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  • On-Demand Document Generation


    Produce professional-looking Employee, Recruiting and Payroll Documents within minutes with data from SAP and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Recruiting. Access, generate and route your documents and letters anytime directly from your SAP SuccessFactors homepage with Strato’s smart self-service widgets. Publishing your documents and letters has never been this easy!

  • FLEX AI Smart Houses


    FLEX Smart Houses transform the way ‘care’ is delivered, by creating an experience-centered approach for older adults around ‘assisted living and loneliness’. Create AI led smart home services, accessing comprehensive knowledge about individual wellbeing by combining all  sensory, wearables and activity data into an expanded machine learning capability.

  • Incident Recording, Estates Management, Wellbeing Apps

    KIM Software Solutions Ltd

    The software platform provides a simple to use but effective management tool for the recording and management of incidents, estates and facilities with self service and contractor management and staff wellbeing using Browser and Mobile Devices

  • Secure Remote Desktop as a Service (Raspberry Pi)


    Developed in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus, our secure zero trust desktop device enables departments to securely connect to corporate cloud services without VPN infrastructure. Delivered as a Kiosk device, configured to connect to Google Docs, Classroom, Office365. A low cost solution to support remote operations

  • Syscon Offender Management System

    N. Harris Computer Corporation

    Over decades of real-world experience, Syscon delivers powerful and proven offender management solutions to the business challenges faced by our corrections agency clients. Across our customer base, our client agencies have collaborated with us in the design of our information-management tools for safer and effective supervision to all convicted persons.

  • Avane IoT Cloud Geo-Fencing Engine

    Holhooja Ltd.

    Avane IoT Analytics and Rules Engine is robust IoT platform that enables the efficient adoption of IoT technology for your organisation. The Geo-fencing service enables an organisation to ensure that alerts are sent when two or more tracked objects becomes separated or close to one another within a monitored location.

  • NHS staff and healthcare bookings and appointments

    Zipporah Ltd

    Designed to include NHS/healthcare, this comprehensive scheduling system makes light work of bookings and managing resources like interpreter staff, experts and clinicians through intelligent staff and resource allocation based on availability, location, qualification etc. Assisting with timesheets, invoicing and payroll and Google maps integration (for distance/journey time). Includes HL7 integration.

  • BookingLive: Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling for Local Authorities

    Booking Live Software Limited

    The BookingLive Appointment Scheduling and Booking Software enables local authorities and councils to manage availability and appointments (online, in venue and by phone) with intuitive systems to manage customers, staff and resources. To support digital transformation agendas, the platform includes queue management, payment facilities and event management.

  • BriteLocate AR - Augmented Reality Wayfinding

    Briteyellow Limited

    BriteLocate AR is an app-plugin for integration with mobile wayfinding apps bringing high definition personal guidance with visual indoor positioning and navigation.

  • Archibus Enterprise IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System)


    ARCHIBUS is an IWMS technology solution covering a range of CRE enterprise technology needs.  Its modular system allows a specific functional area to be implemented separately of others.  The modules encompass these main areas:  Portfolio Management, Space Management, Capital Projects, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Sustainability and Risk, and Workplace Experience.

  • MyTAG Proof of Health and Safety Compliance

    MyTAG Ltd

    MyTAG Health and Safety Compliance uses proof-of-presence technologies, which cannot be falsified (unlike Barcode/QR-Code/NFC), to authenticate equipment/process/health and safety/Covid-19 compliance routines. Health and Safety compliance tags are scheduled to provide notifications to compliance teams of upcoming/overdue audits, and interactive compliance questionnaires/Documents/Incident Reporting/Photo/Video-capture are shared from the audit location in real-time.

  • Reception Sign in App with Sharepoint

    Cloud Cover IT Limited

    To design and tailor SharePoint to monitor and track staff and guests access to buildings providing guest lists, fire registers, email updates for visitors, and wayfinding information to meeting rooms

  • SmartCitizen Cloud Self Service Portal

    SmartCitizen Limited

    A customer-facing self-service website which is delivered and accessed across an agreed web URL, providing end users the ability to apply for, purchase, renew or replace a local authority issued pass (either smart or non-smart, photo or non-photo), with a real-time link to the central card management system.

  • SHREWD WaitLess

    Transforming Systems Limited

    WaitLess is a simple, easy to use smartphone app for patients which shows them where they can access the fastest care for minor injury and illness, based on real-time location, traffic information and current waiting times from Minor Injury Units (MIU), Walk-in-Centres and Accident and Emergency (A&E).

