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HackTrain Innovation, Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration Services

Hack Partners

We deliver digital transformation and innovation consulting services in the rail industry through a three-step process. This consists of identifying internal technology bottlenecks and inefficiencies within organisations, trialling cloud based solutions, and rolling out successful cloud technologies. This process results in enabling the adoption of RailTech within large organisations.

Secure Application Server Service GC10-ASC-SAS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure managed application hosting, providing management and delivery of an extensive range of native or 3rd party applications in a patched, secured, contained service. Supports a wide range of technologies under a fully configured DevOps environment with integrated Monitoring, Event Management, Monitoring etc.

Microsoft Intune

Akhter Computers PLC

Mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud

Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification - Secure Gateway VMIV GC10-IAS-MFS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification Secure Gateway Services, delivering a secure audited interoperability with the VMIV (Viewdeck Mobile Identity Verification) Law Enforcement, Border and Humanitarian Services and national infrastructure capabilities. Bilateral capability, both Transmission and Receiving in secure environments, cross-Agency interoperability, fully monitored/audited, combined load-balancing for resilient service integrity.

Sophos Central Security Products

Levett Consultancy Ltd

Levett Consultancy provides the range of Sophos Central products, including; Sophos Central - Sophos XG Firewall & Wireless Products Sophos Endpoint, Encryption, Mobile 8, & Server. Sophos Phish Threat

Opus UCaaS Online

Opus Telecoms

Opus UCaaS Online delivers a cloud-based, enterprise grade, Unified Communications service, that replaces the need for onsite PBX equipment whilst providing customers access to the full suite of Mitel MiVoice Business features. Services are provided on a per user per month basis, with minimal upfront capital investment or in-house skills.

Unify Mobile Detection System (UMDS) mobile phone removal for prison

Unify Business Solutions Limited

The Unify Mobile Detection System (UMDS) is an effective and affordable solution enabling covert mobile phone detection in a secure environment. Using surveillance instead of blocking, UMDS is 100% legal and provides an accurate solution to eliminate unwanted mobiles in prisons. The UMDS is undetectable and operates with autonomy 24/7.

Zscaler Web Security from O2

Telefonica UK Limited

Zscaler is a global cloud-based information security company that provides Internet security, web security, next generation firewalls, sandboxing, SSL inspection, antivirus, vulnerability management and granular control of user activity in cloud computing, mobile and Internet of things environments.


Cloudreach Europe Limited

Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform that provides high precision analytics and powerful automation to improve the ease, speed, and accuracy of moving clients to the cloud, so you can accelerate cloud adoption and migration, and ultimately your cloud revenue objectives.

OMx Insight

Innovative IT

A mobile dashboard for monitoring the status of business applications. OMX Insight aggregates data from underlying IT monitoring tool-sets and delivers the current service status and recent history to authorised users via a mobile app.

Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform


Exabeam uses data science for behavioral modeling, machine learning, and advanced analytics for comprehensive insider and entity threat detection. Exabeam's User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) provide insider threat detection, tracking anomalous behavior and suspect movements within your organization, while also securing your cloud services, machines, devices, and IoT assets.

CommandCentral Aware

Motorola Solutions UK Limited

CommandCentral Aware provides a common operational picture through the real-time aggregation, correlation and analysis of systems and disparate data sources including CAD, records systems, video feeds, local and/or national public safety related data sources, social media, asset and resource information, radio console connectivity.

Web Proxy Server as a Service GC10-ASC-SLA

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure managed Web Proxy service, delivering reverse proxy capabilities and separation for web applications. Provides load balancing, resilience, and HA in n-tier architecture. Security enforcing through separating Application Hosts from direct user connections. Supporting a range of security features providing a resilient platform, including optional security enhancing configuration.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Server as a Service (VETL) ​​GC10-SAS-ETL1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

VETL Enterprise class Extract, Transform and Load Solution, supports Big Data integration. Suitable for one-off migrations or constant data transformation. Visual data manipulation to join sources and data together. Integration and migration services across wide range of sources SQL, Hadoop HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Google BigQuery and NoSQL databases.

