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520 results found

520 results found in Cloud software in the category Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Development of New Solutions

Omkaar Systems Limited

Our highly experienced and expert team can help develop bespoke software solutions. These solutions can range from being Cloud-Hosted or Resident. Our expertise lies in the development of Web, Big Data and No SQL platforms. We can provide the whole team or develop solutions offsite.

Surveillance Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Surveillance Analysis Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET,MISSION SECRET, and TOP SECRET provides the ability to collect,search,discover multiple images, footage and information from remotely connected devices. Delivering an intuitive GUI information can be blended to provide surveillance intelligence to aid decision making.

Case Management in the Cloud - Resevoir Management Edition

SynApps Solutions Limited

Reservoir Management in the Cloud is based on EMC’s industry leading case management technologies and provides specific functionality for the on-going management of reservoirs. Implemented on OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL SENSITIVE accreditable infrastructure platform provided by UkCloud

Mydex GDPR Compliance Package

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The GDPR, compulsory from May 2018, requires new levels of support for transparency, informed consent, and data portability, on-going access to personal data, information about its use and sharing with third parties. We address these requirements in one simple set of API services that can be integrated into existing environments.

MooD 16 Information Exchange Modelling

Mood International Software Limited

Exploitation of Business Models, process and data though a configurable ‘business-landscape’ defining, managing and articulating the optimal balance of decisions and accountability. Driving achievement of information exchange definitions & requirements (IER) against a defined strategy. ArchiMate compliant. Dynamic, flexible, User configurable, enabling response to changing business-landscape and evolving business objectives.

Liberator Air Quality Monitoring for Local Authority Councils

Farthest Gate Limited

FGL supply software solutions covering a range of environmental services. Here the air quality monitors are built to allow realtime transmission to our cloud based storage and presentation layer. Calibrated against Kings College standards we provide a means of collating and broadcasting realtime data bringing awareness to local conditions.

Liberator Case Management solution for Local Authority Councils

Farthest Gate Limited

The Liberator Case Management software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Case Management can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

Panacea Translation & Interpreting Manager

Panacea Applications Limited

Language services management tool creating simple end-to-end workflow. Online booking of translation and interpreting services provided by freelance or agency suppliers. Automated availability checks and fee estimating. Effective management and approval process. Attendance and receipt confirmations. Robust supplier payment process, interface with finance system. Real-time management information, monitoring and reporting.

FR Forms

Free Rein Limited

FR Forms lets you create your own forms in a drag-and-drop editor, which can be delivered to one or multiple tablets or smartphones. Data is captured back to our secure server for onward merge to your CRM or project database. Service starts as a free account (with restricted functionality).

Liberator Bulky Waste software for Councils

Farthest Gate Limited

The Scheduling and Booking self-service software for Councils is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Scheduling and Booking software can be used independently of other Liberator products. Easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

Register and Master Data


Texuna's Data Register and Master Data Management framework maintains, reconciles, stores and distributes a canonical data source as a register service. Enforcing data governance and data stewardship workflows help safeguard data quality and integrity. Secure version control with unique hash and publish to blockchain distributed ledger as audit trail.

SFX Cloud

Avco Systems Ltd

SFX is a cloud based file exchange system that allows users to transfer large files and messages to colleagues and third-party organisations securely. With a simple sign-up process for pre-approved email domains, the system also allows users to invite third party users to share files.

Data Validation

Metadata Consulting Ltd

This service validates instance data from database tables, Excel spreadsheets, XML files and JSON files/streams against preset rules and expressions.

Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM)

Clarity Tech Ltd

Clarity Tech has experience with public sector patient record systems. Electronic document and records management is a programme or set of programmes which is designed to store and track records. An EDRM captures a record as well as any associated metadata, which is then categorised within a classification scheme.

Patient-Controlled Records Health Information Exchange

Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best is a population health information exchange with patient control over data sharing. PKB is hosted within the NHS HSCN network. It's designed for use by all health and social care organisations across an entire region to provide integrated care and patient access to information across a population.

