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1736 results found

1736 results found in Cloud hosting in the category Compute and application hosting

DXC Technology VMware Services

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

Design, supply, build and operate services to support VMware hosted within the client's data centre, DXC facility or public cloud environment. DXC managed support for VMware is an integrated managed service consumed on a platform-basis. DXC can migrate servers to the operating system, including a hardened patching and monitoring service.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration. The service provides all the performance of Oracle Database in an environment that is tuned and optimized for transaction processing workloads.

Multi-Cloud, including IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, CCaaS and UCaaS

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

Our multi cloud service allows you to select and use the service that is best for your requirements; public cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud, our secure OFFICIAL community cloud, Office 365, our Avaya Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Contact Centre (CCaaS), and managed mobile services.

Mendix Rapid Application Development Platform

Siemens Industry Software Limited

Mendix is the fastest and easiest platform to build and continuously improve Mobile and Web apps at scale. It is the only high productivity application platform (hpaPaaS) that provides a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for the entire application life cycle(ALM), from ideation and development through deployment and operation.

Microsoft (Azure) Cloud Hosting

Cisilion Limited

Cisilion offer a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Azure cloud solutions and services, such as Migration, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration and Consultancy. With extensive experience in a range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure IaaS and PaaS. Cisilion have delivered numerous Microsoft projects across all industries and sectors, including UK Government.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Phoenix Software Ltd

VMware Cloud on AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) to deliver software-defined data centres (SDDCs) as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). VMware Cloud on AWS allows VM-IaaS workloads to live beside and access native AWS services.

Develop Tools Integration


Azure provides integration with popular open source and third-party tools and services—across the entire DevOps workflow.

Cloud Hosting

Ortera Limited

A highly available tier-1 hosting service for any Internet-connected application - popular for websites, CRM, databases, SaaS applications, time-tracking services, digital imaging, workflow and information sharing, on-the-fly encryption and many more.

Managed LoRaWAN Infrastructure

Mockingbird Consulting Ltd

A fully managed long-range, low-power, Internet of Things platform from sensor to data analysis

Standard WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting

Ixis IT Limited

For WordPress CMS projects that require a fast-paced development, testing and review process, with the ability to work on several features or fixes simultaneously, our dynamic multi-environment platform offers flexibility and scalability suitable for a single application / website.

Enterprise WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting

Ixis IT Limited

For clients that require resilience and increased uptime we offer a scalable high-availability solution with no single-point of failure for your WordPress CMS application. Each component can be spread across multiple data centres in replicating clusters. Suitable for multiple application installations.

Managed Private Cloud (Assured)

Netscan Limited

Complete private cloud solution utilising integrated storage technology, and a comprehensive 24 hour monitoring/management service that provides a round-the-clock virtual IT department. Powerful, cost-effective, scalable and flexible. Managed, secure services over internet or JANET, for customers requiring an OFFICIAL platform based upon Assured or Elevated architecture (previously IL2 and IL3).

Hosted Servers

Blue Sky Systems Ltd

Providing private cloud with a managed service. The service is designed around your needs, delivering a virtual datacentre providing compute resources for your applications. Located on ListX site security is at the heart of what we do delivery her performance systems to our clients need.

Managed AWS

Jisc Services Ltd

AWS provides a suite of compute, storage and associated public cloud services that allow you to innovate and experiment, rapidly deploying new applications and scaling based on demand. Our service will help maintain the operational efficiency of your services, manage cost control and ensure good security practice.

Check Point Hosted Management Service

Pentesec Ltd

With Pentesec, your Check Point Management Server will be hosted on an Enterprise High Availability Multi-Domain Server Cluster, across geographically separated Datacenters. This provides constant availability and scaling resource management, all backed up with an industry leading Enterprise SLA and without losing the ability to self manage your organisation’s security.

O2 Cellular WAN

Telefonica UK Limited

The Cellular WAN service is a portable, convenient and affordable way to use cellular-network connectivity to create a true WAN extension. Using a pre-configured plug-and-play router, O2 Cellular WAN works straight out of the box. So your network connection can be up-and-running in minutes. All you need is power.