OCTANE Environment Management and Reporting

IB Boost

ORQAcloud provides a rich interface for monitoring and managing your environments with highly configurable dashboards, integrated monitoring, flexible data integration capabilities, historised results, performance analytics, customisable alerts and notification processes and environment provisioning self-service capabilities. Our ORQAcloud dashboard tool provides a one-stop-shop for your operational needs.

Remedy as a Service

Fusion Business Solutions

Fusion GBS is a Platinum Partner of BMC, reselling BMC Remedy as a Service. Remedy is the gartner magic quadrant leading ITSM solution, offering an intuitive mobile first user experience, increasing productivity and dramatically reducing the cost of ITSM for the digital organisation.



Pro-evaluate is a SaaS solution offering two distinct modules: 1; Audit & Compliance Module can be used across any function and area of business that requires regulating, and be compliant to a standard . 2; Incident Reporting Module takes users through investigations from a regulation breach, near miss or accident.

BMC Client Management On Demand

Fusion Business Solutions

Fusion GBS is a Platinum Partner of BMC, reselling BMC Client Management On Demand. BMC Client Management provides complete desktop, laptop and mobile device management helping organisations control hardware and software costs, avoid audit failure and maintain device security.

Workplace Sensor Services on the Matrix Detect IoT Gateway

Keytree Limited

Matrix Detect is the Internet of Things (IoT) platform for Matrix Booking. Using the standard Matrix API clients have access to a wide range of sensor services including occupancy, flow (people counters), proximity and environmental sensors.

Cisco Umbrella

Nowcomm Limited

Cloud Security Platform with advanced threat protection for devices with an IP address connecting to your network based on Cisco Technologies. If you can control the DNS settings of the device, you can transparently protect the device with Cisco Umbrella.

User Experience Monitoring (UEM) / Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Little Fish (UK) Ltd

With Littlefish User Experience Monitoring (UEM) / Application Performance Monitoring (APM) you can simulate and monitor the application specific actions (transactions) your users undertake on a day to day basis to assess performance, functionality, and optimisation.

Web Collaboration and Wiki Service (VWCW) GC10-VMP-WIK1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

The Viewdeck Web Collaboration and Wiki Service VWCW, is a collaboration, Wiki, and enterprise project website ideal for intranets, extranets or cross organisational working. The power of the Wiki allows teams to share content across domains and locations in a flexible secure way.

Kainos Smart Software

Kainos Worksmart Limited

'Kainos Smart' is a cloud-based automated-testing-platform built exclusively for testing Workday. This unique product makes it easy for non-technical users to create repeatable automated-tests for HCM, Security, Financials and Payroll modules – and is what Workday use to test their own deployment. Kainos is also a Workday Certified Implementation Partner.

Atlassian Managed Services Limited

Adaptavist Managed Services Premium is a fully managed service for Atlassian software products, such as JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket, in an Adaptavist hosted environment or in a client's private cloud, with service delivery manager, monitoring, backups, and SLA. Adaptavist can provide training, add-on development, licensing, and professional services including migration.

Azure Active Directory P1

Akhter Computers PLC

A full suite of identity management capabilities including multi-factor authentication, device registration, self-service password management, self-service group management, privileged account management, role based access control, application usage monitoring, rich auditing and security monitoring and alerting

Hybrid Cloud Management, Orchestration and Billing Services (Cisco CloudCenter, formerly CliQr) copy

Cloud Digital Limited

We are a Cisco CloudCenter Software partner. We engage, collaborate and deliver complete end to end Hybrid Cloud Management, Orchestration and Billing solutions including managed service options for internal and external cloud and vm support. Remove Shadow IT and grasp power and agility within internal cloud and public cloud offerings.

Viewdeck Visualisation of Data Service Kibana® (VSVL) GC10-SAS-VSL1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

VSVL is a Logstash® cloud service, that enables the ingestion of data from a multitude of sources simultaneously. Ability to ingest a variety of inputs to pull in large quantities from common sources.. VDIS supports transformation and the ability to visualise in services like Elasticsearch®.

Elasticsearch Service

Softcat Limited

Hosted/managed Elasticsearch & Kibana brought to you by the creators of the Elastic Stack to help you with logging, app search, site search, security analytics (SIEM), metrics, APM, and more. Elastic Cloud ships with X-Pack features including monitoring and security features like default encryption at rest and native authentication.