IBM MobileFirst Collaboration Services

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

End to end solution and services to address residency, security, migration and deployments to Office365 Delivery options: Office365/Hybrid, Private Cloud, Managed On Premise Scope of services include design, implementation, and managed services that provide capabilities for collaboration across any location and from any device.



Pronto is the most widely deployed mobile Policing solution in the UK. The service integrates with national and local systems, optimising information management in operational Policing, getting intelligence to the point of need, enabling efficiencies in the back-office and optimal workflow into partner agencies and the criminal justice system.

Bramble Hub Bluestar Software - Corvus Operational Knowledge Base

Bramble Hub Limited

Provides a platform for a range of applications combined with a data integration capability exploiting an underlying organisation wide knowledge repository. Deployed as either a departmental, or enterprise level configuration depending upon the scale of the customer implementation required.

Calla Account on the Cloud

Calla Technology Limited

Calla Cloud lets you safely store videos in your online account. Only you can access these videos by logging into your Calla account. Calla Cloud features enable you to manage and share videos securely, without worrying about storage.

Spectrum Data Quality


Spectrum Data Quality is a SaaS service based around core Customer Information Management. Web services which can be joined together into customised composite services specific to your needs. Capabilities include data integration, Address validation, GDPR compliance, deduplication, normalisation, and geographic and demographic data enrichment.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Digital Immunisations Consent Service

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Digital Immunisations Consent Service enables providers to co-ordinate a digital, paper-free immunisation programme improving delivery and patient care and reducing costs. The service includes eConsent forms for parents, online workflow triage and scheduling tools for service centres and a mobile application for school nurses with update of patient record.

Deployed Scoping Tool


An intelligent smart form determines the Scope of Work for a project. The tool then translates this input into a Statement of Work. This is the executable contract between the parties with a summary sheet to allow for quick review and decision making. A dashboard summarizes data on all SoWs.

BetterOff: Welfare & Employment

Looking Local Limited

BetterOff is a public-facing welfare solution, bringing together employment and benefits into one easily accessible digital space. BetterOff combines benefits eligibility, applications, appeals, job searching and job journalling, speeding up the applications process, and enabling claimants to make informed decisions as to whether they will be better off in work.

IBM Aspera for secure and rapid data transfer (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Aspera Files is a fast, secure, scalable SaaS offering for sharing large files and data sets in an easy drag-and-drop process, directly from cloud and on premise storage – located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone. Uses may include Police evidence management.


Information DataHub

DataHub is a cloud-based application that enable organisations make informed business decisions. DataHub comes with a rich set of features that allow data discovery, data integration and data quality of structured and unstructured data.

Appraisal Toolkit for Nurses

Clarity Informatics Limited

Nurse & Midwife Appraisal and Revalidation Management System. Appraisal Toolkit for Nurses is an RCN accredited and NMC compliant online portfolio, designed to manage appraisal and revalidation process for nurses, midwives and their employers. Our e-portfolio solution aims to make appraisals and revalidation processes as simple as possible.

Expense Management Software Hosting & Invoice Loading

Calero Software Ltd

Calero's Expense Management (EM) Software Hosting & Invoice Loading solution is utilised by customers for the purpose of reducing monthly personnel workloads while providing comprehensive insight into telecommunications charges, usage, and optimisation opportunities across the client organisation, allowing client teams to focus time and resources on their core business functions.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Secure Referral Forms

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

Secure Referral Forms allow referrers (GPs, health and social care professionals) and self referrers to safely and securely send sensitive information into RIVIAM Digital Care's platform. Information entered on the customised online form appears in RIVIAM within seconds of the user submitting the information.

