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  • PRISM Module 5 - Provider Portal

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, secure, encrypted and auditable mechanism for provider organisations to RECEIVE referral letters electronically where eReferrals (eRs) is not in place, negating the need to receive faxed or emailed referrals in a provider or triage setting.

  • Application for symptoms tracking and Information during IVF cycle


    This app helps couples undergoing IVF track symptoms, health markers and lifestyle metrics. Reliable, tailored information offers insight, advice and encouragement, enabling good communication with HCP where appropriate. HCP can access data from their patients and can export this data to upload to EPR if required.

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • Community Mobile Patient Record EPR App


    We provide an app (android-tab) and a web version of our software, which displays an integrated clinical record from multiple sources. We use interoperability standards throughout, allowing us to pull information into the app and push it back. We provide tailored systems for services in community services with online/offline working.

  • ConnectPlus Long Term Condition App


    ConnectPlus App is the only co-morbidity tool for hospitals which allows them to support and manage the patients across a number of conditions in one place. It puts everything that patients need in one app including symptom tracking, appointment reminders, medication management and reminders and condition information.

  • CareHub Enterprise

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    CareHub Enterprise is a comprehensive electronic medical record/hospital information system providing all the facilities needed to run a paperless outpatient or inpatient service. CareHub Enterprise supports the delivery of effective patient care and administrative workflows, integrated fully into the hospital or clinic environment.

  • Complete Comprehensive Hospital Information System (IoT)


    Medical Platform enables anytime, anywhere medical care support software. Secure EMR with RealTime IoT Integration, Diagnosis/Complaints, Lab Orders, Pharmacy Management, Linen Management, DNA management

  • Falls Prevention Service

    Storm ID

    The Falls Prevention Service allows patients to securely share actively and passively gathered movement and mobility data, from connected hardware, sensors, apps and wearables. The data can be used by health and social care professionals to pro-actively initiate community interventions to reduce admissions to acute care.

  • Quris - Patient Companion


    Quris Patient Companion allows organisations to create, manage and distribute patient information resources. Resources can be accessed by patients using web and mobile platforms, and are available for use offline. Feedback, follow-up and questionnaire resources help reduce patient anxiety and promote self-management.

  • SmartSurvey Public Sector Survey Tool

    SmartSurvey Limited

    SmartSurvey is a UK-based, enterprise-level, online survey & questionnaire tool which can be used to create and collect data through Online Forms, Emails, SMS and QR codes for Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, Market Research, Training Evaluation, Assessments, Patient Satisfaction, FFT Friends and Family Tests and much more.

  • CHiP virtual video patient clinic & remote consultation platform


    CHiP enables video consultations with medical and dental patients. The tele-health platform syncs with your clinic management software to seamlessly fit into the clinic workflow. Write patient reports, add images and videos and store these against the patient record. Securely share cases with colleagues through instant messaging and video calls.

  • Pathpoint™

    Open Medical Ltd

    Developed by practising surgical clinicians, the N3 accessed Pathpoint™ platform mimics the dynamics of clinical patient care. Highly versatile interoperable, collaboration solution offering flexible patient tracking, planning, and reviewing. Modifiable for multiple, distributed teams following customisable workflows. Automatic clinical-coding of treatment pathways using SNOMED-CT NLP referencing technology delivers superior analytics.

  • GoodSAM Instant On Scene / Instant Help Video Consult System

    GoodSAM Limited

    Instant on Scene (Instant.Help) enables 999/111//101/Clinical Advisory Services to receive video direct from a caller's smartphone. Services enter a mobile phone number to generate a text containing a link. When clicked, video, audio and location data is shared into Emergency Service Control. No App required. Vital Signs are automatically measured.

  • eForms for Hospital & Community Trust from PretaGov

    PretaGov Limited

    PretaForm makes it easy for hospitals and Community Trusts to replace their outdated paper forms with feature-rich eForms. Non-technical staff can easily create an intelligent workflow applications for each process such as discharging patients to social services. Includes data capture, approvals, and business logic. Supports HL7. Create a paperless NHS.

  • CHiP colorectal and gastroenterology endoscopy platform with LumenEye X1


    The CHiP tele-endoscopy software platform, supported by the LumenEye X1 endoscope for colorectal and gastroenterology settings, permits rectal examination at point of care, remote video monitoring of procedures, storing endoscopy images to the patient record, virtual patient video consultations and serves to reduce the demand for formal endoscopy in hospitals.

  • NHS staff and healthcare bookings and appointments

    Zipporah Ltd

    Designed to include NHS/healthcare, this comprehensive scheduling system makes light work of bookings and managing resources like interpreter staff, experts and clinicians through intelligent staff and resource allocation based on availability, location, qualification etc. Assisting with timesheets, invoicing and payroll and Google maps integration (for distance/journey time). Includes HL7 integration.