Cloudreach Europe Limited

CloudHealth’s Cloud Service Management platform integrates with services across the datacenter and cloud, giving customers the ability to visualize, optimize, and automate their cloud environments. Using a policy-driven approach aligned to business processes, customers leverage CloudHealth to drive cost savings, improve agility, enhance security, and reduce complexity.

Web Proxy Server as a Service (VWPS) - PaaS GC10-PAS-SLA1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure managed Web Proxy service, delivering reverse proxy capabilities and separation for web applications. Provides load balancing, resilience, and HA in n-tier architecture. Security enforcing through separating Application Hosts from direct user connections. Supporting a range of security features providing a resilient platform, including optional security enhancing configuration.

Cyber Data Science

Research Series Limited

Our Cyber Data Science service develops systems that use data sets in conjunction with capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science to optimise, repeat and industrialise operational tasks, gain performance and process efficiency. It's the fusion of cybersecurity, social media, cyber incident response & data science.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Incremental Group

Incremental Group uses the Microsoft Technology Stack to incrementally build and support scalable and secure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Incremental Group engages with Public Sector organisations to deliver business outcome focused software enabling reliable, secure, bi-directional communications between enterprise devices and the cloud.

CACI Impulse Education Management Information System


IMPULSE is a modular, single database, web-based education management system that allows greater efficiency by using a centralised, core pupil record. This innovation provides a holistic view of a child's educational activity and their family circumstance, through using advanced reporting functionality, portals, dashboards with mobile-optimised accessibility.

Security Incident Detection & Response


This is a cyber security service to help an organisation detect and respond to attacks. Our cloud platform collects relevant system data, has a set of threat use cases that analyse it, and then provides timely and understandable reports that describe the incident and provide guidance for the response.

CyberGator Cyber Monitoring Saas Service

Auriga Consulting Ltd

Security Event Monitoring can be costly. Auriga’s CyberGator bucks this trend and is a first to market of its type. CyberGator is a cost effective, subscription-based Cyber Security Monitoring SaaS service, that is agile, intuitive and real-time, offering much more than security monitoring alone. Security health and alerting are included

Skyhigh Networks CASB

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (Ireland) Ltd

Skyhigh is the leading cloud access security broker trusted by over 600 enterprises to securely enable over 20,000 cloud services, including shadow IT and sanctioned IT. Clients leverage a single cross-cloud platform to gain visibility into cloud usage and risks, meet compliance requirements, enforce security policies, and respond to threats.

Software AG - Digital Business Platform Cloud

Software AG (UK) Limited

The Software AG platform powers the Digital Enterprise and makes your business agile, fast, responsive and scalable. It leverages technologies including Adabas, Alfabet, Apama, ARIS, CentraSite, Global Consulting Services, Software AG Cloud, Terracotta and webMethods

User Entity Behavior Analytics

Microland Ltd

Creating Visibility, Dashboard and Reports on anomalous activities in your network by user and applications.

​​Secure Linux, Apache, MySQL and Php (LAMP) Application Service GC10-ASC-SLA1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Secure managed Web Software service, delivering a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php) application Service. Supports a wide range of web based applications (php, or perl based) in a patched, secured container service. Provides a range of security features providing a resilient platform, plus managed, monitored and backup services.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.

IronWorks: scheduled compliance and operational reporting for MobileIron

Bridgeway Security Solutions

MobileIron is the world's leading mobility management and security solution for large organisations. IronWorks unleashes the power of MobileIron's data to enable: scheduled reports providing actionable insights, long-term trend analysis, identification and location of missing or unused devices, and granular visibility of your most cost-effective MobileIron licensing model.

