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Flexible & User-Friendly Event & Event Management Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Event management Event calendar Event map Event search & listing Event registration and booking Capacity management Session booking Event / session waiting list Event ticketing Calendar view Event search Public / private events Physical / e-ticketing Pricing / payments Repeating events Online events

Flexible & User-Friendly Newsletter Management Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

eNewsletter service User administration of newsletter creation Newsletter templates (‘standard’, ‘promotional’) Newsletter publishing CRM ingest (nightly/hourly) CRM/site registered users merge Mailing list preview/editing Previewing, confirmation and send-out (via email templates) Auto-publishing to site (via web templates) Auto-publishing to relevant place in information architecture Analytics, statistics & tracking (bounce/open rates, click-throughs)

SBL Hootsuite Impact Social ROI Analytics Solution

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Hootsuite Impact allows customers to optimise paid and organic social media activity. It provides precise and easy-to-understand recommendations for improving engagement and growing social media ROI. Hootsuite Impact calculates social-media ROI based on your specific objectives, taking into consideration all costs and inputs to provide accurate, real-time visual insights.

Episerver Commerce


Delivered by Made to Engage, Episerver Premium Partner. Online marketing and digital commerce have opened up new and exciting opportunities like never before. Quite easily, though, these opportunities can turn into obstacles when trying to coordinate multiple systems, channels and campaigns. This has been solved with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Axellera Big Data, AI, Machine Learning RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

The Axellera Big-Data allows organisations to rapidly create and SaaS deploy complete big data / AI, machine learning solutions which use the full capability of Spark/Hadoop/Spark-MLIB and more together with the ability to weave queries and analytics into powerful business actions and workflows with authentication,role-based-access-control, auditability, etc...


Callcredit Public Sector Limited

CAMEO helps understand customers in terms of their: Demographics – age, gender, lifestage, education, occupation; Affluence – income, property value, spending, risk; Lifestyle and media - hobbies, interests, holidays, brand affinities; Credit Behaviours - Payday loans, Credit sophistication; Property characteristics - Tenure, Property type, Floor space/no. of bedrooms, on-the-market.

storm® ASK™

Redwood Technologies Ltd

storm® ASK™ is an omni-channel snapshot surveying solution, allowing businesses to receive, monitor and analyse input from customers in real-time. Mass-scale surveying can be carried out via automated voice call, SMS, email, online or WAP. storm requests, collates and analyses data automatically, reducing the cost of gathering regular customer feedback.

Flexible & User-Friendly Media (Video/Image etc.) Gallery Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Multi-format (video/audio/image/animation) galleries Add media from URL, upload or existing files Multi-file upload Lightbox Set rows and columns: dynamic sizing Media: title, description, tags, ratings Gesture-based drag & drop media ordering/movement Collections of grouped galleries SEO-friendly media elements Variety of layout templates Media breadcrumb trail Media search

Flexible & User-Friendly FAQs & FAQs Management Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Personalised, contextual answers Natural search & real-time predictive answers Dynamic/adaptive Real-time updates Self-learning: auto- updates based on new user questions Further troubleshooting if unanswered Workflow alerts for new questions without answer Content Management System integration ‘Most popular’ / ‘Top 10’ Multi-language Browse categories/tags User commenting FAQ search Social media integration

Piwik self hosted, open source web analytics

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

Piwik’s open source web analytics software provides JavaScript-based visitor tracking and is self-hosted thereby giving essential clickstream, campaign and goal tracking along with security of hosting. We provide a complete Piwik web analytics service including secure installation, configuration, training and regular reporting and analysis.

Pro9 CPD, Revalidation & E-Portfolio Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This service description describes the Pro9 CPD, Revalidation & E-Portfolio Solution to support professionals and practitioners. This includes the management of nurses, midwives, higher education professionals, police etc of their professional and personal development and to maintain evidence of fitness to practice.

EPiServer Cloud Add-ons


Episerver Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Episerver Cloud enterprise web content management environment.

