Limited

There is so much more to cloud migration than meets the eye - Proact’s cloud migration services enable organisations with limited resource or experience surrounding cloud, to transition to such a platform with support from skilled technical engineers and seasoned Project Managers.

Cloud Services Outsourcing

Atkins Limited

Cloud Services outsourcing provides end to end design, business process reengineering and complex procurement expertise to support clients outsource to service-based providers. Services include support for key service areas such as Service Desk, End User Computing, Application Maintenance and Support.

Technical Support - Digital / Cloud Projects


Our technical, commercial, security and financial staff can come alongside your own project personnel in order to reinforce your skill gaps. We can align and deliver at each and all stages of the project lifecycle (from evaluation to lessons learnt).

Cloud Strategy and integration with Business and IT Strategy

Deloitte LLP

Deloitte provides an online tool to help develop, manage and bring to life your Cloud technology strategy, business strategy and IT strategy through an immersive, interactive and visual digital rendering that enables users to navigate from strategy down to IT delivery task, including resource deployment and budget allocations.

​​Technical Services for Digital Projects

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Cloud based infrastructure, hosting and coding to enable the development of your Digital Projects. Technical administration, DevOps and build services to create your managed development, test or live services in a secure cloud environment. Full range Systems Integration for your Digital Programme. Security built in by design and codified

Cloud Hosted Website and Application Security Testing

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS security professionals review and test cloud based websites and applications to ensure best practice and highlight areas of weakness and vulnerabilities. This process can be iterated during the development and implementation process to support best practice development. Testing includes the OWASP top ten and any current zero day attacks.

Product and Service Assurance

Roke Manor Research

Roke provides independent assurance that a product or service meets your requirements and mitigates the cyber security threats it is expected to protect against, in accordance with the system accreditation and risk management process. Our Product and Service Assurance has a track record in supporting services for the UK Government.

Device Testing

Edge Testing

Our Device testing service is provided using a combination of our Glasgow / Birmingham based device labs (80+ physical devices) plus a wide variety of platforms aligned to our offsite Cloud Testing Service. Devices are provided on a no charge basis and our offsite cloud Test Analyst rate is £225-per-day.

Cyber and Information Security for Cloud

People Source Consulting Ltd

We have supported central government, public sector and NHS clients in the strategic architecture of compliant security and risk solutions for cloud programmes. Our team have an advanced understanding of current IT security standards and are constantly up to date with new methodologies, intelligence, vulnerability issues and innovative security methods.

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) Cloud Journey Simulation

Amazon Web Services UK Limited

ProServe consultant(s), through a Cloud Simulation Journey Workshop, lead IT/Business executive teams through an experiential exercise exposing key decision points during early stages of Enterprise cloud adoption. An industry case study rehearses critical decisions/investments. The impact of investments and decisions on critical measurements of cloud adoption value are considered.

OpenEyes EMR - Training and Go-Live Services


We provide a full set of OpenEyes EMR training and go-live services, including classroom or onsite training user training, train-the-trainer training, sysadmin training, go-live training, on-line training, and refresher, go-live training and floor-walking.

IBM iX Adobe Implementation Services

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM iX has a global partnership with Adobe to deliver solutions to drive the reinvention of the digital experience for Public Sector employees and customers. Our implementation services help organisations to design, test and deploy this market leading technology across the full suite of Adobe Marketing Cloud components

Readiness Review

Actica Consulting

Moving to procure Cloud services is a big step that may represent dramatic change to the way your business operates. Actica provides a Gateway review audit to assess and assure your readiness to progress to Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, in-house service provision or outsourced service provision) procurement.

Programme Management Office


This service is designed to help organisations organise manage, accommodate and control the changes that are necessary to achieve the objective set by the cloud strategy. To achieve this, the PMO creates the programme 'infrastructure' to provide the tools and procedures whereby the cloud programme is managed.

Delivery Team Security Support


Our Cyber Security Consultants work with all stakeholders, to build a holistic view of the organisation's strategy, processes, information, and information technology assets in relation to Cyber Security Operations Capabilities. Our service helps buyers transitioning their existing architectures to more agile processes and adopting cloud based approaches where appropriate.

