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  • Argonaut - Traffic Signal Control

    Idox Software Limited

    Traffic signal control providing fixed time, adaptive control, traffic signal prioirty and remote monitoring fo traffic signals. Compatible to all UK standards, the solution is entirely modular in design ensuring that all signals and algorythms are supported using the underlying architecture.

  • Civica Fleet Management

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica delivers fleet management (Tranman) software and services that enable improved fleet management and operational efficiency; through whole life cost management, workshop/stores management and third-party maintenance providers. We possess a highly experienced and capable team of solutions architects and implementation consultants that undertake our projects and deliver within tight timescales.

  • Demand Responsive Transport Platform

    Spare Labs Europe S.L.

    Spare Platform allows Local Authorities and Transport Operators to simulate, launch and analyse a demand responsive transport network in a self-served manner through a cloud-based system consisting of a Admin Panel, a Driver App, a (whitelabeled) Passenger App, and an Open API to connect to any frontend.

  • Leidos Cloud Application Development Services

    Leidos Innovations UK Limited

    Leidos offers end-to-end application development services, designed for the Cloud and utilising the best technologies to meet customers’ Value for Money, quality and usability requirements. We have a global track record in reliably delivering solutions ranging from the simple to the complex, underpinned by our industry-leading core capabilities.

  • Motionworks Proximity


    Location solutions that not only automatically sense the location of your assets and inventory, help improve the safety of your people and streamline your business. Zebra MotionWorks™ arms you with actionable insights so you can optimize your business and keep an eye on your assets

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Construction Logistics Manager

    Atkins Limited

    Construction Logistics Manager has been developed for the construction sector. Bringing programme, cost and environmental impact together, allowing you to optimise your logistics and identify benefits. Using dedicated HGV routing, via TomTom for market leading data and routing options. Giving control to confidently challenge, optimise and improve your construction programme.

  • Argonaut - Alerts

    Idox Software Limited

    For Subscribed Users - travel alerts allow these users to be automatically notified when a change in the user’s defined route occurs. Users may then register for SMS and email alerts and may define the time periods for when they would like to be alerted.

  • Unity Convergence Platform


    Cloud based ISO27001 GDPR compliant convergence platform. Our service unifies your business information in a single consistent user experience, without moving the data, and provides detailed drill down capabilities. Integrates with Microsoft Power Platform tools and services.

  • Digital Display Content Management

    21st Century Technology PLC

    Displaying the right information is essential for effective communication with customers and transport service users. EPI is a feature-rich system specifically designed to remotely manage your display estate. The sign editor makes it easy to manage content and is adaptive to screen sizes and models.

  • Airport Display Management

    21st Century Technology PLC

    An airport display management system that assists airport owners and operators to ensure smooth management of buses and bus stands, based on the scheduled data with dynamically generated real time updates. The solution allocates buses to appropriate stands and provides information to customers through displays and online services.

  • P2D Digital Track and Trace

    P2D Limited

    P2D provides fully itemised, secure track and trace service with demonstrable proof of final destination and end to end visualisation of the product movement. The service includes the digital attachment of full customs declarations including all Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary PS certifications required by DEFRA and other regulatory bodies.

  • Avane IoT Cloud Geo-Fencing Engine

    Holhooja Ltd.

    Avane IoT Analytics and Rules Engine is robust IoT platform that enables the efficient adoption of IoT technology for your organisation. The Geo-fencing service enables an organisation to ensure that alerts are sent when two or more tracked objects becomes separated or close to one another within a monitored location.

  • PDFTables


    PDF Tables accurately extracts data from PDFs. It uses an AI algorithm which can see column shapes, and outputs spreadsheets. There is a web API so it can be automated.


    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Transport Operators and public sector modern web-driven platform to plan/manage/schedule bookings for on-demand / demand response transport/ accessible, flexible transport services/home to school journeys. Real-time journey dispatching and updates. Vehicle/Driver management. Mapping and Street management. Reporting functionality. Mainstream/SEN school transport. Dial-a-ride, Self-service Online Passenger Portal.

  • eLogii


    Cloud-based suite of software for planning, routing, dispatch and execution of road vehicles for distribution or field services.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.


    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Manage Real Time information (RTPi) for passenger info, fleet management, curtailment and cancellations. Create and manage routes, timetables and schedules. Drive digital displays, manage adherence for subsidised routes, drive Traffic Light Priority schemes. Import and export TXC datasets. Publish data via an Open API and create management KPI dashboards.

  • Argonaut - Streetworks and Road Works

    Idox Software Limited

    The Argonaut strategic control system takes an automatic feed from the existing Street works system to include a copy of street works in the database. Idox Transport automatically publishes the street works to either the Voyager web outputs or to a page on your website, requiring no manual intervention.

  • Border Enforcement App

    Equine Register Ltd

    Equine Register's Border Enforcement application allows border control staff to rapidly and accurately identify equines at border control points destined either for import or export, and in real time see other identification / registration data, vaccination status and food chain status.

  • MTC Transport Planning System


    Comprehensive home to school and social care transport planning system.

  • M.App Enterprise

    Hexagon Geospatial

    M.App Enterprise is a simple to navigate platform to build lightweight and dynamic geospatial (GIS) applications (Smart M.Apps) targeted to solve a specific problem. It combines content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to transform data into a smart digital reality. Hosted on premise or on the cloud.

  • Argonaut - Variable Message Signs

    Idox Software Limited

    Argonaut’s adaptor, automatically determines the appropriate legends to display on any operator station, or free-text, Car Park Guidance, RGB Pictogram VMS based on the conditions and command the VMS to display the appropriate information. Users can test messages and legends before committing them to the system and or the sign.

  • Civica Route Planning

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica Route Planning and Optimisation is fully integrated with Civica ePOD. Enabling organisations to manage complex route planning that maximises the use of vehicles/drivers, based on orders, weight/volume/location, vehicle capacity/time-window. System led, route building helps to reduce fuel cost, increase delivery capacity and customer satisfaction by delivering efficiently and on-time.

  • kcare

    Kinsetsu Limited

    kcare transforms delivery of community care equipment to client homes with digital checklists/digital mapping and IoT sensors, providing automated visibility and traceability. Equipment is picked from established COVID-19 safe locations and a digital footprint is created for all personnel/vehicles/equipment to ensure immediate reaction and containment in the event of infection.

  • NOVUS Traffic Light Priority

    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Create and manage Traffic Light Priority Schemes. Create Junction data and movement paths through junctions. Export junction data. Take RTIG TLP requests from multiple bus operators and broker to UTC / UTMC systems. Analyse effectiveness and produce management dashboards. Improve air quality and drive modal shift.

  • Ticketer


    The Ticketer System is an on-bus and back-office ticketing, tracking, and operations monitoring solution that offers a centrally managed web-based management and reporting tool. It integrates ticketing functionality with vehicle location, driver messaging and schedule adherence features to provide a complete solution for real-time, and historical, Bus Operation Management.

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • B2M and PagerSMS

    Saadian Technologies UK Limited

    B2M is a reliable and secure web-based SMS communication and messaging platform. B2M can integrate with external systems and be used for mass notifications and 2-way communications. B2M supports the PagerSMS emergency alerting service. This turns a mobile phone into a pager that alarms continuously until acknowledged by the recipient.

  • Flexiroute

    Data Images Software Solutions Ltd

    Scheduling and management of demand responsive passenger transport services. Used by Local Authorities, DRT Operators, Community Transport Schemes and Volunteer Car Schemes of all sizes. *Passenger App now available for DRT. Available for all platforms. Fully configurable. Book in advance or on demand as One-off or Regular trips.