RocStac™ OpenStack (Native) IaaS

Roc Technologies Limited

Powered by OpenStack®, Cloud Native IaaS provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that meet the expectations of today's DevOps and WebOps communities. Engineered specifically for organisations delivering true UK OFFICIAL cloud-native applications which are connected to the PSN-Protected, PNN and RLI networks.

Azure IoT Hub


Connect, monitor and manage billions of IoT assets – Use Azure IoT Hub to securely connect, monitor and manage billions of devices to develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT Hub is an open and flexible cloud platform as a service that supports open-source SDKs and multiple protocols.

SharePoint Intranet’s Powered by Beezy - CoreGov


Beezy is the intelligent workplace for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. By extending the Microsoft productivity stack, Core can help your organisation quickly unify the digital workplace and empower users to communicate, share and collaborate better, providing a fixed outcome for a set price.

Systems Management & Monitoring


CANCOM UK Systems Management & Monitoring service provides 24/7/365 management and monitoring of clients’ environments, from hypervisors, servers, virtual machines and storage, to network devices and can even reach out to public cloud environments to provide clients the same level of support regardless of location.

Shared Cloud


A shared cloud environment provides a cost-effective, agile and powerful storage solution in the SysGroup cloud. SysGroup is tech-agnostic, offering our own cloud alongside expertise in other technologies, including AWS and Azure. The service offers fixed monthly costs alongside a 100% uptime guarantee and advanced security features.

Cost Management


Optimize what you spend on the cloud, while maximizing cloud potential.

Q VMware NSX

Q Associates Limited

VMware NSX® is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering the operational model of a virtual machine for entire networks. With NSX, network functions including switching, routing, and firewalling are embedded in the Hypervisor. NSX-T performs similar SDN functions for non-VMware environments.

StreamCloud Virtual Servers

Stream Networks Ltd

StreamCloud Virtual Servers allows businesses to take advantage of the Cloud knowing that an established business provider is taking care of the infrastructure. The Virtual environment is VMware based and uses latest Dell server and storage technology alongside Cisco routing, firewall and network topology.

SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances

Softcat Limited

Run SAP solutions across development, testing, and production scenarios in Azure. SAP on Azure solutions help you optimize your enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud using the security features, reliability, and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure of Azure.

Q VMware ELA

Q Associates Limited

Q Associates VMware ELA service combines SDDC technologies from VMware for building and managing cloud infrastructures. Accelerating your digital transformation through a software-defined approach to business and IT. Allowing you to run, manage, connect and secure applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment, enabling freedom and control.

SharePoint Records Management - CoreGov


SharePoint comes out-of-the-box with records management tools that enable a secure environment for storing content used for reference and not collaboration.

JW PM Health and Justice Cloud Hosting Services

John White PM Ltd

JW PM is a lead provider of VDI solutions for the Health and Justice healthcare arena in England. Successfully deploying VDI solutions to police healthcare and prisons healthcare. The solutions are bespoke to the client, follow all standards set by the authority including integration with NHS SPINE services.

Bedrock Data Warehouse (Healthcare)

New Company Services Ltd

Bedrock Data Warehouse is the result of more than 15 years of experience in the NHS. Currently Bedrock is used by many types of NHS organisation including: - Acute Providers - Mental Health - Community Health - CCGs - CSUs - ICS Bedrock delivers an end to end Data Warehouse.

Amazon KMS by KCOM


AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) is a managed service that makes it easy for you to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt your data and uses HSMs to protect the security of your keys.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute offers a wide range of compute options including bare metal (BM), virtual machine (VM), graphics processing unit (GPU), and high-performance computing (HPC) instances. Our offerings empower enterprises with the elasticity and cost savings of the public cloud while maintaining security and control of their business-critical workloads.