Electronic Personal Education Plan

Welfare Call (LAC) Limited

Welfare Call offers a Cloud based electronic personal education plan (ePEP) solution in an effort to improve both the quality and quantity of PEP’s, but also to make the PEP completion process more streamlined and user friendly

Cisco Workload Optimisation Manager (CWOM) - Turbonomic

Engage ESM

CWOM delivers Workload Automation for Hybrid Cloud environments by simultaneously optimizing performance, cost, and compliance in real-time. Cisco Workload Optimisation Manager (CWOM) solution in OEMed from Turbonomic

KPMG Sofy Suite


The KPMG Sofy Suite of products comprises four data analytics and workflow services (products): - Access Control Monitoring - Data Quality Insights - Process Insights - Risk Management Platform

Continuous Delivery as a Service GC10-DOS-CDS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Continuous Delivery as a Service provides a control over your software and infrastructure deployments, by automating integration across both infrastructure and application code. This gives your operations and development teams a common platform for developing, testing and deploying cookbooks, applications and more. Agility in the end to end capability.

DMARC Analyzer - Detect and prevent email phishing and spoofing

DMARC Analyzer

The main goal of DMARC is to detect and prevent email spoofing. Prevent brand abuse, scams and gain full insight on your email channel with DMARC Analyzer. 360° visibility and governance across all email channels.

Viewdeck Freedom of Information Service (VFOI) ​​GC10-SAS-VFI1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Viewdeck VFOI is a lifecycle request and case management management solution built on a secure cloud platform. It provides organisations with an electronic workplace, with all required workflow, document, records management, as well as integrated collaboration functions for comprehensive case management, email integration, and by mobile users on tablet devices.

Abavus - Non Production Environment

A testing and sandbox environment available for clients to conduct their own quality assurance and testing. A fully functional mirror of the client's live instance with the option to have all current configuration settings cloned at intervals upon request. Incremental clones are chargeable

Bramble Hub MACS - Maximo SAAS

Bramble Hub Limited

(SaaS) is a software delivery model in which software function is delivered over the internet, managed by a vendor and paid for on a subscription basis. This would allow you to securely access its secure data from anywhere, at any time, via the internet from our Partner’s Tier 3+ datacentres

Sophos Security Suite

Bechtle direct Ltd.

Broad Portfolio of solutions to address edge to endpoint security, with next generation intelligence

Mobile and Fixed Verification for Humanitarian Assistance ​​​​GC10-IAS-MFV1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Cloud-based Mobile and Fixed Identity Verification management for Humanitarian agencies, Suite of capability enabling officers to scan, capture and transmit, or validate and verify Travel Identity Documents, Passports, Visas, Permits, against Travellers and Citizens in a Mobile and hostile environment. Secure platform, suitable for deployment in sensitive and overseas environments.

Weave Cloud


Weave Cloud is a solution for application developers and operators, who are using Kubernetes, Docker and similar cloud native technologies. It provides an integrated dashboard that includes monitoring, alerting, visualisation, debugging, logging, deployment and management.

Viewdeck Fraud Identification Service (VFAS) GC10-SAS-VFA1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Fraud detection, identification and analysis techniques to visualise and mine your data. Rich multimedia, automatic data translation identifying relationships and building views of related items. Single View of data delivering unprecedented data discovery, automated process to combat fraudulent activity and criminal intent. Advanced machine learning, predictive analysis techniques identifying risks.

CTI Cyber Threat Intelligence Supreme

Research Series Limited

CTIS utilises the largest World's first open threat intelligence community of over 80,000 participants in 140 countries to fuss over 19 million threat indicators (IOCs) daily, available on open automated standards, e.g. OTX, STIX, CybOX and TAXII for sharing, and correlating threat intelligence against SIEM to enhance Cyber Situational Awareness.

Digital Managed Services

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Hosting (physical vs. virtualised vs. cloud; shared vs. dedicated) Infrastructure support Application support Maintenance Digital infrastructure audit Disaster Recovery (DR) & 'hot'/'warm'/'cold' High availability (managing demand) Managed Services audit (investigation), migration (taking on third-party services) and Business As Usual (BAU)

Bromcom MAT Vision

Bromcom Computers Plc

MAT Vision provides an online portal for viewing and aggregating data from multiple schools, partnered together in a Multi Academy Trust. It combines data on attendance, behaviour and attainment as well as staff absence, which can be interrogated with embedded BI dashboards and advanced reporting tools.



SD-WAN provides a secure hybrid overlay technology virtualizing the enterprise WAN with centralized management and control.

