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Staff Skills & Competencies Survey

Blackthorn GRC Limited

People are our most expensive resource, yet we are often unaware of what they can truly deliver. Our Skills Discovery tool can perform an objective assessment of the skills and competencies within the workforce, providing leadership with a clear indication of gaps in the collective capability. UK hosted upto IL3/OFFICIAL.

Liaison Continuing Healthcare Solutions

Liaison Financial Services Ltd

Cloud based software solutions to drive cost savings and efficiencies in CHC to deliver QIPP savings as well as more effective controls over CHC costs. Liaison use innovative and leading data analysis and interrogation techniques (Augmented Intelligence with Machine Learning) in order to analyse transactions and patterns within your data.


Generation Digital

Okta Solutions provides the following modules: Single Sign-On frees people from password chains; Provisioning lets IT leaders and administrators automate user onboarding and offboarding; Universal Directory is an exible, cloud-based user store; Mobility Management puts user identities at the center; and Adaptive Multifactor Authentication allows customers to secure their applications.

Tender Platform

Ansarada UK Limited

The Ansarada Tender Platform is simple to use and equipped with sophisticated features to support the procurement needs of your tender. Secure Two-Way Q&A, with workflow and audit quality reporting maintains the complete anonymity of the bid evaluation team. With an intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in minutes.


Bytes Software Services

Okta is a leading identity solution providing single-sign on, multi-factor authentication, mobile device management and provisioning capabilities for cloud based applications. bsscloud

SwiftCare Suite - MediLog


Provides end to end patient care management: digital electronic patient record application, enabling healthcare professionals to capture, manage and monitor patient administrative and clinical status during referral and retrieval process including online submission to fulfil PICANET compliance for paediatric intensive care units. Service live across many Trusts.

Symantec Cloud Access Security Broker - CASB

Symantec (UK) Ltd

Our CASB solution extends your corporate information governance perimeter into public cloud applications mainly SaaS and increasingly IaaS and PaaS. CASBs provide consistent policy and governance concurrently across multiple cloud services, for users or devices, and provide granular visibility into and control over user activities.

Managed Security Services


Re-solution provide comprehensive managed security solutions utilising Cisco’s CloudCenter platform. CloudCenter is an application-centric hybrid cloud management platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys applications to data centre, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

Audit Case Management

Blackthorn GRC Limited

No matter what is being audited, transparency, collaboration and remediation are key. This tool helps manage audit activities and data across the whole life-cycle, from planning and execution to remediation and reporting. It covers compliance, IT, supplier, and quality audits as well as ISO compliance. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL.

SharePoint Consultancy

Sundown Solutions Ltd

We provide full, onsite consultancy for any form of SharePoint work, and provide guidance and best practice on all areas of the platform, which can often include: training, custom development, identity management, security auditing, governance planning, data integration, search configuration, branding, migration support, user adoption planning, and more. .

(Security) Incident Response Management

Blackthorn GRC Limited

This service allows reactions to (security) incidents to be immediate and thorough. Create an incident record, assign a team, associate evidence and supporting material, progress the investigation with workflow, coordinate remediation activity and report back into the organisation all from one interface. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL.

Sandblast Mobile

Ultima Business Solutions Ltd

SandBlast Mobile (previously known as MTP or Capsule) provides a powerful and continuous level of security across an organisations mobile device real-estate. The solution provides an always-on, always up-to-date protection for your smartphone and tablet users against known and unknown threats.

Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform


Exabeam uses data science for behavioral modeling, machine learning, and advanced analytics for comprehensive insider and entity threat detection. Exabeam's User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) provide insider threat detection, tracking anomalous behavior and suspect movements within your organization, while also securing your cloud services, machines, devices, and IoT assets.

Enterprise File Fabric

Storage Made Easy

The Storage Made Easy File Fabric enables organisations to safely and securely embrace cloud storage for data. Data on premises or cloud can be viewed on a single screen, securely shared, accessed from desktop, web or mobile additional features include GDPR compliance and high speed file transfer.