Business Collaboration and Skype for Business Custom Development Services

Modality Systems Ltd

Maximise the value of your Microsoft Office365 and Skype for Business investment with Modality Systems' custom development services. Our developer consultants work with you to understand your business processes and pain points, and provide solutions to increase productivity, streamline and automate business processes, end-user satisfaction and ROI.

Cloud Analysis Services

Farsight Consulting Ltd

Farsight delivers a range of services which support its customers from the initial discussion on the need for Cloud Services; through the scoping and design of the analysis relating to Cloud Services; conducting the analysis itself; presenting and validating the findings; and transferring knowledge to the customer.

PwC Service Definition 35:  SAP Hybris

PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

SAP Hybris is an enterprise-level multi-channel e-commerce solution that provides complete customer engagement with fully-integrated tools and capabilities. It can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses across the public sector. It can be purchased through a hybrid suite offering in the cloud, on-premise and on-device deployment.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

The virtual CISO Program enables organizations to leverage the benefits of an experienced, executive-level Information Security resource at a fraction of the cost of a direct-hire option. Developing and guiding strategic efforts to meet our clients’ Information Security objectives, the Virtual CISO leverages the strength of Sungard in protecting information.

Commercial Cloud Contract Support Service

Commercial Cloud Services

This Commercial Cloud Service assists commercial departments to manage and deliver commercial elements of the contract lifecycle. It includes procurement planning, market engagement, tender artefact preparation, Exit negotiation, procurement delivery, contract transition, contract management and negotiation with incumbent suppliers. A training module is also available.

Usability tests

Deeson Group Ltd

How intuitive and usable are your digital services? Do they meet user needs? Regular usability testing helps you understand how your service is performing. Work with our user experience consultants to define, perform and evaluate usability tests. We test on prototypes and existing websites with real users and stakeholders.

Data & Integration Service Design & Implementation

Engine Partners UK LLP (The Engine Group)

Organisations migrating existing services to the Cloud or building new services need robust data and integration design and delivery. Engine has a long experience of assessing client’s needs and designing and delivering data & integration services. This includes data warehouse / transactional / big data services.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) Support & Development Services

Reliason Solutions Limited

Reliason Support Services for BICS installations is separate from any original implementation and includes: • Receiving and responding to Service Requests. • Troubleshooting and resolving incidents • Root cause analysis and problem resolution • Changing application configuration. • Health check, Design, Development, Testing, Business and Systems Analysis and Integration services

Cloud Support Services

Plan b Professional Services

Plan b provide a comprehensive suite of cloud support services inclusive of capability, transformation and migration consultancy, project delivery, architectural and technical SME delivery, with supporting digital tooling and proven approaches underpinning the adoption of cloud services from an IaaS to SaaS/BPaaS level across public and private cloud hybrid platforms.

Cost, productivity, innovation and efficiency improvement

In-Form Solutions

We help organisations to address the twin challenges of driving through greater efficiencies whilst also maintaining a commitment to improving quality. Our expert support helps you to address shortfalls on existing plans and gain effective assurance over financial controls without compromising on service delivery, for example by using Cloud technology.

Website personalisation


ClerksWell deliver personalised websites to our Sitecore CMS (Content Management System) clients. Delivering tailored, contextual customer experiences is not as hard as you might think. ClerksWell are a Sitecore gold partner with a technical and digital strategist MVP. We use data driven insights to meet our clients' business goals.

Performance Testing Services

Capgemini UK plc

Performance testing offers to isolate and identify system and application issues that will prevent an application from scaling to meet its performance requirements. Performance testing also helps to evaluate the compliance of a system that has specific performance requirements. Types of testing include Load, Stress, Spike API and Configuration Testing.

Cloud Testing Services


FDM provides Cloud based Testing Services to identify and prevent defects throughout the Service Delivery Life Cycle of Digital Cloud Business Systems and Applications. We have experience with V-Model, Waterfall, Agile and Lean methodologies and the following, but not limited to JIRA, Quality Centre, QTP, LoadRunner, Qualify, Selenium and Cucumber.