Reporting Server as a Service (VRSS) GC10-SAS-RSS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Enterprise class Reporting Service, designed to pull together Management Reports, Operational data and presentation information, Offline, Online and in Dashboards. Works across a wide range of standard data sources. Simple and efficient BI, OLAP, Reporting and Dashboards for wide business use.

Cloud Software for Behavioural modelling

Roke Manor Research

Roke provided supply, support, and customise applications to model behaviours and detect changes in behaviours. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

DTP Device as a Service

Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems Limited

Our offering whether for desktop, laptop, or tablets enabled as part of guest management or smart room booking solutions also includes analytics and proactive management capability, provided by our Service Experts placing comprehensive data, reporting and insights at your fingertips, are cloud-enabled for scale and flexibility, continually monitors the solution.

Stratiam Network Services for Cloud

Intergence Systems Limited

Intergence offers Stratiam; a multi-source data visualisation tool for end-to-end IT services that include Cloud Hosting, Applications, Wide-Area and Local-Area Network delivery and end user experience. Stratiam delivers single-pane-of-glass views for cloud and IT service end-to-end visualisation providing service teams unparalleled insight into multi-vendor, multi-service provider IT services and systems.

Google Chrome OS Licencing

Ancoris Limited

This service offering allows any potential purchaser of Google ChromeOS Management Console (Business) under the G-Cloud Framework Agreement to procure the Google SaaS offering via Ancoris as an accredited Google Cloud Premier Partner. Break fix support term provided by directly by Google Cloud Support

Edge Monitoring

Mobile Edge UK

Provides real-time monitoring services for both your underlying hardware and application running on them. Standard services include CPU, disk, network, log monitoring. Custom monitoring can be provided for specific applications. Alerting choices include email, SMS.

Symantec SEP Mobile

Caretower Ltd.

SEP Mobile offers the most comprehensive, accurate and effective mobile threat defense solution, delivering superior depth of threat intelligence to predict and detect an extensive range of existing and unknown threats. SEP Mobile’s uses a layered approach that leverages crowdsourced threat intelligence, in addition to both device- and server-based analysis.

4Secure SOC Tier 3


The 4Secure SOC Tier 3 service gives you affordable manned SOC coverage 9-5 everyday, with automated alert outside of those hours. This service stills combines powerful security information and event management (SIEM), as well as full log management capabilities but for those organisations looking to work to tight budgets.

Thycotic Secret Server Cloud Privilege Access Management

Caretower Ltd.

Thycotic Secret Server Cloud is an online password manager hosted in Azure, a highly secure and available platform. Secret Server has layers of built-in security with easy access management for IT admins, robust segregation of role based duties, AES 256 bit encryption, out of the box reports to demonstrate compliance.


Armadillo Managed Services

enSilo's Automated Endpoint Security Platform defends in real time against any type of breach, at any stage of the attack, under any circumstances.

Apptio TBM Technology Business Management

Fincastle Partners

Supporting clients to get started with TBM and Apptio or realise the benefits of an existing Apptio TBM deployment in your organisation

CS2 Cyber Security Consultancy Service

Research Series Limited

CS2 is a service to develop and manage Cyber Programmes for SMEs and Government Departments. Ranging from Bids, Business Cases, Programme Management, Cyber Thought Leadership, Advisory, to Continuous Vulnerability Management, Active Risk Management and Implementation of appropriate countermeasures. Offering consultancy in Cyber Situational Awareness, Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management.

BMC Client Management OnDemand

BMC Software Distribution BV

BMC Client Management OnDemand delivers distributed endpoint management (mobile, laptop, desktop, and server), helping IT deliver great service to end-users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risks.

Cloud Enterprise Service Bus as a Service GC10-SAS-CSC1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

An enterprise scale SOA solution for non-stop mission critical messaging. Based on Apache ServiceMix or RabbitMQ, provides reliable messaging across domains/environments, messaging, routing and Enterprise Integration Patterns. With a wide range of supported protocols and patterns, delivers scalable, distributed application processing, and system integration.