Identity and Access Management Service (IdAMS)

Incremental Group

Incremental Group offers Identity and Access Management (IdAM) solutions, providing the Public Sector with expert advice on maintaining customer privacy and data security. Incremental Group orchestrates the identity provisioning and de-provisioning process for all identity types and understands the application of biometric recognition systems enabling speed, accuracy and user experience.

Keepnet Labs Anti-Phishing Solution

Keepnet Labs LTD.

Keepnet Labs is a phishing defence platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss and presents anti-phishing solutions.

Insider Threat Services on Darktrace


Insider threat services directly address the fact that most security breaches are at least assisted by insiders. The most significant security breaches will involve insider threats for example through password compromise. Insider Threat services guards against motivated malicious insiders and accidental negligence by employees to greatly reduce corporate data loss.

MooD Software Components

Mood International Software Limited

MooD Business Architect, MooD Active Enterprise and MooD Edge components which can be used to build bespoke MooD Cloud Solutions.


Adetiq Limited

Fully customisable online portal, ADEPort®, allows users to report on and visualise the processed data that we provide in real-time. Providing unlimited user access, multiple permission levels and specific reporting requirements. This solution will also provide live alerts for any infractions or violations of business or industry standards.


Complete IT Systems

Centralize Your Network Security with Sophos. Next-Gen Endpoint Security with Advanced Threat Prevention, Always-On Encryption, UTM Firewall Appliances, Mobile Management, Web and Email Gateway Appliances, Wireless Access Points, Server Virtualization and Network Scanning for Ransomware

Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Utilise Pentaho’s extensive end-to-end capabilities; data engineering by connecting to an extensive range of data sources to aid data ingest. Data preparation and data blending to validate, cleans and add value, implement machine learning and data science. Finally present the data through BA server dashboards and reports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales - Licence, Support & Implementation Services

Total Enterprise Solutions

Enables sales people to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close sales faster. Use Dynamics 365 for Sales to track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, create sales collateral, create marketing lists and campaigns, and much more.

CTG Secure Portal for Communications Data Disclosure

Computer Task Group (UK) Limited

CTG provide custom, secure Information Disclosure portals delivering workflow automation and self-service between public sector departments, law enforcement and the private sector. CTG cloud based solutions can be configured to support a wide range of disclosure workflows including RIPA, RDHI, DRD, FOI, DPA and other security sensitive regulations.

End User Experience Monitoring copy

Geode Networks Ltd

Monitor and detect performance issues by learning and analysing user behaviour in real time, resolve performance problems faster and attain the service levels demanded by the business. Combine application performance, device performance and user productivity to achieve real end user experience

Check Point CloudGuard for SaaS

Phoenix Software Ltd

CloudGuard SaaS is a cloud service that prevents attacks on enterprise SaaS applications, blocks cybercriminals from taking over employee accounts and provides data security for SaaS applications.The solution supports a multitude of enterprise SaaS application including Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, BOX, Citrix ShareFile and more

Elasticsearch Service

Softcat Limited

Hosted/managed Elasticsearch & Kibana brought to you by the creators of the Elastic Stack to help you with logging, app search, site search, security analytics (SIEM), metrics, APM, and more. Elastic Cloud ships with X-Pack features including monitoring and security features like default encryption at rest and native authentication.

Big Data Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM) Service

Moortec Solutions Ltd

Moortec’s SIEM Monitoring-as-a Service provides a powerful, scalable and secure platform for receiving, processing and analysing system and security events in real-time. Utilising Apache Metron and associated open source products, the service removes the complexity and burden of building a similar service offering on your own on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Imperva SecureSphere Cloud DAM


SecureSphere Data Activity Monitoring and Database Firewall provides enterprise-class protection, audit analysis, automated processes and reports running natively on AWS and Azure. SecureSphere data protection solutions protect databases from attack, reduce risk and streamlines compliance by enabling organizations to leverage common infrastructure, both in AWS, Azure and on-prem.

CACI Impulse Education Management Information System


IMPULSE is a modular, single database, web-based education management system that allows greater efficiency by using a centralised, core pupil record. This innovation provides a holistic view of a child's educational activity and their family circumstance, through using advanced reporting functionality, portals, dashboards with mobile-optimised accessibility.