Amazon Storage Gateway by KCOM


AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service that enables your on-premises applications to seamlessly use AWS Cloud storage. You can use the service for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud data processing, storage tiering, and migration.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Data Platform

ProArch IT Solutions

An opinionated architecture for processing data of varying volume, variety, veracity and velocity Automated accelerators to deploy, configure and secure this architecture in Azure Options for deploying a team to help build out data assets or work in a mixed model


Speech-i Ltd.

Digital4Democracy is a cloud based platform for the digitalization of Public Administration reporting activities it is based on Automatic speech recognition & Digital technologies enabling a new generation of verbalization services. More than 500 Public Administration are using the platform worldwide

Azure Mobile Engagement

Softcat Limited

A fully managed service for composing data storage, processing, and movement services into streamlined, scalable, and reliable data production pipelines.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Consultancy & Implementation Services

Storm ID

Storm ID facilitates Microsoft Azure platform as a service encompassing: Azure App Service - a fully managed cloud platform including DevOps, continuous integration with Visual Studio Online. SQL Azure Database - a service providing web-facing database functionality as a utility service including rapid provisioning, scalability, high availability, and reduced management.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Specialist Computer Centres plc

"Simplify the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes. Use a fully managed Kubernetes container orchestration service.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Perfect Image

A managed service for Microsoft Azure that is supported by qualified technicians and offers clear business benefits to customers. We are a partner that is skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, cost control, security and management of your environment

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Our VDI Service delivers a full featured desktop solution that can be accessed from a wide range of desktop and mobile devices. The service also provides management of applications integrates with Mobile Device Management and delivers a range of customisable security features

Oracle Cloud Hosting Services

Namos Solutions Ltd

Oracle IaaS, PaaS, and DbaaS to host infrastructure, middleware, and databases. Namos solutions manages the interaction and delivery of the hosting of the service to the end client.

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Quorum Network Resources Ltd

Quorum are a Direct Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) which allows us to deploy leading edge IT services suitable for all business sizes. As a CSP Quorum are a single point of contact for any technical assistance and billing for Microsoft Cloud solutions.

OFFICIAL - Environment as a Service

Q-Solution Ltd

A complete platform, connected to the Internet, accredited to OFFICIAL (IL0/2) and consumed as a service. Allows the buyer to focus on application build. Platform includes all necessary System Monitoring, Protective Monitoring (GPG13), AV, IDS, IPS, Alerting, Remote Access, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Detection and Behavioural Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Hosting (Gold Partner), IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Shaping Cloud

Microsoft Azure Hosting and Managed Services, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and all other associated services. Extensive experience through successfully migrating large public sector workloads to Azure since 2015. Now also providing the same to other sectors.

Cloud Hosting TIBUS PaaS


TIBUS PaaS allows you to create, build and scale Virtual Servers with selected O/S and database on demand. Typically these are used for Production, Test and Development environments, priced on an Annual, Monthly, Daily and Per Hour basis. All services are ISO27001 accredited (equivalent IL2/IL3)

Carelink HSCN Cloud - Managed VM Service

Carelink - Piksel Ltd

A secure, highly available virtual platform with connectivity to HSCN and the Internet.

Managed Infrastructure

Anson Resolution

Compute as a Service provides you with the trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform you need to deliver enterprise and cloud-native applications. Cloud Storage is a secure, massively scalable and very resilient next generation storage platform designed to address a wide variety of use-cases.

SQL Server on virtual machines


SQL Server on virtual machines. Easily migrate your SQL Server workloads to the cloud.

AWS Workspace Application Manager

Phoenix Software Ltd

AWS WorkSpaces Application Manager (Amazon WAM) offers a fast, flexible, and secure way for you to deploy and manage applications for Amazon WorkSpaces. Amazon WAM accelerates software deployment, upgrades, patching, and retirement by packaging Microsoft Windows desktop applications into virtualized application containers.

Microsoft Azure Hosting Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Total Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is secured through a global network of Microsoft managed data centres. Service to support the on-premise release of BC.

