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  • Cheyenne Learning Management System

    Wyoming Interactive Ltd

    Cheyenne is a cloud-based learning management system, highly configurable to manage learners in various industry sectors. It offers easy-to-use content authoring, granular data analytics collection and an intuitive, responsive user-interface. Supports interactive quizzes, video, pdf/ppt and other formats by arrangement. System supports single sign-on connection via consultancy and configuration service.

  • Learning, Development and Improvement

    Saadian Technologies UK Limited

    Savvy for Education, Learning, Development and Improvement is a specific suite of modules designed to support a range of different learning activities – including self-guided learning and instructor guided learning. The system supports the delivery of educational courses or training programmes and can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

  • Learning Pool Essential (Learning Management System | LMS)

    Learning Pool Ltd

    Learning Pool Essential helps organisations manage their learning to improve performance. This hosted service is used by 100s of public sector bodies in the UK. Making the first steps in online learning - it's affordable, delivers value now and new features can be turned on later.

  • IGLU Classroom


    IGLU Classroom is an interactive digital classroom management suite. It offers a highly secure online synchronous learning environment that enables teaching staff to deliver classes remotely in real-time. IGLU Classroom is tailor-made to meet the needs of the educational sector and fully compliant with CyberEssentialsPlus, GDPR, G-Cloud, and LearningToolsInteroperability (LTI).

  • Traineasy LMS -X Limited

    A new-generation, mobile-responsive LMS with video gallery of Netflix style playlists, curated from sources including YouTube, Vimeo, customer's own, and off-the-shelf. Gallery is searchable, affording true just-in-time learning on any device. LMS-X supports dynamic user groups, training compliance rules and reporting, ILT, email/SMS alerts, learning pathways, certifications surveys and SCORM/AICC.

  • Digital Transformation, Recommendation on Legacy System Migration, Technical & Professional Services

    Jofel Consultancy Ltd

    Digital transformation that helps organisations to move away from legacy code base. We take responsibility in developing new application (or) migrating existing applications to the cloud in a phased approach in an agile environments that helps the clients to achieve success .

  • OpenCampus 7

    OpenCampus UK Limited

    OpenCampus 7 is campus management from the cloud, providing SIS, LMS and ERP functions and a unique digitalisation engine to embed bespoke processes.

  • Me Learning FormLMS (Learning Management System)

    Me Learning

    Form LMS is a SaaS Learning Management System providing the Public/Private Sectors with a highly configurable and easy to deploy learning management system. Form LMS can host, track and report any digital / e-learning and classroom / virtual training and integrate with systems (HR & ERP) using an open API.

  • Teacher Dashboard 365 for Microsoft Office 365

    Axis12 Limited

    Integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Teacher Dashboard 365 provides a simple and safe digital solution for schools that takes the admin out of assignments. From assigning work, to visibility of students’ progression, through to marking it is designed to help teachers keep on top of their workload.

  • SignedUp - Forms and Workflow

    PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

    SignedUp Forms and Workflow specialises in digitising complex labour market interactions such as application processes for jobs, apprenticeships and courses. The system enables a wide range of roles and permission levels to support a large group of stakeholders such as students, teachers, employers, parents, job seekers and administrators.

  • Qpercom Recruit

    Qpercom Ltd

    Qpercom Recruit is a digital management system for supporting Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for admission and volume recruitment interviews and selection. Create interview criteria, logistics of assessment planning and execute digital interviews at assessment centres. Retrieve, store and monitor all data in real-time and provide personalised feedback to candidates.

  • Qpercom Choice

    Qpercom Ltd

    Qpercom Choice is a digital management system for supporting Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQ). Choice supports question authoring within a question bank, deploying assessments and standard setting. Choice retrieves, stores and monitors all data in real-time and personalised feedback can be sent to students.

  • Curriculum Item Bank Assessments


    CIBA is a fully customisable repository for curriculum management, test item development and design for examination test creation. Publish tests for online e-assessment and deliver tests to students to gather real-time responses. Design tests, release, then distribute globally! Cloud-based security and scalability with mobile-ready single page web-app for simple deployment.

  • Operational Management Software


    Ctrl Hub is a highly flexible cloud based management platform providing powerful real time management of workforce, assets, projects and health and safety. These are all brought together under one roof to give an immediate overview of any operational risks.

  • Questionmark OnDemand

    Questionmark Computing Ltd

    The Questionmark OnDemand service is an online assessment platform providing the ability to author, deliver and report on tests, quizzes, surveys and exams for training, certification, advancement, channel expertise, competency measurement, compliance and workforce learning. Widely used in government, military, health, law enforcement and fire services.