BetterCloud for G Suite

Netpremacy Limited

A comprehensive security, 360-degree management and automation platform built for all GSuite customers, BetterCloud is the number one security, management and process automation tool for your G Suite solution. The Bettercloud unified suite of tools offers all of the controls you need for IT Department, Service Desk to SIRO.

Security Incident Detection & Response


This is a cyber security service to help an organisation detect and respond to attacks. Our cloud platform collects relevant system data, has a set of threat use cases that analyse it, and then provides timely and understandable reports that describe the incident and provide guidance for the response.

CyberGator Cyber Monitoring Saas Service

Auriga Consulting Ltd

Security Event Monitoring can be costly. Auriga’s CyberGator bucks this trend and is a first to market of its type. CyberGator is a cost effective, subscription-based Cyber Security Monitoring SaaS service, that is agile, intuitive and real-time, offering much more than security monitoring alone. Security health and alerting are included

Pentaho Embedded Analytics Solution

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho is a Data Analytics platform that is built on a open architecture. This lends itself perfectly for embedding any of its components from data integration to visual analysis capabilities inside a customer's application. From a simple rebrand and embed via iframe to complete API driven components.


myRJ Limited

myVCU is a secure dedicated Victim Care Unit Referral Management System that features state of the art functionality combined with a simple, clean and user friendly interface. myVCU is aimed at multi partnership collaborations and larger organisations such as Victim Support, Police and Crime Commissioners Victim Care Units.



ONLINE CRIME REPORTING AND CRIME PROCESS WORK FLOW MANAGEMENT FOR UK POLICE CONSTABULARIES. This includes MG11 creation, remote telephone statement taking, CCTV file transfer, convert and supply and collation of digital evidence packs for the police and CPS.

Check Point Capsule Cloud

Phoenix Software Ltd

Check Point Capsule Cloud solves security dilemmas by using a cloud based security container to enforce your in-network security policy on laptops used outside of the corporate network. It delivers the protection of Check Point Software Blades using a cloud-based service, leveraging real-time protection against threats with ThreatCloud.



Easily access the information you need to plan, manage and report on all your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Modules for Risk, Business Continuity Management, Audit, Business Impact Assessments, Checks, Document Management and others. Designed to drive business value whilst effectively managing all areas of GRC. Mobile apps available.

Mydex Personal Data Protection as a Service

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The Mydex Personal Data Protection Service enables organisation to outsource storage of the personal data on their customers, citizens and employees to the individuals themselves and sets in place a data sharing agreement that allows them to access it when and where they need to using the Mydex Trust Platform

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Licence, Support & Implementation Services

Total Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is market leading ERP software that allows you to improve efficiency, and streamline your business processes. From analysis, planning, design, deployment, training, and support. We can help you every step of the way.

Cloud Security


The cloud security service, or Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), secures all monitored cloud usage, including hypercloud. It analyses the risks and enforces appropriate controls through a wealth of constantly updated controls. With Forcepoint CASB, users get the apps they want and IT staff gets the control they need.

Airwave Control Room Solution


Integrated Communications Control System(ICCS) hosted within Airwave's secure private cloud or buyer's private cloud. Including automatic call distribution(ACD) and bulk voice recording capabilities. Control Room Solution is integrated with the Airwave radio network,ESN,PSTN,999(EISEC),and customer systems enabling seamless dispatching and call-taking. This describes the Premier offering. See ServiceDefinition for other Tiers.

End Point (Endpoint) security services on Check Point


EndPoint (or End Point) protection is aimed at protecting all our devices all of the time even when we are mobile. Controlling access and encouraging safe usage. Applies to laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile phones (of all flavours). Management and Monitoring also available

CoreGov - SharePoint Application Development


SharePoint is an open platform that allows for many different technologies to be applied that will enhance business value through custom, tailored applications.

