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  • XMA Salesforce - Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) & Billing (Quote-to-Cash)

    XMA Limited

    Enterprise services focused on configure, price, quote; billing; recurring revenue. Providing a robust, 100% native CPQ solution on that reduces errors, streamlines processes, and improves direct and indirect sales productivity. SFDCX2020GC12

  • Impress Distribute


    Impress Distribute is a user-friendly, cloud-based Hybrid Mail platform. It gives you the flexibility to send documents via multiple channels, to meet the preferences of you and your customers. Impress will support batch output from your back-office systems or individually generated communications from a desktop.

  • Workday Adaptive Planning


    Workday Adaptive Planning is an enterprise planning tool enabling modelling, reporting, and analysis at any scale and complexity. The cloud platform helps organisations collaborate, gain insights and make smarter decisions, faster. Featuring powerful modelling and analytics the application enables organisations to adapt to changing business conditions with confidence and agility.

  • Qubix Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

    Qubix International Ltd

    Oracle EPM Cloud is the leading Enterprise Performance Management software suite covering the entire financial cycle from Forecasting to Close. Qubix is an innovative, award-winning implementer of this technology, with many public sector success stories and cost-saving accelerators.

  • Robotic Process Automation Cloud Service for Finance and Accounts


    We are Automation Anywhere Partner. Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 - the latest release of Automation Anywhere’s flagship intelligent Digital Workforce platform, offers businesses a choice between on-prem or cloud deployments. The platform provides RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all size.

  • Vena for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

    Influential Software

    Vena software, maintenance and services

  • Supply Chain Finance and Treasury Management

    Whitehall Finance Limited

    Whitehall Finance provides a solution to enable you to offer early payment to your suppliers. We can provide a finance a facility and/or a way for you to obtain a return on surplus cash that you would otherwise place on deposit with your bank.

  • Reimburse


    Reimburse is a pioneering smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare based on treatment performance, facilitating the application of truly dynamic innovative pricing solutions between healthcare systems, commissioners and manufacturers, in a secure and compliant fashion with minimal administrative burden.

  • FLEX AI Medical Assistant

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The FLEX AI Medical Assistant is an artificial intelligence assistant designed to support medical staff in self-serving hospital services 24/7. Junior medical staff spend more time on clerical work than practising medicine and many of the tasks can be repettive and prime for automation.

  • Continia Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Licences

    Total Enterprise Solutions

    The best and most comprehensive solution for scanning of invoices and other documents directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central . Automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive. Automates all workflow processes from receiving a document to retrieving it again.

  • Qubix Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications

    Qubix International Ltd

    Qubix is one of the UK's leading implementation and managed service providers for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Analytics, and EPM (Enterprise Management) solutions. Established in 1987 we have over 1000 successful engagements we are perfectly positioned to assist the UK government with their cloud strategy.

  • IBM Planning Analytics Digital Pack

    Budgeting Solutions Ltd

    IBM Planning Analytics is appropriate for any public sector body that wishes to improve its budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting processes with an underlying modelling technology to perform multiple what-if scenarios. The service provides a managed, governed, secure environment for end user, workgroup or enterprise-wide deployments.

  • Direct Debit and Card Processing Payment Services

    Eazy Collect Services Ltd

    FCA Regulated Payment Service Provider and BACS Approved Bureau enabling companies, organisations and public sector to streamline and automate payment systems utilising direct debit and card processing. Sales, finance and credit control teams will achieve cost savings and benefit from outsourcing via cloud based services with partial/full API integration options.

  • Abacus

    Access UK Ltd

    Abacus social care finance software integrates with a range of case management systems. It can reduce your administrative workload by as much as 80% to generate big cost savings while enabling you to focus on providing care. An intuitive, integrated system, that automates processes, provides user-friendly workflows and financial reporting.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE, BICS), Oracle Analytics Cloud


    With the pursuit of better decisions in mind, it’s no surprise that many industry-leading organizations are incorporating analytics into their operations to help drive innovation and new ways to compete. we provide access to comprehensive suite of modern, Oracle BI solutions that enable companies to know more about their businesses.