Parallels cross platform solution

Howell Technology Group Limited

HTG can offer Parrllels software-solutions. Parallels is a global-leader in cross-platform-solutions, Parallels-RAS offers a flexible, affordable, and cloud-ready-solution to deliver applications and desktops to any device or via HTML5. Parallels helps organisations to securely and comprehensively take advantage of the best-technology, whether it’s Mac, Windows, iOS, AndroidTM, or the Cloud.


Jisc Services Ltd

Federated roaming for the wider public sector, providing seamless connectivity for the end user. Geolocation support from the govroam app allows users to locate govroam enabled venues, for quick and easy access. Jisc operates the central service that joins regional roaming initiatives into a standardised national-scale service.

NICE inContact Contact Centre Call Recording

Business Systems (UK) Ltd

NICE inContact Contact Centre Call Recording records what you need when you need it. The result is a scalable solution that grows and evolves with your organisation. With 30 years' worth of experience, Business Systems are the UK's leading provider in Call Recording solutions and offer consultancy, implementation and support.


ZetaSafe Ltd

ZetaSafe compliance management software is the cloud based solution to accurately and efficiently Collect, Manage and Share data for Health and Safety management and compliance. Schedule and Collect data using smartphones, PDAs or tablets. Manage your assets and monitor compliance via your ZetaSafe dashboard. Share critical information through powerful reporting.

Database monitoring


Cloud based monitoring Zenmon is a web bases monitoring and has a large knowledge base of typical problems that regularly happen with commonly-used technologies. Zenmon will automatically run 100s diagnostic checks of these checks for each of your database servers and subsystems. Oracle, SQL Server(Microsoft), PostgeSQL, MySQl, SAP HANA

NICE inContact CXOne Contact Centre Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Business Systems (UK) Ltd

NICE inContact CXOne Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), optimises customer interactions by quickly matching callers in the queue to the agents who can best help them. This means efficient call resolution, happy customers and money saved for your contact centre

Bramble Hub Membership Engagement Services - MES Experience

Bramble Hub Limited

MES Experience is the leading real-time platform for capturing, analysing and reporting on patient and staff experiences including the NHS Friends and Family Test. It provides multi-channel data collection, bespoke reporting, a unique solution for automated free-text analysis of patient comments, and is built in partnership with our NHS clients.

Neon Signal Mapper

Syntech Systems Ltd

Signal Mapper accurately captures and reports user's location together with 4G/LTE, WiFi & BLE coverage data from locations where no GPS exists. Neon reduces the time required to map indoor coverage using a mixture of patented location services, algorithms and trackers together with cloud storage and processing services.

Document Management as a Service (VDMS) ​​​​​​GC10-SAS-DMS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

The Viewdeck Document Management service VDMS uses a leading open source document management/enterprise content platform. The service provides secure and controlled access to documents, images, and metadata across the organisation. It improves efficiency with powerful storage, search and filtering features, as well as advanced capabilities for structured and unstructured artifacts.

Boomcast Incident Hub

Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

Incident Hub is an on-line messaging platform used to co-ordinate incident communications. The intuitive application ensures that the communications for any type of incident are prepared fully before the event to facilitate the streamlined automatic flow of critical information when an incident strikes.

E-Surveys and Feedback

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

On line responsive mobile friendly real time surveys for data collection, feedback forms; suitable for service users, patient and staff, such as Friends and Family Test, Patient Experience; Equality and Diversity Monitoring, Service and Customer Satisfaction, Organisational Performance, for Continuous Improvement and Quality, Internet and Intranet / Secure Encrypted Forms

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSON) and TOP SECRET delivers active cyber defence management and network forensic analysis. The aim is to contain and mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and prevent future attacks.

Data Centre Automation - from Micro Focus

Micro Focus (Entcorp)

Micro Focus Data Center Automation (DCA) automates provisioning, patching, and compliance across multivendor physical and virtual servers, databases, and middleware for enterprise scale cloud deployments.