Staff Employment Screening & Vetting

Blackthorn GRC Limited

Screening of staff prior to employment can be both challenging and time consuming due to the many lines of enquiry that need progressing. Our service ensures and coordinated and structured response to screening, with sophisticated workflow to guide you through each stage of the process. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Licence, Support & Implementation Services

Total Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is market leading ERP software that allows you to improve efficiency, and streamline your business processes. From analysis, planning, design, deployment, training, and support. We can help you every step of the way.

Weave Cloud


Weave Cloud is a solution for application developers and operators, who are using Kubernetes, Docker and similar cloud native technologies. It provides an integrated dashboard that includes monitoring, alerting, visualisation, debugging, logging, deployment and management.

Netwrix Auditor for Exchange (Compliance Tool)

Gaia Technologies Plc

Netwrix Auditor provides enterprise-wide visibility into on-premises and cloud-based systems and applications to help you establish proper information security controls and validate that those controls are aligned with the following specific provisions of the GDPR data privacy regulation: ------ For the latest service updates, please see:

FOI (Freedom of Information) Case Management

Blackthorn GRC Limited

Our Requests Management Tool helps organisations manage requests from external parties, track their progress, and report on outcomes. The system caters for a range of Requests including Freedom of Information and GDPR Requests. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL.

CTI Cyber Threat Intelligence Supreme

Research Series Limited

CTIS utilises the largest World's first open threat intelligence community of over 80,000 participants in 140 countries to fuss over 19 million threat indicators (IOCs) daily, available on open automated standards, e.g. OTX, STIX, CybOX and TAXII for sharing, and correlating threat intelligence against SIEM to enhance Cyber Situational Awareness.

Bramble Hub Membership Engagement Services - MES Connect

Bramble Hub Limited

MES CONNECT is a contacts management system, a stakeholder tool, a communication portal and a central hub that combine in a single secure cloud-based system. It is configurable & designed to meet the various needs of different teams, departments, divisions and branches in managing their stakeholder relationships.

Digital Managed Services

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Hosting (physical vs. virtualised vs. cloud; shared vs. dedicated) Infrastructure support Application support Maintenance Digital infrastructure audit Disaster Recovery (DR) & 'hot'/'warm'/'cold' High availability (managing demand) Managed Services audit (investigation), migration (taking on third-party services) and Business As Usual (BAU)

DLP End Point (Endpoint) security services on ForcePoint


EndPoint (or End Point) protection is aimed at protecting all our devices all of the time even when we are mobile. Controlling access and encouraging safe usage. Applies to laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile phones (of all flavours). Management and Monitoring also available

Alert Logic Enterprise

Alert Logic UK Ltd

Always-On Defenses with Experts Included. Alert Logic Enterprise gives you a managed WAF and assigned SOC analyst. Receive premium cybersecuirty benefits and access to specialists at the right cost for your business.

GeDaP Printix Microsoft Preferred Cloud Based Print Management Solution

TeamLogic Systems Ltd

Cloud based systems and printing are often at opposite ends of an organisation's information management infrastructure. Printix has been written to provide an SaaS solution managing documents and their secure release across the Enterprise. A specific version for Azure and 365 using its authentication, certified by Microsoft is available .

Stratiam Network Services for Cloud

Intergence Systems Limited

Intergence offers Stratiam; a multi-source data visualisation tool for end-to-end IT services that include Cloud Hosting, Applications, Wide-Area and Local-Area Network delivery and end user experience. Stratiam delivers single-pane-of-glass views for cloud and IT service end-to-end visualisation providing service teams unparalleled insight into multi-vendor, multi-service provider IT services and systems.

KnowYourDay AI Employee Performance Monitoring/Behavioural Analytics Defend Against Insider Threat


Defend your organisation from insider threat and cyber threat. Improve employee efficiency and increase your bottom line. KYD auto classifies employees based on their department, helping identify anomalous behaviour, monitoring file movement and protecting sensitive documents. AI Deep Learning Neural Networks enables analysis without capturing sensitive data, respecting employee privacy

Pentaho IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Vantara

Real time data streaming via MQTT message queues from remote devices or execute data collection on the edge; ingest data into an appropriate data store, Hadoop, NoSQL or RDBMS; execute data science machine learning models and create advanced analytics to improve efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and avoid failures.