LastLine Analyst

Avatu Ltd

A SaaS platform for any suspicious file (email attachment, download, etc...) to be manually submitted to an online portal. This portal will execute/open the file in a sandbox environment and monitor and examine the file's behaviour. Intelligence on the file behaviour, payload, origin and risk are then reported.

Liberator Landlord Registration and Homes Inspection solution for Local Authority Councils

Farthest Gate Limited

The Liberator Landlord Registration software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator LR can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention

Bytes Software Services

Follow your data across networks and devices—both at rest and in use. Create and enforce policies that provision the access and movement of data to prevent data breaches and help ensure compliance with Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP). bsscloud

RESOLVE: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Case Management

Tisski Limited

Resolve, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 case management solution provides a consistent process across your organisation. Designed by Tisski whilst working in the public sector, Resolve reduces staff workload by enabling web self-service, monitoring SLAs to improve performance, reducing time to case resolution, and improving data-driven decision making with real-time dashboards.

Airbus GeoStore Web Portal

Airbus Defence and Space Limited

Airbus Web Portals enable the efficient delivery of geospatial data, including APGB and PSMA data, direct to you. Use our secure, high-availability data hosting platform to discover, view, order, download and stream large volumes of vector and raster data. The Portal front end can be customised to meet your requirements.

Dynamics 365


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services development and implementation. Azure solution designed to deliver a digital workplace solution. JDS365 provide well-defined methodology to ensure successful delivery of Azure components.


Prodo Digital Marketing Ltd

Franklin is a subscription based self-service portal for housing associations that can be deployed in minutes, is fully content manageable and can integrate easily with almost any housing system. The platform allows tenants to undertake rent and repairs transactions through a secure personal account via any device at any time.

Licencing, implementation and support for low code Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform

NDL Software Limited

NDL’s (RPA) tool takes the manual, repetitive and mundane tasks that people do and automates them. SX allows you to create and manage intelligent automations that can drive any software system, just the way people can, but at increased speed and greater accuracy, leading to a rapid return on investment.

Nuix Investigate - Digital Investigations Platform

CCL Solutions Group Ltd

Rapidly explore lines of enquiry across mobile devices, computers and server exhibits on our secure hosted Nuix Investigate (Web Review) platform. Conduct disclosure-compliant digital forensic investigations involving hundreds of devices and Terabytes of data without any additional IT costs or delays. Leverage intelligence across operations using Nuix's advanced analytical features.

IBI DATEX II Publisher

IBI Group UK Ltd

The IBI DATEX II Publisher allows organisations to publish various different types of transport data in a DATEX II format (version 2.3 CEN standard). This includes all supported types of traffic information including incidents, roadworks, journey time and all types of both static and dynamic data.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Workflow

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Workflow service allows providers to co-ordinate the delivery of care across multiple pathways from the receipt of referrals, through to allocation, delivery of care and discharge. Designed to work in community and primary care service centres and single points of access.

Gimmal Document Management for SAP

OfficeLabs Ltd

Gimmal Document Management for SAP turns SharePoint or Office 365 into a certified SAP content management system for SAP content and business transactions. This unifies content, data and processes related to SAP and SharePoint. It opens up SAP to SharePoint users to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes.


Experis Limited

eBSS is a self-service eBonding service which allows you to instantly connect your ITSM platform to others without delay or disruption. It is a cloud based and serverless integration tool providing an excellent solution for the real-time exchange of service events, asset information and ITIL-based workflow.



When you need a map and only a map, MapMaker selects, cuts and produces one for you. MapMaker takes Ordnance Survey’s (OS) most detailed mapping data, OS MasterMap, and makes it available to you via a simple intuitive interface

CDW Fortrus Unity Connected Record (UCR)

CDW Limited

Fortrus provide software interfaces and solutions using ‘User Experience’ design. The wide range of ‘Unity’ module enables customers to innovate, whilst protecting current IT investment, the Unity Connected Record provides the building blocks whereby an eco-system for better connected care can be turned into a reality, not just a concept.

eDiscovery / eDisclosure Cloud Software - DMX

Epiq Systems Ltd

Our eDiscovery / eDisclosure proposition includes forensic collection, document processing, hosting, filtering and analysis services for clients faced with challenges relating to data review for investigations, dispute resolution, tribunal or legal process. Our services prepare documents for online review and provide support and advice on best use of the software.