Citizen Space

Delib Ltd

Citizen Space is a digital platform, originally developed as a joint initiative with the UK government, as a vehicle to improve consultation. Hundreds of publicly accountable organisations around the world use it to centrally: design, publish, manage, analyse and feed back on all of their democratic decisions.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

Edenhouse Solutions

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud is a flexible, customisable, market-leading customer engagement tool providing a holistic view of the customer across marketing and sales functions, handling interactions across all communication channels, providing a full suite of analytical and automation tools, including data management, and delivers pre-packaged open integration scenarios

Postcode Pro - Postcode lookup finder and address validation


Our easy to use postcode and address validation service uses the latest UK address data. With incredibly easy setup and advanced search methods, you can improve your online customer experience and support internal customer service staff. This service is quick, mobile-responsive and very easy to integrate with other business applications.

Salesforce - Einstein Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a self-service application that enables you to make sense of large amounts of data; Salesforce data and other core systems data sources. You can explore your data to discover new, unexpected insights. Visualisations showing how your business is doing, continually monitoring key metrics. ©SFDCGC102018

Xpand Insights

Xpand Group Ltd.

Xpand Insights provides teams with data analysis dashboards supporting data driven decisions. Business / Market Intelligence analytics platform for teams involved in business / economic development incorporating open and licensed data sources. Providing teams with reports, visualisations, graphs, team workflow tools and regional metrics to help grow urban economies.

Falcon Social ApS’s platform is unique in integrating a full suite of social marketing and customer experience management software on a single SaaS platform. Falcon combines social media listening, engagement and publishing as well analytics and governance tools.

Pro9 Professional Standards Compliance Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

The service description describes the Pro9 Professional Standards Compliance solution to support organisations responsible for maintaining and upholding standards within a professional context. This solution provides specialist capability to quality assure adherence to professional standards


Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

OnBoard enables you to carry out your customer due diligence on a global scale. It allows you to build on your AML policy, CDD processes and due diligence on customers and suppliers, business and individual verification, identifying principals and beneficial owners, and screening against Sanctions, PEP lists and adverse media.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Tisski Limited

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation CRM application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. The app is easy to use, works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and has built-in business intelligence. Create automated email marketing campaigns, manage events and survey your customers with ease.

DXC Technology Hybrid Citizen Engagement Accelerator

EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

With DXC Technology SAP Hybrid Commerce citizen engagement accelerator you will quickly be able to launch an omni-channel citizen engagement platform using market-leading, modern technology. Your constituents will immediately benefit from a responsively designed site and forms which means they can interact wherever, whenever and on whatever device(s) they prefer.

Gamma's Resilient Cloud Inbound Service


Gamma's Inbound delivers ‘inbound’ calls from an advertised number of choice (01/02/03/08 - including existing numbers) forwarded to a destination telephone number of choice, regardless of location or device. The platform offers multiple cloud call control features managed through web or app interfaces including; call-queuing and auto attendant / IVR.

Digital Marketing


For your business to stand out online, it’s important to promote yourself in the right places. You need to know what channels your potential customers use in order to know where to market yourself and build a strategy based on that.

IBM Watson Campaign Automation (WCA)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Watson Campaign Automation is a digital marketing automation platform designed to put the power of data in the hands of the marketer. Use behavioural data from any source to create consistent campaigns wherever your customers are, through channels like email, web, mobile apps, SMS, social, group messaging and more.

Enterprise Analytics and Digital Marketing

Piwik PRO Sp. z o.o.

Enterprise analytics and digital marketing for data sensitive organisations. Available via cloud or self hosted.



The LifeSpots platform is a location-based, real-time communication and collaboration network for local government enabling them to deliver their services to the public more efficiently. Entities can map and manage their services, and publish them to the public on the LifeSpots app, increasing impact, reducing costs and providing greater accountability.

Wired Marketing Ltd


Wired Marketing are a full service email marketing agency providing an enterprise level ESP solution featuring drag and drop email template building tools, reporting suite, automation, surveys and landing pages backed up with pro-active account management and agency services such as email template design and strategic email planning services.

Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organisations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social, ads, and web experiences. ©SFDCGC102018

Robust, Flexible, User-Friendly & Secure Fundraising & Payment Platform

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Digital giving service Multi-channel donations: mobile/tablet/web, SMS/text, debit/credit, PayPal Gift Aid reclaim White-label cause curation/donation mechanism Self-serve organisational sign-up mechanism Management portal: pipeline status of organisations/causes/donations Reporting portal: stakeholders to see their donations/donor data DONATEevents product for competitive event-based giving/payments Generalist/sector-specific ‘Reason to give’ location-specific signage

D&B Direct+

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Direct+ is a high performing API with the latest technology and speed. It exposes the vast business database to you in a programmable form to suit your needs. Provides access to D&B’s commercial database of 285 million businesses .This enables you to create unique and innovative uses for data.


ROL Solutions Ltd

GovMetric is an established service enabling over 75 public sector providers to gather customer feedback and thereby understand the quality and quantity of their service delivery across all of their access channels, 24 x7. Online reporting allows the data to be analysed, graphed, distributed and benchmarked thereby gaining maximum insight.

Secure Real-time Bluetooth Beacon Tracking

Gaia Technologies Plc

This is a service to help you deliver powerful Real-time tracking Cloud Platform for tracking Assets and Persons using Secure Bluetooth Light Beacons. See for more details.

Mydex Personal Data Protection as a Service

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The Mydex Personal Data Protection Service enables organisation to outsource storage of the personal data on their customers, citizens and employees to the individuals themselves and sets in place a data sharing agreement that allows them to access it when and where they need to using the Mydex Trust Platform

Pro9 Membership Management and Professional Development Solution

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

This service description describes the Pro9 Membership and Professional Development for organisations delivering membership management, products and services, and professional development management and tracking. The Pro9 solution enables the completion of tasks such as contact management, membership applications, subscriptions management, learning frameworks, event management and student/centre management

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video

Pitney Bowes Software Europe Ltd

EngageOne® Video is one of the most advanced Interactive Personalized Video solutions available. Our technology enables deeper, more personal connections with customers by creating a true one-to-one, personalized real-time video experience. It incorporates intelligent customer data in real-time to deliver information to any audience, in any category for every scale.

OurRagingPlanet (open source GIS analysis and simulation)

Flax & Teal Limited

OurRagingPlanet is a platform for performing reports, training and analysis on geographic areas and features, at fixed time or showing events unfolding. There is a subscriber side for preparing simulations, reports or scenarios, and a shareable, easy-to-use map-based view with timeline. OurRagingPlanet is open source and driven by open data.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing


Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation solution that can help turn prospects into business relationships. It is primarly aimed at B2B and low volume B2C organisations.


Dataphiles Ltd

PatientComms is a cloud based patient engagement platform which enables NHS Trusts, CCG's, CSU's, GP's, Dental Practices & other healthcare providers to complete patient surveys (like the NHS Friends & Family Test), patient studies, provide interactive appointment reminders and healthcare messaging.

Business intelligence (BI) and Big Data Analytics


Texuna business intelligence and analytics are delivered with vendor or open source components, giving you options to work with Pentaho, Talend, QuickSight, PowerBI, Tableau, QlikView, SAP Business Objects. End-to-end secure cloud-hosted infrastructure-as-software delivered over Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, OpenStack, VMWare. Integrate with Texuna's Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Tableau Public Visualisation

FlyingBinary Ltd

Tableau Public is a free fully-public multi-tenanted self-service SaaS visualisation service fully-hosted in the US cloud which resides in the FlyingBinary big data analytics suite. Keywords:Business Intelligence, BI, Dashboard, Prep, Creator, Explorer, Viewer, Viz, Chart, Graph, Table, Database, Secure, Audit, insight, Intuitive, data driven, datajournalism, IoT, sensor, FOC, Free-to-use

SBL Hootsuite Insights Social Media Listening Solution

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Hootsuite Insights is a social media listening solution which listens to and analyses social conversations from across more than 25 platforms and over 100 million data sources. It automatically analyses your social media data, forums, blogs and news sites to show insights relevant to your organisation in real time.

