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  • Cyber Security Consultancy Services


    We provide a range of services that focus on Cyber Security disciplines relating to Cloud and Digital migration programmes, these being: - Security Architecture as a Service - Security Test Management Services - Audit, Risk and Compliance - Security based DevOps and Application Security

  • Cyber Consulting as a Service

    SecureCloud+ Limited

    Cyber Consultancy as a Service helps organisations assess their security posture focussing on confidentiality, integraty and availability across security and technical architectures. To adapt to the evolving threat landscape the service assesses security posture, big data and IoT in providing dynamic and risk based cyber operarting models.

  • Digital Twins

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical system that enables better decision making. We have combined PA’s capabilities across science, engineering, analytics, cloud engineering, operational improvements and cyber security to deploy secure digital twins to support critical business decision making at several private and public sector organisations.

  • McKinsey Cyber Solutions - Cyber Security

    McKinsey & Company, Inc. United Kingdom

    At Cyber Solutions by McKinsey, we recognise that persistent threats and ubiquitous connectivity present an unprecedented cyber risk landscape. We help leaders understand cyber risk in the context of their strategy, identify and fill gaps with industry tested best practices and track the performance of cyber security initiatives and investments.

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Pen Testing

    Arcanum Information Security Limited

    Arcanum Information Security are a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Certified Cyber Security Consultancy. We specialise in Cyber Risk Consulting, Pen Testing and Digital Forensics. Our experienced CCP accredited Consultancy team support clients from Defence, Government, Private Sector, Critical National Infrastructure and Charities in the UK and abroad.

  • Data Protection and Cyber-risk Service


    Trilateral Research provides data protection and cyber-security services to support public sector, education and healthcare organisations to navigate regulatory frameworks and improve compliance. Our Data Protection Officer, IT Security, DPO Assist and cloud transformation services provide practical, evidence-based recommendations to assist organisations to meet information governance, digital transformation, cloud-migration obligations.

  • Cyber-threat Modelling

    Digi2al Limited

    Understanding cyber-threats and how to appropriately respond is a key component of any organisation’s digital capability. Digi2al treats cyber awareness as a digital transformation project, identifying and understanding vulnerabilities in technology and processes. The complexities of technical solutions and tools is managed by Digi2al, ensuring the optimum solution for clients.

  • PwC Cyber Incident Response Services

    PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

    Assisting organisations to prepare, respond and mitigate cyber security incidents both within their on premise, hybrid and cloud environments.

  • Cyber Security Transformation


    Cyber security transformation consultancy, advice and guidance to positively disrupt and influence organisations at all levels to affect risk-balanced, cost-effective and proportional security change through seismic organisational shifts while remaining aligned (or to re-align) to the Technology Code of Practice, Digital Service, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines and standards.

  • Cyber Security & Privacy Consultancy


    Cyber security and privacy consultancy for designing, migrating, operating or re-aligning digital and enterprise technologies and services, including holistic transformation. All delivered in line with the Technology Code of Practice, Digital Service Standard, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines and standards.

  • DXC Technology Cyber Maturity review

    EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

    DXC's Cyber Maturity Review consultant-led workshops, reviews, and GAP analysis to determine the client’s current cyber-security capability maturity, and their business need for cyber-security risk management, in order to build a strategic roadmap that will maximise the value of balancing cyber security risk against cost of controls.

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Consultancy

    BJM Group Ltd

    Providing Technical Specialists & Services delivering 360 Solutions helping buyers design ,build, & maintain Cloud Security. Providing Accredited & Security Cleared Security Consultants & Services for Function Design & Build, Security Architecture, SOC, Penetration Testing, Cloud Services Managed Support, Cyber Security Training, Product Evaluation & Technology Risk & Crisis Management.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Modern Digital Workplace

    Aberdeen Cyber Security Ltd.

    Aberdeen Cyber Security will work with you to manage and host a Microsoft Modern Digital Workplace environment. This is a cloud-based suite of services that integrates with corporate devices, mobile devices, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure all whilst doing so in a secure manner and by using a cloud-native approach.

  • Digital Transformation and Strategy

    SA Group Ltd

    Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and delivering value to your customers by enhancing their experience whilst mitigating disruptive threats to the enterprise.

  • Digital Strategy For Secure Public Services

    Michael Page International

    PageGroup works cross-functionally with your organisation to understand potential threats in Digital Security. This includes Cyber Threats, Analytics & AI, Social Media, Mobile, Cloud & Internet of Things where appropriate. We develop a Digital Security risk maturity assessment and develop a roadmap for a Secure Digital Strategy.