  • Carecentric

    Graphnet Health Limited

    CareCentric Health Integration Exchange Platform provides: real-time, secure, unified shared care records via Clinical Portal and Patient Portal; system integration/interoperability; CareConnect FHIR standards support; data capture forms for assessments, care plans, End of Life; mobile solutions; Personal Health Records, Population Health, Analytics and innovative solutions for managing Long Term Conditions.

  • SmartSurvey Enterprise Plus Survey Tool

    SmartSurvey Limited

    SmartSurvey is a UK-based, enterprise-level, online survey tool which can be used to create and collect data through Online Forms, Emails, SMS and QR codes for Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, 360 Surveys, Market Research, Training Evaluation, Assessments, Audits, Tests and much more.

  • PRISM Module 3 - Resource Library

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, single repository for all referral related resources for a referrer to access.Including resources for clinicians, providing clinical guidance, useful weblinks, patient leaflets and provider service related information. Referral criteria is hosted as an additional resource to allow clinicians to review this information outside of clinical referral pathways.

  • GeneCIS Clinical Platform

    DMF Systems

    GeneCIS Clinical Information System is a fully integrated software platform enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly access patient information including referral information, clinical results, radiology images, medication information, treatments prescribed and more. GeneCIS integrates with existing hospital systems and includes solutions such as eReferrals, eDischarge, ePrescription Printing and Clinical Summaries.

  • Winscribe Digital Dictation

    VoicePower Ltd - The Speech Recognition People

    Nuance’s Winscribe Digital Dictation is an enterprise workflow management system, assisting organisations in managing their dictation, transcription and documentation processes. Users record from a computer, a digital recorder, smartphone or tablet, preferences are accommodated. The software automatically collects and delivers dictations, assesses job information and provides reports for management information.

  • Tele expertise/Second Opinion with TeleSlide TeleMedecine

    Tribun Health

    TeleSlide TeleMedecine is an online platform dedicated to gross, microscopy imaging, digital slides and other multimedia documents sharing for second opinion, tele-expertise, remote sub-speciality screenings. It centralises telemedicine protocols and workflows to develop collaborative networks anywhere in the world.

  • eForms for GOV.UK from PretaGov

    PretaGov Limited

    Our eform building tool (PretaForm) allows internal staff to rapidly create eforms that complies with the GDS Service standard and cloud security. Once built it's GOV.UK ready. Internal staff can also prototype and modify the eforms easily. Our low code platform empowers your team to digitise faster and cheaper.

  • Care and Support Plan Service

    Storm ID

    The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between healthcare professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

  • Rhapsody Integration Platform


    Rhapsody is a global leading Integration Platform. It supports all healthcare message formats and standards, including HL7 (v2 and v3), HL7® FHIR®, CCDA, NCPDP, X12, IHE, DICOM, XML, binary, delimited and legacy formats. Rhapsody can be hosted on premise, or as a managed, monitored and secured cloud based connected service.

  • PatientIQ - Lateral Technology Patient Case Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PatientIQ' is a medical record and patient case management system designed for use by patients, carers, Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities and organisations. Supporting digital transformation - shifting to remote management, consultations, enabling unattended appointment management, access to appointment/clinical letters, remote patient monitoring and patient/clinician messaging.

  • ICU Diary


    ICU Diary is a tool for enabling clinical staff and patient's relatives to easily create a secure diary for an ICU patient, detailing their care and progress. Entries can include text, images and voice. Diaries are given to patients upon discharge, to assist in their mental recovery.

  • Digital Outpatient Appointments Service

    Storm ID

    The Digital Outpatient Appointments Service allows patients to securely share healthcare data as part of an asynchronous consultation with a remote healthcare professional. Applicable for gastroenterology, rheumatology, respiratory medicine, diabetes and endocrinology, dermatology, sexual health, clinical genetics, oncology, haematology, immunology, pain management, AHP services, stroke and immunocompromised patients.

  • Online Consult

    EMIS Ltd

    A 24-hour triage system that’s accessed via your practice’s website, Online Consult provides patients with a convenient way to seek health advice. With links to exclusive self-care resources from and triage forms for detailing symptoms, it supports patients around the clock to help relieve the pressure practices face.

  • Application for recording and tracking symptoms/diary entries


    This application enables the user to enter physical and mental experiences/symptoms as well as completion of activities, which can be displayed over time. A questionnaire component captures user information upon registration to enable tailored messaging and information, and a resource bank enables the display of condition-specific resource assets.