Cloud Implementation Project Management

Sarax Limited

Sarax provides Project Management services for Cloud Solution design, development and implementation. The client will be guided through the definition of requirements in terms of technology and business change to deliver effective solutions. The service provides on-going support post implementation. Sarax recent focus has been with Police National Digital Programmes.

Big Data Analysis and Visualisation


The visualization of data, using cloud hosted software, to enable analysts to be more effective. UX/UI expertise and selection of mobile applications and responsive web applications. Also includes the deployment of software for analysis such as data fusion and integration, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning.

Accenture Oracle Service Cloud Services (RightNow)

Accenture (UK) Limited

Accenture provides services for Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow).

PMO, Project, Programme Portfolio Management


We provide PMO, Project, Programme and Portfolio services. We work using Prince2, PMP and Agile Scrum approaches. DMSG can provide complete teams to manage and deliver your portfolio of work or engage with your people to improve or supplement your current capability.

Health Care Innovation Challenge


Solve health care challenges, develop new services and tools, test new business models and collaborate with new partners through running health care-themed open innovation challenges on a cloud-based innovation platform. We will work with you to define your challenges, engage with communities, co-create solutions, and rapidly trial step-change ideas.

Testing Training

Edge Testing

Our training courses enable customers to build and develop their cloud testing capability through practical training, mentoring and knowledge transfer solutions. Ranging from fundamental principles through to advanced techniques our courses are designed and run by testing professionals with real world experience, accelerating testing skills beyond the ISEB/ISTQB syllabus.

Digital Readiness Assessment for Healthcare

4OC Ltd

We support public sector organisations deliver digital transformation. The Digital Readiness Assessment is the first step and provides analysis and a review of existing capabilities, structures and processes. It delivers a comprehensive report and details clear recommendations for implementing digitally enabled services with a roadmap of clearly, defined activities

Bespoke Analytics and Managed Services

Methods Analytics Ltd

We help you to improve the use of one of your most valuable assets, your data and that of peers and competitors. We work to understand the questions you need to answer, investigate the available data to inform these questions and then transform data into easily accessible, intuitive, insightful evidence.

Cloud Transformation Governance Service

Lifecycle Sourcing Limited

Client side Governance support of the business strategy, architectural, operational and program aspects of Cloud Transformation.

Security Consulting Residency Services

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

Sungard Availability Services Residency Service addresses the diverse and demanding staffing needs for organisations seeking innovation and faster time to market. Sungard Availability Services Residents are skilled, experienced professionals who augment the expertise of internal IT to meet your IT infrastructure, Cloud, Application, Security, Networking and Operational management needs.

Aphari Cloud Migration and Multi-Sourcing PMO Accelerator

Aphari Ltd

Aphari helps organisations adopt cloud services, transform their IT operating model, implement multi-source delivery models, and establish cloud service integration (SIAM) capabilities. Our PMO accelerator service provides targeted advice, guidance, knowledge transfer, tools and techniques aimed at getting multi-supplier PMO capabilities up to speed quickly, to support cloud migrations.

Aphari Cloud Migration and Multi-Sourcing Information Assurance and Security Capability Set-up

Aphari Ltd

Aphari helps organisations adopt cloud services, transform their IT operating model, implement multi-source delivery models, and establish cloud service integration (SIAM) capabilities. Our Information Assurance capability setup service helps clients adapt their information assurance, risk management and security architecture approach to support migration to cloud services sourced from multiple suppliers.

Legacy Estate Management and Transition To Cloud

Boeing Defence UK Ltd

Boeing specialises in the complex transition to future cloud enabled Information Services . Boeing applies world class engineering processes and rigour to your transition applying expertise in architectural, technical and business process to ensure seamless service provision.

Procurement Transformation

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

We provide comprehensive transformation support on e-procurement enablement including use of cloud solutions for clients wishing to develop their procurement organisation, deliver specific procurement improvement projects and advance through procurement innovation.