RESOLVE: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Case Management

Tisski Limited

Resolve, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 case management solution provides a consistent process across your organisation. Designed by Tisski whilst working in the public sector, Resolve reduces staff workload by enabling web self-service, monitoring SLAs to improve performance, reducing time to case resolution, and improving data-driven decision making with real-time dashboards.

Kentico Cloud Add-ons


Kentico Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Kentico Cloud enterprise web content management environment.

Finyx Enterprise Survey Tools

Finyx Consulting Limited

This enterprise strength cloud based survey tool enables rapid and flexible tailored surveys of populations of staff, users and stakeholder from small groups to multiple thousands of respondents.


Porge Research

Collaborator is a market insight service for the Public Sector. It provides a digest of emerging projects being planned. This helps the public sector create collaborative procurements, and procure services more effectively by sharing best practice, and tender resources. All data is tethered on original meeting and strategy papers.

iClarity Mobile Marketing, Mobile Loyalty and Coalition Loyalty

Horizon Software Solutions

Through its innovative digital marketing platform iClarity, Horizon Software Solutions offers instant delivery of Mobile Marketing and Loyalty solutions. By implementing iClarity, our customers have created better app experiences for their users and been able to develop immersive and personalised mobile loyalty programs rewarding users for specific actions.

The Data Refinery (Customer Data Platform)

The DataShed

The Data Refinery integrates citizen data, interactions and product data into a single customer view for analysis, forecasting and reporting. Data is matched using industry leading matching algorithms to create enhanced golden records for use in safeguarding, compliance and customer services.

Mazepoint Analytics Modelling

Mazepoint Limited

This service assists customers with structuring their data in interactive analytical models. Using Excel, Jedox, R, Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI and SQL databases, automate KPI calculations, consolidations, reporting, ad hoc analyses, budgeting and planning, workflow, and create different scenarios for forecasting and trialing different business models.

D&B Hoovers

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Hoovers intelligence, on 120 million trading businesses records, 100 million contacts. Integrates with CRM platforms ( Search and list building on multiple filters, trigger alerts on events you select. Corporate family trees. Industry, analyst and competitive intelligence on leading businesses. Ideal Profiles use data and analytics to recognise characteristics.

Online Retail Software

Arrk Limited

This module allows public sector organisations to sell products, memberships and tickets online, whenever, wherever.

Ellucian CRM Suite


Ellucian CRM delivers a solution with enterprise-grade performance, created specifically for the HE industry. Its integration with key systems, along with customisable workflows, activity tracking, and task management enables greater productivity. Resulting in more effective recruitment, enrolment, support and retention of current students, and cultivation of meaningful relationships with alumni.

SBL Hootsuite Ads Social Media Advertising Platform

Software Box Limited (SBL)

With Hootsuite Ads, you can create, test, monitor, analyse, and optimise your Facebook and Instagram ads quickly and easily, all within your Hootsuite dashboard.

Finworks Low Code Platform for Digital Transformation

Fincore Limited

Finworks Low-Code Platform for Digital Transformation allows organisations to rapidly create complete applications which require complex time critical workflows, have to integrate many with complex data sources/systems/external workflows and provide all the enterprise class attributes like auditability, fine grain role based access control, integration into corporate authentication systems etc.

Wired Plus

Wired Plus Ltd

We are a full service marketing CRM platform and agency. We have created CRM Marketing Software backed up with a team of marketing experts focussed on one key principle make better, confident marketing decisions, based on real data, emails, landing pages and surveys.

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

Edenhouse Solutions

Hybris Marketing empowers marketing professionals to merge, match and enrich data from disparate data sources to create a "golden record" for each customer profile. Contexts, interests, marketing preferences, predictive analytics and machine learning are used to provide personalised and empathetic campaign execution across all channels in an orchestrated manner.