Alert Logic Security Services

The Server Labs Ltd.

Alert Logic delivers Security-as-a-Service combining cloud-based software and threat analytics with experts to defend your critical applications and workloads in cloud, hosted, on-premises and hybrid environments. Alert Logic protects your full application and infrastructure stack against attacks without the cost and time required to build and staff your own SOC.

Jet Reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Total Enterprise Solutions

JetReports offers flexibility in the way reports and data are configured and consumed. Create bespoke reports, exactly how you require, without compromising data with copy and paste.

Armor Anywhere: Virtual Machine Security Solution

Armor Defense Ltd.

Armor Anywhere is a managed, scalable, virtual machine security solution that protects instances hosted on any infrastructure. Armor Anywhere's OS agent is powered by our Intelligent Security Model and managed by our experienced security operations team (SOC) – providing real-time visibility into your security posture and actionable cyber threat intelligence.

4Secure SOC Tier 3


The 4Secure SOC Tier 3 service gives you affordable manned SOC coverage 9-5 everyday, with automated alert outside of those hours. This service stills combines powerful security information and event management (SIEM), as well as full log management capabilities but for those organisations looking to work to tight budgets.

Anomali Enterprise

Anomali Inc

Anomali Enterprise collects log data from security information and event management (SIEM) products and reads the data looking for five kinds of potential indicators of compromise (IOCs). The data is correlated against Anomali's vast library of known IOCs. Matches (true-positives) are pushed into SIEM analysis workflows as critical prioritized events.

Investigation Case Management

Blackthorn GRC Limited

The Blackthorn Case Management Solution (CMS) for Investigations allows users to capture, organise and manage information pertinent to a civil, forensic, internal or other type of investigation. Data captured is admissible for prosecution. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL on fully resilient infrastructure.

Mydex Cluster Collaboration Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The need for locally integrated services is growing. This requires integrated journeys, reducing effort and improving outcomes. Information can flow seamlessly and securely, intervention is timely, and services are more effective. Our collaboration platform allows organisations across varying sectors and regulatory environments, working in 'clusters', to deliver joined-up services.

Centrify Identity Platform

Avari Solutions

Centrify strengthens enterprise security by managing and securing user identities from cyber threats. With Centrify’s platform of integrated software and cloud-based services, Centrify uniquely secures and unifies identity for both privileged and end users across today’s hybrid IT world of cloud, mobile and data centre.

CS2 Cyber Security Consultancy Service

Research Series Limited

CS2 is a service to develop and manage Cyber Programmes for SMEs and Government Departments. Ranging from Bids, Business Cases, Programme Management, Cyber Thought Leadership, Advisory, to Continuous Vulnerability Management, Active Risk Management and Implementation of appropriate countermeasures. Offering consultancy in Cyber Situational Awareness, Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Management.

Total Digital Engagement

Congruis Limited

Total Digital Engagement solutions serve the trusted interaction needs of employees, customers and partners - with data and processes, with conversations and directories - in business and voluntary communities - massive, medium and small; closely or loosely knit; local, regional, national or global.

Mydex Social Impact Utility Platform

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

Delivering sustainable social impact and outcomes requires the seamless integration of services to citizens and the communities they belong to. We enable integrated journeys, reducing friction, effort risk and cost. Information can flow seamlessly and securely, intervention is timely, and services are more effective and the impact and outcomes measured

Mydex GDPR Compliance Package

Mydex Data Services Community Interest Company

The GDPR, compulsory from May 2018, requires new levels of support for transparency, informed consent, and data portability, on-going access to personal data, information about its use and sharing with third parties. We address these requirements in one simple set of API services that can be integrated into existing environments.

Okta - Identity Management

Avari Solutions

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. Using identity information to grant access to applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protection.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEMaaS)

Proact IT UK Limited

Our specialists implement and manage a cloud-based SIEM solution for you. We'll monitor millions of logs on your behalf, only getting in touch when an important incident occurs, then offering remediation advice. You get the cyber protection you need whilst leaving your own administrators free to prioritise other strategic projects.