Computer Vision API

Softcat Limited

A fully managed service for composing data storage, processing, and movement services into streamlined, scalable, and reliable data production pipelines.

Contrex VoIP

Hello Telecom PLC

Hosted Voice Communications for offices, schools and other establishments that enjoy Cloud connectivity. Replacing legacy telephone systems with intelligent IP-based communications services. Integrating business management systems with fixed and/or mobile voice communications.

Cloud Hosting (Google Cloud)

Capgemini UK plc

Capgemini has substantial and long-standing experience in delivering Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services to our customers. Capgemini is not a cloud operator; however, we leverage Public and Private clouds to procure, configure and manage for our client’s needs.

Microsoft Office 365

FCO Services

FCO Services' managed Microsoft Office 365 is specifically for government departments working at the OFFICIAL classification requiring a collaboration solution. For Government. By Government.

Palo Alto Managed & Transformation services

Softcat Limited

Palo Alto Networks delivered services to support network security and infrastructure transformation. Based on a scoped set of deliverables, defined work packages and milestone payments. Including security workshops, discovery & architecture design, pilots,testing,HLD&LLD, deployment & validation, operational readiness, operational support, handover and knowledge transfer.

Azure Kinect DK


Azure Kinect is a developer kit, peripheral with advanced artificial intelligence sensors for sophisticated computer vision and speech models. It combines a best-in-class depth sensor and spatial microphone array with a video camera and orientation sensor all in one small device with multiple modes, options and SDKs.

Microsoft Azure Platform

Ultima Business Solutions Ltd

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications. You manage the applications and services that you develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else.

Amazon CloudTrail by KCOM


Amazon CloudTrail provides a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made via the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and higher-level AWS services (e.g. AWS CloudFormation). The AWS API call history produced by CloudTrail enables security analysis, resource change tracking, and compliance auditing.

Moodle, Totara and Mahara eLearning Managed Hosting

TDM Open Source Software Services

Our cloud hosting environment is specifically designed to optimally host the platforms which we have worked with for over a decade. Our Moodle, Totara and Mahara hosting is resilient and flexible to suite your needs.

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Specialist Computer Centres plc

In online content delivery, user experience is everything. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets you reduce load times, save bandwidth and speed responsiveness – whether you’re developing or managing websites or mobile apps, or encoding and distributing streaming media, gaming software, firmware updates or IoT endpoints.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Software and Application Development

Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd

Google Cloud Platform offers many services for greenfield software and application development. Services include serverless services like App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Firestore and Cloud SQL. Kubernetes Engine is a managed containerisation platform giving greater cloud neutral flexibility where required. Virtual servers are available for traditional or monolithic applications.

Atos IRIS UK Cloud Hosting

Atos IT Services UK Ltd

Atos IRIS UK Cloud Hosting platform will provide a secure, UK based, OFFICIAL cloud hosting service support by HMG SC cleared staff, suitable for mission critical workloads, delivered from ISO-27001 certified data centres that meet UK Government security standards for OFFICIAL. It is available on a monthly, pay-as-you-use subscription basis.

Wordpress Hosting - Dedicated Server Hardware

Flint Studios Ltd

Fast, secure Wordpress hosting supplied on Dedicated Hardware Servers. All hosting is based in secure UK Compliant Data centres.

CDW Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

CDW Limited

Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.

Azure Event Hubs

Softcat Limited

A fully managed service for composing data storage, processing, and movement services into streamlined, scalable, and reliable data production pipelines.

Azure Data Explorer

Softcat Limited

Azure Data Explorer is a fast, fully managed data analytics service for real-time analysis on large volumes of data streaming from applications, websites, IoT devices and more. Ask questions and iteratively explore data on the fly to improve products, enhance customer experiences, monitor devices and boost operations.