Vuelio Media, Stakeholder and Political Services


An intuitive software platform used by over 200 public sector (and 1,200 private sector) organisations to centrally manage media monitoring, coverage analysis, journalist contact information, press enquiries, lines-to-take, release distribution and publishing, stakeholder engagement, political monitoring and contacts - all in one place.

Data Cleansing

Callcredit Public Sector Limited

In order to ensure that any Citizen data employed is of the highest quality, being accurate, contactable and complete, Callcredit’s solution will deliver data cleanse suppression and deceased services that can be flagged against all citizen data and compliantly retained on client databases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Applications and offers

FlexRM Limited

Microsoft Silver partners providing business analysis, development, training, consultancy, implementation and support for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists and licensing provider.

Mobile Shop and Membership Software

Arrk Limited

This service allows public sector organisations to manage mobile interaction and transactions within their organisation.

Mydex Cluster Collaboration Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The need for locally integrated services is growing. This requires integrated journeys, reducing effort and improving outcomes. Information can flow seamlessly and securely, intervention is timely, and services are more effective. Our collaboration platform allows organisations across varying sectors and regulatory environments, working in 'clusters', to deliver joined-up services.

Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

Softcat Limited

Marketing Cloud is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organisations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social, ads, and web experiences. © SFDCGC92018

Content Management System (CMS) Contensis package for NHS

Zengenti Limited

This is a custom, NHS package for the Contensis content management system. Contensis supports any design that can be built in HTML. It’s the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. It’s used by universities, local government, housing associations, NHS and police services.

Digital Marketplace Dynamics Software


DMD can assess a customer's digital footprint and performance, as well as that of their competitors, using a host of external data. These insights can then enable a customer to make better informed strategic decisions, with particular regards to new commercial opportunities.

Pro9 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

The service description describes the Pro9 CRM solution that supports organisations to interact, transact and engage with their customers. Features include integrated automation, reporting/data dashboard analysis, task management, contact management and sales and marketing tools.

Synthetic Intelligent Machine Platform & Learning Environment (SIMPLE)

Out by Five

The Synthetic Intelligent Machine Platform & Learning Environment (SIMPLE) is a comprehensive toolkit comprising the languages, libraries and data connectors required to provide comprehensive model building, training, testing and deployment as a stand alone production API driven service.

Mydex Social Impact Utility Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Delivering sustainable social impact and outcomes requires the seamless integration of services to citizens and the communities they belong to. We enable integrated journeys, reducing friction, effort risk and cost. Information can flow seamlessly and securely, intervention is timely, and services are more effective and the impact and outcomes measured

Mydex GDPR Compliance Package

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The GDPR, compulsory from May 2018, requires new levels of support for transparency, informed consent, and data portability, on-going access to personal data, information about its use and sharing with third parties. We address these requirements in one simple set of API services that can be integrated into existing environments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

FlexRM Limited

Microsoft Silver partners providing business analysis, development, training, consultancy, implementation and support for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists and licensing provider.

Pro9 Paperless Direct Debits

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

Protech's paperless direct debit solution allows organisations to process direct debit payments seamlessly and efficiently, and is proven to reduce staff time, arrears and processing costs. The Protech infrastructure is secure and scalable to meet your organisation needs.

CDW - Informatica Cloud Data Quality (DQ)

CDW Limited

Industry Leading Data Quality Solution, managing Data Quality enterprise-wide, on premise or in the Cloud, using a single , unified platform. Data Cleansing, Data De-Duplication, Address Cleansing, Data Profiling and Data Score-carding. Reliable data allows overall Data Management to be addressed quickly and efficiently and also allows excellent MDM implementations.

Informatica Data Governance

Informatica Software Ltd

The market leading data governance framework provides an intelligent solution for data governance and compliance playing an important role in addressing risk, compliance and regulation challenges including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Features within the framework include data quality, data lineage, impact assessment, business glossary .