Bramble Hub Membership Engagement Services - MES Experience

Bramble Hub Limited

MES Experience is the leading real-time platform for capturing, analysing and reporting on patient and staff experiences including the NHS Friends and Family Test. It provides multi-channel data collection, bespoke reporting, a unique solution for automated free-text analysis of patient comments, and is built in partnership with our NHS clients.

Trend Artemis Management Information

Axiell ALM Ltd

Axiell’s Management Information Solution provides advanced library reporting services and presents analytical content to ensure a Customer's service has all of the information needed via an intuitive, secure web based suite of tools.

Cisco Cloudlock for G Suite

Netpremacy Limited

Cisco Cloudlock's cloud security solution helps organisations protect their data in the cloud while enforcing mandated compliance regulations easily and effectively. Government agencies across the globe use Cisco Cloudlock to advance efficiency mandates, manage data threats and increase operational productivity in the cloud.

Data Protection & Data Governance

Avepoint UK Ltd

Automate the process of evaluating and reporting the privacy implications of enterprise IT systems. Scan data across enterprise systems against regulatory policies and your specific needs.

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Cyber Forensic Analysis Service available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE, SECRET, (including NATO and MISSON) and TOP SECRET delivers active cyber defence management and network forensic analysis. The aim is to contain and mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and prevent future attacks.

Log management as a Service

Sapient Ltd

Sapient provides real-time Machine Data and log analytics for Modern Applications, thus enabling faster and efficient management. We leverage a combination of In-house and top of the industry tools to ease the problem identification & resolution.

Pontus Vision Open Source GDPR

Pontus Vision

Support for our Open Source GDPR platform, helping customers automatically extract and track their data to comply with the legislation. Includes Privacy Impact Assessment, and Subject Access Requests, all fully audited. Platform provides a sustainable data management model that automatically maintains compliance after the 25th May

Anomali Threatstream Threat Intelligence Platform

Anomali Inc

Threatstream collects, curates and provides threat intelligence data from 230 open source and numerous paid threat intelligence feeds. Data is normalized and de-duplicated for false-positive reduction so it can be explored and made strategic, tactical, operational and technical. Provides indicators of compromise (IOCs), attacker techniques/methodologies, and high level risk information.

Cloud Direct Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS)

On Direct Business Services Limited

Empower your employees to work on their favourite devices and apps, while you maintain control over who has access to your business resources and over which devices – with peace of mind that your business data is protected at all times.

Micro Focus Identity & Access Management

Micro Focus Ireland Ltd

Identity-Powered Access solutions that integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM / IDAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud environments. Integrated identity information used to create, modify, and retire identities and control their access. We provide Identity Management, Access Management, single sign-on (SSO), access governance, identity tracking and Active Directory administration.

Inoapps SecurePass


SecurePass is a secure service that allows employees to manage their Oracle Cloud password reset process even if they do not have a corporate email account – without having to contact your IT Helpdesk.

Intelligent Automation and Service Management - Intuition

Celerity Limited

Intuition provides end-to-end visibility of your IT infrastructure and business services via a single pane view. The tools perform initial discovery to build an inventory of all elements with intelligent automation, provisioning, updating, patching, alerting and reacting to events to prevent service disruption.

Splunk Software

apto solutions limited

Apto provide SaaS for Splunk that monitors and analyzes machine data from any source to deliver Operational Intelligence to optimize your IT, security and business performance. With intuitive analysis features, machine learning, packaged applications and open APIs.

Mobile App design & build

Createful Ltd

We specialise in the design and development of bespoke mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Our user centric approach allows our dedicated, in-house team to work closely with you to rapidly design, develop and deliver on time and within budget. All work undertaken from our studio in Bournemouth, Dorset.

e-Share - Mobile device management with endpoint security


Remotely remove access to company data from any device that is lost or stolen. E-Share provides extra security and granular permissions that organisations can use to manage personal or corporate mobile devices with endpoint security. E-Share encrypts data persistently on the endpoint, in flight and at rest

Intelligration Limited

Intelligration Limited

Bespoke cloud software development services using a variety and customers choice of technologies. Utilising a variety of methodologies and ways of working.