SharePoint Upgrade Services - CoreGov


Utilising this service, Core will undertake an evaluation of your current SharePoint platform. We will help you understand your existing enviroment and recommend a roadmap for the upgrade proposed. SharePoint can operate in the cloud, from customer datacentres or a hybrid combination.

Warrantor - Vetting and Screening Data Services

PASS Technology

Warrantor Data Service is an optional add-on feature for the Warrantor Vetting and Screening solution. The service allows the core system to seamlessly link in multiple third party data sources to enrich the quality and reach of the vetting process, driving efficiency and compliance.

Keyzapp Key Management System


The comprehensive app for tracking keys. Lookup, issue & return keys in seconds, maintain comprehensive audit records, and automatically chase late keys. Fitting your exact processes, Keyzapp is completely paperless. It can be combined with optional contactless fobs for extra speed. Can also be used for tracking other small assets.

Integrated Digital Care Record with patient consent

Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best is a clinical portal designed for borderless sharing of information. The NHS HSCN-hosted cloud-based system delivers a consolidated record from all sources across primary, secondary, mental and social care, including public, private and third sectors. Uniquely, data sharing is under patient consent with granular privacy labels.

Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS offers Microsoft SharePoint as a cloud hosted solution. LHIS has considerable experience of SharePoint having implemented sites for organisations ranging from NHS Trusts to GP Practices. Example uses of SharePoint include: Intranet portals, Extranet sitesand Enterprise content and document management.

Assessmint Shared Services 360 Assessment

Assessmint Limited

Assessmint Shared Services 360° Assessment provides an online, cloud-based solution for detailed assessment of, and reporting on, an organisation’s current state of shared services, in order to generate referential base-lines and compliance reports. The functionality can also be expanded to include assessments other items provided by vendors.

Hybrid Mail

Adare SEC Ltd

Hybrid Mail enables letters that would normally be printed via local desktop or office printers to instead be sent to Adare SEC for production and mailing.

SOA Enterprise Message Service Bus (Message Orientated Middleware)

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Enterprise scale ESB solution for non-stop mission critical messaging. Supporting Apache ServiceMix or RabbitMQ, provides reliable messaging across applications and environments. Wide range of protocols and SOA patterns, delivers scalable, distributed application processing, and system integration to join your legacy, hybrid and cloud solutions together. AWS, Azure, UKCloud.

Contractor Safety and Compliance Management Solution

Mitie Security Limited

Our Validate platform provides organisations with the ability to manage and monitor the training, skills, competence and compliance of both direct and indirect employees through advanced smartcard technologies to improve and streamline business processes

SPINR - Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Shaping Cloud

SPINR is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) product, designed to allow any organisation to automate and manage their data flow operations. SPINR makes the process of integrating, transforming and sharing data simple, efficient and accessible to all.

CRC Delius

Unilink Software Ltd

Unilink's bespoke application for the management of offenders in the community. An intuitive interface allows the Community Rehabilitation Company to manage caseload, allocation, scheduling, monitoring and reporting. It includes integration with National Delius via the SPG and with the MoJ's Document Management System.



Due-diligence tool that gathers data from insurance companies, mobile phone networks, law enforcement and device recycle companies and reports the matched information on the advised serial number.

ServiceNow Reseller


Resale of ServiceNow licenses along with consulting on optimum licensing model.

Application Development, Maintenance, Support and DevOps


Application Development, Maintenance, Support and DevOps

M-Files Online


M-Files provides a next generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.

Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Chakray UK Ltd

Provision of Enterprise Integration as a Service platform. Chakray provide an IPaaS solution to allow clients to procure a cloud based integration platform. Chakray are a premier certified WSO2 partner.

Sentient ICR

Melissa Data Ltd

Melissa's Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR/OCR) tools enable reliable conversion of handwritten and printed forms into digital text. Scanned documents are converted into digital files or databases. Melissa adds machine intelligence to the latest ICR algorithms for higher precision outcomes. Corrections and automated conversions to standards are made in real time.

Informatica Data Governance

Informatica Software Ltd

The market leading data governance framework provides an intelligent solution for data governance and compliance playing an important role in addressing risk, compliance and regulation challenges including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Features within the framework include data quality, data lineage, impact assessment, business glossary.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenApps, XenDesktop, XenMobile)

Incremental Group

Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your business needs. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, and web business applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud—public, on-premises or hybrid—within a modern digital workspace. – Management and publishing platform for linked reference data Registers

Register Dynamics

Standard definitions allow your teams and your data to work together. gives your organisation control to define and manage standardised cloud-first data that is essential infrastructure for your business processes. Data custodians define authoritative sources with a human-friendly, self-serve interface for organisations to use as canonical reference data everywhere.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Avenir Business Solutions Ltd

Avenir Digital help enterprises acquire or extend automation capabilities. Enterprises can leverage our RPA services to discover, design, trial, and implement automation in processes that involve high-volume and repetitive interactions between people and technology.

Data Migration Service

AES Group

This service enables organisations to move their valuable data to alternative software applications and/or systems. The individual organisational need for data migration vary widely eg, the modernisation of enterprise management systems due to business changes, or the modernisation of legacy systems on to modern platforms/infrastructure for business continuity.

Civica Cx Anti Social Behaviour

Civica UK Limited

Cx ASB is a browser enabled system supporting all aspects of the management of ASB (anti social behaviour) incidents, community protection orders and community protection notices, providing intelligent case association to provide intelligence to teams. It offers efficiencies via workflow and document automation - e.g. communication and decision making.

Civica Digital360 Portal

Civica UK Limited

Digital360 Portal is a responsive portal designed specifically for local authorities to empower their customers to interact online 24/7. A cost effective self-service provision shifts enquiries and transactions online, streamlines activities and facilitates true end-to-end digital service delivery going beyond channel shift; driving efficiency savings fully supporting your digital strategy.

IBM App Connect Professional for application integration (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM App Connect Professional enables you to seamlessly connect your systems and data, on premises or in the cloud. Select from hundreds of templates for the most common cloud integration scenarios to rapidly build powerful workflows, using a ‘configuration, not coding’ approach.



PDF Tables accurately extracts data from PDFs. It uses an AI algorithm which can see column shapes, and outputs spreadsheets. There is a web API so it can be automated.

Cloud Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

Website Express Ltd.

ISO9001 certified Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 cloud hosted CMS for websites and digital services. Website Express' GDPR compliant Drupal CMS platform securely handles multilingualism, CRM, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. The Drupal content management system is open-source, easy-to-use, yet powerful. Mobile, accessible and designed to your user’s needs.

Cortana Analytics Services on Azure - Big Data and Analytics

Incremental Group

Incremental Group offers fully managed big data and advanced analytics services that enable the transformation of data into intelligent action. Our Cortana Analytics services enables core analytics scenarios such as real-time recommendations, customer churn forecasting, fraud detection, predictive maintenance and many more. unlock the potential hidden in your big data.

Hosted Desktop / Desktop as a Service (DaaS) / Desktop Virtualisation

Atlas Cloud Ltd

A desktop built using latest Citrix Technologies, accessible anywhere and facilitating remote and on-site working, offering mobility and flexibility. The solution is scalable with pay-per-user pricing. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can host any application. ISO 27001:2013 and BSI10012 certified.