Location and Geospatial Planning Platform

Deloitte LLP

Deloitte offers a cloud-based Location and Geospatial Advisory Platform, allowing users to combine your own data with inbuilt granular geo-coded UK-wide data on businesses, services, demographics, amenities and transport, to provide insight into your location based decision making, supported by integrated market-leading analytics and visualisation.

Feedback Centre Survey Platform


Feedback Centre helps organisations to engage with consumers to collect and manage staff, patient and tenant experience from multiple digital channels. This feedback is processed securely in to a Business Intelligence dashboard for fast, real-time reporting in the cloud.

Membership Engagement Platform

Arrk Limited

The Membership Engagement Platform is an extended version of the Essentials Membership Engagement Platform and includes several more advanced tools. This powerful digital engagement platform allows organisations and institutions to manage, evolve and track the performance of their website and engagement with registered members and/or customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan

FlexRM Limited

Microsoft Silver partners providing business analysis, development, training, consultancy, implementation and support for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists and licensing provider.

Content Management System (CMS) Contensis package for Central Government

Zengenti Limited

This is a custom, central-government package for the Contensis content management system. Contensis supports any design that can be built in HTML. It’s the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. It’s used by government agencies, universities, local government, housing associations, NHS and police services.

Oracle PaaS for SaaS


There are some common SaaS requirements that drive demand for PaaS: Satisfying different user needs, making changes quickly, connecting with other applications, and securing data access. This service covers these demands.

Flexible & User-Friendly Content Management System (CMS) Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Scalable & flexible content management Technology-neutral: Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco, SDL Tridion, SharePoint, EPIServer, Joomla, Typo3, Terminal4, Documentum Web applications Document/Record/Asset management Business rules Publishing controls Templates User/group management Multi-channel publishing Module selection, configuration and extension Versioning Workflow, collaboration & notifications Drag/Drop layout Inline editing Meta-data Search Forms

SplashBI - Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics Platform

Splash Business Intelligence

SplashBI is an on-demand business intelligence and reporting tool that provides users with access to create, modify, and run their own dashboards and reports. SplashBI can connect to any data source. Our Platform can be accessed on any Operating Systems and devices such as PC browsers, tablets, phones, and Excel.

Agilisys Connect

Agilisys Ltd

The Agilisys Connect Platform provides local authorities with a fully responsive website with a choice of standard designs to make implementation quick and easy, enhancing user experience.The CMS platform comes complete with an integrated search engine and data directory, removing the need for additional products to meet your website needs.

CDW - Informatica Cloud Services iPaaS

CDW Limited

iPaaS combines application and data integration. It enables development, execution, and governance of integration workflows among on-premise or cloud-based applications and traditional and newer data protocols. A holistic iPaaS solution encompasses batch and real-time integration services, a range of native connectivity, robust API framework, MDM, TDM, data quality, and security.

Robust & User-Friendly Accessibility Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Reporting service Analysis, consultancy & recommendations service Organisational KPIs/CSFs A/B split testing W3C WCAG (A/AA/AAA) standards Assistive technologies: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Text Help Read & Write, JAWS, Fangs, IBM Easy Web Browsing, pwWebSpeak, Lynx , Surf Right Text-only, text-size changer, high visibility Valid mark-up Disability Discrimination Act compatibility Text equivalents

HTK Horizon SMS

HTK Limited

High-volume SMS messaging. The service can be used to send personalised messages and receive inbound messages. Messages can be sent to groups or individuals based on contact information stored in Horizon or supplied via the API. SMS messages can also be sent in response to event triggers from external systems.


Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

DNBI delivers business information reports, risk and financial insight on more than 285 million organisations in over 200 countries. DNBi enables you to continually assess risk across your entire portfolio .You can customise DNBi by importing your customer /supplier data and structuring it in the same way as your ledgers.