Web Application Managed Hosting with Optional Offsite Disaster Recovery Service

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

Web Application Managed Hosting Service offers scalable, ISO9001 and ISO27001 supported hosting and management of your web application. Windows, IIS, .NET, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Fully managed UK based service, Connect’s application hosting offers public and private cloud virtual server or physical server. Offsite, UK based disaster recovery option available.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure


Capito Managed Cloud Infrastructure is scalable, resilient, secure and fully redundant. Public, Hybrid and Private clouds are built on VMware vSphere in a high availability configuration across a network of data centres. Self-managed or fully managed, supported 24x7, organisations have flexible on-demand access to compute resources.

ISB Cloud Hosting Services (Platform as a Service)

ISB Global Limited

ISB Global (ISB) provides best in class Cloud Hosting Services to their customers. We provide a full service from design, build, ongoing support, tried and tested templates or bespoke hosting solutions. We recommend utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a world class cloud computing platform.

Azure DevOps Projects


With DevOps Projects, start running your application on any Azure service in just three steps—simply select an application language, a runtime, and an Azure service.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Vysiion Ltd

VMware Cloud on AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) to deliver software-defined data centres (SDDCs) as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Hosting

Sapient Ltd

Our Cloud Hosting service consists of the provision of infrastructure, software and administrative tasks to make applications securely available to clients over the Internet. We offer clients a global, platform-agnostic service. We are experienced in delivering scalable, secure and rapidly deployed hosting solutions via all of the public cloud providers.

Azure Application Gateway

Softcat Limited

Establish secure, cross-premises VPN connectivity. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Multi-Cloud for VMware Assured OFFICIAL

Clarity Tech Ltd

Our VMware-based public cloud is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL VMware workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure VMware data sovereignty. The VMware service is scalable on-demand, flexible, billed by the hour, with full support free of charge.

Managed Infrastructure as a Service (MIaaS) & Server Support - CoreGov


Core’s Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides Windows virtual machines hosted in Microsoft Azure, fully managed and monitored by Core’s service desk. Azure offers a full range of virtual machines with varying performance characteristics to meet the smallest workload to the largest data warehousing requirements.

Q_Azure - Virtual Machine - Linux

Q Associates Limited

Cloud Compute Services. Azure Linux Virtual Machines / VMs. Available in UK Datacentre region. RLI connected.

Private Cloud Storage Assured OFFICIAL

UKCloud Ltd

Our object storage-based private cloud service is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for private storage OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty.  Private Storage provides isolated single-tenant environments that can be designed specifically for your workload requirements.

Platform as a Service

Advanced 365

Platform as a Service from Advanced provides customers with a fully managed, scalable platform for Red Hat and Microsoft. The service includes patching, monitoring and service desk. Advanced's ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications ensure quality and security and all services are aligned to ITILv3 industry best practice.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Nigsun Limited

Nigsun Cloud Hosting service provides secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage for data archiving and backup. You can store your data cost effectively for months, years, or even decades. With our scalable infrastructure you can switch it on when required.

Datacenta - Managed Wordpress Hosting


This service allows customers to develop and maintain websites in the WordPress CMS and post on to the Internet. Sites are hosted on a dedicated virtual server, (Single Core, 2Ghz, 2GB Ram, 50G Storage, 200GB per month of data transfer, two IPV4 IP addresses, reverse DNS) on a shared host.

Amazon ElastiCache by KCOM


Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud. ElastiCache supports two open-source, in-memory caching engines: Memcached and Redis.

Azure App Service - Web Apps

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

Create and deploy mission-critical web apps that scale with your business. Available in the UK Datacentre region.

Award winning Backup (BaaS) & DR (DRaaS) including Office365 - Nexprotect


NexProtect is a Hybrid-Cloud Backup and DR as a service (BaaS) (DRaaS) with fixed term pricing. Our unique commercial model with a fixed cost over 12 - 36 months, means no more surprise bills for Data Egress & includes Office365 backup

telent Cloud Services - BaaS

telent Technology Services Ltd

With telent Cloud Services BaaS, you can have control of your backup routine with the added benefit of keeping a copy offsite in telent Cloud Services. The software provides an easy to use portal where all backup targets can be set and monitored, and all backup routines set and managed.