LogRhythm Hosted SIEM Security Monitoring Platform

Comtact Limited

Comtact's cloud-based LogRhythm Hosted SIEM Security Monitoring Platform provides real-time intelligence of cyber threats, whether penetrating the perimeter, or from security breaches within - across your entire infrastructure - within a single dashboard view. Supported 24x7x365 from Comtact's UK SOC, LogRhythm provides end-to-end threat management in a unified enterprise-class platform.

Prolinx Hosted Platform (PHP) - Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service

Prolinx Ltd

SIEM as a Service from Prolinx provides 24/7 proactive management for your operational business. Reducing risks associated with today’s complex Cyber threat landscape. This service is tailored to meet your organisational requirements, available across all security classifications, Prolinx use an approved product with highly experienced security cleared staff.

GeDaP KISS (KeyTalk Secured IoT Sensors)

TeamLogic Systems Ltd

KISS strengthens the security of Edge Devices on a network, automating the creation and exchange of short-lived digital certificates at frequent intervals. With its automatic authentication (device identity) and robust encryption KeyTalk provides the security of PKI without the bureaucracy. Highly scalable objects can be readily connected and secured .


Automated Intelligence Limited

AI.PROTECT provides attribute based security for SharePoint. Organisations can have security on any information element based on it's metadata in real-time. Changes in security policy can be implemented instantly through business based decision and actions rather than through IT led activity.

Okta - Identity Management

Somerford Associates Limited

Okta is a leading identity solution providing single-sign on, multi-factor authentication, mobile device management and provisioning capabilities for cloud based applications. Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people & technology. Using identity information to grant access to applications on any device at any time, enforcing strong security protection.

CA Identity Service (IDaaS)

CA Limited

CA Identity Service facilitates rapid and secure adoption of cloud applications by providing SaaS based identity lifecycle management, user provisioning and SSO for cloud applications. Integration capabilities reduce the risk of over-privileged, rogue and orphan accounts that can be used inadvertently or maliciously to gain access to critical resources.

Mimecast - Email Security, Targeted Threat Protection and Email Business Continuity Service

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

Our Mimecast service extends traditional gateway security with Targeted Threat Protection that addresses ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing and other advanced threats. Continuity keeps employees sending/ receiving email even if your email system or Office 365 exchange, has an outage. Our security services eliminates the infrastructure and management requirements for on-premises solutions.

Continia Expense Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Total Enterprise Solutions

The only solution on the market that lets you streamline the registration and approval of travel activities just by using your smartphone, a Web browser and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Cortana Analytics Services on Azure - Big Data and Analytics

Incremental Group

Incremental Group offers fully managed big data and advanced analytics services that enable the transformation of data into intelligent action. Our Cortana Analytics services enables core analytics scenarios such as real-time recommendations, customer churn forecasting, fraud detection, predictive maintenance and many more. unlock the potential hidden in your big data.

SolarWinds-as-a-Service - Managed Service for SolarWinds

Comtact Limited

Cloud-based IT network monitoring application, providing clients with a single, secure dashboard view of their entire IT estate - fully managed by our SolarWinds-certified professionals. Monitored 24x7x365 from our UK Tier 3, ISO27001 data centre to proactively manage performance issues - before they impact business.

GDPR Data Scanning

Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

The Risk Intelligence Scan provides a point in time scan of unstructured data within an organisation. This includes but is not limited to Word documents, Excel documents, Notepad documents and Outlook PST and OST files. Risk Intelligence provides a scanning technology to assist in the GDPR Data Mapping exercise.

NQM Data Sharing Platform

NquiringMinds Ltd

The NQM Data Sharing platform can share data on a transactional or streaming basis between different organisation. The data sharing platform is based on NQM TDX peer to peer security model. It has been market proven in health, social care, financial and defence markets. It integrates with AI analytics

CGI - Security Operations Centre (SOC)


A Real Time Protective Monitoring Services which provides a shared managed service to organisations to collect, detect and alert on security incidents within their Cloud and where required, their wider IT and applications infrastructure. This is the baseline service upon which the optional services can be supported