Logical Glue Business Insight Platform

Logical Glue

The Logical Glue Business Insight Platform, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, combines fast, accurate decision-making with meaningful, trustworthy insights. Only the Logical Glue Business Insight Platform presents the rationale behind the predictions, enabling decision-makers to harness the collective power of automated actionable insights with their industry acumen.

Direct Onboard

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Direct Onboard is an API that allows customers to screen businesses and principals, electronically documenting their due diligence process directly within their existing workflows. Key data points from D&B’s business database are integrated into customer systems in real-time, enabling the swift resolution of regulatory requirements.

Easy & Secure Pledgometer Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Pledgeometer: dynamic pledge ‘thermometer’ (defining £ raised) Customisation/variables definition Multiple pledgeometers per category (with category definition) Dynamic pledgeometer animation Reverse countdown ‘£XXX needed’ Pledge recording & management Public & private/anonymous pledges Pledge payment integration Multi-currency handling Repeating pledges Integration of offline & online pledges Email integration Non-financial pledges possible

BI/EPM - Qlik Solution (Qlik Sense Enterprise, QlikView)

Differentia Consulting

Differentia Consulting is an established Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) Managed Services provider, delivering turnkey solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting. We specialise in delivering multiple Smarter.BI application based solutions covering major technologies using Qlik Sense, QlikView, Qlik NPrinting, Connectors, Geo-Analytics and Qlik DataMarket.

Finworks Data Management Platform

Fincore Limited

Finworks’ data management platform brings together multiple data silos quickly and simply into a single repository for analysis or for distribution to other systems. Automated quality assurance processes clean the data, which can be unified, transformed and then managed as a single database. Query performance can be dramatically improved

Data & Content


We continuously improve and optimise existing digital real estate through data-driven insight. We drive decision making through the sophisticated use of tracking, tagging and analytic tools to increase market share, revenue and customer acquisition. We also integrate marketing, sales and business intelligence to create dashboards with real time performance monitoring.

Active Dashboards


Active Dashboards empowers businesses to turn actionable insights into productivity and growth. The intuitive data visualisation software extracts and aggregates data from multiple platforms, presenting it through interactive dashboards, which provide both top line intelligence and the ability to drill down through layers of data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

FlexRM Limited

Microsoft Silver partners providing business analysis, development, training, consultancy, implementation and support for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists and licensing provider.

Tableau Server (Hybrid-Cloud) Platform


Tableau Server is your self-service visual analytics platform, installed in your own private cloud (whatever your preferred hosting environment is). Keywords: Hanrahan, Stolte, Chabot, .TDE, Dashboard, VizQL, Hyper, In-Memory, Hybrid, Live, Desktop, Prep, Creator, Explorer, Viewer, Viz, .TWB, Chart, Graph, Database, Big Data, Secure, Governed, Audited, Intuitive, Ease-of-use, People.

Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Service / Enterprise


Brandwatch is a real time social media monitoring, social media listening, social analytics and intelligence platform crawling millions of online sources, including all major social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.), news and review sites, blogs and forums, to provide owned and earned social media tracking.

Google Maps Platform Solutions Ltd

Google Maps are a web and mobile mapping service. Google Maps are used by businesses to pinpoint and search for locations. Google Maps are used to provide routing , distances and directions. Google Maps provide Google Places data and geocoding capability

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Osmii Ltd

Osmii Ltd provides a fully-fledged Adobe Marketing Cloud service covering the full spectrum of Online Marketing and Web Analytics. Products covering Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Analytics, Target, Campaign, Audience Manager, Social, Media Optimizer and Primetime

CoreGov - Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management business solution enabling organisations to connect with, and provide citizen service to customers, businesses and members of the public through social insights, business intelligence and campaign management. Dynamics can operate in the cloud, from customer datacentres or in a hybrid combination.

Microsoft Power BI

Synergi Software Limited

Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables organisations to connect to, visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding. Power BI connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualisations that bring data to life.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan

FlexRM Limited

Microsoft Silver partners providing business analysis, development, training, consultancy, implementation and support for Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists and licensing provider.