Asset Management Diagnostic Service

Capgemini UK plc

Capgemini can provide assessment of customer Cloud services asset management processes, tools and techniques including identifying significant gaps in application against a calibrated scale. The output of the service can creates the baseline upon which customers can build action plans to address key gaps and monitor progress over time.

Fax Cloud Support

transcend360 Ltd

Cloud Fax Services offer an effective alternative to fax devices and fax server solutions. Transcend360 (T360) provide independent support helping organisations move fax services to the Cloud. We provide consultancy support helping customers in the definition, acquisition, delivery and management of cloud based fax services, supporting the complete service lifecycle.

Cloud Solutions Design and Development


Axetay Limited multi-disciplinary team provides clients with the required expertise to deliver cloud-based and cloud-ready solutions. We can manage the full software lifecycle from solution architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and support. We deliver solutions that are conscience, solid, extensible, scalable and cost-effective through our agile and lean approach.

Jigsaw24 - Apple VPP Service - Volume Purchasing Program


The deployment of iPad or iPhone needs careful planning around how Apple IDs, Volume Purchase Plan and DEP can be used for the project. At Jigsaw24 we can advise on how these processes work and how they can be used to streamline your organisations cloud purchasing and cloud deployment mechanisms.

3DNovations 3D Cloud Training and Support Services Ltd

Our 3D Cloud Training and Support services are provided via our award winning 3DNovations Cloud platform accessed using personal avatars in an agile and flexible way. The training and support services we offer range from one to one support and job coaching, to technical and skills training, consultancy and design.

FCO Services - Cloud mobile device management support

FCO Services

FCO Services' Cloud Mobile Device Management Support provides guidance, delivery and a support wrapper around the roll out and management of secure smartphones, tablets and other cloud devices. The service includes support for iPhones and Andriod devices.

Oracle Cloud Production Support

Frontera Consulting LLC

Frontera production support services are designed to help you optimise your investment through a deep understanding of your application, your processes and your business goals. Frontera will support you while leveraging our knowledge of modern best practices, and future functionality releases to ensure your systems transform with your business.

Programme Management, Definition and Delivery

ASE Consulting Ltd

ASE has a track record of successful delivery across complex programmes for Cloud-based and other service models. We work collaboratively with you to deliver success and meet business goals. Our highly skilled consultants can support your organisation across the full delivery lifecycle, including programme definition and business case development.

Drupal Development


Our team has many years of experience building Drupal websites for clients of all sizes, and we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Drupal development including 3rd party systems and CRM integrations, commerce functionality, Drupal multi-sites and content migration

Programme Management

risual Ltd

The programme manager will gain an understanding of business strategy, develop change programmes, work alongside Enterprise Architects to define high level requirements and derive a series of projects to achieve business change. They provide a point of escalation through all projects, ensuring inter-project dependencies and scope are managed.

DATALYTYX Big Data Consultancy

Datalytyx Ltd

DATALYTYX is partnered with Talend, Cloudera, Hortonworks, ZoomData, Tableau and many other technologies that provide Big Data solutions. We specialise in consulting with organisations and using partner technology to achieve Big Data objectives like real-time analytics, customer insights, integrating and storing huge volumes of data, etc.

Cloud Data Management

Baringa Partners

At Baringa, we believe effective data management is critical to business success. We partner with clients to provide a broad set of Data related capabilities augmenting skilled and experienced practitioners from our Technology Transformation practice that work across the 3 key domains of Strategy, Data Management and Business Analytics

Dependency Management

i3Works Ltd

Dependency Management service delivered by experienced Management of Risk (M_o_R) professionals using best practice (but tailored appropriately) dependency methodologies to deliver a complete understanding of Project, Programme or Portfolio Dependencies. Using expertise in tools such as BOXARR to understand and simplify the inherent complexity of interdependencies.