  • Advanced Grant Management (GoPro AGM)


    The GoPro AGM enables organisations to effectively manage Grants and applications from disbursements, through availability announcement, assessment, award, activation and monitoring throughout the Grant lifecycle. Applications and projects are easy to set up and manage, with secure sign-on via a Stakeholder Portal wherever a user has access to the Internet.

  • Single Person Discount (SPD) Profiler

    Datatank Ltd

    Datatank’s SPD Profiler is a cloud-based software platform that provides Councils with a simple and cost effective means of identifying and cancelling incorrect and fraudulent Council Tax Single Person Discount claims.

  • Civica Education Financials LIVE for Colleges

    Civica UK Limited

    Improve financial management and processes with a single database, multi-company solution designed for further education. Reduce costs, drive efficiencies and minimise manual input using configurable workflows, automated procurement processes and bank reconciliation with real-time ledger integration. Includes general ledger, cashbook, asset management, budgeting, creditors, debtors and purchase to pay modules.

  • Zoho books


    Zoho Books is online cloud based accounting software that manages your finances, gets you VAT ready, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments. It features contact management, invoices, expenses, sales and purchase orders, project time tracking and inventory management.

  • BridgeX


    BridgeX is a SaaS platform providing visibility and control for contractual relationships throughout their life. Legal contracts represent only a moment in time whilst trading relationships continuously evolve. BridgeX harnesses existing systems to offer a single point of visibility and control for each deal throughout its life.

  • Direct Debit service


    The Direct Debit Service from PayPoint is a feature rich platform for managing all Direct Debit capabilities, including mandate set up through 8 different channels. Rich reporting gives you insight into customer behaviour, and full customer communications are included.

  • NQM Business Rates Analytics

    NquiringMinds Ltd

    The Business Rates Analytics helps strategically manage and plan the collection of business rates. Using AI algorithms to detect data errors and intentional fraud the system can increase recoverable rates.

  • FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Live Phone Engagement Skill

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The FLEX AI Omni Assistant - Live Phone Engagement Skill allows Citizens to engage digitally with the council 24/7 via the phone. The Omni Assistant is able to direct callers to the best channel for their needs, whether that be summarised answers, forms, transfer the caller or book an appointment

  • FLEX AI Student Services Assistant


    The FLEX AI Student Assistant uses AI technology and self-service to improve student retention and recruitment 24/7 while reducing service delivery costs. Allows the university to engage with the student from enrolment, during their stay at university and once they have left.

  • NEC Revenues and Benefits


    NEC Revenues and Benefits is a web service, on a relational person and property database, ensuring core information is held once and shared across all relevant records. It is open for integration, with integral workflow management. It is configurable and accommodates large/small administrations and shared services.


    Orchard House Solutions Limited

    CONNECTED is a complete suite of integration tools that connects all the functionality in Everything to Anything Else that a company needs to deliver digitally CONNECTED processes that span software solutions, people and landscapes. Our integrations are constantly supported, cost-effective and delivered in the cloud as an integration-as-a-service.

  • Odoo Accounting and Finance suite

    Synergistic Resources Ltd

    Odoo is an open-source modular ERP solution with over 10,000 different Apps. As an ERP it has Apps for accounting, sales and invoicing, eCommerce and POS, inventory and warehouse management, CRM, manufacturing and quality assurance, Internet of Things (IoT), project management, fleet management, HR and employee scheduling and venue management.

  • Risk Management System - RMS


    RMS is a flexible tool that enables Public Authorities to implement a systematic process to stimulate compliance and prevent (and/or treat) the risk of non-compliance, including risk of fraud, the risk of insolvency by the citizens and any other risk which appears to threaten the Authority’s objectives.

  • Mazepoint Analytics Modelling

    Mazepoint Limited

    This service assists customers with structuring their data in interactive analytical models. Using Excel, Jedox, R, Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI and SQL databases, automate KPI calculations, consolidations, reporting, ad hoc analyses, budgeting and planning, workflow, and create different scenarios for forecasting and trialing different business models.

  • Civica Education Financials LIVE

    Civica UK Limited

    Improve financial management and processes with a single database, multi-company solution designed for schools, academies and MATs. Reduce costs, drive efficiencies and minimise manual input using configurable workflows, automated procurement processes and bank reconciliation with real-time integration. Includes general ledger, cashbook, asset management, budgeting, creditors, debtors and procurement modules.