OPS Other operations management services as a service

NIIT Technologies

NIIT provides system and application management and monitoring as a service. We leverage a combination of In-house and top of the industry tools for the same

Pontus Vision Open Source GDPR

Pontus Vision

Support for our Open Source GDPR platform, helping customers automatically extract and track their data to comply with the legislation. Includes Privacy Impact Assessment, and Subject Access Requests, all fully audited. Platform provides a sustainable data management model that automatically maintains compliance after the 25th May


Armadillo Managed Services

Zscaler Web Security protects your enterprise from cyber threats, stopping intellectual property leaks, and ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies. It monitors your network and user activity, secures roaming users and mobile devices, and manages all of this globally from a single management console.

Micro Focus Identity & Access Management

Micro Focus Ireland Ltd

Identity-Powered Access solutions that integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM / IDAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments. Integrated identity information used to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Active Directory administration.

Cloud Services Management (Cloud Management Platform)

Fujitsu Services Limited

Simplify your Hybrid IT landscape with Fujitsu Cloud Services Management. (FCSM) FCSM is a cloud management platform, which abstracts your management and usage away from the complexity of the underlying resources in order to centralize your control, governance and visibility of your Hybrid IT environment.

Intelligent Automation and Service Management - Intuition

Celerity Limited

Intuition provides end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure and business services via a single pane view. The tools perform initial discovery to build an inventory of all elements with intelligent automation, provisioning, updating, patching, alerting and reacting to events to prevent service disruption.

Splunk Software

apto solutions limited

Apto provide SaaS for Splunk that monitors and analyzes machine data from any source to deliver Operational Intelligence to optimize your IT, security and business performance. With intuitive analysis features, machine learning, packaged applications and open APIs.

PinPoint for SAP

Grey Monarch Limited

PinPoint for SAP provides SAP managers with a daily overview of the health, trending, and key metrics of the SAP systems that they are responsible. Additionally PinPoint provides historical analysis, threshold alerting and transaction performance analysis.

Honeywell Pulse (tm)

Honeywell Building Technologies

Honeywell Pulse for Connected Buildings is a mobile app that connects facility managers, supervisors and engineering staff to buildings and the equipment within it, enabling real-time performance tracking to ensure buildings continue operating at an optimal level

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service (VCRM) GC10-SAS-CRM1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

The Viewdeck VCRM solution provides an enterprise scale configurable CRM solution supporting a wide range of business needs including Account management, Contacts, Calendar, Case management, email integration, campaign management, Inbound and outgoing calls scheduling and task allocation. Includes advanced Report Generator, Workflow and Billing, and Mobile Devices.

CommandCentral Aware


CommandCentral Aware provides a common operational picture through the real-time aggregation, correlation and analysis of systems and disparate data sources including CAD, records systems, video feeds, local and/or national public safety related data sources, social media, asset and resource information, radio console connectivity.

SEP Mobile

Symantec (UK) Ltd

SEP Mobile offers the most comprehensive, accurate and effective mobile threat defense solution, delivering superior depth of threat intelligence to predict and detect an extensive range of existing and unknown threats. SEP Mobile’s uses a layered approach that leverages crowd-sourced threat intelligence, in addition to both device- and server-based analysis.

Version Control Server (GIT) Service ​​​​GC10-PAS-VCS1

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

Private distributed version control service for software and DevOps development and configuration management . Provides a fully distributable secure private GIT service, suitable for agile, rapid delivery of digital services.

ServiceNow Implementation


Phased or big-bang implementation of the ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud Platform for new customers of ServiceNow. Design workshops. Requirement (story) capture under an Agile project framework. Process definition and documentation. Transformational best practice. Configuration of the route to live instances. Promotion of configuration into Production in line with customer's change process.

LogRhythm Hosted SIEM Security Monitoring Platform

Comtact Limited

Comtact's cloud-based LogRhythm Hosted SIEM Security Monitoring Platform provides real-time intelligence of cyber threats, whether penetrating the perimeter, or from security breaches within - across your entire infrastructure - within a single dashboard view. Supported 24x7x365 from Comtact's UK SOC, LogRhythm provides end-to-end threat management in a unified enterprise-class platform.

Cisco CloudCenter - Multicloud Management Platform (CMP)

Engage ESM

Deployed in multiple UK and US government agencies; Cisco CloudCenter solution is a hybrid cloud management platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys application components and data in more than 19 data center and private and public cloud environments and regions.