Supplier Early Payment and Electronic Invoicing Solutions (Taulia Business Exchange™)


Taulia Business Exchange™ was created to deliver a modular next generation solution delivering : Order to Pay automation through compliant paperless eInvoicing, Supplier self-services for invoice/payment enquiries and Master Data Management, and Flexible supplier financing through Dynamic Discounting (your own funds) or/and Supply Chain Finance (third party funds).

Panacea e-Procurement

Panacea Applications Limited

Comprehensive e-procurement system for all your contracts for goods / services (framework, DPS, RFQ, e-catalogue, etc). From tender through to evaluation, award, call off and order acceptance. Real-time reporting, contract management, audit trail. Intuitive system used by public sector to cut costs, deliver improved services and comply with procurement law.

DXC Technology Collaboration Services

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

DXC Technology Collaboration Services provides a virtual private cloud service based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016. Hybrid integration with Microsoft Office 365(O365) is also available for deparments with diverse needs where some users would benefit from a dedicated cloud environment hosted by DXC and others, a public cloud hosted by Microsoft.

SCISYS Cloud Data Services as a Service


SCISYS Data Services as a Service enables data stored in legacy / operational systems, in the cloud and on-premise, to be discovered, viewed and downloaded as a web service or via a web portal. The service adheres to open standards and uses of open source e.g. CKAN, GeoNetwork and OpenWIS

Licencing, implementation and support for FX (eForms) and SX (RPA) development platforms

NDL Software Limited

FX and SX combined enable you to quickly and easily create responsive eForms that can integrate to any system. Both FX and SX can be used independently but used in conjunction they enable eForms that automate the reading and writing of data across back-office systems, where no API’s are available.

eDiscovery / eDisclosure Cloud Software - Relativity

Epiq Systems Ltd

Our eDiscovery / eDisclosure proposition includes forensic collection, document processing, hosting, filtering and analysis services for clients faced with challenges relating to data review for investigations, dispute resolution, tribunal or legal process. Our services prepare documents for online review and provide support and advice on best use of the software.

Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) Enterprise Data Warehouse as as service


Pensions Reporting (IORPS II) Enterprise Data Warehouse automates and streamlines compliance and regulatory reporting for Registered Administrators. It can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud. Based on AWS Redshift with portability to Azure (SQL Server or SQL Data Warehouse) or open source columnar database (Greenplum, MonetDB, Postgres).

Sentient Web Query

Melissa Data Ltd

Compliant access to data-driven information via a web-based interface that makes it easy to access multiple databases and connect to any number of relational semantic and specialty databases with search, review and audit capabilities, providing researches, analysts and managers the ability to interact with their data anywhere in the world.

Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile)

Atlas Cloud Ltd

Citrix Content Collaboration is an enterprise file sync and sharing service, satisfying both data security and user needs. Businesses can build a custom-branded and confidential virtual workspace in which users can access, sync and edit content anytime, anywhere and across all devices, with an audit trail.

Network Collaboration Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Networked Collaboration Service provides a multi-feed, multi-classification collaborative working area. This scalable service is designed to facilitate collaboration of resources, information/intelligence required for efficient Command and Control creating a Single Intelligence Environment. The service can be delivered into static/mobile environments up to OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE,SECRET,TOP SECRET.

NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management Solution (SaaS)


NICE Investigate Public Safety Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS and DAMS), provides a single view of all digital evidence (body-worn video, public submissions, crime scene photos, 999 recordings, interview room recording, RMS, CAD, CCTV, forensics) enabling the officer to automate the collection, analysis and sharing of digital evidence (DETS).


Luther Systems Limited

Blockchain - Private Blockchain - Distributed Systems - Enterprise Software - Automation

Microsoft 365 E5


Cloud Productivity & Security. Licensing suite for Office 365 Enterprise E5, Enterprise & Mobility Suite E5 and Windows 10 Enterprise E5

Inoapps InoHub Integration Tool


InoHub is one of Inoapps’ many tools which enable a smooth journey to the Cloud. Fundamentally it translates and integrates data between Cloud and legacy solutions at a low cost of ownership, delivered on a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) model.

Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification for Border and Law Enforcement

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification management for Border Control, Humanitarian and Law Enforcement agencies. Officers can scan, capture, transmit, validate and verify Travel Identity Documents, Passports, Visas, Permits, against Travellers and Citizens. Mobile and hostile environment. Suitable for sensitive and overseas environments.

Palantir Gotham

Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

Palantir Gotham is an enterprise platform for planning missions and running investigations using disparate data, while maintaining privacy and access controls. Gotham integrates data from any number of systems and presents it in multiple visual formats, enabling analysts to produce actionable intelligence based on the full ecosystem of available data.

Strata CHC Decision Support Tool

Strata Health LTD

Strata CHC Decision Support Tool can operate on its own, be integrated with existing IT systems to aid completion or deployed as part of a region wide system to deliver CHC and other funding decisions within mandated timescales. It is fully audited and offers bi-directional communication across CHC Teams.

IBM MobileFirst Virtualisation Services (MVS)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM MVS enable enterprise clients to radically streamline and accelerate mobile adoption. IBM leverages Citrix and VMWare solutions to transform traditional environments. Clients can utilise IBM’s experience and expertise of designing and implementing virtualisation solutions to provide a platform their end users with a secure, scalable and flexible virtualised platform.

NFD Data Service

Bluestar Software Ltd providers of CORVUS

NFD Data Service is an application which coordinates the transfer of data from in-force police systems to the National Footwear Database. The process will extract data from various source systems and manage the transfer of that data over the network.

Chorus Library Services Platform

Capita Business Services Limited

Chorus is Capita’s ‘Cloud-First’ Library Services Platform, delivering organisational efficiencies, improved customer service and tangible cost savings. Chorus provides secure core LMS database hosting, integration APIs and Software as a Service browser-agnostic user interfaces. With no locally deployable components, Chorus is always up-to-date and available 24/7.

Licencing, implementation and support for FX (eForms), MX (apps) and SX (RPA) development platforms

NDL Software Limited

FX, MX and SX combined enable you to quickly create eForms and native mobile apps that can integrate to any system. Each software toolkit can be used independently but used in conjunction they enable eForms and mobile apps that automate the reading and writing of data across any back-office system.

Open Registers (Java) – hosting of GOV.UK Registers platform

Register Dynamics

Open Registers (Java) is software written by GDS to host their Open Registers. For example, By buying this service we will host and run this software for you so that you can run your own Open Register on your own domain.

Assessmint ITSM Self-Assessment & Benchmarking

Assessmint Limited

Assessmint ITSM Self Assessment & Benchmarking provides an online, cloud-based solution for a high level assessment of IT Service Delivery. The system assesses over 250 IT topic areas, inspired by the TSO publication ‘Planning to implement Service Management’.

Projet Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development

Agility Management Solutions Limited

Agility Management Solutions ltd. is consulting company to provide bespoke support in Project Management, Agile Coaching, Integration and software architecture and development.

Microsoft .NET Development and Support Service

AES Group

The AES Microsoft .NET Development and Support Service implements a variety of reusable open-source components, web services and in-house developed components to significantly reduce system development times thereby saving customers time and money. Solutions can be deployed to PaaS or on-site.

Strata Emergency - Admissions and Attendance Avoidance

Strata Health LTD

A flow and eReferral platform that focuses on reducing ED activity by using a defined directory of services to redirect patients to more suitable hospital and community services other than ED. It also reduces ED admissions by finding more appropriate out-of hospital services instead of admitting to hospital after treatment.

Automated Testing

Perfectly Simple IT Solutions

Test automation saves significant time and money when testing needs to be repeated multiple times: agile development, regression testing, multiple development streams, etc. Testing tools and the knowledgeable resources to utilise them are expensive.