  • Agility in cyber defence

    Kaze Digital & Data Limited

    Kaze works with you to develop the organisational agility (vision, strategy, operating model, governance, processes, technology and people) you need to dynamically adapt and evolve cyber security operations to defend against a rapidly changing cyber threat landscape.

  • Compliance Cloud COBALT

    Crystal Thinking (Crystal Marketing Limited)

    Continual cyber risk management, providing; 1. Real-time browser-based compliance dashboard and incident alerting. 2. Continual alignment with the Cyber Essentials framework, reporting vulnerabilities and secure configuration issues for all Windows & Linux servers and user devices. 3. Pre-preparation of IT infrastructure for streamlined Cyber Essentials assessments & renewals.

  • Smart City Cyber Security

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group provide Smart City Cyber Security services across the full life cycle of your smart programme or project. We are certified by the IOT Security Institute (Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Professional) and work using a Triple Helix and P3M/Cyber/Data/Culture/Technology model to ensure your project’s success end to end.

  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance (IA) services for the NHS and Wider Healthcare market

    max20 Project Solutions

    max20 Project Solutions provides comprehensive and professional Cyber Security and Information Assurance (IA) services to support your cloud business and digital solutions. We offer cyber security and information assurance strategy and policy development, technical security design and architectural review, risk assessment/management and compliance support for key security standards.

  • Cyber Essentials Certification


    Cloud-based portal access to enable Cyber Essentials qualified auditor assistance in completion, submission and certification to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification. As an accredited and registered Certification Body under the Cyber Essentials scheme, we provide Cyber Essentials assistance and Cyber Essentials certification. We also deliver Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

  • Cyber Investigations


    Our Digital Forensics Team combine up to date, network analysis and inspection capability to investigate any damage, facilitated by a cyber-attack. Applying evidential practice where necessary, Leonardo support cyber security and internal corporate incident investigations and can supply a disaster recovery plan.

  • Digital Forensic Data Analysis and Reporting Managed Service


    4Secure digital forensics service can be used to provide analysis of digital data in response to a cyber incident, loss of data and for investigatory purposes. Our digital forensic service can be provided on an ad-hoc per incident basis, a managed service or over the wire cloud based service.

  • Optimised Cloud Solutions

    Velocitii Digital Solutions

    Optimised cloud solutions through agile digital and technology delivery to achieve strategic organisational goals. Specialist areas include Strategic Design, Discovery, Ideation and Alpha phases, Service and Content Design, User Research, UX, Product and Delivery Management, Technical Architecture, TUPE, cyber-security, data analysis, EU-Exit, PMO, and commercial, finance and exit management.

  • Digital Transformation

    LA International Computer Consultants Limited

    Digital Transformation services to deliver user-focused cloud and web based services to Digital by Default service standards. Suited to moving legacy solutions, applications and Infrastructure to the Cloud. Consultation on adopting Agile or Waterfall practice including product management, WebOps, analysis and development. Suitable for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS.

  • Web Design & Development

    JBi Digital

    JBi has ten years of experience delivering high quality web design and development services. JBi’s user-focused (UX) websites and applications are built securely using industry best practice. We have expertise in a variety of technologies and platforms such as: Drupal, Magento, WordPress, AngularJS, plus digital strategy and cloud hosting management.

  • Mvine for Distributed Digital Identity Management

    Mvine Limited

    Mvine for Distributed Digital Identity Management works alongside GOV.UK Verify ID assurance. Process more identity attributes with Citizen consent. Cloud software for Central and Local Government, and Devolved Administrations aligning their digital services to a Government Transformation Strategy. Available today for procurement from the Digital Marketplace under G-Cloud 12 framework.

  • Cyber Security - Secure by Design

    Atkins Limited

    Our Secure by Design service ensures appropriate security activities are embedded throughout our client’s design and build process. We then assess, specify and design tailored security requirements into digital infrastructure and products, to provide a pragmatic level of security resilience that safeguards your operations.

  • Digital Transformation and Strategy Consultant

    Astula Ltd

    Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers by enhancing their experience whilst mitigating disruptive threats to the enterprise.

  • Advice Cloud G-Cloud and Digital Procurement Service

    Advice Cloud Ltd

    Our G-Cloud Procurement advice service allows buyers to source expertise to assist with either the full G-Cloud buying / procurement process or discreet elements. Extensive referenceable Central & Local government, Health, Education & Blue-light experience.

  • Cyber Security Defence Services - Security Management

    Mphasis UK Limited

    Having supported 20+global clients on Cybersecurity, Mphasis Cyber Defence Services targets growing cyber threats effectively using disruptive security technology to provide customers the confidence to use technology in a boundaryless digital environment. Through this offering, we propose to provide our Cyber-COE in Cyber Advisory, Cyber Technology Implementation and Cyber Operations.