WordPress CMS Hosting

Zodiac Media Ltd

We offer enterprise level managed cloud hosting for your WordPress website using UK based data centres with 99.9% up time guarantees. As part of our hosting service we include 1 day per month of support time, this includes out of working hours support.

Cloud Storage Elevated OFFICIAL

UKCloud Ltd

Our object storage-based S3 compatible public cloud storage service is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty. Our Cloud Storage is on-demand, flexible, billed monthly, with full support free of charge.

UKN Group DaaS

UKN Group Limited

Desktop as a Service

Private Cloud for Oracle Software Elevated OFFICIAL

UKCloud Ltd

Our Oracle-based private cloud service is designed exclusively for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure Oracle data sovereignty. A Private Cloud Oracle SPARC single-tenant environment that can be designed specifically for your workload requirements.

Amazon Secrets Manager by KCOM


Secrets Manager helps you protect secrets needed by your applications and services in order to operate effectively. The service lets you easily rotate, manage, and retrieve database credentials, API keys, and other secrets by making calls to the Secrets Manager API, eliminating the need to hard-code sensitive information in plaintext.

BloomReach Cloud


With BloomReach Cloud, you can quickly launch new initiatives, such as landing pages, content marketing campaigns, new communication channels and changes to your current digital environment, without having to wait for infrastructure to build and deploy them for you. BloomReach Cloud is entirely customisable to the needs of the user.

Intelligent Voice

Intelligent Voice

Scalable, Secure Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing for highly regulated and privacy sensitive environments. The Intelligent Voice Speech Analysis Software provides a powerful and comprehensive suite of speech analysis capabilities, covering e-discovery / e-disclosure, live and post call compliance monitoring, PCI redaction, legal and regulatory services, and fraud prevention.

SharePoint Document Management - CoreGov


Document management is one of the fundamental benefits of SharePoint, and when executed correctly, using Core's extensive experience, we can help you deliver a first-class environment using our "best practice" approaches for information architecture, taxonomy, security and more.

L3C AIX (Unix) Cloud (IaaS)

L3C Limited

Cloud service for IBM AIX and HPUX and Solaris Unix environments. Public clouds such as AWS do not support AIX and Unix but with L3C AIX cloud services you can gain the benefits of cloud for your AIX/Unix workloads and we will connect to your Public Cloud applications.

Microsoft Cloud Azure Hosting Services

Tisski Limited

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation thrive. This service provides Microsoft Azure hosting of customer workloads via Microsoft's Infrastructure as a Service offering. This includes the setup and provision of a customer tenant and associated Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) arrangement for billing/ invoicing.

Azure Bot Service

Softcat Limited

A fully managed service for composing data storage, processing, and movement services into streamlined, scalable, and reliable data production pipelines.

Azure DNS

Civica UK Limited

Host your DNS domain in Azure for outstanding performance and availability, via Civica.

Azure Analysis Services

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

Q_UKc_Multi-Cloud for OpenStack Assured Official

Q Associates Limited

Our OpenStack-based public cloud is designed exclusively for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty. Our OpenStack service is scalable on-demand, flexible, billed by the hour, and with full support free of charge.

Microsoft Azure Stack

Cisilion Limited

Cisilion are able to offer many of the benefits of Azure’s comprehensive range of on-demand services. By building on the Azure hybrid cloud platform, we provide you with advanced capabilities to simplify and extend your infrastructure, while maintaining a secure and controllable environment.

Drupal 7 Hosting

Axis12 Limited

Drupal is a Content Management System designed for high volume and complex website needs. Axis12 is an ISO 27001 certified company, providing cloud-based web hosting services since 2005. Our Drupal 7 hosting service is a resilient and scalable infrastructure designed to service critical digital services and applications.

Magento Hosting - Dedicated Server Hardware

Flint Studios Ltd

Fast, secure Magento hosting supplied on Dedicated Hardware Servers. All hosting is based in secure UK Compliant Data centres.