  • Quality Assurance AI


    Fluence AI integrates into your organisation to improve decision making, automate routine tasks and to help verify high-stakes judgements, optimising employee time to focus on higher-value work. Utilising cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP), the Fluence Engine is able to interpret and analyse complex documentation within seconds.

  • Bromcom MIS for Alternative Provisions

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom is a cloud-based school MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools. Our advanced behaviour management system includes a wide range of automation tools to trigger follow up actions, alerts and reports. We offer a highly flexible platform to suit the needs of Alternative Provisions.

  • Totara Learn (Learning Experience & Performance Platform / LMS)

    Accipio Ltd

    Accipio (award winning Platinum Totara partner) supplies the learning experience & performance platform "Totara Learn". Totara has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make Totara the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Totara offers up to 80% cost savings compared with other platforms.

  • Cloud Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

    Website Express Ltd.

    The most widely distributed open-source platform for learning and development, the Moodle LMS offers secure, customizable and cost-effective eLearning functionality for all sizes of public and private organisations. As ISO 9001:2015 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified Moodle developers, Website Express' services include managed hosting, systems integration, training and plug-in management.

  • Electronic Personal Education Plan (PEP for Success) ASSET for ePEP

    ASSET for Virtual Schools

    PEP for Success is a cloud-based electronic PEP solution. It is extremely easy to use for many different types of users with minimal training. It is intuitive and robust and very secure. Virtual Schools, Social Workers &Designated Teachers reports make life much easier with pre-populated fields&no requirement for repetition.

  • Knowledge on Demand (KNOD)

    DCV Technologies Ltd

    We have elevated digital learning to the next level, It’s a truly immersive and new experience for students and teachers alike. A user-friendly interface that reflects the modern UI of today, combined with a great deal of functionality including e-assessments, instant past paper access and on-the-go note taking.

  • THRIVE - Learning Experience Platform (LXP) / Learning Management System (LMS)


    The ultimate learning and communication platform that helps teams innovate training, improve communication and increase employee engagement. We use next-gen technology to empower busy businesses to continuously learn, stay ahead of digital transformation and thrive at work. Micro learning, social learning, digital learning, online learning, elearning. We do it all.

  • Totara TXP (Learn, Perform and Engage) - Learning Management System

    New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

    Totara Learn brings the benefits of open source learning to organisations, significantly reducing the cost of your learning management, with advanced functionality for workplace learning. Our platforms support competency management, performance management, team management, compliance tracking, classroom management and flexible reporting features.

  • CentricCert

    Premier IT Partnership Ltd.

    C-Cert is a pathway system that supports the workflow and processes required to complete certification standards. It provides a portable, transferable and accessible record of completion.

  • ProjectSet: Online internships Platform for Employers


    This is a service for start-ups, SMEs, large enterprises, government and charity organisations to: 1) Offer online or virtual internships to students; 2) Support students and educators to drive curriculum-based projects; 3) Engage their employees to virtually mentor students online 4) Engage students to get work done.

  • Cyber Security Training and Awareness


    BLOCKPHISH delivers cloud-based Cyber Security Training and Awareness to help reduce the risk of a cyberattack on your business. As phishing and socially engineered attacks rely on exploiting human vulnerabilities, improving user behaviour is essential. Our cloud platform delivers learning in multiple formats to ensure the most effective results.

  • DataServe® - Next Generation Customer Web Portal Cloud Software Platform

    AiM Ltd

    The dataServe® web-portal is a low code, persona-driven, smart platform powered by new technology that intelligently understands and anticipates users’ needs, equipped with exceptional automated workflows/connectors that can front all back-office IT systems. Delivers:  1. Digital transformation.  2. Digital experience for users. 3. Service resilience.

  • Skillify


    Skillify is a highly functional and customisable web-based learning and assessment platform - deliver content, test & credential skills hosted on Microsoft Azure.

  • Arbor Management Information System for Primary Schools

    Arbor Education Partners Ltd.

    Arbor MIS is the hassle-free way for schools to get work done. With Arbor you can easily manage your primary school's essential daily admin, record important student information, create intuitive reports and act on everything important, fast - so you and your staff can focus on what matters most.

  • Mind Tools for Business learning and development solutions from Emerald Works

    Emerald Works Limited

    Proven public sector learning, training and development solutions. Working with you, we create a learning culture for individuals and organisations to thrive. Mind Tools online resources improve employee performance through real-time, easy-access to learning - when, where and how they need it. Our customisable e-learning/training courses meet specific learners’ needs.