  • All-in-One Ticketing, CMS, eCommerce, and Access Control solution for Sports Clubs

    Hiberus Ltd

    Fan360 is the first developed and integrated platform for sports clubs, providing a comprehensive service: Ticketing, access control, ticket seasson renewal, eCommerce, web platform, etc.

  • Visitor Management with Queues

    Zipporah Ltd

    Visitor Management with Queues provides comprehensive management of customer flow at walk-in locations. Manage customers/guests from arrival to service delivery and empower staff to optimise and control high-volume customer traffic via use of an intelligent, intuitive interface. Improve queuing efficiency, operational performance and waiting times for all with Zipporah technology.

  • Proof of Address

    Melissa Data Ltd

    Checks and verifies that a person is associated with a specific postal address. Performs data verification on input contact data. Verify an individual's: name, address, phone, email, date of birth, and national ID. Service helps with regulatory compliance, preventing fraud, KYC initiatives, and ensuring trust of the people accessing services.

  • FLEX AI Hybrid Learning Platform


    The AI Hybrid Learning Platform provides students with 24/7 self-service access to university knowledge, services and assistance across all channels. Hybrid Learning combines traditional, cloud, and AI approaches to provide today's students with a 360 Omni Channel University Experience from recruitment, enrolment, during their stay and as alumni

  • FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Self-Service Virtual meetings Skill


    The Omni Assistant Virtual Meeting Engagement Skill allows Citizens to self serve the booking of virtual meetings with the council via the AI Assistant. Any employee using Microsoft Teams can host meetings with citizens to continue to deliver key services when face to face is not possible.

  • Facial Recognition as a Service

    Viewdeck Consulting Limited

    Image recognition has developed massively in recent years and is starting to have an impact in real world applications. It still has some limitations, but we can work with you to ensure you are secure, productive and compliant. Managed service to deploy and integrate image/facial recognition into your application.

  • kcare

    Kinsetsu Limited

    kcare transforms delivery of community care equipment to client homes with digital checklists/digital mapping and IoT sensors, providing automated visibility and traceability. Equipment is picked from established COVID-19 safe locations and a digital footprint is created for all personnel/vehicles/equipment to ensure immediate reaction and containment in the event of infection.

  • Automated Contact Services

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    Our automated contact service enables you to reach your users quickly and effectively, allowing your staff to focus on their most value adding tasks. We automate contact to individuals across every channel using AI technologies. We bring data together to help you make the right decisions, at the right time.

  • FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Contact Agent Support Skill


    The FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Contact Agent Support Skill is able to improve the efficiency of staff who are dealing with citizen queries and is particularly useful for new or temporary contact staff. The Skill is part of the Citizen engagement platform from ICS.AI

  • FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Live Webchat Engagement Skill


    The Omni Assistant Live WebChat Engagement skill allows Citizens to engage digitally with the council via webchat. Any employee with Microsoft Teams can be a webchat agent and assist citizens with their queries

  • InVentry - Staff and Visitor Management System

    Snelling Business Systems Ltd

    Cloud-enabled integrated solution to accurately monitor who is in your building at any time. Speed up the visitor sign-in process, keep identity information secure, manage fire evacuation alerts, and leave your staff feeling confident that students or employees are safe and accounted for.

  • IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    The IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA) solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities and space, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform.

  • Veterinary Practice Management Software


    Brightwire provides consulting, configuration and integration of its cloud-based care management solution to help organisations to focus on individual-centred care. Care teams can capture, manage and assess individuals digital records, automate processes such as letters, trigger workflows to escalate or route cases, and manage and report on care plans.

  • Secure messaging services for custodial environments

    Unilink Software Ltd

    Unilink provides messaging services to custodial institutions which is far more efficient than traditional paper systems. The service offers internal staff to resident messaging and external messaging from approved friends/family to resident.

  • Net Zero Energy Building Management


    Cloud based carbon management and measurement of existing total building outputs. Reducing operational environmental impact and driving Green initiatives with retrofit solutions

  • - PRSONAS Holograms

    Penta Technology

    PRSONAS on are the digital assistants of the future. Imagine being greeted by a life-size hologram that can intelligently converse with you in over 40 different languages, including sign-language - the possibilities are endless and already include complex concierge and directions/way-finding services being used by the general public today.