IBM Predictive Analytics and Optimisation Services

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM’s predictive analytics optimisation services capture, analysing/harnessing insight from multiple data sources to improve decision making and efficient management of physical assets. For analytics-driven programme, we provide strategy development, scope definition, planning and delivery, deployment of analytics tools (incl Cognos, iLog, SPSS, SAAS), applications and development of in-house analytics capability.

Migration to Crown Hosting

Capgemini UK plc

We help Public Sector organisation with a variety of migration challenges; moving to cloud, relocating entire Data Centres or moving individual workloads to Crown Hosting. Our experienced practitioners work with a variety of partners & 3rd party suppliers to plan and execute such migrations whilst limiting risk to existing operations.

Cloud service contract management

Sharpe Pritchard Strategy Limited

This service provides ongoing management of a new or existing Cloud Service contract. It provides regular reporting identifying opportunities and areas for improvement so that you can decide how to manage and improve ROI and benefits realisation. Our team includes IT and commercial specialists and experienced lawyers.

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Consultancy Service

Boxfusion Consulting Limited

Our Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Consultancy Service delivers high quality advisory, analysis, design, development and support services covering the Oracle Business Intelligence product suite, including Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle BI Applications, Oracle Endeca, Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Endeca, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS).

Data Discovery - Proof of Concept

Kainos Software Ltd

Kainos provides an agile Data Discovery to deliver insight into your existing data, its quality and value. Using a secure Cloud platform preconfigured with market-leading software from Cloudera, our data practitioners will start to understand your data maturity and will provide insight to develop and support your business case.

Cloud Project Management and Governance Support Services

Fusion Business Solutions

We can design and implement a Project Management and Governance regime appropriate to the scale, complexity and security requirements of your project and existing team. We will take a fully integrated approach that will balance the needs of all stakeholders and suppliers to deliver an optimal, ITIL-compliant service.

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) Well Architected on AWS Optimisation

Amazon Web Services UK Limited

AWS Professional Services (ProServe) consultants transfer knowledge on architectural proven methods for designing reliable, secure, efficient cost-effective systems in the cloud. We work with you onsite to review workloads against best practices for architecting/perform initial remediation(s).

Change Capability and Capacity Design and Acquisition Services

Momentum Partners

Organisations often lack the necessary resources to undertake change at scale. We help our clients identify, plan for and acquire the specialist roles, suppliers of workpackages, funding, tools and infrastructure that underpin successful change delivery.

Digital Programme Management

i3Works Ltd

I3Works’ Programme Management service provides tailored and focused programme management and support throughout the programme lifecycle, including best practice advice on delivery models and effective implementation – ensuring the best return on investment. We offer ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

Avasant Cloud Consulting and Strategy

Avasant Limited

Avasant's cloud readiness assessment services help small, medium and large enterprises systematically adopt cloud technologies. With Avasant's services, customers are able to evaluate their readiness for cloud and determine a business case and ROI for implementing and managing their cloud services.

Office 365 Strategy

Content and Code Ltd

This activity aims to understand O365 concept priority and recommended implementation depth. Outputs include: - Prioritised list of O365 technologies and workloads, rationale, and summary of relevant features to support client business/user needs - Proposed O365 delivery roadmap components with required solution and technical activities, dependencies and necessary tools

Drupal CMS / Web Application


Consulting, Architecture, Setup, Customisation, Migration, Support/Maintenance and Service Management of a Drupal content management system in a cloud environment.


Method4 Limited

Our extensive expertise includes SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS 2007, SharePoint Foundation and Office365 SharePoint Online. Method4 provide: Website, Intranet, Extranet, EDRMS and ECMS implementation. SharePoint strategy, development, training, mentoring, migration and support. Microsoft Silver Partner, certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Business Critical SharePoint Program (BCSP) member.

Cloud Data Migration and Management

Capita Business Services Limited

Help clients overcome data migration challenges during migration of solutions/IT services to the Cloud. Experienced in Data Migration into the Cloud; Data Quality; Data Archiving and Data Masking. Capita use market leading tools/ experienced staff to provide an industrialised, quality-centric approach to data migration from, public or a private cloud.